SHARK ATTACK! - Stranded Deep

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel....
SHARK ATTACK! - Stranded Deep
SHARK ATTACK! - Stranded Deep

SHARK ATTACK! - Stranded Deep

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neebs: Hey there, Appsro! Have you seen that SHARK ATTACK video we did in Stranded Deep? It's a real nail-biter!

appsro: Oh yeah, Neebs! That was a wild one! I mean, who knew sharks could be so aggressive in a video game?

neebs: I know, right? And the way we handled that situation with such grace and skill - pure genius!

appsro: Absolutely! I think that video really showcased our top-tier gaming abilities. Plus, it's just hilarious to watch back!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Today's video is all about the boys making some serious progress in technology on Stranded Deep...but is it all going to pay off in the end? I can't wait to find out!

If you haven't checked out the Stranded Deep playlist yet, you're missing out on some epic adventures. Make sure to hit that link and catch up on all the action.

And hey, have you tried Neebs Gaming Coffee yet? It's the perfect pick-me-up for those late-night gaming sessions. Plus, their Xidax PCs are top-notch - you definitely want to check those out.

I'm always pumped to see what Neebs and the gang are up to, so hitting that subscribe button is a no-brainer. And don't forget to join their Patreon for some exclusive content and perks. Trust me, it's worth it.

I'm loving all the timestamps in this video - it's so easy to jump to the best parts. And that music? Pure fire. "Wingy Dang-Dang" is my jam.

Thanks for tuning in to Stranded Deep with me, folks. Can't wait to see what happens next on this wild ride. #StrandedDeep #CoOp #Sharks.

