The Termite King Location!!! - Grounded

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The Termite King Location!!! - Grounded
The Termite King Location!!! - Grounded

The Termite King Location!!! - Grounded

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hello Dora hello1.165.8
zit I wonder what's down here I guess3.67.6
we'll find out next time on6.964.24
Grounded go for it do21.0396.961
it oh wow uh which one of you has a24.845.16
torch I'm going to need some light cuz28.04.8
this is spoopy I got one yeah does it30.06.559
keep going uh o yeah looks like it got32.85.32
some wires running down something going36.5593.561
on down here oh38.123.8
boy sa40.124.48
it there's a base down here or something41.925.88
like a lb timeon I got you what the hell44.64.16
is all47.82.96
that here we48.765.68
go oh you discovered mysterious M50.765.599
mysterious lab and Dr Tully says it54.445.119
wasn't one of his what and it's locked56.3594.2
oh there's a tooth I'll get that tooth I60.5595.361
think I got to talk to Dr Tully schme63.05.759
has been spying on me this whole65.929.04
time cme's lab schmeer it's now or never68.7599.321
are you ready oh he just asked me it's74.967.44
now or never are we ready um I I I don't78.085.92
think we're ready we don't even have NE82.43.679
here I mean we're not but it's now or84.05.119
never oh that good point so yeah well he86.0794.761
should have said that it's now or never89.1193.36
are you ready and I can just hit not yet90.843.44
it's very dramatic very dramatic and92.4793.881
lying yeah now yeah yeah yeah we'll come94.283.839
back to this but remember that I96.363.32
remember seeing a door on the outside is98.1194.121
there a way up to it uh yes I think but99.684.52
can we unlock it I don't know yes I102.245.72
don't know ow oh yeah follow this twig104.26.72
oh no damn107.966.479
it oh [ __ ] we're going up the twig I'm110.926.4
going yeah go up The Twig tricky twig is114.4395.521
there a way got to be able to do this117.325.159
this right right yes this looks good119.967.4
boys oh damn it oh we can open this yeah122.4797.84
s I'm going to freaking die try to go up127.363.959
twig this is how I'm going to die it's131.3194.121
just a twig I know it's a twig just a133.5993.841
twig but I'm falling that's how it goes135.443.799
man if it's it's causing pain if it's137.443.64
your time it's your time you know yeah139.2393.36
all right don't you fall you fall we're141.084.879
leaving you that's fine don't you do it142.5998.201
okay come on mhm there you go see smooth145.9597.28
you see what happen last time well you150.83.4
didn't die you're still alive you're153.2393.441
good I'm surprised I didn't die yeah154.24.44
keeps on happening you get those little156.683.6
knots those little knots you got to jump158.643.44
over the knot just believe in yourself160.283.12
not jumping over the knots when your162.083.48
movement stops just stop and jump over163.44.16
the knot can't jump over the knot you165.563.84
just jumped over a knot can't jump you167.564.08
didn't jump over that knot yeah you got169.44.4
to take your time got to be patient I171.645.36
was going slow Simon Simon you can do it173.85.24
Simon really I'm here to Hype you up177.04.28
baby you climb this twig I believe in179.045.16
your ass it's it's not nice and easy and181.285.48
you're coming to the first knot shortly184.24.8
all right jump over that knot and then186.764.0
slowly up to the next knot which you're189.05.4
coming up to right now uh n no that's190.766.479
you didn't jump over it try again you194.45.64
got this baby you did uh I think I197.2394.64
jumped when you said the jump yeah but200.043.4
you didn't jump forward enough you just201.8792.801
kind of jump you got this use your203.443.92
instincts my204.685.68
instincts this is what we used to Dr T207.364.439
sometimes you got to wait a minute my210.363.56
instincts tell me that I should not have211.7994.52
to jump over yeah I know you're right213.923.8
you're right about that Simon but that's216.3193.441
the first knot now keep going slowly217.723.4
until it kind of stops you is there219.763.64
another knot yeah keep going no no no no221.124.16
don't jump there that was a [ __ ] knot223.43.68
no but okay walk slowly forward a little225.283.56
bit more yeah I see the KN now jump over227.083.079
that KN yeah just jump right towards the228.843.84
twe yeah there there there there there230.1594.28
it is232.685.279
yeah yeah come on baby now you can make234.4396.52
