We Shouldn't Have Modded 7 Days... - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 1

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Today's video is all about the crew embarking on their journey in Darkness Falls. If you're as e...
We Shouldn't Have Modded 7 Days... - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 1
We Shouldn't Have Modded 7 Days... - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 1

We Shouldn't Have Modded 7 Days... - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 1

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod! Today, we're diving into some crazy modded gameplay that we probably shouldn't have done, but hey, where's the fun in playing it safe, right?

appsro: Absolutely, Neebs! Who needs to follow the rules when you can mod the game to make it even more challenging and chaotic? I mean, what's the worst that could happen, right?

simon: Oh, I don't know, Appsro. Maybe we'll all end up regretting this decision when we're running for our lives from super-powered zombies and mutant creatures. But hey, at least we'll have a good laugh along the way, right?

neebs: Exactly, Simon! And that's why this is my favorite YouTube video - because it's all about taking risks, having fun, and creating some epic gaming moments that we'll never forget. So strap in, folks, because this is gonna be one wild ride!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Today's video is all about the crew embarking on their journey in Darkness Falls. If you're as excited as I am to see what challenges they'll face and how they'll conquer them, then you're in for a treat.

Before we dive into the action, make sure to check out the mod launcher they used for Darkness Falls. It's always cool to see how they enhance their gameplay with mods. And don't forget to hit that subscribe button to stay up to date with all their latest adventures. Trust me, you don't want to miss a single episode.

If you're a die-hard fan like me, consider supporting Neebs Gaming on Patreon. Every little bit helps them continue creating awesome content for us to enjoy. And shoutout to Xidax PCs for powering Neebs Gaming - their setups are top-notch.

As the crew navigates through the dark and dangerous world of Darkness Falls, the music in this video sets the perfect tone. From intense tracks like "Faceoff" by Kevin MacLeod to more eerie tunes like "Lurking Shadows" by Myuu, the soundtrack really adds to the overall experience.

And hey, if you're craving more Neebs content after watching this video, be sure to check out their playlists for cartoons, 7 Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, Minecraft, GTA V, and Subnautica. There's no shortage of entertainment when it comes to Neebs Gaming.

So grab some snacks, settle in, and get ready to join the crew on their epic journey through Darkness Falls. It's going to be one wild ride, and I can't wait to see how it all unfolds. Happy watching, Neebs fans!