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where are you at i wonder if i can climb3.363.12
these rocks5.122.719
what rocks have you been to the top of6.482.4
no i haven't is there i don't even know8.883.52
you can climb those it looks like maybe10.6393.92
there's a way up over here really12.43.6
there's probably nothing up here14.5592.881
probably i mean it doesn't look like16.03.6
it'd be anything up there but come on oh17.444.56
yeah oh yeah see anything19.64.8
i mean the view's great okay other than22.03.279
man there should be something right like25.2794.721
neebs you did a really good job and27.924.56
you're super like proactive right you30.04.32
climb that rock real good here's a32.484.0
bandage whoa okay careful they're gonna34.323.919
reward me with a broken leg aren't they36.483.12
yeah you see any pirate treasure up38.2393.761
there maybe39.64.959
yeah or the parts we need for that plane42.05.039
oh yeah yeah that'd be good speaking of44.5593.761
parts uh picked up some of those47.0392.961
gyrocopter parts i might be able to48.323.52
start like tinkering on that oh yeah50.03.12
yeah i'm actually gonna come over here51.842.8
and start doing it once you uh once53.122.959
you're once you're done digging off up54.643.52
there won't you come join me hey there56.0793.521
could have been something up here there58.162.57
could have is there59.62.959
nobody let's move on to the next thing62.5594.001
but i feel like what i did was worth64.4794.0
doing yeah i'm glad you did it okay now66.563.44
we know nothing's up there i'm gonna68.4792.96
come down this way all right come on70.03.76
down bubba oh wow yeah i didn't even get71.4394.32
hurt so come over here yeah these73.765.039
gyrocopter parts we picked up let's see75.7595.36
give me a second here78.7995.121
i might be able to81.1193.68
i uh i gotta be level six in crafting do84.7994.64
you know what level you are87.845.12
uh i don't i don't i don't see that89.4395.121
on your watch i don't know does it tell92.963.68
oh wait how many one two three four five97.7595.761
six are there seven levels uh maybe each100.4796.161
skill has seven levels oh [ __ ] okay so i103.524.959
need to craft more stuff yeah okay i106.643.519
must be level four because yeah i can't108.4793.201
craft some of this [ __ ] so we gotta110.1593.441
craft more stuff before i can do all111.684.399
this okay which one's crafting113.64.32
is it the pickaxe no i think it's just116.0793.68
the different stuff you craft right117.923.76
tools pickaxe is probably tools well the119.7594.72
first one is probably archetypes okay121.684.079
okay i guess that's how it worked that's124.4792.561
really dumb by the way so that's gotta125.7593.601
be weapons food tools127.043.919
and then130.9593.36
i'm not not not sure what that may be132.563.92
building suppositories yeah yeah who134.3193.441
knows who knows who gives it who gives a136.482.56
[ __ ] well okay so we just got to make137.763.92
more stuff which is fine okay okay139.044.559
so do we want to make this island home141.684.32
base uh yeah there's no map in this game143.5995.041
so i'll draw a map oh good we'll call it146.04.319
water pig island because the water pig148.642.959
over there okay this is home this is150.3193.28
home base this is water pig island yeah151.5993.36
all right so i got to get my crafting153.5994.0
level up i might make a bigger base than154.9593.761
what we got here i got this little157.5994.0
shelter here yeah so oh and i could make158.724.799
a bigger raft yep and then i could161.5993.521
probably craft some other stuff but um163.5192.881
you we should probably go to other165.122.72
islands you know what we should do we166.42.88
should go back to our original island167.842.56
that one right over there what i'm169.283.12
looking at we'll call that first island170.43.28
we should go back to first island and172.43.199
see if there's vehicle parts yeah let's173.683.36
pick up the vehicle parts and bring all175.5993.121
those back over here because we're gonna177.045.559
have to use those okay178.723.879
why isn't it turning what the [ __ ]208.082.64
what's happening209.5192.961
you know why they say that about women210.723.92
drivers right you want to try this i212.484.56
mean not now not that you wedged it214.645.76
under a ship let's see217.045.36
oh here we go all right can you drag us220.43.68
can you drag us out front of the ship222.44.559
okay that's what this has come to yeah224.084.879
well we gotta get out of here right okay226.9594.401
do i have it uh looks like it yep okay228.9593.84
all right hop on231.363.84
quick oh boy quick okay that i'm232.7994.08
surprised that worked okay235.23.119
good turning the wrong way hold on236.8793.201
what's going on here when we get this238.3193.92
plane built there we go okay i see what240.084.239
i was doing i see what i was doing i242.2393.841
drive right when the plane's ready when244.3193.521
the plane's written yeah if you want to246.083.04
