Jumping Defense Tower! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 21

Hey guys! If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you're in for a treat with their latest video in Darkness Falls. Neebs is testing out som...
Jumping Defense Tower! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 21
Jumping Defense Tower! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 21

Jumping Defense Tower! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 21

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen our latest video, Jumping Defense Tower in 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod? It's my favorite one so far!

simon: Oh yeah, that one was a blast! I loved seeing you test out those horde night strategies. You were really on your toes, Neebs!

neebs: Thanks, Simon! I had to jump around like a maniac to survive, hence the jumping defense tower tactic. It was intense!

simon: Haha, you definitely kept us entertained with your acrobatics. I can see why it's your favorite video. You were like a ninja out there!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys! If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you're in for a treat with their latest video in Darkness Falls. Neebs is testing out some potential horde night strategies, and I can't wait to see how it all plays out. The anticipation is killing me!

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we're right here okay right here i'm10.04.799
gonna hop back on top and uh cover your12.484.96
butt all right cool cool cool uh do i14.7995.921
even own a shovel do you want to borrow17.446.079
i cannot i can let's see it's right here20.723.92
are you using23.5192.801
is that what you're doing you're gonna24.643.36
you're doing that yeah you don't want to26.324.16
use my shovel oh look at that okay it28.04.48
just it seems counterproductive you'd30.483.919
think you'd be like it doesn't make any32.484.239
sense to me i know34.3994.721
you're doing real good yep yeah i've got36.7194.801
this whole man if i crouch down i can39.124.56
see what's around and we're like clear41.524.559
as hell right now i'm digging a really43.684.32
deep hole it's only usually like two or46.0793.041
three down though i don't know if you48.03.12
got to go that deep okay maybe i'll help49.123.599
you with a little oh51.124.32
why not yeah oh wait no it's right here52.7195.36
god damn it what the circle what are you55.445.68
doing come here sorry how'd you58.0795.041
get up i don't know it's been a while61.123.84
yeah but it's a big yellow it's been a63.122.43
hey hey what's up neebs67.844.16
what are you doing i just errands aaron69.763.76
day oh yeah what kind of errands you're72.03.6
running i gotta go73.523.36
none of your business75.63.92
yep sounds shady what are you up to uh76.884.64
left the car somewhere i gotta get the79.523.68
car oh my car yeah damn yeah you better81.523.279
get my car back took a lot of resources83.24.64
to build that i don't know84.7993.041
whatever whatever whatever it's fine88.324.72
it's fine yeah you need help ah no i89.845.599
think i got it i'm actually gonna redo i93.043.759
had a plan here but now i'm looking at95.4392.64
the plan going well that's not gonna96.7992.561
work because these wires are going to be98.0793.121
too damn far apart and that's just going99.363.039
to be a mess but101.23.12
that's i got plan b i got plan b don't102.3994.161
you worry you see i'm not worried look104.324.96
this looks complicated so uh106.564.16
it's not something it's not it's not109.283.119
it's not complicated at all it looks it110.723.52
i said it looks it okay let me know if112.3993.36
you need anything all right we'll do go114.244.72
get my car back i will115.7593.201
oh doraleous yes thick found it good120.245.519
thick you have to lock pick it i do122.965.359
guess what i just maxed out uh i don't125.7593.521
my threat assessment you know what that129.284.64
means uh you probably yeah how you131.363.44
threats yeah when i crouch down i can134.85.6
see all the stuff up to 200 meters even136.9595.761
demons i can track demons i just see140.45.12
them okay isn't that neat and handy i'm142.724.96
