Mystery Tower on the Beach!!! - Ark: Survival Ascended

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! The latest video is all about the crew facing off against the mystery tower on the beach, and let me te...
Mystery Tower on the Beach!!! - Ark: Survival Ascended
Mystery Tower on the Beach!!! - Ark: Survival Ascended

Mystery Tower on the Beach!!! - Ark: Survival Ascended

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Ark: Survival Ascended! Today we're checking out this mysterious tower on the beach, and let me tell you, it's taunting us with its secrets!

simon: Oh man, Neebs, I can't wait to see what's inside that tower! Maybe it's filled with treasure or ancient artifacts. Or maybe it's just a bunch of sandcastles, who knows?

appsro: Haha, Simon, you crack me up! But seriously, this mystery tower has got us all intrigued. I bet it's guarded by a giant crab or maybe even a group of angry seagulls ready to defend their territory.

neebs: Well, there's only one way to find out, guys. Let's gear up, head to the beach, and uncover the secrets of the mystery tower! But first, don't forget to hit that subscribe button and check out our merch for some epic Neebs Gaming swag!

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! The latest video is all about the crew facing off against the mystery tower on the beach, and let me tell you, it's full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The crew is determined to uncover the secrets of this mysterious tower, but will they be able to solve the puzzles it presents? You'll have to watch the video to find out!

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description so thanks37.047.12
NR NR40.164.0
uh guys yeah yo I've I've run into uh64.088.16
what it's called Death Essence is the69.1196.401
Pteranodon that died Ash yeah left a bag72.244.919
that has death Essence well that was75.524.76
sweet of her yeah exuse us what do you77.1594.6
do with that can you can we bring the80.283.92
pterodon back to life I don't know I81.7594.68
mean I'd say you take a peek it might84.24.72
you know be easy for your brain to86.4394.64
translate Maybe what do you see mes uh88.925.76
can be resurrected in the waters of an91.0797.241
OAS oasa the Waters of a it can be94.685.84
resurrected what the hell is an oasis98.323.92
sword know you didn't even know this100.522.639
bird are you going to go through all102.242.6
that trouble yeah I mean listen I just103.1593.56
got it we didn't have much of a bond but104.843.84
it would be nice to resurrect any of our106.7193.76
animals that die in the future right I108.684.119
mean for science sake if we knew it was110.4793.841
close imagine if we going have done that112.7994.161
with cter right yeah it's like okay we114.324.36
lose an animal we love we can just grab116.964.68
its death essence and then go to the118.687.16
Waters of a an animal is it we need to121.645.92
find this place you got to pee on it125.843.0
does the animal have to pee on it what127.562.759
does it mean the Waters of an animal I128.842.72
don't know maybe this Turtle knows where130.3193.721
it is I'll just the word Oasis is in it131.564.759
and then soore at the end yeah134.045.12
o o wasur and the Waters of the animal136.3194.64
like the the animal likes to swim in139.163.88
those Waters we'll find it we will find140.9593.841
it yeah we should keep guessing though I143.043.52
think yeah Simon you wanted to go get144.84.32
hide very much so then let's go around146.564.039
this corner I wanted to explore we'll149.123.92
get some hide we will with our spikes150.5995.401
and such y I got some die for you too153.044.72
you look ridiculous should we do that156.05.2
first yeah I'll give it to157.763.44
you Simon yeah boo it's one of those162.126.839
frogs yeah I bet you they are like very164.847.08
hard to kill well I remember thick got168.9595.321
one early on in one of our series and he171.925.0
was hopping it all about let's get this174.284.64
little sucker let's get some hide for176.924.52
you huh oh yeah yeah come on come on178.924.28
look at him did it steal something yeah181.444.079
it did where oh there you go all right183.24.8
get that hide side all right okay couple185.5194.401
frogs unless that's the same one but188.04.28
it's nice to know they're here so I189.924.76
don't see uh the body though shouldn't I192.284.92