if you want to drive clean go for it247.842.479
because it's probably harder than this249.123.36
little raft i would think well i don't250.3194.241
know really all you just need speed252.484.4
just speed uh that's why they have a254.564.799
pilot's license yeah speed you show up256.884.24
they say altitude is really all you give259.3593.921
[ __ ] about that's it speed and altitude261.124.0
i heard landing was the hard part not263.283.6
really just kind of glide down don't you265.123.68
you've never flown a plane listen man i266.883.52
could fly plain easy but yeah have you268.83.28
ever no no i haven't i don't have a270.43.92
license they won't let me but i bet if i272.083.92
could right like if they get just let me274.323.2
do it i could land the [ __ ] out of them276.03.28
yeah one day277.523.6
one day you're licensed279.283.68
we're looking for parts over here right281.124.24
yeah uh this is the island we started on282.964.72
i believe come over here i know we had i285.363.68
know we had vehicle parts over here did287.683.2
you bring the box uh yeah i have a box289.044.159
good and i have a map check out this map290.884.879
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so we293.1993.521
reside on water pig island right we are296.725.84
going to first island first island there299.364.88
yeah that island over there you know302.563.199
what that island's called304.243.679
no leave neebs to die island oh yeah305.7593.841
that's where i left you to die yep and307.9193.601
then we got the aircraft carrier gotcha309.64.24
all right all right we're looking good311.524.399
we should explore more huh well yeah now313.844.16
we can because i like naming islands i315.9193.681
mean also yeah just to expand the ref318.04.16
hey i see a little our little base319.65.52
ah this brings back memories yep uh322.164.56
we're just gonna grab the parts and325.123.2
supplies and then head back right i326.723.44
think that's all we really need to do328.323.36
yeah we would i would love to find a330.163.44
vehicle engine part331.683.6
we could find a vehicle engine part i333.64.0
could make a motor for this damn raft oh335.285.12
really yeah but he's good okay here we337.64.879
go here we go340.44.4
that's it okay342.4794.56
boom gotcha yeah344.84.0
welcome back there we go oh yeah all348.86.239
right split up and grab resources oh god352.244.16
i think that's what we need right there355.0394.321
yes a vehicle engine part boom putting356.45.359
that in my pocket heck yeah man i didn't359.364.48
expect it to be here i know all right361.7593.681
i'm gonna grab stuff and uh i want to363.843.44
build a farming plot later oh hey i365.445.12
found sally hey kelly367.284.32
you god doing that by yourself yeah of379.64.8
course okay i got a uh hmm yeah you got381.524.08
a crate we can put all this stuff in384.43.28
yeah put all the rocks in the crate yeah385.64.0
sweet put a bunch of stuff in there wait387.683.44
i wonder if we left any crates in these389.63.52
boats you know what i didn't see the uh391.124.16
what i was looking for the hoe oh god393.123.6
did we take it maybe we took it over and395.283.919
put it a boat or something i mean396.724.08
put it in a boat yeah come here with399.1992.56
that boat400.83.679
there's a boat remember the boat no no401.7593.841
put it in a boat you don't remember the404.4793.601
boat what like a sunken boat no boat we405.64.08
looked at it had like storage cabinets408.082.48
in it409.682.4
you know what i'm saying like a sunken410.563.919
one yeah right that's what i said yes412.084.239
it's like a sunken boat right why would414.4794.321
we have put it in the sunken boat um not416.3193.841
not sunken418.84.16
okay okay just in the boat are you mad420.164.4
no i'm just curious what you're saying422.963.679
to me i'm just trying to trying to parse424.563.52
what language you're speaking did you426.6393.761
say parse yes parse figure out it's428.084.32
parse is that what that means yeah parse430.44.639
okay listen there was a boat and a shark432.44.239
that was doing a belly spin and there435.0393.841
was a storage room up there no okay okay436.6393.84
okay we put some stuff in why would we438.882.879
have put it in there that just seems440.4793.84
crazy okay 100 positive we didn't leave441.7594.401
it here on the beach i don't see it it's444.3192.88
i can't see a damn thing out here hold447.1993.521
help out a little bit yeah we're going450.724.24
to need those one day452.6395.201
my inventory's full it keeps telling me454.964.88
we did something with it well do we want457.844.96
to stay here to see if we left any uh459.845.44
chest on these boats oh and these462.85.2
you want to go explore these boats again465.284.639
maybe maybe just to see if we want to468.03.28
grab any chests because i mean yeah i469.9193.921
mean i'm carrying a bunch of stuff yeah471.285.12
that sounds less fun to me than leaving473.844.4
but whatever i mean it's not about fun476.44.079
