THE GREAT CHASE: GTA Cinematic Series Episode 12

Alright, so let me tell you about the latest crazy adventure from Neebs Gaming. In this video, the gang gets into some trouble after stealin...
THE GREAT CHASE:  GTA Cinematic Series Episode 12
THE GREAT CHASE: GTA Cinematic Series Episode 12

THE GREAT CHASE: GTA Cinematic Series Episode 12

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Simon, did you see the latest episode of our GTA Cinematic Series? It's the one where we go on a wild bike chase after stealing meth!

simon: Oh yeah, that one was hilarious! Especially the part where you crashed into that tree, Neebs. Classic!

neebs: Hey, it's not my fault the controls are wonky! But seriously, that episode was so much fun to film. I can't believe how crazy it got!

simon: Yeah, and let's not forget to mention that you were the one who started the whole mess by stealing the meth in the first place. Smooth move, buddy!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Alright, so let me tell you about the latest crazy adventure from Neebs Gaming. In this video, the gang gets into some trouble after stealing meth, and it leads to an epic cross-country bike chase. I mean, who comes up with this stuff? It's pure genius, I tell you.

And let's not forget about Simon. Oh, Simon, always getting himself into ridiculous situations. He's definitely the comic relief of the group, that's for sure. But hey, that's why we love him, right?

