ATTACK of the... Kitchen Staff?!- Conan Exiles

🧦 GET YOUR 🧦SOCKS🧦SOCKS🧦SOCKS!🧦 🧦 *Conan Exiles SEASON 2 - Episode 14* Christopher Nolan pays a visit and brings his...
ATTACK of the... Kitchen Staff?!- Conan Exiles
ATTACK of the... Kitchen Staff?!- Conan Exiles

ATTACK of the... Kitchen Staff?!- Conan Exiles

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2? If not, you're in for a treat because in Episode 14, the boys have a special guest - none other than Christopher Nolan himself! And guess what? He brings his kitchen staff along for a battle with our favorite crew.

If you're a fan of the Conan Exiles game, you definitely don't want to miss this epic showdown. The boys are in for a wild ride as they face off against Christopher Nolan and his kitchen staff. Who will come out on top? You'll have to watch to find out!

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So, grab your favorite Neebs Gaming shirt, get comfy, and dive into the world of Conan Exiles with the Neebs crew. It's going to be a wild ride filled with laughs, battles, and maybe even some unexpected twists. Thanks for watching, and as always, stay tuned for more epic adventures with Neebs Gaming!

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sock sock sock sock sock sock0.1994.401
sock sock5.045.28
everybody wait is this a song is that a7.6795.801
real song yeah it's a10.323.16
song did you pick a name yeah I haven't14.165.48
got the horse yet do I think you have to17.323.6
take it out and like put it in your19.643.639
pocket and then drop it mhm there we go20.923.96
but not like not like Drop it like you23.2792.961
got to use it like it's an item or a24.882.799
weapon you got to put it in your wheel26.244.0
goes on the hot bar yeah okay so here we27.6796.4
go put you down there we go give me that30.246.319
there he is and then boom wow from far34.0796.48
away lands huh yeah so you guys drug him36.5595.961
all the way from like top of the map I40.5594.401
drug him okay you left him to42.524.84
die so what are you going to name him44.963.759
how do I name him you have to like look47.363.719
at him and like go into his information48.7193.761
there's a way to do it you'll figure it51.0794.28
out do I get a say on this name at all52.486.079
hey Dora hey Dora stats no so just know55.3595.04
just know not at all that's Second58.5594.201
Chances you you threw this horse out60.3994.44
that was years agoes we got to move on62.763.88
people change give me another chance64.8393.96
with the66.644.119
horse he's not even paying attention to68.7993.68
me yeah no just needes just like look at70.7594.161
it and open like like it's inventory all72.4794.801
right top middle okay top middle you can74.924.16
like edit there you go change the name77.284.159
of that horse there it is Mr red what79.084.96
you yeah what is it Anthony is a bad dad81.4394.841
I love it that's a good name for a horse84.044.759
Anthony is a bad dad you know what fine86.284.4
I'm free I'm free to on adventures and88.7994.36
do whatever I want I'm not I'm not held90.684.36
down by a child I wonder what I'm going93.1593.681
to name this thing where's cream pie95.046.92
dead beat yeah oh my god wow C my96.846.44
wow look at those103.286.199
trunks can we call them wakanda wakanda106.1595.56
yeah no this is going to be metal109.4795.081
[ __ ] see those big boxes on the side111.7194.121
we're going to use that to get all the114.564.28
metal in the world all it back115.845.559
here well good luck I can't wait to hear118.846.599
the stories it's got to be121.3994.04
fun abso yo what would you consider139.3196.481
child kidnapping um like Define it like142.5995.161
actually taking a child from its parent145.84.48
right or like taking a horse from its147.764.72
father yes that's child kidnapping yeah150.284.039
so I kidnapped this horse okay that's152.483.88
fine I have to prove I think I kidnapped154.3194.401
Bean yeah no in the B the Rhino was a156.364.519
baby we do a lot of child kidnapping158.723.36
right but I kidnapped this from neebs160.8793.0
you kidnapped it from the game so this162.083.64
horse cannot die I have to prove that163.8794.121
