The Pantless Bandits!!! - Ark: Survival Ascended

Hey, fellow Neebs fans! Have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's a wild one - the bandits are on the loose and they've somehow...
The Pantless Bandits!!! - Ark: Survival Ascended
The Pantless Bandits!!! - Ark: Survival Ascended

The Pantless Bandits!!! - Ark: Survival Ascended

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neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! Can we talk about The Pantless Bandits video? That's my favorite one!

simon: Oh man, Neebs, you love that video because you wish you could run around without pants like those bandits, don't you?

neebs: Ha! Maybe I do, Simon! But come on, who wouldn't want to cause chaos in Ark: Survival Ascended without any pants on? It's hilarious!

appsro: Well, I have to agree with Neebs on this one. The Pantless Bandits are a classic! Plus, it's just so entertaining to watch them wreak havoc pantsless!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey, fellow Neebs fans! Have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's a wild one - the bandits are on the loose and they've somehow managed to lose their pants! You won't want to miss this hilarious adventure, so make sure to hit that subscribe button and join in on the fun.

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hey guys hey maybe you guys can give me2.564.799
a hand this freaking bird is annoying5.7994.321
the hell out of me I got you covered my7.3595.521
friend uh you do where you at there you10.124.84
I do which here here we go damn you got12.884.6
a shotgun he's got to come for us huh14.964.079
come on hey come on back you know what17.483.84
I'll be bait cuz he keeps on going at me19.0393.681
come on back hey look at me I'm just21.323.32
hanging out this is what I usually do22.725.6
maybe getting suros oh oh he doesn't oh24.646.2
okay I think actually might hit him he I28.325.2
thought I oh it's wings are tattered30.845.8
okay oh man that shotty should be wider33.524.84
spread you'd36.644.28
think bam38.365.92
it no one can escape the pantsless40.926.24
Bandit the pantsless Bandit that is a44.285.64
great name we should make a47.167.52
t-shirt no oh you're lucky I suck at49.927.06
you help me get this parer I would love79.885.04
to um I want one of those so we can get81.684.88
narcoberries faster yeah let me make84.923.64
sure I've got the right yeah listen86.563.199
don't don't be attacking this thing with88.564.08
an axe or with regular arrows okay no I89.7595.201
get it I know use the assistance of the92.644.2
pantsless Bandit do you have anything to94.963.6
knock I thought you were like a slug or96.843.72
something no I'm the pantsless Bandit98.564.0
okay put that away do you have something100.564.159
to knock things out with um right now no102.563.72
I've been I've been working on the house104.7192.841
okay then I don't think we need your106.283.32
services okay I'll just continue doing107.564.28
what I'm doing then okay oh my God you109.65.799
ready Dr hey oh now I lost him lost me111.845.72
no the parasaur oh got well we'll find115.3994.201
one [ __ ] I lost yeah this is tricky up117.562.919
yep and I'm green and everything's green120.4793.081
are we doing it uh yeah tell me when you121.7593.521
got a shot you can't bull of these can123.564.159
you I don't think so I got a shot hold125.283.88
on I'll just check real quick oh all127.7194.921
right I can holy crap oh all right let's129.167.12
do it come on yep easy peasy peasy peasy132.645.64
that was a good call Dr I'm checking huh136.285.44
I mean I didn't remember soep what's the138.285.72
next thing you do you you check you're141.724.92
doing great okay this was easier than I144.04.44
thought it was going to be thank you146.644.28
thank you yeah that was was really easy148.444.68
we should go for a frog or something150.924.039
there we go got a narcotic in it and153.124.0
some berries and uh yeah frog would be154.9594.601
great too but yeah couple across the way157.124.64
but this is a good start this thing was159.565.959
level this thing was level 35 okay well161.765.92
uh thick would not approved but I do I165.5193.64
couldn't tell before I we need to spy167.683.279
glass yeah yeah we'll get one of those169.1596.561
good job hey tough hunt yep170.9599.401
hey Di hey where you at I'm right here180.366.28
oh hey what's up oh no no just be in the184.365.959
band yeah what does the Bandit like do I186.644.84
don't know just getting into stuff I've190.3192.401
been building stuff for so long I felt191.482.759
like I got to get out you know and do192.723.96
stuff yeah what did did you hit me with194.2394.521
