The Most Disgusting Sword Ever Made!!! - Grounded

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you seen the latest video that just dropped on their channel? Brace yourselves because this ...
The Most Disgusting Sword Ever Made!!! - Grounded
The Most Disgusting Sword Ever Made!!! - Grounded

The Most Disgusting Sword Ever Made!!! - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! Have you seen that video of the most disgusting sword ever made? It's absolutely ridiculous!

simon: Oh yeah, I saw that one! It's so gross, I couldn't believe someone actually made a sword like that. It's like they wanted to gross everyone out!

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up! That sword is definitely something else. But hey, at least it's entertaining to watch, right?

neebs: Absolutely! I mean, who wouldn't want to watch a video about a disgustingly weird sword? It's like a train wreck, you just can't look away!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you seen the latest video that just dropped on their channel? Brace yourselves because this one is all about the most disgusting sword ever made. Yes, you read that right - disgusting! If you're a fan of their hilarious antics and epic gameplay, this video is definitely worth checking out. But fair warning, it might make you cringe a little.

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all right all right Simon in a1.8397.141
pond what do you boys think of this wall22.5198.121
I think it's gross no I like it a lot um25.5197.401
yeah going take pride in that you know I30.643.32
tell you what do you guys know the32.922.6
secret to these things what they're used33.965.24
for no Dora I think I've heard recently35.526.92
if you rub it you do better against it39.25.839
yeah exactly so like I I spent a little42.444.959
of our stuff and I got a rly poly Mount45.0394.601
so when we hunt roly poliy you come over47.3993.921
here and we'll mark our49.644.239
foe yeah yeah that makes us tougher it51.325.6
gets really polish that's dope we were53.8795.081
making funny of these things fun fun56.925.52
funny huh we were making fun of Mark our58.967.839
foe oh yeah fo marked so yeah like today62.446.319
we need a lot of fire ant parts and I've66.7994.721
made an ant mount here so ooh I'm going68.7595.321
to kill me some fire ants nice oh and71.524.84
today I'm for the first time I'm not a74.083.92
big deal but for me it is using a76.364.16
crossbow okay welcome to crossbow Ville78.07.159
yeah and uh thanks to apps for giving me80.528.88
this yeah I'm part spider now what so85.1596.521
now that with uh if I'm not mistaken89.44.6
with the crossbow that does poison91.684.36
damage it's what I'm hearing hopefully94.05.28
poison with all of my tips that's pretty96.045.48
cool I yeah we'll see we're going to99.284.56
mess with some wasps aren't we son yes101.524.16
we are and I've got a a turret I'm going103.844.04
to lay down with sticky stones or105.683.68
something like that that'll weigh them107.883.8
down and break your bones you guys want109.366.119
to see something real gross though gross111.686.84
sure oh is that the toenail toenail it's115.4796.361
a toenail sword118.523.32
that's yeah you know it's a big toe yeah130.5996.321
oh God yeah I'm going to go I'm going to135.05.12
go fight ants with it it's going to be136.925.679
great so yeah you you guys go where140.125.92
you're going okay easy I'm going to work142.5995.761
oh oh god oh that one was real glad Dees151.5194.621
isn't here to155.364.61
see here they are Simon that's them all164.85.96
right so I should uh hold on a second167.925.16
huh been peeped it is a INF fact a wasp170.765.52
we were right okay um all right so I'm173.085.4
thinking if you like you know we'll take176.284.36
the closest one to us you know one at a178.484.839
time unless they just all come you know180.644.679
but maybe like right in right here hold183.3194.321
on is it the cuz I got confused that185.3194.081
it's not in the flag thing where's the187.644.08
weapon again189.46.52
ah Acorn turret y there it is so wait a191.725.72
what Acorn197.445.84
shells yeah I had [ __ ] Acorn shells I199.766.199
had tops and I had sides now it's saying203.284.879
I don't you saying someone took them205.9594.161
from you Simon saying somebody took him208.1593.761
from me someone stole them up your210.126.039
person I took too many of too much of211.928.879
everything well we only okay I know216.1598.8
so oh jeez do remembering the I guess220.7996.281
this is how we're doing this then Simon224.9594.401
we're doing it old school pull out that227.085.799
crossbow and let's fight like a you yeah229.365.4
I really wanted to do that tur thing I232.8795.401
