Pregnant HOW?! - Ark Fjordur

Hey guys, have you seen the latest episode of Neebs Gaming's Ark series? Episode 12 is out now and it's a wild ride! The alpha tribe has som...
Pregnant HOW?! - Ark Fjordur
Pregnant HOW?! - Ark Fjordur

Pregnant HOW?! - Ark Fjordur

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that 'Pregnant HOW?!' video from Ark Fjordur? It's our new favorite!

simon: Oh yeah, that one where the alpha tribe has babies of varying dimensions? Hilarious stuff, I love it!

appsro: I can't believe the beta tribe is getting bats and preparing to ENTER a new dimension. It's like a sci-fi soap opera!

neebs: I know, right? It's like 'Days of Our Ark Lives.' We should totally do a spoof video based on this one!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you seen the latest episode of Neebs Gaming's Ark series? Episode 12 is out now and it's a wild ride! The alpha tribe has some adorable babies of all shapes and sizes, while the beta tribe is gearing up to explore a whole new dimension. I can't wait to see what kind of crazy adventures they get into this time.

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Thanks for tuning in to another exciting episode of Ark: Survival Evolved with Neebs Gaming.

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I know there's bats in this game not my0.05.4
style however I I appreciate bats now2.348.1
bats bats all right no Bats Bats Bats5.49.48
Bats still don't see any bats uh10.447.279
are you a man21.323.09
look it's been brought to my attention76.646.1
that I missed something over here over79.887.84
Yonder looks like a cave that has bats I82.746.8
don't know how this is gonna go because87.725.399
I don't have many bullets and I don't89.546.34
have much blood but you want to check it93.1195.701
out but these things are vital to this95.883.72
okay we'll get away from it what oh [ __ ]101.1196.421
ow come here105.146.339
oh [ __ ] no no no no no no no come on uh107.547.0
let's come up uh all right can I can I111.4797.14
Traverse let's go oh boy yep get him114.546.48
tubby do your thing118.6195.46
I'll watch you I feel like I can't help121.026.72
come here oh that's a 150. oh my God no124.0796.441
no no no no no uh time to go time to go127.746.8
time to go oh this could be bad130.528.62
oh okay where did the Stars the stars134.549.22
are on me what in the [ __ ] oh nice hey139.147.92
get him is that a is that Alpha I just143.765.16
want to look I just want to watch I'm147.063.84
not weird like that yeah that that148.925.16
thing's gonna wreck all these mammoots150.97.86
be a lot of Pelt too [ __ ] okay I need to154.087.739
regroup kinda158.765.52
all right Simon I'm coming in with a161.8195.941
female so oh you won yeah I double164.285.34
checked with the old spy glass and see167.763.9
how good I am at this did I do it yes169.624.14
yeah you did dude I got that down now171.664.859
thank you for goodness yes yes all right173.765.1
all right somebody's gonna be pushing176.5194.86
something out of her vagina someone's178.866.019
gonna have quite the day with five males181.3796.841
whoa five yeah because I did I wasn't184.8795.86
looking I was just there we go let's188.224.2
just start this hun if you want to lay190.7393.961
down uh that make it a lot easier for192.424.62
everyone just accept the fact that194.75.34
you're ours now yeah just just just lay197.044.979
down yes okay all right here I'm coming200.044.14
I'm coming all right thank you Simon for202.0194.86
the help you're welcome all right hello204.184.8
dear I'll get ready for the next thing206.8794.261
we're gonna do okay well for fun you got208.983.96
some Intel so we know what the next211.143.599
thing you're gonna do is yeah well my212.945.04
Intel is the Intel that I have it's from214.7396.301
myself I didn't get Intel I am the Intel217.984.679
you told me about what we're gonna do221.043.54
okay well then we're doing it can't wait222.6593.621
to do it okay224.584.2
acting weird now how weird is it no I'm226.284.239
not it just sounded like you said that I228.783.84
got the Intel you gave me the Intel okay230.5195.401
I gave you the Intel foreign232.626.479