like an axe or something before Oh that196.684.4
was uh no that was an arrow oh okay see198.763.88
not that I think it was uh yeah it was201.083.0
one of these you don't need to show me202.642.92
again right yeah just one of these you204.084.32
know okay you don't need to do it205.565.28
Bandit you don't need to be that guy208.45.32
Bandit you got an arrow right right in210.844.959
the uh right in the ankle213.726.439
there don't you do that if I did it215.7997.601
happened right your220.1596.44
arm o you've been pantsless223.46.559
banded there we226.5993.36
go Dallas I'm just going to look for237.565.16
some hide okay we need like 80 hide to239.5195.36
get that saddle going hey there's a242.726.4
bunch in the uh in the the Smithy but 80244.8796.08
I mean maybe close at this point because249.123.8
I just put a bunch in from uh a moss250.9594.961
chops I killed okay I was going to try252.924.64
to kill something and now you've gave me255.923.68
no reason to do a scene well go ahead257.563.679
and kill something because we always259.66.96
need hide okay all right uh don't see261.2398.8
anything oh I see your Tower yeah yeah266.565.8
that's I love that place okay I don't270.0393.72
know how deep this water is I'm going to272.363.279
go for it okay just going to get a273.7593.361
little run and start are you going to275.6394.56
get by the tower uh I don't think so277.124.96
okay I think I'm far enough away all280.1996.44
right we're about halfway up yeah282.084.559
hey come on little bastard yeah you're287.526.399
dead and where's the other one abro you291.0395.561
still around yeah this freaking guy I've293.9194.241
been trying to kill him forever what are296.63.28
you doing what are you doing trying to298.164.28
get hide out here oh yeah all right299.884.039
let's get that thing what is it I I302.442.72
don't know it's a little guy but I've303.9193.28
been I swear to God I've thrown like six305.164.0
Spears into him he should have died with307.1994.521
the first one I missed him yeah um yeah309.163.96
make you need to make a bow and arrow311.723.96
man I know I I mean I have one I just I313.125.04
don't like them I but I thought steers315.684.079
Spears would be better all right careful318.163.8
run it into the woods don't get lost I319.7593.801
know I probably will all right fine321.963.16
you're going to live another day oh what323.564.199
are you oh you're going to die you're a325.125.16
threat I'll stab you in the face327.7594.88
that's right oh God he looks different330.285.28
his pretty colors yeah that's right oh332.6395.601
God are you under water or something oh335.566.24
no oh [ __ ] damn thing broke should have338.248.12
had more Spears on me oh God yep I'm341.86.04
going to346.364.64
die right347.844.88
probably damn351.05.4
it what is that you well yeah you son of352.727.28
a [ __ ] you son of a [ __ ] come come on356.45.4
now you're you're lucky I don't have a360.03.319
spear yeah361.85.0
I leave me be leave me Al you how you363.3195.401
taking so many arrows right now I don't366.87.44
know boom P Bandit strikes368.725.52
again uh379.04.96
tames sweet you want to I'll just let380.847.079
you do it uh oh name it of course okay383.965.88
uh let's see here where was that where387.9194.161
is that what am I hearing oh God okay oh389.844.359
you is that suck what is it I can't even392.086.16
see yep it's a pomax taking my stuff394.1996.4
okay where'd you go I just got he's398.244.679
stealing my gloves they always Ro me400.5994.561
gloves it's hard to see through all this402.9194.881
lushness yeah okay well listen I'm doing405.165.52
I got 51 hide already mostly pamax and407.84.48
uh dillow yeah we're going to be good to410.684.44
go okay uh good to go here we go we put412.285.24
this away because uh you not my threat415.123.919
hey have you considered giving me those417.524.88
shotguns shows um I thought you were419.0396.72
giving me the gun H you weren't giving422.46.799
me the gun ah could give the gun to the425.7597.321
pantsless Bandit listen I have two guns429.1996.641
oh you do yeah that's what the pantsless433.085.36
Bandit would need now like a nice gun435.844.079
all right and I figured I would you know438.443.68
me just hanging on to one doesn't make439.9194.441
sense I mean me hanging on to both442.123.84
doesn't make sense I should hang on to444.363.559
one that's what I meant to say gotcha I445.963.76
like your hat by the way oh thank thank447.9194.201
you yeah I like yours yeah maybe we449.724.4
could like both be Bandits together the452.125.68
pantsless bandits oh all right hey I454.126.519
mean let me know457.85.359
abro does it460.6394.601
