Disaster in SPAACE!! - Breathedge

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! You do not want to miss out on the latest Breathedge episode. Trust me, things get crazy and totally off...
Disaster in SPAACE!! - Breathedge
Disaster in SPAACE!! - Breathedge

Disaster in SPAACE!! - Breathedge

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that Disaster in SPAACE video on Breathedge? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that one cracked me up! I love how everything goes off the rails in space. Classic Neebs Gaming!

neebs: I know, right? It's like a train wreck in space, but somehow even more chaotic. Definitely one of my favorites.

simon: Agreed! And the way you guys handle the madness is just priceless. Can't get enough of it!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! You do not want to miss out on the latest Breathedge episode. Trust me, things get crazy and totally off the rails in this one. If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button to stay up to date with all the hilarious content from the Neebs crew.

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you want to move you don't you don't3.483.439
look good yeah I like to be able to see4.884.32
something okay one if6.9196.6
I there we go is that better um I see9.25.599
out the window a little let's see what13.5195.801
about yep oh wow hey hey how you doing14.7997.201
uh good yeah all right maybe bad over19.325.6
here yeah okay that's perfect what about22.05.72
over here I really you had a perfect24.927.0
just here um that's not bad sweet I'll27.726.159
leave you right there all31.924.4
right sorry I'm a little frustrated are33.8794.921
you why cuz I can't find beef beef36.323.84
scared this whole area for I think I'm38.82.64
just going to have to go further so I40.163.36
got an oxygen station in my pocket and41.444.2
I'm just going to go beyond the ball and43.524.44
see what I can find out in the Great45.647.8
Wide Yonder space beyond the ball space47.967.52
all right well good do it you ever see53.443.32
Tim Curry in that one clip from55.483.599
commanding conquer uh because of you56.763.72
yeah you've talked about it in your59.0796.761
sleep I love it spice spice spice spice60.487.48
do I sound like him you nailed it65.844.84
sometimes I'm bad at67.962.72
space all right so in this uh I guess82.045.28
this big pile of coolant gel that's85.7993.561
where that rocket is that I got to87.324.64
figure out how to fire into the core89.364.759
over here is all the old beef stuff91.964.64
there's something pink over here I'm94.1195.201
going to go check it out something pink96.64.68
yeah something pink uh give me more to99.325.6
go on it's pink and it's ballish pink101.286.56
ballish pink ball oh hold on is that104.925.44
that kind of looks like an engineer ship107.845.319
oxygen maybe hold on let me check110.366.439
something out oh yeah oh yeah baby okay113.1595.681
things are already going swimmingly out116.7994.521
here I want to know more about this pink118.844.4
thing it's it's pink I'll go check it121.323.64
out in a minute is it organic is it a123.243.32
rock I don't know I'm not there yet damn124.963.919
it is it a machine I don't know give me126.564.679
a damn second apparently someone tried128.8793.881
to make a cryo chamber out of it to wait131.2393.241
for The Rescuers someone has clearly132.763.6
read a lot of science fiction books oh134.483.16
there's a dude in here with his head136.363.239
Frozen in an ice cube oh there something137.642.76
I can139.5993.561
scan how did he do that oh I got a140.44.559
blueprint for a water143.164.24
machine okay oh a handy Scrapper a144.9594.441
little bit of food that's okay yeah I147.45.72
can eat later um okay oxygen station149.46.4
here I do have a repair tool where are153.126.56
you right there and I'll do this155.86.92
number there we go and boom sweet I got159.685.32
an oxygen station out here there you go162.723.68
perfect they're handing these things out165.03.68
candy don't think there's going to be173.844.08
any beef here oh almost looks like175.645.4
bubble gum okay now oh that's good gives177.925.0
me something to work with yeah it's like181.044.16
a well how in the hell did someone have182.924.92
this much bubble gum I'm surprised my AI185.25.319
hasn't said anything because he's187.843.88
non-stop yeah to chatty yeah like and a191.727.04
an annoying level okay is that a which195.7994.841
reminds me what's going on with you and198.763.32
that girl I don't know I had heard from200.643.599
her in a while part of me doesn't want202.083.56
to hear from her again but you know the204.2394.481
other part of me hope she survived uhhuh205.644.56
um maybe you should reach208.722.719
