Scary New Bugs in Grounded!!!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already checked out the latest video on the channel, you're in for a treat. In this epis...
Scary New Bugs in Grounded!!!
Scary New Bugs in Grounded!!!

Scary New Bugs in Grounded!!!

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Grounded! Today we've got some scary new bugs to deal with, and I don't know about you, but bugs are definitely not my favorite thing in the world.

simon: Oh come on, Neebs, bugs are just misunderstood little creatures! I think they're fascinating, especially when they're giant and out to get us in video games.

appsro: I have to agree with Simon on this one. Bugs may be creepy, but they add an extra level of excitement to our gameplay. Plus, who doesn't love a good bug battle?

neebs: Well, I guess you guys have a point. But still, these new bugs in Grounded are no joke. They're definitely going to keep us on our toes as we try to survive in the dangerous upper yard!

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already checked out the latest video on the channel, you're in for a treat. In this episode of Grounded, the team is facing off against a new dangerous bug that has invaded the upper yard. It's all hands on deck as they try to build and survive in this treacherous environment.

As always, the team is up to their usual shenanigans as they navigate the challenges of the game. From battling ladybirds to figuring out the best way to build a zipline, there's never a dull moment in this episode. And let's not forget the epic showdown with the Black Ox Beetle - you won't want to miss how they handle that encounter!

If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming, you know that the team always brings their A-game when it comes to entertaining content. With their signature humor and camaraderie, watching their adventures in Grounded is always a blast. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready to laugh and cheer along with your favorite gaming crew.

And don't forget to hit that subscribe button to stay up to date on all the latest videos from Neebs Gaming. Whether you're into cartoons, survival games like 7 Days to Die, or sandbox games like Scrap Mechanic, there's something for everyone on their channel. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride with Neebs and the gang as they tackle the challenges of Grounded.