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oh god2.02.96
i'm in here3.762.24
no no4.963.94
running away6.06.509
yeah already it's a little different my26.563.84
quest says open the backpack does28.643.68
everybody have a backpack yeah i opened30.44.24
it how do i open up my backpack just use32.324.32
it it's in your hot bar probably it34.644.16
looks like a backpack oh36.644.0
there so hold on38.84.88
boom right then quest completed guys i40.645.84
spy with my sexy eyes potentially a43.685.6
little yellow bag here uh from like one46.485.12
of those survivors like killing a zombie49.284.08
okay i haven't seen this yet there's51.64.32
like survivors in this game okay yeah53.363.839
all right so we're yeah we're in55.923.119
darkness fall so everything's slightly57.1993.52
different a lot of learning to do lots59.0393.441
of learning to do but uh60.7193.76
is everyone's next journey a journey to62.483.6
the settlement to locate a trader yes64.4794.721
yes 630 meters away that's it yeah all66.084.48
right let's let's all start hitting that69.22.32
bird nest first yeah then trader73.365.2
hey neebs hey all right darkness falls78.564.48
uh looks like the others are four81.23.76
kilometers away from us we should83.044.079
probably head that way maybe okay uh one84.964.159
thing i noticed in my backpack i opened87.1193.841
up my backpack and i got this book that89.1194.801
says blank class paper okay i'm gonna go90.965.76
to recipes so i can choose a class oh93.925.68
really yeah what are the options farmer96.725.84
hunter laborer mechanic scavenger99.65.36
scientist security survivalist it's a102.564.48
big decision i know it's like picking a104.964.24
baby name or a profession like when107.044.24
you're a kid what you're gonna do oh109.24.32
gotta who's this guy behind us it's not111.284.56
a zombie it's not he's got a knife yeah113.524.08
he's got a knife i've got a club there's115.843.84
two of us is there any can we can we hit117.63.68
this guy why would you that be your119.684.32
first option because we need to talk121.284.799
stuff maybe talk to him huh124.04.399
hey you know you know he can't talk back126.0794.32
i just now know that i'm gonna head128.3993.441
north you do what you want to do no130.3993.761
let's uh let's go towards the others are131.844.24
you gonna pick a class not now that's134.164.079
too much pressure what i'll do it later136.083.76
did you decide what you're gonna be when138.2393.921
you were 11 years old oh my god you're a139.844.399
grown ass man perfect example no it's142.163.84
perfect listen to me nothing wrong with144.2393.521
that i'm not picking one either just now146.02.56
we'll we'll get with the others and then148.564.959
we'll all pick professions okay149.923.599
you guys ever seen a car like this not154.485.119
exactly like that no no that's fun it's156.724.32
kind of something out of uh back to the159.5994.0
future i'm searching oh a hover car like161.044.72
that would be oh that's great163.5994.081
i got some bullets we got some bullets165.764.559
seven nine mil that's sweet oh we got a167.684.639
peck of them coming in here no where'd170.3193.761
you get the uh would you get the nux in172.3193.601
this culvert right underneath where i am174.083.68
standing now i found him found some175.924.16
nooks huh yeah let's see how the yeah177.764.24
[ __ ] oh180.083.76
she hit me though papa no i think that182.04.319
might have been me oh that okay sorry i183.844.0
was going for it yeah you want to keep186.3193.441
on trucking of course yeah yeah yeah187.844.0
traitor i guess we got to establish like189.763.37
a place to live191.844.72
what is this guy look at this where are196.565.12
you new dude yeah failed prepper is what198.725.519
he's called oh you messed up didn't you201.685.199
he was prepping oh behind us guys behind204.2393.681
you simon206.8793.601
okay thank you for the heads up there207.924.8
i don't even have a club yet210.484.0
okay let's get into the traitor come on212.723.2
come on come on214.483.28
safety in there safety in there guys215.923.52
come on guys come on come on get in get217.763.119
him get it good good there you go there219.443.439
you go well hey listen you guys do your220.8793.28
thing i'm gonna ch i'm gonna check out222.8792.72
this place see if i can find anything224.1595.841
sounds good hey bob trader bob hey hey225.5996.121
neems i think we can climb up the233.5994.0
lattice here that's crazy you know i235.365.599