it's about survival well i mean478.244.56
are these chests we could use about both480.4794.0
right yes it is about both but i'm482.83.28
saying yeah we could get the chest and484.4794.241
that way we just have more storage yeah486.084.64
go for it okay well then if i well i'm488.723.12
gonna go for it i mean how's your490.722.96
inventory mine's full what i'm saying491.844.4
well i do have this one box and now i've493.685.6
got the box so okay got stuff in the box496.244.959
there's stuff in the box well damn it do499.283.039
we want to do that or we just want to501.1993.12
say [ __ ] head back502.3195.521
head back head back head back uh sure504.3195.041
all right fine screw it we'll head back507.843.44
and i'm taking his log with me509.364.08
okay no i i know i got this long if you511.283.679
want that log chop it down but i do have513.443.68
meg and sally on board nope i'm taking514.9593.601
the whole log why do you want to take517.123.76
the whole log because all right no i518.563.76
need you to hold on to meg and sally520.883.44
look sally's already falling off okay522.324.639
the log should stay on like no no no no524.324.48
no no no no no no we're not doing that526.9593.121
we're not doing that528.83.84
put the log back no we got we got a log530.084.319
what if we want to build something big532.644.319
we got trees over there yeah but we're534.3994.641
going to run out let's hit it no no536.9594.721
we're not taking that long's way yeah i539.045.12
swear i need you to hold on to541.684.4
sally and544.164.239
what's his name meg okay put the boat in546.084.879
the water uh you got sally i got sally548.3994.801
in my hands i got meg i need you to okay550.9593.521
well then i need you to hold on to meg553.23.84
drop that log554.484.4
push the boat out557.043.44
you better hold on to meg i swear to god558.884.0
i got meg look she's in my arms no you560.485.12
have sally in your arms sally meg is on562.885.28
the ramp listen i'm not good with names565.64.56
all right are you ready yeah all right568.163.6
taking off we'll take a yes game i know570.163.28
there's not enough room in my goddamn571.764.639
inventory hold on wait you won let me573.445.12
yep okay all right okay you got you got576.3994.961
everything oh oh god did you you tilting578.564.16
us nope581.363.68
god damn it we lost meg we lost meg582.723.92
because you tried to bring a goddamn log585.043.359
on we gotta go back we gotta go back586.644.16
can't go back what do you mean we can't588.3994.0
go back i mean we could but now we're590.83.52
off already this is your fault we'll592.3993.681
come back from back one day594.323.92
this is on you no this is on you you596.084.319
tried to bring an entire log out of this598.244.48
little rap you tried to bring a tire600.3994.241
sally magon around trying to bring an602.723.679
elephant onto a cessna that's what you604.643.84
you could have turned around this is608.483.12
both our faults go back we'll go back610.162.88
later i got i got a [ __ ] ton of611.63.12
inventory all right well at least we got613.043.52
sally all right we get back you put614.723.76
sally put sally next to tom sally and616.565.04
tom love each other they go way back618.484.88
she hasn't seen time since he became a621.63.52
hobo stove exactly623.365.4
sex is gonna be great625.123.64
uh-huh where's sally634.563.6
thank god638.482.32
i don't think i could have dealt with639.682.32
two losses640.83.2
uh we wouldn't have to if we turned642.03.76
around hey we can go back we'll go back644.03.279
eventually okay let's go back and get645.764.319
meg meg's at the bottom of the ocean647.2794.24
right back on that island it's fine it's650.0793.361
fine let's not waste any more time okay651.5193.281
right no i'm not going to waste any more653.443.28
time who do i have in my hands654.85.279
sally sally guess what you are being656.724.96
wait is this tom yeah the hobo stove661.685.67
next time yep with time663.5196.961
the crowd goes crazy670.485.44
you don't care huh674.163.919
no that's great oh god yeah i'm happy to675.923.68
see them back together you like a creep678.0793.681
over there by the way you were ex okay679.63.84
no i wasn't look i ever get rid of681.763.12
inventory i'm doing stuff over god damn683.443.2
it look at all this myth you were684.883.36
okay you built this up like this is686.643.52
gonna be a big reunion it is it's good688.244.08
on reunion i'm having that together now690.164.239
i gotta organize all right well692.325.04
i'll organize two all right i got two694.3994.56
engine parts i might be able to make697.363.44
something cool here neebs i'll make698.9593.521
something cool i'll build something you700.83.44
build something yeah and we'll have show702.483.44
and tell we'll have a cool off in the704.243.44
morning yeah705.923.039
sure how many things in the morning i'll707.682.64
show you what i'm built okay and i'll708.9592.961
show you what i built710.324.24
who's going to judge it selling time711.925.88
