An Alpha Raptor Destroyed Our New Home!!! - Ark: Survival Ascended

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you're a fan of the channel, you won't want to miss the latest video where the team is facing...
An Alpha Raptor Destroyed Our New Home!!! - Ark: Survival Ascended
An Alpha Raptor Destroyed Our New Home!!! - Ark: Survival Ascended

An Alpha Raptor Destroyed Our New Home!!! - Ark: Survival Ascended

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another Neebs Gaming adventure! Today, we have a special treat for you - An Alpha Raptor Destroyed Our New Home! Can you believe it?

simon: Oh man, that raptor really did a number on our place. But hey, at least it makes for some great content, right?

appsro: Haha, yeah, it's like our home was just asking for trouble. Maybe we should invest in some better security measures next time.

neebs: Or maybe we should just stick to building in safer areas. But where's the fun in that? I love the thrill of danger!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you're a fan of the channel, you won't want to miss the latest video where the team is facing a whole bunch of challenges, from pesky Triceratops to towering structures and even Alpha Raptors causing chaos. It seems like trouble just keeps finding them no matter where they turn!

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well well19.925.08
well ah the old Alpha rapor of course21.725.76
right where we're building their base25.05.48
man that's the it's unfortunate he made27.484.2
that base out of30.484.32
thatch this three Pig story oh yeah yeah31.685.399
this is uh yeah this base is weak yeah34.83.759
we well we didn't see an alpha Raptor37.0792.721
when we built it yeah and eventually38.5593.16
there's going to be walls should be okay39.83.439
when you built it all right who wants to41.7192.921
who wants to like drop all their stuff43.2397.401
off and lure it away um um I mean I I44.6410.16
can YOLO baby oh de is going where you50.648.759
at did you see me um I don't know I lot54.87.12
no he does now I see him okay now let's59.3996.241
see and fire a better seat for61.926.08
this he's coming he's coming he's coming65.644.76
there it goes oh boy is he got is he on68.05.4
me um yeah he's definit on you okay see70.44.719
if you can get him to bite that parer73.44.12
parer excuse me oh you can't get me75.1195.761
you'll never catch me I'm to oh okay got77.526.84
you oh yep man wish I had a spy glass s80.887.64
i okay Power come on help out help out84.367.799
help out oh God up oh ah but he didn't88.526.44
piss the parasor off I see him yeah nice92.1594.201
I wonder who's winning that fight over94.963.28
there yeah wouldn't that be nice if the96.363.6
Paras actually par couldn't kill it98.243.559
could it an alpha Raptor I don't know99.964.32
about that doesn't seem like it's a good101.7994.161
yeah wait oh wait yeah wait the Raptor105.965.759
is running paris's chasing yeah oh man108.7594.4
kind of want to check things out over111.7193.76
there go for it Go all right yeah I mean113.1593.88
come on I don't have much stuff anyway115.4793.64
and I can always just get it what's117.0393.44
happening is he119.1193.0
did he do it uh yeah he's fighting the120.4794.041
parer okay we can't tell who's winning122.1194.121
not from this distance uhhuh Simon's124.525.04
going in for a closer look Simon's also126.245.28
uh got all the stuff on yeah well I129.563.44
don't have much stuff to begin with and131.523.12
the parish is not fighting anything133.04.0
anymore you should yell you're very far134.644.0
I'm not that far to the point where you137.04.76
can't hear me I mean come on did you see138.648.08
a dead rapor I can't see141.7610.08
anything can you still hear me146.725.12
barly yeah I don't see a raptor and152.166.359
there's no more fighting okay I'm coming154.9597.92
to get my stuff you're nuts man oh wait158.5197.121
yeah the Raptors right there right there162.8794.841
it's like they just decided to be165.645.599
friends oh hey Simon hey hey watch out I167.725.239
don't know if you heard any of that but171.2394.401
I did man listen I don't know you're172.9595.0
pretty close yeah okay where's my bag175.645.04
door is crazy okay177.9594.92
find it odd that they just stopped180.685.44