just realized oh you can't climb dammit237.5995.521
you do it i hope i don't do as bad240.9594.0
yep i got it yeah you got it you're good243.122.96
man here's what i just figured out244.9593.28
though for real there are 15 hot bar246.084.879
slots do you know that oh wow yeah248.2395.601
look at this one glue a thing a glass an250.9595.361
egg i got it all all right well hey253.845.119
let's uh let's take a peek um be careful256.325.36
you go first sure check your corners258.9594.641
uh-huh might want to crouch am i261.684.16
crouching or no mm-hmm crouching do they263.63.84
have pipe guns oh wait is that your leg265.843.28
it's your leg267.443.92
he's coming at you yeah he is backing up269.124.48
arrow have you built an arrow yet not271.363.76
yet you got to make sharp rocks and273.63.92
sticks and all kinds of stuff i know275.124.56
a lot of different things yeah277.524.959
okay okay did you get hurt you all right279.685.04
i'm a little hurt but i think i'm gonna282.4794.561
be all right i can take point yeah go284.726.08
ahead okay let's go in quiet287.043.76
oh nope they're here they're here oh boy291.045.2
oh boy this was dumb because we're brand294.243.679
new we're new spawns296.243.28
i'm going to stay back from you i'm297.9193.84
working the lady over you good oh this299.524.88
could be bad you need help maybe yeah301.7594.801
your corner oh yeah yeah304.45.04
drop some loot check that bag out306.564.24
83 nine millimeter hey i gotta i gotta310.84.64
heal up man i gotta make some bandages313.443.759
you do that i'll chop us a way out in315.443.92
case we need to make an escape don't317.1994.081
stir anything up though okay i'll be319.364.92
look at this they're destroying the326.324.319
trader doors wow wow oh wow327.445.92
traders are safe in this mod holy [ __ ] i330.6394.081
wanted to show you guys something but we333.362.88
got this to deal with well what's up334.723.28
well come in here maybe we can lock the336.243.36
door behind us we should take care of338.03.759
these two first right all right yeah339.64.48
come on come on all right all right yeah341.7595.28
get in there punch punch344.082.959
man i like those things347.522.959
come on349.0393.44
out sorry that was me god damn it i hate350.4794.0
to swing on this thing you okay you hit352.4793.761
me too well don't tell me to take care354.4792.961
of it and then hit me all right no356.242.72
listen we just got we gotta communicate357.443.68
when we're here we did all right358.964.32
all right better communication next time361.124.0
check this out upstairs i haven't talked363.284.8
to her yet but go ahead can i help you365.126.0
white river scout oh okay can i see your368.086.88
inventory oh she sells bob medical stuff371.127.84
oh bandages plaster paint killers oh374.967.359
okay she has jobs too really maybe we378.965.679
should do a job382.3194.241
i i want to do jobs but i feel like we384.6393.921
should find a place to live first place386.562.74
oh neebs this isn't good i feel good i391.0395.28
ate a tomato i'm chopping i think i'm393.685.12
gonna die okay i'll chop it396.3193.44
wow sick399.7594.081
this is text bag crap he's about to make401.1994.321
his way back to me now403.842.88
dang it405.522.62
all right406.724.89
okay so uh how do i cram this thing oh413.0397.28
my god i know we need it we need it now416.166.72
oh wow this was something to search did420.3194.561
anyone search it and find something no i422.884.56
didn't search it did it did you no i no424.885.039
but i mean that's a fun potential oh427.443.599
it's lost429.9192.241
yeah oh431.0393.201
[ __ ] so if we had lock picks we could432.165.039
get into it maybe so damaged police car434.243.76
oh wait you know what else i noticed i438.03.12
got into a car a second ago the damn439.364.8
cars sometimes have alarms on them oh oh441.124.639
and that's gonna bring the zombs yeah444.163.36
that'll bring all the zombs to the yard445.7593.601
like this447.524.399
i'm gonna hit him i'm moving in449.365.04
oh there you go get up so i can bop your451.9193.84
yeah there's so many zombies i know all456.83.519
right we want to try to get into this459.0393.44
dump oh i've got a lady right here come460.3192.961
yeah let's see i guess i'll do we'll463.283.199
just break the windows that seems like465.0393.521
the easiest way in yeah yeah oh my god466.4794.481
there's so many yep that's that's okay468.564.16
lower mount we take it yeah help me470.964.72