work yeah you know what you make that463.1594.681
work yeah right your thighs match your465.245.239
face it works well I'm a pantless467.845.799
bandit we're pantsless Bandits now all470.4796.0
right [ __ ] come here yeah what you473.6397.041
got a gun476.4794.201
hey Salon hey are you in that pantsless482.126.639
Bandit thing no I'm the victim oh you're485.4794.921
the victim yeah I think that's going to488.7595.361
end up being the thing uh yeah do you490.47.04
need Revenge nah is that your bag on the494.127.199
ground might be okay I got everything I497.447.24
needed I'm not sure what it is I'm just501.3195.761
going to chill out kind of chillax for504.685.28
the rest of the day salmon507.085.72
hey pantess Bandit hey I wanted to509.966.28
apologize hey no it's it's good like we512.85.96
had to f look I I got you something did516.245.919
you though I did look at this that's518.765.72
yours now along with522.1595.081
these somebody shooting you what who was524.485.799
that who done it think it's SES oh you527.244.56
[ __ ] who done it you're about to be530.2793.441
victim with the damn Panther Bandit oh531.83.88
yeah Bandits533.724.92
Bandits oh who' I hit I might have just535.684.64
hit you Dr538.643.08
oh don't hit my thing damn that's how540.323.56
you just shot the Paras well shotgun541.725.88
spread's a thing isn't it yeah the pess543.885.76
Bandit strikes again I want to knock547.63.84
your damn down what are we doing with549.644.08
lives we need to get real559.245.68
Simon yeah H oh there's nothing in this568.164.04
bag how come there's bags with nothing570.64.6
in them I don't know hey is this your572.24.44
existence now you just crouch in the575.23.36
corner with a gun into the door yeah how576.643.72
do you like my578.564.68
place I without the guy crouching in the580.367.159
corner I love it yeah a little confused583.245.52
yeah I didn't know we were just shooting587.5193.361
each other now with with guns I thought588.764.04
we were like having fun with Tran arrows590.884.92
I wasn't shooting anybody with guns no592.86.64
Simon you just default to defensive who595.86.719
shot me with a gun okay who shot me with599.445.48
a gun me can I shoot through the glass602.5196.241
probably not yep okay heyes yeah what604.927.72
you think about the pantsless saloon oh608.766.6
um I like it you know what you got to do612.645.6
to get in see you guys aren't allowed615.364.52
yep see look at look at this you can618.244.56
increase the size of the text yep619.884.959
beautiful the saloon that's got does622.85.12
that have two L's um I don't know you624.8396.201
know what no one L one L s a l o o n one627.926.8
L bam easy I'll be the door guy631.047.16
okay mhm that paint bam look at that634.724.84
that's nice Simon you're not going to638.22.96
shoot him in the back of the head mean639.563.519
I'm right here Simon come on you can do641.165.52
it listen what if if I just add to it643.0795.121
who's about to be a dead bit who's about646.684.36
to be a dead going to648.22.84
be yep come out come you break my pants651.487.32
where'd he go the pants is banded oh656.324.92
strikes again did you get him did you662.3995.921
get him Door pantess band here forever665.06.279
yeah can't get in without pants off damn668.326.6
it they broke my shirt you671.2793.641
[ __ ] I need687.885.44
hey man how about a truce well I did I689.925.52
just now realized your health at 240 so693.323.16
You' got695.444.48
one perfect mine's mine's at 150 yeah696.485.28
Hey listen you might have 150 Health but699.923.599
I respect you because you know this game701.765.639
better than anybody and uh I need a pelt703.5195.961
uh yeah good luck with that really right707.3993.961
we good luck with that you want to go709.484.88
probably to uh let's see somewhere cold711.367.12
okay what about hair or wool h i mean714.366.919
can we make s scissors and get hair oh718.484.039
well we can't make scissors without721.2793.441
obsidian I look at that too oh really722.5194.641
yeah jeez okay where do we get obsidian724.726.28
um let's see I think I think it's not727.165.799
caves I think it was a big thing731.03.68
remember I do remember that I do732.9593.281
remember that yeah oh wait like on the734.683.36
side of the mountain or something right736.244.48
yeah yeah God we got to go up in738.045.52
elevation um I could we could probably740.724.799
hop on the boat and maybe find some743.564.56
wolves or something H let Bo just like745.5194.521
beach wolves maybe around the corner748.123.36
think to the Southwest there might be750.043.84
some wolves oh okay so it's an adventure751.484.76
and a gamble yeah all right tell you753.883.959
