I Might Be Doomed - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video where Neebs finds himself in a sticky situation out in the middle of nowh...
I Might Be Doomed - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH
I Might Be Doomed - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

I Might Be Doomed - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today we're playing The Long Dark with PERMADEATH. And let me tell you, I might be doomed!

simon: Oh Neebs, you're always getting yourself into these situations. But hey, at least it makes for some entertaining content, right?

appsro: Haha, yeah Neebs, you always find a way to make things interesting. I mean, who else can make running out of food in the middle of nowhere so entertaining?

neebs: Well, you know me, always up for a challenge. And hey, if I'm gonna go out, might as well do it in style, right?

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video where Neebs finds himself in a sticky situation out in the middle of nowhere with food running low? If you haven't, you definitely need to check it out because it's a wild ride from start to finish.

In this episode, Neebs is facing some serious challenges and it's up to him to figure out a solution. Will he be able to come up with a plan to get himself out of this tough spot? You'll have to watch to find out! And don't worry, there's plenty of laughs and epic moments along the way to keep you entertained.

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well hey there Mr bear that's just8.424.78
excited to hang around my town10.925.28
what you gonna do Winnie the Pooh21.5394.4
nope nope stay back28.166.82
yeah yeah I'm big too okay I'm not that31.8595.241
already I'll go out and find some cloth38.824.32
there's a bear needs yeah yeah I got a41.14.92
bear outside oh how are you doing43.144.14
yeah I don't like this area that I'm in47.283.959
it's very49.5593.961
it's like a frozen lake desolate might51.2394.021
be the best word to describe it I feel53.523.539
like I might get out of here uh well55.263.18
yeah you said you found train tracks57.0592.881
right I'm living on the train tracks58.444.639
like a hobo okay well59.943.139
oiled yeah there we go taking this water65.586.06
okay I am heavy but yeah my plan is to68.826.92
just keep on moving uh yeah71.644.1
in your situation um I'm here I'm still76.265.999
curing oh one of these deer hides cured78.785.46
um still curing my wolf pelt make that82.2594.441
wolf coat and uh I mean I'm sitting84.244.62
pretty it's kind of boring over here86.74.459
um I must still laugh somehow91.565.46
so I'm I'm sitting alive that's good94.084.62
what's your plan follow the train tracks97.024.44
to question mark yeah I'm just gonna I98.73.959
came in from that way I'm just gonna go101.463.839
to the train and just head on down those102.6594.441
tracks and see what happens105.2994.341
attempted to try to kill a wolf and get121.143.659
a lot of meat before I've walked the122.824.579
tracks you know124.7992.6
one can of tomato soup and one energy130.864.62
bar okay so you don't have a lot of132.728.4
I got three uh rifle ammo and I found a135.487.2
pistol recently that's right oh that's141.123.18
right you got the pistol so absolutely142.683.54
yeah get you some meat get you some meat144.34.14
maybe you need to go hunt there were146.225.099
some wolves over here oh148.444.56
yeah here we go curtains let's break151.3193.661
those down let's get some cloth oh it's153.04.2
gonna get dark here soon154.983.72
uh what's the time of day where you're157.23.48
it's either the sun's going up or coming160.683.96
the sun's on the right I mean it's going162.484.5
down going down gotcha are you gonna164.644.14
spend the night in here166.984.74
in your cabinet are you trying before I168.785.58
might spend the night okay if I could171.723.84
get some food and spend the night that174.362.34
might be best to leave in the morning175.563.56
yeah get as much cloth as I can have181.144.319
some cloth back at base so I can always183.184.139
keep the clothes repaired185.4594.881
I've got eyes on the wall187.3193.021
could be three194.4592.841
here's the good news usually when you198.363.9
shoot the gun the the sound will scare199.84.98
them off yeah yeah so202.264.28
as long as you pick one204.785.42
sure wish it was closer to the train206.546.82
maybe you can lure up to the train210.26.34
yep oh I'm tired too man they're so213.364.5
