Animation Supercut - Neebs Gaming

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Neebs Gaming Animation Supercut yet? If not, you're in for a treat! This...
Animation Supercut - Neebs Gaming
Animation Supercut - Neebs Gaming

Animation Supercut - Neebs Gaming

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen our Animation Supercut video? It's like a highlight reel of all our best moments!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is hilarious! I love how we're all animated, it's like we're living in a cartoon world.

appsro: I gotta say, my favorite part is when we all team up and take down that giant zombie horde. Classic Neebs Gaming teamwork right there!

neebs: And don't forget about the epic chase scene with the exploding cars! That had me on the edge of my seat, even though I knew how it would end.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Neebs Gaming Animation Supercut yet? If not, you're in for a treat! This video is a compilation of some of the best animated moments from the channel, all packed into one awesome supercut. Trust me, you don't want to miss it.

If you're a die-hard fan like me, you know that Neebs Gaming always delivers top-notch content. From hilarious gaming commentary to epic adventures in virtual worlds, this channel has it all. And this animation supercut is no exception. It's a perfect blend of humor, action, and creativity that will keep you entertained from start to finish.

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tons of rabbits223.5193.401
are we sure they're zombie rabbits i237.5193.041
don't know we're not we're not sure239.125.6
they're not coming at us we should ch240.564.16
oh my god oh wait go ahead these aren't244.9594.161
these aren't zombie rabbits i i guess247.24.16
not they were sorry guys what the hell249.125.199
i'm confused i'm extremely confused you251.365.2
guys okay why is there a room full of254.3193.44
listen uh we could use the meat259.9194.961
yeah we could use the meat but man262.6394.56
rabbit massacre264.885.68
yeah rabbit massacre267.1993.361
i'll hold the light so you can see what272.43.12
you're doing273.843.28
no come on277.123.639
what the [ __ ] was that290.326.48
the snake just went right by the house293.525.119
oh there he goes296.84.56
who's he going after298.6396.641
oh god he just killed sassy barry301.366.399
mazzy barry305.285.759
you son of a [ __ ]307.7596.081
oh you [ __ ] i shouldn't know better311.0394.961
i should've known better313.845.68
oh you dirty dick316.03.52
all right you [ __ ]321.364.96
yeah that's right323.285.52
where you at326.325.2
there you are328.82.72
yeah i'm bringing you somewhere far away334.084.72
from my house you [ __ ]336.4794.081
oh where are you at338.84.0
i know you're gonna get away from the340.563.76
[ __ ] house342.82.8
get away from our [ __ ] house oh my345.66.72
god he's in our house dude holy [ __ ] all348.45.12
that work352.323.52
all that work all the work353.527.119
and he's eating my fire come and get me355.844.799
not today362.563.6
yeah go ahead and keep getting that364.6393.921
house little [ __ ] go ahead366.165.44
and i'll keep okay368.564.96
what the hell371.63.2
hey neebs373.524.16
yeah man i just heard death yeah i think374.86.8
something just attacked our base377.685.359
yeah whoa381.63.84
got the seagull good food we're eating383.0395.44
seagull tonight i have his head385.444.56
i call the head seagull head can we can390.04.8
that feed three people i don't think so393.0393.28
i don't want to eat it394.82.64
what do you mean you're dropping it i396.3192.801
don't want it it's a trophy it's a397.443.599
trophy i don't have a trophy case so why399.123.68
would i why i got i got no use for it401.0393.521
what do you have the meat yeah i got the402.83.76
meat oh there's the thing who is that oh404.563.84
god oh god there's another one what do406.563.6
we do there's two of them408.45.519
can we kill these guys stand still yeah410.165.84
anyone behind us just them if we uh if413.9193.28
we leave them alone maybe they'll leave416.07.0
us alone right no not right oh god417.1995.801
another seagull and another one yeah i'm425.363.119
gonna get this seagull meat bam look at426.83.679
me i'm a professional watch out coming428.4794.0
at you oh god430.4795.601
come on you bastard get him432.4793.601
yeah you want to [ __ ] with me there's a442.883.439
turtle we got to kill that son of a444.82.399
[ __ ]446.3192.401
i think those are endangered need this447.1993.761
we need the meat we run out of sea452.84.54
turtles we need the meat454.4796.001
simon's right we need this turtle meat467.0393.761
can we eat this469.442.72
neebs what are you doing with that i470.83.519
don't know if we could eat this or not472.163.92
there's a lot of this we've been here474.3193.041
less than a day you're resorting to476.083.119
cannibalism already i mean you're you477.364.8
were looking at is this a cannibal yeah479.1994.801
what do you think you have482.164.56
okay never mind we'll eat the bird484.05.599
this man with a big head his head was a486.725.039
big an orange that's his head yes he's489.5994.32
got a mouth and eyes yes okay walks into491.7594.16
a bar uh bartender was doing some work493.9193.601
at the register and turns around like495.9193.041
whoa whoa497.524.16
sorry i couldn't help but no i know the498.965.12
orange i get it there's a story though501.684.799
oh do tell so he's like well i was in504.084.32
the gulf war got separated from my506.4793.521
platoon i'm walking through the desert508.44.079
and off in the distance i see510.04.64
this shiny object and it's like well i512.4793.92
guess i'll head toward that514.644.24
it gets there and uh little genie thing516.3994.721
little uh what is that called518.884.56
that's a lamp lamps he rubs it bam genie521.124.159
pops out three wishes the whole deal523.443.6
then of course the genie's like what's525.2794.961
your first wish master and uh he's like527.044.799
the old cliche thing popped in my head530.243.36
and i wished for a wallet that had a531.8393.44
million dollars in it at all times no533.63.84
matter what i took out bam i felt535.2794.481
something like pop into my pocket pulled537.444.079
it out opened it up there's a ton of539.763.68
money in there took some money out and541.5193.841
it just like came back in the wallet543.443.839