all right let's see what's out here this210.22.48
looks like a giant211.4394.641
engine what's over here anything worth a212.686.119
sh oh couple bottles of water oh a216.084.2
suitcase is there anything in the218.7993.241
suitcase apparently he died in comfort220.283.519
and without fear maybe you can assemble222.043.279
such a bench as well there's an223.7993.16
engineering shuttle ahead I wonder how225.3193.361
you find everything so quickly is it226.9592.84
because of my hints is that another228.682.24
shuttle H you were is that one I know230.925.039
look again they they hand them out like234.3194.2
candy you grabbing that suitcase or no235.9594.92
uh no I don't need it right now now okay238.5193.841
also my inventory is full cuz I brought240.8793.121
this giant oxygen station I thought I242.363.519
would use let's see let's see if this244.04.48
engineering station has oxygen in it if245.8796.2
not maybe I'll pop one out here but come248.487.24
on now come on now what we got what we252.0797.88
got here we go and oxygen yeah oxygen in255.726.56
here there you go man you're in good259.9595.001
hands I'm in great hands my own262.288.44
hands M Wire plastic battery264.967.92
so you still happy with where we live270.725.199
then no not happy with any of this well272.884.4
if you see something better maybe we275.9194.241
move move out here I don't know I don't277.284.479
I'm not out there with you is it nicer280.163.8
it's no it's not nicer actually it's281.7593.88
what there's a well I guess there's a283.963.76
body in your place too but there's also285.6394.481
a body here what's going on let me287.723.88
neutralize this290.124.28
electricity with a291.68.439
chicken examine hm this is a comb that294.48.04
you can plug into the wall oh yeah300.0395.521
probably for people with uh maybe curly302.445.16
hair they want to straighten it maybe305.563.76
maybe I don't know it seems he killed307.63.52
himself with it oh there is a uh309.324.319
processor here so that's good yeah I311.124.6
wouldn't think that's what it's used for313.6393.801
no you know what I could oh that's315.723.68
refined metal that's like that's like317.444.12
gold yeah you know what I think I might319.43.2
I'm going to do that I'm going to grab321.563.079
that um what's it called suitcase I'm322.63.84
going to bring that suitcase in here oh324.6393.84
these look like tail sections there are330.83.0
declared cargo holdes inside for332.443.08
transporting synthetic beef milk and333.83.0
plant food there might be something335.523.2
useful here beef I heard beef that's336.83.679
what you need huh that is what I need338.725.24
okay are there any Oxygen stations out340.4796.881
here oh wait what is this oh my God you343.964.56
won't be able to eat this until you347.364.36
remove the bio glue I found a cow oh348.525.64
I've always wanted a cow I don't think351.724.64
you want this one can I can you bring it354.165.36
home I mean I guess I could oh God yeah356.365.119
yeah no I could bring him home but I'm359.523.32
not going to I'm not going to drag him361.4793.16
all the way back there this is great cuz362.843.52
you know we have the dream of delivering364.6394.56
baby animals together uh well nothing366.363.959
this thing's dead we're not going to369.1992.961
deliver anything from this yeah but it's370.3193.841
better than nothing okay all right I372.165.08
heard beef which that's beef can I chop374.165.52
him up probably not now bring that home377.244.56
okay I'm going to put an oxygen station379.683.519
out here looks like an undamaged cargo381.82.88
section with dairy products special383.1992.881
containers with cooling gel are used for384.683.12
transporting milk the gel is ideal for386.083.119
reducing the core's activity what's left387.82.799
to do is to find the emergency and389.1992.801
loading lever get inside the section390.5992.561
pump out the cooling shell and launch it392.03.56
into liner of cake found another thing I393.163.96
can launch into the uh the core of the395.563.88
liner which is right over there glowing397.124.72
nice and399.442.4
bright I'm not joking about the cow what402.166.319
you want me to bring the cow home I mean405.4795.16
after all I've done for you I asked for408.4794.361
this one thing I'm not bringing the cow410.6394.361
home it's okay if you want to surprise412.844.96
me I'll go415.02.8
all right we need beef pellets let's see420.964.28
what about in maybe this little423.526.0
container here beef425.247.0
cans oh wait this might this looks429.525.679
promising yes synthetic manure it this432.245.88
is what I need I need a bunch of435.1996.961
these oh yeah here we go we found the438.127.759
beef neees finally and where'd you find442.166.759
it turret nearby oh a turret where'd you445.8795.641
