The Siren Queen Is Not Happy!!! - Sea of Thieves

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's all about Jack Sparrow and Barbossa going on a crazy adventure to find the ...
The Siren Queen Is Not Happy!!! - Sea of Thieves
The Siren Queen Is Not Happy!!! - Sea of Thieves

The Siren Queen Is Not Happy!!! - Sea of Thieves

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another epic Sea of Thieves adventure! Today, we're dealing with the wrath of the Siren Queen. She is NOT happy with us!

simon: Oh man, that Siren Queen is a real handful. But you know what? This is my favorite video because it's just so chaotic and hilarious!

appsro: I gotta agree with Simon on this one. The Siren Queen may be mad, but we're having a blast trying to survive her wrath. Definitely one for the highlight reel!

neebs: Haha, yeah, who knew trying to find the fountain of youth would lead us to this mess? But hey, that's what makes Sea of Thieves so much fun. Can't wait to see how this all plays out!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's all about Jack Sparrow and Barbossa going on a crazy adventure to find the fountain of youth, but surprise, surprise, Blackbeard and his daughter are after it too! Can you imagine the chaos that unfolds when these characters clash?

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oh oh everybody look come here come here1.044.239
who am i looking at oh hey now steering5.2794.24
all right mr thick get out of the map9.5196.761
room and find me old salsa tool11.444.84
we're like right here captain okay i'm17.2794.641
starting to see debris in the water hey19.923.359
do you think i can grab this stuff with21.923.04
the harpoon the glowing [ __ ] well i23.2793.681
don't think we need glowing [ __ ] i think24.965.12
we're gonna have to swim down under get26.966.159
a ball get him30.083.039
wait you see something i think i think i36.0794.081
see the pearl38.5593.921
the captain's quarters what's this40.164.96
what a what42.482.64
this compass points ye to what you want55.65.36
most and what i want most is to be done58.484.239
with this disney [ __ ]60.964.96
for this is where my ocean crawlers62.7196.161
shall destroy oh okay65.926.6
oh crap guys68.883.64
perhaps i will let you live long enough74.564.96
to meet my beloved daughter76.644.88
his trident's still a gum still a gum79.522.8
isn't it81.523.36
imagine i'd do it we'll know if the door82.325.52
all right90.05.079
follow me boys91.363.719
boys yeah113.044.56
oh okay only you're the only one who115.284.08
could do it just one man well it's only117.64.24
got one arm exactly yeah i found this119.363.52
i don't know why the hell that'd be good122.883.519
what is that124.645.039
one look around oh we're raising up yep126.3995.2
oh i see him spotting129.6794.321
where all the cannons on the cannons on131.5994.241
the cannons134.04.0
[ __ ] all right i'm on it135.845.119
on this thing keep me138.04.959
sir oh covered you getting the one on140.9593.841
the right all right142.9596.0
oh [ __ ] i got dropped off come on144.87.36
no no no don't unload cannon148.9595.521
oh boy why about why am i lifting this152.163.12
you get to the top and then let's go but155.283.679
i'm not sure where to go after that156.9593.201
in and out158.9594.321
[ __ ] you oh my empty i'm empty i think160.164.4
there we go163.282.64
oh yeah we need to all right that's why164.563.039
we need to raise we need to raise it's a165.923.76
fight to hit these guys with cannons167.5994.241
oh [ __ ] left side195.23.52
don't focus on the tentacles focus on215.763.92
the deck monkeys217.683.6
mr simon okay i'm trying to try and try221.285.44
oh god there's electric guys holy [ __ ]224.084.56
out i can't see [ __ ]226.723.92
i'm around the food it's in the corner i228.644.48
gotta get to it oh god then this is230.645.959
where he is233.123.479
nice job something alive oh [ __ ] okay251.367.119
more coconut more coconut254.563.919
all right i think258.562.959
i think we may have done it oh wait259.683.92
we're still going down yeah yeah feels261.5194.161
like it let me grab this263.63.68
bring us back up for reasons i don't265.684.88
know everybody get food in you yes sir267.286.56
food food food i prefer bananas270.565.76
probably a two banana wound nope three273.845.12
bananas oh what's that noise276.323.599
[ __ ]278.964.4
that's what it is [ __ ] oh boy what the279.9194.961
oh going up wow we're going up higher284.884.08
oh oh [ __ ]289.284.0
cracking above us291.1995.201
yep yep okay shooting cracking293.285.76
oh lord296.45.04
oh god i just got299.044.8
stupid on the cannons shooting at301.445.8
mitch's face303.843.4
god god all right310.164.319
oh [ __ ] he's a fighter when he's about314.563.84
to fight i may want to back off damn316.722.8
backing up318.42.799
oh he's not about to fight319.524.679
[ __ ]331.684.6
