Soldier Ants VS Ladybug!!! - Grounded

Hey guys, have you ever thought about what's going on under the water while ladybugs are flying around above? Well, Neebs Gaming has got you...
Soldier Ants VS Ladybug!!! - Grounded
Soldier Ants VS Ladybug!!! - Grounded

Soldier Ants VS Ladybug!!! - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! Can we just take a moment to appreciate the epic battle between soldier ants and a ladybug in this video? It's like a nature documentary right in our backyard!

simon: Oh yeah, totally Neebs! I mean, who needs to watch National Geographic when we have this thrilling showdown happening right in front of us? And those soldier ants really mean business, don't they?

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up! But seriously, that ladybug is the real MVP here, defending us from those aggressive soldier ants. It's like a tiny superhero in action! Who needs Avengers when you have insects fighting for justice?

neebs: Exactly, Appsro! And don't forget the dramatic music and slow-motion shots in the video. It's like a Hollywood blockbuster, but with bugs as the main stars. I could watch this on repeat all day!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you ever thought about what's going on under the water while ladybugs are flying around above? Well, Neebs Gaming has got you covered in their latest video where they explore the world of underwater spiders and the protection ladybugs provide from above.

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come back up8.5413.96
do it and boom boom yeah oh is that22.57.8
whole water that holds water so Simon27.963.6
that little uh you know that little30.33.3
maggot pouch you got yep you can get31.563.48
water in the maggot pouch and then dump33.63.6
it into this all right hold on maggot35.044.08
pouch I happen to have two waters in37.24.8
here uh how do I how do I get the other39.124.14
one in there there's a way to do it42.03.36
maybe eat I got one you hit eight well43.264.56
that's mine eight Taffy to deposit yeah45.365.359
it's just happy it's happening come on47.825.46
yeah did you just drink all yours nope I50.7194.301
got another one in there maybe you tappy53.284.459
do you have any water55.022.719
okay that was his I still have the one58.765.08
oh no no it was it okay yeah all right61.144.44
so cool we got a water container water63.843.779
container it's made several e-taps you65.583.96
might need okay all right Sun's going67.6193.481
down Simon you want to go with me up69.543.54
here to the tree and uh give this chip I71.14.68
got the Myrtle uh yes I'm ready let's do73.083.62
oh tell Burger what's up I wouldn't talk76.75.559
to Bargo very talking I don't mind a79.864.2
nice conversation just drop it off and82.2594.021
burger burger86.286.3
oh there he is okay hey this uh this89.045.82
trip was not easy to come by here so uh92.584.38
enjoy I found a super chip94.864.02
say processing this is the head super96.963.24
chip forgive me I forgot to mention98.883.0
these nasty spiders before I sent you up100.23.12
there I hope they were not too much101.883.62
there are four Labs throughout the yard105.55.2
okay each lab has a super chip there's108.245.64
the Hedge lab the pond lab the haze lab110.76.3
and the black ant lab all right so so113.884.739
did you just get one of them so we117.03.42
there's three right yeah we gave him the118.6193.421
we gave him the chip for the Hedge lab120.424.019
Simon okay all right so what does it122.044.14
have like is it on the map can we see124.4394.38
where the hell we need to go maybe I got126.184.2
menus to deal with right now okay so128.8192.701
after I deal with this menu I'll do it130.382.579
with your menu all right well then well131.523.42
all yours I will Mark the locations of132.9593.36
the Super C chest to the left okay yeah134.943.06
he's gonna Mark the locations he's got136.3193.78
to be patient Simon hey I just asked a138.03.599
question I didn't say what the hell is140.0993.621
going on why hasn't this happened yet141.5995.341
oh hey we can spin some science we got143.725.5
like 6 000 science here to spend Giants146.945.48
let's see zip lines ladders a cookbook149.226.96
uh okay Hamlet Foundation line zip line152.425.5
for sure right right yeah we're gonna156.183.9
buy a zip line yeah I mean like and157.924.5
isn't the zipline just like a much160.084.739
better ladder yeah you're not wrong but162.424.02
I mean both could be beneficial in164.8193.901
different locations or situations yeah166.444.079
it could but you know I'm just saying168.725.46
one kind of does both in many occasions170.5196.72
oh hey meat Shield that's 3 000 science174.184.62
but that'll give us a mutation that'll177.2393.661
increase our Max Health oh okay yeah178.83.54
yeah yeah yeah yeah we're doing that180.93.96
torch upgrade yeah I don't need a torch182.344.56
upgrade I barely used my torch at all184.864.5
exactly and then let's see is there186.95.22
anything we can scan here be nice if we189.364.62
can scan this coffee mug gotcha Burger192.124.46
will you shut up193.984.8
I didn't realize there was the height196.583.76
difference between the grass walls and198.783.539
the kind of weird in it twig maybe it's200.344.14
not a problem though it shouldn't be202.3193.601
we need some stair what do you think204.483.3
about just putting the work table like205.923.36
right here you just walk straight into207.784.56
it yeah I like that I'll go grab it okay209.285.3
um I like the uh the corner window212.344.8
tactic because we might need to fight214.584.659
something out here you know yeah we'll217.143.599
put like those little chests and things219.2393.181
