ARMY vs CASTLE - Conan Exiles

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! I just watched the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2, and let me tell you, it was a wild ride. Th...
ARMY vs CASTLE - Conan Exiles
ARMY vs CASTLE - Conan Exiles

ARMY vs CASTLE - Conan Exiles

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Conan Exiles! Today, we're taking on the ultimate challenge - the ARMY vs CASTLE showdown!

simon: Oh yeah, this is gonna be epic! I've been practicing my sorcery skills just for this moment.

appsro: Haha, Appsro's Sorceress Stronghold is ready for action! Let's show that castle who's boss!

neebs: I can't wait to see Bobby Trebuchet in action again. He never fails to make me laugh with his crazy antics.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! I just watched the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2, and let me tell you, it was a wild ride. The boys are on a mission to defeat the castle today, and I couldn't be more excited to see if they finally pull it off. The action-packed gameplay and hilarious commentary always keep me entertained from start to finish.

And hey, have you checked out their resort merch? It's pretty cool, and I'm thinking of getting myself some. You can find it on their spreadshop, along with some other awesome goodies. Plus, they always have a link to the game they're playing in the description, so you can join in on the fun too.

I love how Neebs Gaming always keeps things interesting with their coffee and PC sponsorships. It's great to see them partnering with companies that support their content. And don't even get me started on their Patreon and Twitch channels - it's like having even more Neebs Gaming content to enjoy.

The timestamps in the video really help me keep track of all the epic moments, like when Appsro's Sorceress Stronghold is under attack or when they come up with a crazy plan to take down the enemy. And the music they use is always on point, adding to the excitement of the gameplay. Thanks for watching Conan Exiles with me, and I can't wait to see what the boys get up to next time!

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so I say we go down here create some1.044.96
sort of wall like an Archer wall okay3.6794.16
something for us to fall back to okay6.04.8
first the first stage of our occupation7.8394.601
yeah so we should probably just clear10.83.16
out these guys up front and hope the12.443.319
whole castle doesn't attack huh all13.963.96
right what about the path that goes up15.7593.881
to the left here we're going to block17.923.04
that too I was just going to build like19.642.639
once we clear this we'll just build a20.962.76
wall we'll put a bunch of archers on it22.2793.361
and they'll help us uh as we infiltrate23.723.319
the rest of the castle there's a WRA25.642.879
over there though here they come there's27.0393.24
a path that's a good call on the path28.5193.281
door we'll do that all right yeah we got30.2793.761
to cover the path no time talk paths31.84.52
right now look at this Shield this guy's34.045.48
a nice Shield maybe you can pick it36.325.96
up yep how you guys doing I killed the39.526.08
Pharaoh okay this guy's pretty cool42.285.48
pretty cool guy you need any help with45.64.639
him nope n he's just dressed like he's47.764.0
going out what is this some sort of50.2394.241
stabby thing he's got a flower okay huh51.765.279
oh yeah it's like a Halo sword yeah okay54.484.079
we cleared this out pretty easy we'll57.0392.68
just we'll build our wall somewhere58.5594.281
around here D you go block the the trail59.7194.641
well uh I was going to practice the62.844.36
treay buet a little bit or that do that64.366.84
it's complicated to see67.24.0
o yeah this is looking real stupid91.7594.68
upstairs here feel like I got to round94.523.599
it out a little bit it's very squarey96.4394.601
but then like boom you open it up and98.1194.441
okay yeah I mean right now it just looks101.043.0
like a cave and a bunch of [ __ ] but102.564.159
eventually this is going to be like a a104.044.28
an amazing like I don't know what do you106.7194.121
call it a foyer a hall yeah it'll be108.324.64
like a nice kingly Hall but I won't be a110.845.84
king I'll be a sorceress sorceress112.965.72
[ __ ] there's something I want to go out116.685.16
and do today but118.683.16
M I guess I can wait maybe123.968.04
maybe that hurt my129.3995.241
throat oh132.05.239
God hey Simon what are you doing you134.645.84