fighting got it all should be safe for a182.8796.92
little while I'm on my way back186.126.0
okay what's the plan good sir uh for me196.368.2
good sir it is making these um these uh200.685.6
metal hatchets so I can get in that204.565.52
Tower door oh okay so uh what did you206.286.76
get up to like how far did you get last210.086.12
time oh so you so you used one didn't213.044.8
you or two yeah had it broke and I216.23.36
repaired it but I know I need to go back217.845.039
with like three at least at least three219.567.239
oh damn what what whoo that what's up I222.8796.681
was practicing that that was that was226.7994.52
really that was that was really close I229.563.56
saw that come in that was scary we got231.3194.241
parure like right outside or parasaur we233.124.64
need meat all right let's let's get it235.565.0
like tag team it D you got a spear and237.764.039
and toss240.567.039
it yeah still oh no holy crap oh come241.7998.761
on it come on I'm trying look at that247.5994.84
thing come on baby looks like a damn250.564.039
porine still alive let's see maybe that252.4394.441
one was there's no way there's no way D254.5994.681
you got it good job Simon yum yum there256.884.599
was a way wait did you kill it Simon he259.284.68
did yeah oh you did I'm very heavy let261.4793.961
me get back that was the whole point and263.963.76
look oh the cousin's coming over to pay265.445.039
his respect kill it kill it killing you267.725.479
too cousin nice oh good job I didn't270.4794.321
actually think we did it sweet we need273.1993.961
the meat that's perfect what is this274.85.28
it's a snake Okay snake I'll take some277.165.24
of that okay don't let him bite you280.084.92
we'll pass out most chops careful snake282.44.88
snake told you I just said285.05.8
snake come on oh yeah oh crap now the St287.286.0
don't eat my snake don't eat my snake290.85.44
Okay what up I just want I want the293.285.759
hide okay it's perfect get the hide get296.244.56
the hide I need some hide want to make a299.0395.201
boat is that thing coming for me nope300.87.56
okay looking good oh yeah that's looking304.246.44
good now where's that308.364.24
Saro get315.1997.921
it oh see you Saro ne's here is that a316.8810.92
hit is it coming oh yeah right in face323.127.079
yes sir keep coming at me327.84.6
sorry you know what I had some trinks330.1994.481
you and I'd be friends but I don't I332.45.519
need you to make a boat oh yeah good on334.686.72
quick baby how bad is he oh boy Dad's337.9195.201
getting close need to run a little341.45.96
bit R more Snake bag look out no not343.126.56
back in the water don't get back in the347.365.2
water okay how many arrows do I have349.687.48
left come out352.568.44
no I had one error left357.167.479
beautiful okay we are getting some hide361.06.12
man this is364.6396.321
beautiful love it hide for367.1210.4
days oh God no you did not stop it370.966.56
poloo Dora yeah do you know how to make383.167.2
bait or like how I get bait387.0396.641
ooh I'll bet it's fish based or maybe390.365.8
not maybe like how would I make it cuz I393.684.48
haven't even been able to find it I've396.164.439
never once in this recipe cuz I've got a398.164.68
fishing pole hey hey there's a400.5994.801
Triceratops out here I'm just practicing402.845.4
you're practice it Okay he's PR keeps so405.45.239
stop practicing by throwing in here at408.245.76
Dora yeah trops outside with a baby I410.6395.161
don't know if we want one well why414.03.199
wouldn't we want a baby just grab the415.83.519
baby well now then the mom's going to be417.1994.68
mad no we got to kill the mama oh okay419.3194.28
right so yeah we we all need to tag team421.8794.72
the mama yeah I'm good oh God there's a423.5994.081
bunch of them now I don't know which426.5993.561
one's the mama oh yeah that's true427.684.359
probably the one it's closest I would430.163.28
imagine going to be are they going to be432.0393.28
a couple about this oh yeah cuz there's433.444.08
two babies oh yeah there are two babies435.3194.72
so we should just like try to kill one437.524.48
and we know we'll get one of the babies440.0393.72
Mama away you know I don't know there's442.04.44
away I'm busy okay door's not in it's443.7594.961
going to take a team it's another goal W446.444.039
there's a bunch of these hanging about448.724.44
