Raiding With Rockets Gone Wrong!!! - RUST PVP

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video where the teams are going head to head with an upgraded arsenal? It's an ...
Raiding With Rockets Gone Wrong!!! - RUST PVP
Raiding With Rockets Gone Wrong!!! - RUST PVP

Raiding With Rockets Gone Wrong!!! - RUST PVP

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another epic Rust PVP video! Today, we're talking about Raiding With Rockets Gone Wrong!!!

simon: Oh man, that video was hilarious! I mean, who knew rockets could backfire like that? Classic Rust chaos!

appsro: I still can't believe we thought those rockets were gonna be our ticket to victory. But hey, at least it made for some great content, right?

neebs: Absolutely! And don't forget to check out the Neebs Socks in the description. Perfect for keeping your feet warm during those intense Rust battles!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video where the teams are going head to head with an upgraded arsenal? It's an epic showdown that you definitely don't want to miss. From intense battles to hilarious moments, this video has it all!

And let's talk about those Neebs socks - aren't they just the coolest? If you want to show off your Neebs pride, be sure to check them out on the Freaker USA website. I don't know about you, but I definitely need to get my hands (or should I say feet?) on a pair of those.

As always, the Neebs crew is playing on Survival Servers, which always adds an extra layer of excitement to their gameplay. And don't forget to subscribe to their channel so you never miss out on any of the action. Plus, if you want to show your support, you can become a Patreon member and get access to some awesome perks.

I love how Neebs Gaming is always interacting with their fans on social media. Whether it's Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, or their website, there are so many ways to stay connected with the Neebs community. And if you're looking for more Neebs content, be sure to check out their playlists for cartoons, 7 Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, Minecraft, GTA V, and Subnautica. There's always something new and exciting to watch!