close together216.544.02
this seems dangerous217.865.599
they're so close together220.562.899
nowhere nowhere that's a Pac-Man it's a227.128.339
Pac-Man you know what I just said232.263.199
all right you know what236.044.74
what forget those it's too many it's too238.25.06
dangerous okay240.782.48
okay there'll be a wolf in the other247.7993.8
direction yeah maybe249.05.7
okay I guess I could I've explored this251.5994.661
region pretty well though I haven't254.73.3
haven't gone to the other end of the256.263.96
road in either direction so I'll tell258.03.959
you what tomorrow I might you know get260.223.0
my health and food up as much as I can261.9593.18
and just walk down the road and see what263.223.539
I come across265.1393.721
like my plan the other thing I'm tempted266.7593.601
to do is you remember that elevator I268.862.58
okay tempted to see if tonight's one of271.444.86
those Aurora nights because if it is the273.93.78
power might be on and I might be able to276.33.899
get into that element I'd work huh I277.684.2
would love to try it it might be280.1993.601
something like amazing like a rifle that281.883.0
rifle I've been wanting the whole time283.83.66
maybe a laser rifle a laser rifle yeah a284.884.259
laser rifle the world do you think this287.464.86
is I don't know crazy world where wolves289.1395.34
Go Glow green you know okay maybe I'll292.324.86
find a laser rifle I just don't294.4796.081
well use your imagination297.183.38
my temp is it's dropping but I'm just312.684.42
back to my little uh cabin my little315.244.14
train cart is it warm inside the train317.13.42
um yeah320.526.08
yeah all right I made it to the mine323.345.76
no Aurora yet326.63.939
come on I hope this is going to be one329.12.58
of those nights I wish there are a way330.5392.281
to tell early331.684.079
but I guess it just happens332.824.62
there was some kind of wives tale that's335.7593.841
like hey yeah I guess the sky is blue337.443.72
good for you right I guess I can break339.64.92
down whoa get some sticks scared to341.164.8
spend too much time out here because you344.524.26
know bear has a bear yeah I mean cat345.964.86
tails you think I can eat probably a348.783.18
four left I just ate like four or five351.966.72
of them my stomach's half full I go353.946.599
sure I can't build a fire to mine but358.684.44
I'm gonna try it360.5395.16
and build one in a cage huh I ought to363.124.32
be able to build one oh God can't see a365.6993.861
campfire yep cannot stop start campfire370.56.24
indoors this isn't a373.745.16
month find my way out oh day what this376.743.72
is a fun trick oh wait no I can't do the378.94.88
trick damn it380.463.32
nope there it was leave386.285.1
it no no I didn't do it I'll just build389.344.079
a I can build a fire out here decide to391.383.72
mine what was the trick393.4193.72
well if you um395.14.62
if you go to build a fire like if you're397.1393.661
in a cave and it gets really dark399.723.66
sometimes you could use the fire to kind400.84.86
of highlight the side of the cave okay403.384.2
and uh I found my way out of a couple405.664.5
places in the past with that little407.583.54
okay right so like tricks yeah let's411.124.98
start a fire I'm just gonna hang out by413.943.479
a fire416.13.18
cook some water I need to make a little417.4192.881
how's your hobo train well it's uh it's420.34.5
cozy you know if there was more out422.945.46
there I'd be happy to live here but424.85.519
um there's not much to eat except those428.43.54
pack of wolves430.3193.241
I'm afraid they would gang up on me and431.944.22
kill me you know433.562.6
all right437.6393.12
nice little hour of fire here come on439.024.079
Aurora give me another roaring night440.7593.961
power this elevator I want to see what's443.0994.341
in the elevator444.722.72
uh yeah well you may want to you may448.864.2
want to save your coal but I got six it450.783.6
may be good oh God that's a lot of gold453.062.759
so yeah you can at least throw one and454.382.759
maybe get a couple of hours of sleep455.8192.581
because you need to get your rest too457.1393.78
yeah I'm tired yeah not having enough uh458.45.1
sleep you won't be able to run all right460.9194.68
I've got four463.56.539
hours and 54 minutes on this fire you465.5997.561
think I could sleep five hours470.0395.581
yeah yeah for sure should I try six or473.164.62
just leaving five475.623.479
you can try477.782.819
I mean if I'm if I'm dying while I'm479.0992.94
