The Assistant Manager!!! - Grounded

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you're gonna love today's video! They're diving into Grounded and taking on the Assista...
The Assistant Manager!!! - Grounded
The Assistant Manager!!! - Grounded

The Assistant Manager!!! - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Grounded! Today, we're talking about the Assistant Manager and why he's our favorite YouTube video!

simon: Oh yeah, the Assistant Manager! I love that guy, always causing trouble in the Black Ant Hill. Such a mischievous character!

appsro: Haha, yeah, the Assistant Manager is like that annoying coworker who always tries to take credit for your hard work. But man, that boss fight was epic!

neebs: Definitely! I mean, who wouldn't want to fight an Assistant Manager in a video game? It's like every employee's dream come true!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you're gonna love today's video! They're diving into Grounded and taking on the Assistant Manager at the bottom of the Black Ant Hill for the very first time. It's gonna be an epic battle, I can just feel it!

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In this video, they break down the Grounded chapters and give us a play-by-play of their adventure. From finding the Black Ant Hill to climbing the Bat and eventually facing off against the Assistant Manager in an epic boss fight, it's non-stop action from start to finish. Trust me, you're not gonna want to miss this one!

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oh God toenail clippers let's see what's0.624.9
in this ashtray3.543.9
I'll jump in there can I jump out we'll5.523.6
see all right7.443.14
what is that9.123.2
guys nasty12.323.72
everybody we set the respawn Point yeah28.6996.221
just do it okay now there should be a31.325.7
black ant hill entrance somewhere over34.924.74
here in the trash what now I know we're37.025.219
coming here but I I still don't know39.665.34
what we're doing here uh we have to do42.2394.621
something with the inhale to unlock the45.03.899
next thing the next uh is there a Burger46.864.98
chip thing I think so so we're gonna try48.8994.801
to find a burger chip are you not sure51.843.18
what we're doing I think we have to53.73.48
defeat the Ant Hill defeat the angel55.023.96
what does that entail killing all the57.183.12
ants going in there and killing58.983.419
something okay but you okay so point is60.33.36
it sounds like you don't know what we're62.3993.301
supposed to do which is fun okay that's63.663.779
good to know I just wanted to know I65.73.36
just know go to the ant hill and take it67.4394.081
from there oh wow okay I never would69.064.02
have known that that was the loose71.523.72
instructions for this oh watch yourself73.084.8
he's pissed who why are you so mad75.244.86
what's going on here oh because it's a77.884.68
black soldier and yeah yeah okay well80.15.159
where does where do you live82.566.36
yeah here we go yeah you could always85.2597.621
use more parts yep okay now this is88.925.519
three on one and it's taking quite a bit92.884.199
yeah no kidding these are tough yeah we94.4395.961
got three of these on us we're uh yeah97.0795.881
let's see it's not even a good one it's100.44.899
like a whole pickle oh crap why does it102.964.799
right as I got to my thing stabbing yeah105.2994.68
stabbing is a good thing stabbing is the107.7593.841
thing to do right yeah we were doing the109.9793.301
right thing did you get the parts I did111.64.74
okay God where is this yeah nobody saw113.285.58
us is this an ant hill Oh we found it116.344.319
folks all right okay wait what's the118.863.299
game plan then what are we doing I mean120.6593.541
any time that I've ever been in an ant122.1593.841
like in an ant hill it was always like124.25.52
run fast yep and it's gonna be Madness126.05.64
that's your only real defense because129.724.2
you can't fight a whole bunch of ants131.643.66
there's no point in trying to stab133.923.539
anything because there's gonna be dozens135.34.74
of them what do you think good input so137.4594.021
so what the hell are we supposed to do140.042.94
we're supposed to just run and try to141.482.64
find something We're not gonna fight142.983.54
right I love it at some point we144.124.259
probably will well I mean but we're not146.523.54
realistically going to sit and bear down148.3793.0
and fight like we're gonna win we're150.062.52
just gonna fight for our lives to get151.3793.481
out of there while running theoretically152.584.879
oh man let's see yeah I think this is it159.628.8
this is it right over here164.946.06
so if I go past this point Mr Frodo168.424.92
it'll be the furthest from home I've171.04.26
ever been173.344.259
but if I go past this point it'll be the175.265.16
furthest from home I've ever been177.5994.92
and if I go past this point it'll be180.424.7
he sucks [ __ ] Sam185.667.84
oh Mr Frodo Oogie Boogie blah blah it's188.4597.86
actually Sam was pretty cool all in all193.55.22
Frodo's fat ass up a mountain196.3195.721
let's see is that is that a wheel198.725.76
I've never been out this far this is the202.043.88
furthest from home I've ever been I204.483.0
don't know if you know205.923.599
that is a207.483.6
that's a wheel209.5194.521
it's a bike tire211.082.96
right maybe there won't be too many219.24.24
soldiers maybe just be the the friendly221.343.84
ones yeah but you know the soldiers hang223.445.159
out in here yeah okay I'm just saying225.185.4
those those are friendly yeah yeah228.5994.5
they're not soldiers so it's not like230.584.26
we're taking their eggs right we're not233.0992.64
doing anything234.842.58
I don't know what we're doing I don't235.7393.541
either probably destroying their mother237.425.099
I don't know okay wow this looks nice oh239.285.879
they did a great decorating what's all242.5195.161
this chunks of alphabets and I'll take245.1594.681
some apples yeah why wouldn't we I was247.683.6
like who doesn't like an apple pie right249.843.44
it's so good for your teeth251.285.459
all right okay I don't know which ways253.286.28
straight well you want a narrow it down256.7394.801
okay yep we'll go straight let's just259.564.139
peek in here261.544.28
