Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out their latest video featuring the Pirates of the Caribbean theme? If not, you're in...


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neebs: Hey, have you seen that epic Sea of Thieves video? It's the final battle of a pirate's life!

simon: Oh yeah, that one where they're all swashbuckling and plundering for treasure? That's my favorite video for sure!

appsro: I mean, who wouldn't love watching a bunch of virtual pirates fighting it out on the high seas? It's like Pirates of the Caribbean on steroids!

neebs: Exactly! It's like living out our pirate fantasies without actually having to deal with scurvy or walking the plank.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out their latest video featuring the Pirates of the Caribbean theme? If not, you're in for a real treat. Captain Jack Sparrow and a bunch of other unique pirates from the Disney live-action movie make an appearance in this imaginative masterpiece that will surely get your creative juices flowing.

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oh mr simon yeah captain we only have2.05.68
one more thing of disney [ __ ] to do5.524.24
that's good yeah and then the curse will7.684.32
be broken9.764.879
yeah is it gonna be like tough you think12.04.8
uh i know i'm not sure but i imagine14.6394.56
we've been doing pretty good so far yeah16.84.639
i'd say we're pretty bad ass yeah i mean19.1993.281
look at us21.4393.281
are we not badass hey guys come on are22.485.039
we ready to roll or what hey24.726.0
you guys oh i see ya yep we're down on27.5195.841
the docks just hang it out just hey mr30.725.679
dick yeah take a squat mr neebs okay um33.364.48
i don't know how36.3993.361
we just hit the problem i i'm sure37.843.2
you've got to look at the right there39.763.36
look at the duck41.046.08
that'd be a good looking crew boys43.127.4
look at us47.123.4
with the treasures power in his clutches64.46.24
david jones and a dark brethren can move68.085.2
just as you did76.084.96
to take it over and destroy that very77.924.32
and if that happens82.243.48
still talking still talking ah he's just88.7994.881
out there sleeping looks like91.7593.36
just listening to it93.682.88
i don't think he actually has to be95.1192.481
they're gonna just97.62.92
say what they want to say98.7993.36
or just give us the book102.1594.32
man i love brevity104.964.0
yeah right simon106.4794.241
whoa now that we have our heading it's110.724.32
this is their last chance to stop d.b126.4794.801
if we do not put an end to that dark131.284.08
the light of freedom will vanish from135.364.4
this world138.086.239
forever i see his stupid face139.765.92
doesn't that look a little bit like144.3192.801
squid bellies145.683.6
like character yeah it does kind of have147.124.399
an early kyler feel to it doesn't it149.283.28
yeah look at that152.565.039
tyler's the squid's name yeah early155.363.92
kyler you know who's doing the voice157.5994.321
early caught in the last season uh tyler159.285.2
perry nope tracy morgan you're close161.925.36
okay oh wow tracy yeah yeah164.484.24
i think the guy that played early kyler167.284.56
got cancelled i don't know catch him168.724.879
don't worry all these sails all the way171.843.759
we're going straight for gerard butler173.5995.28
all right gerard175.5998.56
okay are we uh good we're good great178.8795.28
oh the skies have darkened boys199.364.959
it's also gotten chilly my nipples are202.563.92
spot off oh something coming out of the206.486.88
ocean yep like wow on reflection209.046.8
ah davey's fortress213.365.519
that is pretty cool215.845.039
free fortress oh god i think i'm gonna218.8793.761
have to turn great sails right sail a220.8794.481
little bit okay holy moly oh boy it's222.645.519
shaky out here225.364.72
uh we got goat ships popping up all228.1594.321
around us230.085.12
shut up i promise them you know232.484.56
the world of the living235.26.959
they will defend the spire until my work237.047.839
is done oh boy here we go242.1595.601
uh we love those boys like those cannons244.8794.961
all right oh we might have been a bit249.844.56
ramming this ship oh boy we're shooting252.3194.081
these ghost ships up254.45.839
yes fire they got ships256.43.839
oh somebody repair the ship i'll do it261.123.6
it's going down263.524.32
that will take far more to264.726.88
oh my god that voice acting is something267.845.919
and getting ready to fire271.63.68
holy [ __ ] whoa that came through279.443.6
chill the [ __ ] out i know yeah it's a289.123.84
goat ship okay just chill your little290.84.32
cat ass292.965.679
i don't miss hey nice shot boys295.125.359