sleeping will I wake up480.5992.461
okay I'll sleep for five hours483.063.56
I'm doing it good night good night487.585.98
wind picked up on me490.55.099
oh yeah it's blowing and I love how the493.564.16
smoke that's a pretty game498.4194.34
do you think this wind's gonna kill my510.123.68
that's okay516.32.31
still no Aurora517.622.64
walk over to this lock sword remember I520.263.779
thought there was a trailer here I know522.6592.761
there's a trailer524.0393.601
up there because that's where I came in525.424.08
at there's a little trailer527.643.54
there was a building over here but I529.52.94
just don't remember if I could get into531.182.88
it or not532.443.6
let's see how's my memory oh yeah534.064.38
there's a little trailer cool well I536.044.5
could go in there and sleep at least for538.443.899
the night or at least a couple of hours540.544.46
to see if the Aurora pops up542.3394.5
I just made some rose hip tea oh boy547.865.22
okay rosehip tea is ready550.863.659
take that553.082.04
man can I just should I just go for it I555.123.6
should go for it557.2793.421
the middle of the night or sun coming up558.725.1
I mean it's middle of night oh boy wow560.74.92
okay the otherwise I'm just gonna be563.823.66
sitting here yeah you're not wrong and565.624.14
getting hungry I get it grab this bed567.484.74
roll I want to pick it up uh I'm gonna569.763.66
drink my tea572.223.78
my tea it's gonna give me a heat boost576.04.1
too right578.3395.301
okay I'm going580.13.54
oh man587.883.42
okay I mean the weather's at least589.15.04
decent okay the weather591.32.84
for you my weight we have your bedroom594.724.739
right I did thank you for reminding me597.125.3
but I got it599.4592.961
these train tracks are coming to a627.9593.541
got a tunnel yeah train track train631.54.14
tunnel oh cool633.665.179
is it gonna get dark in here635.643.199
it's cold where I was639.065.82
oh wait leave leave forlorn muskeg I'm641.2795.761
leaving it oh what you're you're out of644.883.78
the other region already done there man647.044.2
holy crap where are you at now now I'm648.665.84
at uh mystery Lake651.243.26
probably a creature in the water it's656.3997.221
probably like a messy situation you know659.763.86
already like this better oh yeah there's664.0795.341
trees and there's not a frozen lake667.0193.421
even though it's called mystery Lake670.446.3
here no Roar last night673.864.74
um I guess I'm leaving this trailer I'm676.743.48
tempted to just walk up the road and see678.63.299
what I can find I know there's those680.222.82
cabins down there but I don't know681.8993.301
what's beyond that all right I got water683.043.9
I got a good peck of food still got that685.24.86
MRE yeah I'm gonna do some exploring you686.944.94
know what let's go ahead and eat this690.064.56
stinky meat691.885.98
okay no no parasites all right just risk694.625.219
of parasites I can do risk I just don't697.865.039
want them do you like stinky Foods699.8396.06
stinky Foods yeah like eggs because eggs702.8994.56
can be stinky I mean they're kind of705.8993.601
stink like blue cheese or goat cheese oh707.4593.961
yeah I love it love goat cheese love709.53.839
feta cheese blue cheese all that that's711.424.32
nice I like those things too713.3394.081
no no I'm walking like I see like a715.744.02
little red indicator in the right bottom717.423.3
okay I can't get it do it again uh that720.725.4
probably means you're on a hill or724.322.759
something that's usually what happens726.122.339
when you're overweight and you're727.0793.721
climbing a hill it's basically a728.4594.021
indicator that you could possibly get a730.83.479
sprained ankle okay732.483.66
yeah like I think I could do it if I try734.2793.841
to climb up a hill right now736.144.68
where is it yeah yeah I see a little red738.125.04
indicator yep yeah that means you risk740.824.38
of uh ankle sprain gotcha because I'm743.164.2
curious about everything I can yeah and745.24.699
I don't blame you747.362.539
I wish I had a sled or a wagon or a peck750.485.78
mule something yeah753.187.099
I'm just seeing train tracks these rocks756.267.12
you can't see [ __ ] well like it's not760.2794.961
that dark of a night you know okay yeah763.384.079
I know I've had nice clear nights in765.243.24
this game767.4594.32
but my rose hips just wore off so I'm768.486.26
going to find somewhere soon771.7792.961
uh like 70 some percent okay that's not774.867.12