it's intelligence yeah I gave you235.927.7
intelligence you did go figure239.0994.521
I'm gonna call her wet meat243.786.62
best name ever246.93.5
let's see hey a red drum maybe something252.124.619
good in here cause I swear to God I254.644.74
can't find Crystal or obsidian anywhere256.7395.101
Prince anything can hit blueprints in it259.384.62
wait Ingram yeah it's just a pink261.843.419
how about actually something something265.2596.601
toots anything where's Crystal267.36.6
all right squirty you wait right there271.863.779
buddy we're just gonna do this until App273.93.84
Store comes back and which one is it is275.6395.641
it that uh nope that one here we go bang277.746.239
all right we won't get too crazy I know281.286.0
you prefer to carry wood but this will283.9796.181
keep us going man where is he really287.285.04
need that Crystal all right gotta swim290.164.92
by the old jellyfish again be swift292.324.319
why so many birds Alpha oh my God this297.967.739
place is a [ __ ] all right I'm gonna302.6396.901
try to get in here and see ah this305.6996.301
thing's coming at me hold on let me get309.545.04
away from here how about that come here312.06.0
come on meow these birds keep314.586.119
multiplying I have no use for you I318.04.86
wonder if I can get it towards the alpha320.6995.641
wrapper come on see if I can get in here322.866.36
quickly quickly here we go326.347.02
oh please go away Birds329.227.68
we're looking good feeling good bats333.364.679
I see it back all right you know what338.0393.781
I'm just gonna take a shot there we go339.663.84
come on now341.822.879
oh that's a mess344.6995.84
trying to escape come on come on yeah346.748.28
Megalodon died who cares I got a bat all350.5397.0
right I've changed something here we go355.025.04
uh the dead mouse whatever you call it357.5394.561
we got tomb360.066.72
[ __ ] me I'm a legend come on you bats362.17.439
let's get the [ __ ] out of here we did it366.784.44
I don't care what level you are mine371.226.84
ours almost mine nice373.9197.34
[ __ ] off Birds378.063.199
Okay so we've decided the name thing and383.8197.38
it's uh it is all dependent on sex wet387.367.02
wet wet pears what wet wet wet hair is391.1995.041
female no whether it's a female394.384.439
perfectly meat prickly meat will be it396.245.34
would be a male do we even say did we398.8194.621
even talk about what we're gonna name it401.584.44
doesn't matter but now we don't know you403.443.72
know it's none of our business really406.023.84
really it's our family it's true here we407.164.44
go here we go here we go get ready to409.863.66
shut those fires off oh [ __ ] okay uh411.65.46
hold on [ __ ] there we go oh what we got413.527.38
twins what oh my God what oh my god oh417.065.28
that's amazing yeah ah come here420.93.66
shutting the fires off yeah shutting oh422.344.68
no put it back on come on guys come here424.565.04
guys come here guys go go guys go go get427.025.88
hurt don't get hurt please please come I429.66.06
need uh [ __ ] access let's get you some432.94.46
yeah can only hold a little bit because437.365.02
you're just a little twins how uncommon439.864.32
is that I don't I don't know you neither442.384.14
do I um we'll get those names in a444.185.88
second how exciting it's very exciting I446.524.92
don't remember us ever getting twins450.062.639
even though I'm sure it's happening it's451.443.0
happened this is uh you guys are452.6994.861
adorable adorable is there a way to go454.445.759
prone in this game keep on freaking457.566.6
punching yeah yeah don't punch that460.1995.761
don't punch the kids I don't want to I464.163.12
want to lay down and see the beauty465.964.32
pretty faces female they're both dude467.284.319
this is the best they're both females470.283.479
they're both oh man I'm giving them both471.5994.981
those names what yeah well what do you473.7595.28
mean you mean not the same name no no no476.585.839
no what pair no479.0393.38
all right after this we go and do the486.725.52
other thing oh yeah oh this is great488.8196.381
what a nice start of the day492.244.26
oh oh is that that's gotta be that's496.54.699
gotta be499.683.84