I'm a good father oh okay is that I'm a165.723.879
bad father or Anthony's a bad father168.02.84
well his name is Bad Dad we're going to169.5993.401
call him bad dad okay all right Anthony170.844.96
is a bad dad no just bad dad it's a okay173.03.959
okay we'll see we'll stick with that175.82.92
we'll we'll erase that first part if I176.9593.761
can prove myself all right we're here178.725.04
for metal yes let's see do I see any180.724.799
this is F5 I believe let me take a peek183.763.119
at the map oh wait no we're still a185.5193.72
little ways off so uh yeah the Rhino's186.8794.08
keeping up pretty damn good though he is189.2393.241
look at him go I hope he's not a [ __ ]190.9593.081
in a fight see Bad Dad we go on192.483.679
adventures to get metal to help out the194.044.36
tribe because we all work together it's196.1594.961
important for Community he's smiling198.44.68
he's happy he's like yeah I'm proud of201.124.96
my father yeah I'm happy he's happy yeah203.085.12
hey I feel like also when we're here206.084.159
wherever we get metal which I see a big208.23.88
pile of it right here we ought to make210.2393.961
like a a forge out here so we can just212.083.92
like load it up with metal oh that ain't214.23.44
metal oh so it's just always burning216.03.0
right then we can just come and collect217.643.72
that uh-oh this guy's after us bad dad219.03.519
you got to be careful for those those221.362.76
are bad people they're the rock people222.5193.041
we don't like them all right I'm hopping224.123.8
off well tell you what actually no I'm225.564.039
not I'm bringing this I'm bringing this227.922.64
play Bad Dad that's what we call a meval230.565.56
yes jousting233.4394.601
spear what am I watching I'm just236.123.8
watching a parade of three Rock things238.044.08
chasing you that's great yes with a239.924.12
rhino come on I wonder if this rhino242.123.88
fights better fight can I help I don't244.043.839
think I can help with a katana oh no246.04.56
dude that Rhino is no dude that Rhino is247.8794.56
going to die that Rhino is absolutely250.564.519
going to die no no okay we got to run252.4394.8
run run run run run we run run run run255.0794.921
okay run run Rhino come on Rhino come on257.2394.721
RH a the Rhino's260.05.28
dead Jesus CH I mean why why even have a261.964.88
rhino in the game if it's just going to265.284.359
die with three hits to a rock monster266.844.72
get out of here oh my God I'm so mad at269.6393.921
this game right now it's okay it's all271.563.68
right oh I'm getting ganged up too might273.563.16
want to get bad dad out of there yeah275.243.04
yeah we might want to all right all276.722.96
right fed dead it's time to run it's278.282.24
time to279.682.959
go there's more there's more there's280.523.92
monsters that way there's more proba to282.6393.56
come back the way we came okay all284.444.56
righty Bean sorry I got your new Rhino286.1996.641
friend killed metal [ __ ] he was a289.03.84
[ __ ] what are you looking293.86.44
at oh oh there's another Village over296.844.84
there I should raid that one instead of300.243.48
you guys all the time huh sorry about301.683.6
that yeah I'll go over there after maybe303.723.52
I'll go after uh anyway have you305.284.6
considered the wise religious teachings307.245.799
of zath you know you standing guard I'm309.885.759
right here you haven't seen me listen oh313.0395.401
I missed all right yeah I'm right here315.6394.361
did you feel the Arrow come from what318.444.599
are you doing you are really dumb I320.05.44
don't think zth wants you ah I just need323.0395.241
some of that blood you know how it be325.446.4
Gods be wanting blood oh boy ha that was328.286.479
a slippery ledge okay let me get that331.846.919
blood did you fall all the way down [ __ ]334.7597.041
really oh no no no no oh God that was338.7597.521
okay guys okay guys easy341.84.48
easy here we go I think I'm doing this348.4796.481
right and hey names heyis oh I'm doing a351.286.24
uh Journey I'm learning to farm yeah I'm354.965.44
doing a journey too um being an acolyte357.524.56
you're going to learn to be an acolyte360.44.32
an acolyte isn't that is that something362.085.2