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oh Jesus oh Jesus what do you mean oh0.684.78
Jesus what do you see no no sorry it's3.544.5
probably nothing a man whoa what is that5.465.28
there's a certain bug whoa yeah that's8.045.78
weird seen that before10.743.08
special delivery29.846.34
we want this well uh we had a thing33.0794.781
built over here but this damn ladybug36.183.96
keeps knocking it out yeah drop it over37.864.44
drop it over where this stuff is can you40.143.599
drive it like drive it right here where42.33.0
I'm standing around right here can I43.7394.5
just build I mean for yeah me as well45.35.16
but I guess rope I need uh what ropes to48.2394.8
finish that off okay gotcha all right50.466.739
well there you go just okay53.0394.16
that'll that looks good drop drop there57.87.179
you go Dora perfect my first nattery61.444.98
like yeah Simon you want to get work64.9792.881
maybe on some more of those uh things66.424.699
that'll hold the wheat stems67.863.259
I don't know [ __ ] oh man oh God what a73.466.22
jerk jeez yeah it's bad I'll fix it it's77.1594.5
like a reverse ladybug yeah it's a79.684.02
really really obnoxiously mean Ladybug81.6594.341
this is me okay hey do me a favor I need123.0795.081
you to go talk to burgle okay see if you125.885.64
can buy uh curved floors curved floors128.165.159
from Burger yeah we should be able to131.523.0
buy them from them but maybe we just133.3192.341
didn't have enough science I don't know134.522.16
go check it out when you get a chance135.663.84
would you do it thank you ladybug of136.684.199
course you're walking right back towards139.53.239
the damn Castle y'all need to take140.8793.541
better care of that it's a mess what's142.7392.771
okay we're going shopping dress we are149.5995.741
for a curved something curve floors153.04.62
curved floors I think it was so I guess155.344.92
this one and then science shop isn't157.624.979
that it sure we don't do this usually no160.267.14
we don't okay hmm curved bases that162.5997.561
might be something huh let's see grass167.45.82
floors stem curb floor did he say stem170.165.64
oh God he probably said stem they might173.223.84
have been stemmed in there all right175.84.439
curved base is 2500 we got 31
perfect we're doing it I hope it's right180.2395.28
yeah you know what what sometimes cheap181.926.12
stuff's better than than like expensive185.5194.621
stuff I think you ever see that just in188.043.96
general like I've got towels that we pay190.143.54
a lot of money for yeah and then we got192.03.06
one from the dollar store I like it193.683.0
better tell you what195.063.72
um nobody gets towels like hotels good196.684.32
towels why do you say that well I feel198.784.02
like um there's particular hotels that201.04.56
some of the towels I'm like wow they're202.84.74
too fluffy sometimes well I mean the205.564.44
absorbency is where I'm impressed yeah207.544.14
well that's the thing the fluffier ones210.02.94
for some reason they were I don't know211.683.3
they're not as absorbent yeah yeah212.944.019
that's what I'm saying shut it down214.985.22
stupid towels man towels right hate them216.9596.741
[ __ ] I hate some of them220.23.5
Simon hey damn ladybug I know we had to225.065.099
put I had to put another lean two down228.843.479
make sure you set that as your respawn230.1594.261
Point well I've been respawning I've232.3193.661
already died twice so it's not going to234.423.42
change right uh no she destroyed the235.984.679
damn spawn oh that's why okay so yeah if237.844.5
you do that man feel like we need to240.6593.421
like try to take her I think you're242.343.84
right but the thing is like I don't know244.084.379
what what do you uh think a good weapon246.184.02
would be a hammer they ladybugs they248.4595.161
hate hammers all right so I've got I250.25.039
thought I had a freaking Hammer all253.623.54
right tell you what we'll crawl through255.2394.021
this and she's right on the other side257.164.68
we'll lead her away from the base if she259.264.8
charges you Shield up Shield up Shield261.843.84
up shut up all right you ready yeah264.064.02
and she's sleeping Lady Bird come on268.087.02
come on peel it up oh I shielded up I273.183.32
think I did a good job275.13.8
she does276.55.46
all right278.93.06
shielding up283.283.12
are you on one side I want another okay287.463.9
yeah she's on me yeah she's on you so289.323.78
I'm hitting where you going oh I can't291.363.14
get over there's a cliff293.14.2
oh yeah oh yeah yeah you Shield I'll294.54.54
smack okay she's on me yeah so you're297.35.88
smacked snacky Smack It come on oh yeah299.048.46
wow oh she gave me some butt action303.187.5
oh geez man God damn she's tough all307.55.22