okay cancel450.4792.681
that just going to wait for him to pop453.243.28
his head455.443.4
up pop your head456.527.079
up where is he oh even closer to the bag458.847.359
that time that's too close he's going to463.5996.761
aggro is he right there can I just oh466.1997.361
this is me okay tell you what boom and470.365.88
take it all take it all boom and I don't473.564.72
know what that is I don't care okay got476.244.959
my stuff back478.285.52
thanks for not eating481.1996.56
me you down here yeah don't give me a483.86.04
hard time I need to make some bait come487.7595.321
on come on where you where' you489.846.359
go oh oh god oh you're going to attack493.085.119
me oh of course you are you're a big496.1995.12
fish aren't you oh you're coming at498.1995.881
me oh my God I thought you look like501.3194.401
pretty friendly like think that would504.084.76
one have run from me oh no no no no no505.726.12
no come on come on am I going farther508.846.24
out to the water come on come on you got511.846.24
this holy this is515.085.0
um wow how many F520.088.68
oh guys hello this is524.2797.601
insane please is anyone around here528.766.519
what's going out we at I'm I'm killing531.886.079
fish get out of the water no I want to535.2794.281
keep on going but I want somebody to537.9593.761
help me too if you539.564.279
could this is a541.725.84
massacre massacre I tell you I'm trying543.8396.601
to just get some bait what you're really547.565.8
far away all right sorry forget it I'll550.444.76
talk to you553.366.52
later what an idiot what a damn555.27.639
fool is a triceratops burning itself to559.884.68
death on our camp oh it's leaving now is562.8393.161
that what that noise was yeah it was a564.565.519
Triceratops just cooking itself never566.05.959
moment it's kind of bloody we should570.0794.44
take this thing right I need hide I571.9595.241
guess right I need hide you need hide574.5194.44
okay come on NES what what you got to577.23.879
lose come on just this once though okay578.9593.721
you guys killing this yeah we're going581.0793.401
to kill this all right I'll put one uh582.683.399
one spear into it and then I'm going to584.483.84
go and make some more metal okay all586.0794.88
right sounds good you ready names yep588.325.32
yes I am yeah and Dora go for it and in590.9597.281
three 2 one hit it yep all right going593.648.759
to MC metal okay yeah ah crap my bow598.248.0
broke okay jumping over him up rear602.3996.56
attack I'm in the water o we don't want606.244.44
him in the water oh yeah oh God we may608.9594.681
have pissed them all off down um610.685.36
no I'm going to shut the front door is a613.645.759
little loud guys probably good idea are616.045.96
they hitting our house oh God that's not619.3996.041
good s made a thatch oh oh God get622.06.36
out of here well door yeah I'm shooting625.445.68
it down are they in the house I'm going628.366.88
to shoot it damn it that backfired H oh631.127.04
God they all coming this isn't good oh635.244.24
God no this isn't good what are you638.163.6
looking at you little he want you639.486.919
because you angered it we okay oh God oh641.767.24
God oh God it's okay maybe the Piranhas646.3994.721
will come and eat them that' be great oh649.06.16
oh all right oh the two babies651.125.959
are in there655.166.64
too babies all right oh boy oh can we we657.0796.921
make more spes oh661.86.0
no this did not go swimly oh no mo chop664.05.959
just jumped in the water chip chop chip667.84.32
chop just jumped in the water this is669.9593.88
going to be right between your eyes672.124.08
where did Mees go I think he died in the673.8395.68
water he's dead I got you that's did mom676.25.68
die we need mom's meat all right where679.5194.081
is he at maybe I can lure it off okay681.884.16
it's running coward okay all right683.64.359
where's mom did Mom run too I have no686.044.039
idea I see a baby687.9594.921
it's Mom's body down here oh yeah Mom's690.0795.401
body's down here okay and the baby uh692.885.519
the baby Dr ah oh and he oh God695.484.919
Papa's coming back Papa's coming back no698.3996.081
mercy to baby no mercy to baby uhoh papa700.3999.721
okay oh no no no no just704.485.64
get okay oh he's going to follow me the710.925.4
W didn't he oh yeah he's real pissed cuz713.84.32
