The men who stare at chickens...- RANCH SIM

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their channel yet? It's all about the crazy adventures in Ranc...
The men who stare at chickens...- RANCH SIM
The men who stare at chickens...- RANCH SIM

The men who stare at chickens...- RANCH SIM

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Neebs Gaming! Today, we're staring at chickens in Ranch Sim, because why not?

simon: Yeah, and apparently we need eggs AND not to get killed. Sounds like a typical day on the ranch, right?

appsro: Oh, you know it! Just another day in the life of virtual cowboys staring down those menacing chickens. Gotta love it!

neebs: I mean, who needs real-life excitement when you can have the thrill of chicken-staring right from the comfort of your own home, am I right?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their channel yet? It's all about the crazy adventures in Ranch Sim where they're on a mission to get some eggs without getting killed. Sounds like a typical day in the life of our favorite gamers, right?

If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button and show some love to the Neebs Gaming crew. They always bring us the best content and keep us entertained with their hilarious antics and epic gameplay. And if you want to support them even more, they've got a Patreon where you can help them continue creating awesome videos for us to enjoy.

I mean, who wouldn't want to watch the men who stare at chickens? It's pure comedy gold, and you never know what crazy shenanigans they'll get up to next. Plus, they've got a whole bunch of other playlists to check out, from cartoons to Minecraft to GTA V. There's something for everyone on the Neebs Gaming channel.

And let's not forget the awesome music they use in their videos. From cowboy lullabies to epic soundtracks, the music always sets the perfect tone for their adventures. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the latest video from Neebs Gaming. It's guaranteed to make you laugh, gasp, and maybe even shed a tear or two. Trust me, you won't want to miss it!