still tired from all that corruption we137.2396.401
got are you are you going to wake up bud140.485.44
I think it's just us here just you and143.645.48
me I was hoping we'd go do something I145.925.2
guess you're sleepy all right I guess149.124.24
I'll go do something by myself let's go151.125.399
see what abso is up to but I'm not I'm153.364.92
not taking his way I'm going to go a156.5193.881
different way and go over here place158.285.239
down this map room was hoping to do this160.45.04
while everybody was here but they're all163.5195.481
doing stuff so guess just place it on165.446.799
this platform bam there we go all right169.06.879
so maybe a trip through the volcano and172.2398.881
then down to se appsro let's go175.8798.36
all right start our adventure here work181.125.36
our way down I think I might want to184.2395.241
grab a thw while I'm up here186.485.88
too hey guys I was going to do a little189.486.399
test uh with the last um just basic Rock192.367.159
one okay okay just kind of Judge the195.8796.161
uh oh god what the oh God I thought that199.5194.201
was knes I wasn't even paying attention202.043.759
I thought that was one they're really203.723.96
pushing it here is he dead oh there you205.7994.08
go good job piece of [ __ ] all right have207.683.52
you launched this yet that's what I'm209.8793.481
doing right now I just the first one you211.24.599
ready yeah yeah all right um should go213.364.439
right towards those rocks over there215.7994.16
should the wall the rocks to the right217.7994.041
of our Archer wall kind of where you are219.9593.681
yeah oh where I am that should work221.843.959
right okay here we go launching it'll go223.645.56
over him right oh boy okay oh wow oh my225.7995.561
God I cleared them okay so that's going229.24.599
to be too far huh way too far all right231.364.239
well I'll bring it back a little bit and233.7993.64
um aim it down a little bit yeah we'll235.5993.64
take it from there well I got to keep237.4394.401
working on that you got this well yeah239.2393.761
all right we're going to place archers241.843.28
on our little Archer wall okay do it243.04.36
with me sir oh there it is okay we got245.123.72
the Wall's not as effective as I was247.363.599
hoping because that's as far back as we248.844.36
can build yeah we can't get closer than250.9594.761
this sorry but this is our Retreat Point253.23.759
Retreat to this wall this is where our255.723.079
archers are Y and they will help us256.9593.601
fight off anybody we can't handle so258.7993.361
you're going to go right here and Lenny260.563.639
will be down here guarding the tower oh262.163.8
that guy's named Lenny yeah this guy the264.1993.921
guy with the like bandage okay does he265.963.92
need another helmet is he good no no268.123.72
he's good he likes to remember the scars269.884.159
gotcha okay let's grab the rest of these271.844.44
guys and give them bows okay one more274.0394.761
coming oh let me276.285.52
see oh go oh God that was lower that's278.85.56
not bad huh pretty maybe a little bit up281.84.88
but right around there284.365.559
okay why would they do this big old gate286.684.799
but they got to put the wall right there289.9193.28
to make it work and I feel like that291.4794.641
just looks silly but maybe hey you know293.1995.361
what yeah maybe I'll make it work it296.124.32
looks stupid but I don't mind sorcerer298.563.68
base looking a little stupid because300.445.0
it's a sorcerer base and sorcery is dumb302.245.84
but also fun all right floors coming305.445.44
along room's coming along all308.086.88
right who's that hey what's going on oh310.886.72
what you got there holy smokes I can't314.964.76
fit your through your door okay I was317.64.719
fitting through hold on let me come down319.724.56
oh oh what you got there you got a Bubba322.3194.041
yeah I brought you something fig figure324.285.0
you might like this me love that I don't326.364.959
have a feel a pain here yet yeah but you329.284.8
know what you do have what a teleporter331.3195.561
oh I can teleport him yeah do you have a334.084.48
rope with you I do have a rope give me336.884.28
one second Rope Rope Rope Where's my338.566.079
[ __ ] Rope Rope Rope Rope there's my341.166.159
[ __ ] rope all right got the Rope got344.6395.761
the guy okay so I just come in here347.3197.6
click on the thing oh and I still yeah350.46.519
all right rock and roll we'll take your354.9193.481
cute little ass and take you over to the356.9193.481