like just like that that's a good wish545.364.88
what is your second wish master547.2794.481
oh god550.242.88
how about551.763.84
living in paradise with all the553.124.24
beautiful women wanting to have sex with555.63.2
me i could ever want for the rest of my557.363.76
life and then bam i'm on this beautiful558.84.4
island beautiful blue ocean around um561.123.44
naked women running around and they're563.22.72
already going on me you know i mean like564.563.04
are there resources and stuff on this565.924.64
island it was it was sure yeah567.64.16
are they all gonna die out there it was570.562.64
the best island you could imagine it had571.763.04
all the things there was a sandals there573.23.199
was a scandal there if you've got an574.83.599
endless money wallet you need stores576.3994.321
yeah sandals what is your third wish578.3994.081
i've got everything582.483.81
i'd like a big orange head584.82.16
game warden walks up to an unlicensed597.364.32
fisherman caught in the act599.444.639
red-handed you're in trouble bucket full601.684.64
of fish that's very illegal you can't604.0793.76
fish here yep606.324.639
sir no these are these are my pets nope607.8395.841
no i take them to the pond to i let them610.9594.161
swim and then they they jump back in the613.682.96
bucket take them home and that's it615.123.839
mm-hmm we're a dish we're not friends616.644.56
and the officer is like oh i'd like to618.9594.88
i'd like to see that okay okay here you621.25.04
go dumps them in the lake and they wait623.8395.041
a little bit nothing happens626.244.24
so they're gonna come back628.885.6
where the fish what fish630.485.52
got him loophole he's got free636.04.399
well it's got free because he he got the638.724.48
fish back in the water yep no ticket640.3993.601
what a payoff yep644.03.839
wow still waiting for this oh wow life648.324.56
got it you're welcome651.25.36
illegal fishermen so now we know652.885.28
hey man pick a spot we're almost at the656.563.279
end of the map you're the jump master oh658.163.44
that's me and i get to pick yeah first659.8393.841
time player and i'm a jump master my661.63.679
first time too maybe you should let me663.683.52
be jump master i don't think so i might665.2794.24
not ever get this again what no you667.23.84
definitely will but you know what just669.5193.601
drop us somewhere that ship right there671.044.0
oh no no people already jumped there's673.124.08
that one flying yeah yeah can we fly675.043.6
that i don't know if we can fly it but677.23.44
there's no reason we can't try all right678.645.28
let's do it let's try it680.643.28
oh man this is fun all right go on the685.63.76
six yeah we have no choice we're687.684.08
attached to you oh attached to me yeah689.365.039
so if i do this y'all do that691.765.04
i do this you do that can we please not694.3994.241
go to the ship teams have already landed696.84.24
there when you get to be jump master you698.644.4
decide i get that but i can see enemies701.043.44
on the ship they have weapons they're703.043.28
looking right at us okay we're looking704.485.2
at them guys uh lock and load them lock706.324.8
and load what we don't have anything to709.683.2
lock and load you know that right711.123.04
this is a battle royale game we don't712.882.8
have weapons to start with what battle714.164.799
royale yeah ah like minecraft no like715.684.959
street urchins we gotta land and we718.9593.68
gotta find stuff street urchins is that720.6393.921
a game no that's actually like real722.6393.76
children that have to scrounge for stuff724.564.48
that's what we have to be like that's726.3993.761
who knows a horrible game729.043.2
not a game i'm going to get my money730.164.32
back king's free oh shoot we're732.243.44
scrubbing okay now listen let's just734.483.039
calm down man calm down look look you735.683.2
and me you and me are gonna laugh we're737.5193.44
gonna do this okay we can find weapons738.883.44
we can take these guys then we're gonna740.9593.041
dance you and me we're gonna floss you742.323.04
can't dance in this game you're thinking744.02.639
of fortnite745.362.88
oh no i thought this is the one you can746.6392.961
dance that's the one my nine-year-old748.243.44
likes i'm just really trying to connect749.64.239
with him you know let's just say i751.686.279
haven't been the best father753.8394.12
all right well i'm gonna go758.723.919
hey guys763.8392.641
thanos yes you got a second what can i772.484.88
do for you gentlemen me and cole want to774.884.079
talk to you about your infinity gauntlet777.363.76
plan you have suggestions now once you778.9593.921
have all the stones you can do anything781.124.8
right i believe so so hypothetically782.885.84
using that could we double resources so785.924.56
everyone has enough to live you don't788.723.28
need to kill anyone right and then you790.483.28
have everything and then everyone's like792.03.68
yay thanos right i see what you're793.764.319
saying oh that would bring up your like795.684.88
like your rating right but would that798.0794.88
just end up doubling the population the800.565.279
next generation well i think if you802.9594.161
is it correct because if there's more805.8394.081
resources everyone keeps breeding but is807.124.88
it crazy to say that if we kill half809.924.08
they're just gonna repopulate like yeah812.03.6
we could just be having that same814.03.92
problem again like why not kill three815.64.32
quarters of them it's not a bad idea you817.923.84
know what go ahead yeah you know what819.923.44
instead of half three fourths of821.763.36
resources oh that's another way to look823.365.52
at it too or quadruple or even ten times825.125.44
then we end up with the same problem828.883.6
everyone's just banging and banging and830.564.399
banging maybe they sh832.484.479
everyone's gay836.9593.201
make everyone gay snap the things no838.484.0
that's insane because if we do that all846.164.4
it would take is one more generation and848.484.799
then everybody's gone let me finish850.565.12
they're gay but they know they have to853.2794.881
have sex to keep going so it's more like855.683.839
a chore858.163.359
but they do it but they're not going to859.5193.361
overdo it861.5194.0
um it's too complicated it's too862.884.88
complicated i mean too complicated well865.5194.161
