An Unwanted Guest!!! - Ark: Survival Ascended

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video where they're taking on a Baryonyx and telling it to go away? Cla...
An Unwanted Guest!!! - Ark: Survival Ascended
An Unwanted Guest!!! - Ark: Survival Ascended

An Unwanted Guest!!! - Ark: Survival Ascended

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Ark: Survival Ascended! Today we have an unwanted guest causing chaos, but don't worry, we'll handle it with style.

simon: Oh man, that Baryonyx just doesn't know when to quit! I mean, who invited him anyway? Definitely not me!

appsro: Haha, well, maybe he just wanted to join in on the fun! But sorry buddy, this is our show. Time for you to skedaddle!

neebs: That's right, Appsro! We're the real stars here, not some pesky dinosaur. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the chaos as we take on this unwanted guest!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video where they're taking on a Baryonyx and telling it to go away? Classic Neebs humor, am I right? If you haven't seen it yet, you definitely need to hit that subscribe button and catch up on all the hilarious content these guys are putting out.

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somebody's shooting you what who was1.044.08
that who done it you about to be victim2.8795.441
with the pan Bandit oh yeah Bandits5.125.399
Bandits where'd he go the pants is8.325.199
oh strikes again did you get him did you14.46.119
get him door pantless Bandits right here17.964.8
yeah hey nees hey man how about a truce22.767.599
I need a pelt uh yeah good luck with27.05.48
that really right we good luck with that30.3593.961
we could probably hop on the boat and32.484.04
maybe find some wolves or something tell34.323.84
you what hey I'll gather some stuff up36.523.359
and then you and I go Pelt hunting here38.164.48
we go Boat39.8792.761
Trip all right Simon frog gigging frog44.846.8
gigging yeah oh here Budd48.645.32
here oh it's out already okay okay okay51.645.28
out already can you build a fire a53.964.399
second fire I didn't think it was going56.924.0
to get this cold ice cubin this is58.3594.2
ridiculous we're going to die this is60.922.72
why I don't leave the house we're going62.5594.521
to die between two fires oh wait63.645.32
snowflake you got snowflake I got a67.084.28
snowflake I got a snowflake too how lows68.965.6
your health oh like a I got a sliver oh71.364.799
yeah got you back buddy76.1594.801
all right so this is our western99.928.76
town yeah what do we uh need for the104.7997.441
saddle uh I haven't looked yet it's a BL108.685.68
something or other I tell you what I'm112.244.76
going to leave you right here how do I114.365.2
do that do I is that there's another one117.04.92
right up the way man how many more Tran119.565.159
arrows do you have would you be willing121.925.76
to donate like eight to or 10 to a good124.7195.32
cause yeah I don't have any more um no I127.685.0
have two no listen I don't have any more130.0396.48
uh narcotics though oh H unless you get132.685.32
a bunch of narcoberries we could get the136.5194.121
other one you know yeah not super proud138.05.16
of the name here but um what is it it's140.644.12
always I love your names no matter how143.163.24
bad yeah this one was a Reacher and it144.764.8
just felt okay it's frog zombie it146.45.24
doesn't make sense like none of it149.564.08
usually I would I would be mad at151.643.56
hearing that better than anything I153.643.239
would have been like155.25.119
Debbie yeah so good for you all right I156.8795.321
noticed you had a little [ __ ]160.3193.361
dinosaur up the hill here that I haven't162.23.28
seen around before so keep your eyes163.683.639
open oh it's right there still look at165.486.399
that thing you see it um no oh that's167.3195.601
going to be an issue that's going to171.8794.481
kill one of us172.923.44
man look at all that stuff fighting on182.082.76
the beach you don't want to be on that183.43.28
beach no that's kind of where we need to184.843.88
go though oh no well I didn't see any186.684.32
wolves did you I'm still looking I don't188.723.56
know if we can make it out there in the191.04.799
cold region um uh yeah it might be a192.285.519
little too chilly let's just dip in a195.7994.481
little closer man that's a T-Rex and197.7996.16
some aent Tavi yep man if they kill each200.285.319
other that could be good for us that203.9592.84
could be some good stuff that we could205.5993.521
get huh yeah no kidding I mean we're on206.7994.0
a boat I mean we absolutely could lure209.124.08
this T-Rex out here into the water let's210.7993.961
see how this fight ends up right yeah213.23.039
and then if uh there's a big bunch of214.763.52
bodies on the we go scoop them up get216.2394.36