wheel of pain buddy and I guess whack's358.44.72
gonna follow me wack oh yeah there he is360.45.519
what's up sexy boy I say I say what's up363.124.76
sex boy every time I go through that I365.9194.28
feel like I have to puke oh yeah well it367.884.159
gives you a lot of corruption I mean you370.1994.761
look nasty right now but it's okay it's372.0394.6
okay you get used to it after a while374.963.12
believe it or not there's a there's but376.6393.041
there like a transition phase there's a378.083.0
phase where you're like sick every day379.682.959
and your hair's falling out you do a lot381.083.959
of coughing but eventually you just go382.6394.721
like oh this is this is how I live yeah385.0393.761
I'm not sure I'm going to embrace it387.363.8
like you did man you you got to I mean388.83.399
you don't have to you can do whatever391.162.4
you want you're an adult by the way392.1993.161
where didd you come from the volcano I393.563.52
went through the volcano how'd you get395.364.559
into the volcano oh I'll show397.085.119
you got to say this is probably the best399.9194.0
we've ever looked it looks pretty good402.1993.44
it's pretty sharp I think we do a test403.9193.68
I'll run in I'll draw something out and405.6394.081
I'll see everybody uh reacts I'd like to407.5993.801
see that yeah yeah yeah yeah it's going409.724.08
to get destroyed let's go okay so do it411.44.359
now no wait I'm doing it now all right413.83.88
do it now doing it now all right we're415.7594.081
starting off with a snake and I'm just417.684.079
get attention what if the snake kills419.843.919
all of them no I'm hoping they'll stay421.7593.84
on the wall there's also a woman behind423.7594.521
the cart next to oh I just took a hit425.5994.961
but to Arrow they have their own archers428.285.199
y uh should I launch a shot yeah go430.565.0
ahead okay intimidate them yeah let's433.4793.84
see what this does fire it well I've got435.564.0
to run back to it okay run I hope it437.3195.241
hits we're um439.566.4
fire I'm looking oh that was inside the442.565.319
castle that was in all right so I got445.963.679
this lady on me and I got a whole whole447.8793.72
wall full of archers doing nothing not449.6394.161
one thing really where'd you hire them451.5996.241
from oh here they gow their bows fire453.87.16
fire fire fire fire457.845.079
again these guys aren't very good460.963.4
Anthony this ball this wall might have462.9193.881
been a problem this464.364.959
is okay go further back NES further back466.83.72
oh she's going around are the stairs469.3192.041
still there oh she's going for the470.522.48
stairs did you not t the stairs they471.363.76
don't exist anymore she's gone okay oh473.03.84
good woo all right ma'am what you going475.122.919
to do you ain't going to do nothing476.843.6
she's lost you should go478.0395.16
run run yep I'm ready all right archers480.445.08
ready yourselves Take Aim Take Aim483.1993.921
they're not doing anything this is not485.523.519
good anony attack the woman this is not487.124.639
good publicity VI ATT violently attack489.0394.361
the woman neebs okay then they will491.7595.44
strike okay hit me there you go see now493.47.079
let her have it let her have497.1997.601
it Jee she tough damn or or our bows are500.4796.961
really weak yep okay they are not much504.83.92
help Anthony all right you want me to507.444.76
just jump down end this all h fire508.724.759
killer let's let's give him one more512.23.399
chance all right keep going keep firing513.4794.36
all right know what to do keep firing515.5997.601
[ __ ] really seriously yeahoo okay no517.8397.56
she she can do this all523.25.12
day here these walls are in are these525.3994.321
walls are ruining some of the shots I'm528.323.04
going to get rid of them there you go I529.725.32
like that doing great yep the wall531.365.44
they're really trembling in their what535.043.479
they weting quite a bit all right this536.83.92
is it take her down fire he's might oh538.5193.471
not me hey540.722.559
hey that's our first victory of this war543.2796.361
this Castle stands no546.5196.801
chance and549.643.68
fire keep getting them Dora keep getting555.325.24
them I was just admiring this volcano561.5193.88
looks like a science fair project you564.02.6
know what I mean like someone put a565.3993.241
light in there so what do you think of566.63.88
the map room the map room's cool I568.643.6
remember this just a big layout of the570.484.4