Gatorade no what's an acolyte what do364.724.72
you wait what are you thinking of again367.285.8
maybe oh electroly electrolytes369.446.479
yeah what is your thing it's religious373.085.8
[ __ ] it's not important okay but uh you375.9196.961
know zath I Z's all right yeah I mean378.886.56
long as you stay hydrated right yeah382.885.24
yeah yeah yep okay good luck with your385.445.84
farming yep yeah do not like talking388.125.919
religion with that guy jeez with which391.284.88
guy huh with which guy do you not like394.0393.521
talking religion I wasn't talking to you396.163.24
I was talking to the animal in my house397.563.28
but which guy do you not like talking399.43.72
about religion with this guy that's400.844.359
always pushing his electrolytes on403.125.04
people that'd be annoying as [ __ ] tell405.1995.361
me who it is I'll kill him408.165.0
yep I didn't think he could hear me I410.565.96
know you got ears but not413.167.599
him and boom do that okay at this point416.526.359
it's kind of functioning as a bridge420.7594.321
yeah no we can get over here no problem422.8793.561
that's the number one goal of a bridge425.083.2
but I want it to look prettier no I hate426.443.56
it I hate the way it looks so bring428.284.479
bring can you do one more oh we can but430.04.68
man like have you you've seen Indiana432.7594.041
Jones and the Temple of Doom yeah you434.683.799
remember that rope Bridge didn't it fall436.83.679
with just a single swing of a machete438.4793.72
yeah but it was a rope Bridge it's like440.4793.28
this is supposed to be a damn rope442.1993.28
Bridge it's a wood bridge that happens443.7594.201
to have rope it's a rope Bridge can you445.4795.16
extend this no please I mean I don't447.964.16
think the game will let me oh it can't450.6394.321
go one more forward uh yeah no no no the452.124.28
bridges don't function like a [ __ ]454.962.88
Bridge need to function do this we can456.44.44
do this uh wait so maybe we can stick457.844.96
like a foundation on it yeah I can do460.843.96
that like that we go yeah yeah yeah yeah462.84.119
yeah okay so that's good all right now I464.84.2
wonder now that it's connected if we get466.9193.84
rid of some of the middle pieces can we469.03.56
get rid of all of the middle pieces all470.7594.481
right one gone two gone three gone four472.564.919
gone I'm going to go for the middle do475.246.919
it 5 six gone okay a lot gone hey now477.4796.321
this is looking better now that this482.1593.76
looks good now do I go for that last483.84.16
pillar yes these three are ceilings485.9193.28
let's replace them with Wood Bridge487.962.88
before we fully destroy oh okay I think489.1993.081
I see what you're saying yeah yeah yeah490.843.24
yeah yeah oh [ __ ] it feel bad that's not492.283.96
it that's not it at all all right let me494.083.959
go to the bridges which aren't really496.243.239
[ __ ] Bridges all right I'll get rid498.0395.72
of one uhuh oh499.4794.28
God maybe we should have went the other504.1994.761
direction uh yeah we can do this bad506.244.16
dead can do this damn it I'm going to508.963.0
beat you your dad's going to teach you510.43.439
how to build Bridges it's great dad's a511.964.199
piece of513.8392.32
[ __ ] what razer's gourd kitchen staff is516.5195.161
scouting our lands kitchen that's yeah519.5993.32
there's a kitchen521.684.159
staff kitchen staff incoming everybody522.9194.36
Purge I guess they're going to attack525.8393.801
our main base oh do they cater I don't527.2795.041
know hope nees can take them good luck529.645.44
nees hey yeah did you see that yeah532.324.68
kitchen staff is coming to fight I don't535.083.6
see any kitchen staff well I mean it's537.03.88
10 minutes out nine rather oh 10 minutes538.685.599
out nine oh right well listen that helps540.886.72
me because Z be wanting some like blood544.2795.56
that I just got and now it's in the next547.64.239
step so I got to get it again and at549.8394.081
least kitchen staff sounds like blood551.8393.881
coming to me if you ask me okay you553.923.24
think we need to prep anything like I555.722.88
put some traps down or something it's a557.163.239
kitchen staff they have knives they're558.63.44