this jump it's a whole oh you know thing237.9597.321
yeah yes carry on wonderful this bring240.9598.441
us outside I God I hope245.284.12
so okay I think we're here guys oh boy261.86.76
we got yep yep yep y oh okay oh that was265.45.04
Telly right yeah shoots those little268.564.04
electric balls gotcha but only when270.444.12
fighting these ants with the crazy stuff272.65.2
on their head like did you stab me suon274.565.6
I I don't know did I okay I mean you277.83.56
know what I look like and you know when280.162.479
you're swinging your sword so you tell281.363.399
me well I mean did you jump in front of282.6394.641
the ant when I was fighting it no did I284.7594.241
stab you just then that's that's what it287.284.24
looked like okay that I that I might289.05.08
have little bit like yeah going to chew291.523.8
your health down before we even go in294.083.48
and fight these termites well talk to295.324.52
your boy okay I mean honestly I didn't297.563.52
know we have to talk to each other every299.842.96
time we just got stabbed a little bit by301.084.119
a friend just it didn't seem like it was302.84.72
just the threat was over nees get305.1993.961
stabbed hey don't worry look guys it307.523.519
happened it's okay right all right we309.164.2
we're moving on all right so I know we311.0393.561
want to see what's in the bottom of the313.363.279
castle and I know we're building that314.63.8
stuff out there but there's some burgle316.6394.201
chips out here that we haven't like318.44.28
collected I kind of want to get them cuz320.843.919
burgle chips usually mean cool upgrades322.684.44
yeah so but this one's in the termite324.7595.321
Mound mhm so I figured the three of us327.124.919
will uh break in here and kill us some330.083.959
termites oh boy here they're coming332.0394.921
already strategy that's a termite oh334.0394.521
yeah a termite am I the only one that336.964.12
brought oh that's your boy oh God okay338.565.8
uh I got a new thing to try out Rusty341.086.16
spear ooh that look good and a uh bloody344.365.839
bird shield oh dude that Shield is sick347.245.16
all right o we should all turn this guy350.1995.72
on cuz this guy's awesome okay well not352.46.2
right now oh I think mine's turned on355.9193.961
it's I think I don't think it's ever358.64.159
worked unless unless that was mine okay359.884.56
whose was that Dad could have been yours362.7594.521
or mine there we go there we go come on364.445.92
oh say what was that salmon I know no I367.284.759
got hit too I think that was uh the370.363.8
termite doing his little termite spit372.0393.801
all right so basically you yelling at me374.163.92
for something I didn't even do I375.844.68
apologize thank you for this one thank378.085.92
you mad find way into this termite Mound380.525.519
the other one was same thing happened384.03.96
was it that was a termite that was a red386.0393.961
back there oh my God387.964.239
you shut up does a red a bite you with390.05.12
his butt is that a thing does a red an392.1995.56
bite you oh God what was that this guy395.124.24
oh God all right we're going to fight397.7594.361
all these guys huh gu so oh Dam these399.365.64
are the guys guarding the door okay all402.124.12
well oh she damn it Dr tally you were406.247.359
all up in my410.9192.68
business oh man this sword does not do a414.525.32
lot of damage in these termites why not417.524.0
I don't know how's your spear working um419.846.12
I got him down to about uh 30 40 30 35%421.527.359
oh let me peep these guys they're tag425.964.639
teaming okay yeah their weakness is428.8793.44
stabbing that's what I'm doing and I'm430.5993.16
stabbing them too oh but they're432.3193.121
resistant to slashing that's why my433.7593.361
sword's not doing dick there's your435.443.52
problem oh man I should have made a437.124.799
spear kill one all right let me get this438.964.519
guy with there you go yeah you're the441.9193.4
stabber oh yeah yeah it's doing a whole443.4795.241
lot more damage of course nice so yeah445.3195.761
you guys are going to be the tanks for448.726.319
this we will try all right Z me and you451.087.44
sandwich all right sandwich I love it455.0395.481
beautiful there we go that's awesome458.524.399
okay and hey guys I think right here460.524.48
this looks like a nice entrance into the462.9195.0
termite hole all right I'm coming and465.04.919
that's what she said she wouldn't have467.9193.921
said that termite hole who's going to469.9195.361
call that a termite hole ter who wants471.846.96