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neve's gaming 2021 socks are now0.323.04
links in the description box baby3.364.28
what i got at level two workbench now45.924.319
which we can make all the good stuff48.164.48
already right now pretty good stuff bam50.2394.8
but wouldn't a level three52.645.04
better yeah but okay we can make mines55.0395.36
and rocket launchers now oh57.684.559
yeah like don't even don't even start60.3993.601
with me how are you did you die what62.2392.721
i did die okay i did die i i i went64.964.479
as they said oh what the what what what69.4396.401
what uh oh it's like uh our what our72.086.079
base deteriorated maybe i'm going up top75.843.599
side mate i've just said i'm going top78.1593.681
side too hold on79.4395.601
i'm looking sure your face is coward81.844.8
you know what let's go up that way i85.043.36
like going out of the house up top yeah86.643.68
no that's the best way to do it isn't it88.44.8
anything nope90.322.88
oh they're shooting at us are they yeah93.4394.081
okay we gotta watch out watch out okay95.4393.36
coming in97.523.599
a bunch98.7992.32
i know i can't hit them oh wait you got102.723.92
a shot there's a couple of boars over105.043.52
there oh yeah i see what i'm saying106.643.2
oh yeah108.563.68
you got me hey109.844.88
yeah i see you peeking nick thick what112.243.839
are you doing man114.723.999
i see them peeking oh god we've got to116.0794.961
focus dude we're focusing you don't118.7194.561
worry you're down okay it's true but i121.044.56
didn't tell you to start [ __ ] well i'm123.283.839
start [ __ ]125.64.159
well yeah i see you peeking127.1194.48
hey you're wasting bullets and we're not129.7593.601
gonna get the bullets because you can't131.5994.561
hit [ __ ] hey you shut up you can't hit133.365.2
[ __ ] either oh no i hit you i know i136.165.84
can't shoot you boy myself138.563.44
i'm gonna quit wasting bullets now i146.3193.521
wonder if he has a scope knee because i148.483.039
am bleeding he got me oh yeah he might149.843.28
have a skill yeah you know what i got151.5193.521
some cloth though i can get i can make a153.123.759
couple of those what you call them what155.044.4
you call them yeah bandages crap crap156.8794.0
should make a couple anyway so i'm going159.443.2
to cover your sign up you know because160.8792.881
i want to do is that backwards i don't163.763.119
know if it's backwards or not but look i165.683.12
want more more layers i'll get you i'll166.8793.201
so yeah i'm going to be uh upgrading170.084.159
this here there we go i got to stop the171.684.639
bleeding there we go there we go easy174.2394.0
peasy yep all right so what else do we176.3193.28
want to accomplish today we have a178.2394.321
workbench now so uh we're crafting some179.5996.161
materials yep just uh hey my my first182.564.56
thing is let's make sure this they can't185.763.04
breach the walls of this thing right oh187.123.28
yeah go for it all right you'll be on188.82.96
that i'll see what else i can get190.44.16
crapping okay191.764.96
okay here we go take that194.564.8
yeah yeah i know i don't know i know but196.724.4
all i need i don't have uh i've got199.364.48
enough gun powder but i need one metal201.125.199
pipe to make one rocket and i tell you203.844.88
what what a statement we'd make yeah at206.3194.48
the end and tell you what we'll wait for208.724.96
night time and you strike them and i'll210.7995.601
put like uh landmines down on their213.684.8
property there we go i'm gonna go get216.44.32
you some pipe give me some pipe dude218.484.24
give me that pipe as many pipes as you220.724.96
can get but don't take too long222.726.079
i'll miss you oh225.683.119
it's a mixing table huh yeah no we can231.683.04
get a mixing table we can make a [ __ ]233.5193.201
ton of gunpowder okay well let's craft234.724.239
them but listen my biggest worry is236.724.56
these outside walls aren't238.9595.2
secure enough okay and i can't build a241.284.239
platform here so i'm wondering if we244.1592.881
should it's gonna be tight but we should245.5193.44
put a wall here and here and a second247.043.68
door oh wow248.9593.28
that is gonna be tight but if they blow250.722.799
this door and just come in and take out252.2392.72
everything we worked for no i get it253.5193.44
yeah we don't want that to happen and i254.9594.24
can't lay yeah i can't build out because256.9594.4
of this hill right now259.1993.761
okay yeah man261.3592.481
should have picked a better location263.842.24