be like chopping a body up to get hide194.685.0
did it hide I just got stuff that it197.26.039
grabbed oh um so oh wait good sort of199.685.36
hide we could use is there a body just203.2395.56
sitting up here oh this hi hey unless205.046.04
there's not hide in that is that a yeah208.7994.64
oh is there hide look at that yeah well211.084.48
I mean use the oh yeah use the proper213.4395.121
tool is that this axe I thought it was215.565.759
the axe said you killed it said I killed218.565.2
it was it just sleeping I don't know221.3195.401
what'd you get 19 High yeah we're doing223.764.839
it yeah all right so the Frog you want226.723.96
to do something with this frog I mean228.5994.0
didn't we want hide right I know but we230.683.16
just know the Frog's here and we'll get232.5993.141
it eventually we'll tame it all right233.844.88
Timur Timber yeah what you doing DB I240.686.16
was good look man pick I'm picking244.8794.881
berries I've been looking for meat no246.844.88
fish in the water here you sure this is249.765.199
a good spot no no not at all okay well251.724.88
there's no fish in mean I picked it just254.9594.0
because it's pretty yep it is kind of256.64.44
pretty I like more sunlight I might live258.9594.281
on that Beach right there where sunlight261.044.32
is well go for it I mean the sunsets263.244.48
here are gorgeous yeah okay but I do265.365.96
love Saloon Lagoon yeah the name is267.725.039
worth it yeah it's going to be great271.323.2
this it's going to be the first of many272.7593.241
locals we're going to have you we can274.524.119
build trains276.02.639
woohoo I cannot wait for that day I287.523.119
can't wait for that day I want to know I289.62.599
want how how do you build a train I hope290.6392.681
I'm not292.1994.121
disappointed yeah I really hope so too293.324.12
you know what I I expect to be296.323.0
disappointed so we might be we might be297.444.84
pleasant surprised okay but for now uh299.325.92
level 19 at level 20 we unlock the forge302.285.28
and the Smithy that's when it all begins305.243.6
oh got you is that is that what you're307.563.04
focused on yeah but there's nothing308.843.639
around here to kill been looking I see310.63.159
something to kill across the beach well312.4794.121
those are friendly oh okay well we'll313.7594.961
just travel a little bit okay have you316.64.0
been uh have you been that way I know318.724.599
that way Simon and I got attacked almost320.65.0
attacked by Theo so oh God yeah in the323.3194.521
way in the distance I see frogs so325.64.68
that's probably swamp area isn't it H I327.844.639
don't know but I wouldn't mind once I330.284.199
had TRS going to the swamp all right I'm332.4793.44
going to keep working on the saloon334.4794.681
Lagoon okay man feel like a this is335.9195.84
great looking love it love it hey this339.166.0
feels rustic need something to341.7596.44
kill you see that I saw it first one of348.1996.041
those seeing this time around but see351.64.439
beyond it Simon to the right of the354.244.239
trees to the right of the trees beyond356.0394.481
that no it's another one of those Towers358.4793.44
did you see that tower on your way over360.524.119
here uh oh yeah the one that I got shot361.9196.441
at oh yeah it it killed abro three four364.6395.4
times something like that yeah I I368.363.08
didn't get my stuff that's what I'm370.0393.041
trying to get back now like working my371.443.039
at my pants by the way and I have new373.085.04
shoes I'm very happy very nice um let uh374.4795.681
my cooked meat what what do you want to378.124.479
do I want to continue to get hide I want380.164.12
to see that Tower well it's going to382.5993.681
kill us isn't it yes it's going to kill384.284.359
us and there's easy prey right across386.285.4
the way right over here what over this388.6394.761
way yes there was you know one of those391.683.48
small little guys on the way to doing393.43.48
what we do I don't know where the snake395.163.599
is anymore but neither do I it makes the396.884.08
water a lot more exciting doesn't it398.7595.921
little bit a little bit yeah oh yeah we400.967.32
are in swampy land come here you [ __ ]404.685.6
you are pretty pretty oh you are pretty408.283.479
you need any help you don't need help do410.284.52
you yeah I need help I'm uh okay broke411.7597.361
my stuff oh [ __ ] oh God oh God run run414.811.0
there was two those I'm oh boy oh boy oh419.1210.98