because it'll pull from the chest what220.7394.14
it needs to build and we'll put stairs222.424.92
hmm we want stairs should they be224.8795.58
outside or inside the stairs or what if227.344.86
we had I don't know we could have one230.4593.661
side you can build this trampolines oh232.24.14
you can go Boeing we jump upstairs and234.123.42
then we have another place we can drop236.343.6
down yeah let's make it fun yeah yeah237.544.259
we'll have zip lines before we know it239.943.9
too it'll be even more fun sweet yeah241.7994.141
it's like a playhouse the more bouncing243.843.6
the better is what I always say that's245.945.579
right she said yeah247.445.46
all right Sim I'm about to teach you251.5192.64
something all right teach you something252.93.839
real good uh if you hit tab there should254.1594.98
be something called your status menu can256.7394.68
you find it Well I hit Tab and the map259.1394.081
came up you hit Tab and then there's261.4193.78
tabs up top for like inventory status263.225.16
craft kind of status got it all right265.1996.72
this is your mutation tab so you uh you268.384.92
have little things that we pick up along271.9192.881
the way that you can apply to yourself273.34.14
so find a mutation slot you should be274.84.26
able to activate two of them well I277.443.3
don't have one of this is one of two279.063.24
active oh so you've already activated280.743.72
one I guess all right well remember that282.33.6
Health one I picked up try to find that284.463.78
is it is it the meat Shield yeah what285.94.92
does that say your size to meat ratio is288.245.399
off the charts and you take hits like a290.824.319
champ yeah that'll improve your health293.6394.021
activate that [ __ ] all right so I click295.1394.861
this and then I hit space to activate297.664.38
mutation and perfect timing because300.05.16
there's a spider great all right now you302.044.439
can take a lot more damage go to that305.163.0
spider see how many hits you can take306.4793.841
nah what what do you mean there yeah308.164.08
let's do it nah look at about there he's310.324.319
cute ah you you do it you go ahead and312.244.92
do it I might do it here I go do it here314.6395.221
I go all right how you want to handle it317.166.539
oh [ __ ] yeah oh wow okay there's a319.865.76
poisonous [ __ ] there oh I did not mean323.6993.681
to pull out a shovel325.627.519
oh God okay I took two hits two hits327.389.28
hey Mr spider gonna come for me now too333.1395.921
sorry man yeah don't bring that over336.665.46
don't bring it over here oh Simon that339.064.8
seemed like more than two we don't have342.123.66
a spawn thing here yet do we yeah right343.866.08
right there right here yeah345.784.16
the spider over there you know354.384.0
um yeah you're ready it's not worth it357.02.58
and he'll spawn right here and get his358.382.7
stuff I think I'm gonna try to go for my359.584.559
stuff all right good luck no spider361.085.399
there's Simon's cute little butt from364.1395.821
behind hello okay we should be able to366.4794.741
deal with spiders a little more now369.965.28
neebs yeah why uh mutations oh cool I371.226.18
just said yeah I didn't even ask why I375.244.019
like how this house is coming not too377.44.139
bad huh this is looking good but hey I379.2594.321
was looking at the map one of burgles uh381.5394.681
chips in the middle of the pond that383.585.22
means you gotta go diving oh God I guess386.224.78
yeah yeah let's let's do it388.86.38
check this thing out now right the hell395.188.94
is that I'll show you okay and then398.889.06
one do collector oh yeah and then we got404.126.16
our water here exactly Morning Dew in407.944.58
the morning410.282.24
over there413.162.659
it's literally like about 40 seconds416.163.96
away as the damn water cooler that I418.2593.241
used to fill that thing up so really420.124.44
water here is fantastic yeah no this is421.55.4
a great place for water uh speaking of424.565.22
sun's coming up should we try to dive426.95.7
down in this Simon yeah all right well429.785.4
I'm leading the way all right oh yeah oh432.65.939
watch this yeah no [ __ ] oh wow holy crap435.186.12
this is deep yeah it is it is real deep438.5395.28
oh wait I see water oxygen bubbles oh441.35.399
okay I'm swimming out come out oh yeah443.8196.78
we can suck on these salmon okay so just446.6997.021
give me all right yeah build me up again450.5994.981
okay so well we can we can get all453.723.66
around this place how do you think you455.583.48
get like if you had your bow in your457.385.78
hand how would you get rid of it459.064.1
I would just pull out something else463.445.039
yeah well I'm in an empty slot hitting465.784.08
it it ain't working I mean it might just468.4792.641
not go away in the water I don't know469.863.48
how this works that's fine okay so I'm471.124.32
I'm here for you oh God is that a473.343.96
swimming spider475.444.08
oh God I swim is it coming after you I'm477.34.2
getting the [ __ ] out hold on I'm going479.524.679
up 17 seconds [ __ ] when did the spider481.54.62
start swimming I don't know but it was484.1994.921
quite graceful no oh boy get out get out486.124.5
of the water get out the water what's489.123.859
going on490.622.359
hold on what get up here you [ __ ] how494.37.679
big is it I don't know hold on keep it497.944.039
I find it easier to jump on the lily pad506.05.02
that's it oh there it is I see it508.55.64
oh crazy little bastard did y'all get511.025.1
the thing you're going for no no wow I514.143.18
didn't even see I I guess there's516.122.94
another burgle chip down there but it517.323.06
could be anywhere we're gonna have to519.063.539
really do some exploration in this place520.384.32
