The Prison Break Set Up Part 2 - Free Cop Chili - GTA 5 Online Cinematic Series

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you checked out their latest GTA 5 online heist video yet? Let me tell you, it's a wild rid...
The Prison Break Set Up Part 2 - Free Cop Chili - GTA 5 Online Cinematic Series
The Prison Break Set Up Part 2 - Free Cop Chili - GTA 5 Online Cinematic Series

The Prison Break Set Up Part 2 - Free Cop Chili - GTA 5 Online Cinematic Series

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to our channel! Today we're talking about why 'The Prison Break Set Up Part 2 - Free Cop Chili' is our favorite video. And let me tell you, giving cops free chili is a game-changer!

simon: Oh yeah, I remember filming that part! The look on their faces when they tasted that chili was priceless. It's like we were the real heist masters!

appsro: Haha, I still can't believe we pulled that off. Who knew that chili could be such a powerful tool in a heist? Definitely a highlight of our GTA 5 Online Cinematic Series.

neebs: Absolutely! And don't forget, if you want more epic heists and hilarious moments like this, make sure to subscribe and join the Neebs Gaming family. We're on a mission to get 1,000,000,000 subscribers!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you checked out their latest GTA 5 online heist video yet? Let me tell you, it's a wild ride! These guys always know how to bring the fun and excitement to every gaming session.

In this video, the Neebs Gaming crew tackles some seriously tough heists in GTA 5 online. But you know what makes everything better? Giving cops free chili, of course! It's the kind of hilarious and unexpected twist that we've come to love from Neebs and the gang.

If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button and help Neebs Gaming reach their goal of 1,000,000,000 subscribers! And don't forget to check out their Patreon and Twitch channel for even more awesome content. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on their weekly streams – they're truly the world's greatest!

And hey, if you're a fan of their music, be sure to grab some of their tunes to jam out to while you watch their epic gameplay. Neebs Gaming always brings the laughs, the action, and the good times, so be sure to show them some love on their social media sites and website. Let's keep the Neebs Gaming community strong and thriving!