God I'm poison oh god oh425.88.909
no did you hear that what s like those443.365.48
guys are getting action out there okay446.446.479
yeah hey guys hey see you a bit see you448.846.079
why don't you go with them uh yep yep452.9193.801
yep yep I'm going to here go with them454.9194.881
go hunt okay wait up I'm coming go you456.725.919
go keep up come on yep yep okay there go459.84.48
there you go you have fun get out there462.6394.921
and you play yeah wo he's so happy he's464.286.479
so cute yep yep H yep y'all have fun467.564.759
okay seph will be ready when you get470.7594.761
home thanks I want472.3197.921
stew so what attacked you guys uh snakes475.527.32
snakes snake fight I'm ready uh and so480.246.519
was there two on you I don't know I oh I482.846.52
can see a slithery snake watching my486.7595.481
[ __ ] all right um hold on let's get489.364.64
where we can see him huh here we go I'm492.244.079
going over part you guys just running in494.04.199
huh yeah just going to go right to this496.3194.761
close yeah okay um yeah I'm going for it498.1994.4
why not I'm this close you guys don't501.083.28
like playing oh no no no all right I'm502.5994.841
running I do want I need a plan okay504.365.36
here we got there it is there it is I507.445.76
got my stuff yeah oh [ __ ] okay run away509.725.4
hey why don't you guys lure needes help513.24.959
me lure those two away oh bro oh they're515.124.919
coming at you maybe o I got arrows518.1593.161
though I I'm going to [ __ ] them up how520.0393.12
many snakes are there uh there's two of521.323.56
them one of them's coming to you one of523.1593.921
them's I think coming to me okay oh I524.884.72
just walked by threat in needes hook527.084.64
hook a brother up oh that's a that's a529.63.6
what you call it yeah what you call it531.723.559
it's like one of those candy bars D I533.24.24
think I'm in a good spot for this sucker535.2793.881
oh [ __ ] what is that I'm going get we're537.443.48
going to eat snake tonight all right539.163.72
good you do that oh nice one of them one540.923.88
of them's dead already yeah I killed it542.884.519
is down sweet where's the other one oh544.84.92
God right next to ity oh that one was547.3994.041
faking it oh you're probably going to549.726.04
pass out he down there we go oh boy I'm551.446.56
just passed out I'm fine okay you you555.765.639
sleep it off I'm fine you sleep it off558.07.0
I'm fine all right give me stuff anybody561.3995.471
got a simber565.04.97
oh all right made to the Box put the599.163.72
in NES what's up you see that tower that604.166.48
other do you want to I mean it's609.043.479
probably a death trap but I think it's a610.643.24
death trap because look at the swamp612.5192.88
between here and there yeah I mean it's613.883.959
a really good distance away listen I was615.3995.321
thinking about that other Tower uh-huh617.8396.56
um like if if we build like a foundation620.726.119
just Out Of Reach and kind of make a624.3995.481
wall to allow us to get past it or626.8395.44
further sure I think uh that's a good629.886.32
idea right there's a way yeah and we632.2796.0
would do it at the other Tower not this636.24.199
death like not in the swamp Tower yeah638.2794.36
once you get some supplies go do that I640.3993.921
want to build us a Smithy now that I'm642.6394.801
level 20 Forge nees you're already a644.327.079
level 20 yeah man I'm a 21 bam oh man647.445.959
look at me I'm slightly Advanced you and651.3993.641
and it's only going to last for about653.3993.761
another minute okay well I'm heading655.045.84
back y all right657.163.72
oh there it is I know hopefully we don't666.9595.081
get shot from here I don't know what the670.3994.281
distance is on that and this is probably672.044.799
the wrong angle to come from I'm674.684.839
thinking cuz abser would always swim676.8395.44
from the other side across that body of679.5195.361
water so you see do you see what looks682.2795.12
like a turret yeah okay so that's the684.884.48
first thing that I'm seeing so yeah I687.3993.88
wonder if I can like place um you know a689.363.8
foundation in a wall and like make my691.2794.0
way closer to where we're out of the693.163.88
turret's range like directly below it695.2793.761
you know so that would that would take697.043.72
coming from the other side this is not699.043.56
the right angle right so we come from700.763.84