jump up here yes this is awesome265.828.14
oh this is the furthest from home I've271.085.899
ever been making Frodo273.965.82
right yeah okay so this is definitely276.9794.421
the [ __ ]279.784.16
it's crazy out here284.464.08
kind of answer these what do we got here286.445.039
that is a black worker ant288.544.439
all right not worried about the black291.4793.421
ants they're not too uh they're not too292.9793.181
is there anything we can get from this296.162.759
all right well I guess I'm gonna explore298.9195.241
this porch301.52.66
boom she landed cause she's awesome308.046.48
man this is a real honey I struck the311.6394.041
kids Vibe314.526.56
I love it look at this I'm so tidy315.685.4
you know I'd realize if we what we did321.4793.841
is we came in the other hole last time323.885.22
okay which I think was down that way325.327.2
right there this way yeah that way that329.16.0
goes to the sandbox well guys it was332.524.8
over that way yeah oh that way right335.14.68
down there okay now this337.325.04
I think there used to be oh there is a339.786.06
rock here oh you have to blow up yeah uh342.365.279
blast worst bro and then go up in there345.843.78
and there's a robot guy you got one347.6394.681
Bellas well no the robot Obama the bomb349.624.44
for that rock you said you had five352.323.9
right I gotta put in my uh let's see how354.063.66
good I am at this356.224.46
probably not good357.722.96
is that close enough all right let's361.085.48
hope right yeah there it is362.6396.421
where you go which way you want to go I366.564.96
saw some robots to the left yeah I saw369.064.5
those so this is clear so you're going371.523.36
to the right no I was just clear373.563.359
clearing it and I cleared it too clear374.883.84
clear is there anything good in there we376.9194.141
go this way clear okay going this way378.724.08
ready yeah I'm just looking right real381.065.84
quick let's let's fight this robot first382.84.1
oh boy here he comes nice386.947.879
wow here we go390.9793.84
Mustang yeah well guess what he's dead398.94.419
with poking okay that's my point with401.343.479
this whenever it says something's good403.3193.72
it still sometimes does a lot of damage404.8194.021
to do other stuff well just yeah I407.0393.78
gotcha just saying busting don't fall408.843.0
through the whole thing works better410.8193.241
don't fall through those oh wait here we411.845.28
go science414.063.06
oh they're shitty heard that yeah it's417.624.72
got some good ears on him there's a hole420.243.78
here we don't want to fall on that no422.346.56
Mash these Keys oh Mash Keys yes424.027.44
investigate the black ant lab gain428.95.5
clearance to Second B I guess we did hmm431.464.859
well there's another door we got to go434.43.299
through we're gonna go back down the436.3193.0
other way before falling through here437.6993.461
yeah all right439.31914.39
but this is what I'm after baby I'm461.246.28
about to touch your resource handles oh464.525.64
boy baby you want to check out this467.523.7
Black Ox Park470.164.419
harness oh baby oh baby that's some good477.3196.341
looking armor I might I might have to480.965.16
make one of them oh but what about this483.665.879
look at this fire ant head baby oh yeah486.126.54
scan that what can I make with this hey489.5395.401
now that's a Black Ox hammer and a black492.667.14
guy looks like a damn Viking helmet baby494.947.02
you gotta charge up again baby I have499.85.04
worn you out tonight but damn you call501.965.959
me in the morning all right504.843.079
oh yeah what I think happened Simon if510.5395.461
we beat this YouTube Ali since you're513.6595.101
here yeah I'm right here um we get like516.06.3
those uh zip line upgrades oh we can go518.765.699
up and down oh that's that's very big522.33.96
that would be awesome all right make524.4593.361
sure this is clear everybody look around526.265.1
what's in here uh just oh a trial527.824.86
is that it532.684.08
um well I don't see you think we could533.826.06
pick up these beakers Trail summary536.764.8
okay I guess that's it let's move on539.883.899
what would you do with the beaker Simon541.566.56
man here we go all right543.7794.341
there you go552.626.64
that's how we do them yep554.544.72
there we go nice take that robot face562.886.6
nuts it's right baby oh B576.325.62
is that we got access to yeah I think so579.8994.291
that was a good voice quick can I just581.944.86
um yeah there's a lot of stuff here okay586.84.38
okay let's just make sure but yeah I pee588.485.24
in a beaker okay591.184.74
I waited a long time for that answer593.725.94
yeah why don't we move on595.923.74
where I said nobody else wears aphid599.884.32
slippers huh no you're so fast they're601.744.34
not good like for Armory you know604.24.139
sometimes you can run from606.084.72
right from problems y'all say anything608.3394.741
good uh just uh just just want to get610.84.86
the um I want to give that science oh613.085.24
yeah great yeah615.662.66
this box622.082.54
uh stops good stuffs yeah did you get it625.647.24
no no I'm trying to better get rid of629.164.94
some stuff you can grab it if you'd like632.884.7
uh way back where we were before634.15.859
where we were before yeah got to do the637.584.96
B door okay oh wait so that should open639.9594.981
for us now yes okay I just wanted to642.543.84
narrow down this way because I figured644.942.88
it would bring us to the science right646.382.34
please open648.725.58
no it didn't open right why would it be650.225.7
what are you guys doing down there back654.33.06
through b we were just buying that's655.923.3
what I did this is b as well that's why657.363.9
when he jumped I was like oh okay oh659.224.02
yeah I'll see you back around here yeah661.265.34
yeah we gotta go back you idiots I663.245.039
followed him did I not just confirm that666.64.02
did I say like this all right we'll see668.2795.3
you back in there yep yeah hey670.626.659
I bet it's great in there isn't it673.5796.461
yep oh God677.2795.101
[ __ ] what680.046.6
this doesn't open ah hey I there's a682.387.26
door over here that's a door is that us686.644.759
I don't know689.645.699
hey it opened a opened all right I'll be691.3997.241
right there will ya yeah I've got apid695.3395.341