I killed his wife probably one of his716.324.8
oh God I'm dehydrated spawn in the wrong721.485.52
place got to get some724.8395.44
water oh boy don't die again I ran all727.05.639
the way across this island gate where's730.2795.68
the water so close oh God that's a jump732.6397.481
okay here we go I know I'm thirsty don't735.9596.12
pick fiber740.126.24
drink there we go okay sorry I'm late742.0797.56
spawn the wrong place746.367.039
I said I'm sorry I spawn in a wrong749.6397.681
place anybody here Mo CH what you doing753.3996.0
a chip chop that's chip chop chip Chop's757.323.44
been out and about we got attacked by759.3994.401
Tri some triop chip chop calm down buddy760.765.0
wait chip Chop's got to get it together763.87.0
is this chip chop can't oh okayo okay765.768.199
buddy calm down I know it's been a crazy770.88.839
day what a week right773.9595.68
oh God oh God everybody what oh H oh I'm780.325.879
overweight I'm overweight784.244.399
there's I don't even know my brain my786.1995.64
brain St working there's an Al did you788.6394.281
run oh my God it's right there it's792.925.279
right there no there's no point right we795.764.639
just need to run we got to run right and798.1994.401
get it away that's the thing time to go800.3993.521
hey guys I'm going to go and work on802.64.76
that Tower okay okay oh it's803.924.88
hanging out at our house it's digging807.362.839
right there come on get away from the808.83.64
house get get away get away get away810.1994.601
what are you chomping on hold on I may812.444.759
have a shot from up here come on oh814.83.44
that's good817.1994.76
okay it's not oh God yeah you do don't818.246.32
you cra he's going to stay on it821.9594.921
you guys are heroes this is bad this is824.564.399
bad chip chops in there all right I'm826.886.72
going to throw a spear go ah get it hey828.9598.361
look at this spear throw perfect s o833.66.4
right the but spear837.327.12
th another one come on will you get away840.06.16
little he doesn't turn around we844.444.079
can fight him oh he turn around around846.163.799
here with me he's in the house he's in848.5194.841
the damn house he's Cho chip Chop's not849.9595.12
in the house I am in the house I can853.364.12
confirm I'm going to throw this at his855.0794.0
face into857.484.76
face no did I miss oh he turned he859.0795.0
turned he turned there you go that's862.243.519
what you want you want to get him out no864.0793.481
he's still in the house get out of the865.7594.481
house okay now he's running now he's got867.566.6
it oh Snapp he do yeah run run870.246.24
run God oh that was quick that was874.163.4
really quick I don't know I'm trying to876.482.56
get my back he's coming towards me877.563.44
now oh god let's lure him away as fast879.043.52
as far as we can you're doing great Dees881.04.759
I'm trying lure him I'm Ln Lord is he882.565.76
still yeah he's still okay how's he not885.7594.161
calling me yet okay there he is I see888.324.7
him oh God all right no crap that889.927.44
hurt I missed this game believe it or897.364.599
not oh my God this going take forever905.485.84
but got to get it started cuz it's going908.8394.761
to take forever and I want to go help911.323.759
then I want to go back and help my913.65.039
friends but I'm a little loot wh and we915.0796.88
need to see what's behind the door I'm918.6395.64
sure they got that covered though it's921.9595.12
just an alpha924.2792.8
Raptor uh-oh I just Simon I just saw927.1995.401
chip chop Di and the Alp raptor is just930.1994.921
she coming back oh no it's right there I932.64.08
know he's running right at me and I'm a935.123.88
cover because I got too much wood in my936.685.599
pockets son of a son of a I had939.06.12
too much wood in my pockets too why do942.2796.081
you have a freaking hard ass for our945.125.639
base where the hell is948.368.08
everyone why can't anybody hear me950.7595.681
well this turned into a day it did um if962.1993.961
I can get to my body I think there's964.5194.161
enough stuff on it to build a raft maybe966.165.56
but can I point something out okay look968.684.639
behind you971.725.52
um Turtle yes the turtle oh no island973.3195.88
with a thing on it yeah there's a couple977.244.44
pillars right here too979.1994.401
uh-huh like oh it's like there was a981.683.639