I think both the things I was looking501.1995.641
for is this503.523.32
dudes we have obsidian and this is yes508.0398.74
this is Crystal Crystal toots so I can512.826.839
make my magic stuff I'm just keeping516.7794.38
myself entertained at this point dude519.6592.701
because I got nothing else going on in521.1593.3
my life how much can you carry toots I522.364.14
bet the answer is not much524.4593.961
getting pretty good at this squirting oh526.53.06
you know what I should have said that528.422.76
when you say something like that then529.564.44
overall goes to crap but you're getting531.184.92
pretty good at this nice thing keep your534.08.06
bearings underwater hey Nick holy crap536.15.96
well done here that's amazing look at542.165.16
this man I would have bet against you545.2795.161
that's great man do you need saddles for547.326.0
those we do oh really I I could did you550.445.16
use did you try what do you what do you553.323.66
mean what did you try to ride them with555.63.179
that one no no you have to have a saddle556.984.08
okay yeah is that a factor like I think558.7794.62
that is a that is a fact okay gotcha561.064.38
yeah right now that's what's your plan I563.3993.781
mean we're gonna keep these565.444.74
don't know but I do want to go somewhere567.185.88
with one of these at least so can you570.185.099
make me a saddle uh let's see yeah give573.063.719
me your stuff and I'll see if I can head575.2793.301
down there and make a salad for you all576.7794.761
right appreciate it578.582.96
so what you got buddy all right well I583.266.9
gotta go to uh like 65 65 which is very585.7795.541
and and then I'll get to show you well591.325.74
you know what what so I was flying594.37.02
around earlier and should be around you597.066.719
said it was tucked up yeah so come on601.324.62
over here they did a good little job603.7793.901
here we can admire it and we'll go down605.944.5
there's that there it is is that it607.684.56
tucked in right here a little Tucky tuck610.444.62
oh little tuck tuck tuck yeah that's612.244.8
cute it is cute let's make sure we're615.064.14
safer we have uh Alistair I don't know617.043.18
what they are619.23.12
I don't know either all right a couple620.224.14
of uh I got you you want to go ahead and622.323.66
do the thing yeah I was thinking maybe624.363.18
it might be nice because it says it's a625.983.12
reinforced door but look it's a nice627.543.12
little shallow thing yeah just do it you629.14.08
mind if I just like get one just one one630.664.92
just one shot in oh yeah I mean I was633.184.38
gonna do a grenade actually okay let's635.583.36
start off you want to start off with a637.564.8
grenade nah no yeah kind of like rock oh638.945.28
geez right there there you go you wanna642.365.12
see if anything's in there oh sure644.227.679
we're here did a trap maybe no access647.487.12
inventory excuse me I want to make sure651.8994.38
that other that dinosaur is not coming654.63.84
oh you go ahead and loot and make sure656.2794.321
things disappear okay I could do that658.444.38
let's see all right there you go come on660.64.14
yeah let them have it let them have it662.824.56
buddy yeah oh yeah it's fun okay come on664.747.52
oh that's fun come on yeah yeah yeah667.384.88
and then but the bags aren't672.85.44
disappearing you know it's time they675.05.519
shouldn't be back it'll be fine yeah all678.244.2
right good oh sorry buddy keep blowing680.5194.741
up the same spot same I was trying to do682.445.3
different spots oh about that bounced685.265.3
how about that one687.745.92
maybe that oh no that one almost hit me690.564.719
I don't know how you did that oh well693.666.44
that's weird there you go oh yeah695.2794.821
no don't don't hurt my bird701.34.14
oh another bouncer705.664.26
very dangerous over here all right last707.763.44
hey good find Simon good eye good nose711.25.62
good I I really did smell it before I714.064.26
saw it I know you did I'm gonna go check716.823.42
the babies I'm gonna go sleep with a718.322.759
no you're not721.0794.401
no I'm not722.3993.081
well welcome to the tribe Alicia727.744.31
Silverstone and Michael Keaton730.23.12
