Termite Hunters!!! - Grounded

Hey there fellow fans of Neebs Gaming! Have you seen the latest video where they're on the hunt for some Termite parts? If not, you definite...
Termite Hunters!!! - Grounded
Termite Hunters!!! - Grounded

Termite Hunters!!! - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another hilarious episode of Termite Hunters! I mean, who doesn't love searching for termite parts, am I right?

simon: Oh yeah, termite parts are the best! Nothing like a good old termite hunt to get the adrenaline pumping.

appsro: I gotta say, this video is definitely my favorite. I mean, who knew termite hunting could be so thrilling and entertaining?

neebs: Absolutely! And let's not forget the joy of finding those precious termite parts. It's like a treasure hunt, but with bugs!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow fans of Neebs Gaming! Have you seen the latest video where they're on the hunt for some Termite parts? If not, you definitely need to check it out. The team knows exactly where to find them and it's going to be an epic adventure, I can just feel it!

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okay all right0.566.52
that's right oh look it hurts doesn't it4.045.5
oh don't you mess up my sticks that's my7.084.99
sticks man9.5414.18
all right all hands on deck for this one23.726.479
wow okay okay thanks good good talk guys30.266.28
I tell you man you are in a really33.844.559
special kind of mood I'm kind of a36.543.6
termite expert I'm not in a special mood38.3993.241
like every day Simon what are you all40.143.36
about Hey listen I'm sorry I didn't41.643.36
realize that I couldn't say anything to43.53.12
you without you immediately pointing it45.04.68
back at me oh now you realize no that's46.625.459
okay it's listen I'm I'm totally cool49.683.539
with it yeah are you gonna be in your52.0792.701
special mood today I mean I get it53.2193.601
you're a girl so am I we'll see that's54.784.68
that's insulting women women are56.824.98
probably better than you and me yeah59.464.339
you're not wrong about that all right so61.84.319
anyways yeah we're hunting termites you63.7993.701
um no man why because I don't like how67.56.0
my hot bars are right now okay well we71.523.0
can wait for you all right everybody73.52.4
wait for Neighbors got to get his stuff74.523.779
together yep I would really love to have75.94.62
the shield what is going on78.2995.341
hey I made a broodmother BLT by the way80.526.0
oh man it's just that giant spider yeah83.644.619
we can do that too it's sitting in the86.523.3
oven just when we need it let's take a88.2593.54
look at it oh yeah there it is brewed89.823.42
mother BLT that's a nasty looking91.7993.081
sandwich yeah93.244.62
bait no brood mother can resist not for94.885.62
human consumption good to know don't eat97.865.82
it salmon okay stick it in here with the100.55.96
odd ingredients box103.682.78
you done names there we go106.866.78
so I can boom boom boom got it when109.9395.261
weapons are ready let's get some113.642.939
termites all right we're termite hunt115.22.76
let's go116.5793.771
let's do it which way this way yeah117.967.33
side of this is termite country130.024.02
right for sure okay oh there's a little131.645.22
green beetle he's still he's shiny whoa134.045.18
he's fast136.865.519
did you peep it uh no I didn't peep it I139.225.019
should have peeped it hey uh next142.3793.301
time one of a season try to hit it with144.2393.181
an arrow because it is fun good call145.683.54
good call okay what are these termites147.424.5
uh these termites are over here hope149.226.239
this uh yeah be real careful here yep151.925.64
they're up against this back kind of155.4593.901
wall issue yeah yeah I think there's a157.564.98
wood shed back here oh yeah perfect for159.365.099
termites huh yeah exactly they love it162.543.24
back here they just they can't get164.4594.201
enough of them yeah yeah this is165.786.239
definitely a wood pile yeah yeah let's168.665.52
see has anyone peeped a termite yet I172.0194.741
don't think I have all right let me see174.184.74