i'm shooting up332.563.72
yeah he is just but he is non-stop we349.9194.481
got to keep hitting him with cannons352.323.76
there's no place to avoid getting hit is354.43.359
there pretty much no you got to just356.083.839
keep eating and keep firing your cannons357.7593.361
god damn big ass tentacles come on [ __ ]361.125.919
grab that wheel378.243.399
oh i got courage to spare386.6394.961
in me bowls mr neebs that's where you389.283.919
keep your courage all my courage is in391.63.039
me bowls393.1993.84
life hack all right oh wait i think we394.6395.201
can get up there now what kind of mask397.0394.321
did we ever get a key for this no i399.844.0
didn't see a key no not yet never saw a401.364.8
key for that once bet we'll get one403.844.4
going up all right you got cannonballs406.164.72
mr neebs yep got food mr simon i don't408.243.76
yeah i have food but i have no410.882.4
just in case i don't know what we're413.283.12
gonna run into gotcha what do you see up414.4795.12
there mr dick i feel like uh this is416.44.799
some more of that platform and [ __ ] and419.5994.16
i'm gonna fall all right are we going up421.1994.4
mr simon yeah we i thought we were all423.7593.521
going up yeah i was i was following you425.5993.841
okay so nothing just oh427.284.479
damn it i jumped straight up i didn't429.444.08
mean to everybody climb the ladder quit431.7594.481
messing around all right up top433.524.959
all right you with us mr neebs yep mr436.246.04
dick come on438.4793.801
oh there's a little room over here455.284.88
oh yeah you got statues oh and try my457.284.639
dog snoots460.164.4
and the kitty kitty mr snuggle curse461.9194.641
what are you even doing here causing464.564.639
trouble he is look at him he's pure466.564.24
all right i'm grabbing one of these oh470.84.56
tried it yes472.84.079
all right i see more tridents more475.363.36
barrels there's gonna be a fight here i476.8794.081
can tell anytime they lay out tridents478.723.599
you know there's gonna they're gonna be480.964.079
[ __ ] going down we got ammo and barrels482.3195.28
on both sides485.0392.56
but strange creatures488.725.28
dwellers are492.03.199
no matter497.0394.801
you are to be granted a singular honor498.6396.081
to have your life ended by a monarch of501.845.039
scratched and squabbled in the dirt um513.0395.201
is this gonna feel all the way up now516.245.039
almost bow down to me518.244.4
and die521.2792.32
oh wow look below it523.5992.881
oh yeah525.362.4
are there going to be more mermaids or526.482.56
some [ __ ]527.764.48
oh yeah mermaids yep oh i bet that's the529.045.68
queen look at her oh yes he's a big532.244.96
[ __ ] oh where's she going534.726.0
ah the siren queen bam boom537.25.12
right in here540.723.2
yeah baby542.323.68
oh god oh she's after me i'm there i'm546.04.0
watching you i'm holding you i'm trying548.164.56
i'm hurting you getting up on her yeah550.05.68
gangbanger oh you're coming i'm moving552.724.64
all right i'm with you mr simon i'm555.686.04
waiting for somebody i'm holding my load557.364.36
i need to go to the barrels to get food586.564.88
oh god eat oh and i dropped my thing588.564.56
that's what happened yeah but you can go591.443.6
back and get it but i don't know where i593.123.76
arena mr simon it's gotta be somewhere i596.884.32
know but guess what i moved and now i598.83.279
just haven't601.22.639
all right i'm gonna shoot him with my602.0793.2
oh god i'm getting hit from all angles605.2793.841
is that a siren song i think shut the609.8393.361
[ __ ] up611.763.68
i'm siren queen oh i see you shoot that613.24.4
[ __ ] mr knee yep i'm on her butt oh boy615.445.68
i'm out of ammo come on get me this617.65.6
i'm taking you tried it mr segment it's621.124.399
not hurting i was just eating623.25.44
i was just eating to get it did i do it625.5194.241
[ __ ] her628.644.639
i get her mr neebs629.764.48
i'm sure633.2793.041
i only wish634.244.719
to avenge you i think we got her see we636.324.8
got her yeah yeah638.9594.721
you stupid [ __ ]641.125.44
oh god siren queen's been defeated mr643.685.52
neebs oh oh here comes the air646.564.8
baby everybody get up top i'm pretty649.24.48
annoyed that you stole my trident well651.364.24
they're laying everywhere i know well653.684.08
then give me one i need it look there655.64.0
simon there's three it's your holy good657.764.24
good good then i'll take it where at my659.64.799
feet yeah perfect thank you i just ran662.04.72
over here for now i could have used it664.3994.0
before don't act like i [ __ ]666.723.52
shouldn't be pissed okay you shouldn't668.3993.921
be though shut the [ __ ] up it's our670.244.48
snuggle curse uh do i hit this thing672.324.8
down here674.722.4
that do anything678.0793.44
oh no yeah what do we do now we beat the679.2794.56
[ __ ]681.5194.88
coming down oh yeah snuggle curse i'm683.8394.721