the hide it's just easy easy hide and218.284.679
easy loot man there's so many birds220.5993.801
you'd think oh there's like hyenas222.9593.521
running around too God yeah is that can224.46.199
we get help feel like it's got to be a226.487.759
wolf or like a mammoth not sure though a230.5997.041
mammoth yep God yeah this beach looks so234.2396.36
dangerous are there less there's that237.645.4
that T-Rex is tough there's a one bird240.5995.28
down he just ate it though didn't he uh243.044.839
yeah man I wish we had the stuff to like245.8794.041
knock him out and ride him but man247.8794.64
that's no way right now I don't think so249.923.84
weak yeah he he's chopping on don't they253.764.8
heal when they eat other animals like256.723.32
that I think so I don't think he's going258.564.52
down should we move on probably yeah I260.044.8
don't think what we need is here that's263.083.24
the yeah that's the thing if like even264.842.76
if he does kill something we can't get266.322.56
the hide he's going to eat it all267.63.08
probably yeah yeah yeah we don't want to268.883.599
land here too many T-Rexes on the beach270.683.72
yeah head down south a little bit we go272.4794.401
back there yes274.46.239
sir Simon yes sir thing's acting like276.886.0
King of the Hill right now thing what280.6394.081
thing you don't see it up on the hill282.883.599
like where we Harvest a bunch of284.725.12
[ __ ] um right up here I'm facing right286.4797.801
at it see it oh we got to kill it yeah289.845.799
what the hell is that I don't know but294.283.04
let's kill I forget what they're called295.6393.681
um would my pistol be a good thing for297.324.68
this uh yeah cuz it's a pistol I know299.325.439
but I mean okay we got to take it out302.04.84
all right you ready um yeah yeah yeah304.7594.321
hold on got I wish I had my pants on but306.845.32
I can't I'm a pantless bandit309.084.64
[ __ ] y oh coming at me okay yep come on313.728.36
S where you at shoot it yeah I am I'm318.3195.6
not doing well or hardly anything go322.082.679
where' to323.9194.761
go oh okay okay [ __ ] you're dead oh God324.7597.521
no no no no no328.683.6
no heyes yep there's a waterfall over342.7595.72
here oh yeah yeah I bet there's nothing345.84.64
behind it I don't know we've been348.4794.361
fighing huts and bridges okay you want350.444.28
to go look and I'll keep build a boat I352.844.359
mean yeah what do you need more of like354.724.64
Stone I don't know if we want to I mean357.1994.321
yeah ideally we would just do this with359.364.6
stone because it's going to be strong361.524.88
okay yeah I can get you more Stone so uh363.964.0
you want to move the boat closer to the366.44.519
waterfall um and I'm getting you stol367.965.92
all along the way yeah I can okay I'll370.9195.161
bring the boat around move in a smack373.884.0
move it a smack look at that look at376.085.16
that my genius watch this Stone go pop P377.885.28
Su band it strikes381.245.239
again heavy383.163.319
though what's going on here what's going387.4795.12
on what is that sound what is going get389.4798.041
out of the bed what are you you piece of392.5999.241
[ __ ] get my go go go go go397.524.32
go ow [ __ ] this isn't n oh no404.689.239
Dora okay oh [ __ ] there you are there409.5997.72
you are you bastard right by my body413.9197.4
that has bullets and a gun can I sneak417.3197.121
can I sneaky sneaky get my stuff I got421.3195.641
nothing to lose right maybe you can't424.444.039
[ __ ] yeah yeah yeah yeah you're good428.4794.801
keep on going that oh I'll just sit431.443.879
still I'm like nothing you can't see433.286.759
nothing right you can't right now there435.3197.921
you go there you go it's fine I'm just440.0394.681
going to be like a little statue if you443.245.44
turn it's going to be fun right oh oh oh444.726.68
little statue you can't see me I'm leing448.684.959
in oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah453.686.04
right oh I got a gun in there with your459.724.12
name on it462.564.759
[ __ ] just chilling I mean oh my463.845.72
goodness I can't believe you don't see467.3198.921
me I like it come on come on get in here469.5610.0
yes of course I want everything476.244.399
give me my479.564.359
gun are we loaded up where all the480.6396.84
bullets in do I have to hit reload yeah483.9198.481
that's right Dora Dora's not in yet [ __ ]487.4798.16
okay you know what when it comes back492.44.519
going to have this pupp he's going to be495.6395.481
full of lead that's right you496.9195.84
yeah yeah getting some bullets getting502.7597.081
some [ __ ] in here come on505.5994.241
see here's 106 stone for you I'm like518.04.0
that boat at nigar Falls where all the520.563.359
tourists get on it and yeah take you522.04.279
over there right I could charge money523.9194.561