it's got to be one around here somewhere176.764.74
oh you know it oh I see one let's see178.926.06
yep oh yeah yeah yeah termite Soldier181.55.58
hates stabbing and salty things all184.984.5
right perfect I love the stab uh Yep187.085.54
this is a termite Soldier189.483.14
lightning things250.044.839
all right all right I need to get out252.685.2
for a second that one's almost done all254.8794.621
right hold on stay away from me right257.883.06
here he's low all right I'm with you259.53.72
yeah all right grab the parts I got him260.944.819
okay oh let's try to get another one263.225.82
for each other right uh yes oh God yes265.7595.261
we can be careful yep I'm just coming269.043.36
here stabbing like a crazy person Simon271.023.42
so did I stab you well you didn't seem272.44.28
to care274.442.24
that's you just pointing that out is so282.687.26
stupid I know I like Fantasia285.64.34
hey delicious290.065.44
I'm not annoyed I'm actually smiling292.465.44
sweet good keep that up there you go oh295.54.979
this one's almost dead yep come on come297.95.42
on come on yeah that was down okay300.4795.581
anyone want to back up this guy over303.324.54
here I got a butt over here you can be306.064.4
poking yeah307.862.6
all right oh no leaves I need help hang320.95.38
out there we go we got him thank you I324.185.16
got you all right now nice get the larva326.284.94
Parts take a drink329.344.68
take advantage I'm gonna be stabbing331.225.199
things now yeah all right we got one334.024.08
more termite here we get him but I think336.4193.78
we can go back let's do it let's do it338.14.28
okay yes all right I think we've uh355.946.099
we've been Victorious against yeah wait359.524.5
there's a there's a science center near362.0394.621
here I got it on my radar oh which way364.024.36
is it this way366.664.08
oh there it is right below us oh370.747.62
nice weird all right I do have something375.566.28
I can scan scan is not termite Chompers378.366.559
here we go are we gonna learn from you381.845.699
wow man just sold your Mountain a384.9195.081
stuffed termite thing ah all right but387.5394.141
now hey I do think we have enough to390.03.539
make the termite ax here let me give you391.684.38
this one piece okay just so I don't you393.5394.28
know that's the only one I had396.064.44
termite Parts all right so the termite397.8194.541
axis what we needed we got what we400.53.96
needed yeah I guess so man look we can402.364.619
actually go into that termite hole I404.464.679
mean that'd be awful yeah we're not406.9793.421
gonna go in there until we have good409.1393.12
axes though yeah and all the other good410.44.2
stuff oh man I wonder man it looks like412.2594.38
we can get on top of that log it does414.64.86
that whole log pile have you yeah you're416.6394.981
one of those tiger mosquito things like419.463.9
they don't like poking so we should use421.624.32
those tiger mosquitoes well we need rust423.364.08
for that yeah maybe if we can make the425.943.539
ax and then the um the hammer maybe we427.444.08
can Harvest rust I don't know yes yes429.4794.44
rust that seems like it would be the431.525.64
logical play then we'll do it that way433.9194.861
all right yeah let's get back to face437.162.96
damn it438.784.02
what'd you do I didn't hit the440.124.9
freaking tab button and I fell and hurt442.85.1
myself hmm now I'm over here all right445.025.519
let me get to you I'll see you in a447.94.799
minute yup you can get over here there450.5394.261
you go I'm right here oh hey this is452.6995.72
something a little clump454.83.619
oh but we need that okay yeah we gotta459.743.94
go make that action yeah we're finding462.242.82
so much stuff out here like yeah let's463.684.94
focus make the X yeah465.063.56
right we gotta get this place all476.165.22
ziplined so I'm thinking this one goes478.55.639
here we do a little crisscross this way481.385.159
I'm wondering if I could get on that big484.1395.481
tripod thing out there486.5397.021
all right I got a plan Let's see we do489.626.94
this call on the net there he is hey493.566.479
buddy can you get on there and grab496.565.94
some of these things500.0395.34