i mean now you've got rules you got gay867.764.56
rules no no you all you snap right869.684.48
everyone's gay right that's all you got872.323.84
to do the rest is on them but we don't874.163.44
know if they're going to figure it out876.162.96
you're assuming everybody will figure877.63.2
out to have sex but if they're gay we879.123.2
don't want to force that on people880.83.12
they would still know they just wouldn't882.324.0
want to they'd have to too complicated883.924.88
too it's too complicated yeah yeah i886.325.199
like the sn snapping snapping three four888.84.24
three four quarters three quarters yeah891.5193.201
whichever however you want to say it893.044.4
right three or even 90894.725.119
maybe 90897.442.399
i think that's a good compromise901.445.12
what 90903.62.96
90 dead906.6396.281
oh i thought we were doing the gay thing908.884.04
in the world we once knew940.324.04
about 56 million942.246.64
597 034 people died every year944.367.96
which works out to approximately 155948.886.56
000 people a day yeah amen952.326.16
which oh oh easy now yeah955.444.839
which was 6958.486.4
458 people an hour and 108 people960.2797.081
every minute964.882.959
hey hell967.362.399
whoa which me i'm having a hard time967.8393.281
keeping up with the numbers can't we969.7593.2
just yeah yeah just kind of get into971.126.04
this see the gist of it jesus972.9594.201
easy come on this is the place of the977.445.0
hey let preacher talk it's time it's984.9594.081
time for breakfast let's try that shut986.85.2
the [ __ ] up or easy with the mouth simon989.044.719
let him talk let him talk everybody shut992.03.44
up let him talk that all meant that993.7594.32
every second two people would die and995.445.12
for every breath you took approximately998.0794.161
seven people see what the numbers are1000.564.16
stop with the numbers stop with the1002.245.44
numbers there's no tuning in church1004.724.88
that's a rule that's always a rule lapse1007.683.839
through no i mean no1009.63.76
shooting is true we can make our own1011.5193.12
broken down we'll reason1014.6393.76
things shut the [ __ ] hey put it into my1016.243.12
yeah no i don't like that1019.364.0
in the name of the lord shut the [ __ ] up1021.444.96
easy amen1023.363.04
all right preacher hurry the [ __ ] up1027.8394.321
i know all right1030.244.799
but in this last year everybody died1032.164.679
except us all right it's lunchtime1035.0394.16
preacher the [ __ ] up death is everywhere1036.8395.641
and it happens to everyone hey man1039.1995.281
hey man preacher but none of this1042.484.559
changes the fact that thick will ransack1044.484.319
any place that you have not been hey1047.0394.76
hey man it's barbecue time i'm fine1054.644.32
church has probably let out already1057.123.439
the barbecue left1060.5597.081
everybody shut the [ __ ] up1062.285.36
oh i got one1077.9193.201
number two1079.363.12
oh man they just dropped shark bites it1082.484.48
looks tasty can i just eat this raw like1084.964.16
a sushi yes you can all right so what's1086.963.92
the deal what's the deal1089.123.2
anything good here1090.884.0
good food mmm yeah i just had like shark1092.325.28
sushi and a coconut with some banana1094.887.039
oh god you just threw up all over me1097.66.24
i thought it was good1101.9194.241
jesus man your face is coming green dude1103.844.32
well i just threw up shark and banana1106.164.8
didn't i yeah my god you look like hell1108.164.32
oh god1110.962.959
you threw it right in my face to the1112.483.12
point where i'm covered right you're1113.9192.721
i'm throwing up yep1116.645.36
thank you for that you throw up1118.45.519
thanks being attacked by something oh1122.02.72
at least he's not getting thrown up on1124.724.959
yeah mr dave mr simon yeah i'm not1126.645.039
trying to be antagonistic but what the1129.6794.481
[ __ ] is taking you so long hey and i got1131.6795.36
sick and we're just talking because we1134.164.639
need to communicate with each other1137.0393.601
about what we're doing we need to find1138.7993.281
the ship's log it should be in a1140.643.52
treasure chest near the shipwreck why1142.085.12
don't you get your fat ass over here all1144.165.36
right fine do it yourself you look you1147.23.76
look after the ship1149.523.76
look after the ship where's it going1150.964.0
well someone could steal it i know but1153.283.12
do you think somebody's going to steal1154.963.36
it of course it happens all the time oh1156.44.399
does it okay see your thieves mr simon1158.325.93
oh okay i bet i'll go back1160.7999.03
all right so this horse was watching mtv1431.6793.841
and this guy's on this video wiggly1434.04.32
wiggly wiggly playing guitar1435.524.8
and the horse loves it horses into it's1438.323.44
like man i gotta learn to do that1440.323.68
where's this horse just like hanging out1441.765.2
on the farm watching tv tv in the bar1444.05.84
yeah in the barn okay okay good 2019.1446.964.48
painting the picture come on all right1449.843.92
so uh so the horse uh he calls a music1451.444.0
teacher he's like hey man i saw this guy1453.763.039
playing guitar i really wanna learn to1455.442.96
play guitar can you teach me phone too1456.7994.641
yeah yeah he's got a phone1458.44.72
it's easy though it's push button he's1461.444.479
got hooves gotcha okay continue so yeah1463.124.96
uh the horse says uh well there's only1465.9193.76
one problem i'm a horse music teacher1468.082.959
says no problem come on in i'll teach1469.6793.201
you to play guitar he does he brings him1471.0393.52
in teaches the horse to play guitar1472.883.919
after several months a horse is awesome1474.5594.0
at guitar he calls chicken over chicken1476.7994.961
come here look what i can do1478.5594.281
blows chicken away1481.764.82
like whatever man but hey chicken's like1490.643.6
what'd you learn this is like you got to1493.123.439
see this music video chicken thinks a1494.243.76
guitar part's cool but chicken sees the1496.5593.041
guy playing the drums know1498.03.12
chicken's like i'm gonna learn to do1499.63.76
that yeah that's my jam1501.123.679
chicken calls up the music teacher he's1503.362.72
like hey can you teach me to play the1504.7993.441
drums yeah sure it was like you know hey1506.083.28
you know i'm a chicken it's like that1508.242.4
doesn't matter we got technology don't1509.362.559