but I love that this Pond is full of522.5993.24
is it full or there's just one525.8393.68
all right doralis um let's see actually531.9594.021
let me research a couple of these things534.123.719
I found first I'll do it oh yeah the535.983.72
stink bug yeah I didn't have to fight537.8393.0
this thing something else killed it539.74.34
that's perfect we'll analyze that mm-hmm540.8396.901
we'll get here okay repair glue stinky544.046.16
bug Mount stuff stink bug stuff stink547.744.74
okay we're able to research this uh550.24.56
stinky bug gas sack what are we gonna do552.484.62
with that make a whoopee cushion there's554.764.139
some gastro Goods I could drink oh gas557.16.06
Arrow oh holy oh yeah I like that gas558.8996.301
Arrow now we're talking even if that563.163.84
just repelled a big spider would be565.24.74
perfect uh-huh okay hey I'm excited567.05.459
about that hey Drew now this thing I569.943.78
want to make one of those trampolines572.4594.88
yeah it says we need a acid gland okay573.725.94
I'm wondering if this tells me where to577.3394.421
find Ashland it should yeah we unlocked579.663.9
that thing up in that hedge lab thing581.765.04
okay survey resource surveying acid583.564.26
I'm speaking outside you know I might be587.824.019
too dumb to understand this I don't590.2793.721
think you are so it looks like maybe591.8393.901
there's little red squares popping up594.03.72
yeah that's where we get the stuff you595.743.719
need right597.724.5
um yeah yeah I don't know what it is599.4595.281
though well what why I guess I don't602.223.54
know what you're looking for we got a604.743.779
kill to get this acid gland well um you605.764.139
want to just Mark where those things are608.5194.021
on the map we'll go see let's do it all609.8995.591
right I'm your security612.547.64
yeah there he is very cool let's get620.187.42
close oh there's one behind you too okay622.924.68
going around and turn around you're627.8394.44
gonna go up there tadpole what are you629.824.8
doing cutie should we kill one just to632.2793.781
see if we get any good stuff from it634.623.8
oh yeah wow okay it went down hey okay639.9594.32
all right what do we get from you642.666.48
harvest remains raw tadpole meat oh that644.2797.441
looks delicious oh it breaks apart okay649.144.199
so you got it all oh look at that koi651.725.22
fish holy moly oh need oxygen oh yeah I653.3395.461
probably do too656.944.2
you think we could kill the koi kill658.85.039
that koi fish that seems insane but uh661.144.86
yeah he's a little bit oh wow look at663.8394.861
him holy crap what666.06.019
oh spider spiders spiders spiders668.73.319
oh the dry grass no bueno if you need672.35.82
dry grass it's pretty good all right I676.0795.401
get it but yeah oh I want to blow that I678.124.8
just want to jump up there and blow it681.484.22
you will make a wish682.922.78
oh yeah that's never going to be a good702.384.899
answer I don't think okay I doubt they704.646.06
got acid glance do you they might man oh707.2795.641
you know what what ladybugs are nice710.75.3
let's see what happens here712.923.08
make sure you don't hit the ladybug723.447.36
oh oh man I bet that packs a wall up you726.925.859
got him uh not yet you doing great730.84.46
all right we got some man parts736.3394.021
and ladybug very nice741.0196.221
good plan names that's right I mean it744.8394.801
worked out conveniently this time no747.246.56
acid gland though okay we keep looking749.646.72
all right Simon I'm just gonna like swim753.84.96
down as far as I can okay see how far I756.365.539
can make it so all right758.767.019
good luck [ __ ] that ain't good that761.8996.361
ain't good765.7792.481
come on770.05.139
oh geez oh Jesus what the hell did you772.84.02
do to piss him off I didn't do anything775.1393.421
I just was swimming down there trying to776.824.019
find a buckle chip oh so he's probably778.564.38
protecting the bottle chip yeah the780.8393.421
other Burger chip is this way here782.943.3
follow me yes we'll just take a peek see784.263.54
if we can see anything that looks like a786.243.3
lamp well you know I was gonna say I'm787.84.26
like I could be a distraction of course789.545.16
right you know like you could be going792.064.62
for the for the real deal while I'm794.73.6
hopefully lowering the big threat away796.683.779
all right yeah we're right above the798.33.719
super chip I just want to go down and800.4592.88
see if I can see anything that looks802.0193.781
like a lab all right and you know I need803.3394.5
to go down too just to go down all right805.83.719
yeah you can be uh you can be bait yeah807.8392.94
all right I see a little oxygen thing809.5193.361
I'm hitting right for it okay okay all810.7795.941
right are we following you two okay all812.886.84
right straight down here we go all right816.725.22
here we go you with me yep I'm behind819.725.4
you whoa what is this Yep this looks821.946.0
like something yes it is oh [ __ ] this is825.125.219
cool yes slide up down here too827.947.8
see any way in right here maybe no oh830.3399.481
[ __ ] spider spider oh god oh no I let my835.746.96
oh boy oxygen me too I'm heading towards839.824.68
what you'll normally gives oxygen and842.75.28
yeah look at me I didn't do anything oh844.55.82
oh no three two no no no no no no no no847.984.08
no give me oxygen oh please could you850.323.78
please please852.063.899
please don't die855.9596.241
oh I already did die [ __ ]857.884.32
door you get oh boy yeah this looks like864.064.38
Soldier ant all right yeah we're going866.5793.961
this is their home you know what those868.444.32
things do uh stabbing is good for ants870.544.26