bad I do see looks like something ahead778.0795.7
the power lines take a right turn here781.983.24
and go somewhere but they go straight783.7793.0
okay and I feel like I see either785.223.179
another train car or some kind of786.7794.041
wait see a Canadian flag791.426.28
yep I'm gonna Veer off to these right uh794.824.38
the right power lines797.73.06
there's a cabin799.23.54
I found a cabin with a Canadian flag on800.764.079
now we're talking804.8393.24
man if they got pants in there I'm gonna806.6393.601
lose my mind808.0794.26
so bad810.243.839
oh that looks like a lake that's812.3393.3
probably mystery Lake814.0792.561
that makes sense815.6393.061
is this820.442.13
it's just a rock821.5193.44
can't interact with it mystery Lake824.9596.421
uh oh and it's in French828.123.26
I bet I did that perfectly833.2793.36
okay I'm going in836.6393.121
please be up fire in here and a bed839.767.019
oh yeah it's dark I can't see anything846.7794.941
uh you got your848.882.84
definitely have some matches852.03.5
how many players you got let's see856.0795.481
um flare858.8392.721
you're gonna hate me but I've already861.663.119
forgot how to do flare light source is a862.922.52
yep okay I've only got one marine and865.445.519
two regular868.385.42
on this situation870.9592.841
stumble around your damn house with a876.9594.201
match hey you're the professional oh wow878.74.56
did it just man it got really cold today881.164.919
whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa my hypothermia883.264.1
my temperature went all the way down886.0793.361
luckily I didn't go too far I'm out here887.364.3
by these cabins [ __ ] well at least I889.444.019
took your advice and I did the flare so891.664.22
yeah you can see in there yeah oh wow893.4595.94
this is a workbench yep there's a895.886.1
workbench I don't want to leave oh899.3994.141
there's a lantern because that's great901.983.78
because I threw left mine away somewhere903.545.22
hmm stack of papers905.764.5
we got a workbench in there that's908.763.36
already pretty good there's a pot belly910.263.12
stove hell yeah912.123.06
that's good913.384.38
spot yeah so it was a laptop915.184.86
cool you can uh play Minesweeper917.764.5
hey you know what's a fun game what's920.045.299
that Missile Command922.263.079
we don't have that on there927.424.62
probably have Minecraft though all right930.04.92
I'm going upstairs and get that up up932.046.239
these antlers hey I found a laptop too934.925.7
yep yeah938.2794.68
oh a bunk bed oh this is a better stove940.624.38
upstairs you've got two little cookers942.9593.491
on it and a cooking pot945.03.3
bunk beds948.33.12
for you950.163.84
this will hold me for a second I gotta951.424.08
find food though954.03.72
a windbreaker and I'm probably good on955.55.22
jackets start searching around is that957.724.619
they have a kitchen anywhere960.725.419
I found some soda okay well let's start962.3396.961
where would I be if I was pants966.1396.121
in this drawer969.32.96
it even says better than nothing983.246.82
and you're right yeah put those on here986.5194.861
we go immediately990.064.68
uh where's my naked butt right here991.386.199
oh man I feel like I just won like an997.824.72
I'd like to thank my mom1002.543.5
oh I'm sorry yeah1008.663.72
okay perfect1010.3993.36
just keeps going1012.383.92
whether you want it to or not now yep1016.4593.921
100 episodes of this probably not God I1021.55.059
hope not1024.262.299
okay down there hey some cat tails on1036.43.939
that River1039.4394.321
there's the camp this is my little uh1040.3396.801
mooksburg it's right here1043.763.38
I really like this region a lot1047.2994.921
until it runs out of resources which1050.543.48
will probably be soon1052.224.8
all right trunk anything in you I should1054.024.38
have brought my pry bar there you know1057.024.68
it's heavy as [ __ ] what about in here1058.45.36
flare just went out1061.74.08
once you just hop in the bed and get1063.764.18
some sleep until morning yeah1065.785.22
yeah my temperature's up my what oh I1067.946.44
gotta drink something here we go1071.03.38
I guess I'll drink one of these sodas1074.444.72
yeah you were in a soda1076.74.53
got a bunch of them1079.165.379
upstairs oh I think I can1086.1794.681
I'm gonna sleep in a bed tonight I've1090.863.12
been sleeping on a bed roll for the last1092.4193.541
week it feels like now you deserve a1093.985.939
night bit here it is bunk bed Hey Joe1095.966.839