slippers looks like we're not dumb we698.643.84
went the right way yeah I'm the stupid700.684.279
science science706.165.02
that was a huh708.424.62
yeah we're talking perhaps are711.184.219
oh yeah it's a bat I'm gonna try to716.14.0
climb This Bat719.2792.941
oh wow actually did it oh wow actually722.224.92
do it holy moly I was half expecting724.385.48
this game to go yeah you can't do that727.145.46
boy oh boy what's up he729.864.659
I want to see some science732.63.419
tell you what the other guys have been734.5193.301
getting a whole bunch of science today I736.0194.281
don't even know if I want it737.824.88
okay oh740.35.74
we killed up here742.76.1
see what's down there oh that's a black746.045.039
ant Soldier yeah that's a black ant748.85.34
soldier that is the ghost of a little751.0795.82
black ant man that's spooky added some754.145.34
spooky [ __ ] glad I got that on video no756.8994.44
one would believe me these black ants759.483.299
are just fading away761.3393.601
hmm what if I could make it to this762.7797.74
Hammer if I you come on come on764.947.019
oh I don't want to get in the middle of770.5193.841
those those guys come on Hammer come on771.9594.281
this ah don't mess with me here oh my776.247.539
poisoned you you're gonna die and never780.545.099
mind oh can I make it to the table can I783.7795.641
make it okay table oh God oh God did oh785.6395.541
oh God any danger up here791.186.599
this could be bad794.763.019
science there's a whole lot of science798.243.899
there's too much science there's not802.1394.741
never ever that's right Santa watch your804.244.32
mouth okay806.884.98
y'all see anything put your Mash these I808.564.98
don't know what you mean by Mash let me811.863.779
ask those keys clearance level override813.545.7
thank you game clearance system now we815.6396.0
can go in B yeah B's right here B is it819.244.86
right there yep B's open there you go821.6394.561
your B's open oh boy824.14.26
we see I don't I just don't like this826.25.46
okay I like being in the facility all828.365.219
right so we've got a ant all right buddy831.664.7
oh yeah836.8396.601
Three Amigos yeah Chris Lane Chase right838.688.06
seven layer bean dip843.446.959
behind you guys846.746.46
there's more coming in son of a [ __ ]850.3994.661
why don't we just run man they're gonna853.23.42
keep coming again okay anything to855.067.04
follow yeah follow me more science856.625.48
oh my God865.865.58
I discovered the Dirty Ashtray well oh868.387.98
lucky me sour War it says this is a sour871.447.74
Wormhole I never thought in my life I876.364.8
would want a sour Wormhole but here we879.184.26
find ourselves with me coveting the881.164.679
sweet sweet taste of a delicious883.444.44
sour Wormhole but I can't get it because887.883.78
I don't have the hammer I need that Ox890.044.32
Hammer that I discovered891.665.82
um oh what's that check out the pipe894.365.7
is there any I need to back he left no897.484.38
no to Becky man that'd be great if we900.064.26
get hold of some tabaki maybe even some901.864.32
God toenail clippers let's see what's in906.185.459
this ash tray I'll jump in there can I908.6996.181
jump out we'll see all right911.6395.901
the hell is that914.882.66
oh [ __ ] if that's where it was here he918.363.659
would know uh920.883.48
what we were here for he would probably922.0193.661
let's play this more yeah925.683.38
that's it929.485.26
and we should be running too many ants I931.84.8
am running all right so I'm running two934.745.279
where'd he get up at uh I don't know but936.65.58
this is there's no way we got a tooth940.0194.38
here you got two okay I got the science942.184.68
okay oh wait I found that there's so944.3995.341
many ants so many ants I need help all946.865.159
right I'm here I'm distracting you okay949.743.779
let's try to get these ants away from952.0193.781
the button okay before you do the button953.5194.141
all right I'll just try to do the button955.85.42
yep oh God I'm really really hurt957.667.02
me off and I fell down oh we got we961.225.859
gotta vomit we gotta vomit I got it bomb964.685.099
what the window oh [ __ ] which window967.0795.161
there's one oh you gotta break it yep do969.7794.461
oh God Salmon's damn974.246.52
it I got the best thing I think here we977.7795.041
did we jump through the window yeah I983.04.26
mean come on baby985.1995.7
all right follow us in here yeah oh yeah987.264.68
oh God990.8995.701
Simon you gotta quit doing it sorry991.947.199
all right996.62.539
[ __ ] all right yeah1000.0793.861
please no more ants oh my God now what1011.365.58
are we doing here oh here's the thing1014.546.18
intruder alert deploy management Squad1016.946.78
uh is that good or a bad thing it's a1020.725.579
total oh that's a toenail that's a [ __ ]1023.725.66
oh that's a toenail1026.2993.081
get me I don't want to be an ass tray1031.65.62
and why oh God am I gonna die in here1034.5794.921
with toenails oh please have the kid on1037.223.9
this Rusty Nail to get away from the1039.54.1
toenail oh God thank God1041.124.64
guys nasty ah1045.767.0
okay I gotta get out of here I gotta go1050.125.0
home oh1052.765.279
toenails and it would let me Harvest it1055.128.38
why would I harvest toenails science1058.0395.461
oh God1067.963.48
okay I guess I'll just try this right I1087.263.38
here we go okay1090.643.899
assistant manager oh geez we gotta fight1095.985.64
oh yes1110.7993.181
that tank baby1114.385.22
man I'm so glad that you guys are here1117.0395.321
yeah no kidding is it Invincible like1119.65.64
that oh wait yeah get that tank that's1122.365.059
what I'm doing1125.244.58
something to it1127.4196.0
I'll keep his attention1129.823.599
all day1135.463.18
duck oh [ __ ] how long is this gonna go I1146.55.44
don't know but I hate it1150.326.18
jumpy jump oh God1151.947.28
thank you1175.663.06
oh my God1185.143.48
I'm coming oh my God that was insane oh1196.4196.101
help oh God that hurts a lot oh God God1203.125.939
there's more than we started with dude1206.65.06
guys I'm sorry1209.0592.601
I have shot something else I can't1215.9195.161
believe I still have it1218.122.96
all right1232.963.719
good God1234.985.9
it was a miracle that I lasted that long1236.6796.751
truly miracle1240.8817.5