right look at me I think oh no maybe not310.685.64
nope you smack it yeah hold on sneaking312.725.06
oh God all right I'm almost dead I'm317.784.18
almost [ __ ] dead I know I should320.343.98
probably look at one of my things321.964.92
okay that's not good I need your help324.325.02
you're a key part of this okay can you326.885.18
remind me real fast329.342.72
we gotta get you a better Hammer where335.724.12
you go are you walking back to the base338.284.44
yeah stupid [ __ ] she's coming to look339.844.799
at you give you a little snooping going342.723.23
right back home344.6396.111
oh yeah my voice is Jack yep that kind362.17.22
of sounded like uh scary is that Yahoo365.168.099
ahoo God okay so here's what we want to369.324.599
um where is the new base oh I see Astro373.9195.821
and Simon way over there oh okay so yeah376.564.5
yeah I haven't been there oh I see the379.743.299
the stairs okay yeah so what we want to381.066.0
do is we want to build hmm craft oh383.0396.541
we're making the other zip line yeah387.066.479
so I'd maybe do like this to here389.586.78
what this is where you start isn't this393.5394.621
the start Point yeah we'll come down396.364.26
from our old base to here and then this398.163.84
starts and it'll go up to that one and400.623.18
then our yeah we can come from the new402.03.96
base down to here and we can do these in403.84.2
Reverse two but not yet right I think at405.963.48
some point you're supposed to like right408.03.66
up I got the hill yeah okay so what do409.444.14
we need um oh we gotta bring some wheat411.664.259
stem over all right I put everything I413.585.16
get why don't we uh net up boom boom or415.9195.581
nothing from here yeah and mosquito418.745.1
there's mosquitoes by us well don't let421.56.199
me down I trust you Nate423.846.9
trust me do you need help427.6996.34
can't hear your voice is dumb430.746.0
all right I'll watch your stupid body434.0395.481
I see you down there447.244.019
so quick isn't it yeah that's awesome449.225.759
okay and then I got like here451.2595.28
and a boom boom454.9793.72
I'm gonna bring bang nope I didn't bring456.5395.28
it what would come on I know come on you458.6995.581
knew what a stupid girl get your dumb461.8195.341
that ass back over there yeah okay get464.286.18
what you need yep idiot now I'll bring467.165.039
one more and if that's not I'll make one470.465.8
more trip great spring enough472.19913.32
yeah baby486.564.3
here we go490.863.3
safe you just bring one492.03.38
how much how many494.164.4
we need I said needs one more all right498.662.7
what's wrong with you what's wrong with500.224.8
you huh why would don't don't string501.368.04
your voice friend oh God okay sick of505.025.42
okay go get it you dumb Nat go get it I510.445.32
won't do it again it's so stupid right513.5393.021
let me get that okay don't hit me while516.566.839
I'm away I can't believe you brought one519.7193.68
I'm coming back okay up I forgot the535.444.14
weight stem538.144.44
was that that's your joke if he would539.584.379
have believed it it would have been good542.584.199
it's like a Twizzler okay are you543.9594.681
kidding What's it missing oh it's one546.7794.081
more it's one across the top why would548.644.44
you bring just one just read the I550.863.72
thought for sure the first time I was553.083.12
messing with you but that time this is554.582.939
getting old556.24.259
I'm sick of this trellis557.5195.341
I'm wow560.4597.5
is it right oh my god oh562.865.099
okay you know what yeah568.645.92
you can never be too careful oh I don't572.165.76
that's not what I want come on this one574.567.219
there we go all right that'll do it577.926.78
are you kidding me well I'm in the last581.7796.101
time I went enough so God push you in584.75.88
the water you're587.885.76
yeah is that it yeah that's all you590.585.4
needed that's all okay oh man just a593.644.68
little too okay that perfect there we go595.984.5
and Bam598.324.139
so all right now we gotta build one on600.484.68
the other side yep and then um we should602.4596.261
have a zip line let's go okay605.163.56
what's up salmon hey cut why don't you610.984.14
come to me I got we got like a mushroom613.0194.081
patch over here man your voice sounds615.123.38
like hell617.14.919
yes it does come to me though my friend618.55.74
please I'm gonna come down here and we622.0193.781
eat to harvest mushrooms for those624.244.14
bricks right uh yeah okay our oven's625.84.14
back at base what if we could haul our628.384.38
oven up here I don't know now oh Jesus629.944.92
oh Jesus what do you mean oh Jesus what632.763.78
do you see no no sorry it's probably634.864.32
nothing a man whoa what is that there's636.545.22
a certain bottle whoa yeah that's weird639.184.62