break this bubble come on bubba come on472.725.36
you also notice that there's no time475.683.919
like we don't know what time it is yeah478.083.119
i know yeah that's oh479.5993.681
that's fun all right moving in i'm doing481.1994.321
some hitting don't swing at me all right483.283.84
oh they're coming from swinging until my485.523.359
stamina is out i guess we'll all watch487.125.84
out watch the right side oh488.8794.081
sticking together sticking together494.8793.6
sometimes we need to just run okay now496.243.679
we can handle this we can we can handle498.4793.521
this you want us to take these guys out499.9193.441
that's what you're saying we're staying502.03.36
and fighting okay now we're getting into503.364.16
this cracker book yeah505.364.399
yeah come on [ __ ]507.523.04
come on509.7592.96
all right he's down he's down i cut you510.564.399
oh i can't cut you512.7194.161
oh yeah all right watch your stamina514.9594.32
boys all right516.883.839
we're doing good we're doing good519.2793.521
working as a team there you go door i'll520.7194.881
smack it there we go how you doing simon522.84.64
slice it in the face525.64.32
yeah you all right dora yeah i'm fine527.444.72
got a stamina that's a lot529.924.16
that's okay we can take them back it up532.163.52
we got this all right534.083.04
all right yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah we're535.683.599
whipping some eggs537.123.839
breaking your ass539.2792.801
get that bag oh yeah come on get your542.085.28
stupid ass up so i can whoop your stupid545.044.799
ass in your head547.362.479
neebs yeah554.163.52
sorry about that man i can't tell what555.763.6
time it is and it's getting late i know557.684.4
i need to get my stuff baggety bag bag559.364.479
should i pick this block up i'm gonna562.084.16
pick this block up yeah sure can i reach563.8394.721
it oh man i can't i got it okay that way566.243.599
they won't hopefully won't come in this568.562.959
window maybe we should spend the night569.8393.44
on the roof you know yeah we could find571.5194.161
our way to the roof i think maybe maybe573.2794.801
we should try to go in through575.685.04
oh lady outside okay578.084.16
i got spikes over there to run too if580.723.36
you need them oh okay where'd you get582.243.84
that found it nice584.084.319
um listen should we i wish i knew what586.083.439
time it was i think you can build a588.3993.521
watch in this game really yeah i think589.5194.0
so all right i think i heard absolutely591.923.28
say that should we just get up here and593.5192.721
through the night i did a thick597.122.96
don't tell anybody tell anybody too600.084.72
thick that's two thicks in them okay all602.324.56
the way up oh this is doors can't be604.84.159
done oh watch out yo606.883.6
step in front of me i didn't step i fell608.9593.041
in front of you i think in front of you610.485.2
i will [ __ ] you up right now612.03.68
oh man it's getting dark615.764.48
dude this is non-stop yep it's [ __ ]617.685.04
nuts constant zombies right hold on i'm620.245.2
gonna put some shapes on these windows622.724.64
that's a good idea can you maybe want to625.443.36
consider blocking the door simon can you627.363.84
make a fire pit uh yeah yeah you got it628.83.599
all right yeah you work on that i don't631.22.96
have any stone let me uh i'll kick this632.3993.921
guy's ass he's right here trying to get634.164.4
in oh my god it's non-stop636.324.8
non-fucking stop all right okay where uh638.565.04
where do you want the campfire sir oh by641.124.08
the way i also have a cooking pot and a643.64.08
grill beautiful yeah middle of the damn645.24.24
like yeah middle of the damn store why647.683.68
not middle of the damn store why not649.443.839
okay on the floor door what do you think651.363.44
or like on one of these like on the653.2793.12
counter back here how about that that's654.83.039
fine that's fine are you just doing it i656.3992.801
still think we got some [ __ ] in the657.8392.881
back we need to clear out though for659.22.13
uh we got three zombies over here on662.9593.681
this side boys664.643.52
they're coming out quick666.643.12
standing up come on come on come on668.164.08
stamina climb yep669.764.48
holy [ __ ] oh wait all right more than672.244.56
three 43. all right hey674.244.32
um all right if you back it up i'll get676.83.12
let's go for this678.563.68
here we go all right two down going in679.923.76
seven all right oh god look at this682.244.4