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Wow, I just watched the latest Grounded video from Neebs Gaming and it was awesome! The cinematic style they use for their gameplay videos makes it so entertaining and fun to watch. Even though I haven't played Grounded myself, I feel like I'm right there with them on their adventure thanks to their entertaining commentary and edits.

In this video, the group was on a mission to take down the Assistant Manager boss at the bottom of the Black Ant Hill for the first time. I love how they strategized the best way to get down into the depths of the hill, problem-solving together as a team. The way they narrated the action and reacted to threats like the bat made me feel invested in their quest.

When they finally entered the Assistant Manager's chamber, the dramatic music kicked in and you could feel the tension mounting. The boss fight was epic! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time hoping they would defeat him. The cheers and celebration when they finally won made it feel like I was right there celebrating with them.

Neebs Gaming has such a knack for storytelling in their videos. Even though I wasn't actually playing Grounded, I was engrossed in the story and adventure. Their commentary and editing bring out the most entertaining parts of the game in a really cinematic way. I wish I could join them on their Grounded journey! But watching their videos is the next best thing to playing this game myself.

If you're looking for a fun, engaging way to experience Grounded without actually playing it, I can't recommend Neebs Gaming's series enough. Their videos are like watching a TV show - you get invested in the characters and action. It's no surprise they have such a huge following. Watching their Grounded series has made me really want to try out the game myself too!

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