hey the rest did the rats just come out298.6393.84
when it's leaking maybe that's it see300.4794.241
rats you better prepare all right copy302.4794.641
that if you see ranch repair oh boy304.724.64
about the rabbit go [ __ ] boys load up307.124.32
the cannonballs load up the cannonballs309.363.76
we're going right through311.444.96
ah prepare for your nips to get cold313.125.2
oh god318.323.4
oh boy it's getting deep down here oh330.83.839
boy race sails all the way right sails333.0393.6
all the way we got to do a sharp turn334.6394.161
[ __ ]336.6392.161
what come on i just fixed it349.845.68
i don't want to see anymore353.63.92
okay all right we're trying mr dave355.524.56
we're fighting go chip up here okay oh i357.523.92
think they're [ __ ] off i think we may360.084.32
have done it yeah361.442.96
whoa boy365.122.88
there captain366.82.8
why'd you do that because it needs to369.63.76
come outside mr names look towards the371.1996.56
sun ah crap oh my god what's happening373.368.0
ultraman statues oh my god that's after377.7596.0
man get his autographed memes it's not381.364.64
ultraman mr deems i see notes man that's383.7594.88
ultraman i gotta keep fixing the boat386.04.88
bro oh crap guys we're gonna have to388.6396.481
shoot these statues i only see the390.884.24
oh it's still black406.965.2
no one's lost [ __ ]409.0395.28
left side right side412.163.28
there we go414.3193.28
oh boy i think being in this red stuff417.5992.961
actually hurts us we got to get out of419.363.6
the red stuff420.565.039
oh [ __ ] what the [ __ ] was that i don't422.965.28
know but it wasn't good425.5994.561
oh and there's water filling up down428.244.16
here all right i'm gonna repair some430.165.479
oh boy432.43.239
thank you simon for the update oh please445.7594.16
like you didn't open your ears i've been448.244.64
saying it the whole time it was chaotic449.9195.12
i'm sorry all right452.886.4
ah damn it oh come on455.0395.6
you guys really want to do this last459.283.28
mission or should we quit460.6394.801
we should probably do it462.564.88
oh boy the shark465.443.52
all right find the mermaid we gotta get467.443.12
back to the ship mr neebs we gotta do468.963.04
this again yeah well yeah we gotta get470.565.56
back out here okay472.04.12
oh they just put their sails down okay503.843.6
well maybe they're leaving good we're505.9194.0
coming in hey i got a barrel stuck over507.444.479
here how do i get [ __ ] out of it509.9196.161
uh def should be able to look into it511.9194.161
it's just stuck you see it516.325.04
yeah can you look into it i can't oh518.884.399
there it is this angle finally got it521.365.68
you go there you go mr simon yes523.2796.401
food all right uh raise sales raise527.044.4
sales we're coming in hot529.684.76
okay all right not it536.324.24
wow hurry up hurry up544.05.839
hurry up drop it drop anchor oh whoa546.3995.521
what do you hear me say hurry up hurry549.8394.081
up hey look we're right here i guess551.924.24
i'll just repair the boat again553.924.4
get down there repair the furnace yeah556.163.6
that was so horrible558.324.68
good job559.763.24
okay all right here's the plan we need574.9594.56
to focus on these statues so try not to577.364.64
waste too many cannons on the goat chips579.5195.281
all right mr simon yeah mr naves yeah582.04.72
you guys are on repair duty and i'll try584.84.159
to help when i can try not to get shot586.724.08
this time maybe okay good luck there's a588.9593.761
lot of ghost ships out here mr deebs but590.83.599
uh yeah we have to take these statues592.722.48
who's firing oh damn it johnny quit595.22.72
he's racing our cannons597.924.0
all right yes we're close we're getting600.562.8
volleyed by these601.923.76
glow shims all right we can't go inside603.364.4
that red bubble that red bubble hurts us605.685.12
all right i'm doing it good yep okay607.765.68
come on hit that statue aim your shots610.84.159
nice keep firing keep reloading keep614.9593.761
firing okay617.363.36
oh boy we got hit by the ghost ship oh618.724.48
yeah baby there you go keep firing on620.724.64
that statue come over there623.23.759
hey nick should i go down there and help625.363.36
you yeah i'm good keep shooting until626.9594.32
the time you dick do it keep firing mr628.725.2
click keep firing oh yeah631.2795.041
look at this baby hit it hit it oh you633.923.68
oh boy we're getting into the red come637.63.359
on turn us out of the red turn us out of639.443.04
the red640.9593.921
come on baby yes i might get some642.484.96
buckets okay i'm down644.884.8
keep firing on that thing mr thick647.444.0
oh i think we might be breaking it come651.443.6
on come on keep at it keep at it mr653.363.12