find it um I don't know448.9196.0
space spice oh yeah I forgot how you451.525.28
said it the first454.9196.251
time spice456.87.679
spice a modern space Greenhouse it's464.4793.84
used on planets unsuitable for467.02.96
agriculture it's useless for the liner468.3193.0
and takes up a lot of space unless it's469.964.32
used for scientific purposes oh471.3195.401
wait yeah a greenhouse and I can breathe474.285.68
in here oh really yeah so uh hey476.724.24
home I'm not dragging you all the way480.963.679
out here hell no this isn't a vacation483.083.44
home okay well that or bring the cow484.6392.96
back to me I don't know which one's486.524.399
better I'm not bringing you the damn cow487.5995.761
then then we move there I'm not moving490.9194.641
out here I like cow what's the point493.364.92
okay yeah yeah more beef more beef oh495.565.52
man okay I think I have enough beef to498.285.44
make all the pellets to launch yeah all501.085.44
right I got a goal yep um while I'm out503.724.8
here though two goals two I got a lot of506.523.56
see I'm out here I want to check out510.8795.001
this big ship up512.883.0
here okay what about this can I get in516.325.279
this in anyway door locked these locks519.763.159
can only be opened with a special tool521.5993.081
from outside or alternatively they can522.9193.48
be broken524.684.159
Ates crap I'm going to need explosives526.3994.44
now oh I know you're happy about that528.8394.44
yeah oh one530.8394.641
two how many533.2794.441
three okay I think I'll need four535.485.72
explosives to blow this thing up537.723.48
um what's up here oh oh oh yeah those541.324.84
turrets hey guys getting cheeky with the546.165.76
turrets neees hey guys who you be548.9595.041
careful out there let's see can I turn551.924.359
these things off somehow I don't know554.05.36
but don't get shot try not to I'm never556.2795.68
going to get my559.362.599
cow I'm going to get near one I'm562.65.16
curious oh miss me oh miss564.567.2
me oh that hit that hit that hit okay oh567.765.36
I saw something571.765.84
though what' you see uh there was like a573.126.8
possibly a way to turn it577.65.32
off like on a console okay let's let's579.924.479
get dumb let's get dumb let's get dumb582.922.88
oh God that's too dumb that's too dumb584.3993.841
damn it I need a do I have a health pack585.85.039
on me AB I swear if you die on me I'm588.244.24
not I'm not I just want to see if I want590.8393.601
to see if I can shut these things down592.483.039
come on I got to be a little more594.443.72
accurate ow ow ow switch off switch off595.5195.281
switch off ow598.165.119
did I do600.82.479
it I switched one of them off knes okay604.446.0
but uh yeah my man I took a beating608.324.72
there holy [ __ ] that was probably really610.445.88
dumb yeah I could have told you that613.045.84
okay all right yeah no more Health packs616.326.56
damn it okay well now what's that618.885.36
curiosity is getting the better of me622.883.0
all right I got to I got to not make624.245.2
stupid moves right now um focus focus625.885.959
Focus let me get some oxygen real fast629.443.92
you giving me gray hairs631.8397.391
man maybe there's a health pack in here640.8395.921
wait a minute cans of beef if I'm643.885.84
correctly ah650.24.319
explosives okay I got I think I need to652.25.0
make four of these and I need two cans654.5195.0
of beef per explosive so what that's657.24.16
eight cans of beef if I did the ma math659.5195.241
right oh man you are sharp aren't you661.366.64
three two four six eight yep you're664.768.04
right uh four okay we got four already668.09.079
okay need four more oh I did the672.89.32
math two three yeah here we go four all677.0796.361
right yeah we got all this cans of beef682.122.24
we can make683.443.519
explosives all right so synthetic beef684.364.8
use that make explosives I need to686.9593.481
health pack I don't know what it takes689.164.4
to make that all right let me run back690.446.28
to that engineering shuttle now there a693.566.56
dead bot in here I'm going to move him696.723.4
out get on enjoy space SP700.7211.52
space okay I should have enough be712.245.36
pellets to fire off this rocket maybe oh714.8394.281
wow I thought you were coming home first717.63.679
uh no on my way home I figured I'd stop719.124.8
by and do this okay gotcha made of the721.2795.36
beef come on get off all right where's723.925.919
the gas we already put five in come726.6396.88
on yeah we're fully loaded and let's see729.8396.161
what happens come on please733.5195.481
fire into the736.07.079
core yeah go baby oh wow the whole damn739.07.56
thing uhoh743.0797.281
well what's going on oh um it's not746.566.68
going to the core I'll tell you750.365.4