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I could use a few more pipe bombs listen13.845.88
I'm good I actually got a better sniper17.983.9
rifle I got a more needs for the first19.724.44
time yeah I get that sniper rifle Simon21.884.05
yeah some sticky bombs I don't know if24.162.76
I'm gonna be able to use them but I'm25.931.62
gonna try26.922.49
hey sticky bomb too great you just aim27.556.54
throw and then guys ready what's taking29.416.86
so long34.092.18
back out back out yeah ready48.035.44
don't be in the store man all right I'm51.073.6
you get what you needed yeah noobs you54.674.53
got shot in the face yeah yeah you look57.044.59
gross you got shot back out so I can get59.28.669
in hop in back out you can okay for the61.638.16
record both parties were at fault you67.8693.36
guys took forever and we probably69.793.06
shouldn't have driven into the building71.2293.541
I will want it let's go we're ready yeah72.853.84
let's get to the airport74.775.09
yeah go that way yeah this way80.025.469
let's take a right bushes what's wrong86.476.91
why are you guys singing Bon Jovi91.525.52
when don't you sing Bon Jovi oh please93.385.94
[ __ ] police let's get to the day of97.044.17
airport and just hop in a damn traffic99.323.659
we got work to do101.2111.04
Simon can you do that one apart leaves102.97910.921
you and you and Simon are gonna go to a112.253.39
cargo ship and you gonna steal a car113.93.6
doraleous you and I got a we got to115.643.18
pretend to be cops and steal some [ __ ]117.54.2
[ __ ] easy is it easy I'm thinking I'm118.824.53
gonna play the part of like a wounded121.74.02
someone well no one will need to play123.353.42
the part so there's a cops get here125.722.85
we'll just take the [ __ ] vehicle I126.773.78
have an idea what's that go to the donut128.574.59
store call your buddies say there's a130.555.939
deal yeah which you and Simon you drive133.164.68
to the place where you got to steal a136.4893.121
car and just you know keep us keep us137.843.51
informed I'm just a cop ma'am we'll be139.614.8
in touch the car radio no your copter141.358.94
alias okay absolutely144.418.549
yeah this isn't a I know I'm looking at150.293.69
it now I always thought it was a donut152.9593.03
shop just because of the circle ring153.984.59
yeah just associate that look with155.9893.121
you know what what's to say that police159.114.409
don't like chili house true you know I'm160.943.66
gonna call them I'm gonna tell them163.5193.121
about the the delicious chili they got164.63.93
down here they come I'm gonna act hurt166.643.599
over here hold on I'm calling I'm168.534.33
calling 911 right now170.2394.931
this is 9-1-1 what emergency service do172.864.38
you require you guys got a good you guys175.173.39
gonna get out here to check out these177.243.9
delicious chili tell them free cop chili178.564.71
thanks buddy cop chili police officer so181.144.23
I'm rude to you alright I've been acted183.274.05
much before you'll need to act what cops185.373.48
now I got this don't worry about what do187.323.41
you think dude188.853.63
hey listen they're gonna get here190.732.83
they're gonna go into the chili house192.483.42
and eat gusto car I'm a cop and I am193.566.41
hurt I'm hurt195.94.07
Oscars my gosh you're just gonna lose209.35.98
the cops I'm not beating I'm seeing cops212.044.89
coming in right - hurry hurry what215.283.3
shooting them shoot the cops you gotta216.933.42
get on that [ __ ] huh - no Willis thanks218.583.54
man how do we know where this vehicle is220.354.02
on average it's all [ __ ] I know it's on222.123.69
the [ __ ] we're shot in my van224.373.54
cover me I'm gonna try but what the hell225.814.74
man what are you talking to make sure227.914.079
these stairs are clear I'm moving up230.555.82
they look clear shoot somebody all right231.9896.181
if you can't follow me all right I'm236.372.49
come on Simon I'm here I'm all right238.864.439
here come on boy all right there guys241.54.91
here be careful okay243.2993.111
yep tango Down come on keep pushing247.334.2
forward yep straight ahead the alert man249.345.13
now is everywhere oh there's some guys251.535.82
in two of them254.478.57
yep got guys got one baby no I thought257.355.69
okay all right come on place yeah yes263.916.19
yeah I see it269.353.78
no I know I don't see anything but I see270.14.98
you passed it273.134.41
[ __ ] all right I'm going up on the top275.084.26
of agitator come on fire good idea we277.544.43
get a good respective up here yeah279.347.08
thanks to our light in this thing [ __ ] I281.976.88
don't know man I don't know is it in the286.424.32
frigging content oh god guys right over288.854.02
all right we got it where do we go310.694.62
Oh grandpa's right you try to find out315.444.58