bridge here or something see there's983.63.359
pillars on the other side what was that985.3193.721
that was a bird oh God scared me like986.9595.36
I'm on edge now yep um I kind of want to989.046.159
get back to our house cuz of the Raptor992.3196.08
yeah me too but also kind of want to see995.1997.161
what's in that okay it may quick let's998.3996.36
dip our toe in okay I just don't want my1002.365.159
stuff to despawn um oh yeah that's right1004.7595.241
stuff does despawn doesn't it yep tell1007.5193.76
you what you go do that I'm going to get1010.03.8
my stuff oh man you're abandoning me I1011.2794.04
don't want to lose my stuff you're not1013.83.2
going to lose your stuff it takes like1015.3194.041
damn 30 minutes to an hour1017.05.16
okay look real quick come up here see1019.364.2
what this is all about then we're we're1022.163.12
done okay you want to make sure1023.562.879
hopefully there's no guns around1025.283.36
whatever this is well it looks primitive1026.4393.761
it does look very1028.645.629
primitive God I got to1038.126.04
eat oh maybe I get some oh there's a1040.767.6
DOTA hey buddy1044.164.2
did you just forget the gun existed1050.0394.0
yes the hell like an abandoned house oh1063.969.8
there steps kind of yeah kind of okay oh1068.0398.0
and there's a place out back too look1073.764.76
yeah what the hell like someone's lived1076.0393.801
right oh boy what are we getting into1079.844.48
here oh God is this these steps are1082.484.48
crazy these steps are broken I don't1084.324.359
think we can make1086.965.4
that oh no no no no no yep don't try it1088.6795.401
it's it's impossible let's check the1092.363.679
little uh ouse wherever this thing is1094.083.839
yeah there's a chest in the ous oh is1096.0393.681
there looks like1097.9196.601
it okay oh yeah did you open this no I1099.727.4
did not what's in that man just a piece1104.525.0
of wood some bats of dumb shirt and a1107.123.96
note that says I hope this letter finds1109.523.12
you well I recently had an unforgettable1111.083.56
Adventure the beauty the ancient lands1112.643.6
the creatures I wish I could share more1114.643.6
details until we meet again1116.245.28
signed signed signed I don't think1118.244.36
there's a1121.523.84
name what about this look at this it1122.66.6
says to him dot dot dot owner CJ small1125.367.16
Decor box can I open this oh there's1129.25.719
nothing in here okay this is awful this1132.524.2
is weird I really wish I have went and1134.9193.361
got my um yeah let's go get our stuff1136.723.4
back yeah I'm I'm I'm with you now I'm1138.283.279
with you now I'm done all right we'll1140.123.439
come back for that1141.5595.24
later one1143.5593.24
day oh god oh boy can I reach you just1154.529.039
got to get the get the prompt would it1160.526.039
help if I'm can wait a second yeah1163.5594.401
that's got to just got to get that1166.5592.801
just give me the give me the1169.365.6
prompt looking for the1172.47.96
prompt this is intense oh my God I'm1174.965.4
there I will oh God you I will take me1181.447.0
here thank1186.525.76
you oh that was woo that was spicy get1188.445.44
the Oh I thought you were coming at me1192.284.08
never mind all right that'll be close1193.886.76
enough that should be here we go1196.364.28
okay here we go house Raptor check1201.26.0
Raptor okay is there a raptor uh check1204.45.44
what does that mean uh let's check yeah1207.24.359
did you you didn't see one oh oh wait I1209.844.079
see somebody who's that oh there's a1211.5595.0
raptor who's that y That's me yep1213.9194.561
Raptor's still there I know I was trying1216.5594.161
to see if I can get in on the back porch1218.483.88
but probably not no I don't have a1220.724.439
ladder back there good luck okay um I1222.364.439
have a bed I was going to lay it down in1225.1594.4
case we got you know by a raptor maybe1226.7995.281
put it across a beach or1229.5595.48
something all right bed is down and1232.085.32
there's a Titan bow on the beach now a1235.0395.0
Titan Boa yeah to the right like right1237.43.8
where you're looking right where I'm1240.0393.601
looking there's the tit yeah I do see it1241.24.8
yeah jeez so I thought man this place1243.644.159
was nice for like days and now it's like1246.03.08
hell on1247.7994.081
Earth yeah is there anything that blocks1249.086.079