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we got the park you just killed the he1.5995.121
got the ball getting that hog3.763.92
all you had to do7.682.56
that tickles14.4816.95
all right simon yes sir i think we can46.7194.641
expect him to like randomly show up49.363.679
somewhere and try to murder us oh you51.366.28
think yeah because he's done it before53.0394.601
well i mean i didn't kill him no i did i59.3594.961
think what he did was wrong yeah it was62.323.44
wrong without our permission that was64.323.52
our pick yeah he should say this is what65.763.6
you need to do maybe that was what we67.843.68
should have done but it's our choice i69.363.28
don't think71.522.639
that was the one we were bringing back72.644.96
oh here he is hey holy [ __ ] hey hey so74.1595.201
can we disagree don't kill our animals77.63.68
i'm sorry about the pig thing i should79.364.079
have asked you but look pork delivered81.283.839
yeah i know that we weren't ready for83.4393.761
the rest of the stuff you know i'll pay85.1194.0
you for that pig don't worry about it no87.24.32
you will not yeah look bobby joe's gonna89.1196.241
pay you good for this breakfast let's go91.523.84
wanna get this guy real quick who's got97.364.64
it who's got it i got it i got it99.525.76
oh slow down for me102.06.24
damn it i've got a real load up yeah uh105.287.36
oh it's going easy yep oh oh108.247.4
i'm surprised y'all don't sell [ __ ]123.1196.201
eggs here sell chicken sell eggs124.7194.601
let's load them up oh one more hog129.445.84
couple more hands get in there fatty all132.724.56
right what you gonna name your chickens135.283.36
i'm not naming them we ought to name137.283.92
them after something like 80s movies138.643.679
i don't want to know you this one's141.22.72
going to be total recall and then this142.3193.841
one over here is maybe like mannequin143.924.959
put big in pixar pig is him146.165.68
all right i'll take it148.8798.121
hold on mewtwo too you two too youtube151.845.16
all right162.3194.161
rally ride163.844.96
here you go jigglypuff166.485.039
come on baby oh sorry all right sorry168.85.04
all right and there you go all the food171.5194.321
you can handle jigglypuff173.844.56
all right come in with me175.844.88
come on come on baby get in them you two178.44.72
too come on all right close the door180.724.72
there you go bulbasaur's getting real183.123.68
big isn't she185.443.6
should i shoot her no no okay just check186.84.079
it i checked this time189.044.16
um right we're good there we need five190.8794.961
more eggs maybe by tomorrow morning hey193.26.6
let's finish up this thing195.843.96
let's go to bed y'all212.7993.421
you're going there i'm going here oh222.643.92
wait no it's the opposite all right yeah224.2394.801
get out of here226.562.48
you better wake up we got a big old day236.085.359
today gonna finish a bond there you go238.9596.56
get your day started lazy damn241.4394.08
i love you see you tonight245.5995.601
not sure where i would see the eggs i'm248.2394.321
guessing see them in there and they251.23.759
would look like eggs yeah of course i252.564.48
don't see any if you see any [ __ ] in254.9593.921
there too please remove that i don't see257.044.479
any [ __ ]258.882.639
all right you fill the water let's look262.04.24
at me i'm doing things i just put water264.245.44
in there you're a rancher i am a rancher266.245.76
and then i'll put this down yeah it just269.685.44
says one egg of 30 and there's nothing272.04.639
yeah that's just the one that's in the275.124.38
basket good morning bulbasaur276.6395.921
let's head on out the store guys282.565.6
i like our little circle back here yeah285.286.26
no that's nice yeah288.169.63
how about that after are you okay298.84.72
all right so we're getting rid of the302.084.24
old table saw that's good hey baby good303.525.519
morning shadeed 75 bucks for that piece306.325.12
of [ __ ] what yeah i wouldn't even pay309.0394.241
that to be honest good god all right311.444.4
better than nothing313.284.56
oh god i hate this315.843.44
load up that feed let's swing by the317.843.44
hardware store quick319.284.8
how much is the 30 a bag all right feed321.286.56
the pigs thirty a bed don't [ __ ] the324.085.6
pigs thirty327.843.04
thirty you're bad330.883.759
worst goddamn song from that mary332.723.6
poppins movie i don't think that was in334.6393.041
the movie though wouldn't it feed the336.323.68
birds toppings a bag337.683.44
a bag340.03.039
top of the bag what is it there i don't341.124.48
know i don't think it's that though343.0396.16
i directed that you did not no i didn't345.65.92
but i was touched by dick van dyke no349.1995.761
you weren't no i wasn't351.523.44
oh it's not toppings it's tuppence all356.724.08
right at the time the british tuppence358.885.039
was equal to about four cents okay so it360.86.239
was the cost of a bag of breadcrumbs363.9196.0
okay you're doing great367.0394.88
yeah the other night up in these parts i369.9194.961
uh killed the deer couldn't find it got371.9197.961
attacked by a wolf oh wolf woah374.885.0
where are you at [ __ ] where'd he go well381.363.839
there he is he's coming for you me oh382.884.8
[ __ ] boy385.1994.801
that's hot done that's right like you387.683.92
got him with the first shot and then390.03.36
pumped two more into him didn't you well391.64.879