bitch's jaw oh floppy jaw ow what the683.685.96
[ __ ]686.643.0
yeah all right okay jesus you see how696.726.4
tall this uh drinking fountain is no hey700.84.08
where's that fire pit okay fire pit's703.123.12
right there all right keep it covered it704.883.49
was very funny706.2410.08
oh god oh there's a little guy no no no716.325.44
no you got through oh god oh god719.2794.081
this is a very bad thing that's all i721.764.48
know they're everywhere oh no no door723.364.56
where are you at726.243.839
okay that explains okay we'll see the727.923.68
bags are in here we can just respawn on730.0793.841
the bags okay holy [ __ ] oh there's a big731.65.039
one okay okay stamina come on up come on733.924.56
up stamina come on up736.6393.44
there's just a couple of guys i got i738.484.84
got a commodities740.0793.241
god there's another thing oh god757.045.68
they're not they just keep coming yeah759.2796.56
okay come on guys762.723.119
come on766.0793.921
come on give me a gun in this bag how768.3993.521
about dory dead again holy [ __ ] i just770.04.079
got a gun good for you oh god they're771.923.52
looking at the amount of people that are774.0792.721
eating him in the front775.443.28
this is very scary is this gonna be776.85.2
every night this is a problem yes it is778.725.119
yes it is all right come at me mother782.03.2
[ __ ]783.8394.321
oh god come on785.25.199
i'm in here788.165.2
running away790.3995.041
let's if anyone comes back here i'll be793.364.8
hiding in the corner like [ __ ] oh no795.445.519
leave me alone798.162.799
oh god all right i'm i'm sorry what the802.484.0
hell is that804.6392.801
all right i'm out i'm out of the [ __ ]807.443.12
bookstore what is that as a glowing809.042.56
are you alive811.62.72
okay that answers that i'm going to the812.883.92
trainer i'm going to the trainer there's814.324.8
glowy things everywhere out here okay816.84.159
they can't see me they can't see me if i819.123.839
crouch and i hide like a [ __ ] i'm820.9593.68
sneaking to the trainer822.9596.44
holy [ __ ] [ __ ] holy824.6394.76
you can get to the trainer at night oh833.763.68
thank you sweet jesus835.683.76
thank you sweet jesus837.442.959
i'm sorry i'm over the trainer oh god840.3994.961
don't you dare learn them over here uh i842.9594.88
didn't get much i gotta get my [ __ ] okay845.363.76
oh god i'm trying to get my [ __ ] now oh849.126.279
god this is not good851.443.959
is my stuff gonna disappear where are857.363.68
you guys traitor yeah we're at the859.363.44
trainer we're hiding in here with bob861.045.76
how do you get in the [ __ ] door oh862.85.76
they're gonna come in after me i'm in866.84.56
the you dare lure them in here oh god868.564.16
let me get it871.363.2
get it872.723.6
close the door874.564.0
doors are closed crouch crowd simon how876.323.68
do you close the door making a bunch of878.563.44
[ __ ] noise hi880.04.639
are they outside i don't probably go in882.05.839
here shut the shelter884.6395.601
that's not words yeah they're outside887.8393.36
that's not a good thing simon you891.1993.191
brought him over [ __ ] you893.044.239
you see them glowing things right neebs897.2793.281
yeah i don't like that this early in899.045.12
game nope nope nope nope uh i do900.565.92
like your hat oh thanks i feel like you904.165.28
should deliver me a newspaper uh extra906.485.12
extra read all about it that's the voice909.444.8
yeah yeah listen i did look up uh the911.65.76
watch thing uh-huh if i go into my menus914.245.279
and i type watch917.364.32
yep there's one you can craft919.5196.241
is it easy to make um it doesn't say921.685.519
survivalist i guess you got to be a925.762.879
survivalist that's that job thing you927.1992.64
were talking about928.6392.401
we should start thinking about our929.8393.68
career path yeah yeah that's it now's a931.043.68
good time because look i don't want to933.5194.161
die in this whole series not once well934.724.64
uh i can't937.683.76
go back in time but i don't want to die939.364.159
again there you go one death that's it941.444.24
yeah now i'll read that book i start943.5194.901
looking at some uh job possibilities945.685.04
oh guys they're at the front door aren't950.724.0
they oh jesus oh no oh that's a pile of952.163.84
maybe they can't get in they might not956.04.32
be able to come in here bob you got any957.685.36
guns bob yeah use those guns gun safe's960.324.24
locked okay bob you might want to open963.043.12
that gun safe right now but wait can964.564.0