worry about it come on come in and play1510.642.08
the drums1511.9192.801
so after months chicken and horse get1512.722.81
oh yeah they're doing great they call1518.5593.441
cow over cow you gotta come come and1520.323.359
check this out oh kyle sees a guy1522.04.64
playing bass now that that's my jam1523.6794.801
yeah so cow calls them used to teach1526.643.519
after a couple months cow's rocking the1528.484.0
base chickens rocking the jumps horses1530.1594.961
killing it on guitar1532.484.72
yeah they got a band they're playing one1535.123.6
night and a producer hears them i want1537.23.2
to sign you guys you guys are amazing1538.723.52
this producer signs them they get a1540.44.159
contract they they start playing gigs1542.243.76
all over the country that become1544.5593.841
massively successful what was their name1546.03.2
chicken horse and horse right cow1549.23.839
chicken horse1551.65.04
right we're gonna kill the flow right1553.0395.201
tell more they're doing great have1556.643.44
massive success but one day horse gets a1558.244.0
call horse your mom's sick1560.083.28
you gotta you gotta come you gotta come1562.243.039
check on mom so horse leaves he goes and1563.363.199
he checks on mom1565.2793.361
thank goodness mom's fine but while he's1566.5594.321
visiting mom he gets another call oh no1568.643.84
your band members and your producer they1570.882.64
were on a plane they were flying1572.483.28
somewhere and the plane went down oh no1573.524.24
so cow's dead chicken's dead the1575.764.159
producer's dead all this this horse's1577.765.279
entire career is gone he's got nothing1579.9195.921
so he wants to drink himself to death1583.0393.681
so he does doesn't he1586.723.76
so a horse walks into a bar1588.325.599
the guy says why the long face1590.483.439
what a buildup1595.364.799
everyone wanted to know that backstory1597.65.04
everyone every single person it's like a1600.1595.201
hallmark movie1602.642.72
hey all right let's do this come here1609.845.04
roach yeah i'm here no come to me i am1611.846.0
here with you no you go around the fence1614.884.72
oh around okay around the fence okay1617.845.079
give me a sec1619.63.319
oh no i'm sorry i can't it's impossible1629.0395.12
it's not a it's a fence yeah i i'm sorry1631.844.16
i cannot go the end of the fence is1634.1593.12
right there1636.04.0
right there so walk to the end of it and1637.2794.481
then just go around it's impossible for1640.03.6
me to do this right now the fence is1641.764.24
impossible can we find something else1643.64.4
okay all right i'm gonna walk down the1646.03.6
road a little ways i'm gonna whistle for1648.03.279
you again and then i want you to come to1649.66.959
me okay oh i like this plan this is good1651.2795.28
i'm still here1659.444.959
what i'm still here i can still see you1661.25.599
oh okay i i got to go further i got to1664.3996.321
go further to whistle okay yeah got it1666.7993.921
a tree oh god trees you see this jerry1677.845.439
yeah i see the trees roach go around the1681.364.559
trees i go around them what yeah i need1683.2794.561
you to come to me i'm on the road i feel1685.9193.601
like we've done this already i feel like1687.844.079
we do this all the time1689.524.32
i feel like you're getting angry at me i1691.9193.521
and i apologize you're right i'm going1693.842.559
to calm down1695.443.04
nature i'm a witcher witchers are calm i1696.3994.801
have an idea let's burn down the tree i1698.483.84
i'm not going to burn down the trees1701.23.359
burn all the trees that are in our way i1702.324.079
can't i cannot burn down the tree you've1704.5593.84
got flames i've seen them i can't set1706.3994.4
the woods on fire just so you can get1708.3993.921
this shouldn't even be a conversation1710.7992.961
why is this a conversation okay i know1712.322.8
what you want me to do go around the1713.763.519
tree so give me a second give me a1715.124.799
second okay i believe in you1717.2794.241
this is impossible it's not it's not1719.9193.681
this is worse than the fence wow this is1721.523.6
so much worse than that how is that1723.64.0
worse let's try the fence one more time1725.124.32
i'm not going back to the damn fan try1727.63.76
it again i'm not all right since you're1729.443.92
so good at going around things okay1731.364.4
maybe i should whistle and then you can1733.363.76
come to me1735.763.12
one that's ridiculous too can you1737.122.93
whistle hold on1738.882.799
no no i can't that's the only hiccup in1741.6795.681
this plan uh horse problems huh1744.325.359
i know just how you feel pal oh yeah is1747.364.559
there something wrong with yours yeah1749.6794.161
fifth one i bought this week let me ask1751.9194.161
you can your horse kill itself1753.845.439
can i no he can't oh good consider1756.085.28
yourself lucky half the time mine1759.2796.681
glitches out and gets himself killed1761.364.6
another 500 septums just pissed down the1773.65.439
oh i'm coming downstairs1779.0393.36
where's my heart medication1783.444.32
is it in here1786.1593.52
um i can't remember what i have to do i1787.763.919
need my dementia pills they're in green1789.6793.161
oh i forget where they are though1792.845.4
where'd you put them there they are i1796.245.2
don't remember anything1798.243.2
that's right baby i jumped on the bed1802.244.48
and i'll do it again come here you1805.0394.161
little [ __ ] oh oh1806.724.959
you little shake1809.24.88
right in the paper oh stuck in your butt1811.6793.861
i'd say that's a thigh1814.084.57
oh you little bastard1818.883.88
give me1834.02.64
this you've been1834.843.559
helped naughty boy1836.643.12
that's a good twist1841.25.079
all right1843.123.159
that kid sucks ass1859.443.28
you're done good granny1862.882.96
you didn't even let me really oh that's1866.485.039
a lizard see it's working1868.243.279
nothing right it's not time for this1872.3993.76
like that's not a real thing1874.083.76
says the man who thought1876.1593.441
that duck was a deer well i was far away1877.843.76
from it wasn't i we weren't that far1879.63.919
buddy all right just let's try the we1881.63.6
charge your thing do the just do the1883.5194.481
fire um oh i see1885.24.4
deer serious dear are you serious are1890.3994.321
you messing with me well i guess i'll1893.2792.88
get them then1894.723.92
here we go1896.1592.481
shut the [ __ ] up1900.3993.28