gonna call you the demon tracker sure145.524.24
shouldn't i be able to uh147.683.68
break into things with this crowbar149.763.6
maybe do you want me to use my lockpicks151.364.32
yeah i think i just ran out okay pardon153.364.239
me okay let's see if mine works so we155.683.6
don't have to deal with this [ __ ]157.5994.72
come on baby baby baby i love this game159.285.28
and i'll let you uh open it up162.3194.0
as if it's yours you know because it's164.565.52
yours yeah um one more come on baby baby166.3194.881
come on baby170.084.48
come on baby come on171.23.36
call you brother thank you all right176.03.76
all right here we go uh tickle that's182.1596.241
right i could just hit r doing okay bud185.5995.521
yeah yeah i'm doing fine doing great uh188.44.16
wanna go dig a hole with a hammer191.122.56
shut up hey um is there a traitor in193.686.0
this town next to us yeah you'd you got197.24.319
to be a traitor yeah it'd be fun to find199.684.479
a new traitor make friends you know sure201.5194.321
that's what it's all about that's what204.1593.121
this game is about205.843.52
yeah seven days to die is all about207.284.879
friendship yep unless you're a zombie or209.364.48
a demon well it's just a different kind212.1594.72
of friend yeah213.843.039
there we go i don't think anyone's going217.23.92
to use these weapons so i'm selling them218.44.479
we got better weapons now221.123.759
there we go you know what bob i'm going222.8794.0
to come back and renovate this place224.8794.321
cause your counter your door it's a mess226.8794.481
i'll be like a property brother just one229.23.2
of me231.365.28
all right now where is that car232.44.24
oh it's smoking237.044.32
it is smoking238.725.519
i think all it needs is gas though so241.365.2
let's see let's fill her up244.2393.761
right here246.562.959
add gas248.04.48
did i do it is it running i did it right249.5195.601
is it broke or is it no it's got gas oh252.484.08
no it's broke255.122.959
he's gonna be mad259.3593.041
gas isn't a problem but he didn't like260.882.8
crap i think i need a repair kit okay263.686.69
well i'll be back266.845.24
chimney smoke chimney smoke oh yeah272.083.6
no not really it's uh wait till you see275.686.0
this let's go i'll show you you'll learn277.7597.601
this is gonna blow your mind okay okay281.684.19
i got tech here and here yeah look at287.045.2
this i know i know will this close289.1995.521
behind me uh maybe i don't know292.244.08
the thing is we're going to find some294.726.4
ladies likely finally lady oh hello one296.327.12
lady hello ma'am what do you have to say301.124.96
dr anna hey you got any work and never303.447.64
mind so wow she's missing eyeballs306.085.0
oh i don't trust you go311.684.959
help eve yeah so let's just uh rob him313.65.84
blind oh that's a good idea yeah give316.6394.801
him some good stuff already and then319.444.8
someday we'll run across eve321.448.16
what'd you just throw at me i was trying329.63.92
to get your attention you got it yeah331.124.0
like in the movies yeah what'd you throw333.524.32
there's a rock oh yeah okay hey i got335.125.44
that food listen good news bad news all337.845.04
right um bad news uh i've already said340.564.72
the good news okay so what so the good342.884.0
news is you got food what's the bad news345.282.96
yeah i got to say good news bad news346.884.64
first yes right okay uh bad news car's348.245.36
broke do you have a repair kit nope i'm351.523.84
a food guy yeah all right so you need a353.63.52
repair kit yeah why don't you come ask355.363.52
me um i didn't know it was broke till i357.123.519
got there i thought i was out of gas358.884.159
okay let's see i think i have a repair360.6394.56
kit on me i'll just give it to you363.0394.481
you gonna go fix it tonight listen i'm365.1994.161
starting to feel pretty strong i could367.523.92
probably do it all right you lost it at369.363.839
night so guess what you gotta go fix it371.444.16
at night guess what i'll give you a food373.1994.801
with no conditions uh-huh here's a375.64.4
repair kit i draw it's down there you378.05.28
see right and here is the food380.05.6
two strings attached all right look at383.284.0
this there's a string attached to mine385.63.12