that H I think you're almost there you753.243.839
can probably ignore the cooling gel755.762.72
slight course deviation and assume that757.0793.241
the cor's activity is partially reduced758.483.56
oh good we can just assume the cor's760.324.079
activity is reduced we did it okay if762.044.359
you say so okay I got to get out of this764.3993.8
area this is so768.1994.2
stupid ooh names mhm my research on a776.366.44
jet accelerator is780.325.56
complete oh I might see how to make that782.87.2
too that'll make you go faster I hope so785.886.36
where is it jet accelerator two inductor790.04.639
resin resin and titani hey that's792.244.279
achievable you have a bike is it going794.6393.401
to go faster than your bike [ __ ] if I796.5193.161
know I think it'll actually help my bike798.043.239
cuz the accelerator sits on my back799.683.44
right I don't know well that's how all801.2794.24
the other accelerators have worked yeah803.123.76
tell you what give me uh give me a few805.5193.401
minutes I'll see if I can make it okay806.884.38
sit here and wait for my cow to show808.9227.159
up all right one jet accelerator836.0795.281
coming up I can't wait to see if this is839.484.52
worth it yeah no kidding prototype jet841.364.919
accelerator some kind of air gas mixture844.04.12
is fuel which is easily replaced by any846.2794.401
other gas all right so I guess am I848.124.88
going to replace it with my old850.686.88
one yeah I reckon so okay okay letting853.07.56
them fill up a little bit what if it857.565.44
just adds more to the accelerator like860.565.0
it's the same speed all right let me uh863.04.839
I tell you what let me let it build up865.563.68
and I'll come over to you you and dump867.8393.641
the old accelerator so that's going to869.244.279
be my871.485.479
accelerator uh sure if that's what you873.5195.0
want to think yep just put it in there876.9594.12
with the rest of my stuff yeah old junk878.5194.56
drawer all right but I did make the four881.0793.921
explosives okay cool we can blow883.0794.081
something up today wouldn't that be fun885.03.8
yeah that' be great I can't wait for887.163.919
that yeah all right and uh all right888.83.76
wait are you still hurting oh yeah I'm891.0794.32
hurting big time I need um God I need892.566.36
alcohol and uh fabric to make a health895.3995.24
pack well you've already cut all my898.924.96
fabric out so yeah exactly so I don't900.6394.521
know where to get it maybe I'll find one903.882.6
while I'm out and about but yeah I got905.163.72
to be super careful out there oh boy906.484.359
it's uh yeah it it was a dumb decision908.884.12
doing what I did all right let's test910.8394.36
accelerator I don't know that's much915.1994.041
faster but oh it certainly last a lot917.443.199
longer that's for919.244.719
sure all right yeah okay that'll help920.6394.64
cuz I can use it too when I'm on the923.9593.721
bike what do you mean what do you mean925.2794.04
what I mean like I can use the927.683.48
accelerator Lake if I get on my bike929.3194.08
uhuh I can still use this jetpack931.166.359
accelerator to make the bike go faster933.3996.68
and so you have more thrust now longer937.5193.961
yeah longer thrust not really more940.0794.44
thrust longer thrust gotcha okay that's941.487.4
weird is it kind of okay let's go uh944.5196.361
let's go blow up a milk ship sounds948.885.28
great don't die try not to please find a950.885.56
wow ne's on the way out here I see an961.5195.641
icon I may have passed like a bomb on963.725.679
it what we talking about I don't know967.164.32
it's just a weird icon looks like a bomb969.3996.12
with an electric thing let's see what is971.486.799
this oh I need to pick up more metal are975.5194.8
these Electronics yeah I should extract978.2795.201
these everything with you now is980.3196.121
bombs uh something exploded here983.485.599
probably yeah you think what is this986.444.6
it mhm examine oh it's a blueprint for991.047.88
an EMP grenade oh wow that might come in995.127.6
handy I do like blowing stuff up I don't998.925.96
think emps blow things up do they uh no1002.724.039
I think they uh shut down robots and1004.885.0
stuff right yeah I've never seen one in1006.7596.44
action an EMP yeah I don't think I have1009.886.12
either seen it in like movies and stuff1013.1994.241
and yeah I wonder if that's what they're1016.03.72
really like she like a a big pulse like1017.445.36
a and all the robots go probably makes1019.723.839
sound might not would that be something1023.5595.561
let's see any chance of a health pack in1026.9594.761
there probably not all right be careful1029.124.64
that's right turrets up top got to be1031.724.76
careful turrets thought you disarmed1033.765.6