okay the arrow didn't work too bad872.763.48
either hey you think we could fight one874.85.279
without ladybug maybe uh okay oh wait876.245.52
you see ladybug oh perfect she's880.0793.541
fighting something okay oh look at this881.763.6
he's already killed everything dude883.624.56
that's the best we can just ride one of885.365.96
those around that's mine yep888.186.44
take it take it oh there's three of them891.327.6
fight back girls I'm gonna okay894.626.12
thank you898.926.599
to block him oh yeah blocks come on oh900.746.69
we got this one sweet905.5195.901
oh he got three911.424.32
why are you fighting917.123.48
oh they teamed up on me they teamed up920.8996.471
yeah okay so they killed the ladybug923.2797.171
keep running935.33.18
that's convenient yeah that's a good940.0194.581
thing they float oh Simon yeah it is942.125.279
already got mine and then there we go944.65.44
that's sweet I tell you man this is947.3995.221
tricky every time all right come come on950.046.12
yeah you do but have I swear 25 of the952.624.62
time it doesn't work when you do it956.163.0
right yeah okay hey hold on I see a net957.244.02
over there really yeah I think that's959.164.799
what that is fishing net yeah follow me961.266.48
all right oh man this place is creepy as963.9596.06
hell it is oh yeah like a skimmer or967.744.2
something yeah like something yeah you970.0194.081
would use to clean a pool or a koi pond971.944.079
yeah but there's like no handle it's974.13.239
just kind of sitting here well I think976.0194.081
the handle's outside uh well now I can977.3395.581
see that that's clear yes oh yeah full980.14.979
of tadpoles you know I'm excited to go982.923.599
home and cook some tadpole meat at some985.0794.681
point yeah I hope that building oh wow986.5195.641
okay so swimming underwater does drain989.765.04
your stamina a little bit oh yeah check992.168.039
it out uh huh I see you now nice yeah994.87.08
yeah oh wow so we're on the other side1000.1993.481
of the pond now what if there's anything1001.884.319
cool over here oh this is a new1003.685.279
adventure it is oh what is that what is1006.1994.921
that a spider oh mosquito what is that1008.9595.401
is that a mosquito mosquito oh go oh God1011.125.279
[ __ ] a lot of mosquitoes run get back1014.363.96
get back yep yep jumping in the water1016.3993.931
lost the ants1021.864.26
don't need to research the acid gland1024.0794.681
but we got an ant head and I got a1026.125.76
ladybug part oh do you yeah ah I hate1028.765.64
that yeah we didn't do it learned some1031.884.319
stuff let me get in there1034.44.799
let me do one more okay so this is the1036.1994.561
hey there's some like a Slurpee workers1040.764.799
come okay all right you're up ladybug1042.627.4
part analyze in common we knew it1045.5597.62
ladybug chest plate ladybug face plate1050.025.7
stuff yeah there we go1053.1795.041
that's a good fun to think that's a good1055.725.68
stuff that gas arrows yeah1058.225.339
you ready to head back yep all right1061.44.88
let's do it1063.5592.721
so while they don't like axes Simon yeah1067.224.319
but they probably don't like the tip of1069.9194.741
my arrow up their anus either yeah no1071.5394.681
that that probably wouldn't make them1074.663.12
feel good either all right so there's1076.223.9
that chip we can't get to it's got a1077.784.56
number on it it says two are the other1080.123.84
ones number all right I want to try to1082.343.18
shoot one of these guys with an arrow1083.964.38
okay oh [ __ ]1085.524.98
that didn't work that didn't work good1088.344.199
all right well I gotta pull up my ax1090.54.799
oh I shot him nice let's see if we can1092.5393.721
do it let's see if we can take this1095.2991.921
I'm in the water1097.224.68
ax come on do it again come at me bro1099.15.38
come at him bro oh man I wish I had1101.95.7
better help yeah1104.485.819
here I got an ax too hey huh want some1107.65.4
of my come on [ __ ] come on come at me oh1110.2995.821
God he came at me came at me okay got1113.06.84
two hits on him revive me okay hold on1116.125.52
come on1119.844.26
all right stop it are you okay I'm gonna1121.645.46
try to fill the water he's running give1124.15.04
me a revive we're driving oh he's coming1127.13.439
back all right1129.145.399
yeah yeah release release me oh god oh1130.5398.041
[ __ ] uh don't you leave my buddy alone1134.5394.041
oh my my Health's bad my Health's bad1139.463.98
did he run yeah he ran I think come on1145.786.72
come on1150.085.459
seven seconds I want to get to you so1152.54.419
bad you can't though I'm doing it I'm1155.5393.181
doing it I'm doing it oh God he's gonna1156.9193.301
get your ass we gotta get it we gotta go1158.725.6
come on oh God1160.224.1
right well at least the bags float1164.745.58
all right let's yeah so yep made the bug1180.445.099
rubber okay we got the sprigs the flower1183.385.82
petals let's do this uh so see this hole1185.5396.181
Yeah right here we put it like right1189.25.46
below it I like that oh is there enough1191.724.74
do you want me to move something I think1194.665.399
we're good okay bam bam did I place it1196.466.06
nope uh yeah maybe move this uh move1200.0594.201
this uh what you call it yeah it's a1202.524.98
lean tube thingy okay uh place it there1204.267.86
there we go okay build it yeah okay now1207.56.12
if you can you bounce high enough to get1212.124.76
to the second floor oh let's see1213.623.26
what easy yeah that's awesome I don't1217.885.88
crap my head to your head and then we1221.244.799
fall down over here oh that's great this1223.764.56
is beautiful it really is going upstairs1226.0393.781
we live in a playhouse1229.823.26
my God1239.1418.06