you don't have to give me all this food387.283.759
and look i am like a billionaire when it388.724.0
comes to food so391.0393.921
just enjoy it all right well i'm broke392.723.919
as [ __ ] when it comes to a car not394.962.64
neebs is on it397.63.52
there she is403.1994.241
okay wow405.283.84
all right repair kit i've never done407.444.879
this um also i want to pick the bike up409.125.28
right okay which weapon am i going to412.3194.561
use if i get attacked this one414.44.079
i want to stay quiet do i have to equip416.884.159
it there it is i'll put that where the418.4796.56
rocks were then i equipped this right421.0396.72
and then a to interact425.0394.801
oh yeah that's it427.7593.761
did that work429.844.0
oh yeah okay now i gotta431.525.6
want to pick my bike up pick it up by433.844.96
the hand437.122.799
got it438.83.519
that was easy i was just talking a big439.9194.4
game but it was442.3192.961
i'm off445.283.919
problem solved446.44.88
oh there he goes coming back449.1993.12
don't hit that zombie is that what he's452.3192.401
oh yeah yeah yeah hit it454.723.28
nope missed it456.722.879
where the [ __ ] he going now he's just458.03.759
he's just out for a damn joyride459.5993.44
come on461.7593.201
one of these guys has got to drop a bag463.0393.041
how come they don't drop bags466.084.32
all right give me one more give me one468.4794.0
he's in the ditch that's not safe472.4794.16
all right475.283.68
i'm back it was easy yeah i see you why476.6393.441
are you driving through town i was478.962.639
trying to get bags480.083.6
you you you have a bag addiction i don't481.5993.681
know how to get ammo none of us know how483.683.68
to make ammo i know how to make ammo it485.283.28
just takes a long time to make the487.362.8
resources to make ammo also we need488.564.319
gunpowder oh i can uh hmm can i make490.164.96
that maybe the car's still smoking did492.8794.241
you repair it the repair kit's gone so495.124.479
probably okay i'm gonna i'll take a look497.124.16
at it in the morning they got me here it499.5993.121
wouldn't even run before okay cool get501.283.12
your cute little ass in here and uh502.723.12
don't make a lot of noise he didn't say504.43.919
anything about the food like his it was505.844.24
pretty high quality food you know yeah508.3193.681
i'm full right now so i don't need it510.083.6
okay but thank you thank you for the512.03.2
food you're welcome thanks for the513.684.159
repair kit515.22.639
vic yeah so i count eight zombies around518.9596.961
us and a bunny rabbit you see the the523.126.0
rabbit too i see a bunny rabbit yeah525.925.68
that crazy yeah you need to you need to529.125.04
locate like weapons and i i don't think531.65.6
i can yeah that's a different sense yeah534.165.28
yeah we need that on the team i don't537.25.04
think it's i don't think it exists oh oh539.444.72
i think a zombie's making his move oh542.244.08
really maybe up to the yeah i think he's544.164.32
coming up right now you think so546.324.079
i think um548.483.359
you gonna peek your little peeky peek550.3993.201
head out yeah oh is he jumping up here551.8393.041
what are you doing553.63.76
you jumping up you coming up here554.884.639
oh what are you doing down there hmm do557.365.36
i dare peek i dare peak oh yeah559.5194.961
oh is it what are you doing are you562.724.239
sneaking sneaking a peeking he's rocking564.484.0
the end of the game yeah he's right here566.9593.881
if you're not sneaking and peeking568.483.6
i probably shouldn't have done that i572.084.24
hope it still makes a noise oh yeah okay573.5195.281
yeah i lured another one son of a [ __ ]576.324.48
ah you just lead him up here it's the578.83.76
curse of having all the senses you know580.83.2
what i mean582.562.56
curse of584.05.44
you know bringing [ __ ] yeah i did i did585.124.32
oh we're good we're good are we good so593.044.08
i've got a dick puncher right in here595.443.44
yeah i got one right here too597.124.56
well mine is kind of bottlenecking oh598.885.199
wow we got a got a little little loot601.685.12
bag nice okay so now you you get it604.0794.721
though yeah you just want to keep606.84.0
bringing zombies to us608.84.56