land there's that uh that that area of572.244.599
the dead so I guess my house would be574.884.28
like right there in the snow so yeah my576.8394.641
house would be like right here yeah and579.165.08
well I think it would actually be right581.484.68
here okay where I'm standing yeah584.243.56
somewhere around there but you want to586.163.799
see come come over here come check this587.85.32
out so see this uh this pedestal right589.9596.201
here this pedestal right here okay yeah593.125.159
yeah yeah so so what's it say on there596.163.799
bracelet not a598.2794.281
okay so click on it when I tell you okay599.9596.081
3 2 1 Click click602.569.6
it click I'm click oh bye ooh well where606.047.16
I oh am I inside the volcano but if I613.25.28
look at my map yep I'm inside the616.9594.56
volcano which means if I turn around see618.486.08
Simon that's how you use a map just kind621.5194.521
of go in the direction you need to go624.562.56
you oh oh no it's extremely hot though627.125.719
oh I see why he did it that way cuz I'm630.324.32
going to burn to death yeah that's okay632.8393.8
I should be able to pull my stuff back634.645.24
this is cool neat area still too hot to636.6395.2
live I don't know do I have any like639.884.28
special meals anything that might speed641.8395.481
this long oh honey bread now what's that644.164.88
salted pork I'll eat a little salted647.323.92
pork right why not oh yeah so this is649.044.239
cool but now is this attuned or should I651.244.08
a tune it while I'm here cuz I'm here do653.2793.961
I do anything with this a tune bracelet655.324.4
bam all right yeah now now it's a tune657.244.32
so why can't I come here first if it659.725.119
wasn't a tomb oh no I'm feeling bad I'm661.565.56
feeling like I might pass out right here664.8395.24
oh no I'm burning the667.125.2
death all right come over here and get670.0794.961
my stuff back and then I'm going back to672.325.72
building oh oh God what is that what is675.046.4
that oh we got jeelo followers attacking678.045.88
us oh what what what in the base even681.447.0
jabl song yeah wear hyenas all right I683.926.44
got them okay good I got to get my stuff688.444.16
back I I I'm not I'm not equipped to690.364.76
fighting the jabble SG man springing692.65.799
[ __ ] like that on me jabble SG that I695.125.12
didn't do it it's part of the new698.3994.361
chapter the new chapter the new chap the700.244.0
new chapter means werewolves spawn in702.763.36
our base at night yep that's a pile of704.244.68
Po [ __ ] all right body come back body706.126.6
come back body body come back well708.926.56
that's not good body body did did you do712.725.32
the right one yeah summon corpse right715.484.08
yeah try it again maybe maybe your718.043.88
sorcery is not powerful enough anymore719.564.0
well that'd be [ __ ] I'm a great721.923.76
sorcerer I know how to summon bats and723.564.32
lightning storms I'll be able to summon725.685.399
a body body do you see a body whack I727.886.68
don't see a body I see nothing wow H731.0795.921
this is a conundrum circular power It's734.565.12
Not Invisible is it it shouldn't737.05.72
be boy this is fun now I've lost all my739.685.719
stuff AB true I can see it if you can't742.724.4
it's right here in front of me on my end745.3993.44
wait yeah it's right here godessa you747.124.079
see my stuff I can can you grab it and748.8395.081
just drop it over on the beach751.1995.2
absolutely thank you mhm thank you oh my753.924.039
God you have a lot of [ __ ] yeah I got a756.3995.24
bunch of [ __ ] there we go there we go757.9595.481
okay it's it's going to take me a minute761.6394.121
to drag all this out updates are fun763.446.199
right wack yeah always fun but at least765.766.519
you got it look at the size of that bag769.6394.241
bag's bigger than you are where do you772.2793.841
put all that stuff I've never seen a bag773.884.44
get that big going look at this this is776.126.2
ridiculous few more to go yep you carry778.326.319
all that on you all the time uh no just782.323.6
when I'm working on large building784.6392.921
projects Boop are you still dropping785.925.12
[ __ ] goddess all right y I am man I okay787.564.92
still going almost there did I are you791.043.799
sure I had all this I am she bestows it792.484.44
upon you is there not a drop all I'm794.8394.68
done anyway okay you yeah thank you796.924.68
goddess like your floating sword oh799.5193.961
thank you I like your801.64.64
wrinkles okay guys I'm doing the uh the803.484.799