hanging with them seriously though686.3993.601
absolutely next time you see somebody688.563.519
like swimming right next to us tried it690.03.839
don't take it well i i needed to beat692.0794.161
the beach well just said no it's just mr693.8394.721
snuggle cursed nose hey696.244.48
i needed to beat the [ __ ] hey it's a698.564.08
rock thing because i'm going to drown if700.722.88
you don't702.642.8
coming down all right we're on the way703.62.96
mr dick705.443.519
smacked it all right everybody follow me706.565.64
let's go708.9593.241
you swim great for a fat guy with no724.483.52
yeah what do my feet look like mr simon728.06.0
uh they look like two uh two pegs man730.6395.44
you just got two little pegs734.04.24
your eyes are barely moving you gotta736.0795.2
you got a big ass midsection yeah well738.246.399
hey you're looking good hell yeah okay741.2796.321
so mr deebs yeah all right i think we744.6395.521
did it i think we did it too do we just747.64.64
surface now i think uh750.164.239
if you look up i think i see the bow of752.244.48
the ship okay all right follow me boys754.3994.321
what are the chances our boat's still up769.2794.081
there well i see the battle of a ship770.84.719
damn well hope that's our boat mr neebs773.363.52
you better be775.5193.281
i see776.883.84
is that the surface oh yep i see the778.84.92
ah just in time that was one hell of a798.8395.24
swim hey good news the ship's still here801.8394.161
yeah yeah ah804.0794.161
how nice is it to be home oh it's806.04.399
wonderful look we could go inside of808.245.36
other places and go downstairs and [ __ ]810.3997.12
that's so good okay mr thick hey hi look813.65.919
at the map point us to our uh nearest817.5195.44
outpost already all right mr simon we819.5195.921
did a bunch of disney [ __ ] and i you822.9594.24
know what i'm ashamed to say i've kind825.444.079
of liked the dusty [ __ ]827.1994.0
that was pretty fun what we fought829.5194.0
[ __ ] mermaids we fought a big squid831.1994.961
yeah i'm i'm mostly happy because it's833.5195.201
over but it was fun right836.164.799
what do you think mr neebs uh hey838.725.44
we're heroes anchor up uh yeah well mr840.9595.281
thick which direction we going we be844.164.96
going east be going east anchor up boys846.245.78
anchor up we head east849.124.69
all right mr simon raise the front sails895.8395.281
raise the front sails i'm up here let's899.044.88
do it help him work together i'll do it901.126.48
and up they go hi they go nice and fast903.927.52
boom move to the mid sails mid sails907.65.84
look at that it's like we're a fine911.444.56
oiled machine even though machines are913.446.8
not invented in this time right mr thick916.07.76
yep up on that sweet sweet anchor oh not920.245.2
yet not yet don't you dare drop that923.764.079
damn anchor mr dick925.443.6
not yet927.8392.321
not yet929.044.88
not yet not yet yet not yet not yet drop930.166.239
look at that not bad937.125.179
that's that's what we need oh mr neebs944.88.039
yeah look at the cannons the cannons948.164.679
the cannons are uncursed mr knees954.84.32
captain it's a disney miracle it is a956.84.24
disney miracle959.124.32
all right well you did a damn good job961.045.79
today i think i know how to celebrate963.448.26
of the ship what to do when you're uh981.043.44
done for the day no982.883.759
why would you burn the or is this why984.483.599
would you burn the ship which is what986.6392.64
you do when you're done for the day988.0792.801
we've never done that we've never done989.2793.761
that you're okay you guys are on fire is990.883.36
that what you do at the end of the day993.042.56
oh yeah let me uh let me hop in here994.243.039
real quick995.63.679
we've never done that simon no i didn't997.2793.281
think you did999.2793.601
ah it's tradition now when you're done1000.563.44
for the day you burned the ship you've1002.883.759
never done this no it doesn't sound like1004.04.959
a good tradition to me ah it's a great1006.6394.081
tradition where where are we gonna be1008.9594.481
where what ship we're gonna go on next1010.725.119
oh this one will be back next time okay1013.444.88
well as long as it's back take a seat mr1015.8393.68
relax with me okay1019.5195.201
okay this is this isn't too bad i don't1021.925.2
like this one bit it's fine i mean if it1024.724.239
was nighttime wouldn't it be nicer if we1027.123.679
watched this thing burn at night i but1028.9593.6
it will be night time we just look like1030.7994.081
crazy people right now that you know no1032.5594.721
next time though we start the fire at1034.884.319
night promise1037.283.679
oh when i dropped my thing that's what1049.443.68
happens yeah but you can go back and get1051.444.239
it but i don't know where i was but i1053.126.52
don't know where i was1055.6793.961

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