to call it a termite hole not a termite475.285.759
hole hole is the least sexy thing I've478.85.2
ever heard in my481.0392.961
life okay so I have the duty of uh484.247.16
Duty I've got some things to research489.124.16
and I was going to see what that mantis491.43.479
needs but on the way since we can see493.282.96
molers I will try to get496.247.2
MERS I saw one uh-oh what is this all499.47.56
about you're broken503.446.28
okay doesn't seem like I could can do506.964.559
anything can't do509.724.799
H oh breakables can514.767.44
I oh blow up Ables probably blow up518.246.44
Ables damn it this this is not how I522.23.96
want to start my day that's probably a524.684.839
blowy uper thing hope you can blow that526.165.2
okay okay noted531.364.159
ah so close yet so far541.724.08
maybe oh hey this is good stuff oh you548.726.16
got the prop Hammer552.5194.88
yep oh there you go I I could even bang554.884.32
that all right am I the only one with an557.3995.12
ox Hammer yeah I got a crap Hammer okay559.24.639
yeah I got a crap one too but it's a562.5193.32
level two right so that doesn't matter I563.8393.881
can still break it uh yeah you can break565.8394.921
most things I think ox is level three we567.724.52
should be level three everything right570.764.04
now well work towards it I work towards572.244.4
it that's why I get it well I feel like574.83.96
also when we get group stuff you you get576.644.52
the thing first so uh yeah cuz I work578.765.079
for it um let's see is this where we581.165.16
went to be you want to be here um yeah583.8393.921
we're crawling up here we're looking for586.324.639
a burgle chip okay o this is good stuff587.765.28
though see this is the type of stuff590.9594.88
Simon walks right past yeah yeah oh yeah593.045.64
it's true now uh where's the burle chip595.8395.481
I have no no idea man keep climbing yep598.686.12
that's uh that's my plan okay let's see601.326.84
there any more places to go in it he604.86.64
absor try to oh let's see how I fell uh608.165.2
if you see any of that stuff leave it611.444.16
and then maybe if I pass it and I we can613.363.88
test me and I can try to see if I can615.64.0
find it oh crap I forgot man I tell you617.244.8
what they uh they have made a change619.63.919
where you don't have your Dandy line on622.043.64
your slot anymore I know it's like they623.5193.801
stack or something so we got to be more625.684.48
careful can't fall today m- my Iden627.325.72
Line's already gone oo wow what a view630.165.04
pretty cool this is cool oh there's a633.043.4
thing over there have you been to that635.23.4
station oh yeah that sence station at636.444.399
the uh the axe yeah we've been there and638.63.479
we're just looking for a burgle CHP it's640.8392.68
going to be on the ground just lay642.0792.161
around I don't know where the burgle643.5193.081
chip is644.242.36
Dees man I'll bet that tooth is in that647.86.839
tire and man if anyone's been around a652.324.16
tire it's been around for a while it is654.6394.76
bad business spiders and all types say656.486.24
sh okay um resource server got three659.3995.44
things this is fun uh the resource662.724.32
analyzer that's the one we'll start with664.8395.56
the gunpowder Clump analyze this is fun667.047.12
new [ __ ] rare this is rare flares and670.3999.44
splody rounds fun fun okay all right get674.169.04
out of there next moth scale I how many679.8395.881
moths are here but we had a epic683.25.4
battle uncommon yeah because there's the685.724.44
there's one688.65.88
uh none none recipes great great on to690.168.84
the next and uh moth fuzz you you know694.487.039
how many things moth fuzz is useful for699.05.44
everybody moth mounts and stuffed moth701.5195.12
because we fight them all the all right704.446.04
hey we got gunpowder it's rare and okay706.6395.921
well did my part maybe I'll get a Moler710.486.08
on the way to that uh that uh the Mantis712.565.8
thing I'm not going in that tire I'm not716.563.36
going in the tire I might go in the I'm718.364.159
not going to go in the719.922.599
tire it's a nice tarp it is a nice shape722.885.48
I don't see the you know the normal727.043.28
tears that you run across on the tarps728.363.8
that people leave on the roofs for like730.324.84
years at a time like my neighbors years732.165.239
yeah after the hurricane man it just735.165.2
said watch out yeah come on man our roof737.3995.161
now it's just a tarp isn't it yep just740.364.599
all tarp there's a big spider I'm seeing742.564.56