for this I was kind of hoping it would526.2793.801
be a little more flat over here it's528.482.72
of well I bet there's a river right up531.24.56
above though I bet that's pretty maybe533.5193.921
though maybe there's something behind it535.763.84
this will be the time this is this is we537.445.6
can check we can check uh we're here539.65.679
this is old I don't know what's a good543.044.96
waterfall name I don't know old drippy545.2796.441
old drippy okay548.03.72
and same old same old back here you do554.446.399
this to yourself look out the way we got557.246.0
to see a waterfall that was nice okay I560.8393.961
didn't see a waterfall in this game and563.243.279
uh tell you what back like back up go to564.83.159
the beach I want to go up there and like566.5193.281
actually go to the river y it's a567.9593.721
sailboat it doesn't back up oh right569.83.96
well then go571.686.64
forward watch out for that rock573.764.56
n that son of a [ __ ] son I582.3997.041
know uh so I think we could do it like I586.484.52
think it was really close to dying589.444.88
before if we were both doing stuff yeah591.07.279
like still shooting it right okay like594.326.48
if you had arrows and I could be somehow598.2795.281
shooting it with my gun from farther600.85.12
away okay it's I see it further back603.564.44
there right okay at least I can get my605.924.039
stuff all right cuz I couldn't get that608.04.16
last time that was the problem I got my609.9594.201
stuff and I and I died in a blaze of612.165.04
glory okay here we go oh [ __ ] that's not614.166.2
the right oh here's my stuff I died617.27.44
right all right okay so I got 78 bullets620.366.68
left and we could do this of course we624.645.72
can we need to put this to rest F yes we627.046.2
do okay so where did it go did you see I630.366.32
this away all right and hopefully we can633.245.8
get up high that thing can probably jump636.683.959
though can it it looks like it's pretty639.043.64
yeah I hope not or I mean if it doesn't642.685.88
come back great go home well yeah but646.24.12
it's going to come back it's going to648.563.6
bother us at the most oh there it is I650.324.199
see it I see it yep yep yep all right I652.165.0
can start shooting it from here oh see I654.5196.921
shot yep yeah you did okay all right oh657.167.16
God you were one shot weren't you buddy661.446.32
oh boy crouchy Crouch oh no damn it you664.325.199
saw me right away I thought I could hide667.765.48
from you for a second669.5193.721
this River never expects the pantsless696.6394.921
build oh I'm getting close here in water699.245.24
but man okay taking a risk I am in701.566.6
dangerous territory I think oh there Doo704.485.32
Oh okay this is the708.164.28
river oh709.87.0
oh oo oh yeah this is pretty look at712.447.399
this holy moly716.86.88
holy nees yes sir it's gorgeous over719.8396.401
here it's gorgeous here well it's like723.684.399
river goes in and then there's another726.243.76
waterfall probably with [ __ ] nothing728.0794.961
behind it okay man pretty everywhere730.04.639
though sometimes you got to realize it's733.043.68
pretty where you are man but not like734.6393.64
this it's like I want to build a house736.724.239
here okay maybe I'm top that waterfall738.2794.441
I'm just going in and taking a peek740.9593.68
thought we were getting P I am I going742.724.0
to go back you you wanted to work on the744.6394.2
boat yeah I'm working on the boat so746.724.04
yeah okay I'll be back in a minute I748.8394.841
just wanted to see this up close wow750.765.56
it's cool still might come back here one753.684.56
day might build a place coming to you756.325.959
DBS bring it on home baby oh God what758.248.399
what a raptor are you kidding me come on762.2796.401
on okay I to the house shut the768.688.88
door H wait what are you doing you going774.2796.041
in the saloon it went in the saloon we777.565.56
got a raptor in the780.322.8
saloon oh [ __ ] [ __ ] you went in there to784.565.959
come around here no no no no no no no no787.924.68
go into Simon's house then go to Simon's790.5193.601
house I'll go to Simon's house you792.62.56
[ __ ] come come795.168.2
on oh whoa got a raptor here what what798.726.359
what the hell happened to this803.364.12
place okay down the beach down the beach805.0794.161
running down the beach would they they807.485.52
even okay all covered hey Dora s I'm809.246.44
careful as a raptor oh God he's he's at813.05.639
my house no sorry about that hey hey hey815.686.88
hey hey buddy get away from my place818.6395.88
little shitthead that's right I don't822.564.04
care you're going to stay away from my824.5195.481
home yeah come at me and eat my Al go826.65.4
ahead got a little chocolate pudding for830.04.12
you what's that mean it means he's going832.04.079
to eat out of my butt and my butt's got834.124.04