all right here we go and let's head to502.57.139
that tripod oh yeah this will be great505.3797.02
gotta go all the way to the sandbox509.6396.061
yes sir all right let's see512.3994.861
if I can get these wheat stems over515.74.8
there easily actually pretty quick all517.264.199
right let's520.54.56
just drop these off right here right the521.4595.0
bottom and525.064.92
boom boom boom boom boom boom there we526.4593.751
over here is uh needs the person let's533.4595.121
do it536.5193.861
ah nut sacks and chicken grease huh what540.387.0
we need Crow feathers no is there there543.9595.221
might there might be some at the547.384.1
original base549.185.04
we only need two I'll be right back all551.485.62
right Dora's gonna go check so do we554.225.58
just uh like I don't remember finding557.15.28
running across feathers well the best559.84.86
thing to do is find the crow I know and562.385.04
and uh isn't it usually at a certain564.665.16
place uh it bounces all over the place I567.423.539
know I've seen it on top of the bird569.822.82
bath I've seen it on top of the big570.9594.801
lasers out there all right so yeah God572.644.379
we just got to keep an eye out for that575.763.36
Crow and grab his feathers and they just577.0193.721
fall off periodically as long as we're579.123.659
hanging around yeah I mean usually under580.743.9
the crow I mean you can find them out in582.7794.381
the yard and places but yeah best best584.644.92
case scenario is we find that Crow we587.163.66
Harvest this feather I mean best case589.563.54
scenario is Dora's gonna find some back590.828.3
at the old all right and found Daddy593.16.02
make something that tried to make599.163.48
something that includes a feather and601.0193.781
then you'll see if you have any over602.647.5
there oh oh yeah to what Simon said yeah604.87.92
oh to what I said that made sense to you610.144.62
right that's okay I got you yeah try to612.723.66
make something to see if it's there and614.763.0
then yeah because that's what I did and616.382.579
I was like oh you need a feather for617.762.699
that it looks like there's a feather618.9593.961
here okay so have you found FedEx620.4597.261
yes there's 11 available 11. I said one622.927.02
or eleven I knew it was one of them all627.723.54
right bring it back baby bring it back629.944.98
uh-huh uh-huh631.263.66
a bad moment of truth647.5796.0
and yep ladies and gentlemen one termite649.5796.421
that looks like a nice ax man we gotta664.3395.081
go get so much uh yeah well yeah we667.263.06
gotta get669.423.84
whoa let's focus pupil leather okay so670.325.28
yeah we can at least make the hammer I673.263.78
mean eventually we all want the ax we675.62.76
all want the hammer yeah let's get that677.043.0
lint while we're over there too okay678.363.539
yeah pupil leather and lint you want to680.043.06
go in the morning it's a little dark681.8992.94
right now yeah probably and then I don't683.13.66
know where rust is but damn I want rust684.8393.841
all right yeah we'll uh yeah we'll do686.765.4
all that in the morning sleep688.683.48
come on he's trying to build a zipline695.165.7
thing okay you know what I don't know if698.14.2
you want to do this I've gotten a lot700.863.419
stronger since we first met yep you702.34.82
gonna do it okay all right704.2796.18
come on that's right oh look it hurts707.124.899
doesn't it oh don't you mess with my710.4593.351
sticks those are my sticks man712.0197.341
I don't know if you heard no mercy for719.363.7
okay back it up back it up back it up723.063.32
back it up724.625.24
oh you see that trick that's new726.388.019
come on okay that's it coming in come in729.867.539
hot oh boy oh boy that's hurt I got hurt734.3996.801
bad there oh there's another one737.3993.801
I'll be back for you747.95911.181
oh I think it's a good morning for some759.264.98
pupil leather762.364.919
let's see it was over here yeah all764.244.899
right I see him already oh yeah they're767.2794.921
all dingleberries dangling oh man we do769.1395.221
have a ladybird over here always there's772.24.199
like three up here I'm gonna try to be774.364.86