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Wow, I just discovered this awesome YouTube channel called Neebs Gaming and I'm totally hooked! Their cinematic gameplay videos are like watching a movie - they're so immersive and entertaining.

In their latest series, they're playing [game name] and it's incredible. The way they edit the footage with close-ups, music, and voiceovers makes you feel like you're right there with the characters. And their commentary is hilarious - these guys crack me up!

They have a whole cast of characters with unique personalities that really come through. You've got Neebs, the brave leader who rushes into action. Thick, the lovable oaf always getting in sticky situations. Appsro, the crafty builder with a heart of gold. It's like watching a comedy adventure show!

And the storytelling is top-notch. There's an overarching plot for the series that has me hooked. I'm constantly laughing at their antics but also on the edge of my seat to see what happens next.

Neebs Gaming makes these games into such cinematic experiences. I've never been interested in [game name] before, but their videos make me want to jump in and play just to be a part of their crazy adventures!

But honestly, their videos are the next best thing to playing the games yourself. In fact, I almost prefer watching their cinematic version to playing - it's like a fully produced TV show!

If you're looking for gaming content that's as entertaining as a Hollywood blockbuster, Neebs Gaming is a must-watch. Their [game name] series is awesome and they've got tons of other videos that are just as binge-worthy. I can't get enough!

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