police things police things police320.54.42
things big good police thoughts put your323.183.12
acting skills to the test324.925.07
all right now be cool be cool yeah oh no326.35.37
put your gun out man make sure you have329.993.51
your gun away it's a way cuz we're at331.673.83
the police station there are ears333.54.89
gentlemen hey boys how you doing today335.55.08
how's that coffee I know it's [ __ ]338.394.5
good I'll go in the back room and steal340.584.29
the documents you you make make casual342.893.78
conversation with these guys I will talk344.875.73
whoo what a night y'all man we got this346.677.5
call the trailer park and some dude just350.66.45
kind of humping a dog and then he took354.176.65
the dog and he beat his wife with it357.053.77
yeah and I thought she was pissed but362.357.54
she wasn't oh man what a still back on365.368.36
the beat have a good evening guys369.893.83
it was good it was so kind yeah about374.084.619
that coffee guys377.686.06
yeah just keep drinking it huh yeah cuz378.6995.641
we're cops383.742.07
could have done a better job parking I384.344.65
guess yeah hop in puppet cops don't have385.816.329
to abide by the laws of the other388.995.549
citizens no all right let's go torch392.1394.941
this thing okay394.5396.431
oh [ __ ] we got bad guys on us397.083.89
thank you407.3896.121
we hit somebody right is that God413.515.37
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]427.187.08
okay yes but are you doing good let's430.185.67
switch I want to switch I don't want to434.264.29
drive anymore that's probably a bad idea435.855.61
man listen there's none I'm stopping438.554.83
right now no there's a fog right behind441.464.2
us damn it have a hard time keeping up443.384.05
with us though yeah because we're fast445.668.91
as lightning don't you subscribe I447.439.78
called you got it okay you're doing five454.576.42
names keep drowning while keeping people457.215.61
on the road buddy right I'm trying dude460.993.66
I'm [ __ ] wanted say right now I'm462.824.49
doing really good464.655.06
okay stop saying the room good467.317.52
relax breathe we switch yes with right469.715.12
his car humming yeah but you know what I477.434.14
don't give a [ __ ]480.343.93
I really don't this is a big pain in the481.574.86
ass and it but they're paying us you484.273.69
realize I know but they didn't say486.433.54
anything about the condition I'm pretty487.966.26
sure they did Simon well tough titties489.974.25
yeah okay511.444.42
all right let's let's steal this red car514.155.58
okay that's nice you should drive honey515.866.18
I'm gonna go over some lines why don't519.733.81
you call the neap see how they're doing522.046.54
copy that poor discours have you [ __ ]523.5411.25
up or not I think we can all agree that528.5810.88
we are effective criminals can we not oh534.794.67
I just remember you saying you weren't a540.755.24
criminal so I'm glad I got it recorded543.0711.04
bringing the schedule to the planning554.732.52
room then I could figure out when the556.024.83
next part of the heist is everybody557.255.82
Circle up out front okay gonna put that560.854.71
gun away Simon sure nobody wants to see563.072.97
that [ __ ]565.562.55
alright noobs and doraleous you guys566.043.96
gotta go take out some lawyers yeah okay568.114.62
Simon you and I gotta go break into a570.04.95
mansion and kill a guy all right I like572.732.58
alright good luck everybody good luck to575.316.54
you Yeah right like a short talk how577.595.7
long do you want it to fade no it just581.852.94
seemed like a big deal and it seemed583.293.51
like it'd have been a longer talk wasn't584.794.53
very specific good luck get through all586.84.62
right you guys know your deal yeah all589.324.56
right we'll circle back up afterwards591.427.68
yes sir all right come on really shoot593.8816.26
him all right so Simon we got to stay599.113.71
stealthy with this okay I like sneaky610.145.13
cuz it's very close to like just being a612.815.66
little [ __ ] and that's what I am615.275.46
all right Simon we need to do this as618.474.51
quietly as possible okay do I take my620.734.02
gun out now do you have any guns with a622.986.109
suppressor on it I think I might hold on624.759.98
[ __ ] you have a suppressor or not [ __ ]629.0897.461
why have you got a cat-scan out Simon634.734.95
can you put the Cascade away hold on636.555.649
that probably doesn't have it looks like639.684.05
it has a suppressor right well maybe a642.1992.911
devil the end of it right come on you643.733.349
said maybe maybe I don't [ __ ] know645.113.99
all right where we can look at I'm647.0794.541
looking you're looking hey you see a649.14.649
little uh what is that a gazebo yeah I651.624.649
see one bag I guess I see the guy let me653.7494.32