a big spider we can take big spiders I744.9594.281
mean what kind of big spider like wolf747.125.719
SP oh there's a little spider too oh749.245.159
yeah get that mosquito part Mak some752.8393.68
heal Bas okay there's no longer a little754.3993.921
spider just a big one he's coming he756.5195.721
sees us oo come on all right I'm going758.327.36
behind him me too stab it stab it stab762.245.839
it you remember when we were scared of765.684.92
you Wolfie oh look at this he's already768.0795.521
half down I know I know man we're too770.64.84
strong I don't want to get in there I'm773.66.64
just going to going do the arrows775.447.88
yeah easy oh here comes another one you780.245.92
want some too was that your problem I'm783.326.16
blocking o look we got my mantis786.165.44
wo no you're not act what's happening793.86.039
I'm messing with the NES gaming boys big797.366.52
dummy woo799.8394.041
woo man it's so fun now that we can kick805.444.88
those guys butts man we're tough yeah we807.886.68
are O Let's see wood pile810.324.24
entrance all right damn it there the814.8393.601
last thing I want to do but I couldn't817.043.56
resist oh you know it's going to be a818.444.32
[ __ ] show probably there's a treasure820.65.4
chest I have nothing for oh I don't okay822.769.12
easy easy easy Trad chest I don't see826.08.6
threats just yet man I've seen black831.884.68
widows in in spiders that have water in834.65.56
them okay um off to the right it would836.565.6
appear down840.163.919
here all842.165.679
right oh these nasty little shits oh844.0797.401
they're the worst I don't see a847.8397.36
tooth you guys851.483.719
suck oh oh we having a855.366.32
party sound like you're having a party858.367.919
tooth seen a tooth what the [ __ ] man oh861.687.76
my God this is the worst866.2794.8
no these quarts side Shard hey I got871.0798.32
quarts side shards I contributed874.887.639
today and now we go in the hole let's go879.3994.321
in the hole man let's see what's down882.5193.601
here we need a burgo chip now that's883.724.6
what she said let's go in the hole and886.124.92
let's clear out these webs hopefully she888.324.8
didn't say that man feel like we should891.044.0
pick up some of this stuff for Dora he893.123.92
likes those Splinter arrows well I like895.044.08
Splinter arrows too well pick pick up897.044.68
the Splinter stuff Oh I thought you oh899.124.639
here we go uh n we're going to need your901.724.72
light uh yep okay um I was getting903.7595.2
Splinter hold on change my hat bam all906.444.12
right light hat coming in hey by the way908.9593.44
I would walk normally right past what910.564.44
you just did but there's a material912.3993.961
there that I noticed oh we're going to915.03.92
get it I916.365.36
know oh okay where is he he's behind us918.926.0
he's behind us is he yep all right I'm921.724.479
hit this I'm just going to sit here and924.923.8
light if that's cool uh yeah that's cool926.1993.801
you guys see all928.723.799
right not too930.07.24
bad oh yeah say my932.5194.721
yeah are there two of939.124.519
them yeah there a941.365.719
worker yeah but both of them that's okay943.6395.961
wait two what two mantis we have947.0796.041
freaking two gigantic friends oh949.66.88
sweet oh we got friends coming in all953.127.48
right woo this is get ha956.484.12
oh my God this is the962.125.56
worst sticky key great yeah there's964.2795.321
nothing in here I don't even know how to967.685.12
get out well I guess969.63.2
climbing the worst I'm the973.7596.88
worst CU I live here977.365.76
now how you doing sammon I'm doing all980.6394.481
right all right yeah let's keep pushing983.123.88
forward all right there Buddy's coming985.124.92
though so that's going to be a problem987.05.759
don't worry I'll help you out all right990.046.08
oo take me some liquid rage baby ow you992.7594.961
motherucker you little [ __ ] you're996.124.36
going to die oh you're jumping right in997.724.52
front of me you did that no problem jump1000.483.919
on the side of you on the side of you1002.244.719
yeah oh oh yeah but but when I do up a1004.3995.841
SAT his head come on now you need to be1006.9597.201
careful rules go both ways that's what1010.246.44
she said that is what she said what's a1014.164.84
safe word1016.685.399
pumpkin banana spice my safe word is1019.04.959
please stop that word is not safe say1022.0793.441
that around woman see what1023.9594.08
happens she go crazy he it's true they1025.525.559
start drooling to get1028.0393.04
