The Prison Break Setup Part 1: GTA Online Cinematic Series

Hey guys, have you ever wondered if we could pull off a heist in GTA Online? Well, Neebs Gaming is here to find out in their latest video, P...
The Prison Break Setup Part 1:  GTA Online Cinematic Series
The Prison Break Setup Part 1: GTA Online Cinematic Series

The Prison Break Setup Part 1: GTA Online Cinematic Series

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today we're talking about why 'The Prison Break Setup Part 1' is our favorite video. And let me tell you, it's because it's the start of an epic heist adventure in GTA Online!

simon: Oh yeah, Neebs, remember when we tried to pull off that heist and it all went south? Good times, good times. But seriously, this video is our favorite because it's got all the action, comedy, and chaos we love.

appsro: Ha, you guys are forgetting the best part - the teamwork! Watching us try to coordinate a heist in GTA Online is like watching a bunch of monkeys trying to solve a Rubik's cube. It's hilarious and that's why this video is the best!

neebs: Exactly, Appsro! It's all about the laughs and the ridiculous moments. So make sure to hit that subscribe button and join us on this heist-filled journey in GTA Online!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you ever wondered if we could pull off a heist in GTA Online? Well, Neebs Gaming is here to find out in their latest video, Part 1 of 3. I don't know about you, but I am so excited to see if they can successfully complete this mission.

If you haven't already, make sure to subscribe to their channel so you don't miss out on any of their hilarious and action-packed videos. And did you know that Neebs Gaming is powered by Xidax PCs? Check them out and see what kind of awesome gaming gear they have to offer.

Supporting Neebs Gaming on Patreon is a great way to show your appreciation for all the hard work they put into creating entertaining content for us fans. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all the latest news and updates.

In this video, you can expect to see some epic gameplay footage of the Neebs Gaming crew attempting to pull off a heist in GTA Online. With their signature humor and teamwork, I have no doubt that this is going to be an entertaining and thrilling adventure. So sit back, relax, and get ready to watch them in action.

And of course, let's not forget about the awesome music in the background. Kevin MacLeod's tracks really set the mood and add to the excitement of the gameplay. Plus, the Neebs Gaming intro and "Wingy Dang-Dang" by Hank and Jed are always a fun addition to their videos.

So grab some snacks, get comfortable, and enjoy watching Neebs Gaming take on this heist challenge in GTA Online. I can't wait to see how it all unfolds and what kind of crazy antics they get up to along the way. Let's cheer them on and see if they can pull off the ultimate heist!