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I used to get car sick a lot I did too17.965.0
really yeah did you like I don't20.64.919
remember ever throwing up in the car but22.965.319
I would want to well I was like short so25.5194.281
I could only barely even see off the28.2792.281
you just that movement you can't see30.562.88
where you're going the only time I ever32.042.64
get car sick was when I was trying to33.444.52
read something really oh yeah same any34.685.12
time you try to read something or or now37.963.2
your eyes need to be like where you're39.83.56
going it's a brain [ __ ] it is a brain41.163.44
[ __ ] keep your eyes on the road like I'm43.362.76
looking back like here and we're just I44.63.479
mean as's driving like a nut oh God he's46.124.279
nuts this nuts this whole Drive is a48.0795.201
have you r with thick well Thick's nuts50.3996.041
I mean I drive pretty holy Jesus come on53.286.0
there's nothing that was bad that person56.444.84
did not to die well that [ __ ] shouldn't59.283.279
have been walking in the middle of the61.284.0
[ __ ] road you should slow down a62.5597.91
second AB what are we doing we got to77.65.24
steal some freaking M man we just stole80.24.8
M we're always stealing M it's part of82.844.319
what we do it's part of our business why85.04.759
don't we steal some I don't know pry or87.1594.64
something something I lost a door I've89.7594.64
lost a door it's okay I got insurance91.7994.6
yeah so we steal some of that and then94.3994.321
we go to like the farmers market and we96.3993.801
sell it for cheaper than what they sell98.722.719
at the drug store I don't know if the100.22.52
people at the farmers market are going101.4393.481
to let us sell pry set everybody at the102.724.999
Farmers Market has tomatoes and lettuce104.924.64
and potatoes right you don't go to the107.7193.881
farmers market to buy pyus set that's109.563.879
far we would kill it we'd be the only111.64.119
guys there we wouldn't kill it at all PR113.4394.36
all right hey guys how much does py say115.7193.841
hey shut the [ __ ] up we're almost here117.7993.521
let's go steal some [ __ ] Crystal M119.563.96
all right121.327.479
again why does this not oh there we go133.84.439
zooming in woo look at the scope on this136.25.92
thing good use it hey time go138.2397.36
down woo I love this142.127.32
gun hango down did you get somebody [ __ ]145.5995.901
yeah D all right I'm149.446.12
moving got him down watch out you got155.564.959
one in front of you is that guy taking a159.23.24
nap what is happening here that's a guy160.5193.961
I got you see that car over there needes162.444.879
there's a guy near that car oh yeah hang164.485.36
her down yeah good job buddy oh [ __ ]167.3195.241
Simon's a guy behind us oh I got him oh169.846.56
I'm shooting in the don't nope oh I got172.569.959
visual on a guy hangle down woo sniper176.46.119
rifle head shot good job buddy hey you182.726.239
saw that yeah that was good I was trying186.364.64
to go for him you got him before me188.9593.601
right in the head I think we got one guy191.03.599
left I might switch to my assault rifle192.565.08
let's do it man all194.5993.041
right is that him laying down right200.844.0
there no it's not him L I already got203.23.48
him that's a dead guy yeah I shot the204.843.28
guy let's steal the206.684.32
meth wait where's the meth hold on look208.126.399
at your map my the meth's running how's211.05.56
the meth way across the [ __ ] County214.5194.441
are you serious let's hop on these216.564.48
bikes you going to leave your van right228.924.44
there yeah a horrible place to leave the231.124.52
vanic will come and get it you [ __ ]233.363.519
okay but it's in the middle of the road235.643.08
it's crazy236.8794.2
whoa oh oh knes too fast yeah got to be241.0797.401
easy with the bike buddy245.3193.161
okay crap seems you okay back there I249.5996.2
keep wrecking sorry I'm have to diss my253.365.08
bike I ran in the255.7995.921
water oh boy here steal one of these258.446.84
bikes o it's a gang261.723.56
though there we go take that bike sorry266.65.319
it's for YouTube I like this better all269.84.08
right good don't wreck it all right271.9194.321
Simon where's our meth at dude it's in273.884.2
the city and I'm I'm doing what you're276.244.2
saying to do I'm clicking on the Green278.083.839
Dot yeah you just got to just got to280.442.8
keep an eye on the guy make sure that281.9192.72
we're heading towards him I don't know283.243.56
where the hell you are you got to track284.6394.761
the Green Dot it's not rocket science286.84.56
I'm tracking the Green Dot yeah you're289.44.12
our tracker track the map I'm I'm291.364.839
tracking the meth do you have any idea293.524.239
what's going on right now yeah we're296.1993.521
going into the city to find this guy297.7594.041
with our [ __ ] map right but you you299.724.56
told me to click on this guy yeah just301.83.959
track him make sure we're going the304.283.84
right way smon you're creating the305.7595.0
Waypoint you're telling us where the GPS308.124.84
is taking us okay the purple line you310.7594.121
need to make the purple line I'm making312.965.0
the purple line this is exactly how most314.885.2
husbands felt in like the you know 70s '317.964.32
80s on road trips the wife beside them320.084.16
with the map open oh that's sexist I322.284.08
don't know where I am that is sexist324.245.16
there are very very dumb men and women326.365.679
oh I know a lot of dumb men one's riding329.44.519
on the back of my [ __ ] motorcycle332.0392.261
now all right Simon where's our meth guy344.443.96
uh oh he's got to be's going to the347.283.32
beach yeah he's going near your house y348.43.639
all right we got him cornered oh he's350.63.92
screwed man leave you still behind me352.0394.16
yeah man I'm trying to keep up you're354.524.679
fast oh [ __ ] he's coming right at us are356.1995.12