good with knives you could come over to560.3993.601
my place I've got like a little defense562.043.76
crew okay yeah let's do that I'll meet564.04.04
you over there in 8 and 1/2 minutes 8565.84.479
and 1/2 it's cutting until 8 and2568.045.239
minutes okay yep see you in a few all570.2797.161
right you like my you like this mask not573.2796.721
really why yeah I just I don't know you577.447.24
look silly oh silly okay yeah yeah yeah580.06.92
17 seconds man I know this is going to584.686.56
be my new um purge mask I guess okay I'm586.926.44
afraid they're not going to come to us591.242.8
and they're just going to start593.362.4
attacking all of our stuff so okay we594.043.359
might have to run back to that side we595.765.68
might have to we'll see in one597.3997.601
second razor oh man how how scared are601.445.079
are you is Razer gourd coming too or605.03.48
just his staff I think just the kitchen606.5193.681
staff Razer gord's busy oh you couldn't608.484.16
be bothered it doesn't seem it okay are610.23.8
they over at your place do you want to612.643.0
run over and see yeah I'll run I'm614.03.32
taking one of the turtles with me okay615.643.16
come on Turtle let me know if you see617.324.48
something I will you see anything no618.84.52
again this is a kitchen staff we're621.83.24
dealing with okay I mean do you think623.323.28
he's like a food truck guy or he's got625.043.239
like a big you know franchise that would626.64.12
be the best that would be the best him628.2795.361
and one guy yeah making Cubans yeah I630.724.679
don't see anything this is not a good633.643.48
Purge is it let me let me check maybe635.3993.281
they're stuck on our wall maybe this637.125.159
Wall's coming in handy huh maybe638.685.64
hello kitchen642.2796.56
staff show yourself I'm looking anything644.326.079
no you think theyd at least want these648.8395.201
eggs they could sell those H well I'm650.3997.041
checking the other wall okay no kitchen654.046.12
staff what is going on on well let's at657.444.28
least tell the guys we fought off a660.164.28
Great Purge okay but let's let's don't661.724.32
pretend like it didn't happen yet they664.443.56
might just be waiting to surprise attack666.044.72
us I'm doubting that sad boob you see668.05.36
anything and she's just working look at670.765.319
her time gives up you think they got the673.366.64
wrong address that's a676.0793.921
your baby this is great AB I think702.445.36
Christopher Nolan is nearby why all the705.245.279
L loud horns oh with the purge yeah he707.84.68
does like a horn he does like a horn and710.5194.88
just wildly intense music for no712.484.96
reason anyways the forge just coming715.3994.361
along yeah four of them constantly717.443.839
burning hey Anthony Let's uh let's look719.763.68
at each other and let's uh let's do a721.2793.761
scene from a Christopher Nolan movie723.443.32
okay all right all right so now we're725.042.919
just going to we're just going to talk726.762.28
and the music's just going to be727.9594.361
stupidly intense729.043.28
okay we rode here today yeah we did and732.64.64
the bridge we built was very nice it was735.323.319
it was a very nice Bridge it took us a737.242.839
while to figure out how to kind of get738.6393.961
it there but I think we did mhm how have740.0793.801
you been you've been good I think I've742.63.479
been okay you know been fine you know a743.884.319
couple rough days here and there but746.0793.841
it's overall not bad how about you I've748.1993.32
been good have you tried balder's gate749.923.84
or armored Core I haven't tried either751.5193.481
one of those although I want to try753.762.879
armored Core CU you seem like an armored755.03.48
Core it's from from software I've never756.6393.32
played the old ones but man I love their758.483.76
Dark Souls and Elder Rings yeah yeah759.9593.641
Boulders gate you've tried it a little762.243.12
bit a little bit I want to play it some763.63.44
more yeah too many games though have you765.363.96
romanced anybody no not yet I'm thinking767.046.56
about it okay it starf St com coming out769.326.72
oh my God yeah yeah Christopher Nolan's773.64.479