where is he1903.843.52
straight in front of me1905.64.16
huh straight in front of me oh yeah i1907.364.24
see him okay1909.765.2
three crouch two crouch i can't i'm i'll1911.67.12
have a rock in my way ah three two one1914.965.599
fight i'm not ready1918.724.319
i wasn't ready got one1920.5594.161
did you hit him i got two yeah he went1923.0392.561
i killed it1925.63.919
god i'm good wait all right you ready1927.125.6
one two three skin it look at this i'm1929.5195.681
right in your face we're best friends1932.725.12
well i think you just got lucky and i1935.24.24
think it's time to try1937.844.319
the real plan1939.445.839
go home get it come dallas what we're1942.1595.841
flushing them out1945.2793.681
you know what i want to have tonight for1948.963.68
dinner what ravioli why don't we have1950.3994.88
prime meat with ravioli1952.646.639
and boom holy crap oh it works yes nice1955.2796.801
i mean kinda is it is it coming what's1959.2794.961
that what that sounds like a t-rex thick1962.083.839
thank you behind you1964.244.4
holy crap me oh me okay it's on you oh1965.9195.12
crap i lost the bird i keep losing it1968.644.24
what do you mean you keep losing it what1971.0394.081
do you mean i i hate it when you ask1972.884.399
that that's a really good question as it1975.124.88
means it means i keep losing the damn1977.2795.361
thing okay what do you mean1980.04.24
well try it again what do you mean damn1982.642.639
it everyday1984.242.64
all right hold on i'm dragging it i'm1985.2793.841
watching is it with me yep okay i think1986.884.159
i got it this time now when i say what1989.123.039
do you mean what do you mean you think1991.0392.401
you got it this time i mean i think i1992.1592.88
got it this time what do you mean you1993.443.44
lost yeah1995.0394.24
i can duck and yell too it's not pretty1996.883.84
but here we are1999.2793.52
okay you lost it i know what do you mean2000.725.28
you lost it i mean you lost it exactly2002.7995.041
you find opening the door neebs uh what2006.04.159
do you mean open the door exactly2007.844.719
okay door's open2010.1594.161
oh god there's a pig in here hold on i'm2012.5594.161
coming down in the base in the base in2014.323.92
the basement in the base he was in the2016.723.12
back in the water near the dock where is2018.244.4
this pig thick can you see a pig oh yep2019.844.8
i was right pig i'm getting him all2022.643.84
hands on deck shut the front door just2024.643.68
in case all right getting him with2026.483.6
checking cube come on get the other wolf2028.325.52
in here i'm wolfenstein coming in2030.083.76
tavis team hey all right didn't even2041.0393.681
really need to drag him in here but it2043.363.6
was fun uh it is nice to go to a safer2044.723.84
place but the fact that thing breaks so2046.963.919
much that's crazy i know it was nuts all2048.564.559
get some blue paint call them ding-dong2053.763.2
that's what you do yep that's what i'm2055.3593.601
doing all right congratulations after2056.964.719
thank you thank you2058.963.76
what are you doing you just play with2061.6793.041
your blocks2062.723.6
what are you doing you keep playing with2064.723.359
that block in a nutshell the baby tries2066.323.759
to kill itself daddy tries to prevent it2068.0793.84
dude go get a fork go get a fork it's in2070.0793.441
the kitchen daddy look i'm playing with2071.9193.2
the trash can daddy see that that's2073.523.68
great you like that danny i'm gonna curl2075.1194.081
inside the trash can damn i see that2077.24.32
good job you did good yeah like that2079.23.36
i knew it would be chock full of baby2082.563.68
have you tried the bleach daddy2090.05.839
daddy did you try the bleach not yet you2092.964.879
can't win as the dad right there what is2095.8394.481
that you just can't you these batteries2097.8395.121
are delicious2100.325.12
you're tripping balls right now baby wow2102.965.28
yeah my tummy's upset daddy i'll be fine2105.445.6
go in the bathtub shit's looking better2108.243.92
daddy look i need a bath i'm a bad boy2112.165.04
it's time to come back i got a kill2134.03.839
already i must have road killed an2136.323.519
airplane yeah which objective are we2137.8394.801
going to you're the driver uh defranco2139.8396.24
defranco de franco does that mean d or2142.646.08
does that mean f that means f d what's2146.0794.561
he talking about they say that ranco2148.723.84
starts with a d though d2150.643.84
frank nobody ever tell him this take it2152.563.36
out folks now we tell him but he just2154.483.119
ignores us see the enemies all over the2155.923.919
franco we're taking fire from what i2157.5995.041
believe is dracula yeah dracula dude2159.8394.961
they're still all over foxtrot dracula2162.644.24
well we're getting shot at by dracula2164.84.4
what the hell happened to defranco i got2166.884.16
one of them we weren't getting shot at2169.23.84
from defranco all right yeah that's a2171.044.48
light tank back over a duff duff2173.045.12
objective let's focus on dracula first2175.525.28
stone you what2178.164.48
neebs i don't know i don't know how this2180.84.96
is working in your head man but2182.645.68
is not an objective dracula is a code2185.765.359
word for d i missed that on the briefing2188.326.56
well consider yourself free sir2191.1193.761
link the triforce will be mine the2198.967.04
triforce will never be yours all right2202.727.6
cut cut oh god link all right triforce2206.07.04
it cannot be gannons yeah right yeah so2210.324.16
i just want to hear it more a little bit2213.043.2
more bass in your voice more bass more2214.484.879
bass okay are you ready you're rolling2216.244.879
then action2219.3592.72
the triforce will be mine the triforce2222.0798.481
will never be yours cut cut link when2226.646.56
you say it'll never be yours i want you2230.565.12
to just tell the audience it will never2233.24.639
okay excuse me sir i just you're the2235.685.439
[ __ ] hero link okay yeah you are the2237.8395.28
hero he says he will have to try if you2241.1193.441
don't mind me jumping in i feel like2243.1193.921
your motivation is you don't want me to2244.563.92
get the trifle that's exactly what yeah2247.043.84
of course and and he will2248.483.52
get it not gonna happen2252.03.119
not gonna happen are we ready okay while2253.523.52
it's hot rolling2255.1193.761
action blink2257.044.72