one of you oh yeah I was cutting it747.425.7
close there yeah wow Hey listen I'm750.7794.56
short a little bit of hide and fiber I'd753.124.8
have a hide oh you do yeah going uh755.3395.341
right here in the uh potubby okay all757.925.88
right and fiber yeah and here it is you760.686.12
ready yeah yeah yeah out get it it's763.86.719
right here all right all right and oh766.87.099
yes look at that nose like a horn nose770.5197.201
yeah there you go yeah that looks great773.8996.221
man and what does he do uh he gets stuck777.725.34
hold on I think I am look at that oh you780.124.26
you're clinging that you're like a783.063.839
Klingon bam okay that's pretty cool yeah784.385.22
[ __ ] I'm gonna take two of these guys786.8996.781
the cast of Clueless and Batman I'm789.67.919
gonna leave uh tubby sorry map to levius793.687.86
elsewhere but neebs I am going to a far797.5197.521
off land and I will be back trust me801.549.299
godspeed my friend God's speed indeed805.047.61
that was dramatic yeah I know810.8394.641
all right so I'm here our little815.485.38
drop-off Island's behind me it'd be818.164.26
great to find some Crystal or obsidian820.863.419
on this side of the island so I'll have822.423.659
to travel so far824.2794.5
wait what is this oh is this like a826.0796.361
dwarf statue and a waterfall828.7795.341
I don't even know why I bother but832.445.579
anything wait834.123.899
oh my God it's a Christmas miracle holy838.986.599
moly toots something behind a waterfall842.5794.981
is there treasure back here of course845.5795.221
there is it but hey wow this space is847.566.44
actually really awesome850.85.7
man this might be a good place to store854.03.639
kind of secretly two ways in easily857.6394.5
defensible yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah860.13.78
yeah okay862.1396.621
nothing in here but it's got tension863.884.88
Simon how's it going over there but I'm870.244.14
attempting to to build a wall around872.045.4
this pen I love that yeah I'm doing a874.385.1
really [ __ ] up job but oh I love that877.445.22
too kind of yeah we'll see how it goes879.485.099
all right Dart face you stay right there882.664.739
you are taking what you884.5796.361
spot I named this one female Raptor what887.3996.921
you say you gotta say it like that890.943.38
all right come and meet the captain898.046.82
what'd you say oh yeah it's going down900.447.959
really remember uh no that looks great904.866.5
summer by the way oh yeah oh908.3995.401
wait I don't oh [ __ ] I didn't make you911.365.02
stop following me I'm the worst with913.85.159
that so I'll get that later so okay so916.385.1
what is happening I think you know I918.9594.201
already forgot because I started doing921.483.479
that well what you don't have to stop923.164.44
that but uh here we go oh there you go924.9594.521
oh sorry sorry927.66.5
holy [ __ ] okay oh yes929.484.62
oh yeah we are we hope better for your935.246.459
children than the ones that have yeah938.886.42
you know yeah yeah and and these guys941.6995.94
here we're gonna keep them inside right945.33.5
are you guys doing it don't you have any948.85.38
interest in uh you're both ready too951.9594.341
yeah they they don't want to mate954.185.159
disabled mating uh956.38.2
um oh no no guys just no attraction off959.3396.441
the bat964.510.579
I don't know what to do975.0795.521
is that your sister maybe you look very981.66.0
similar kind of yeah you'd hope not984.65.88
they're both girls oh okay Simon I see987.65.22
the problem what is it uh they're both990.486.779
female oh yeah oh well well look at what992.826.48
just happened there huh um I tell you997.2594.2
what what you say you're going back to999.33.959
your post I'm gonna grab one of those1001.4593.661
others out there all right yeah let's1003.2593.661
get a couple guys in here oh there's1005.123.779
following you yeah I know it's okay good1006.925.159
uh back to your walls yes sir1008.8996.081
they're looking squirting yeah they're1015.563.36
getting close aren't they they're gonna1017.422.88
rock that bottom1018.923.419
I want that bottom squirting1020.33.779
okay man they just want to live with us1022.3394.5