taking the top do it1099.9194.801
okay I just got to the end of the road1102.7993.721
seems to be a landslide blocking my path1106.525.84
is there any way through1109.163.2
just down power lines1113.0596.74
Rock fall1116.56.78
navigate it1119.7993.481
Around It Rock fall there's got to be a1124.464.82
way around it1126.742.54
take the ice around now that looks like1129.9195.041
too Rocky1132.324.56
if there's anything up here I'm going to1134.963.42
the hills for a little bit not gonna get1136.884.799
too far from the road oh don't spring my1138.386.24
ankle no springy1141.6796.86
no springy there we go1144.623.919
sounds like a nice morning1153.24.2
oh this bed had a dream catcher I could1155.483.96
have caught my dreams last night abstra1157.44.32
things are [ __ ] you know I just1159.443.78
wasted them1161.724.44
okay uh1163.225.579
can I go outside I'm not even encumbered1166.163.84
for once1168.7994.021
really yeah because you actually got a1170.05.28
full night's sleep probably maybe I am1172.824.739
thirsty though well another soda I live1175.285.18
on soda now yeah1177.5592.901
that's probably back the way I came in1184.43.779
there yep sure is trying to find a way1185.724.079
to the other side of the road but man1189.7994.5
I'm not having any luck nope boy the1191.5396.621
visibility here is not good1194.2993.861
for that house for food1201.24.74
um you know Skyward I wouldn't say1202.945.28
scoured but I definitely looked at it1205.944.2
okay I feel like I saw something out1208.223.9
here on the ice which I don't like being1210.144.2
on the ice because as you know yes be1212.125.84
careful out there I fall on the ice1214.343.62
yeah last time I just kept pushing1218.963.719
forward and that strategy didn't work1220.764.86
for me yeah I'm gonna put my gun out1222.6795.461
just in case because I can't see like1225.624.98
but a few feet in front of me oh boy am1228.143.899
I gonna get turned around1230.64.28
don't do that1232.0392.841
you're way up I'm gonna navigate up here1235.466.24
survey this where am I1238.586.18
okay there's the rockfall came up this1241.74.56
way there's not a way around the road1244.764.26
maybe I'll try the ice that seems crazy1246.263.779
deer carcass up here but yeah damn no1250.0395.341
way around got a new strategy since so1252.6793.901
foggy out1255.384.76
I'm gonna stick to the power lines1256.583.56
and a cattail for breakfast1261.24.859
man I'm just walking into nothing1271.166.24
just fog1274.644.68
thank God for this train track and these1277.44.519
power lines1279.322.599
all right yeah I just found a train car1286.0397.401
oh that's good I just found thin ice1289.0394.401
there doesn't seem to be a way around1293.9193.88
you hear that1297.7994.201
sounds like a wolf is that what I'm1299.6593.601
dealing with1302.03.36
it sounds like a word1303.265.22
I see birds circling something ahead1305.366.48
where's the up I see the wolf yep be1308.485.46
careful I think it's just one1311.843.839
oh nope I see another one down the1313.943.42
street but he's further away1315.6794.201
come here buddy oh man I want there's1317.364.679
something to cook in there with right in1319.882.77
that train car1322.0393.421
I think he's coming at me1325.463.079
come on bud go for it1328.886.6
yep got him nice names okay he's down1335.485.819
his buddy's room up oh no here comes1339.143.36
another one1341.2992.76
he's coming1342.53.9
oh boy load oh boy he ran by he just ran1344.0594.261
yep Echo okay crap I wish you would have1348.326.9
ran at me I could take him down1353.123.6
I was afraid I was gonna miss and lose1355.223.839
the bullet1356.725.06
I hear nothing1359.0592.721
can I walk on this tree1362.263.779
I guess there were just two wolves1366.264.039
here we go I'm in the train car oh1371.247.16
there's a frozen corpse up here oh man1373.74.7
empty can you believe that there's a box1382.223.78
right beside it the game will do that1384.264.88
every now and then right okay1386.03.14
not mad1389.244.319
I feel like I got that now hmm so I need1390.55.52
to build a fire by this wolf yes Harvest1393.5594.581
one yep1399.443.66
I mean I may push forward and just what1400.943.359
are those birds circling over there1403.14.28
probably a body or1404.2993.081
let me take a look1408.25.599
the gun out that's got1410.783.019
I promise I know how to do that um1415.1595.341
okay ah1417.984.319
a hunting knife which you already have1422.2994.941
oh flare1424.0393.201