and get that death count up kind of i'm610.84.159
getting a lot of experience from this613.363.52
that's awesome so we're yeah we're614.9594.88
making it work okay um maybe one more616.884.24
and we're kind of clear in the emitted619.8393.761
area i know cause of my senses you've621.126.8
got that snout i do have that snooter623.64.32
yeah where you going not far yeah the629.764.24
car's pretty broke it's a four percent632.323.44
oh yeah no i can i can see the health on634.03.279
it right now it's at 300 foot you need635.763.519
to put a lot more repair kits on that637.2794.24
that was one one got me four percent i639.2794.641
guess so okay i'm just going right here641.5194.081
you took the car to go there yeah can643.923.28
you watch me i'm i'm already watching645.63.04
you okay what are you going over there647.23.6
for i want to do science man it's been a648.644.639
while you know i guess what kind of650.84.4
science you're doing i just want to mess653.2795.041
around with defense possibilities okay655.25.12
you building a big old tower how far can658.325.199
i fall you think is this too far to fall660.325.04
maybe uh do you have any uh boots on or663.5194.481
anything yeah i got boots with the665.364.64
things okay if you have a boot with the668.04.16
uh the landing mods oh nope that hurt670.03.92
that was too much you break your leg672.162.88
that's a death sentence in this game675.043.84
crap okay science called off for the676.564.16
night bad weather678.884.079
crap okay good thing is i went to the680.725.119
store yesterday okay did you buy a cast682.9594.32
i bought a cast and split and all that685.8394.161
perfect so uh yeah go go waste our cast687.2794.781
it's my cast i bought it690.05.65
oh neebs we got a wandering horn to the697.126.24
northeast uh hold on a second699.366.719
make any damn noise i gotta put my cast703.364.479
on man where's the medicine that706.0793.521
shouldn't make noise where's medicine707.8393.361
it's in the medical box so it's so not709.62.96
where our normal stuff is what's the711.23.199
left of it i see it weird what you712.563.6
decide to separate and what you decide714.3993.201
oh look at me716.163.76
is it is that a level two cast or two717.65.28
cast probably two cast yep sure is oh719.924.719
god's a ton of zombies i can break my722.883.6
leg as many times as i want as long as724.6394.401
it's seven it's almost morning once726.484.479
morning comes around yeah we can clear729.044.16
them out maybe they'll drop bags yeah730.9593.44
maybe so733.23.12
this guy's getting close anyway i'm734.3994.24
taking a shot all right oh and i leveled736.325.36
up level 47 got me a skills point skills738.6396.481
pint points741.685.279
skills i'm gonna take out some of the745.123.839
weaker ones okay that way we don't have746.9593.44
to deal with them how do you know which748.9593.841
ones are the weaker ones you can tell750.3994.161
how they're usually the size you know752.83.2
the biker guys754.563.519
like the biker guys are kind of tough so756.04.399
don't don't go for a biker guy uh758.0794.641
eventually go for the biker guy oh760.3995.12
someone dropped a bag neebs sweet all762.724.96
right there's a burning ashley go ahead765.5194.961
and take him out i think it's i think767.684.159
it's morning yeah i didn't hear the770.483.359
thing i didn't heard the thing either oh771.8394.161
all right there it is all right now i'm773.8394.081
going after biker boy i'll help you out776.03.68
like a boys down777.923.359
down again779.684.0
all right he's dead yeah one of them is781.2794.401
but we have one two of them left second783.683.92
biker guy785.682.88
head shot that was beautiful788.563.36
oh hell yeah pick trader x792.0794.161
yeah it's nice to have a new one in the796.3994.641
mix i know you know what um798.245.279
man i can't remember someone it was801.045.44
abstract accused one of these folks803.5195.681
of having a thai boy i sometimes i806.485.039
wonder if his accusation is just him809.24.48
this is a different looking trader i813.683.36
love it you're not bringing counterfeit815.2794.24
money shut down [ __ ] up you piece of817.044.159
[ __ ] take care of these zombies around819.5194.801