what hey I'll gather some stuff up and756.243.44
then you and I go Pelt hunting here we757.8393.831
go Boat Trip Boat759.6810.53
Trip okay no threats yet no but you see773.446.68
that bridge right yeah man I just I777.124.44
thought we could have one river that780.124.36
wouldn't be impeded yeah well did you781.565.68
build that this I it looks handy if784.484.479
you're walking but I want to get through787.245.52
here H well maybe we can destroy it uh788.9594.961
you think I can squeeze through this792.763.4
little bit in the middle I doubt it I793.924.24
really doubt it what is796.164.96
this uh been finding ruins all over this798.166.679
place okay can we801.123.719
just I'm off I'm off oh you're off I'm804.924.919
off I'm off I'm in the water water yeah807.83.399
get back on here cuz hold on let me get809.8393.321
I'll get on the bridge there are threats811.1993.561
around here yep that's why I want there813.163.44
aut over there water there's a what a814.764.48
Hut that's where we should check the Hut816.66.56
out oh yeah there's a Hut okay let's819.246.2
take a look huh I mean yeah we're here823.164.679
I'm going825.442.399
in all right Simon frog gigging frog828.246.44
gigging yeah but I've got a well it's832.045.32
still kind of a this Moonlight provides834.684.719
a good amount doesn't it but I'm still837.364.399
going to toss up a flare once we see a839.3994.601
frog and we going to get that frog okay841.7596.041
so uh what's what's actual gigging like844.05.199
don't you have to like stab him or847.83.56
something just heard it I've heard it um849.1993.681
okay so it's not this is not going to be851.363.919
nearly as bad he's here frog you know852.884.04
frog right there okay let's do this for855.2794.12
Dramatics all right come on856.927.32
go wow okay that's quite right now can859.3997.56
we do the Bola I forget oh I don't know864.243.64
I thought we were just going to shoot it866.9592.961
and went in the water it's already like867.884.48
disappeared damn it damn it is right I869.925.24
really hold on it it might come back up872.365.2
I mean I don't know I froggy frogs come875.165.119
on come on baby come on baby where you877.565.719
at uh yeah oh piranha piranha all right880.2794.521
yeah you didn't have to go in there no I883.2793.841
wanted to I want to be able to swim884.84.279
sometimes where's this frog going887.125.56
piranha screw you where's the889.0797.68
Frog damn it you wasted the flare on892.688.8
that a you son of a get away what just896.7596.801
another thing yeah all right I thought901.483.96
it was coming at me come on froggy where903.564.719
are you at man maybe it was the flare905.445.28
that spooked it yeah no more flares that908.2794.0
works out cuz you don't have anymore I910.723.64
only have one more oh you do yeah all912.2793.68
right no flares we're getting a frog914.363.32
damn it yeah shoot the flare after we915.9593.721
get the Frog it'll be a celebratory917.686.48
flare after yes919.684.48
okay I am approaching the Hut okay hey929.65.719
be be ready though what the hell this is932.8395.401
like an abandoned Hut clearly this is935.3197.361
cool looking though and ha nothing in938.248.44
the Hut nothing nothing seem to be no942.686.48
this just seems to be a a ruin oh wait946.685.2
no I found I found a treasure chest okay949.165.119
let's see please be something good what951.886.92
is this a ramshackle fiomia saddle grab954.2797.68
it I'm I'm grabbing it might as well all958.84.839
right is that it uh yeah that's all that961.9595.32
was uh that I saw okay good but you963.6395.401
didn't find a note nothing worse than967.2795.12
getting a note oh man I hate notes969.044.799
unless it's interesting like you know if972.3993.961
the note had said you know Screw you973.8395.12
I'll leave it out back yeah come get976.364.8
your stuff [ __ ] that's right all right978.9594.921
let me get on it's my favorite kind of981.165.96
note there we go all right let's head on983.885.19
down the beach find some fur987.123.6
let's do it did I just see another box990.725.72
wait what see another box oh wait is993.925.12
that is that a pier wood and thatch you996.445.36
know what I actually need that take it999.044.44
I'm taking it there's ruins all over1001.83.03
this place I love1003.483.159
it all right Simon it's down saw one1006.6394.56
down here okay and again I don't1009.3194.121
remember the bowl of oh boy God see1011.1996.76
what's beyond it um oh yeah oh that's1013.447.079
not good so yeah no that that way bad1017.9595.32
this area is like it's on the cusp but1020.5195.4
bad bad bad yeah okay hold on let me see1023.2795.961
you're this a oh here hey buddy here you1025.9196.28