know I know hey shall we I guess yeah we234.765.6
have to bummed out oh I missed that238.283.92
there's serious drop in these things too240.365.2
isn't it yeah let's just get the oh oh242.25.319
easy hold up oh don't walk in front of245.565.44
me okay here it comes here no is247.5197.041
he uh did I go over him [ __ ] that one251.04.76
that was a perfect I don't know how to254.563.04
shoot this thing what do you mean255.763.8
there's just no backup okay I was257.63.639
expecting something else I've never shot259.563.919
this before okay see it's like I didn't261.2396.081
even think it waso on okay you can block263.4796.761
with it too okay oh yeah these are going267.325.96
to be easy that did some damn damage all270.244.84
right okay and and they're not coming273.284.88
with friends I missed that one oh okay I275.085.16
was trying to block it yeah you can278.163.4
block hold it yeah you got it well I'm280.243.04
holding it but it's knocking me down and281.563.68
hurting me oh yeah he he's got a good I283.284.12
mean there oh [ __ ] his buddy's here yeah285.244.36
okay yeah well hey if you're not feeling287.45.04
good you can switch to the uh switch to289.66.439
what switch to your you know other stuff292.445.96
oh they shoot296.0395.841
shoot oh oh God where' that go oh God298.47.84
holy shy oh my God301.886.039
red diamond let's go get what you need307.9196.201
for the turret311.0393.081
yeah and do that with who s318.3199.841
t I'm H I like oh wow just chopped it322.449.599
all up huh what I can do with a donut M328.165.84
fresh donut chunk eat do that give me332.0397.401
help oh threat detected oh hell come334.08.639
on there we go yeah okay still getting339.445.759
used to this thing oh okay yeah you342.6394.761
little man I can chew you guys up with345.1997.521
this though uhoh uh no no no no no no347.410.32
ma'am oh this thing is great wo choose352.728.759
through an no problem357.723.759
uh Dora yeah I'm back oh God I I'm not362.527.6
sure where I should place the367.0395.88
thing but uh Place blueprint all right370.125.199
so listen they've come closer they've372.9195.0
come go so don't easy easy like I'm375.3194.28
going to be right here and then you are377.9193.4
going to stand where you want me to put379.5992.961
it yeah do it right there do it right381.3194.241
there it's fine sure okay obstruction382.565.44
was it blocked say it's blocked location385.564.88
there you go okay oh sh [ __ ] I'll get in388.04.36
there and load up are you ready we got390.443.36
one right here I don't know how to load392.363.72
up I says I guess I'm ready if you've393.83.48
got them on your person I think you're396.084.28
good okay you see this one up here nope397.286.359
uh yeah I hit it okay load them up load400.368.0
them up sa I can get him uh yeah load403.6396.96
them up wow okay you got him yeah408.363.72
brought him410.5993.481
down you're412.085.32
out okay okay try to get him down on the414.086.28
ground yeah okay I'm shooting him yeah I417.45.079
know I know so how do I get out of this420.363.92
thing um422.4793.801
exit give me give me give me give me424.283.08
me all right all right okay okay I'm427.363.76
going to come back around and and give429.363.8
him a what for I was shooting him man I431.124.12
SAR get back in the tur I am in the tur433.163.68
I can't reach him now so I can't shoot435.242.639
him all right I'm going to bring him to436.842.84
you all right here we go here we go here437.8795.641
we go [ __ ] got him there where that439.686.12
there there's two of them I didn't see443.525.2
that one I didn't see that one okay guys445.84.799
get my butt there's three of them think448.724.96
he broke my I broke my450.5995.72
[ __ ] okay hold on oh there's a there's453.684.959
there's three of them all right yep yep456.3194.72
yep I see the crow going to try to get458.6396.081
to you there you are son of a [ __ ] oh461.0395.6
he's going to get he is going to get me464.724.08
but there you go oh he is466.6396.84
thereo holy crap yep man I'm poisoned468.85.88
I'm going to have to drink another one473.4792.521
of these things it's just kind of a474.682.799
waste but I'm doing it here's another476.04.8
day so success nope nope not at all not477.4794.081
close was being sarcastic yeah I481.564.479
know knew this guy was a redneck tire486.4795.801
out in the yard with a car489.7595.4
hello hello who's that it's495.1596.281
now all right where's the best place to501.445.08
go in oh oh is this what them wants me503.687.56
to do climb down oh boy506.524.72
oh there's treasure there's treasure in511.967.24
here sticky key what is a sticky key oh515.2796.64
this is good stuff taking that uh-oh I519.24.199
mess oh that's a lot of523.3993.961