what do they got going over there is265.043.12
that a furnace kind of yeah i don't know266.083.6
probably stuff thick found running268.163.68
around yeah god they got big walls and269.683.28
everything that place looks so much271.844.4
better than ours yep it does272.963.28
what's taking these a lot but i want to276.4794.961
get a lot well i just i can only make278.884.96
three you know can only right now i281.443.68
guess i didn't tell you that but i just283.843.2
found that i could make three ah but285.124.4
that's a really good start like three287.045.04
that says we've got a hundred oh yeah289.523.84
hopefully they don't hear me banging on293.363.68
metal yeah294.883.759
three meter pipe i'll see you in a297.044.64
second all right298.6393.041
all right so i've built this little301.9194.56
inlet thing here uh oh yeah okay uh303.524.56
there's a metal door here don't you need306.4793.761
to make a lock i made a lock okay but308.083.839
this is a metal door it's the only i310.242.799
think it's a wood lock in the middle311.9192.881
door i don't know how to do another lock313.0393.681
how do i lock this door314.83.36
oh god can you just pick it up i just316.724.24
picked it up yep okay so oh there we go318.164.4
god now it opens this way we don't want320.963.28
it opening that way do we wait well i322.562.639
don't know if this block's gonna work324.243.679
anyway more options nope man it's325.1994.401
probably the wrong block it's the wrong327.9193.681
rock i bet okay wrong type of all right329.63.599
we need to move this door331.62.96
how did i pick up the first time i swear333.1993.201
to god i think it's gonna be open oh you334.563.44
gotta open it and then you can pick it336.44.239
up oh good deal all right yeah let's put338.04.56
it on this side yeah that makes much340.6393.601
more sense i don't see any more locks342.563.44
well that's not opening the same damn344.243.76
way l-o-c-k346.03.52
okay hold on348.04.16
code lock it's electric there we go man349.524.16
i can't be doing electric stuff right352.162.96
now well okay well you did the metal353.684.239
door well but we have a battery or355.124.96
something of oh okay so you can't use357.9193.84
the normal locks on the metal door you360.083.36
have to use the electrical i have no361.7593.121
idea okay363.442.4
i thought there would just be like a364.883.039
regular lock like a key lock yeah you365.843.84
would think i mean boom we made the door367.9194.241
at the lock um yeah i don't know what to369.684.079
do now uh i thought about making some372.163.44
landmines and just like sneaking over373.7593.44
there at night and putting land mines375.63.12
all over their house hey that works377.1993.28
because i've also got a uh timed378.723.759
explosive charge oh380.4793.361
so wait that's something we could put on382.4793.361
the side of their house right yeah just383.843.919
stick it yeah yeah that's how we get385.843.52
their attention we put the land mines387.7594.961
out then we blow a charge yeah yeah and389.365.2
we don't take anything no no no we're392.723.36
just we're just [ __ ] with them394.563.52
we do it nude396.085.04
okay i'll get naked for that398.083.04
drops drop strap straps403.446.4
i really hope think sees the drops405.7594.081
come on oh that's a bluebee what are you413.524.48
doing up here [ __ ]416.06.08
what are bluebees up here for418.06.88
can i get off of you422.084.64
oh boy who's shooting me424.883.439
was someone shooting me426.722.96
oh my god428.3193.361
i freaking okay429.683.68
oh that's a lot of scrap431.684.48
oh my god i can't help whisper oh god um433.364.64
take this nope nope436.163.039
nope nope438.04.319
you can't no oh439.1993.12
[ __ ]445.444.96
oh boy447.285.12
okay one down450.43.68
where's this other [ __ ]452.43.359
did i get him454.083.839
oh no where were you where are you455.7594.56
alice i hear you oh my god457.9195.961
they are on me460.3193.561
oh boy464.8795.521
okay yeah yeah be safe about it be safe466.3194.081
i'm gonna circle around doraleous471.1995.601
oh i'm bleeding man i gotta this is oh474.3194.72
god i'm down thick i didn't do with a476.85.2
bandage in time i'm gonna come around479.0395.28
okay try to loot up i'm up by that well482.04.96
yep i'm wounded you could uh you could484.3195.121
help me not be uh not die oh i see a486.963.359
white horse yeah i'm by the horse i'm by490.3194.401
the horse i'm around the mountain492.244.399
i see another blue guy494.724.08
it's going well501.1993.361
got him503.283.52