seeing that before you haven't okay I641.763.84
think so hold on what is this looks like643.84.14
it has the face of a rule it is a Black645.65.58
Ox Beetle that is scary looking looks647.945.28
like it looked like a wolf oh god oh651.185.779
yeah okay is it coming after us653.223.739
seems to be it does not like to come up658.0793.841
on the rocks oh well that's good to know660.05.1
oh his weak point is his gut uh Pierce661.925.96
so like your sword665.15.46
so his gut I could get behind him you667.884.24
want to try to kill this guy well you670.563.779
could try I mean sure right I mean we've672.124.86
got a place to respawn pretty close674.3394.861
see should I trap a big sword all right676.983.539
and I'll try to poke in the butt we'll679.23.54
tag team right poke it under the belly680.5194.741
oh God if you will throws rocks all682.745.24
right I'm gonna go all right Jesus685.265.1
already halfway down is it all right687.984.0
that's a bad idea okay so I shouldn't690.365.52
try to stab him in the belly right here691.987.14
Jesus I got a shot at the belly Hill ah695.885.22
[ __ ] okay God I'm just gonna waste my699.123.899
health items with this idiot you are701.14.82
Santa today703.0192.901
you guys are trying to fight this706.825.28
hitting the belly709.3996.281
watch a pal maybe let's see what the712.17.84
venom does to him maybe maybe some yeah715.687.82
Stephen careful with the gas719.943.56
I gotta pull back how you been to her724.4593.94
I'm pretty good we brought a bunch of726.7795.521
stuff oh you see me no man he is uh he728.3996.781
is oh yeah he does that what's that what732.34.5
is it what does he throw him poop I735.183.899
think it's rocks we'll pull a rock up736.84.979
out of the ground now jeez yeah see that739.0796.081
oh all right all right741.7793.381
there you go all right yeah we got him751.74.78
over halfway down753.8995.12
face man right my face come on leave me759.9595.661
alone Sarah get him oh is there anybody762.65.88
don't go up the edge there dude765.624.74
oh God768.485.159
I'm knocked out I go all right yeah door770.364.539
can you distract him I can see if I can773.6394.521
get the diamond oh774.8993.261
baby yeah oh I think guys coming back779.125.88
towards you guys783.486.299
think on I do oh [ __ ] oh knock me okay785.07.68
that was stupid okay hold on give me up796.77.42
give me go be smart I promise thank you800.766.36
okay okay no no no no809.046.359
okay hold on it's coming to me oh yeah812.126.219
you missed me [ __ ] you missed me again815.3996.301
[ __ ] all right so close oh it shouldn't818.3395.18
be next to you again oh no821.75.16
stop it what I need to revive okay hold823.5195.341
on I need stamina826.864.76
oh there's no way I'm gonna get you828.864.979
oh God okay831.625.94
okay that's crazy833.8393.721
oh my God I'm spawned in a weird spot837.686.18
get up Diamond okay840.543.32
one more hit I got him come on baby846.864.62
holy [ __ ] we gotta go scan that stuff856.164.479
right away good God I bet we can make858.664.2
some cool items with that yeah we have860.6394.081
to kill more that's the problem jeez I862.864.38
used every bit of my health864.725.28
okay I'm going home I'm gonna get my867.244.91
arrows yeah I'm gonna stop for nappy870.05.21
thank you883.382.12
hey babes what you doing hey buddy I'm889.924.32
trying to make a zip line so we get back892.623.6
to the old place quickly894.243.659
um okay you're gonna put it up here896.223.72
somewhere huh yeah you think it'll reach897.8993.901
all the way the other zip lines down899.943.06
there by the lily pad where the other901.83.719
one is okay perfect so I guess I'll just903.05.16
drop these off here here we go and so905.5194.141
like yeah right right here would908.163.239
probably work yeah I'm okay with going909.664.08
here so you think this will work uh yeah911.3994.081
go ahead and put it down boom okay913.743.899
that's that915.484.74
all right and then grab these917.6395.281
and huh there you go there we go oh wow920.225.52
I'm in a thing that way silk rope ah boy922.923.96
there's plenty back at the other base925.742.52
okay well they're gonna go back there926.883.18
and start making them okay how do I get928.264.439
out of this um just Escape like normal930.065.7
oh right like that okay there we go all932.6995.101
right well I guess I'm gonna go get some935.766.12
uh duck rice I'll just look down thank937.86.0
you we're beside you there you go941.884.079
perfect all right well I'm gonna get943.83.779
silk I'll see you all in the morning all945.9592.88
right see ya947.5793.26
look at you948.8395.341
that's always fun isn't it I love it I950.8395.221
feel so free954.185.599
I can hit him from here956.067.8