the triforce will be all right cut i'm2258.884.88
sorry ganon i was trying something2261.763.12
don't wow yeah ready rolling2264.883.959
link the triforce will be yours2268.8396.841
strikeforce will never be cut wait oh i2272.484.72
fluffed that line2275.682.8
i flubbed that line that's my fault can2277.22.72
we just roll again2278.483.359
again okay from the top i'm sorry and2279.923.439
we're rolling2281.8395.76
action think the triforce will never be2283.3596.641
mine which i first will well why are we2287.5994.641
getting stuck on never is that sorry i'm2290.04.16
sorry you want like a cue card up behind2292.243.28
me i don't think i need a cue card let's2294.163.199
just go like you're good i think so yeah2295.523.2
was that pretty good you're on your way2297.3593.361
all right rolling2298.722.96
the triforce will never be yours the2302.566.64
child force will i did ever again well2306.326.24
give me the cue give me the cube2309.25.12
why do we have the same we have the same2312.563.92
line don't we no no no i'm supposed to2314.323.68
say that the triforce will be mine and2316.482.8
you're supposed to say that the triforce2318.03.44
will never be yours listen you got your2319.284.16
card right you can read that read it2321.442.96
right now2323.442.72
read it the trifolds will be mine yep2324.44.16
yes okay rolling2326.164.56
action blink2328.566.48
the triforce will be mine now kurt now2330.726.32
he got that right no he got it right but2335.044.4
he's you read it's like you're reading2337.044.4
every word2339.443.36
i'm obviously going to read the word2341.443.36
take it out take it out fly that out2342.84.799
okay listen we could do this we got this2344.84.24
right all right let's roll cameras2347.5992.721
action link the dry forks will be mine2350.328.96
the triforce will never2354.964.32
be yours be yours2360.645.68
let's just use subtitles again that's a2364.245.4
wrap everybody2366.323.32
guys that up ahead looks like a uh a2379.524.88
swamp oh do you remember those yeah i2381.923.919
remember i don't like being in those2384.42.56
which way are we going we going right2385.8392.961
through the swamp here uh i was kind of2386.963.36
going to the left of the swamp in2388.82.96
between the swamp and what looks like2390.323.12
the canyons there's2391.763.079
down oh yeah there we go now mom's a2394.8394.841
great place to get poisoned by just2398.04.56
about everything i guarantee oh yeah2399.684.72
avoid the swamp oh wait we got a2402.564.0
megalodon coming in on a stick oh boy2404.44.88
let's get him you want him yes you eat2406.564.799
him i'm full better help actually i'll2409.284.4
eat him2411.3592.321
all these dolphins these dolphins are2414.243.359
did y'all hear me under there they heard2421.1193.841
you neeb shut up that's so they know2423.1194.24
we're friendly2424.964.8
neebs i'm bored are you yeah i'm just2427.3594.321
sitting here be constructive with your2429.764.88
time how i don't know write a song do2431.685.159
some math in your head2434.645.28
hey back again i'm doing some math in my2436.8394.441
head uh2439.923.199
thinking the two ideas you just gave me2441.284.16
that was stupid is that math no that's2443.1194.801
counting oh it's just counting in it2445.443.84
well it's math2447.921.98
we did it2449.284.089
now this is where you can easily get2461.8392.48
and killed you ever seen anything like2464.3193.601
this simon2466.04.0
i can't see [ __ ] where are you i don't2467.923.52
know where are you2470.03.76
i'm bored come follow me2471.445.679
this is boring i'm follow me2473.763.359
i'm not a [ __ ] i believe me i came into2477.23.2
this with very very2478.883.6
kind of high hopes now don't walk over2480.43.439
the edge2482.482.879
look how pretty2483.8393.601
we've done that way2485.3593.76
don't walk over the edge are you baiting2487.444.0
me wait there's that one have a2489.1195.921
bow and arrow to kill that whoa2491.443.6
guys you know what we should do what2496.883.12
from this point because this is this is2498.43.439
a really cool area correct correct i2500.03.68
mean yeah i like these should we dig2501.8393.921
sort of straight up and get back to the2503.683.76
surface and then2505.763.28
it's an entrance to a mine shaft i see a2507.444.48
bunch of gold yeah we can oh [ __ ] i died2509.046.24
oh no what hit me that was amazing2511.925.199
dude i had diamond and everything i'm2515.284.319
sorry what the [ __ ] did you i was aiming2517.1195.041
at you like i was kidding and then i hit2519.5994.801
i hit the thing are you kidding me i'll2522.163.84
get you stuff to rally well i'll give2524.43.12
you are you gonna get that diamond half2526.03.68
of it went into the lava no2527.523.92
yeah i got i got your what an [ __ ]2529.683.439
did you have one diamond2531.444.32
no i had about six i only well there's2533.1194.161
some stuff here so i only have one2535.763.12
diamond i should have a [ __ ] ton a lot2537.284.16
of your stuff is still right here2538.885.84
we'll get it i'm sorry2541.444.879
i didn't mean to2544.724.48
what an [ __ ]2546.3192.881
was it was it worth the joke2549.443.919
i was trying to put the arrow away i2551.443.84
realized oh crap i'm aiming to arrow it2553.3593.361
down a bunch of guys i didn't know how2555.283.36
to put it away and i thought oh man if i2556.723.44
hit e2558.646.6
it'll go away but no that fires it2560.165.08
i don't see no diamonds man no they they2565.8396.361
i heard him sizzle in the flame2568.04.2
how you like that where's it coming from2584.882.959
up here2586.82.08
shut up2587.8393.041
don't you don't you shoot it then turn2588.883.6
it the [ __ ] off i will shoot you in the2590.883.6
face come on turn it off2592.484.72
i just wanted them to know okay can you2594.485.92
use that as a pa doraleous you know what2597.28.2
probably yeah talk into it one second2600.45.0
why is that relevant to the pa system i2616.163.439
thought it would sound good through the2618.43.919
speaker it did i'm gonna slink away back2619.5995.121
to my house here i go slinking oh yeah2622.3196.481
you are slinking i'm slinking salmon2624.724.08
i don't know2634.883.4
yeah i think i'd rather have the [ __ ]2651.044.72
alarm on copy that2652.483.28
oh my god2656.882.959
turn it off2658.43.919
huh turn it off you said you wanted that2659.8394.721
rather than singing you did say that i2662.3194.561