get the guy in the balcony okay you want656.2692.88
the guy in the balcony658.0692.49
I'll take the guy in the gazebo all659.1493.031
right let's uh let's do this real660.5593.39
sneaky-like it's do it it's count to662.187.319
three ready 1 2 3 oh ok I'm going in go663.9497.56
in and I'll stay right here you do what669.4994.551
you can man671.5092.541
lord let's see anybody see anybody there683.9113.23
buddy come on closer688.4412.2
don't run don't make a lot of noise okay697.143.5
let the front gate but you just come701.334.87
over here over here yeah where's me here703.654.26
I ain't runnin quit runnin I'm walking706.23.78
right here I'm looking at UK you son of707.914.08
a [ __ ] I didn't know no I should stay709.983.99
still stay still Simon burger excuse oh711.998.31
look at this take it down Danko down713.977.71
it's what Neve says all the times now720.32.94
it's got me saying it but I like it I'd721.686.3
be sneaky want to get a tango down you723.2410.7
see anybody no quiet oh I do see a guy727.985.96
look it down good man you're good we're734.876.28
targets like up there on that balcony739.744.13
Simon all right741.154.879
stop smiley stairs all right we're doing743.874.659
this covered746.0296.34
Simon there's our guy is he right my god748.5297.26
I got him I got him he's down [ __ ] it's752.3695.52
all right yep [ __ ] let's jump all right755.7893.0
let's get out of here it's get out of757.8892.37
here all right we did the job we did the758.78910.65
job good jump down here I don't know on760.25911.01
the roof all right see you Paul [ __ ] no769.4394.17
all right okay I'm on the roof are you771.2695.4
okay I'm fine I'm gonna fall - yes see773.6094.8
him he really hurt my [ __ ] head776.6693.27
all right I'm really [ __ ] hurt all778.4095.42
right we gotta get back to the car779.9393.89
do this let's kill this oh yeah where's784.9111.55
the wait where's the cops over here so794.995.96
we're good well I've lost my bearings796.464.49
I'm sorry Simon man we're good as team808.453.94
yes to be annoying811.2793.211
it's what we got to do from now on just812.394.65
being you see any other guys right now814.494.17
we won't we need for people to do but817.043.72
yeah I know but I mean you know screw818.665.82
you no no of course it that's the letter820.766.42
sir going up how's my butt look it's824.484.68
great man you've been working out knots827.188.58
the suit I think no Spanx suit you up829.169.39
here now it's not nearly as high as835.764.65
other better views I'd say this is the838.5516.02
spot huh it looks like it oh there's the840.4116.74
car see the car yes I'm the right guy854.576.54
I'm left guy zoom in I'm in all right on857.156.06
your you count when you're ready three861.117.53
two one to the car right right that's to863.218.879
come and be careful I'm gonna jump out868.645.04
and get the case what only get him first872.0896.291
I know all right do it yep hop in873.684.7
you watch out you're driving897.9594.021
cops yes there were expect then they got906.8895.57
there like it was expected909.173.289
I thought there was fields over here now914.934.14
this is a we're in the middle of a city917.063.18
we're fight a hide here in the bridge919.072.45
this is the spot this is sneaky right921.528.67
here dude no we're homeless with a sweet924.1611.46
sports car okay so I assume we did all930.197.77
the tough stuff yeah no we didn't do all935.623.87
the tough stuff well we did some of the937.963.12
tough stuff before the real tough stuff939.493.21
yeah well they had that's the point now941.083.54
is the last bit didn't it942.74.8
yeah the actual heist tougher stuff much944.625.16
tougher well it's a lot of moving parts947.53.96
it's like one of us has to pretend to be949.783.39
a prisoner one of us is driving the951.464.11
prison I'm an actor the actor you could953.174.98
be the prisoner okay but it's gonna get955.574.71
hairy oh we need two people to fly it958.153.6
when one person has to fly a plane one960.283.54
person has to fly a chopper I will fly961.754.95
the chopper I'm good on chop see the963.824.65
chopper pilot one needs to be really966.73.06
good because there's gonna be a lot of968.472.97
jets and stuff chasing the plane and I969.763.18
think you should be a chopper it will971.443.69
not be fun I think you might be able to972.944.11
do the plane Simon yeah975.133.63
okay I'm not kidding it's probably the977.053.66
easiest gig all right well you got to do978.763.66
is just fly in circles I'll take and980.713.42
then I can protect you in the chopper982.423.66
have you ever landed a plane Simon maybe984.133.48
we should practice flight lessons let's986.084.62
go prices lesson do it if you can do987.614.59
this you can be the plane driver all990.73.65

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