thank goodness504.563.68
okay i don't i don't know how much time506.83.519
i have buddy all right i'm i'm coming508.243.519
yeah i wish you yeah yeah yeah please510.3192.72
come on511.7593.84
oh boy oh boy i hear that got like nine513.0396.12
bullets left right515.5993.56
all right at least he's got me some520.85.039
some more ammo here522.83.039
[ __ ]526.724.559
huh i see a drop okay okay it looks like527.65.12
it's on top of that mountain though i531.2792.721
think we got enough clothes on should we532.722.96
try it yeah yeah i got enough clothes on534.03.279
for sure yeah can we get down this way535.683.12
let's just go straight forward let's do537.2792.881
it let's do it we might be the first538.83.599
ones to see it uh maybe i know thick540.164.08
he's probably cheating flying around542.3994.0
looking for him man this might be a544.243.92
piece of cake hopefully hopefully we'll546.3993.361
find the level two workbench oh in the548.165.04
drive and a ton of scrap a scrap yeah549.765.04
oh i see it turn around turn around553.24.0
right here oh [ __ ] all right thank you554.83.92
yeah i was just grabbing stuff in case557.23.759
there was still a hairy situation all558.723.6
right we've got a big night ahead of us560.9593.921
we should we should head on back hey did562.324.72
i have that i realized this stuff uh564.885.92
yeah i did um i have flares so we could567.045.84
light up their house and they could they570.86.0
could not even see us that gives572.885.519
they'll probably see us they'll probably576.83.92
see no not if the player not if we're a578.3994.801
good distance away okay let's well let's580.724.799
uh let's go home and we'll uh let's go583.24.48
home all right585.5193.44
don't be anybody there watch out for587.684.719
scientists too yep i'm keeping an eye588.9595.201
we might have lucked out man all right592.3994.081
go for it okay you watching me yep i am594.164.48
watching you i'm clear596.483.2
don't forget to turn around every now598.643.439
and then yep no um yeah i'm just gonna599.684.0
keep moving and stay on the horse and uh602.0793.601
yeah just be a guard you can see me603.684.0
right i can see you yes sir okay i'm605.684.08
moving into the first one oh it's a oh607.683.36
that's not that good it's a shirt and609.762.8
some electronic parts that's some more611.043.6
[ __ ] okay uh where's my horse are612.563.44
you going for that one uh no i'm not614.642.72
going for it but i'm getting where i can616.03.04
see it and see you okay i'm gonna grab617.363.84
my horse come on moving in all right619.044.0
come on baby that last one doesn't mean621.23.199
it was looted already maybe because623.043.28
there was just crap in it there's a good624.3993.281
chance damn it yeah there's a good626.322.48
chance that they were here and they got627.683.44
it already yeah well there's a helmet628.84.0
and some pants oh hey that's up bad631.123.279
pants are better than mine yep i bet632.84.56
they were here damn it oh boy okay they634.3994.56
could have set up a nice trap for us637.363.039
yeah what's wrong with him that's what638.9593.44
we do next time next time there's a drop640.3994.0
we put traps down gotcha all right tell642.3993.361
you what let's get follow me let's get644.3992.88
back down to the road joke's on you i645.764.92
got a new helmet647.2793.401
uh i got killed by wolf trailers where662.323.84
where are you at664.243.68
to your left oh is that you yeah with666.162.88
oh you're fine then what do you mean no669.045.039
no i died i'm looking at oh oh to come671.125.2
down and escort you yeah yeah yeah i674.0794.561
need an escort i thought a male escort676.323.519
what were you doing over here it's678.643.6
toward their base i i was i was coming679.8395.281
back up god you are okay682.245.44
vic what are you doing man we're in the685.123.68
night now687.682.88
you're a child there's a wolf there's a688.82.96
and we're making all this noise dude i691.765.36
needed that i can't see it now [ __ ] i694.06.8
don't know where he is he hate me697.127.68
you're [ __ ] up the whole plan dude700.84.0
you hear that gunfire neebs705.22.879
oops got a wolf on you oh [ __ ] crap i708.0794.56
can't i can't see him hold on all right710.724.0
yeah oh god yeah god damn it he's712.6393.44
nipping at me he's nipping at me can you714.723.2
pull out a light what's that716.0794.871
oh crap are you serious717.924.479
okay you've got your uh722.3994.401
all right let's do this all right all724.83.76