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my guys are gonna do this yes yep should12.994.05
be too hard we just steal an airplane15.543.27
for the record this is my nice car17.043.6
so let's don't get it scratched up okay18.813.719
all right doraleous yes drop leaves at20.643.06
the end of the airfield he's gonna be22.5297.41
our sniper they're going there we're23.711.19
going straight down yes we are Simon you29.9396.181
get it on this bridge you can take cover34.893.3
on this bridge yeah if you want me to36.123.3
yeah do that38.194.26
okay which way we shooting hey which way39.424.59
with shoot to the airfield for real42.453.479
though towards the airfield right there44.015.119
bad guys are okay all right sounds good45.9295.371
all right I guess here drive yeah I49.1293.851
figure here's as good as anywhere so51.35.189
just be easy on the clutch and don't52.985.099
sorry bro I'm going to get a lot of56.4893.631
blood on this vehicle please58.0797.19
yeah standby switch into sniper rifle60.125.149
you guys in play play all right oh wait69.956.45
I don't know you're counting down74.45.169
get out of there it's Simon recover ate101.3695.68
some meteorites of meat - oh [ __ ] [ __ ]104.145.009
Hey take cover Simon take cover107.0493.301
I'm trying to get in what do you weigh109.1492.851
you trying to get in dude cuz I'm [ __ ]110.354.589
[ __ ] okay Oh God sorry got a car coming112.05.57
in right in front of us114.9392.631
I can't be left alone a pro I can't120.385.129
why because it doesn't work out I need123.53.39
to be with you let me hang with you125.5093.44
alright you can hang with me alright126.896.05
tango yeah all right okay132.9410.45
lost the whole packet yeah well you140.934.9
gotta sacrifice things don't you143.395.499
well that was my car oh crap thank you152.7998.371
damn there you go good job heads up yeah166.286.32
man we got this I feel it168.893.71
hold on I'm gonna throw a grenade wash174.3194.131
you out176.4592.901
but I just attacked the sticky bomb to191.154.49
watch out193.1592.481
six in Simon yeah you take the van neebs205.94.44
yeah the rallies you guys clear the208.813.06
airfield I got to get the plane out of210.343.269
here cleared of what what do you mean211.875.209
clearing a [ __ ] car213.6093.47
yeah boy shows cars I think I good yeah230.53.84
well I wasn't doing anything232.753.48
all right now you are doing there we go234.343.54
I'm good Simon don't run into me236.233.18
all right let's back it up in the black237.883.8
number number number three we're passing271.844.6
right now there's a number of turn on274.823.15
the gauge if I even like its phone276.444.02
number no that was phone number give you277.9713.2
a number no you guys so long we had to280.4613.08
stop and get dressed and fixed my car291.174.05
which Stralis is already dinner together293.544.56
like the the repair shop did a poor job295.225.4
look you can see it I'm gonna get a298.15.46
picture soon the insurance company can300.624.8
we all get in the shot yeah yeah block303.565.25
in the dent alright one spray insurance305.427.62
and cheese yes you're that in the308.817.14
insurance company alright perfect313.044.24
alright come on315.958.589
doraleous it lady wants to race I don't324.5395.88
see how you figure that327.0393.38
race race330.6894.221
got her333.425.52
one one intro looks great hey guys338.9412.48
prepare for takeoff where did he go343.4910.15
I expected my land oh I was waiting over351.423.8
here for that landing353.645.25
yeah I'm hurt yeah well flip the car oh355.224.42
yes are you up top we jump a fan leaves359.6420.37
catch me like that Oh something I got to368.1615.23
stay further out this time brother back380.015.7
jump and then jump out and I'll catch383.394.57
you promise I'm going to try we got you385.715.67
buddy okay doing it aim for me alright387.966.05
I'm back up ma'am391.386.87
why do you go so far back every time yep394.016.13
that didn't work yes let me get these398.253.36
clothes that actually looks pretty good400.143.93
on him yeah I like that401.616.16
yeah where'd you get that ridiculous407.774.269
outfit ridiculous yeah really it's409.7293.84
purple and you have a top hat oh it412.0392.91
works with the mohawk it doesn't it413.5692.19
hides the mohawk414.9492.37
now it works when you go in the back415.7593.541
heat you go like oh wow this guy yeah417.3193.27
but then it looks like you have like a419.39.06
rant reckon to something now I went too420.5898.25
I like how he gave me [ __ ] I know he428.8393.241
always givin you [ __ ] drown I'm ready to430.3394.021
a bush I was taking a bad guys432.084.5
bad shot I saw people that could kill us434.364.229
okay you guys got to squeeze in it's436.583.419
kind of tight we can't all right into438.5894.59
that no we can't oh you know what guys439.9997.891
follow me I got an idea all of us yeah I443.1798.0
want to get a close look at your butt451.1798.29
look at my butt yeah I am walking I'm up453.2897.77
[ __ ] on top of that I just got up459.4694.17
baby kick the ladder again Simon kick it461.0595.25
