Golf Cart! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 15

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Today, Appsro is getting his golf on in Darkness Falls, and you definitely don't want to miss out on th...
Golf Cart! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 15
Golf Cart! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 15

Golf Cart! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 15

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neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen that Golf Cart video we did in 7 Days to Die?

appsro: Oh yeah, that one where I made some golf equipment? That was hilarious!

neebs: I still can't believe you thought a golf cart would be useful in a zombie apocalypse.

appsro: Hey, you never know when you might need to tee off on some zombies!

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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all right simon you got that big forge10.165.679
yes i do i am excited to see this thing12.6394.961
wait is this the advanced forge yeah i15.8393.681
believe it is okay and then after this17.63.92
there's an industrial force that i can19.524.24
make but we'll start with this pick a21.524.72
good spot okay hold on the materials are23.763.92
gonna be in these boxes so it could be26.244.24
close by yeah i mean i say i mean i kind27.685.84
of like this spot right over there don't30.484.72
do it do it33.524.96
wow oh god that's a damn gas tank yeah35.25.12
it's like propane and it's pretty small38.483.28
like i thought it would be bigger but40.323.6
it's advanced so it doesn't need to be41.764.24
bigger right all right cause it's43.924.319
advanced yeah you didn't bring any uh46.05.44
iron or clay did you uh i've got yeah48.2395.361
i've got clay but not much iron i don't51.444.48
know kendrick clay but i got 37 iron53.63.68
yeah i'm just curious how long it takes55.922.639
to cook like a good amount of like57.283.04
forged steel or something let's do it i58.5593.441
want to see how quick this thing does60.323.919
stuff compared to the other large forge62.03.76
all right yeah let's go back to base64.2393.121
actually i got something real cool i'm65.766.039
working on really oh yeah67.364.439
oh what a lovely day on a lovely day and72.724.16
i tell you what75.4393.121
this is coming oh wait wait wait wait76.883.44
but i'm not afraid of anything because80.325.2
parkour skills82.7993.921
look at this85.523.36
we can be banging down here86.724.96
um and the whole goal88.885.44
is to be pounding them down into this91.684.16
pit of death94.323.52
down here and i tell you what95.843.76
oh simon99.64.0
he is a good boy been making all types101.285.199
of good things like blade traps i'm103.64.159
gonna have to make room for that down106.4794.081
here it's gonna be like a a grinder [ __ ]107.7595.36
yeah it's gonna be a grinder okay i110.564.48
should get out of here thank god i can113.1194.161
jump like a like a cat115.043.92
like a little kitty cat117.285.04
anyway it's coming118.963.36
all right simon yeah yeah 217 pieces of123.7594.401
ford's iron right now is going to take126.963.439
about 100 minutes in this forge so you128.164.0
know what i'm going to cancel it yes130.3992.801
let's go to the other forge follow me132.163.12
follow me exactly follow me follow me i133.24.16
am i'm trying to and i can't even go up135.284.4
the stairs oh yeah137.363.76
don't worry about the bike i made139.684.24
something cool all right cool meeps141.124.96
how's the farm doing man a lot of big143.924.0
stuff happening over here oh well you146.082.96
might want to come over here off to the147.924.48
road check this out okay149.046.36
at that clubs and all yep i even made a156.085.2
club check it out look at that158.8794.241
wow where's the zombie at hey man can161.284.08
you make me a tractor can i make you a163.124.399
tractor i don't know hold on fill this165.363.84
up i don't know i don't know if tractors167.5193.761
are an option here let's see all right169.24.72
can you hit pin um i'm saying it says171.284.8
holy to interact but it's not hold on173.924.56
can i unlock it let me check that's me176.083.84
honking the horn all right can you hop178.484.0
on the passenger side yeah179.924.959
oh there we go see you later neves182.485.2
see ya come check out my garden later184.8794.881
it's awesome yeah we will but we can't187.685.839
look at it now this is too exciting189.763.759
let us see moment of truth195.688.88
look at that look at the grinder200.87.519
oh yes it's gonna be fun204.566.08
that's so fun i'll put a bunch of spikes208.3195.121
around it yes210.645.12
oh man we're still gonna get owned but213.444.719