you serious serious yeah he's got to be359.1994.041
in a vehicle get your gun ready Simon361.3193.361
what are you shooting at here I don't363.243.64
know there he is the guy on the bike all364.688.239
right yeah there we go screw you hangle366.888.159
down is that the myth right there that's372.9194.241
the myth I'm stealing the myth take it375.0394.401
why can't we do paralex sometimes I know377.164.08
we got to deliver we got to deliver the379.443.72
meth to a trailer Simon you're driving381.244.76
I'm not driving no okay never mind you383.164.08
know what yeah yeah yeah I don't want to386.03.44
ride with you here I'm going I'm going387.244.679
to take this guy's bike no AR you be a389.445.8
map guy am i r we don't need a map guy391.9195.28
no all right Simon you be map guy hop on395.243.76
no he's not map guy I'm not going to be397.1993.881
map guy you you [ __ ] crazy look we399.04.4
already have a way point let's go Jesus401.086.119
oh God we got who [ __ ] run where'd that403.46.72
come from they're chasing us wait they407.1995.4
be on the back of your bike I can shoot410.125.56
all right hop BL oh [ __ ] damn it Simon I412.5995.561
didn't do dick oh [ __ ] hurry up n we got415.685.799
to go Simon follow us following you come418.164.68
salmon they're going to be chasing us on422.844.52
bikes man man we got a long ways to go425.04.759
too we got to book it all right we're427.364.48
good damn429.7595.401
Simon oh431.846.799
[ __ ] man this is crazy where' Simon go I435.168.039
don't know oh God hold on Simon oh there438.6396.4
he is I'm right here why did you wreck443.1994.521
for the wall too oh [ __ ] oh God turn445.0395.681
around oh F his that there go hang her447.725.12
down oh someone's been hereit all right450.723.759
let's just go [ __ ] him we'll pick him up452.844.12
at the hospital later454.4797.081
okay Sangle down woo yeah hold on we got456.966.84
more on us don't celebrate yet okay461.564.639
victories nice shot man woo oh we got477.965.32
another one coming on us keep her steady481.564.24
get him keep her steady got her steady483.285.52
shoot that [ __ ] Bing her485.86.88
down that bik flipped the Endo W you488.85.799
know what the Endo is right no what's492.684.44
that Endo where your back tire kind of494.5994.241
like it's kind like a Scorpion Kick it's497.124.59
pretty impressive look it498.845.319
up all right let's make this504.1596.88
delivery here we go507.566.719
ah nailed it he you're welcome Trevor511.0395.081
what's next abro oh well I guess we need514.2794.841
to go get Simon from the516.123.0
hospital hello hey there he is how you526.5196.921
feeling yeah I'm feeling better530.26.84
now hop on into this wagon so what's the533.446.2
deal Simon you got some money now right537.043.88
yeah I feel like we need to get you new539.642.439
clothes you've been looking like a540.922.919
douchebag for long [ __ ] I don't I542.0793.721
[ __ ] hate going to the store I don't543.8395.24
want to buy new [ __ ] like do do you guys545.86.26
really want to go clothes549.07912.47
shopping all right not bad not bad yeah564.3995.841
hey we bought the same vest yeah and the567.764.759
same hat do you570.244.719
remember nothing Dapper about is that is572.5195.521
that a business suit and a hoodie [ __ ]574.9594.961
you can call it any oh my God will you578.046.16
shut the [ __ ] up lady dude dude my [ __ ]579.926.32
goodness all right sorry she she was584.23.92
walking by running her mouth I think586.243.64
that you just need to take a [ __ ]588.123.24
chill P all right let's go do something589.883.32
fun Simon that hoodie does not good with591.364.68
those pants well it it might not but I I593.25.28
make my own [ __ ] rules I march by the596.044.52
beat of my own drum but you don't look598.483.599
good everyone's going to look at you and600.564.0
go he doesn't dress well you know what s602.0794.521
what I like it thank you I didn't like604.563.8
it at first but it's growing on yeah606.64.52
yeah it works it's comfortable all right608.364.27
let's go get some Mexican611.127.56
food hey are we wanted I don't think so618.685.08
you just punched the lady Sirens you're621.83.4
heing it's probably the ambulance623.763.12
someone probably called it's like oh625.23.319
this lady's got a [ __ ] slap across her626.883.36
face but you shouldn't do that well she628.5193.601
shouldn't run walk by us talking a630.244.039
million M hour as loud as she can that's632.124.08
rude right somebody on a cell phone634.2793.841
talking as loud as they can I don't like636.23.759
it but I don't think punching her is638.123.959
quite appropriate it's I don't think it639.9594.201
is either it's not the watch's choice642.0794.44
how how else you going to learn her um644.164.479
speaking to her he well you couldn't she646.5194.12
was talking too loud hey ma'am you're648.6393.281
kind of loud on the phone yeah but then650.6392.481
it would have turned into a fight I651.922.68
could tell she was one of those ladies653.123.08
that would just get really really me but654.63.039
you went straight to the fight you could656.22.8
have given it a chance to do something657.6393.361
else first no I went straight to where I659.03.72
knew it had to go I had to slap that661.02.839
[ __ ] I just think if you said I'm662.722.48
punching you I can't hear you I'm663.8392.961
turning my music up I think if you said665.24.4
I'm punching you talking too loud then666.84.599
she would learn now she has no idea why669.63.84
she got punched and I love this671.3993.851
song watch out673.4411.8
ladies what' you think of the fajitas685.243.8
neebs uh they were good I think it's687.164.04
weird they charge for chips and that689.044.799
doesn't that needs to be a free thing691.25.079
yeah it just it just does and the salsa693.8395.761
by the way was was there was much left696.2794.961
let's be honest come on I mean should699.64.08
chips be free yes it's kind of the701.244.12