damn you ladder just walk into it I am463.6394.44
walking into a [ __ ] what do you think466.3093.72
I'm doing look at my butt if I walk up468.0792.57
to that ladder470.0293.63
look at this walk it up to it okay well470.6495.11
let me try I don't see what magic you do473.6594.77
all right let's move up no no no that's475.7595.22
something that was it [ __ ] that was478.4294.83
it all right don't think I was doing480.9793.571
something wrong how come your brain483.2593.75
didn't go drawings move up Oh God such a484.554.619
jerk I put a sticky bomb on that wall487.0095.76
get up the ladder oh you better hurry489.1697.321
what did he say three what two one492.7695.88
yeah that's incentive man that was496.494.649
caught him look back see me I don't even498.6493.841
look I don't know what a military501.1393.06
choppers do it on top of a hospital but502.493.64
okay mark here's a bad place to park I525.57.17
think I'm gonna move it529.143.53
good job what would you teach him where544.225.73
to park549.384.77
yeah where to park yeah oh here is hello549.957.92
I thought we had a job what's he saying554.156.45
my god he got us a job we had a job I557.873.9
know we had a job yeah we just finished560.61.77
the job561.772.34
writing credit got more of a job to go562.374.32
we had a job apps where we all agree we564.117.35
all had a job okay should we meet you566.6910.2
somewhere like inside okay see there all571.467.23
right we look good right we do we gotta576.893.3
go hijack a prison bus ooh578.694.93
prison bus as monsters580.1910.65
anyone else think after needs to get595.884.51
laid he's on edge today got late last598.23.9
night what's the [ __ ] your problem600.393.27
I don't know I'm always on edge really602.14.4
cuz I've been dealing with three idiots603.666.21
okay guys you're a blessing we need to606.55.5
steal is right up here okay looks like609.874.59
he's a chopper escort all right anybody612.03.93
have anything to take out a chopper who614.463.81
lied in one Oh leaves I'm gonna drop you615.932.73
I got a homing thing618.665.589
wait now what are you doing you [ __ ]624.2496.09
dumb son of a [ __ ] am I too far yeah637.426.339
you're too far lock in I don't know we640.3395.761
need to get closer to the bus well okay643.7593.841
I'm getting back in you idiot646.13.959
Hey look you're the later I feel like647.64.349
you're misleading me cuz you need to get650.0593.75
lured you're not gonna talk about that651.9492.55
this whole mission653.8095.611
yeah really can you stop that talking654.4996.991
like that well my murse will I talk like659.426.99
I'm slobbering the whole time map guy661.497.199
where's my damn target stand by666.416.51
oh yeah I see him he's moving this way668.6896.301
all right if we're gonna be monster but672.923.75
we like the monsters it was up I'm not674.995.13
gonna I'm not gonna go far the whole676.675.969
time Hey doraleous stay away see this680.123.269
car behind us682.6394.111
yeah steal it okay try to steal a car683.3895.101
you guys need to roadblock that thing I686.754.47
don't want to drive stop talking like688.496.12
this to fellas stop you'll be good a big691.226.679
powerful thing like a truck694.613.289
yeah let's come in okay I'm gonna get a703.474.54
little ahead of them and let neebs out706.663.179
so need can take out the chopper okay708.0113.71
turn our locker it's the same pose I'm709.83915.141
gonna try to help take them out721.723.26
they win all right win hop out oh crap736.377.35
get shot out already740.822.9
the country rally it's sad we get these780.8111.72
guys off me with the bus787.415.12
he's gone all right we got it we got it816.1994.961
we got to bait the cops you guys up in818.69910.351
the one no I'm gonna hold here a second821.169.21
we want to avoid the cops we need to829.053.029
keep going will you please take the mask830.374.319
off darlie's you take it off please832.0797.411
fine fine jeez Oh Trey coming hey let834.6896.481
the train go by and then and then go839.494.339
into the tunnel841.172.659
oh all right846.4998.52
I want to ditch this car hey you know852.9193.6
what it's risky but the quickest way to855.0193.39
get there and avoid being seen is to856.5198.25
take the train tracks okay it's my858.4097.95
riding a bus like a camp songs you know864.7693.9
any good camp songs I don't like it's866.3594.02
kumbaya but that's like the most generic868.6694.17
camp song imaginable it's a religious870.3795.4
song you know like camptown races these872.8396.05
are fingers crossed we don't875.7793.11
I get my ass back up quicker887.153.71
all right893.543.12
oh man Jesus oh man all right let's do900.0710.38
this man that was some good driving908.954.34
after oh thank you baby910.452.84
you may not believe it after but we had920.675.099
a similar situation previously when you923.2794.141
were here really hidden in so well925.7694.861
somebody got hit by the train yeah no927.424.979
one died by the train though well that's930.632.13
someone fell off the bridge all off a932.769.81