excited come on another come on baby1033.7995.561
this place is just I mean it's I guess1036.764.4
it makes sense it's a termite Nest yeah1039.365.28
I mean we we've invaded their home they1041.165.0
they should be everywhere we're doing1044.643.96
pretty well though aren't we not too sh1046.164.44
we're not dead that's what you mean yeah1048.64.12
no I'm proud of us all right let's keep1050.64.6
pushing okay oh more of these get these1052.726.36
for need and Dora pick those1055.23.88
up okay all right and then okay all1059.6798.921
right this isn't fun nothing fun about1065.445.16
ooh man1070.66.8
this am I going to hit my head on1073.285.759
son of a1079.0392.64
[ __ ] C was fierce it really is there's1082.326.2
a lot of stuff I just see something1086.085.16
science over there oh get more rocks yep1088.524.08
you grab that I'll grab the science do1091.244.04
it here we1092.64.559
go all1095.284.48
right H my inventory is full come over1097.1594.481
here and grab some of this stuff NES1099.764.36
okay first s you got it yeah I got some1101.645.24
oh man running out of space so we came1104.125.48
from up there I yes I'm going to go this1106.885.0
way cuz it's brighter it is brighter1109.63.92
what is that sunlight coming through oh1111.885.0
yeah maybe this looks nice yeah there's1113.526.399
another cave over there stick this look1116.884.72
fun all right hold on let me grab my1119.9192.76
chop oh yeah pick these up needes get1122.6794.281
all that splinters yeah oh we'll be able1125.1593.841
to make Splinter arrows for days we're1126.963.68
going to need him for that final fight1129.05.039
probably oh yeah yeah okay I'll show you1130.645.36
what I did later it started working uh1134.0393.921
think you'll be quite impressed uh1136.05.6
probably will will oh hey I like it this1137.966.19
you like a1141.65.559
what screw that1147.1596.201
place another1149.843.52
day oh oh1153.765.68
that hold on is there something bigger1156.44.44
down there that looks like a bigger1159.443.96
termite than usual okay let's kill this1160.844.44
one first yeah take out the little guy1163.44.0
yeah and and let's uh you know even go1165.285.2
back like let we him back here I guess1167.46.6
oh the big one's coming big one is1170.486.12
coming that is not a good thing that is1174.06.52
a big that the light now I'm the I'm the1176.66.959
light can we kill it let's see okay he's1180.524.6
on me all right yeah let's do the old1183.5593.921
surround you know yep he's uh where's he1185.125.12
going okay I got his butt I got his butt1187.484.6
oh he's looking at me I'm blocking oh1190.244.2
boy St me take out his little friend1192.083.8
there yeah out little guy oh he's1194.443.08
looking at me you guys stab we going1195.884.08
take guy out he hits hard he hits real1197.524.44
hard okay little guys1199.965.24
down oh yeah big boy coming get in there1201.966.839
oh yeah yeah yeah okay running okay come1205.24.88
stand oh boy Stand Down hey get him Mr1210.087.0
Man yeah get in there buddy oh I love1213.7995.961
having this guy what's his name man Mr1217.086.52
man oh man man I get it it's hilarious1219.766.08
okay I'll get the side you get the back1223.64.84
oh he turning I'm ready oh we're doing1225.846.12
great he's over halfway down we got this1228.446.479
[ __ ] man we came in here and we were op1231.964.76
M this damn thing's got Splinter1234.9193.321
sticking out of his ass you guys see1236.723.6
that yep you got be careful we some1238.245.28
gloves got a me oh boy that's another1240.327.32
man wa about yeah Mr Man yeah yeah who1243.526.399
his damn1247.646.039
ass oh he really wants1249.9193.76
ninja man that wasn't even that tough oh1253.965.68
no sorry man man we see you again1257.123.76
someday there's some good stuff on the1259.643.519
ground my inventory is full okay I got1260.884.799
tons picking it up picking it up see man1263.1595.4
that was the termite King me is there a1265.6795.961
queen uh man if so she better be tougher1268.5595.681
than that uh the Queens are often bigger1271.646.88
oh wait a minute is this yes what burgle1274.247.679
chip burgle chip mission accomplished we1278.525.279
found sweet is this something we need1281.9193.281
right here yeah let's chop these up1283.7993.841
right see this oh yeah that is good oh1285.24.68
yeah that's a pile of good stuff right1287.645.56
there okay you break it I'll take it got1289.887.84
it woo success boys what else do we do1293.27.4
that's all we know is1297.722.88

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