was being sarcastic2664.563.6
back to the song2668.163.64
shut the [ __ ] up2684.883.719
do we have to chance something to get2692.3193.241
this thing to come out2694.02.72
panther panther come to life what about2696.727.76
ooh ooh i want to see that [ __ ]2701.25.84
that [ __ ]2704.484.32
nope no none of it worked none of it2707.043.2
check it check it again check it it's2710.243.119
got to be done right it's so close it's2711.3594.96
so ridiculously close oh what oh there2713.3596.561
it is what where oh sexy panther pose2716.3195.121
what over here2719.923.439
to the left i'm looking i don't see a2721.444.639
panther where's my screen you see a2723.3595.361
panther yeah i see a panther take is it2726.0794.081
in the take it out can you take it out2728.723.84
cause i don't see it on my screen um2730.163.52
so did you just put the thing in your2735.922.64
pocket what's going on is it in your2737.044.079
pocket this is ridiculous uh this is2738.564.32
insane if this is how the game this is2741.1193.121
is it in the bag is it in this bag2744.244.32
is the panther in the back panthers in2746.722.8
the back2748.562.08
how do we get the panther out of the2749.523.68
[ __ ] bag hold on this is madness open2750.644.64
this is absolute manny yeah take it out2753.25.2
take it out of the back thick2755.283.12
oh there we go how did you do that i put2758.645.84
it in my hot bar and placed it2761.685.679
just not dropping it in a bag yeah oh2764.485.04
look at this cute little guy2767.3594.321
oh i can name it name it oh what should2769.524.0
we name it uh2771.684.32
if we name it ella marie doraleous no2773.524.72
yeah yeah he'll really cling to this2776.03.359
thing then2778.242.56
let's name it something he hates let's2779.3593.441
call it work2780.84.559
hard work2782.82.559
david hard work the panther2785.684.04
oh welcome to the team hard work2790.0793.681
last one to the river's the winner last2793.765.12
one yep so the river's a winner yeah i2796.0794.641
don't give a [ __ ] i just want a drink2798.884.88
okay here we go i win2800.726.56
water all right so what now i don't know2803.766.0
just glad to have friends around i know2807.283.839
but seriously though we need an2809.763.76
adventure let's just do let's just be2811.1193.521
friends today2813.523.44
that's it that's it i'll i'll say2814.643.76
something i like about you and you say2816.963.2
something you like about me i like women2818.44.48
you kind of look like a woman2820.164.56
no something real you're afraid to show2822.884.4
your feelings no i'm not yeah you are2824.725.44
why you why are you worried about or why2827.284.559
do you think that my feelings aren't2830.163.439
like what i say you look like a woman i2831.8393.52
think you're a good listener2833.5994.641
i enjoyed talking to you simon2835.3595.2
okay you're my friend2838.243.44
thank you2840.5593.841
this is getting weird man see look at2841.684.639
you you're afraid2844.44.64
cliff jump2846.3192.721
all right that was fun that hurt a bit2850.05.28
don't try that all right okay2852.724.639
now what i don't know2855.283.2
take a walk2857.3592.801
you still look like a woman from the2858.483.359
with no hair on top why do you think2861.8394.48
that's a negative thing2864.3194.641
you have feminine features okay thank2866.3195.52
you your cheekbones are quite attractive2868.964.72
thanks a lot2871.8393.601
i'm blushing2873.685.2
with those beautiful cheekbones yep2875.444.639
hi hey hi hello everyone oh there you2882.487.119
are this is niebster peace theater2886.0793.52
so check this [ __ ] out this is quite2895.684.8
impressive yeah and you ain't seen [ __ ]2897.925.12
yet wow look at this yeah i like it a2900.483.839
lot do we want to sit in the front row2903.042.4
where do you want to sit guys you're not2904.3193.04
gonna you're in the play i'm in the play2905.444.0
yeah appstore and neebs are i'll be an2907.3595.281
usher what's your ticket sir uh 6b2909.445.6
that's right here sir second chair oh2912.644.8
thank you enjoy the show excuse me sir2915.044.88
yep where uh what's your ticket uh six2917.445.2
eight six eight wait how does it work2919.924.72
it's it's it's a no it's a number letter2922.643.76
[ __ ] letter [ __ ]2924.644.0
yeah neebs yeah follow me i wanted to2926.43.84
watch the show though no you're in the2928.643.679
show packed house this evening ladies2930.243.359
and gentlemen i don't know i'm peeking2932.3193.681
out it doesn't look good oh it's empty2933.5994.321
no one came2936.03.44
ladies and gentlemen welcome to the2937.923.36
grand opening of the nebster peace2939.444.399
theater and boy do we have a treat for2941.284.079
you today2943.8394.161
an original slash improv play get2945.3594.48
don't be nervous other than sir neebs2949.8397.561
and absorb on april2953.044.36
okay very impressive i like the opening2960.484.24
of the cart it was a beautiful summer2962.44.88
day i may have over lit this2964.724.68
no [ __ ]2967.285.97
it was a beautiful summer day2978.3195.28
much like any other beautiful summer day2981.045.279
you have seen that was beautiful2983.5994.401
amidst the serene setting of2986.3193.681
beautifulness two young brothers played2988.04.64
and frolicked frolicked and played and2990.05.119
played and frolicked about2992.645.04
is that our key yeah that's your queue2995.1194.96
what a beautiful day it's so nice out2997.684.48
here it's beautiful as any beautiful day3000.0794.48
i've seen i love you brother it's a3002.164.72
great day to frolick i agree this is3004.5594.241
good day frolicking yes why is your3006.885.32
voice so deep3008.83.4
oh this is me now all i like to do is3012.44.48
frolick and play play and frolic in this3014.724.08
beautiful day it is so nice out here3016.884.08
look at the trees and the clouds and the3018.85.519
sunshine life was good thank you3020.966.599
thank you3024.3193.24
can't wait to see where this goes simon3036.5593.841
oh my god are there four acts uh yeah3038.04.24
there's four riveting acts yeah that was3040.43.52
a quarter of the what we're gonna see3042.243.92
here 20 years later the two brothers who3043.924.32
still lived at home continued to play in3046.163.28
until one day3049.445.919
boys uh yeah dad i have some bad news3051.5996.321
for you what is it what is it dad your3055.3595.921