but this is fun oh boy that's like our215.765.36
first powered anything i think oh there218.1593.921
you are221.122.479
cool cool222.083.26
coming along223.5995.601
all right we have the anvil crucible the229.23.52
advanced mellows and the tool and die231.123.759
set we are good to go fire this bad boy232.724.4
up all right and we're doing the forged234.8795.121
steel make as much as your damn can it's237.125.199
uh 327240.04.68
well it's a craft242.3195.28
327 is taking a hundred244.685.16
minutes oh so that's just about the same247.5994.56
amount as the 217 so it's okay that's a249.844.24
little faster [ __ ] yeah all right it's a252.1593.92
little faster i'm not gonna lie i254.083.6
thought it would be faster well maybe256.0793.84
that other forge the big big four257.684.56
industrial one that'll be twice as fast259.9194.801
as that i hope so is this cooking it's262.244.08
it looked like it was264.723.28
like it's doing a damn thing you can't266.324.159
already made one for steve oh it is okay268.05.28
it's quiet because it's advanced baby so270.4795.121
is it green uh what do you mean green is273.285.12
it green does it run on like biofuel oh275.64.8
batteries i don't know but let me let me278.44.0
tell you something you need to you need280.43.92
to change your wording up a little bit282.44.88
when this says make steel you dumb [ __ ]284.325.599
it doesn't inspire me to work for you my287.285.28
friend okay you need to use find find289.9194.961
nicer words okay hold on i think i can292.565.28
do that please294.882.96
bam ooh297.9194.161
yes sir see daddy that that offers some299.524.239
inspiration for you302.084.72
good lady yes oh please i'm getting wet303.7596.0
about a second fantastic all right i am306.84.48
going to309.7593.601
um i don't you want to do like a traitor311.284.0
mission sure let's just do a traitor313.363.36
mission i'm kind of feeling one of those315.282.8
yeah we need to make good with a traitor316.722.72
in town since we got him killed that one318.083.28
time yeah well you know what i heard319.444.72
that that guy's not dead oh yeah no he's321.365.36
he's alive somehow he respawned right so324.165.28
he's really so no harm no foul right i326.725.84
guess not yeah329.443.12
hey i'm not dead okay yeah hey um i am334.886.64
thirsty and hungry but339.444.4
how can i help you uh341.524.0
where wherever you need where are you at343.843.68
you coming up i'm coming up yeah okay345.524.0
hey yeah um347.523.2
man i know yeah but nothing you can350.724.8
provide me okay don't you come and see353.365.679
how you uh so you're a zombie uh355.524.88
yeah okay and i'm walking up and yeah360.43.76
and then we're gonna have dick punchers362.563.759
all along here yep something done like364.163.84
and then down into that [ __ ] so be366.3193.521
careful watch your step368.03.6
meanwhile we're gonna be369.844.4
up here you see so that's the lounge oh371.65.039
up here we just lounge and shoot down374.244.6
and watch and laugh376.6393.361
yeah you know378.843.799
yeah the laughing lounge yeah uh i don't380.04.96
know that's all in theory we're getting382.6393.521
there i kind of want to go i'm going to384.963.28
do a treasure map thick i'm already i'm386.163.52
tired of this and i got to get more388.243.12
materials do you have any well oh food389.683.28
and stuff if you can give me a little391.363.6
bit of food and uh maybe i can go with392.964.0
you you think i can drop down here thick394.963.84
of course you can because you're some396.963.519
but like [ __ ] all this far cirque du398.83.839
soleil parkour man you're ready400.4794.101
yeah go402.6394.241
i'm fine of course you are that's406.883.52
amazing you're amazing i'm kind of a408.4794.241
superhero now except for the amount of410.44.799
times i die yeah you're a superhero of412.725.039
death okay yep yep yep all right i got415.1994.0
food down here for you buddy all right417.7595.72
i'll put it in the chest yep419.1994.28
all right simon this is the dump all424.963.84
right we gotta clear it out is that it427.0393.681
uh no we actually have to retrieve428.84.0
supplies you should have supplies and i430.723.759
should have supplies in here all right432.83.119
you know what oh you do you have your434.4794.16
wrench right uh yeah i have a wrench435.9194.56
perfect because uh all the computers in438.6393.28
here all the electronics you need to be440.4792.881
wrenching those because we need the441.9193.921
electrical parts all right443.363.92
all right all right let's let's play445.843.359
this sneaky at first right all right all447.284.0
right i'm coming in and you're saying i449.1993.921
have to wrench everything that's what451.283.919
now electronic like the computers in453.124.479