here holy crap i just grabbed 801 from821.1994.0
nice yeah you got me covered this is not826.725.76
a safe kind of it's not safe it's my829.924.88
favorite trader though by far just this832.486.32
layout is awesome it is redneck af834.85.839
oh [ __ ]838.84.08
oh sick849.923.32
is this too close together hold on come857.364.56
over here i'll be right with you folks859.684.159
one second ah861.925.12
oh crap not that way boom boom bam bam863.8395.041
bam okay867.043.76
now uh868.883.04
let's see870.82.08
there they come how many arrows i got875.1992.721
oh he's running879.442.56
you're running880.722.72
here he comes882.03.199
yep there he is883.442.72
nope he's not there anymore he's over887.1993.121
how you gonna act there he goes890.324.4
come on oh that's a mess892.6394.161
okay come on one more894.724.559
oh wait gotta go gotta go go he hit me896.83.68
in the air899.2793.201
holy boy okay900.484.08
this would be easier with the gun i have902.483.76
to switch to the gun904.562.639
do it early907.1995.76
man i broke my leg again oh boy i'm909.8394.401
gonna switch the gun they're gonna kill912.9592.641
all right915.64.88
yep gotta jump again oh boy okay917.046.4
uh oh oh oh oh boy this is stupid this920.485.2
is all for science oh boy923.444.24
this is it this is it gotta go back down925.683.279
okay okay928.9592.961
all right930.84.159
um where's my gun931.923.039
okay all right what do i got i got some940.6393.521
food or something eat one of these will942.562.88
that help me944.163.76
oh yeah and uh medicine945.444.42
oh jeez947.923.68
trellis yes nick going to my bag that951.65.599
makes sense did you find that dog hey i954.6394.88
killed the dog thank you you're welcome957.1994.401
man i was like i forgot how to shoot it959.5194.641
happens and now nothing's going back in961.66.08
my slots this is good times problem good964.167.039
times great oldies yep yeah put my can967.686.64
you cover me while i yeah dude i got you971.1995.2
i got you i appreciate it and if i look974.323.84
around with my senses we're all covered976.3993.36
i'm good it's just a couple over here to978.164.56
the northwest so uh a quick question do979.7593.601
do you smell dogs or sense them yes983.364.08
everything everything perfect except for987.445.199
weapons except for except for weapons990.244.18
looking good man hey what's up that's a999.124.159
a lot oh yeah oh and i'm nowhere near1003.2795.12
done let's say uh oh did you bring the1005.684.8
thing i asked for i sure did come on let1008.3993.44
me see let me see it let me see it it's1010.484.32
right here and there by booty1011.8395.041
all right if i remember correctly with a1014.84.0
nail gun can't you just upgrade quicker1016.884.0
i think it's like one hit so let's see1018.84.0
all right so with the hammer it was boop1020.883.6
bop but with a nail gun1022.83.759
bop bop bop1024.484.719
yep yep yeah that's it to begin with1026.5594.801
we've had this yeah there's another one1029.1994.081
too well now wait oh it's just because1031.364.559
i'm out but1033.282.639
cobblestone oh yeah no this whole1036.164.0
thing's going to be uh1038.04.48
cobblestone maybe metal if i can afford1040.165.279
it cement is next cement yeah okay1042.485.04
yeah we got two i'll grab the other one1045.4393.521
i'll help you out oh hey that you know1047.523.279
what i would actually really love help1048.963.36
with something like come in here okay1050.7993.361
all right you see this little hole uh1052.323.28
yeah this is gonna be how we get into1054.164.56
the base so if you have a shovel i would1055.64.88
love for you to dig down and then if you1058.723.839
look at the map and you go west like1060.483.68
right before you get to the road that's1062.5594.48
where i want to uh to dig up okay and1064.166.08
going which way uh west west west to dig1067.0395.281
down i don't know about uh1070.244.48
10 blocks maybe and then head west just1072.324.96
like the old saying yeah1074.724.24
no one said that no one said that big1077.284.32
west young man no one said dig west but1078.964.719
i need you to dig west for this1081.63.36
particular thing and hey digging1083.6792.961
sometimes it'll uh level you up you got1084.964.16