this River if I build a boat right here1251.886.159
um can I get through this bit right here1255.1594.201
I don't I don't know it's not what I'm1258.0393.201
focused on right now NES oh now a1259.363.08
turtle's getting involved are you going1261.242.76
to climb up there and like get in his1262.443.32
face do it do it get in his face get in1264.04.64
his face come on come on get in his face1265.764.799
he's getting in his face but there's no1268.644.88
conflict happening what I need your help1270.5595.321
TI snake I'm incumber and there's a1273.523.68
snake right here what am I supposed to1275.883.039
do help me fight it help me fight this1277.22.88
all right I'm going to I'm going to stab1278.9193.841
at it stabby stab stabby stabby stab1280.086.4
stab St stab stab stab oh God okay okay1282.766.36
that's it I stimberries good berries I1286.484.24
have them in my pocket but I will not1289.123.72
give them to you I can help with the1290.724.68
Raptor if you IDE up I don't know if you1292.844.24
really you think you're going to help I1295.42.8
don't think you're going to add anything1297.083.92
to this I have an idea do you how do I1298.25.28
get into you and go into your1301.08.64
a and I lied I have no sers perfect1303.486.16
go go yeah Chase my fat ass right out1332.965.92
out here in the P infested waters yeah1336.2794.201
all right oh1338.883.679
God hey you're right names waterers1340.484.199
working I need one more wood oh no it's1342.5594.681
coming back it's coming to me oh no swim1344.6795.041
s swim I am I'm good going to swim come1347.246.88
on baby you like it I'm sure one would1349.726.76
get just there's ass everywhere oh God1354.124.84
he's he's on my butt come on Simon swim1356.484.28
deeper all right swimming deeper I see1358.964.44
you I see you all right yeah he's coming1360.765.159
out here here we go wood got it oh he's1363.44.56
turning around he knows he knows he he's1365.9193.601
not a good swimmer that's why we need to1367.962.719
get a little bit1369.524.8
closer went right back to the same damn1370.6798.081
spot we got a boat1374.324.44
so having a very hurt I can't move fast1378.7993.76
all right all right I'm going to level1380.965.28
up what what the hell am I doing come on1382.5595.6
there you go lure out trying to trying1386.244.439
to try trying to lure him into the water1388.1595.281
come on baby get in the water oh yeah1390.6795.0
yeah yeah yeah yeah this is looking good1393.445.359
it where's he at um he's in the water oh1395.6796.6
he's coming back come to me come to me1398.7996.641
yeah okay now oh God turn turn turn turn1402.2795.161
turn turn turn turn turn1405.446.32
turn and fullblown leaving1407.444.32
now well I guess good news bad news bad1425.965.599
news is we lost a lot of the house a lot1429.763.32
of foundations that was a lot of work1431.5593.6
but good news we that we didn't lose our1433.084.24
worky bench and Forge yeah that could1435.1594.12
have been a lot worse yeah I see this is1437.323.76
all good news none of this should have1439.2793.921
been building thatch so all this needs1441.085.12
to be stone or metal stone or metal huh1443.24.8
yeah man you look go that okay I didn't1446.23.44
know this was thatched that keep the1448.03.559
Raptors out yeah no it's a tall tail1449.643.84
thing yeah a lot yeah a lot of the floor1451.5595.201
was thatched that's why broke easy okay1453.485.6
well pilgrims this is where old cowboy1456.765.2
Nee sails off into the sunset all right1459.085.88
there pilg that's right okay so I will1461.965.8
return with lots of metal I know a place1464.964.8
oh really well that's great we need1467.765.56
metal here I go pretend there's a sunset1469.765.72
uh there is okay prend I'm walking away1473.324.64
into it well you well you can if you1475.485.04
want sailing away into it sa pretend I'm1477.965.839
on a boat sailing into the sunset like a1480.526.6
true Cowboy hero you are on a boat1483.7995.48
you're just not a cowboy and you're1487.124.6
definitely not a hero okay let's just1489.2794.161
you're on a boat okay but it looks cool1491.723.839
right looks very cool looks really cool1493.445.2
yeah can you hear me I know I'm a really1495.5598.281
cool hero right right1498.645.2

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