bridge in doraleous been seven layer dip938.256.63
guy [ __ ] seven layer dip guys stop oh942.575.42
we miss him944.883.11
alright hey I think we're here this is950.674.57
we are complete yeah where we were953.23.59
supposed to go955.243.05
we did a good job guys we're [ __ ]956.793.99
killing this so958.298.07
oh right nice we'll hold on to this for960.787.56
you yeah have fun with it [ __ ]966.363.12
all right I don't know about you guys968.342.76
but I think we've earned a drink I know969.485.3
pretty fancy bar not too far from here971.13.68
there's no bartender here doraleous974.993.46
you're right you're a good bartender977.283.6
yeah I can bartend what kind of drink978.454.89
sushi we make we should test drive this980.885.07
I'm gonna have a Bahama Mama okay what's983.344.38
in the Bahama Mama there's definitely985.953.54
rum in a Bahama Mama okay987.725.04
pineapple juice huh Bahama Mama sauce989.495.1
you're making this up that part I did I992.763.12
know there's a sign up over there that994.595.13
says no smoking but next drink gin and995.884.38
I'd put gin and tonic and with with a1000.264.92
lime nice what about the ice though what1002.423.27
about it1005.182.28
gonna put some ice well yeah there'd be1005.693.69
ice that's standard and good stuff he's1007.465.31
a good bartender a good stuff are you1009.386.09
gentlemen brothers you've got to be1012.774.35
related these two guys sometimes1015.473.06
wouldn't people hang out with each other1017.122.22
all the time1018.532.43
they look they get to look that's not1019.344.19
this situation Simon look at those two1020.965.55
identical not identical one of them's1023.536.429
wearing glasses and that's what twins do1026.515.939
admit well no one wears glasses if I1029.9594.441
don't need them usually it's usually not1032.4494.14
what happens Simon that guy in the white1034.44.17
shirt cut his eyes at you what do you1036.5893.211
mean I don't think he likes your hat1038.572.879
what are you talking about yeah the guy1039.83.18
in the white shirt pretty sure he cut1041.4493.151
his eyes at you it's not a white shirt1042.983.359
this [ __ ] look at shirts all1044.63.57
stained and gross oh yeah I mean yeah1046.3393.721
gross white shirt yeah you have the1048.1712.48
grosser white shirt no fights in the bar1050.0613.55
oh yeah1060.652.96
damnit doraleous take it outside1068.094.3
take this outside so we don't hit each1070.534.43
other hey1072.392.57
great year yeah I know I was shooting1084.463.94
that guy in the face I know but I was1087.022.73
right behind the guy's face1088.43.63
noobs don't start any [ __ ] in here okay1089.754.86
I'm a lover not a fighter hey were you1092.0312.9
cutting your eyes at my buddy no fights1094.6112.15
in here right no fights hey you know1104.933.12
what I always wanted to know what's in a1106.764.35
Shirley Temple yeah what is this really1108.055.55
temple the the non-alcoholic version no1111.114.02
well I mean I know there's a maraschino1113.63.72
cherry well that's all you know yeah I1115.135.28
don't you suck as if nobody's made like1117.325.25
60s did you know that like five years1120.413.33
didn't you yeah I don't know what a1122.571.89
Shirley Temple1123.743.96
I know until I made should we go do the1124.464.83
rest of mission I guess I'll just I'll1127.73.36
give my manager1129.293.3
one minute notice you don't really work1131.063.31
here I quit guys1132.592.29

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Wow, I just watched the latest Neebs Gaming video where they try to pull off a heist in GTA Online, and it was hilarious! Those guys crack me up with their antics.

In the video, they come up with this elaborate plan to rob a bank, but of course things don't exactly go as planned. Neebs takes the lead as the mastermind behind the heist, assigning roles to each person. Thick is the getaway driver, but he has no idea how to actually drive well in the game. Appsro is on crowd control but spends more time beating up random pedestrians than keeping people away. Anthony tries to be the lookout but gets distracted by a hot dog stand. It's total chaos!

But that's exactly why I love watching Neebs and the crew play GTA. They take things that are meant to be serious in the game, like heists, and turn them into absolute comedy. The way they play off each other's personalities and improvise when things go wrong makes for such entertaining videos.

And the cinematic style adds so much to the experience. The custom camera angles and editing build suspense and make me feel like I'm watching a movie or TV show rather than just another gameplay video. The music and sound effects are perfect too - I was on the edge of my seat wondering if they'd actually get away with the loot!

Overall, Neebs Gaming is hands down my favorite channel for GTA content. Getting to see the game through their hilarious narrative is better than playing it myself. I could watch their GTA videos all day. Can't wait to see how the heist turns out in the next part!

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