got it a yeah get the [ __ ] out of here1029.246.16
dude um oh yep I'm shooting them yep me1032.1996.921
too come on baby oh this is a bad spot1035.46.399
is it I mean I'm just saying look what1039.125.16
we're next to oh it's out already out1041.7994.321
already here cover me cover me cover I'm1044.283.679
attempting too all right all right yeah1046.123.32
it is a bad spot but you're good man1047.9594.481
you're good okay we're happening okay1049.447.28
we're we're The In Crowd I assume it1052.447.28
it's what do you assume do they eat they1056.724.959
eat meat what do they eat oh God I don't1059.723.92
know got everything at it okay so you1061.6795.321
got berries different kinds [ __ ] meat1063.645.039
what do they eat I don't know I put1067.04.2
berries in it okay what about meat I put1068.6794.521
meat in it okay and it's RW meat right1071.24.08
isn't that cover everything I don't know1073.25.24
they know that they need fish oh I don't1075.284.08
do they1078.442.16
I don't know I mean it's possible1079.363.16
because obviously they're in the water1080.63.76
God oh it's taming all right I'm going1082.524.639
shut up okay we're good we're good silly1084.366.71
silly me silly you what's it eating1087.1597.46
though can you build a fire a second1099.284.2
fire didn't think it was going to get1102.124.36
this cold crafting I can make a torch I1103.484.24
can't make another fire I don't have the1106.484.079
materials there some FL Flint oh God do1107.725.48
I have any Flint I got I got 30 Flint1110.5594.24
okay uh throw that down throw that down1113.24.76
okay drop it drop it there it is God1114.7996.36
made me run for it huh sorry pick it up1117.967.36
okay oh God a seagull those things hate1121.1596.801
those things so much yep I hate them too1125.324.599
okay making campfire oh it's so cold1127.963.44
it's so cold why is it so we're right1129.9192.88
beside a fire and I got a torch out it1131.43.0
should not be this cold it should not1132.7992.88
ice Cub this1134.43.639
ridiculous and we're pretty far south1135.6795.081
yep okay look there's palm trees here1138.0395.64
it's very warm climate you would think1140.764.6
all right come on fire it up fire it up1143.6794.441
oh please please please please make fire1145.364.319
okay there we go are we still we're1148.124.6
between two fires and I got a torch out1149.6795.561
and I'm going to have a torch out too1152.724.8
still ice cubing this is ridiculous see1155.243.36
this is why I don't leave the house1157.522.159
we're going to die this is why I don't1158.62.68
leave the house we're going to die1159.6794.521
between two fires with torches all right1161.285.04
well you spawn back on the bed oh I1164.23.44
don't want to lose this stuff I guess I1166.322.88
got to spawn back on the bed about to1167.643.519
take turns spawning on the bed all right1169.24.2
you spawn first I guess wait till1171.1595.121
morning this is ridiculous insan it's1173.45.2
insane we are way too far south to deal1176.284.96
with this snowflake you got snowflake I1178.64.64
got a snowflake hold on I got a1181.245.28
snowflake too okay might make it we1183.245.48
might make it through the night Babs yes1186.524.8
how L's your health oh like see I got a1188.725.28
sliver oh really1191.326.76
yeah got you back buddy the pants Bandit1194.05.72
strikes the1198.085.64
in woo1199.724.0

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Wow, the new game Neebs Gaming is playing looks absolutely incredible! I love how they immersed themselves in the world and really brought the characters to life. Their hilarious and chaotic antics had me laughing out loud - especially when they were running around with no pants on!

The cinematic style of their videos makes it feel like you're right there with them, experiencing all the action first-hand. Even though it's edited, their commentary and reactions make it so engaging. It's like you're playing co-op together.

Neebs Gaming always finds ways to showcase the best parts of any game they play. They go off the beaten path and find unique ways to interact with the world that you wouldn't see from a typical playthrough. It's amazing how they can turn even simple things into such entertaining moments.

Overall, watching Neebs play this game is the next best thing to playing it yourself. You get the story, the visuals, and the humor without having to grind through the gameplay. Their videos are like a highlight reel of the most fun and ridiculous parts. It's no wonder they have such a huge following. Their ability to bring games to life through their cinematic style is unmatched.

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