right we gotta go wide right wide right726.84.32
wrap around here all right wide right728.564.399
wrap it around reach around can you see731.125.44
my silhouette ah kind of okay yeah yeah732.9594.961
just give me the direction that you're736.562.8
going number okay737.924.4
looks like 70. yeah i'm going 170. i'm739.365.84
going 170 going just straight and hoping742.324.079
it works745.23.6
jumping yeah okay there's simon's place746.3994.081
that is simon's place i broke up the748.84.159
left of it okay and now i'm back on now750.486.159
i'm back on 170. let's see752.9593.68
oh now he's on me757.2795.041
neebs yeah he's the wolf's on me now759.64.16
get off the horse and shoot his head762.322.72
yeah [ __ ] i'm not gonna be able to see763.764.0
him i can't see a thing see that was a765.044.0
bad idea767.765.12
crap okay damn it and no wolves no769.046.56
wolves right and here where is it where772.884.56
is it where's the stuff775.64.479
see the horse777.442.639
oh man come on let's go get my that's783.2795.441
right i don't have my keys crap786.3994.081
i'm stuck in here aren't i788.724.64
i am freaking stuck in here790.484.24
i can793.363.039
yep the only one i can open is the one794.722.88
that i built796.3993.041
guess i'm just here797.64.239
i'm just here all right i'll just guard799.444.079
the place801.8393.44
i'm locked in here803.5194.401
uh all right well now you should be all805.2794.321
right you're good uh just eating807.923.28
mushrooms here in the dark eating you809.63.12
wanna go get your stuff yeah all right811.23.36
cut the horse right out here okay i'm812.723.919
just well i'll just walk i guess uh all814.564.0
right we'll just start walking hey hey816.6393.041
grab the other horse if you're out there818.563.04
i brought back the uh the black and819.683.599
white one okay brown one's still out821.63.28
there okay823.2794.401
so yeah you gotta wait yeah i have a key824.884.8
oh wait you need a key um no my keys are827.683.68
on my body oh wait so829.683.2
okay and i got this key all right go831.363.36
yeah go to your body are you inside okay832.883.44
yeah i'm inside i'm good lock everything834.723.28
up i'm doing it i'm doing it okay all836.324.48
right good838.02.8
i hate how much i lost841.364.159
oh no that's uh is that the sun i see845.5194.32
that what is that that is the sun oh848.245.599
[ __ ] better i went so far past thick so849.8395.281
far past853.8394.24
[ __ ] okay we gotta do this we went way855.124.56
too far it was my bad858.0793.521
i should have routed a plan and you know859.685.839
oh i yep i see i see i see you see me861.65.28
should i have a rocket launcher yeah865.5193.041
should i be launcher ready yeah of866.882.8
oh i they oh they see us what they gotta869.685.44
see us do you see them outside872.6393.361
oh what what876.04.399
what what oh god who's that877.1995.521
i'm wrapping around right there sure880.3993.361
where they at where they at where they882.723.52
at where they at where they at883.764.72
oh yeah that is a rocket launcher oh god886.244.08
damn right it's a rocket launcher888.483.599
oh and i don't have all my ammo all890.325.04
right well guess i'm just going hard892.0795.681
hello hey guys neebs isn't here you895.363.839
might [ __ ] it off897.762.8
oh little sneaky chassis900.566.48
i will take that thank you very much903.1995.601
oh that's on the sleeping bag yeah you907.043.039
know what i'll put908.84.399
i'll put two of these right here910.0795.44
good morning913.1994.161
you guys still out there915.5193.041
we're we are not as a matter of fact918.566.56
well hey uh i i i'm here by myself we922.165.76
just got eaten by wolves okay so925.124.639
so you know i mean you can shoot at us927.923.039
but you're basically being a bully at929.7592.161
this point930.9593.68
right all right think what you're doing931.924.56
oh god oh934.6394.691
this has really become a day man952.884.16
just been running around let's spend the955.7593.601
whole day running around957.045.28
to my right and way over there crap959.364.8
is it like wolf day962.324.72
wolf day isn't it964.162.88
trellis yep967.124.32
did you do plan b971.444.079
not really973.443.28
i don't know what plan b was976.725.919
oh god i could use some help978.86.159
oh [ __ ] what the hell was that that was982.6394.751
fun that rock was plan c vic984.9595.44
got it oh damn what you guys doing up990.3993.601
nothing mind your business i am minding994.04.399
my business my business is you [ __ ]996.6394.64
out there up to no good after can you998.3994.56