the other side and then we just loop702.64.799
around what would you do to disarm this704.64.32
or I don't know about that I just want707.3994.321
to get to that one spot first all right708.924.359
so let's get in there it looks like it's711.724.48
very doable it could be yeah like I said713.2795.521
just go directly behind it and then loop716.26.0
around we safe right here uh I would say718.85.92
no oh it's I would assume that we'd have722.24.72
to go directly behind it yeah we do we724.723.72
do I just wanted to see if I was safe726.924.24
here I'm not going728.442.72
to no no nope no that was close call oh731.247.279
God a close call oh God I'm really hurt735.724.4
think oh it's so740.125.32
dumb you see this cosmetic thing yet742.324.959
what about it we just click boop boop745.443.199
boop oh you can change the way it looks747.2792.641
yeah it's pretty cool you just put it in749.922.64
your inventory and click on it it's kind751.2793.401
of wild now I wonder how you know like752.564.44
if you forget what you build it out of754.684.12
oh so like yeah like yeah really this757.03.36
floor is thatch yeah cuz you'd want it758.84.08
to be Stone but look like this to be a760.364.88
saloon right I mean I guess eventually762.883.8
we could just replace it with a stone765.243.88
foundation yep okay but as for now it's766.685.92
that which is fine but I got the forge769.125.719
um oh yeah you got to forge up maybe772.63.679
yeah right over here with the mortar and774.8393.12
pesle yeah I think that corner would be776.2793.481
great this corner right here777.9595.281
okay and I want you to turn uh779.767.4
turn hit Q for options there it probably783.245.08
probably telling you down at the bottom787.163.2
how you how you rotate it says Q to snap788.323.6
toggle okay so yeah you want to turn790.363.64
that off so hit Q once right yep and791.923.719
then rotate it that's you know what oh794.02.72
wait no when you place it then you get795.6394.041
to rotate it remember n is that how it796.725.799
works is that seven days great now it's799.683.92
backward okay well you just pick it up802.5193.281
change it okay you want me to try uh803.64.08
yeah you do it bam right there in the805.83.52
corner how's that is that's beautiful807.683.599
yeah I love this see all got to do is809.324.519
read damn it no look I can't see very811.2795.0
well you know that I you got glasses on813.8395.401
okay here we go no excuse also God816.2795.081
everything's smaller I get it I get it819.243.959
it's all good baby there we go man that821.363.8
looks that looks cozy look at that823.1994.161
that's pretty now wow I'm going to go825.163.56
out and chop Little River Rocks get827.363.399
metal uh oh yeah you know what I already828.723.84
have some on oh that didn't turned it830.7593.561
off didn't mean do that already have a832.563.079
little metal in my person I'll get it in834.323.36
there and get it started next stop835.6394.361
Smitty ding ding837.685.719
all all right quit840.03.399
it bad news buddy844.165.799
what it says can't place thatch847.0794.841
foundation too close to an enemy849.9595.161
Foundation or gate so the building is851.925.76
out hey come up come right here and855.125.92
Crouch yeah yeah yeah s try to as a I857.685.32
want to jump off your back yes861.044.56
please I really you should be able to I863.05.12
wish I could I know God it's so dumb865.64.44
that that we can't do868.124.76
human things with other humans it was870.045.719
too too easy of a solution come on I872.885.399
just want to get up there yeah all right875.7594.841
yeah on on 3 2 1 you stand up go ahead878.2794.441
and Crouch right next to it okay on 3 2880.65.76
1 you okay 3 2 1882.725.84
oh that was actually kind of close wow886.363.76
come on do it again all right you can888.565.56
break it and 3 2 1 oh my God come on I890.125.6
I'm not going to lie this is this is the894.125.92
most fun I've had in a long time895.724.32
come on get up there get on my back all901.7596.041
right well uh can we break it no ABS904.365.56
tried that it would take three years Hey907.86.24
listen I might die yeah of course do it909.925.359
though I'll be right here with you I'll914.042.919
be right behind you so I could hopefully915.2795.161
look at your dead body hopefully I won't916.9597.201
die too I see920.446.319
it see924.165.679
it what's going on here926.7595.88