them okay get some here I didn't see the527.3994.841
tooth here get up here get up here get530.365.4
up here no stand up here am I safe all532.244.48
right I need something I can use535.762.68
underwater I think I can use that536.723.0
oh man wish I had a slime539.726.92
torch oh what that sturdy mobile Shir544.0794.801
that's really really good that's not546.643.879
really really good can I use my shield548.885.28
in the water can550.5196.841
idiot oh boy wow okay wow these hit hard554.166.799
they hit hard that ain't good crap crap557.365.919
crap crap crap okay where's the two I'm560.9594.44
seeing like three blinkies on the to oh563.2794.401
I bet the tooth in the damn thing it's565.3994.081
in the thing isn't it yep there's a567.683.399
treasure chest here that we got to get569.483.76
into all right nope no no can't do this571.0794.32
can't do573.244.8
this no no no no get me out of here575.3997.201
we're swarming all right here we are578.044.56
jeez all right we got to find a sticky582.643.639
key how in the world are we going to585.163.76
find a sticky key oh it's going to take586.2795.921
me forever to get out of here NOP yep588.928.24
and yep okay no worries no worries we're592.24.96
good yeah yeah yeah what we needed this597.5194.88
is exactly what shoot yeah go ahead and600.445.88
do your thing idiot you focus on me okay602.3995.801
that's fine I'll stab you yeah I'll stab606.325.199
you too oh oh oh you got me there but608.25.4
that's all right uh-huh uh-huh it is all611.5195.641
right isn't it come on oh yeah yeah613.65.799
you're not so tough by yourself are you617.165.76
[ __ ] huh I like how you fly though got619.3995.88
there you go come on come on what was622.924.159
that what was that you sting up there625.2795.761
doing a little sh there oh you going to627.0793.961
come on come on got [ __ ] oh no is that631.724.679
another one oh no it is oh [ __ ] we got634.124.36
to get this one we got to kill this one636.3995.361
we're so close we're so close we're so638.486.159
close come on right here oh I don't have641.765.48
any stamina right here I do go go no644.6394.361
knock down come on that's all right just647.244.92
stab we got him we got him [ __ ] that guy649.04.92
[ __ ] that guy I mean I'm just saying we652.163.52
got what did I just throw what did I653.923.719
throw I don't know did you get the parts655.683.92
NAB it NAB it that's mine give me my657.6394.161
ramp reer give it give it me why can't I659.64.16
get this I don't know I don't know why I661.84.0
can't get it but the the WASP is right663.763.92
here God okay yeah should we oh and he's665.84.039
hitting the plants so that's good oh667.683.64
being dumb oh we should have take669.8394.24
advantage or uh I got he up all right671.324.519
let's just run you got what you needed674.0793.44
right yeah or do we need to kill more675.8393.841
than one no I mean not necessarily677.5194.361
obviously it' be great but okay maybe679.684.08
not okay okay bab me now I'm going to681.884.12
run home yeah yeah run home run it home683.764.199
oh yeah of course on the day I let Door690.366.719
bar my hammer look at this a treasure693.6394.88
Trove of sour697.0795.241
wormholes and I can't get him with this698.5195.601
miserable Hammer all right fine I'll702.323.72
have to come back he wanted to borrow it704.123.8
in case he ran into Pine706.044.56
conbs hey let me uh hey you mind if I707.925.359
borrow your your uh hammer in case I run710.65.16
it oh713.2792.481
look pine cone right here what oh you717.248.68
little bostard oh you mess with the722.725.04
wrong [ __ ] today725.923.719
oh oh there was two of you you cheeky729.6396.081
oh okay I got to lean too not far735.724.559
door hey hey hey um D found a pine cold757.67.4
and you got the hammer oh [ __ ] you got762.2795.0
[ __ ] P I mean it's it's near my body765.03.839
I put a lean to over there it's just you767.2793.161
you got to go that way don't go home s768.8393.961
if you want to come too okay I I'm going770.445.44
to goast I'll meet you guys there that's772.84.399
how that's awesome I think that's775.884.959
hilarious that is pretty cool777.1993.64
ah hey ants ants ants everywhere need788.1995.961
okay good oh good there you go [ __ ] them792.1995.041
up here I'm going to need my shield oh794.165.52
God what was behind me all wow okay a797.244.92
lot that's what saying holy moly you799.685.32
guys Dr the whole damn ant every single802.167.28
one uh okay all right okay805.08.16
come on uhhuh uh-huh let's single you809.447.28
away here fireworker oh god oh no no my813.168.44
stamina y y y yep yep oh man man I am I816.726.32
am just [ __ ] in the bed at fighting in821.63.44
this game today well we didn't do the823.044.159