yep perfect now I'm glad I used it oh1429.023.96
yeah this guy1431.4194.26
Frozen carcass I mean how much1432.985.34
how do I tell1435.6792.821
not a lot huh nope1442.644.8
all right well it's um1445.285.36
if I could sit up here1447.443.2
yeah let me get some meat that's what I1451.824.02
oh man is that a wolf right there1457.1596.481
it's surrounded by Wolves I wish I had1460.465.4
more rifle cartridges we got that other1463.644.019
gun right yeah I just I've never shot it1465.863.24
before you know1467.6593.301
uh yeah and she was very similar to the1469.15.04
other ones though is it as powerful1470.965.04
not as powerful1474.143.659
all right I made it back to the fishing1476.03.96
camp temperatures almost all the way1477.7993.421
down so yeah I'm just gonna go inside1479.962.76
and get warm1481.225.48
that exploring that way was a bust1482.723.98
all right it's it's on I got uh 161490.825.58
grabbing sticks1496.43.259
the fire Builder now aren't you I'm1500.1794.341
getting better man1501.862.66
quartered one no I have not it takes an1505.824.56
is that a good thing1510.382.84
if you have an hour on the fire you can1514.882.82
do it I don't know if that's1516.383.659
your free thing yeah I've never tried it1517.74.859
so why don't you try it this fire Will1520.0394.38
Keep the Wolves Away right yes Fire Keep1522.5594.801
the Wolves Away and if you uh yeah get1524.4194.561
it hot for at least an hour all right1527.363.96
got an hour 19. if I quarter this thing1528.983.86
it's gonna take1531.324.38
one hour should I do it1532.844.36
give it a shot let's see what happens1535.74.74
current calories 6 71 calories it'll1537.25.3
take will be 225 it should be good1540.444.68
quartering it1542.54.0
drink more1545.125.1
oh boy I'm really thirsty1546.56.5
soda time1550.222.78
what happened1554.242.76
all right I don't know I was worried1555.7992.281
about water1557.03.6
um okay wolf quarter1558.085.52
wolf quarter take it look at this I've1560.65.699
got all these wolf quarters and I've got1563.65.52
some fresh guts he's gotta hide1566.2994.201
everything oh so we just broke1569.124.08
everything down for you yeah oh got the1570.54.2
whole wolfs1573.24.14
go back home start cooking right1574.74.32
um yeah I think so1577.343.959
I think so let's do that if you've got a1579.024.86
bunch of stinky meat on you1581.2994.441
all right be careful I'm gonna take this1583.884.08
torch and extinguish it if I see a wolf1585.744.02
I'll light it up again that's1587.962.599
yep I see one1590.5594.62
you stay there you saw what happened to1598.0395.181
your buddy1600.742.48
you want to take me to this torch right1603.266.74
uh I don't will he attack me this torch1605.5394.461
following me1612.9194.821
on me so hard right now1614.6593.081
should I try charging him1618.146.06
let me get closer to my house that way1625.345.99
if I need to run back and heal myself1627.085.94
he does not care about this toy put some1633.024.44
torch not much left charging1634.75.479
the fight1637.462.719
okay I think I was I tore some clothes1640.345.459
please open pants please do not bring my1643.2793.421
okay I got my torch please be his pants1646.74.28
please Lord be his pants all right1648.625.4
I don't see where he went I feel like if1650.984.42
I switched a gun he just would have1654.023.06
attacked me anyway1655.43.06
I don't know if I did the right thing or1657.082.76
not yeah1658.463.24
yeah I need to look at my my vitals1659.843.48
don't I so yeah he attacked you with a1661.73.599
torch in your hand yeah okay so torches1663.323.359
he might not be afraid of I know they're1665.2993.201
usually afraid of flares1666.6794.321
not all the time some are afraid some1668.54.779
aren't right1671.04.62
I don't see him now1673.2793.9
but I do need to look at myself and make1675.623.179
sure I'm not like1677.1794.581
bleeding or something1678.7992.961
I don't even think I got that hurt1682.464.56
about my clothes1684.443.66
I don't think my clothes are broke1687.023.32
here now1697.823.479
um well damn now what do I do that way1699.083.959
was a dead end do I go all the way to1701.2993.301
the other side1703.0394.5
may as well what else I got going on1704.67.52
got food actually let's see hmm1707.5394.581
I want to eat that sometime I don't want1712.2794.561
to waste it I have a little dog food1714.324.64
this morning before I set off1716.844.74
well you know what I don't think I saw1718.965.52
this earlier because it was so foggy out1721.585.78