ridiculous he's insane makes a good776.044.28
movie though oh yeah yeah oh yeah778.0794.0
sometimes so what the hell are they780.324.079
doing did you see where they're at I did782.0795.12
yeah it's uh it's so far let me see it's784.3994.44
yeah you know what that's where Anthony787.1994.0
and I built like a little Outpost base788.8393.921
well it's not little okay it's791.1993.0
apparently threatening I've never seen792.763.56
it we got a cross here maybe or uh yep794.1994.041
we got to swim but you know what I796.323.759
wouldn't really care but free hes is out798.245.0
there free hes remind me it's my horse800.0795.521
oh yeah I thought he'd be fine but uh803.243.76
yep you know what but he's down on the805.62.64
ground far away from the base so807.03.639
hopefully hopefully he's good yeah hey808.244.12
you swim as fast as cream pie that's810.6393.841
pretty impressive yeah but you know what812.363.52
I mean you got to be a real jerk to814.483.479
attack a horse it's true even if it's815.883.48
just a little baby and you grab it and817.9592.961
you put it in a bag and leave it out to819.364.039
die that's that's that's messed up820.924.12
that's that's some bad stuff beond823.3993.8
messed up like Karma's coming at you yep825.044.919
what that little horlet do nothing too827.1994.681
young to do anything no all right well829.9593.521
we get there when we get there we're831.883.56
coming free h833.486.039
a oo man o835.445.88
yeah just I love how much iron we're839.5193.521
making it's kind of dumb yeah we should841.323.519
have we should have done this ages ago843.043.359
yeah I kind of want to just build a big844.8393.68
epic like Skyscraper somewhere cuz we846.3993.8
need some way to just waste this stuff848.5193.721
oh waste the iron yeah oh look yeah we850.1993.681
need well you need iron to make like the852.244.0
really good building stuff oh or I think853.883.759
I think you actually have to make steel856.242.64
okay cuz you have to turn iron into857.6394.081
steel and then you have to use that to858.884.12
make uh yeah there something else you861.723.08
got to make but the really good building863.03.68
stuff requires steel so I love that864.83.039
we're making all this iron but we're866.682.599
going to have to transport it bag to867.8392.8
make steel cuz we don't have an advanced869.2792.961
forg here well the horses can kind of870.6392.961
carry it yeah oh yeah the horses are872.243.12
going to be carrying can't you badad but873.63.56
ton of iron bad dad you're strong you're875.363.52
real strong you better be I know Bean877.163.84
strong oh who's my strong little bean a878.883.6
I like the colors of that strong little881.03.44
bean look at her dumb bottom teeth882.484.039
you're better you're better bad dad you884.444.36
can grow up to be anything you want is886.5193.961
that what being a good father is no well888.83.12
you just told that to a horse which is890.483.44
really stupid but I'm the horse's father891.923.56
right but you can't it can't be anything893.923.279
it wants to be you're a father it's not895.483.479
going to grow up and become a blacksmith897.1993.281
ABS you're a father what's your advice898.9594.281
help me for a horse well just father900.484.799
[ __ ] just just feed the damn thing903.244.0
have you got any bark in it does it have905.2794.401
food in it right now um they eat bark907.245.08
which is also silly but if you take some909.684.959
bark and shove it in its butt oh yeah he912.324.48
is starving oh there you go see you are914.6394.921
a bad Dam got feed your [ __ ] kids all916.84.959
right see I asked you for advice 101919.564.68
start at the basics feed the child got921.7596.241
it feed the kids made your shitty F oh924.248.399
God sorry careful W Chas oh hey is this928.07.88
free hes free H shouldn't be no these932.6394.841
things are don't don't go that way don't935.883.319
go okay they're still being attacked oh937.483.12
oh they're following you yeah yeah I'll939.1993.521
bring them away but you oh Mr treat no940.64.4
it shouldn't be but is it is this the942.725.239
question is it this one's called horse945.05.399
horse with a saddle yeah I'm going to947.9594.56
