Johnny Depp Wins!!! - Sea of Thieves

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you heard about the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel? It's all about the ongoing def...
Johnny Depp Wins!!! - Sea of Thieves
Johnny Depp Wins!!! - Sea of Thieves

Johnny Depp Wins!!! - Sea of Thieves

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that Sea of Thieves video where Johnny Depp wins?

simon: Oh yeah, that video is hilarious! Johnny Depp really brought his A-game in that trial.

neebs: I know, right? I couldn't stop laughing when he presented his case dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow.

simon: And Amber Heard's reaction was priceless! She didn't know what hit her.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you heard about the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel? It's all about the ongoing defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in Fairfax County, Virginia. The trial started on April 11, 2022, and it's definitely a hot topic in the entertainment world right now.

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hurry and reveal the source of this6.645.52
power to me9.24.16
oh boy12.165.639
a little bit of platforming mr thicke13.364.439
and maybe over here24.085.959
careful with that jump mr simon26.04.039
climb your dumbasses back up here32.9618.48
is that mr snuggle curse mr deebs right51.443.68
beside you53.843.199
i don't know is it right there i'm55.124.0
shooting at it right there oh yeah but57.0394.081
you can't oh boy where are you going you59.124.72
forget this is all your phone anyway61.125.44
simon yep follow me follow me come here63.844.0
i can't follow you i don't know where66.563.68
you are just look at the screen i know67.844.08
it's your name just because i see your70.243.12
name 44.71.923.12
i can see your name and sometimes i73.363.68
can't see where you went75.043.2
we'll take this77.043.89
one at a time78.244.16
[ __ ] you82.44.16
[ __ ] you and your [ __ ] mom wow that83.7595.601
was so immature come on mr simon a big86.566.08
hefty jump yes yes i know how to do it89.365.58
but i can't do it for some reason92.644.0
careful climbing that's fire terrible96.644.6
yeah this is the for some reason this111.522.8
what are you doing i've picked up this117.7595.441
at this big epic moment ruined by120.644.64
platforming i haven't even tried yet so123.24.16
oh no i should probably get deserved oh125.284.24
yeah come on mr deebs127.364.16
there's nothing wrong with it damn129.524.0
you guys are jumping way too early well131.523.28
i jumped early cause i thought they were133.523.2
jumping late134.83.76
oh my136.726.159
i keep on making that one it's this one138.564.319
here we go [ __ ] i'm going for it i got152.564.88
no food there you go so from right there155.444.48
mr neebs yep do like a run157.445.519
back off crap159.923.039
exactly what i did163.364.239
all right absolutely all right don't165.445.439
jump to the last minute mr thick167.5994.241
all right don't don't now don't fall off171.844.0
the back like mr simon and mr neebs have173.444.56
been doing okay from right there and175.844.08
maybe even do a little tap of shift and178.04.64
run and jump mr thick yep179.925.039
all right now we just gotta get the188.8792.961
other two up here here we go190.084.239
uh oh your dog's here all right [ __ ]191.846.24
snoots ready here we go194.3195.601
there you go mr neebs and right here198.086.0
okay not back off man ready199.925.76
now mr simon mr simon205.685.919
yeah we're yet i don't know208.06.48
all right mr simon see where i'm at211.5993.841
oh boy214.483.119
all right where'd you go he's there215.444.56
okay all right so yeah from this side if217.5994.0
you tap shift a little bit you run you220.03.44
jump die like that like that mr221.5994.161
excitement hold on we'll be fine mate223.444.31
just get inside that fire225.764.8
it's your timer230.563.599
hi hi mr simon i miss the one simon god234.647.36
next one240.1594.321
here we go just the one how many is this242.05.439
i lost count mr pick what's your name244.484.56
yeah there we go there we go now yeah247.4395.221
tap shift a little bit doesn't run yeah249.046.71
oh god268.6393.601
oh god269.846.32
easy easy does it boys272.243.92
oh boy277.283.52
we lost simon yeah278.84.48
i think that we're at a point280.84.0
well i don't know if we all have to be283.284.639
up here mr simon no we probably don't i284.84.72
mean i don't know once we get to the top287.9193.041
it might be everybody everybody's got to289.523.119
be here we'll go on without you but you290.963.28
try to catch up okay292.6393.84
oh yeah yeah it's scary mr names you294.244.32
coming uh oh that jumped to the ladder296.4793.761
yeah yeah298.563.12
yeah you're gonna like this i'm just300.243.6
jumping f or grab whatever it is up for301.685.12
you nice oh all right at least three of303.844.799
us are up here so maybe yeah mr simon306.86.16
just watch the ship uh we'll see308.6396.4
all right [ __ ] all right back where i312.963.84
was what was the first thing i needed to315.0393.44
jump on that316.83.36
here guys i should be kind of close to320.163.12
not available323.283.0
all right good deal i think now338.964.4
i'm gonna follow this341.685.28
yeah up here boys up here343.363.6
hey i think this is it349.285.84
i think we're here all right let's go350.84.32
who wants what now356.244.72
the brethren know they face extinction357.844.96
all that remains is for them to decide360.964.16
where they make their final stand362.85.92
oh god this is the whoo what's this365.126.48
phantom [ __ ] fight with their knees368.724.4
where are they they're the ones with371.63.12