don't they that's insane appear to the1024.0793.781
we'll see where we're at1027.865.28
no hey yo man ah y'all got turned around1029.4196.121
yeah be careful you may have a shark1033.144.559
behind you I'm pretty sure I do yeah1035.543.96
well you may want to swim as fast as you1037.6993.421
can I usually have sharks and Jellyfish1039.52.76
all over me1041.122.88
got those jelly I hate those jellyfish1042.263.419
okay let's see what do you got there you1044.04.02
got two birds oh yeah well there's two1045.6793.961
and then uh yeah I guess thick lift1048.024.68
tubby here uh-huh okay great okay got a1049.644.8
plan what's playing you wanna do my plan1052.74.5
maybe what's your plan okay you jump on1054.444.859
your favorite bird uh-huh and have the1057.23.9
other bird follow you okay and then I1059.2993.841
jump on the beaver here uh-huh and then1061.14.26
you follow me to a special place a1063.143.36
special place that's all you're gonna1065.363.84
give me uh I wanna build something and I1066.53.919
gotta do it there1069.23.599
okay all right yeah you know what I1070.4194.061
think I'm gonna ride tubby toots is1072.7993.181
great but yeah Tubby's a higher level1074.483.54
all right have two to follow you all1075.984.38
right hey dude time to go buddy ready1078.025.7
yep all right these Snaps are out don't1080.368.059
lose me I'm pretty quick I'll be fine1083.724.699
how's it going on there not too bad I'm1090.145.1
over building right now but we're gonna1093.024.38
have to put a couple of doorways in1095.243.78
throw some windows in there too in case1097.43.24
we totally Miss and we can still like1099.023.659
have a chance of uh shooting a trend1100.644.38
guard in or two okay you know what then1102.6794.461
all right I'm gonna move out the areas1105.025.279
that need that need Windows that'd be on1107.145.26
the uh the bottom layer you know what I1110.2993.781
mean yeah yeah I'm gonna have to take1112.44.8
some of these walls out we're at 5 uh 301114.084.86
um Captain felly I pulled in a mate from1118.945.82
uh gate one uh that had no name it was1122.1795.041
just Raptor and I named that Raptor1124.765.34
Lucky Duck because what a lucky duck to1127.225.22
be sleeping with the captain right not a1130.13.959
lot of people just get to jump into bed1132.444.619
with the cap no conducted yep I put1134.0594.561
Lucky Duck back on the post and whatever1137.0594.62
this baby is male or female lucky little1138.625.22
[ __ ]1141.6794.5
ing no that's gonna be the name1143.845.04
lucky little [ __ ] oh okay oh that's1146.1794.141
right the lucky little [ __ ] because it1148.882.94
was a lucky little [ __ ] yeah coming from1150.325.28
the lucky duck yeah I like it me too all1151.826.859
right Dean very nice it's getting dark1155.67.4
we should probably go to bed soon1158.6794.321
I feel like it was back here there's a1166.724.9
argentavis though so be careful hold on1169.164.379
okay I'll take a look back there do you1171.624.4
see like an opening let me see1173.5394.741
all right dude you flying a little close1176.024.18
but uh yeah1178.284.74
yeah okay yeah I see a light in the1180.25.479
opening uh-huh I think this is the spot1183.026.06
good little cave up yellow he's fine he1185.6794.601
won't mess with us he just saw what we1189.082.82
did that bird oh no he'll still probably1190.284.86
mess with us oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah1191.95.7
look at this dump got a rune over there1195.145.1
oh boy rooms they may as well grab it1197.64.74
I'm here let's level up juice where in1200.243.84
the hell are you taking me I heard it1202.344.199
was down here somewhere maybe it's this1204.084.56
next level oh wait can I not fly him1206.5394.321
here can you not uh I just got kicked1208.644.14
off The Birds okay just have them follow1210.862.939
okay all right hey tubby time to go meet1213.7994.981
me at the bottom step yep on the way oh1216.6794.141
this cave is big1218.785.399
oh here we go you see me yeah now I see1220.826.12
you what the hell okay pretty cool right1224.1794.141
over here I'm not really sure what this1226.943.0
thing is I think you can build in it1228.323.359