ride it yeah as you should who left a950.3994.641
horse out here you could rename it frees952.5194.281
if you want it no I'm hoping friol is955.044.359
still over there oh waa whoa we're okay956.84.039
let's let's get there you ready yeah959.3992.481
that's what we're doing we're getting960.8395.321
there yeah yeah horse yeah cream961.887.0
pie all right I see it nebes yep that's966.165.0
the base yeah oh boy it looks like968.884.84
there's a lot of damage already oh God971.164.679
okay why is this even all right is that973.723.559
one of them one of what well there's975.8392.721
people here there's people there are977.2793.36
they attacking do they look like no I'm978.564.88
going to stand guard hey I bet that's980.6395.241
free H up wait okay there's a yeah I see983.445.24
what you're saying now yeah you do yep985.885.639
hit him all right get ready oh stay away988.684.599
from that horse may have your horse991.5194.56
stand guard right yep hold up oh wait993.2794.881
there oh boy there's crap falling all996.0793.56
right you hand them I handle this guy998.163.239
here yeah just needed that thank you hey1001.3996.36
knock it out oh lo actually oh I got1004.724.96
some bleed damage on him okay you1007.7594.2
selling abro yep I just now made these1009.683.719
knives today all right I'm going to come1011.9594.481
get this sucker come on sucker oh yeah1013.3995.401
baby take that that's my bridge get near1016.443.72
horse yeah oh crap horse is following me1020.166.279
take that take that okay I got one down1023.165.84
I've got almost three you are big oh wow1026.4395.561
a rock just hit my head all right horse1029.05.079
this is pre Hol pre Hol this is horse1032.04.16
you guys protect each1034.0794.681
other Anthony that's like 600 metal and1036.164.919
bean right now 600 all right we're going1038.764.64
to have to come back cuz not a full1041.0793.96
horse worth left but I'll take exctly1043.43.399
Well here here's what I think we do we1045.0394.0
um we start heading back home but we1046.7993.841
make like pillars to kind of Mark the1049.0393.321
way okay you know what I mean like a1050.643.52
like a highway yeah kind of like a1052.363.52
highway or little check checkpoint so1054.163.2
you know where you're going exactly so1055.883.0
when we come back here we know exactly1057.363.64
where to go all right here bad dad you1058.884.28
carry all this hard silver stuff we use1061.04.16
it to make weapons you'll see I'll show1063.163.639
you all the rules where do we make the1065.164.8
first one I'm kind of thinking yeah tell1066.7995.281
you what follow me I came down the hill1069.964.64
coming we're coming down the hill now1072.085.24
what uh well now once we get out into1074.64.24
this desert region we can can see it1077.323.04
pretty well so I'm thinking we go over1078.842.839
here to the end of this desert region1080.364.0
and we'll put one down M smart cuz we1081.6794.761
can see the great Forge from here yeah1084.364.199
this wait what was that oh man my eyes1086.443.16
are getting bad I thought that was like1088.5592.441
a body or something I think that's just1089.64.04
a bush that's a bush oh that's a giant1091.04.36
scorpion ah they were easy you really1093.642.76
should keep your eye out for that1095.363.799
instead of you know the bush yep ouch1096.44.6
sorry there a whole village to our right1099.1593.721
yeah I saw those guys coming in but uh1101.03.919
we should murder them I'm thinking yeah1102.883.64
let's put a let's put a pillow like1104.9194.401
right here up at the top yes I agree I1106.524.519
build man look at this stuff just keeps1111.0394.801
falling I know they're going to wow hey1113.124.72
knock off up there here we go we're1115.844.04
coming see us messing with your food1117.844.64
truck you've been warn where where they1119.885.279
parked at you think oh I got two of them1122.484.28
on me I should have put a bit bed down1125.1593.201
first oh I didn't even think twice I1126.764.08
never do yep you know what uh hold on I1128.363.92
think we can take these two ladies right1130.843.839
I think you can are they ladies I don't1132.284.639
know I'm climbing a rock there we go1134.6794.681