the star medal one this should make them806.245.92
cower in fear okay launching no I'm not808.2796.201
launching launch it fire Nee you're812.164.6
under attack I know oh that was pretty814.487.159
close archers archers archers816.768.759
archers God okay archers talk to me guys821.6395.601
um Anthony you fight these guys I'll825.5193.801
give I'll give AB I'll827.244.48
give uh hold on I'm trying to I'm trying829.323.759
to get Anthony to take care of that831.724.4
stuff shoot it well no I was should I do833.0796.0
it higher no D maybe down just a to and836.124.959
to the left of to oh all right we took839.0793.76
care of the man it's not the front door841.0793.081
but at least you might hit a person I842.8393.281
got my eyes on yeah it takes a while to844.164.4
uh adjust the angle got to cycle through846.126.92
it all 55 66 7 80 Lenny's arm is looking848.566.32
better I don't think the werewolf got to853.044.239
him glad to hear that yep all right here854.885.48
we go hit it857.2793.081
baby whoa that seems useless I see it861.926.279
flying through the air what the hell866.6392.88
yeah I don't see how that would work868.1992.401
come on nebs we'll be the human869.5192.841
trebuchet let's get them was that made870.64.919
of paper snake that's star metal [ __ ]872.365.32
they have a snake go875.5194.721
ahead all right don't hit each oh sorry877.683.839
too close to you all right all right880.243.48
snakes down snakes down let's get let's881.5194.12
get the's sandwich them be careful of883.724.16
those archers though yep I'll take a885.6395.521
look all right get him Lenny get887.886.759
him Lenny's killing it I got on Archer891.166.64
oh God Lenny's dead no Lenny894.6395.081
Lenny all I'm pretty sure he's going to897.83.56
turn into a werewolf tonight anyways I'm899.723.919
bringing some en enies back all right901.363.96
our CH get ready what are you bringing903.6393.961
back you want to try that again enemies905.324.84
it's implied right I'm in battle like907.64.159
this how do I know you didn't have a910.163.08
moment with these two and you were like911.7593.801
oh let's work together on them like this913.247.039
archers just like I'm doing I must915.564.719
kill why you why you put your BS away CU923.1996.681
everyone's dead oh please just fire okay926.487.599
fire I want to did I reload I reload in929.887.199
fire yeah is it just about like the will934.0794.481
to do it or937.0794.481
or what's up you want to talk about it938.564.6
you're ask when you and these archers I941.563.639
just don't know sure wish it would fire943.163.359
names we might have to fight this war on945.1993.721
our own oh we picked up a fancy bow946.5195.361
we'll give it to The Archers I'm948.922.96
sure take that955.484.44
oh yeah oh yeah I like this I'll be able960.164.599
to walk over here and look down and I'm962.243.839
going to put a body right down there and964.7592.841
I'll be like966.0796.24
H hey you feeling good today oh you're967.68.84
not that's okay we'll whip you in sh972.3195.44
yeah that look but I got to figure out976.444.04
how to make this not look dumb all right977.7594.401
want a stair wheell here obviously but980.484.24
oh got okay no that can't put a ceiling982.164.52
there maybe whack nose maybe you're984.723.2
supposed to build this in another place986.682.48
I don't know yeah I want to stare way987.923.64
going up of course there's989.164.679
teleportation all right tell you what Mr991.565.48
bear I got a couple of projects that I993.8397.36
want to do so let me deposit all oh wait997.045.88
am I dropping it I am dropping it1001.1993.601
because they've changed everything damn1002.924.88
updates damn updates ruin everything all1004.84.599
right NOP now I'm punching now I'm1007.84.0
punching okay no get in this did I1009.3994.24
crouch yeah of course I did all right1011.84.0
here we go this there that's the new1013.6394.241
button no get off there we go all right1015.83.68
am my lighting out oh he's still1017.883.639
crouching yep there we go stand it up1019.484.08
here we go all right now I'm like now1021.5194.961
I'm ready for action all right Mr bear1023.565.279
uh yep I got to go get an old friend you1026.484.88
hang out right1028.8397.521
there Dallas when you fire we attack and1031.369.199
fire great attack1036.367.52
attack to the Head a it's armor is that1040.5595.681
armor nebs yeah I can't open the front1043.884.76
door okay let's attack though wor right1046.244.28