pudding that's what people say I mean836.0794.241
that's what I just said to it oh God838.164.599
yeah how was how was I like beating him840.325.639
on a race interesting can I psych you842.7596.681
out huh O come on baby all right are you845.9595.24
back at your house no I'm I'm still849.443.319
luring it away I can't believe I'm still851.1993.64
alive oh good good job sammon you're a852.7593.88
hero yeah I know I don't know which way854.8395.36
you went I went uh father I don't know I856.6396.921
don't know what direction860.1993.361
okay boat looks good nebs yeah this864.05.44
should protect us I hope yeah and uh I866.564.32
know your eyes aren't as good as mine869.443.56
did you you see that over there in the870.888.079
woods in the woods H oh the bird no not873.09.519
the bird here follow me okay do I need878.9596.721
to have a weapon out I don't know so882.5196.641
yeah I think so then man wish my885.685.92
character were taller yeah I see two889.164.84
birds no I'm not talking about the birds891.65.2
man okay I can't wait to see what you're894.04.279
talking about I hope it's not a T-rex or896.82.839
something what is it looks like a898.2794.281
graveyard from here graveyard yeah oh899.6394.241
yep now I see it you see what I'm902.562.68
talking about right yeah I was looking903.884.6
for an animal this is that a graveyard905.245.399
it is a it it's got to be a graveyard908.486.0
look at it good Lord hell and how many910.6396.601
people died out here A whole bunch uhhuh914.486.12
it's got to be an old graveyard oh no917.246.32
what does it have names on it uh I don't920.68.44
know hide what identical it grave 40923.567.56
wait is it is there a message929.046.4
here I don't see it buddy man I didn't935.445.72
even realize that it killed everything938.3195.361
that we had which was just a few things941.165.479
it it kind of just reminds you that it's943.684.88
telling us that we're in this is not a946.6395.0
safe area no this is very unstable it948.564.959
could be worse but the the surprises are951.6392.961
too much and you know what it's making953.5194.8
me do what I've lived a life of being954.67.239
you know just a a rough road I'm no958.3197.401
longer a pantless bandit I need him on I961.8396.081
might not have died had I had pants on965.724.039
yeah that's true you know that could967.923.64
have been that last little bit it really969.7593.64
teaches you something you know it makes971.564.04
you look at life completely different it973.3994.601
does and now I'm looking at life with975.63.919
pants on978.03.68
again I'm not going to lie I'm pretty979.5194.841
sad how about which part about your981.685.279
pants being on I like your legs I don't984.366.88
like it I mean I like come on yeah well986.9596.44
okay did our part yep we're going to991.244.24
have to get this guy one of these days993.3994.481
one day yeah one day yeah we're going to995.484.799
get you we're going to get you we're997.885.24
going to get you get1000.2792.841
you okay so1008.367.039
on the here we go okay Island right1010.568.8
between ice and1015.3998.36
wood okay the got go over here now on1019.367.4
the island between ice and wood1023.7594.961
yeah the1026.765.079
crystals hide1028.727.079
my crimes crystals hide your crimes1031.8396.681
crimes your crime is you put the stones1035.7996.12
so far apart right what the Tombstones1038.524.559
put them close together so we can read1041.9193.561
faster yeah maybe okay I'll read faster1043.0795.321
uh against nature he I got to go over1045.485.0
here MH1048.49.08
must not get his hands against nature he1050.489.6
must not get his hands1057.484.36
it also okay I got go over here now like1061.846.64
I've already forgotten what we read in1067.322.52
the beginning almost yeah me too some1068.483.28
about the crystals the island between1069.848.0
ice and wood y remind me to1071.767.84
grave son of a1083.323.64
[ __ ] Stones I have I have an idea1087.128.799
uh-huh how1093.244.319
it okay so there's an island this whole1099.527.279
this whole map's called The Island right1104.763.56
that's the dumbest message I ever heard1106.7992.88
okay but there is there an island1108.324.4
between ice and uh wood wood like1109.6794.641
there's you know said trees there's1112.724.439
trees everywhere so an island between1114.326.28
ice and wood yeah so is there is there1117.1595.201
an island somewhere on it's got to be up1120.63.36
north right most of our map's not1122.363.72
unlocked yet I mean the the ice is right1123.964.76
next to us okay well uh we need to go1126.084.64
the ice for two things Pelt and then now1128.724.28
maybe to find an island all righty ice1130.724.12
and wood I don't have a good feeling1133.05.45
about this me neither1134.849.399

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