best e oh boy that really got me good825.044.039
[ __ ] got to retreat little bit all right827.1994.401
yeah stick together stick together is829.0794.601
that what we're supposed to do now uh831.63.84
yeah all right I'll ran one hand off833.683.48
come on come on get out take one of835.444.519
these [ __ ]837.166.64
I'm on the hot dog going I'm with you on839.9596.281
these guys all right I'm with this guy843.85.24
here I got you too knocked him out not846.245.92
not yet but come on run run you're going849.045.159
to run going to come back oh yeah852.163.239
they're running they're running they854.1994.681
know uh-huh you running yeah get dark855.3995.12
there we go that's that teamwork I was858.883.48
after that makes the dream workor at860.5195.841
time it do it do yeah he's down nice862.367.96
holy crap oh okay hey so yeah hey door866.366.599
follow me follow me okay okay okay right870.326.68
over there oh yeah look at that pine872.9596.56
cone you ready we've been trying to find877.04.36
this for a879.5195.401
while oh wow that's breaking apart nice881.365.8
oh we're getting a bunch oh I hope so884.925.88
what is all this oh887.166.88
yeah nice okay oh you know what I found890.84.88
a scanner on the way here so yeah follow894.043.64
me follow me okay895.685.0
oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah oh yeah hey900.8395.92
yeah let's deal with these ants first905.3994.201
all right well I'm very very close to906.7596.64
death oh wow oh God where did you come909.68.2
from Big Boy Hey wo hey hey hey we don't913.3997.921
need any of that oh917.88.0
God it's okay no no no no no no no NOP921.327.639
running just leave me be can you in that925.85.719
P condora I really want to do it I'll928.9594.841
hold off uh hold off the or the [ __ ]931.5195.161
sper here we go here we go hey leave him933.84.959
alone he's scanning stuff yeah that's936.684.959
right you run there we go that's a large938.7595.601
storage chest large plank pallet large941.6396.0
stem pallet oh [ __ ] how you guys doing944.365.959
out there great I'm fighting ants not947.6394.841
not doing too good wasp950.3196.281
leg uh wasp leg wasp leg the leg of the952.488.0
WASP stuff wasp a wasp mou nice uh-huh956.67.799
let's get past that and then we got MOS960.485.44
um got it uh wasp aote we can make a965.927.479
wasp aote a bote like a like an antidote969.3997.0
but but it's a was doe oh so like an973.3996.721
antidote specifically for a was I guess976.3995.0
you want to help me out with this uh980.123.36
[ __ ] wolf spatter yeah I'm killing981.3994.12
uh I can help May985.5197.841
ah [ __ ] okay coming for you I'm sorry989.485.08
keep me covered door keep me covered993.363.56
keep me covered come on baby all right994.564.12
we're running996.925.0
home and boom up let's get let's get out998.685.8
of here let's get out of1001.926.0
here we found1004.483.44
PES all right and this couple pinec cone1012.686.8
pieces little bit of set bam hey it1016.05.56
looks cool it I mean it does it kind of1019.485.88
looks more like a treasure case or1021.566.479
whatever you'd call that right man and1025.364.88
there is a ton of storage in there oh is1028.0393.361
there yeah I guess we could use these1030.242.799
for more bug parts cuz we like we got1031.44.08
like three bug chest in there I I was1033.0395.241
just their fault man right1035.485.4
okay listen now you know that we've had1038.285.36
the issue with the bags right yeah we1040.884.559
were see them nees and I were looking1043.644.319
for them and yeah get some they're all1045.4395.48
over the place but we can I I heard that1047.9594.72
we can go into like I don't know the1050.9193.561
menus like you should be able to go in1052.6793.681
there and like turn them on and off1054.485.199
right like uh oh okay in game repair I1056.366.559
found a recover backpacks yes that so be1059.6794.761
uh yeah get your eye on a backpack and1062.9192.681
see what happens when I click this1064.445.2
button you ready uh sure and boom this1065.65.84
will return all player backpacks to the1069.643.919
starting Ravine use this if your1071.444.2
backpacks are not recoverable oh you1073.5593.24
know what we should go to the kid case1075.644.6
and like uh watch this happen okay uh go1076.7994.88
go for it I I'm going to watch right1080.242.799
here and watch him disappear in front of1081.6794.321
me Simon you and me yeah let's go yeah1083.0394.64
let's go let's go can't wait to see it1086.03.559
I'll just I'm going to grab a seat let's1087.6793.12
see I guess the best way to get yeah1089.5592.721
this way all1090.7994.041
right and all the bags are just supposed1092.284.68
to show up in I have no idea how this1094.843.8
works but it says it'll it'll respawn at1096.964.16