here the speakers all that good stuff455.1994.241
the computers and speakers so none of457.5993.681
these boxes so i'm gonna go over here i459.443.039
mean not right now we should clear the461.282.96
zombies first okay oh god there's a462.4794.72
jumper there's a jumper [ __ ] oh god464.245.2
stop doing that nope he's crawling he467.1994.081
wants you i'm sure he does watch me now469.443.68
oh boy oh there's a couple in there all471.283.44
right so i should have had him just come473.123.199
out here right here474.723.599
all right yeah lure him out you jumpy476.3194.641
little bastard well god come on478.3194.641
all right jumpers down good go for this480.963.76
here look at us simon that's right we're484.724.24
team hell man i got a paint brush hell486.6394.4
yeah i'm using that oh good for you i488.964.639
didn't want that piece of [ __ ]491.0394.641
hold on hello493.5993.28
hey sir495.682.959
how are you496.8793.681
how did you walk through that door just498.6393.12
walk through it500.563.12
what the [ __ ] yep this is me walking501.7593.681
through the door and i'm gonna get this503.684.639
loot what pants what is happening here505.444.64
is there not a door here for you no508.3194.481
what's my door is open but it says oh510.085.439
you now it's closed when you hit it it512.85.84
closed okay that was fun that was dumb515.5195.121
and fun look at that we got stuff we got518.643.759
stuff baby520.643.519
yeah oh man maybe we'll get some good522.3993.521
electronics maybe some good tools in524.1594.081
here oh i found my courier satchel right525.923.2
oh all right i got my supplies where are529.123.279
your supplies at um530.724.16
so my carrier satchel seems to be532.3994.081
i don't know maybe it's up here maybe on534.883.68
the roof maybe let me see if there's536.484.4
other stuff up here oh yeah oh i show538.564.959
you some good stuff simon no my satchel540.884.56
is showing to be543.5193.201
maybe a545.442.72
it's hard for me to just read it on the546.723.52
map so maybe like over here so it's not548.163.84
on the roof okay not on the roof550.243.68
downstairs somewhere yep all right let's552.03.92
get there oh god that's a vulture you553.923.919
[ __ ] i hate oh yeah i'm chasing i'm555.923.68
chasing i'm chasing him all right do it557.8395.721
because i hate birds559.63.96
yeah i got him you're safe come on up566.3994.801
here simon sit your ass down568.324.48
come on you want to go you want to have571.23.28
a go at me you572.83.92
chubby [ __ ] oh that was a bad swing574.484.32
that was a super bad swing come on wait576.723.52
my buddy simon gets up here with his578.84.159
sledgehammer boom580.246.4
right in the backyard stupid fat head582.9593.681
oh yeah that wasn't too bad587.126.159
uh-huh people do love watching this590.483.919
i've heard593.2794.401
come on baby baby you [ __ ]594.3997.12
okay come on baby baby baby baby baby597.685.839
baby what you got601.5193.041
i think great stuff i don't want to look607.363.28
yet because sometimes i throw [ __ ] right608.9594.0
at you ah this is like a different town610.643.199
hey buddy hello neighbor yeah okay613.8396.0
go on back maybe do the other one i'm617.64.32
addicted to i'm addicted to them i can't619.8393.841
help it [ __ ] it621.924.4
[ __ ] it live your623.682.64
oh life the runners what are they631.64.4
running for i don't know633.042.96
i'm trying to help trying to help oh god636.82.88
that's one of those all right bring it638.164.48
up god oh god gotta run i'm almost dead639.684.48
what in the what's a wandering horde642.644.4
[ __ ] to the golf cart644.162.88
dammit we needed those electrical657.23.759
supplies oh god listen i am almost dead658.484.479
this is not good we're going we're going660.9593.521
so long suckers we're coming back for662.9593.361
those supplies though at least we got664.483.68
our stuff though right right so yeah666.323.28
look the traders right here we'll turn668.163.2
them in real quick we'll get good stuff669.63.04
maybe we'll be able to buy something671.363.36
nice that's what i want for the ladies672.644.16
back home i wish there was a woman back674.724.72
home i like women oh a nice sophomore we676.88.039
could all share no okay all right679.445.399
okay here are my supplies good sir oh688.246.159
and oh i get a scrap machete oh a wooden691.5195.041
bow [ __ ] yes694.3993.761
my reward was a wooden bow what you got696.563.68
simon oh uh698.163.919
i forgot how to do these things oh you700.244.96
just he turns it in scrap helmet it's702.0796.081
saying uh splint wooden bow is a wooden705.24.639
bow a good thing uh yeah it's better708.163.919
than like your basic [ __ ] bo709.8393.68
so i hit that and then hit complete and712.0793.281