okay they're bleeding this is good okay1136.9196.441
I'm up here yep oh one was waiting yeah1139.366.679
you guys are a kitchen staff how'd you1143.364.4
get talking this [ __ ] hope they're1146.0395.721
paying you well good okay nice okay one1147.766.32
of them down I just got one left okay1151.763.799
how's it looking up there I'm just1154.083.56
getting blood for z Oh there's one up1155.5593.48
top all right yeah they've done some1157.644.36
damage oh is that a bad guy come on get1159.0395.601
it okay I got her got to heal up what1162.05.039
you got left up there well arrows ain't1164.644.399
doing uh at least two oh is this like a1167.0394.241
leader leader watch your planks me and1169.0395.12
the mates are thick as thieves she say1171.284.8
you'll see his stuff getting broken yeah1174.1594.361
be oh you're big one was big how you1176.084.16
doing buddy I'm just healing up did you1178.526.56
climb all that I did wow oh yeah yeah1180.247.36
woo my God you climbed this whole thing1187.63.88
and then went into1190.23.959
fight oh god oh1191.485.48
[ __ ] okay I I bro why am I in the menus1194.1594.601
get out of here get out the menu no I1196.964.52
know I know I know know wow they sneaky1198.765.32
there's a bunch I got to heal all right1201.484.96
I'm almost there dras just don't die you1204.085.24
don't have a bed down do you no oh no B1206.446.52
it what I just say1209.323.64
man oh yeah that looks good hey it's a1215.04.2
little entrance way yeah it's way more1217.483.28
elaborate than what I was doing that's1219.24.64
about all and then get rid of these and1220.766.76
boom Oh Perfect give it a try oh o ah1223.845.839
welcome and I built one out there and I1227.523.48
had a couple others downhill all right1229.6793.36
Mount up let's get home okay yeah this1231.04.6
was a damn good day it was did I mean1233.0394.401
except for the Rhino dying1235.64.52
yeah did you love the Rhino no I didn't1237.444.28
have time to get attached to the damn1240.123.0
thing okay then it can still be a good1241.723.6
day we didn't lose any L ones right1243.124.36
still might go get another Rhino cuz man1245.323.56
that would be cool to have but I mean1247.483.04
beans haul in this metal just fine so1248.883.56
maybe we didn't need the damn Rhino yeah1250.523.88
and bad Dad's doing great too keeping up1252.444.56
uhhuh screw the Rhino yeah [ __ ] Rhino1254.45.48
screw yeah [ __ ] that Rhino rhinos yeah1257.04.32
see I made this pillar it's a good1259.883.76
pillar mhm I'll pretty him up later make1261.323.56
pillar down here yeah you can feel free1263.644.08
to P you pillar pillar Prett yeah I'll1264.884.4
feel free to pillar later yeah pillar1267.724.439
them up later pretty them up later I'm1269.284.8
on need a little bit further I know you1272.1594.361
getting tired but we're almost there1274.086.44
come on come on keep going oh no okay oh1276.526.159
crap I'm so tired so tired all right1280.525.08
here we go you know what yeah who's this1282.6796.281
look at you you'd rather come attack me1285.66.079
then make hamburgers or something okay1288.965.0
here we go oh give that little bit of1291.6793.48
that oh boy I'm not really good at these1293.962.599
knives I just learned to use them today1295.1593.0
you know what I'm going to lock on oh1296.5594.081
crap okay there we go all right let's do1298.1594.76
a little bit of this boom boom now we're1300.643.96
going big what is that behind me stuff's1302.9194.0
breaking everywhere oh man you guys did1304.64.72
so much damage to this place Anthony is1306.9196.041
going to be sick okay I'm coming there's1309.325.479
anybody else you might want to head back1312.964.24
to work go make some strudles or1314.7993.961
whatever it is you make1317.22.88
I'll find1318.764.32
you oh I see you over there breaking1320.085.0
stuff man you guys should be in1323.085.04
demolition not in Food Service all right1325.086.68
I'm doing this boom how about that okay1328.125.52
you go back oh wait what is what is1331.764.64
happening here what kind of goofiness is1333.646.36
this jeez I'm going on Yelp don't think1336.45.72

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