the Ravine which I assume is a kid case1098.646.8
all right all right Simon in a1101.124.32
pond ah now we got to swim there that's1107.3210.0
fun you see that uh-huh that was1112.525.68
fun okay so this is I believe where we1119.968.44
started Simon Okay and the Ravine when I1124.06.28
think of a ravine I mean it's a body of1128.43.68
water right should be this right here1130.283.72
yeah this is it you remember this I1132.083.719
remember this but I thought a ravine was1134.03.96
a body of water no I thought Ravine I1135.7993.401
thought it was just just a crack like1137.963.36
this oh yeah think you're thinking of a1139.25.16
river no no no no I was thinking of a I1141.325.04
thought a ravine was a body of water and1144.366.559
a crack anyway go on okay well uh take a1146.367.4
look at it I'm going to hit game repair1150.9195.801
recover backpacks this can only be run1153.765.279
once per load of a save okay I'm doing1156.724.56
and holy cow they all just dropped right1161.285.8
here all of1164.122.96
neat what what's in these things that1169.05.44
one's yours this is dor that's Simons1171.65.68
Simons Doris1174.445.56
Simons uh Simons this one Simons all1177.285.759
right so so far healthy mix of abro1180.06.28
let's see oh boy see man I'm I should1183.0394.76
have dumped all my stuff before we came1186.284.24
out here oh damn this is awesome though1187.7994.24
but we can come back to this we can get1190.523.32
this stuff later if we want to right I1192.0393.64
mean yeah what's your inventory like can1193.844.48
you can you call it now I mean it's full1195.6794.48
full I F Well I filled it up because I1198.324.2
just picked up stuff man I wonder like I1200.1593.921
don't need like I mean honestly there's1202.523.44
stuff I could dump like I spoiled meat I1204.084.719
don't need what can I get rid of what1205.964.24
can I get oh man there's nothing I want1208.7993.161
to get rid of it's Al so good I'm1210.23.64
getting rid of plant fiber oh wait you1211.964.0
know what I can get rid of that get rid1213.844.839
of that get okay so yeah I I want these1215.964.839
ant heads that might fuzz that might1218.6794.401
fuzz is that's like finding gold yeah I1220.7994.441
mean like Billy H Billy hog bites who1223.085.12
gives a [ __ ] right uh I don't yeah1225.244.72
probably good I can I can I can hear1228.23.4
chat yelling at us now you need to keep1229.963.64
those belly hog bites you really need to1231.64.28
like get peets fine I got peets in other1233.65.199
places you know red ant Parts who car oh1235.884.12
is that red ants that's red ant1238.7993.281
mandibles I'll cap that over the parts1240.03.72
well yeah this is awesome and we'll have1242.083.44
to tell listen we'll we'll tell nees1243.723.319
that we went and we got all the stuff1245.523.399
ourselves we took it upon ourselves to1247.0394.281
do all this yeah I like that and uh1248.9195.041
he'll be so proud and we really didn't1251.324.08
have to work for it all I like that1253.964.8
that's a good idea all right good all1255.46.399
right shall we we shall all right we1258.764.6
still need to collect more parts did you1261.7993.36
do this1263.364.52
yeah well look at1265.1595.721

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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Man, I gotta tell you about this YouTube channel called Neebs Gaming. These guys are hilarious! They play all sorts of games, but the way they edit their videos makes it like you're watching a movie or a TV show. They add funny voices, sound effects, custom animations - it's so over the top and entertaining.

Like in this disgusting sword video, the way they zoom in on the gross details and add gagging sounds - it cracks me up! But they also do great storytelling in games like 7 Days to Die and their GTA series. You really get invested in their crazy characters. It feels like you're right there going on adventures with them.

And that's the thing about Neebs - their videos are the next best thing to actually playing the games yourself. Maybe even better, since they edit out all the boring parts and only keep the best moments. Their Subnautica series was so tense and dramatic at times, I was on the edge of my seat!

So if you're looking for gaming videos that are truly cinematic experiences, Neebs Gaming is the way to go. Their channel is like watching a gaming TV show, with recurring characters, ongoing stories, and non-stop entertainment. And they upload tons of content all the time, so you'll never run out. Whether you want laughs or adventure, Neebs has it all - they're the best gaming channel on YouTube, hands down. Check them out!

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