come on baby am I safe do I see it you929.8398.12
do I see the door yep says do not enter932.6398.601
but you're you're a rule breaker I I am937.9594.761
I don't listen to that [ __ ] there's a941.243.36
Dodo right there's a lot of Doos here942.724.0
the turret up top come on baby it944.63.599
doesn't see me but it's going to see me946.724.119
so quick it is but you got this you you948.1995.241
are so on it you want to see me die I950.8394.0
mean you know you want to see why953.443.04
wouldn't I want to see it I know it's954.8394.56
hilarious come on that you're going to956.484.479
do it though959.3995.161
second I'm there yeah baby I knew it I960.9598.081
believed in you and this is wood so chop964.569.68
it oh man look sexy in that bow of baby969.047.88
that that what what is it called the974.245.399
door it's a door I need to get tested my976.924.68
brain just stops working sometimes all979.6394.401
right this might take a while uh you981.63.96
know what let me uh let me see if I can984.044.08
help are you should I go over and see if985.564.44
I can make it you think you can make it988.123.159
I don't know I mean I made it you saw me990.04.319
do it what I did just stay crouched and991.2796.04
be line right as close as you994.3197.2
can be oh [ __ ] whoa whoa whoa s God997.3196.2
what's wrong with me listen uh it's not1001.5194.32
looking good that Health after I broke1003.5195.641
my pickaxe hasn't even gone down a point1005.8396.321
is there a way that uh you you using the1009.165.039
pickaxe it seems like an axe job well1012.164.44
now I got an Axe and it's same same1014.1995.241
thing so two of us will get there twice1016.64.679
as quick but very slow dude if we're1019.445.04
going to get one point down from 6,2501021.2795.881
every 10 minutes I'd say we shouldn't do1024.485.839
it oh you're the math guy hey your head1027.164.519
looks like it's in the wall can you see1030.3194.471
what's in there um1031.6794.681
no oh God ah these things man every time1036.366.76
all right yep what' you take take1040.525.24
something probably I got a bow and arom1043.125.919
made now so I'm ready for him that was a1045.766.039
Miss yep wait till he swoops in right1049.0395.64
right what is that thing like a white1051.7995.441
Pig hitting the house hitting the house1054.6795.321
what hey leave the house alone working1057.245.52
hard on that oh he's getting still there1060.05.52
we go that's a shot come on you little1062.766.279
[ __ ] yeah damn beautiful now hold on1065.524.76
you get hide out of these that's what I1069.0394.52
need you need hide uh yep that's see1070.285.6
yeah you see that damn white what is1073.5595.921
that creature white behind me1075.886.84
yeah oh that's a fiomia I think oh cool1079.485.12
yeah it's just neat looking they love1082.723.6
looks like a damn polar bear hey I got I1084.63.68
had a question I still had a I was1086.323.04
getting ready to tell a story then1088.282.6
you're like I got a question okay well1089.362.92
tell do you want to tell your story I1090.882.919
guess my dad went to this Diner the1092.283.44
other day Okay and he said the waitress1093.7994.0
was real sassy like a sassy Southern1095.724.079
Girl o I like them when they're sassy1097.7993.041
yeah and she said I ain't pooped in1099.7992.401
three days hey guys piranha killed me1100.843.36
I'll catch you in a bit oh hey see you1102.24.04
hard to get a story out today isn't it1104.25.16
it is um1106.244.319
what's Simon1109.364.199
doing all right so anyway um not much of1110.5594.041
a story I don't want you to get your1113.5595.841
hopes up right but hey guys hey s Simon1114.67.199
um yeah just I thought it was weird the1119.44.44
waitress was sharing her bow movements1121.7994.641
with nothing to share yep especially1123.844.6
with a customer at a restaurant three1126.444.84
days us you hope to poop more than that1128.445.04
that's very true hey all right can I can1131.285.72
I ask my question mhm1133.483.52
um hey need hey smithy's up oh nice very1137.326.479
good what what's what's the word other1142.03.679
than the Smithy just trying to upgrade1143.7994.401
tools you know get from these uh Spears1145.6795.48
to Pikes and better weapons so you need1148.25.88
metal uh yep I need to get hide again1151.1595.721
cuz all my stuff's broken from piran1154.084.52
absolutely yeah hide is going to be I1156.883.72