it gives it to me yeah yeah man i see713.5193.041
your inventory he doesn't need that715.362.32
right oh yeah now you can just hit716.563.12
escape get out of there there you go717.683.76
[ __ ] let's look at each other's bows719.684.88
okay that sounds really awesome okay721.446.16
maybe yeah look at your ear yeah724.565.76
baby oh wow come on come on here on the727.64.08
light where i can see a little better730.324.639
okay oh my god hold on i gotta get the i731.686.24
only have a couple of shitty arrows oh734.9594.0
these look good simon so these are gonna738.9595.201
be some badass bows man i hope so let's741.043.919
man i want to try one out go back to744.9593.921
that electronics store what's up y'all746.884.32
hey oh what's up door holy [ __ ] it's a748.884.079
golf cart yeah we made a golf cart751.23.28
that's pretty dope752.9595.841
all right good talk great talk really754.486.24
oh boy758.83.12
interrupting my tree chopping he's gonna761.924.56
kill me if i don't do something let's764.3993.68
try this766.484.88
please don't kill me wolf hopefully768.0796.081
between my 15 bullets and these spikes i771.363.919
can do it774.162.479
he's running around where is he going775.2793.521
nope don't run around don't run around776.6394.88
even right around those things oh778.83.68
how are you so smart okay782.483.919
we lived785.364.08
where's my machete786.3993.041
all right simon see him in front yeah i789.5194.56
do but i'm sure i freaking only have791.64.64
like like three arrows oh that's okay794.0794.401
i'm i'm packing okay i'll give i'll give796.244.0
you my basic materials because now with798.483.76
these uh with like i got steel arrows on800.243.44
me okay802.243.76
so here i have some of those yes yes yes803.684.24
oh man i can't wait to shoot a steel806.03.95
arrow all right stay807.925.039
got that sneak sneaky he's down812.9594.88
immediately [ __ ] yes all right i missed815.25.12
my shot but [ __ ] you're ass817.8394.641
all right that lumberjack stay sneaky820.324.079
get that sneak damage i just tried to822.484.08
sneak it i missed him oh man is it man824.3994.081
these things don't have much drop826.562.959
wow i missed that one me too oh all829.5194.481
right now he's coming for us832.0794.961
oh there you go finally now your girl is834.05.04
down oh and my skill and archery and837.043.84
crate that that show839.045.12
i hope there's nothing behind it840.884.399
get down on that butt uh oh i heard it845.2795.201
yeah vulture oh i thought that was a848.324.48
screamer oh maybe all right here bring850.484.159
your wrench oh here get the golf cart852.83.68
get going854.6394.32
this is our means of escape yes it is856.484.08
and i love the horn on this thing858.9592.88
probably shouldn't do that no no don't860.563.12
don't might attract zombies yeah exactly861.8393.921
all right take that wrench and let's get863.684.0
to it baby all right hold on we're ready865.764.13
for all the electronics we can get867.6814.989
got it simon883.122.719
oh wow it actually killed her holy [ __ ]886.484.64
you remember the motorcycles in vanilla888.6394.401
it took forever even the jeep took891.123.839
forever to actually kill a zombie wow893.044.72
that's a big deal that's a huge deal i894.9594.081
think neebs is here at the base you want897.763.519
to check on his dumb ass yeah and i'd899.044.159
like to see if we can add spikes to the901.2794.0
uh to the hood of this thing wouldn't903.1994.161
that be cool yeah i want to see you add905.2793.441
spikes to the hood of this can i climb907.365.44
up that okay nope nope that was a908.724.08
and that's why we can't have nice things914.724.72
dabes where you at in the basement good916.9594.56
good good all right how's your day going919.444.24
buddy for me921.5193.68
yeah you're not in the basement i don't923.683.2
see you in the basement what's going on925.1994.88
here hello ah there he is926.884.879
basement of the basement gotcha you're930.0793.68
in the sub basement i hear zombies uh-oh931.7593.2
do you hear that933.7593.041
i don't hold on anyone like lock the934.9594.32
door it might be outside i can't tell936.84.24
yep all right i'm going up to the roof939.2793.441
peeking around941.045.359
oh god i love this new bow i can't wait942.725.679
show me the zombies946.3994.401
oh yeah that'll be fun you don't think948.3994.481
they're downstairs in that uh area where950.84.479
you are do you well i just added an952.885.199
extra door should we go check uh yeah go955.2794.161
check i think i don't know if it's958.0792.801
nighttime yet or not but if it's not959.442.72
it's damn close oh wait no there's a fat960.883.44
[ __ ] right here there she is962.164.479
she wants revenge for hitting her sister964.324.16