they damage this door maybe not yes they966.164.08
can damage the door968.564.0
absolutely taking damage okay bob you970.243.92
want to help or you just can stand there972.563.6
like a [ __ ] jackass [ __ ] is wrong974.164.88
with you bob oh god976.162.88
at least they're not a cracker book and979.684.24
get my stuff when i die yeah so they're981.124.24
over here so i guess we could respawn983.922.64
and crack a book985.363.36
i'm going out fighting here i go do it986.563.76
do it you're here988.723.2
come on come on what is this guy that's990.322.959
a crazy looking [ __ ] how do you991.922.32
get in993.2794.281
careful time994.243.32
well stuck here1023.2792.8
let's enjoy it while i can1026.3194.921
thick what can we cook can we cook a1035.365.599
baked potato i have one potato yeah i'm1038.0794.561
going to wait until it's like daytime i1040.9592.96
don't want to draw any attention you1042.643.52
know what do i have i've got like yucca1043.9193.28
grain alcohol carrots and most of it1047.1995.201
says like 7 or fifteen percent chance of1049.844.64
poisoning doesn't it yeah you think1052.43.84
that's crazy like a chard or a baked1054.483.439
potato would do better let's try that in1056.243.75
the morning all right1057.9194.88
oh my god look at them all1062.7993.601
there's a glowing one okay thank god i1066.43.44
see some sunshine coming1068.03.28
are you okay in there bob1072.243.679
bob as soon as the sun's coming up i'll1074.083.76
go in there because my shit's in your1075.9192.88
be okay bob apro dora is that you yeah1078.7996.161
where are you at i'm in the sewer the1082.645.279
sewer yeah where's the sewer in the road1084.964.48
there was a manhole i went down the1087.9194.64
manhole okay that's good to know1089.446.32
salmon yeah where are you at i'm in the1092.5595.041
back of a building too far away for you1095.764.24
to really hear me i can hear you door's1097.64.0
in the sewer i can hear him i'm in the1100.05.28
sewer simon oh cool not really well i'm1101.66.4
crouched in the corner okay we're just1105.284.56
hiding like little [ __ ] till morning1108.03.84
and then meet at the trainer and get our1109.844.0
[ __ ] back i've already got my [ __ ] but1111.844.48
yeah okay good good good absurd do you1113.844.48
see the manhole cover in front of crack1116.322.88
no okay i'm on the roof but there's a1119.24.56
wall and i'm i'm too scared to move1121.364.0
me too yeah1123.763.2
just get away till morning then go help1125.365.04
bob hang in there bob1126.963.44
neebs yeah kind of want to shoot the1132.724.64
glowy guy he's probably stronger the big1134.645.36
lady's coming okay let's uh probably1137.363.76
take her out1140.02.799
maybe she'll drop something1141.123.84
yep like a [ __ ] pizza skills and1142.7993.76
archery just went up oh she's still oh1144.963.28
there comes the green with thick oh here1146.5595.201
we go yeah yep i got him let's see if we1148.244.64
can get him before he gets out of our1151.761.919
up nope1153.6793.681
oh boy yeah i can't see him oh i can see1155.283.44
him i got a good shot all right right1157.363.04
here straight down is it glowing you1158.723.92
think why is he glowing yeah radiation1160.44.56
usually isn't that kind of the go-to1162.643.44
uh let's see uh there we go1166.084.56
maybe he'll drop something like a like a1170.645.039
steak an already cooked steak yeah1172.965.28
radiated steak there we go we got he's1175.6794.801
down i'm about to eat pretty soon um i'm1178.244.559
gonna try cooking that baked potato yeah1180.484.079
do it man all right1182.7992.961
wish me luck1184.5593.841
good luck1185.762.64
here goes nothing1189.844.16
take me oh1192.5593.761
i saw you pop that's your manhole cover1194.02.96
so there's a damn sewer under here yeah1196.965.04
that's i want to go crazy while i maybe1199.63.28
oh yeah get your stuff back yeah hey1202.883.919
simon hey guess what what you're not1204.7993.201
going to be able to get your [ __ ] in1206.7994.801
there anytime soon there's a bear a bear1208.06.08
in the bookstore no behind the bookstore1211.64.0
oh this thing just came out of the1214.084.719
manhole oh god holy [ __ ]1215.64.8
oh my god yeah okay okay come on give me1220.43.759
something there's too much [ __ ] going1222.484.0
down here i don't like it here1224.1593.681
my stuff my stuff my stuff all right all1226.482.96
right take it off take it off1227.844.0
oh good hey bob you did great are you1229.444.8