yeah it's like one of those drops or one1229.943.9
of those uh Obelisk things oh yeah1231.6795.761
gotcha see what a room all this just for1233.844.98
that little thing all right we're gonna1237.446.479
do crystal metal polymer oil fiber hide1238.828.4
here we go oh I want to try something I1243.9196.841
did some button combo hell1247.225.819
you can actually do it hey good effort1250.765.76
let's see here unlike that and then holy1253.0394.981
[ __ ] they actually landed it just takes1256.523.84
them 10 minutes oh yeah well done I'm1258.025.76
sorry thank you okay so I unlocked cryo1260.365.4
ponds right there you go how many can do1263.785.1
I need three of them oh yeah here we go1265.765.82
oh this is a game changer oh yeah now1268.883.96
we'll be able to keep animals in our1271.583.24
pocket it's great hey for some of these1272.843.959
flyers I found a really cool cave we1274.823.54
could possibly store them in we don't1276.7993.901
need a storm we have crab pots I know1278.364.74
but I mean what if we die and now and1280.73.719
and like they kill us and then get into1283.12.88
our bodies they get our cry open do what1284.4193.421
I do don't don't die okay I need you to1285.983.3
have a real conversation with me right1287.843.719
now okay what if we die and we have a1289.283.96
cryopods with our animals on them1291.5593.12
shouldn't we have these animals stored1293.243.179
in several locations uh cryo1294.6793.541
refrigerator all right whatever I'll1296.4193.841
just do something I'll just serious he's1298.223.78
gonna last for [ __ ] ever okay I want1300.263.24
it stop I feel like it's good stuff1302.04.2
crying refrigerator is a good answer all1303.53.96
right I thought we'd I thought this1306.23.54
would be a good moment but no1307.464.68
here we go that's one1309.744.559
we got one1312.144.44
yeah let's store them in the cave there1314.2992.911
you go1316.585.88
here it is1323.1795.341
please let me fly in here1325.05.679
I'm not I'm gonna die in here1328.525.159
what a room1333.9196.301
nice come on get those little uh things1337.1597.02
runes or whatever all right so1340.227.74
so we can travel1344.1795.24
I want Valentine1349.4195.62
all right I'll level up here shortly but1351.6797.801
uh all right here we go this is nice1355.0395.64
uh at least she's a Silverstone are you1360.6793.721
coming with me1363.023.6
I can't wait to see this1364.47.5
eye four three two one1366.625.28
nice let's check it out1374.4195.86
hey look at all this1383.243.26
A Whole New World I know exactly what1388.848.699
I'm looking for1394.72.839
um maybe1398.62.48

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Wow, I just watched the latest episode of Neebs Gaming's Ark series, and it was amazing! Their Noobs vs Alpha Tribe videos are some of the most entertaining Ark content out there.

In this episode, the hilarious antics continued. The alpha tribe was busy raising bizarre new dinosaur babies, like a giant baby Megalosaurus, while the noob tribe was taming bats and preparing to explore a new dimension. I was laughing nonstop at the goofy voice acting and jokes from the Neebs crew.

What I love about this series is that it perfectly captures the zany fun of playing Ark with friends. From building their first ramshackle base to eventually taking on the Island's alpha tribe, it feels like I'm right there goofing around with them.

The cinematic style of their videos really enhances the experience too. The way they edit together gameplay footage, custom animations, and scripted scenes makes it feel like I'm watching a movie or TV show. It brings the world of Ark to life in a way that raw gameplay alone can't match.

While nothing beats playing Ark yourself, Neebs Gaming's videos are the next best thing. Their Noobs vs Alpha Tribe series is like watching the best Ark sitcom ever. I always look forward to each new hilarious episode.

If you're an Ark fan, you need to check out Neebs Gaming. Their Ark content captures the wild, wacky joy of the game in a way that always leaves me smiling. I can't wait to see what dinosaur hijinks they get up to next!

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