standard in this country if you have a703.683.48
Mexican restaurant the chips are free705.363.2
but the chips cost money for the707.163.44
business right it's one of those things708.564.2
isn't it so does bread I mean you go to710.63.88
an Italian restaurant that're I going to712.764.12
say do you want to pay a dollar for714.484.56
bread yeah look some things you give716.885.079
away for free to the customers as a we719.044.52
appreciate your business are we doing a721.9593.201
mission or what's going on yeah speaking723.563.64
of uh people trying to get stuff for725.164.239
free we got a repossession job all right727.24.72
okay we got to go get a car back repo729.3995.041
that [ __ ] I've actually had a car repoed731.925.96
I believe it yeah hey honey boo you look734.446.72
great what's up baby how you doing God737.885.72
there's something wrong with741.164.64
you there really is we talking that743.64.72
phone too loud sure will knock you out745.83.71
yeah I will slap748.3215.92
[ __ ] hey we're we're we're coming up on764.244.68
this repo job there may be some uh766.6394.041
unsavory characters here that don't want768.923.44
us taking their vehicles is that the car770.683.92
right there no that's the no that's not772.364.52
the car take that thing back what are774.63.76
you looking at [ __ ] we're here to776.883.92
repo get the [ __ ] out of here homes all778.364.599
right it's an orange car yep I see it up780.84.56
there so what's the plan are we to just782.9594.481
run to the car and jump in it when we785.364.24
drive on by drive by do show some787.443.6
Hydraulics they'll be get the [ __ ] out789.64.56
of here this is B's791.046.4
business how you like that fellas man794.164.799
we're just here to797.445.56
entertain sweet ride oh [ __ ] off take798.9595.601
[ __ ] Jesus me out oh God W the FL804.567.8
pull me out the car oh God you want to810.3994.321
[ __ ] with me [ __ ] I'll [ __ ] take you812.363.839
[ __ ] come on come on [ __ ] oh816.1996.561
oh well that was embarrassing guys yeah827.05.68
well I'm not embarrassing get our asses830.563.32
kick we're not we're never going to get832.682.92
another repo job we keep pulling [ __ ]833.883.44
like that I think we just underestimated835.63.56
it and I'm still getting used to the837.323.56
suit it's a little tight is oh is that839.163.32
what it is was it the suit so what do we840.883.959
do do we uh just call that a fail or we842.483.68
try again mean we got to do the job we844.8393.0
got to pull up the job otherwise our our846.163.2
clients going to be pissed we take we847.8392.601
should probably take a different car849.362.399
they're going to recognize us that's850.442.44
true we should take a different car want851.7593.921
to take like a family car or like a like852.885.959
a sedan something not too something very855.685.8
like oh no they wouldn't drive that yeah858.8394.36
I agree Simon let's do uh something861.483.2
they'll never expect yeah we need863.1993.181
something real and864.683.36
right s steal that car [ __ ] come on I'm870.886.44
doing it look around keep an eye keep875.244.68
your eyes F that car s all right I got877.324.6
it I'm in it go let's get the [ __ ] out879.925.12
of here go go881.926.12
[ __ ] Drive wrong way Simon turn around885.045.08
around okay all right no don't run that888.043.64
don't run in people's yard turn around890.123.76
all right well whatever I'm here go891.685.92
let's go let's go knees yeah left take893.886.8
no right idiot [ __ ]897.66.72
okay go that way I got the Waypoint yeah900.686.24
get the Waypoint oh is that green car904.325.879
yeah take out that green car906.926.919
knes stay on it910.1993.64
man nailed it I don't see anybody there914.7597.88
we go woo [ __ ] s come on man you got to918.9595.601
stay on the road listen I'm driving a922.6393.521
car I'm924.564.8
trying look at me I'm a big time r yeah926.165.799
you're doing great929.362.599
buddy oh here's our stuff up here where932.04.12
are you going idiot I don't know I'm934.3993.36
making fancy936.123.719
moves here we go we got to deliver it to937.7594.0
Simeon all Simon just take it in the939.8394.0
back and park it here we go buddy941.7594.64
thought we couldn't repossess a car of943.8394.081
course we can repossess a car yeah we946.3994.88
did great interesting interesting well947.925.12
done yeah we didn't ruin it the first951.2794.321
time Cas you heard that we're so good953.044.88
you should hire us955.65.32

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The Game

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Man, that latest Neebs Gaming video where they steal meth and get into a crazy cross-country bike chase is pure gold! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time watching those jokers try to outrun the cops through the countryside. And Simon, haha, what a goofball - he's always screwing stuff up in the funniest ways. Leave it to Neebs and the boys to take a simple concept like a meth heist and turn it into an epic cinematic adventure.

The production quality of their videos is out of this world too. The camera angles, the music, the editing - it all comes together to make you feel like you're right there going on these hilarious escapades with the crew. And the improv comedy these guys come up with in the moment is genius. I find myself laughing till I cry at some of their antics and one-liners.

Overall, if you're looking for some wildly entertaining gaming content, Neebs Gaming is the way to go. Their cinematic style really makes you feel immersed in the world in a way that just watching someone else play could never do. I'd say their videos are the next best thing to actually playing the games yourself. These guys are creative geniuses when it comes to comedy gaming videos. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to Neebs Gaming if you haven't already! You'll thank me later.

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