sneaky wait that's not a isn't that just776.3995.641
a later bug no no that's a lady bird779.225.22
we've seen way too many of those as of782.045.88
late leave me alone leave me alone leave784.447.079
me alone yeah they're not oh God no it's787.924.979
changed oh yeah all right change the791.5192.82
radio all right let's try it again all792.8992.641
right change of plans we're gonna try to794.3393.3
do this quick all right I can distract795.545.58
this one maybe because I'm super fast797.6395.581
wasn't there some pupil leather up here801.123.719
somewhere oh wait I think I see it up803.225.76
here uh no no it's not damn can we knock804.8395.701
can we knock the ones up there yeah808.983.9
knock them off and then you can oh you810.543.66
can knock them off okay well then812.882.88
let's do that knock them and then chop814.23.54
them knock and chop I don't know where815.764.44
that lady bird bug bird went all right817.744.26
so that's it huh yeah where'd you go820.24.079
I was just distracting this ladybug822.03.899
bird all right we need you back here to824.2794.221
do it yeah I'm with you oh there we go825.8997.221
Simon distract that ladybird all right828.54.62
didn't follow me didn't follow me no837.1396.461
it's been stuck on me all right why me840.126.18
all right there yeah lure it away Simon843.64.58
what was that848.184.26
I'm right next to you all right let's852.444.32
start knocking855.064.079
aren't you the crossbow guy oh yeah856.763.9
that'll do it860.664.96
yes nice all right all right uh let me862.744.41
get one it's gonna make him mad865.623.24
yeah is this that's it it's oh wait this868.865.76
is Pupa hide oh can we make it into872.15.22
leather God I hope so on the on the on874.623.92
the machine877.323.8
there you go878.544.96
I can't get to him these ladybirds are881.124.839
sulking about like all right883.54.44
got two there there we go right they885.9593.661
seem to be looking at me can you reach887.943.12
me up here I don't think they can reach889.624.88
me where I'm at okay three891.063.44
I swear ready uh I mean we're here let's895.624.32
knock it all right it's already knocked898.0194.081
oh I see it his Ham's a ladybird right899.944.579
on top of it902.15.22
I know I see it thank you hit the904.5194.841
ladybirds be having your back and it907.324.44
does not care that I'm shooting it no no909.364.38
it wants me it sees me it thinks I'm911.764.68
cute I get it oh boy913.744.8
oh it's coming up to me now okay I'm916.444.339
Gonna Knock you welcome918.545.159
we got it okay I think we got it all920.7794.24
right you want to go check out that uh923.6993.0
that lint that'd be cool if we did we're925.0193.541
here all right everyone made over by the926.6993.981
I'm back where's your friend just one of931.444.98
you sure you want to do that okay933.486.539
is that it okay oh yeah oh yeah I'm936.426.0
gonna do it in my progress sir okay what940.0197.401
you got huh come on yep there you go942.428.659
come on all right947.423.659
get out of here it's dangerous okay951.56.579
boom boom all right bring it bring it954.687.42
down oh we got more okay I got more too958.0796.5
boom boom boom baby962.18.039
that's right okay this is how it is yeah964.5797.721
I'd like to have like a spiral staircase970.1393.421
kind of a thing972.33.3
I can put it like right973.564.079
maybe I'll just go like right here and975.65.52
go up like that it's probably a horrible977.6395.7
idea but that's what I'm doing981.124.38
let's get started though sometimes I983.3393.421
better just get it started and get it985.52.82
guys check this out what you got this uh993.246.719
a burr weed we can chop these now too oh996.366.719
yeah let's see hey they're tough all999.9595.421
right what do we get out of this1003.0794.341
timber timber1005.385.199
they all went down oh spiky Birds yeah1007.425.02
you're supposed to make traps and1010.5793.241
it's a shame they all fell down people1012.443.42
oh they didn't because look right here1013.824.62
whoop oh there you go don't you1015.864.62
fall down I just picked those up I was1018.443.959
that was probably very silly of me to do1020.483.839