whoa that was close nice shot959.7795.791
good try963.868.039
okay so one of those ladybird things971.8995.44
right by the front steps974.3394.62
they're getting out of hand yeah they977.3393.961
are yeah yeah they're all around us man978.9594.261
you think we could work together and try981.33.779
to take one out we took out that other983.224.38
thing I've never fought him you tell me985.0795.341
I mean I think we could but what uh I'm987.65.52
just I'm going by my I'm just gonna be990.424.859
stabbing at it all right its weakness993.124.92
are its legs with slashing and chopping995.2796.12
well you know me slashing and chopping998.046.659
I'm distance yeah your distance son you1001.3995.701
want to slash and chop and I'll poke oh1004.6993.781
we should let's move it away from the1007.13.08
damn house1008.486.24
all right front guard1010.187.14
which is1014.722.6
okay okay all right all right we crashed1021.3994.66
we're back yeah all right door you see1024.3194.14
it I do it went off this way oh yeah I1026.0594.081
see it over there yeah let's lower it in1028.4593.781
well yep there we go there we go all1030.144.14
right yeah all right I'm gonna get1032.243.66
behind her right off the bat I'm gonna1034.283.139
start pegging1035.94.32
her legs right is that the deal uh you1037.4195.981
don't have to oh whoa she like stopped I1040.225.459
thought she was gonna charge oh there1043.45.76
you go oh there you go all right oh God1045.6797.141
man he hits that Venom's getting there1049.167.98
little [ __ ] oh man should have made all1052.825.82
my health stuff got used from our1057.143.72
previous fight oh oh yeah that was a big1058.643.06
this is the end though1061.77.32
damn you get away from me lady1064.786.58
ow sorry about that1069.025.46
what shots an air on my ass I know it's1071.365.52
perfectly in your butt oh here she comes1074.484.439
here she comes yeah keep coming I don't1076.885.159
even care she's coming after me get you1078.9196.081
baby you guys do that1082.0392.961
me too I'm gonna die soon1085.2994.021
don't stamina I need you I need you1089.864.62
okay no no no no no I'm not gonna come1097.646.18
on I'm helping you help oh God I was1101.04.74
getting a little I'll save you Dora no1103.824.219
I'm good1105.742.299
oh we got her though1108.464.5
huh we're killing ladybugs1113.4193.921
all right hold on now let me look at1120.644.899
this inventory I think oh man we got a1122.665.1
lot of new parts to scan boys yeah we do1125.5394.861
God dang it's gonna be a big old science1127.763.919
day tomorrow1130.43.74
science science1131.6795.681
thanks for helping out do you guys don't1134.145.52
you want to try the new zip line1137.366.86
uh we'll be follow me1139.664.56
okay so I just uh boom that's the one I1147.0396.64
want and then I hit hmm right click to1150.6795.701
connect oh all right yeah now you got to1153.6794.141
take the spider silk in you got to build1156.384.32
it oh oh okay it's not Bill yes now I1157.825.78
just gotta place it right1160.72.9
go Simon go nah yeah I'm kind of nah I1170.145.58
don't want to go either yeah no I'm good1173.64.439
yeah I don't want to go down there I got1175.725.74
work on the base okay yeah it's pretty1178.0396.371
cool though great day great damn day1181.464.8
I'm stuck1186.264.27
you're stuck yeah1188.05917.361

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Man, have you been watching Neebs Gaming's Grounded series? It's an absolute blast. These guys take playing survival games to a whole new level. Their latest adventures trying to build a base in the upper yard of the backyard have me on the edge of my seat.

When that giant ladybug showed up out of nowhere and attacked their base, I couldn't believe it. The panic in their voices as they tried to fight it off had me rolling. And leave it to Neebs to try and build a zipline in the most convoluted way possible. I was crying from laughing so hard as he struggled to get the angles just right.

But as hilarious as the gameplay antics are, what really makes this series shine is the top-notch cinematic editing. The way they splice together gameplay footage with custom animations and voiceovers brings the shrunken world to life. Like when they gave the ladybug this sinister voice, I was entranced.

Watching the Neebs Gaming crew play Grounded is the next best thing to playing it yourself. Their commentary and editing draw you into the survival experience in a way no other gaming channel can match. If you're looking for entertainment that blends comedy, storytelling and masterful editing with exciting gameplay, Grounded with Neebs Gaming is a must-watch series. I'd give it a glowing 5 out of 5 endorsement!

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