mother is terminally ill no3057.925.04
it just happens it's life my god is this3062.964.48
i can barely tell she's so terminally3067.444.24
ill and she wished for her mattress to3069.5993.921
be out in the front yard3071.683.919
it was her wish3073.524.799
but there is only one cure3075.5994.881
and unfortunately it cannot be found in3078.3194.641
the land of which we live what is secure3080.484.639
dad please it's an herb please tell us3082.964.879
it's an herb3085.1192.72
what is this3089.1193.361
since this particular herb is across a3090.164.64
great sea we have no way of getting it3092.485.04
so i suppose it is time to say goodbye3094.84.08
to mom3097.524.319
oh no mommy's gonna die yeah wait3098.885.84
unless if we can do it what well unless3101.8394.641
there is some way you two could actually3104.723.68
we could do it contribute for once in3106.482.96
your lives3108.43.04
we can help you do it dad i feel like we3109.443.119
can help names your backs to the3111.442.399
audience you never put yourself we can3112.5592.781
do it3113.8392.641
i would like to volunteer to save mom i3116.485.04
can help save mom as well3119.285.559
yes quite3121.523.319
um there's a brief intermission who3133.3594.401
wants to buy some peanuts who wants to3135.444.8
buy some peanuts who wants to buy some3137.765.44
peanuts peanuts are cheap3140.245.359
who wants to buy some peanuts who wants3143.24.399
to buy some peanuts3145.5996.641
about some peanuts and peanuts are cheap3147.5994.641
hey neebs3165.3593.521
outro oh i walked over my neighbor's3167.283.12
house i said3168.883.52
what did you say oh he was all that's3170.43.12
stinky you should get out here and i3172.43.04
and then what do you do oh he kicked me3175.442.879
out of this house all the way out i3177.24.08
wouldn't no you did not3178.3196.401
that's crazy it was not3181.283.44
make sure you get some peanuts make sure3185.3594.561
you get some peanuts3187.924.08
what goes better with theater than3189.923.45
or popcorn uh everybody back to your3196.3197.28
seats the third act is about to begin3199.26.72
for nearly two years the brothers3203.5994.641
tirelessly built the most amazing boat3205.924.399
that has ever been seen3208.244.319
yeah that's good brother every i'm still3210.3194.721
i didn't know every plank placed and3212.5594.961
nail pounded was by the sheer drive and3215.044.96
hope of saving their mother and then it3217.525.44
was done and they were off go ahead this3220.04.0
is when you3222.963.44
dear brother yes dear brother we have3224.04.64
done good work building this boat i3226.44.959
concur it's a good thing mother sickness3228.644.64
gives her more than two years to live or3231.3594.0
she'd already be gone yes good thing we3233.283.6
have enough time to go search for3235.3593.121
whatever the what the [ __ ]3236.884.0
an herb if by sort of [ __ ] herb an3238.485.28
herb if by sperm the herb if by sea but3240.885.04
surely we do not have another two years3243.764.96
so we will find the herb by sea nearly3245.924.88
one year into their journey the brothers3248.724.56
hoped to see signs of land at any moment3250.85.6
but instead they saw the sign3253.287.039
of a horrible storm approaching3256.45.36
thank you3260.3194.641
wow thank3261.763.2
these seeds are getting more rough as we3270.3194.561
go i concur brother we'll never be able3272.884.88
to save mother in these rough ass3274.885.04
it's probably because of the storm yes3277.764.24
i'd say so oh it's so stormy out look at3279.924.08
this omg it appeared as though the3282.04.72
brothers would surely die that night but3284.05.839
this story doesn't end that way3286.727.119
instead a miracle happened3289.8394.0
brother it'll truly take a miracle to3294.0795.04
save us from this storm yes it will3296.5594.321
thank you3299.1193.521
thank you3300.883.85
but what was the miracle3302.645.199
what was the miracle3307.8394.401
brother yes brother we will never3310.04.72
survive this sea and get back in time i3312.244.8
agree mom yeah we're all gonna die3314.724.8
including mom only dad will live if only3317.045.12
there were a miracle3319.524.96
if only there were a miracle yes that3324.646.08
would save us and mom yes if only there3326.965.2
were a miracle3330.724.96
one second is it broke again3332.166.24
if only there were a miracle but not3335.685.2
just any small miracle it would have to3338.46.439
be a giant miracle yes a giant green3340.887.36
miracle hey3344.8395.401
i saved y'all3348.245.2
thank you nessie you're welcome3350.245.119
you looked like you were in trouble3353.443.6
thank you yes brother3355.3593.841
i'm having a hard time deciphering if3357.045.759
this is a miracle i'm a3359.23.599
that sound like a [ __ ] dude name to3363.682.96
is mom gonna die oh oh you're talking to3366.643.12
your brother i thought you're talking to3368.7992.401
me i don't know i don't know how this3369.763.92
saves us i don't know it's a monster but3371.23.52
i don't know3373.683.04
the praises no the thing is i'm pretty3374.724.56
sure the writer intended for you the3376.725.119
miracle to be that you were saved with3379.283.6
that mom3381.8393.441
not your mother okay so we're safe but3382.883.439
not mom3385.283.039
well the miracle was that you were in a3386.3194.401
storm and then i saved you from the3388.3194.961
look for this to be a full plate you3393.283.92
have to save us we get the herb go home3394.966.24
save mom yeah okay um3397.24.0
you really put nothing into this story3401.764.559
so the brothers lived on3404.0793.921
and even though they did not save their3406.3193.921
mother especially since she died the3408.05.28
days they sailed off three years ago3410.244.8
oh my god what's happening they had made3413.283.68
thank you hold on3415.044.079
thank you thank you thank you3416.964.399
let me finish the [ __ ] play they had3419.1194.48
made a friend for life and that wasn't3421.3593.76
too shabby3423.5993.2
the end3425.1193.281
thank you you're welcome3428.44.0
now can we do thank yous yes yes thank3430.644.479
you time oh thank you very good that was3432.46.08
very cute everybody come out here3435.1195.2
stuck in the curtain3438.484.0
here we go okay everybody take a bow for3440.3193.361
this thank you3442.483.119
thank you thank3443.683.8
thank you3445.5991.881

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