there we go you're nobody get down there656.485.52
shut up get it down659.042.96
all right all right662.3993.361
one damn steps you're down one more to663.8394.081
go good job guys i'm taking a sip of665.763.68
beer i667.925.24
drink your beer669.443.72
have you ever seen geostorm673.365.12
it's a shitty movie675.924.8
all right it is678.483.44
in range681.924.159
what'd you call that neebs683.924.4
in range ultron yeah ultron kind of686.0793.921
looks like ultron688.323.12
ultraman yeah690.04.88
oh i think we just took a hit i'm on it691.445.76
you just let me know oh yeah we just got694.883.12
we're taking hits698.05.04
all right cool yeah we're taking699.5193.521
oh i see over there trying to hide under712.9594.621
the stairs714.886.24
good job mr thing now that was uh721.124.08
probably mr neebs i think723.442.8
that might have been johnny that was725.23.199
jack hey good job johnny are we getting726.243.68
ready to fire on this thing um we are728.3992.961
getting ready to fire and sing everybody729.923.12
got a cannonball in your pocket yeah731.363.76
loading all right get down here neebs go733.044.64
ahead and do your thing okay say win up735.123.519
fire pirate reload come on baby738.6395.76
yeah give it hell give it hell give it742.324.24
half oh it's cracking744.3995.12
a little bit to the right746.562.959
oh it's so close all right i'm going to750.563.12
turn the ship752.324.36
what do you think of that gerard757.2795.68
but no leaks760.02.959
now what all right i don't know endless763.24.4
madness david765.5194.801
galil i knew you as a pirate772.567.68
a man who was not afraid of his own777.045.68
that man can live again i think uh the783.045.359
squid billy's clown is sad mr neebs785.763.759
oh really788.3992.721
yeah cause he's in love with the black789.5195.841
lady from the from the beach ah calypso791.127.2
the point of no return is long since795.365.76
swear to god statues rise out of this801.125.44
ocean again then the man i love he's803.046.239
truly dead yeah he's been dead he's a806.565.44
squid monster duh809.2795.12
do you see where your courage is like812.05.12
your jack sparrow814.3994.721
you are your friends817.126.399
should die here alone oh yeah two issues819.127.92
mate one i happen to already be dead and823.5195.12
captain jack sparrow and his friends828.6396.32
are not alone who's that831.764.079
hey we got friends835.8394.0
i've heard your call calypso837.365.2
and are prepared to heed it839.8396.56
we shall sail together okay842.567.04
it's time we show this dark brethren846.3995.281
what it really means all right we're849.64.96
forming up behind the black pearl851.685.839
let's go854.564.48
oh boy857.5192.88
all right we're gonna have to sink all859.043.359
these gum ships i think860.3994.56
we got friends helping us and i thought862.3995.201
our friends go chips are also green so864.9593.921
be careful867.64.239
about my look874.0796.32
i'm certain it haunts him still876.248.599
starboard side starboard side dartmouth880.3994.44
ready all right getting ready896.8394.081
oh we got that one nice i think we're936.323.759
gonna run into this ship oh god all938.3993.68
right right side right side right side940.0794.88
yeah okay oh well we're going into a942.0793.281
all right i'm all slimy oh got another949.122.8
one coming up i'm going to put him950.883.759
starboard side951.922.719
oh i think the ship battle's over we got973.8394.56
to enter the spire uh-oh okay975.924.4
going up into the floor978.3994.081
all right and then once we do a sharp980.323.68
turn on my word i'm going to tell you to982.483.2
drop sales but not yet984.05.279
ah hey johnny all the two doing it985.684.64
all right989.2796.041
ready to drop sale drop sales drop sales990.325.0
i can't see in front i'm about to hit a996.3993.201
hold on you're not gonna hit a rock if999.64.479
you go just keep on going the way you're1001.923.44
going straight1004.0792.56
sharp turn1005.363.279
oh boy wait now you might hit a rock1006.6394.241
but i think i see the beach we need to1011.1993.841
land on uh break sails race sails all1012.6394.32
the way all the way1015.044.799
and this seems close enough giraffe1016.9596.0
anchor trapping anger1019.8395.761
nice driving captain1022.9595.041
yeah all right uh let's check the ship1025.64.56
real quick all right go downstairs make1028.04.48
sure we don't have any water any holes1030.164.639
and then mr deebs we're going to go up1032.484.959
there and fight things and stuff we're1034.7994.081
good what is it1037.4394.161
that you hope to accomplish to stop your1038.886.4
badger our butler impression1041.63.68

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