yeah all right no that's fine just go in1022.3993.361
and put them in here but now let's try1024.3195.701
this yeah lint plump oh how many one two1025.766.6
three I picked up one we got like four1030.024.26
or five yeah okay let's go scan this1032.363.599
stuff since we're right here by this uh1034.284.44
lot this log you know they say lint is1035.9594.201
supposed to be really good if you stick1038.723.719
like lint inside of a like toilet paper1040.163.6
roll it's supposed to be really good1042.4393.421
like fire starter oh I use lint for uh1043.763.9
fire kindling all the time there you go1045.864.02
I don't think I've ever used it but I've1047.663.78
always heard it's good let's see yeah1049.885.0
yep right below us Science Center1051.447.2
here we go if we scan the lit oh we got1054.885.679
a couple things to scan first the pupa1058.646.36
hide oh which is gonna give us hey hey1060.5597.62
pupil leather perfect and then now the1065.05.7
lint come on Big Money big money big1068.1793.481
uh-huh lint rope oh perfect1071.668.16
all right all right well okay termites I1076.2997.601
want to get more you but um God brush1079.826.78
for now yeah oh yeah the rust yeah but I1083.94.139
just don't know where it is I don't know1086.64.819
where it is either hmm1088.0393.38
hey look what1093.525.68
splinters oh1096.024.58
scan those wooden splinters gave that1100.65.22
door up scanning1103.166.32
Splinter Arrow1105.823.66
all right we need more axes we need more1110.865.439
Splitters oh this is awesome yeah we're1113.485.579
leveling up boys we need rust we need1116.2996.361
rust rust your pretty face wow1119.0598.36
oh I jumped very far that scared me1122.664.759
you nut1127.846.24
okay and boom boom we're gonna oh there1134.085.26
you go1138.5593.901
you're doing great Nat keep it up1139.344.92
each floor we gotta get as high as we1142.462.64
man can you see it up there the other1145.14.939
base I'll come up in a second1147.864.8
just grab the grass1150.0394.081
all right what a great worker you got1154.127.02
good work ethic net I love it1157.283.86
climb up there together1162.385.76
there it is perfect we're going high1164.2995.641
baby this could be like Grand Central1168.144.14
Station right here in the middle1169.944.2
all right you know what what's that I'm1172.284.62
being attacked oh boy I'm gonna go up1174.143.72
here right in the middle of building1176.92.34
stuff all right you know what we're1177.863.179
gonna bring it out here don't fight on1179.243.6
the platform1181.0395.281
don't fight on the platform okay1182.844.92
thank you1186.323.599
I eat things like you for breakfast yum1189.9195.88
yum yum1193.344.62
okay let's take a look we're gonna go up1195.7994.561
here this is a mess it's a work in1197.966.719
progress don't judge it yet oh yeah1200.365.699
all right this I can't go any further1206.0593.601
than this right now oh I should have1208.282.82
brought some grass with me1209.663.96
so we peep here1211.15.939
and I know I live by the tree can I see1213.625.46
the base1217.0393.961
might not be high enough yet1219.084.56
I think we're right behind that can1221.06.35
well net back to it1223.645.36
all right all right all right all right1229.04.44
yep we got it yeah yeah Black Ox Hammer1234.47.72
oh oh excuse myself sorry Goodbye old1239.06.9
stupid Hammer yeah hello delicious New1242.126.179
Black Ox Hammer come on what do you look1245.94.44
that's what it looks like you got a1248.2996.12
cloth do you have a claw oh1250.344.079
interesting that there it looks like a1255.0396.52
molar almost like yeah well this yeah1258.625.16
this thing ought to kick some butt all1261.5594.081
right so with this we know that we can1263.784.38
go up top to where uh we can open the1265.645.039
watch yep Tully's watching maybe we can1268.164.98
figure out where Captain Tully is uh-huh1270.6794.74
I like that can you can you can you hold1273.144.5
it over your head and shake it like your1275.4192.861
easy easy1290.323.719
you guys cool yep sure totally cool1297.225.28
thank you1315.343.719

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