but they're all up there how do I I1048.643.2
don't know maybe climb it there's a few1050.523.32
around the side I'll go get them okay1051.843.64
I'm going to Archer fight um you wor1053.844.959
about the door oh yeah oh W wo hey guys1055.485.76
how's it going what's up buddy jump in1058.7994.161
here we're fighting this Castle oh no1061.243.36
I'm I'm uh I see you're making some1062.965.0
proess I brought you a backup exra F1064.66.24
what kind of backup just a thr and wack1067.964.599
whack's pretty good backup yep where's1070.843.92
Lenny is he doing all right Lenny Lenny1072.5594.521
no he died last scene oh he died that's1074.765.159
right yeah H I forgot to to send flowers1077.084.64
I'm wearing his head wraps now out of1079.9194.0
Honor for Lenny's memory okay quack I1081.724.839
got this guy you circle around good did1083.9194.561
you guys you guys have a treb shade1086.5594.921
don't you yeah great yeah there we go he1088.485.16
down I know this Wall's really spiky but1091.484.12
should I try and climb it go for it I1093.644.68
can't wait to see it ow go around the1095.66.4
spiky spots is there not spiky spots can1098.326.0
we launch someone from the TR that'd be1102.03.799
fun I don't think so I'd like to1104.323.599
volunteer could try it oh boy I got a1105.7993.721
lot over here found a chest with1107.9194.12
paintings let's page what we can from1109.523.639
them at1112.0394.201
least boy there's a lot of them oh God1113.1595.081
yep there's a lot run I'm trying run for1116.243.679
a little bit I keep locking on and I'm1118.244.08
trying to run all righto take this I1119.9194.24
took some of the heat off you appreciate1122.323.16
it all right let's split them up took1124.1592.841
all of the heat off you help yep I just1125.483.679
wanted to divide them not all right man1127.04.72
you and me all day poke poke folks how1129.1594.321
you doing I'm just shooting people up on1131.723.56
the wall this guy doesn't mind arrows in1133.483.92
his head o wow they got some good swords1135.284.2
and stuff yeah looking the backside of1137.43.96
this wall I don't really see a way in so1139.484.36
far but I got demon blood sausage okay1141.363.92
maybe we should pull back and come up1143.843.12
with a better plan to get inside I'm1145.283.279
going to circle around the whole thing1146.964.36
who okay that seems Reckless just do one1148.5594.641
lap okay yeah I'll regroup with you back1151.323.12
at the base I'll meet you on the other1153.23.28
side no we we we'll meet in the middle1154.443.52
yep all right I'm going to launch this1156.484.079
trebuchet at the door do it I want to1157.966.12
see someone else do it and1160.5596.921
go uh gosh what was that in a little r1164.085.52
touch up these guys are weird they have1167.483.84
they have like a little snake sticking1169.64.079
out of their wall it's cute yep I've1171.324.88
done a full lap it's a pretty solid1173.6794.921
Castle oh the snake he's licking my head1176.24.719
he's SN he likes licking Lenny's blood1178.64.439
oh he's a good boy if you see a snake1180.9194.161
inside don't kill him he's my friend I'm1183.0393.921
killing him don't kill him all right1185.084.8
round two firing bring it oh wow I1186.964.56
didn't realize what I have behind me he1189.883.88
hit the step that's the wrong door whack1191.524.44
archers take them out what about the1193.764.0
little door I don't think we can get1195.964.199
that door little door how do we get in1197.766.12
the castle we could just jump oh all1200.1596.121
right it's kind of working need some1203.884.56
help want help yep which side of the1206.287.2
castle now by the Archer wall here we1208.445.04
come Heroes oh my God the Archer wall is1214.084.839
actually doing something there we go it1217.125.84
is wow let him go hurt so bad get them1218.9196.201
archers get him back up needes I got you1222.966.719
I'm trying oh leave needes alone1225.127.52
sir there we go drink him a juice oh1229.6795.161
yeah stab that boy give me this one I1232.644.0
clicked on that one didn't do1234.845.16
nothing archers archers are1236.646.36
oh sorry sorry1243.486.199
Anthony he Heat of the Moment yep we've1245.967.599
all been there yeah sorry1249.6797.36
buddy oh yeah I remember you idiots oh1253.5596.281
yeah see if combats changed any1257.0396.161
yeah oo all right come at me oh yeah1259.845.04
that's right stamina oh God I got to be1263.23.599
real careful on stamina cuz I am a1264.884.08
sorcerer and you seem a lot tougher than1266.7994.841