can you leave a candy bar outside your1001.2793.92
door maybe hell no1002.9593.281
some salad all right you guys hungry i1006.244.719
got a box full of food in here1008.0794.32
oh yeah you need to eat some cooked pork1010.9592.481
right now1012.3993.121
you son of a [ __ ] i love cooked pork1013.444.16
that's nice i like that sound in the1019.123.839
coming to get your stuff back i got it1024.5594.0
oh i see you don't shoot me i will not1026.644.799
can and i would be such a good shot you1028.5595.921
know what i mean i know i know1031.4394.24
oh that sounded rough man1035.6794.64
yeah that kind of sucks this place1038.7993.681
fortified like a [ __ ] i could do1040.3193.631
this all day1042.483.439
all right well we might just go home oh1045.9196.241
man yeah you go on and scoot skew skew i1048.3196.081
say you think neebs is at our house1052.163.84
hopefully hopefully he's doing something1054.42.88
worthwhile like right in your [ __ ]1056.02.48
base hey it's good to see you though1057.282.16
yep good times1059.442.8
oh thank goodness oh god there you are1063.525.2
oh man it has been1066.7994.0
been a day no no hey they attacked while1068.723.92
you were gone oh really a rocket1070.7993.12
launcher but man i tell you what this1072.643.68
place is built like a [ __ ] i guess1073.9194.241
well stone house i told you man that's1076.323.2
why i wanted to build these uh these1078.163.2
little things yeah no that wasn't1079.523.519
working out real good i was just inside1081.362.559
like it would take a little bit of1083.0392.561
damage pull the hammer out repair they1083.9192.961
couldn't do [ __ ] everyone's wasting1085.63.36
their ammo that's wonderful i'm glad it1086.884.08
worked out oh god they're shooting at me1088.963.839
really [ __ ] i feel like he's got a1090.964.24
scope or something he probably yeah he's1092.7993.841
the luckiest person when it comes to1095.23.359
looting well no he's just a loot goblin1096.643.44
he's a loot guy yeah i mean he just runs1098.5593.441
out and loots but yeah i mean see that1100.084.08
that could be advantageous that could be1102.04.0
disadvantageous because i i wonder if1104.162.8
they're making the same amount of1106.02.32
materials we are because we're rocking1106.963.2
and rolling in here now yeah why is this1108.324.08
out oh is it out of wood1110.163.68
all right this needs more wood but yeah1112.42.96
we're making a ton of gunpowder ton of1113.844.16
sulfur ton of uh metal yeah yeah hey1115.364.8
tell you what i've got a shotgun with1118.03.52
one bullet that i found i don't care1120.162.96
about okay put it in the chest upstairs1121.523.039
no i'm gonna take all my clothes off and1123.122.64
go over there and just shoot them with1124.5595.521
it oh yeah yeah go for it okay1125.764.32
yeah what did we learn dude because i1131.123.6
learned a lot1132.964.4
i i learned a lot too those those rocks1134.724.959
didn't do [ __ ] yep and they have got1137.364.16
that place like crusted there's like an1139.6793.441
extra crust on the outside i used two1141.524.8
pieces of c4 i picked up and uh it blew1143.124.559
the [ __ ] out of like if we got through1146.324.16
one more okay bottom line is their place1147.6794.321
is tougher and you know that they're up1150.483.36
to stuff we're gonna get screwed if they1152.03.76
do decide to attack so it's like do we1153.844.0
have to just go extra offensive like1155.764.08
yeah we got it well yeah i think we1157.843.199
find our base a bit more1161.0393.201
we got work to do and we got to do it1171.6792.721
stat dude1173.23.359
sorry for shooting you by the way that's1174.46.08
okay i think i shot you too all right1176.5593.921
let me check my [ __ ]1180.7993.041
i wonder if they hit that behind1186.163.2
should we go check1189.9193.441
no it's it's by their base someone's1191.283.6
here hey1193.364.96
oh i got one they're here1194.883.44
i can't believe it oh it's crazy1198.46.48
i'm riding baby i'm raiding are you1201.846.48
hating yeah i'm raiding1204.886.0
is this out completely out in it yep i'm1208.324.4
out yep hey buddy you're gonna get all1210.885.12
my good stuff no1212.723.28
hey at least you killed one good job1216.44.08
that was fun1220.483.679
that's me1221.6792.48
do you have a scope nope i'm just a1224.5593.681
great shot oh is that what it is yeah1226.43.519
watch the footage1228.245.48
oh he raided with1229.9193.801
a bow and arrow1234.02.88
i love it1238.43.56

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