i was scared393.363.119
oh is that another wolf yeah off to the397.443.52
right and a deer399.0393.361
attacking a deer a deer and a wolf go400.964.0
get em guys402.42.56
[ __ ] got the deer got the wolf hey406.846.52
i'm a crack damn shot i think the deer410.6394.481
disappeared what because the wolf got413.363.839
the wolf damn ate it you oh son of a415.125.68
[ __ ] oh stop it there right there oh417.1996.641
[ __ ] hold on420.83.04
no more no more that's a good chunk of424.964.079
meat right 40 you have 45 concrete yep426.564.96
and i need 50. i thought you needed 60.429.0394.401
i thought you only needed 40. okay maybe431.525.88
you're right i hope you're right433.443.96
oh boy goodbye you're doing great437.9193.84
come on baby444.83.67
oh final bag446.565.029
that is a well i can't wait to lose452.964.639
children down it jiggly puff you see455.5993.521
this well457.5994.641
look look at it459.124.72
hey is there is there an empty bucket462.244.399
over there uh an empty bucket yes there463.845.039
is bring it over here yup yup yup all466.6394.481
right yeah pop it on popping this on468.8795.121
here attaching the buckets going down oh471.125.199
yep it's going down so now i think uh474.04.879
you grab the handle yes sir476.3195.6
and then rotate the mouse478.8794.481
that's bringing up the bucket uh-huh483.364.08
okay is the bucket yeah the bucket's485.842.96
full of water like it's full of water487.443.28
you want to grab the bucket yep i got488.85.119
the bucket romeo oh romeo where i fought490.724.8
out there d you remember the part of493.9194.0
that play when romeo [ __ ] a pig495.525.76
two-wire it's my favorite part497.9193.361
all right ready to go to bed yeah let's502.163.439
go today i'm gonna clean up this [ __ ] in503.7594.88
here no one else does505.5995.921
is that pig dead no he's sleeping don't508.6397.28
don't wake him all right you're lucky511.528.24
morning morning521.362.96
oh please come on chickie chicks come on524.84.4
just some [ __ ] i don't think i've529.24.8
noticed the the bird [ __ ] yeah i know531.2795.521
well good for you there's uh pig [ __ ]534.05.44
all around too536.82.64
there you go picked up your first piece545.763.6
of [ __ ] good job yeah look at that let547.765.8
me get this one too there you go549.364.2
[ __ ]571.8393.0
that looks good yeah582.883.12
can you put any on the house you got584.642.8
enough materials at least put a couple586.03.36
uh yeah go go ahead you place one on the587.443.519
house wherever you want if it works589.364.64
simon i've never uh never do it time590.9594.721
you know what i'm gonna put it right595.684.64
where the damn actual lamps are wait do596.9595.201
they not turn on they don't turn on i600.324.56
don't ever try that602.162.72
well when i go up to it it's not telling606.03.92
me it doesn't give you a prompt608.04.24
but i am holding the you know so609.924.24
whichever here i'm gonna put it up here612.243.76
anyway is there a light switch inside614.166.48
anywhere inside oh yeah what about this616.04.64
oh yeah the light switch inside turns620.883.519
the lights on there you go then they622.723.52
already work i already placed one on top624.3993.361
of a light that already works take it626.243.279
off all right hey you put one on an627.765.6
episode's place oh yeah and there we go629.5196.161
oh that looks great yeah thank you boys637.766.4
i can't believe i'm just staring at642.883.68
chickens uh yep maybe if i stare with644.165.2
you i'll stare too probably help a lot646.566.0
come on you little shits649.363.2
two eggs wow what was that all about i652.84.479
was trying to scare the chickens i'm655.683.52
sorry i guess the ricochet must have hit657.2794.721
him or you shot him point blank no no i659.25.36
i shot near the chicken bullet bounced662.04.48
off hit him right in the head664.564.8
i don't believe that666.486.68
did do it669.363.8
oh we've got two eggs two eggs was it680.3994.801
poop it might have been [ __ ] it was683.23.84
probably [ __ ] that's what it was not685.24.56
even one egg sorry no no it was [ __ ]687.045.61
just a couple shits689.7614.96
all right [ __ ]704.723.52
we got eggs yeah there you go two eggs709.444.639
three eggs712.563.839
they might be pieces of [ __ ] nope nope714.0794.641
all right let's go see bobby joe720.04.48
i bet she hungry732.323.36
you think it's been three days right734.0793.281
yeah probably not you ought to be full735.684.0
of [ __ ] pork737.365.32
mommy joe744.323.84
here we go746.723.8
we got some eggs for you748.163.919
180 for that breakfast smackers wow and752.8397.24
now we can take the the meat back wait757.364.64
did you leave four pieces of meat well760.0794.481
no she gave us the money yeah we got the762.04.639
money and we get to meet max764.565.04
sorry trying to there we go wow she's766.6395.681
senile huh oh big time okay have a good769.64.0
day ma'am772.323.759
dumb damn [ __ ] yep your husband's asked773.64.239
us to kill you just to let you know yeah776.0793.521
it's true yeah so777.8393.601
do what you will with that you won't do779.63.359
anything she's gonna forget you said it781.445.28
in about five minutes aren't you dirty782.9593.761
easy don't worry you'll be like where'd789.445.36
that bullet hole come from792.167.16
you're doing great shut it794.84.52

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