a shovel i got a shovel what level 10.1086.645.01
perfect get the digging baby1089.125.679
i like it i mean it's not the skyscraper1096.083.52
we've dealt with in the past but it's1098.482.88
the biggest building i've seen so far i1099.64.4
know we need to can you mark this place1101.364.16
yeah we should1105.523.519
man this this whole place park on the1106.7994.24
top of this bridge i love it i love it1109.0394.721
park up here hello get my mark on we1111.0394.081
won't forget it1113.764.24
it's a pharmaceutical place i like it i1115.124.32
like drugs1118.03.44
wow doing sir1119.443.28
get out of here1121.442.16
get out of here1123.62.88
oh thank you1125.24.4
so should we we go back to the others uh1126.485.36
oh once uh just tell them about this1129.64.079
place there's a lot of there's a huge1131.846.079
church back there too big towers1133.6795.681
all right big towers is named at big1139.365.92
tower city big towers city even though1141.844.88
they're not there1145.284.08
yeah all right hey this uh this golf1146.724.959
cart at six percent1149.363.04
of a of health health1152.44.96
well you keep running into [ __ ] i know1154.7995.201
okay so you know why it's at six yeah1157.364.96
hey hey hey hey who's that attacking the1162.5593.521
um somebody's taking a bag yeah there's1166.084.16
just a guy hitting some of the things1168.243.12
all right so that's what you're gonna go1170.243.36
for huh that spot right there how much1171.364.72
damage is that son of a [ __ ]1173.63.6
i'm not gonna let anybody phone that1176.084.0
hole i'm gonna be screwed um1177.26.96
now you're gonna be fine let's see1180.084.08
come down the hole oh yeah down here you1184.7994.081
should put a latch on there or a hatch1186.483.6
it's not a latch yeah there's two1188.882.88
different things yeah yep all right all1190.082.959
right all right oh yeah this is yeah1191.762.72
this is plenty deep i think we should go1193.0393.361
deeper man no he'll know we don't have1194.483.92
to go deeper no do not go deeper what if1196.43.92
they just dig down to there and then1198.43.44
walk up and surprise us from there1200.323.04
they're not gonna do that this uh the1201.843.04
entrance is gonna be so damn far away1203.362.72
from that it's not even going to happen1204.882.56
i'm going to go like yeah i want to dig1206.082.8
west and go all the way to almost the1207.443.68
road i can't talk to you like this1208.884.799
just came rationally no to your crotch1211.124.559
um oh okay you just don't like talking1213.6793.201
to my dick would you deal with it for a1215.6792.961
damn minute all right start going on1216.884.24
let's see which way's west that way is1218.644.64
west so we need to start going this way1221.123.76
we should go deeper man i'm sorry i1223.283.44
think i hit you you should go deeper1224.883.919
deeper deeper no this is deep enough all1226.723.68
right like where you're at deep enough1228.7993.841
start going west okay start facing west1230.43.84
and pick pick that way pick that way1232.644.24
down then west yeah you you hit me yeah1234.244.799
sorry almost died earlier it was for1236.884.24
science okay start going west we1239.0394.241
shouldn't be go west i'm gonna hit you1241.124.16
no you're not i'm behind you okay that1243.284.639
way yeah that way yeah and i like this a1245.284.399
bit i'm gonna go deeper nope this is1247.9194.0
plenty deep enough i promise you if they1249.6793.761
dig down because they see there's a1251.9193.361
tunnel with a ladder coming up1253.443.68
there that's what gets us to trust me1255.283.519
it's gonna be fine it's gonna be fine1257.123.76
i'm just gonna dig down at an angle1258.7993.841
don't dig down further damn it get1260.884.24
deeper this trust me this is d don't dig1262.643.919
at an angle this is deep enough just go1265.123.2
straight damn it okay after this when1266.5594.24
i'm going straight okay fine first time1268.323.76
ever going straight in your life i1270.7993.041
didn't know you hated going deep so much1272.083.68
i love going deep don't sound like it1273.843.36
sometimes you got to go in slow though1275.765.399
you know slow and shallow1277.23.959

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