last time backstab backstab backstab1268.965.68
backstab yes all right o a little bit of1271.645.08
Goo I'll take you goo all right check1274.645.36
the map and I'm pretty sure if I go up1276.726.0
and to the left at the next PATH where1280.05.96
was it oh boy we're ghost I don't want1282.725.16
to get overwhelmed let's see that's just1285.963.44
one up1287.884.039
to the left yeah this is looking1289.45.24
familiar there's the lake there's all1291.9195.0
that so that means it should be right1294.644.639
around there you are1296.9196.64
yes hey buddy how you been doing I se1299.2796.76
you in a minut let's see got anybody1303.5595.801
behind me oh of course I do El1306.0396.961
sir okay yeah you want to1309.367.12
go oh stamina stamina oh hey Rino all1313.04.919
right no no no don't no no don't get1316.483.679
involved don't you [ __ ] get involved1317.9197.201
no no no you dumb big [ __ ] okay no all1320.1596.4
right how do I'm getting on you get on1325.123.24
him get on him no don't get caught under1326.5595.641
and get on him you janky ass [ __ ] are1328.365.12
you are you going to actually help are1332.23.24
you going to okay yeah Run please good1333.484.079
God good God yeah please say stand there1335.443.839
watch stand don't you do it don't you do1337.5594.681
it oh God don't do it I don't want to1339.2796.88
hit you there we go hey come here back1342.245.16
to you 3 seconds and you're already1346.1593.12
being dumb there we there we go what was1347.43.759
your name Abbot who the hell named you1349.2794.801
Abbot same way we came back we go down1351.1594.441
we go right and we'll get the hell out1354.084.52
of hereo ab but I hope you like the snow1355.66.12
cuz you're going to live in the1358.63.12
snow so you think you can make that jump1362.0394.601
dris I know I can so if we could somehow1364.2795.201
all jump in that way is there a way to1366.644.84
get out though uh what if you just go up1369.483.84
the steps to that little you know one of1371.483.12
these you just got to get see those1373.323.479
steps over here okay from the inside we1374.63.959
can climb out jump that's easy that's1376.7993.161
the easy part that's the worst Archer1378.5592.36
over there I've ever seen someone shoot1379.963.56
this guy he's pissing me off yep I can1380.9194.161
do that um I'm going to throw in a1383.523.44
little spider ball before I do this oh1385.083.16
yeah wait you're still messing with1386.962.52
that's a good idea you're still messing1388.243.72
with Z I dabble all right okay keep1389.485.64
going nebs you can't beat me too good1391.964.719
and they are too bad this is like a1395.123.08
Pokemon Bell you're both just standing1396.6793.0
there shooting [ __ ] at each other this1398.22.88
is hard to watch he's not hitting me1399.6794.201
though he's hitting the Rocks did J are1401.085.32
you guys ready oh Victory all right hey1403.885.84
there's a spider ball oh right up on the1406.44.8
oh I don't think you could make that1409.724.24
shot twice in a row get in there and1411.24.839
fight like a spider you ready now it's a1413.963.839
lot more like Pokemon are you guys ready1416.0395.041
ready if you want I'm doing it1417.7996.041
and oh he's in oh he's a double jump oh1421.085.0
there s oh he's in yeah all right all1423.843.88
right get them your spider's outside of1426.083.68
the castle Yeah that didn't work well I1427.724.199
am here wow and then you can get out1429.765.0
right there huh yeah easy peasy okay1431.9194.921
well that's the plan then I'm going too1434.764.799
tomorrow we're all going I miss oh1436.845.16
Anthony my spider will prot ow we may1439.5593.681
have to build something so we can jump1442.02.48
further we don't have double jump or1443.243.4
just jump better we don't have double1444.486.12
jump just jump better don't jump don't1446.646.2
jump there oh what why is my spider1450.63.48
attacking me you want to aim from where1452.844.04
they're standing up top there and you'll1454.083.839
I really don't want to go in there it1456.883.279
looks dangerous well it is dangerous are1457.9193.961
you fighting your own spider it's1460.1592.961
me my spider just killed me1463.126.4
funny there's a good1466.885.279
out why are you1469.524.37
guys the1472.1593.681
[ __ ]1475.845.0
way you can1477.647.36
go going to find a life like this where1480.846.199
belong Where We1487.0396.041
Belong Where We Belong1490.247.55

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