it's like a body here too1724.484.86
yep got a carcass1729.345.199
uh Hey rifle cartridge hey that's good1734.5395.281
I'll take it just use one of those so1737.845.16
that has a nice replenish wait here we1739.826.839
go back to my cabin some fire cook some1743.08.059
quarters and we're back in the game1746.6594.4
circle of birds too1753.53.08
uh okay yep I think I found the body1758.6596.661
huh look at the bottom of a wrecked1762.6794.321
yep hey pal you got anything good1767.07.5
nothing nothing not a thing1770.6798.1
one old big pile of disappointment1774.54.279
so I can't cook1780.6793.6
what do I do with these quarters I gotta1782.6593.9
drop them first I have no idea again I1784.2794.26
have never done that I just lit a fire1786.5594.561
right but it doesn't give me the option1788.5396.081
to if you click on1791.123.5
I can hit Harvest okay what does that do1795.0397.24
that takes 13 minutes how long is my1799.1794.12
fire burning oh but that's cool because1802.2793.9
you're yeah you're inside so yeah1803.2994.86
yeah okay so let's do that let's do one1806.1795.581
of these uh quarters bam1808.1596.14
all right I'm gonna do one of these1814.763.86
there did the whole thing1818.723.36
people don't like it because I don't1820.824.38
Harvest enough you know yeah1822.085.76
man I got two options so option go back1825.25.28
there wait for the wait for the Aurora1827.844.92
uh option twos go to the other end of1830.483.179
the road and see if there's anything1832.762.7
that way1833.6594.321
let's all right I'm doing it I'm going1837.982.819
this way1839.63.66
seeing if there's anything1840.7994.38
wait what time is it no Sun's going down1843.263.6
yeah you know what let's do the Aurora1845.1793.48
changed my mind1846.863.9
come on Aurora I want you to happen1848.6594.76
tonight baby1850.762.659
here we go it's later in the day1863.265.26
sun is pretty much setting but I can see1866.4194.341
fishing Huts right1873.23.599
is that a wolf1875.124.64
wolf crap I got1876.7992.961
needle but I did find that oh God tail1880.225.059
yes sir don't mind if I do1882.266.62
yes thank you1885.2793.601
that was definitely that is one wolf1892.2795.181
a frozen lake1899.05.179
oh yeah1901.3992.78
it's just this one there he comes1906.524.32
I'm coming1909.54.5
I got three bullets1910.845.819
come in1914.02.659
there we go1918.644.3
that was cutting it close neebs1920.483.96
you got any friends with you1924.443.959
all right I'll be back for you kill more1926.05.34
Wolves yeah nice1928.3995.4
I think I just heard him uh yeah no1931.344.14
Aurora tonight1933.7996.12
you have a nice snowstorm yeah yeah it1935.486.78
stinks man when you want an aurora where1939.9193.961
are they yeah exactly1942.263.06
it's gonna happen one night it's gonna1943.883.779
be awesome when it does1945.324.44
well that's all I can really do is just1947.6594.201
bunk up in this trailer1949.763.98
it's more sleep till the morning1951.863.82
sometimes that's all you can do1953.743.72
well this is a fishing Hut it looks like1957.466.099
oh nice you can go fishing I mean I have1961.1595.601
a line do I need anything else1963.5593.201
how to do a hook1967.3992.66
really yeah1971.724.559
I can at least search it1973.345.16
see there is a little pot belly stove1976.2794.681
covered maybe it'll be a hook in here1978.54.02
oh scrap metal1982.526.42
hook okay that'll work I'll go back to1984.986.299
the other place and make a hook1988.945.219
so I can fish on more line1991.2794.76
probably should just let that1994.1595.52
more players oh who's playable okay1996.0397.001
so this is uh oh yeah ice fishing hole1999.6795.821
right I have a knife yeah so2005.55.96
yes I have to break the fish2008.443.02
there is another2014.983.9
fishing Hut out here too I might just2016.6594.081
take a little look2018.885.6
I do not like walking on ice anymore2020.743.74
like people will drive cars on a lake2024.6596.161
that sounds crazy to me to me too but I2027.464.8
mean if you grow up doing it and the ice2030.823.599
is you know thick enough it makes sense2032.264.5
all right let's see what's it look like2034.4195.64
here this morning it's kind of foggy2036.766.06
okay today I'm going to follow the road2040.0594.561
to the other end2042.823.959
see where that goes2044.623.96
going down a little bit but yeah let's2046.7793.84
hook it let's go2048.584.519
let's go2050.6192.48

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