those I disarmed one of them oh there1036.485.4
are two of them okay here we go1039.365.24
explosive number1041.889.72
one okay oh three two one and there we1044.69.959
go so you've opened one door uh I think1051.65.8
I got to blow all these locks off before1054.5594.761
anything will open oh you blew a lock1057.46.56
yep 3 2 11059.324.64
yeah all right what are you blowing your1064.165.24
way into I have no idea there's a the1067.363.8
suit told me I need to get in there well1069.43.92
I hope it's safe and your condition yeah1071.164.24
I hope it is too I guess there's only1073.324.16
one way to find out here we go we're1075.44.96
opening the doors1077.484.6
it worked now you have to find the air1080.365.16
lock have to find the airlock oh wow1082.086.8
whoa this looks1085.523.36
cool what this cool just uh I don't know1089.125.039
it's it's like a part of the ship is1091.963.88
coming open almost like a big satellite1094.1593.241
dish or1095.845.48
something H neat um oh I should take a1097.46.04
breath where oh it's down here down here1101.323.64
let me get a quick quick breath then I'm1103.442.719
going to go check this place out don't1104.965.36
forget the cow when you come back1106.1594.161
turret active be careful yeah I know but1111.843.92
it's way up there1114.0395.481
idiot okay I got to get into the bio1115.766.2
module let's see man I wish that light1119.526.159
wasn't so damn bright is it in here1121.965.88
danger what's1127.845.8
dangerous here we go watch there be1130.9195.281
oxygen in here as uh this is definitely1133.644.159
not a cargo section despite it looking1136.22.88
like one in the the mark in the liner's1137.7992.88
Declaration somebody wanted to keep1139.084.959
these rooms secret man all right we1140.6795.401
refined metal that's good so I guess I'm1144.0393.921
in this area that somebody wanted to1146.085.8
keep secret but I don't know why oh1147.966.56
Jesus it's a guy here with a lot of1151.884.76
electricity popping off of him oh wait1154.524.32
maybe not the computer's electric can I1156.646.2
neutralize this I don't think1158.846.8
so keep pushing forward is this food how1162.844.4
about a health pack how about a health1165.644.6
oh wow ho found a really big area a1177.323.92
laboratory with most advanced equipment1179.283.399
individuals don't have access to such1181.244.439
Technologies okay individuals don't have1182.6794.641
access to what what the hell is that1185.6793.681
even mean such Technologies something1187.323.96
tore him apart from the inside Jesus is1189.365.28
this a guy was this a guy man better be1191.285.279
glad you're not here this place is a1194.644.64
mess okay even trash cans can be luxury1196.5595.321
ones but this is not one of them oh1199.284.96
trash can scan it let me scan this trash1201.885.64
can don't know why I'm doing that1204.244.799
oh I guess now I know how to build a1209.0393.681
trash can nees okay you don't have a1211.0394.201
trash can in your place I don't I've1212.723.4
been throwing everything out in the1215.243.08
space and I found a help pack I got a1216.125.32
help pack I got I got I got a help pack1218.324.64
all you take1221.445.68
it around that is better that is1222.964.16
a detailed plan of the transport module1229.04.52
oh a large transport module I'm not even1231.284.08
built a small1233.524.639
one why bother you can build a big one1235.364.4
yeah no kidding some mutated chicken DNA1238.1594.121
is being examined here mutated chicken1239.766.2
DNA mhm what the hell maybe they can1242.286.639
grow chickens with more breast maybe so1245.965.16
what's your favorite part of the chicken1248.9194.401
oh man I do like a drumstick oh1251.124.12
drumstick I do like that that sweet1253.324.32
sweet drumstick that chicken leg baby1255.244.799
yeah maybe I can grow a chicken with a1257.645.039
10 legs yeah oh that'd be good just this1260.0394.76
poor chicken running around looks like1262.6793.681
some data blocks connect me to one of1264.7992.721
them and I'll try to find out if there's1266.364.0
any cooling gel in the capsules okay one1267.525.08
of these all right I'm going to connect1270.365.559
the AI to a data block okay interesting1272.64.6
there's no cooling circuit here which1275.9192.681
means the gel can only be present in the1277.22.68
solution itself that is poured into the1278.62.72
capsules the whole composition of the1279.882.919
solution is encrypted but we can pump it1281.322.88
out using the control post and analyze1282.7993.401
it manually pump it out using the1284.25.04
control post and analyze the cooling1286.25.8
milk or whatever not exactly sure what's1289.244.24
going on here I didn't hear the word1292.04.159
milk said did you oh a green lamp no I1293.483.76