that that look like [ __ ] phantoms373.123.199
i don't know376.3193.121
goddamn life reading stories about377.7593.44
phantoms all day uh you think you can379.444.16
fight us with these phantoms fancy boy381.1994.0
oh boy383.62.64
i might need help i need help mr deebs386.244.799
need help388.566.479
oh i'm trying to get you oh god391.0394.0
yeah get back in this fight with their400.44.6
this guy's not even helping what are you427.364.32
doing i don't i think he's an enemy oh429.443.199
right beside you mr simon432.6393.201
oh i bet that's their captain kill this446.964.84
what are you gonna do you're gonna456.963.2
disappear you're gonna back off huh well458.086.0
sick of your [ __ ] ass give it to him460.163.92
that was a really dumb move504.05.68
are you okay nope are you reading mr507.285.599
nate oh there you are all right509.683.199
coming for you mr speaks okay516.643.519
it's getting dark521.22.719
can you jump from there you gotta watch527.043.28
yourself with a sword528.563.44
i didn't watch you thought we're too530.324.68
oh wait he's right there i got you i got547.444.88
you mr simon i got you i was so close oh549.365.52
you damn fool i was close come here you552.323.76
damn fool554.883.6
who you called a fool there556.084.96
all better thank you i was close that558.484.24
the hell was like an action shot mr561.043.12
simon you jumped right you jumped out562.724.0
right as it blew up yeah564.164.64
i'm on the i'm on the ship well good566.723.84
welcome back thick yep that was a quick568.83.36
way down that's right let's get the hell570.563.12
out of here back to the ship should i572.165.679
start raising the anchor fight573.684.159
see that thing just pop out of the water579.363.68
that like581.923.68
is that the oh [ __ ] baby jones is [ __ ]583.045.68
but it's firing at us that's not good oh585.64.56
wow that thing has a ton of [ __ ]588.724.08
cannons yeah590.163.84
all right594.03.839
it's us versus davey jones boys594.9596.0
i guess i'll just stay down here597.8395.12
we're gonna need it mr thick i'm gonna600.9594.241
try to put his ass on our starboard side602.9594.32
okay we got no oh where are the other605.25.079
there we go611.8393.321
you see that chest in the water we might630.3994.081
be able to grab it with a harpoon gun632.324.0
it's too late now it's too far mr knees634.483.2
we're coming up on another one harpoon636.323.519
which side left side left side right now637.684.0
mr knee got it i gotta get i gotta go mr639.8393.841
neebs turn around641.686.159
i can't turn around it's a big ass [ __ ]643.684.159
no i'm just671.2794.0
just did the [ __ ] fairy how's it672.564.8
looking down there mr neems mr simon675.2794.481
it's fine down below no leaks all right677.364.08
come on mr simon i need you to drop679.763.12
anchor drop anchors681.443.839
i just dropped it oh beautiful okay682.886.12
there's chest in the water685.2793.721
these things in the sky are freaking me696.9594.521
okay i am going to look for cannon fire704.3995.281
damage put your facts into it shut up706.884.8
hard to swim with this who's that in709.682.959
front of me711.683.2
that's me okay here we go712.6394.241
oh god i think we just took a hit what's716.883.519
in here all right cannonballs planks718.3992.88
go ahead and start racing the anchor721.2793.281
baby everybody everybody raise anchor722.564.0
raise anchor all right anchors getting724.564.64
raised mr thick where you at i just got726.564.719
on deck all right beautiful that should729.24.079
be a good chunk of candy balls731.2795.841
joyful voice behalf733.2793.841
and we're coming for you gerard737.5193.681
all right740.164.52
this is it boys741.23.48
all right we're going to meet him head745.441.839
we're going to follow the [ __ ] out of747.2793.36
him oh we got i don't know how many748.6394.561
kills we have cannonballs coming in yep750.6397.64
i know all right i can't reach them753.25.079
all right well right now we didn't759.2793.041
haven't got a hit yet right all right760.6393.041
yeah okay actually we're going to be in762.322.8
front of him i'm going to try to angle763.683.04
the ship wheel okay everybody on the765.124.88
cannons yep right side766.725.14
tell me which way i need770.04.97
oh here we go775.25.56
here we go you sumbitch776.883.88
it's not a siren song or a precious802.9595.521
treasure it's love805.926.359
love for freedom808.483.799
you look epic there mr simon no thank814.566.16
you it will not i'd like that817.25.92
i will not be defeated820.727.84
no by a treacherous seahawk oh you will823.125.44
this is836.563.719
shit's finally over846.0793.961
young man i believe your questions are877.366.839
about to be quite conclusively answered879.2794.92
it was fun talking to you but oh you're896.3994.721
so long-winded good luck with all your898.84.64
disney [ __ ] yep i hope you're in901.123.76
movies again903.445.48
hopefully your trial goes well904.884.04
we have no952.322.72
all right966.726.96
this was all your fault you little973.685.68
bastard i throw him overboard but can i975.446.319
that'd be nice if you could me just jump979.363.919
in with him981.7592.721
come on983.2792.641
i'll just i'll just jump in with him and984.484.24
drop him off here we go985.922.8
oh he's drowning you dumb [ __ ]988.87.099
i don't i'm not on board with this996.3994.321
anymore there you go998.485.359
we did it we did some disney [ __ ]1000.726.88
and i drowned me [ __ ]1003.8393.761
i guess i'll catch up with you later1009.122.159
it was almost a happy ending captain die1011.2794.8
was happy for everybody except for the1014.243.12
and possibly johnny depp1017.364.24
see thieves1021.63.32
hm what now1024.95924.001

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