okay can i talk to you anymore you okay1231.845.199
bob trader bob wow bob has help his1234.244.48
health got knocked down pretty big okay1237.0393.841
wow does the stuff disappear in this1238.725.76
game or does it stay there forever1240.883.6
nobody really knows don't really know1244.643.279
simon all right well i'm staying away1246.323.52
from that hot mess oh oh get out of here1247.9193.361
come on get out get out all right i got1249.843.36
my [ __ ] back uh i can try to help you1251.285.44
guys um there's no helping me no1253.25.37
yeah yep1256.722.66
what do you want to do do you want to1265.762.56
like make this home for a little bit1266.722.88
until we get strong enough to travel1268.323.2
more we could do it yeah i'd like to get1269.63.84
my health and everything up uh-huh as a1271.524.88
warning shot turn away sir yeah is he1273.444.239
still coming1276.44.08
there we go he saw my technology and he1277.6795.601
still came for it i am thirsty yeah and1280.485.679
hungry ah this isn't good man what's not1283.285.2
good we have a house this is our house1286.1594.0
we didn't pay anything for it that's1288.483.12
true we're gonna sit up there we'll make1290.1593.52
a nice kitchen we'll eat baked potatoes1291.64.64
and boil water okay i want to loot this1293.6793.921
house let's clear it out let's see what1296.243.04
we can get from it maybe there's some1297.67.0
food bandages something yeah all right1299.285.32
you're not going to believe what i found1305.124.08
guys oh hey1306.325.359
what'd you find jar peanut butter a1309.23.359
peanut butter yeah i got a jar of peanut1312.5593.921
butter hey awesome that's good so you1314.483.679
you should be able to use that like so1316.484.16
on several eats or do they i don't know1318.1593.921
there's no telling what do you guys1320.643.12
think about this place right here what1322.084.16
is being like a temporary or yeah it's1323.764.72
it's right outside of the city limits1326.244.08
okay and you know we got plenty of woods1328.482.8
behind us because i think we're gonna1330.322.96
need to forage for food i like it [ __ ]1331.283.759
like potatoes and [ __ ] all right so we1333.283.68
gotta clear it out yep i can't really1335.0393.921
help with that but um here i have uh1336.963.44
where yet dora right here right in front1338.963.199
of the place tell you what i picked up1340.44.08
this machete oh1342.1593.841
now i can help all right i'm gonna go1344.482.96
ahead and uh i'm gonna peek in i got1346.04.159
this shotgun1347.442.719
yeah a little place i'm hearing them are1352.643.68
they above1355.0393.041
you guys above you're not gonna drop1356.325.28
down on me are you oh yeah one's coming1358.084.959
from downstairs1361.63.52
he's down reloading1363.0393.601
got another one coming from downstairs1365.123.84
this is a fun what's your former1366.643.68
shut the [ __ ] up1370.324.08
messing with the og [ __ ] are you the og1371.845.92
i am the og yep i didn't i wasn't aware1374.45.44
all the respect1377.764.32
i got a couple guys outside well guys1379.844.8
try to handle okay hey this this seems1382.084.479
like yeah we could really fortify this1384.642.64
make this at least a tip home oh right1387.283.92
you okay yeah1391.23.12
i'm doing great i only died like five1392.7993.441
six times1394.323.28
i want you back put your back get your1396.243.6
back where your fingers non-stop i1397.65.28
swear to [ __ ] god it's nonstop it is1399.845.28
come on you little oh [ __ ] it's using1402.883.84
the shotgun is that what's1405.123.679
attracting them i don't know it's like1406.723.92
it's like constant and wow and then1408.7993.201
they're coming from the street they're1410.643.68
all around they're everywhere it's not a1412.05.12
[ __ ] stop man what is this well at1414.325.44
least i found a tomato yeah1417.125.12
okay at least they added tomatoes i1419.764.0
think we really gotta work on being1422.243.919
quieter maybe i don't think that's gonna1423.764.64
work with us i think you may be right1426.1594.0
all right let's take care of these guys1428.42.639
dumb [ __ ]1431.0392.721
look at his belly stab his belly simon1434.242.88
all right hold on1435.9192.961
i can't he's turning around get him1437.123.36
there oh1438.883.039
here's your belly i'm trying to get the1440.482.4
we're gonna make it something great are1456.1593.921
we the well the downstairs has got1457.843.52
does it no not really1461.364.6

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