with a golf cart966.6395.681
yep that was her all right968.483.84
there's a [ __ ] bee on you there's a974.324.319
all right the physical bathroom oh my978.6394.241
god that's the biggest bee i've ever980.83.68
seen dude that's982.884.319
and there's also there's also specters984.484.96
and the whatnot the inside987.1993.161
let's go989.443.36
inside yeah well we're gonna have to990.365.159
take care of the [ __ ] inside can i can i992.85.92
cut up that bee cut up the bee bee meat995.5195.201
well it's brain and uh honey we'll have998.725.52
honey steaks yup honey steaks yeah1000.726.4
oh yeah it's launching them dude nice1004.244.24
good times1007.123.839
okay that's that's good stuff what are1008.483.52
you doing1010.9592.88
are they attacking the stairs i don't1012.02.88
oh i'm gonna head back up i'm gonna head1014.884.079
back up1016.723.919
oh no dora1018.9594.081
foxes avenge you1020.6395.841
with a lightning strike1023.043.44
simon yeah [ __ ] died again dude oh no1027.1996.48
so i'm playing the game right i'm on the1030.885.76
roof right right the way up top i'm like1033.6794.801
hey i'm gonna actually go to the1036.644.159
bathroom like me a real person made go1038.485.199
he and then i hear thick outside in the1040.7995.201
office saying brilliant and i run out1043.6794.321
and there's this big [ __ ] bee hey1046.05.52
absorb hey you got attacked by b yeah1048.06.0
they're really big and is the b so the b1051.525.12
killed you no there's more to the story1054.06.08
but it but i died wow yeah that sounds1056.645.36
so exciting i'm gonna have to watch the1060.085.52
episode you won't no1062.05.52
all right i need to shoot this guy can i1065.62.72
kill him1067.523.92
there we go oh [ __ ] okay got another guy1068.324.56
no lois1071.444.0
there oh run run run run let's go let's1072.884.08
go jump1075.442.72
oh god1079.212.21
is that thick hey thick hello hey do it1093.126.4
hey what's going on yo you'll never1096.724.72
guess what happened i've got a guess you1099.523.84
fought a horde of 100 zombies all by1101.445.2
yourself uh yeah pretty much but1103.365.199
then uh there was a glitch in the game1106.644.8
and somehow i fell is that a golf club1108.5595.201
yeah it's awesome yeah it is what1111.444.72
happened earlier was not awesome but uh1113.765.279
i would like to go back to my stuff with1116.165.28
you in daytime yeah we'll be leaving1119.0394.721
soon okay yeah where's neebs been at all1121.444.4
night napes yeah what are you doing i'm1123.765.039
just doing food stuff okay just checking1125.845.52
go about your business okay thank you1128.7995.441
starting to see some pink in the sky1131.365.84
daytime's coming soon i enjoy our nights1134.245.36
all right simon in two1145.125.28
one and boom we're taking that with us1147.845.12
for sure oh oh wait a second yeah that's1150.44.48
right we're taking all these things yeah1152.963.68
you know what we shouldn't take crafting1154.884.159
materials or food and water stuff just1156.644.24
yet okay because uh because i think1159.0393.76
neebs might be using some of that stuff1160.883.919
yeah no we should absolutely leave it we1162.7993.441
could just take some of it why don't we1164.7992.721
yeah we'll do that well you know what1166.242.72
yeah we'll go ahead and like start1167.522.64
moving you know what we can go ahead and1168.963.12
take this forge too all right what about1170.163.92
my table here i gotta repair this before1172.083.52
picking it up i don't even know how to1174.083.92
pick this thing up uh you hold e oh it1175.64.56
needs repairs good god it's like busted1178.03.679
what the hell do you need to repair that1180.163.36
what this thing yeah that thing my1181.6793.521
[ __ ] how the hell do you even see1183.523.44
that it's busted well i right click on1185.24.32
it with a hammer oh it's got like 94 out1186.964.88
of 800 like it's almost dead how the1189.524.56
hell is it so almost dead i don't know1191.845.199
all i did was use it what a piece of1194.084.479
[ __ ] let's get in here we'll get the1197.0393.361
welding torch and the capillars out of1198.5593.681
there okay1200.43.519
moving look you know what so we're1202.243.679
moving we're moving like everything1203.9193.521
right now when we're trying to make this1205.9193.601
fun no it's not fun yeah we want to do1207.443.52
it well they wanted a place to move1209.523.2
right who the hell wants to watch this1210.965.76
[ __ ] nobody yeah exactly let's just move1212.726.48
this on our own dime let these people go1216.724.4
alright see you next episode1219.23.599
boom it's fixed then you just hold in1221.127.0
you take it dummy now it's done1222.7995.321

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