mean I've got 20 that's not good uh1158.64.64
neebs mm that Tower thing you can't1160.64.559
place anything cuz it's like enemy1163.244.24
territory and then we got to the door1165.1593.64
though and we're not going to be able to1167.484.199
break it with our crappy stuff ah gotcha1168.7995.401
okay metal Hatchet might work we'll make1171.6797.781
one I need metal yeah it's metal Hatchet1174.212.05
mhm uh yeah yeah I got a little bit of1189.886.08
hide not much yeah I got one metal okay1193.284.0
I already got metal I got it from River1195.963.76
Rocks well okay well anyway one metal1197.283.519
all right throw it in the Forge over1199.723.92
there sure where's your hide RIS I put1200.7995.481
it in the chest out here oh out there1203.644.68
yeah okay do you want to try the metal1206.285.519
hatchet on that place I could I will I1208.327.64
will okay oh incoming in coming threat1211.7995.481
kidding should we should we kill it that1215.963.199
little thing want kill it it's not a1217.283.92
threat I was kidding it was a joke all1219.1593.801
right I'll try the hatchet okay let me1221.23.04
make it for you real quick here's the1222.964.88
hide weapons melee Hatchet don't lose1224.244.96
this though okay it's the only one we1227.843.68
got it's not my goal too so the one1229.24.76
metal Hatchet huh one metal Hatchet and1231.524.72
D is going to take it to go chop a door1233.965.24
open and the thing is like if it breaks1236.246.08
on me while I'm doing it we're just1239.25.28
screwed but the door will be weaker1242.323.16
right bring it back though cuz we can1244.483.6
repair it man right should we all go I1245.484.16
don't want to go nobody needs to go I1248.083.04
mean you in my opinion we we should have1249.643.519
just waited until we had C4 I mean I1251.123.439
want to see what's in the tower too but1253.1593.121
damn why would is that your opinion Mis1254.5593.201
I died three times at the hand of the1256.283.92
Tower yeah exactly so that's like why1257.764.12
why why risk it because we have a metal1260.23.8
Hatchet wait okay well if you want to1261.885.44
go we got chop at damn door see what1264.04.72
else you going to do you I want to see1267.323.2
it I've never seen this place up close1268.725.36
all right y'all have fun ne's out Dora1270.526.56
out I think the tower's back that way1274.084.479
yeah well this is the best way to get1277.083.199
there yeah we know a long cut we're1278.5593.561
taking a long cut okay just Jack it's1280.2793.4
the safe1282.123.28
cut hi1283.6793.6
salmon I didn't know I was going to be1285.45.12
left with you1287.2793.241
hi nees I'm in place I'm going to I will1290.65.079
be soon hopefully it they'll where are1293.5593.561
you are you in the water right by the1295.6795.281
door oh I saw you right there okay okay1297.127.2
here we go baby1300.967.04
oh it went down yeah it's going to take1304.325.44
a minute but it's um what kind of numb1308.04.72
is we talking well it started at 62501309.764.08
we're at1312.723.52
6226 a that's a piece of cake we're1313.845.24
getting in this we're getting in it get1316.246.799
in it abso would like to see wait for C41319.086.599
I think you should take a1323.0396.841
shortcut what an idiot big1325.6794.201
loser okay it's going to take a1330.483.76
minute what just1334.845.68
happened I don't know I guess I got1337.26.76
tired you got so tired you passed out1340.526.519
yeah have you ever been tired never I1343.966.04
didn't know that was a thing in Arc yeah1347.0394.721
well I'm not giving you stimberries back1350.05.96
to it you up1351.7614.63
yeah going Break N you've been chopping1371.085.92
all night RIS I know it's about to break1374.1597.76
the door no the uh the axee ah the axe1377.07.039
yep hey but we got it down now we can do1381.9195.88
the math we got it down from oh 60 oh1384.0396.401
boy I thought it was 6500 we got it from1387.7995.201
6250 to1390.444.92
5316 good God we're going to need like1393.04.84
five or six axes1395.366.64
yeah okay well I guess we'll get back to1397.848.76
it okay be careful getting out of there1402.07.12
yeah there's there's death1406.64.88
coming for1409.125.559
me hey you made it well no it's the1411.486.72
piranas on the way backas mhm okay all1414.6797.401
right well I'm here to watch it happen1418.27.56
don't lose the axe1422.083.68

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