don't know I just think I see all the1296.1593.241
cows Rel tension and normalizes blood1297.245.16
pressure not in all cases though oh1299.44.92
there's a cleaning robot in here oh1302.45.0
really yeah is it really clean I can1304.325.8
grab him hey buddy hey bring it home I1307.44.159
ain't bling bringing this damn thing1310.123.48
home all right got to haul it all the1311.5594.041
way through space well we can move there1313.65.92
is it nice here well this more room nice1315.66.92
as subjective okay let me go upstairs um1319.524.68
I wouldn't say it's nice there's several1322.524.039
bodies strown about which I mean there1324.24.76
is in your place too okay we got1326.5594.641
something oh oxygen candles taking those1328.963.36
sure anything good over here according1332.324.359
to the plan this is not only the main1335.2793.041
control post but also the steering wheel1336.6792.961
this section is a space shuttle but with1338.322.8
such damage it's unlikely to be able to1339.642.96
fly damn it would have been great if I1341.122.88
could fly this thing I'd just fly back1342.62.28
you um okay I guess I'm going to us this1344.885.2
console see what happens I've downloaded1348.5592.801
the manual to clean the specimen1350.083.16
capsules press the blue button blue1351.363.919
button or the green one unfortunately1353.245.12
the Manual's black and way okay oh I1355.2794.961
think I just fired off something I think1358.364.4
it's going into the1360.245.2
core maybe something's wrong I would1362.764.44
suggest ignoring what happened if these1365.443.119
specimens end up on some planet and1367.22.8
remain intact then politicians will come1368.5592.521
up with some story about a super1370.02.279
intelligent race that created these1371.083.0
creatures to destroy mankind press the1372.2794.681
green button oh the green button okay he1374.084.839
told you blue didn't contain all of the1376.963.48
solution pumping out from the reserve1378.9193.481
tanks initiated oh we're going to pump1380.444.92
out we got to examine the1382.47.6
solution okay maybe over1385.364.64
here there's no cooling gel here but the1394.1593.921
solution contains pottassium iodide1396.5593.441
camine on dancon and some non-standard1398.083.56
impurities theoretically it can serve as1400.03.559
excellent anti-radiation protection just1401.643.36
put the solution into the insulin cell1403.5592.521
of the suit and I'll calculate the1405.02.08
dosage so you don't turn into a1406.083.76
vegetable or a mut go oh1407.086.68
perfect stick it right into my1409.843.92
suit yeah your protection against1414.764.08
radiation has increased you didn't even1417.123.039
have to launch anything into the core1418.842.56
risking the start of an uncontrolled1420.1593.0
reaction of matter explosion although it1421.42.84
would have been right to launch this1423.1592.361
laboratory together with all of its1424.244.52
dangerous research sweet I did it Ms I1425.524.88
lowered my radiation some more hey1428.764.56
that's good huh that's three out of six1430.45.24
okay so what are the other three we know1433.325.599
the gun right is that one of them uh I1435.645.159
guess I I didn't do anything with a gun1438.9193.201
though I didn't figure it out oh wait1440.7993.0
now that I got a little bit of health1442.123.039
I'm going to see if I can disable that1443.7993.36
other turret on top are you out of your1445.1596.64
mind I [ __ ] am just leave it1447.1594.64
no where is it1454.885.84
at oh there it is it's firing at me oh1456.966.079
boy and I'm moving pretty quick though1460.724.319
okay yep all right yeah there's I can1463.0393.201
see like right in front of the damn1465.0393.12
turret it's thing don't you die I'm1466.243.64
going to try not to here we go we're1468.1594.721
going in we're going in we're going in1469.885.88
going in going in and switch off switch1472.884.48
off switch do it do it do it switch1475.765.96
switch yes did you do it I did it okay1477.366.08
now I wanted to see yeah there was a1481.724.199
thing here what kind of thing I don't1483.446.119
know an electric thing1485.9195.281
knes yeah remember the gun needed1491.26.4
discharge cells guess what I just found1493.646.8
okay now a discharge cell is there1497.65.0
another one over here come on come on1500.444.16
please yes that's two I forgot I think I1502.64.76
needed five five discharge cells for the1504.65.559
gun okay and you got two okay two I need1507.364.24
to find oh I know and the there's1510.1592.801
turrets near the gun I'm going back to1511.64.679
the gun fire the1512.963.319
turrets okay but Health do Health right1516.524.84
oh oh yeah I should probably do1519.445.88
Health now I'll be fine oh1521.365.319

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