don't decide714.563.24
navy what'd you build last night is that731.64.88
did you build that last night that's734.0794.161
that's better than what i built probably736.484.56
oh yeah yeah this is pretty cool yeah738.244.159
it's coming along741.042.56
that's not even the coolest thing i742.3992.801
built last night oh really yeah check743.63.28
this out yeah maybe i should show my745.25.12
thing before you show your thing then746.883.44
is that a motor yeah it's a damn motor751.763.12
i don't even want to show my thing754.884.72
i know what to build i'm a building757.64.56
[ __ ] look at me i'm a building [ __ ]759.63.6
baby yeah762.162.239
you want to see what i built now yeah763.23.52
what'd you build okay do i have to go764.3995.601
well first i guess i built two look oh766.725.919
oh we got a hoe again good yeah okay so770.05.519
i figured this out um hmm772.6394.561
i think you got to be up here775.5193.201
so i do this777.22.879
can i do it i don't think i can yeah778.723.119
it's got to be up780.0793.841
yeah okay yeah it's put it up here yeah781.8393.0
kind of in783.924.4
flatland okay so that's a farming plot e784.8396.361
to clear wait do i do what you want aloe788.324.319
aloe would be great791.24.8
boom aloe planted hey is this it's got792.6395.681
like a quarter of water right so you got796.03.6
to fill us what do you do put water in a798.323.519
oh no802.322.88
does rain work you would god you would803.2792.961
hope rain would work maybe we'll get805.22.56
lucky you may want to rain today okay806.243.839
we'll keep an eye on this and uh807.765.519
let's see yep is it growing i i assume810.0794.88
so so yeah you would hope planning one813.2793.601
of those is gonna knit us you know two814.9593.601
or three right yeah hopefully and then816.884.72
we can like uh wear aloe during the day818.564.8
yes yeah god sunscreen so we can run821.64.16
around do stuff do you want to test out823.364.4
the motor go get meg oh yeah let's go825.764.96
get mig mega rescue okay perfect all827.764.879
right we're coming for you meg830.725.04
all right let's see uh hold it operate832.6394.481
do you have gas in there835.763.519
do you have to put gas oh there's no gas837.124.159
in there i swear yeah there's no gas in839.2794.56
anything nothing it's felt nice though846.243.44
all right all right do we want to try to848.164.0
go to a new island to kill the shark to849.685.68
find new resources oh new to maybe find852.164.72
fuel okay855.364.32
yes yes okay yeah and we'll name it and856.884.56
add it to the map once we get there859.684.159
god is this i wish we could turn the867.044.479
sail because i feel like this thing just869.044.32
doesn't it does whatever it wants to it871.5193.68
does does whatever it wants to it kind873.363.44
of works sometimes when the controls875.1995.041
flip it inverts itself well we are876.84.719
kind of rough880.242.399
maybe we should881.5192.56
almost feel like that rubber raft's882.6393.681
better don't you884.0793.681
no i feel like this is quicker you can886.322.879
paddle hey maybe once we get this motor887.763.439
going oh yeah once we get the motor889.1994.241
going hopefully you know it'll891.1994.401
be all over the place how many islands893.443.68
are out here i don't know there's a895.64.16
bunch yeah there's the aircraft carrier897.124.88
there's one over there behind it there's899.765.6
two over there we're heading to this one902.04.32
there's another one over there we905.362.24
haven't been to there's a whole bunch906.323.6
out here man there is did you bring your907.64.08
uh your pickaxe909.922.96
wait did the sun just come up did the912.884.8
whole there was a storm there was yeah915.2794.321
we've been i feel like this day flew by917.683.76
it did it did flew919.63.599
right on by921.444.079
there she goes all right raft come on923.1993.521
come on you've been working the same way925.5192.56
the whole time why why why aren't you926.722.96
doing right now remember that remember928.0793.12
that commercial remember that commercial929.682.56
with the kid and the dad and they931.1993.361
watched the sunset no which one like how932.244.159
did it go okay like i'm the dad and934.564.959
you're the kid and the sun sets okay936.3995.201
and then when it's set you go do it939.5194.56
again dude do it again dude he thought941.64.239
he thought daddy did it944.0793.2
kids are hilarious945.8392.8
what was it a commercial for yeah i947.2792.161
don't know948.6392.0
most commercials that way you don't949.442.56
remember what it's for it's true it's950.6392.721
true yeah it's just like oh i remember952.02.88
this thing happened what was it for you953.363.44
i don't know i don't know954.885.199
ah there goes the sun956.83.279
do it again good966.06.399
lifesavers candy isn't life968.244.159
all right the sun's coming up good978.883.12
because i wanted to uh get into these980.563.199
shipwrecks but uh982.03.759
water and food are getting a little low983.7593.921
so maybe we'll get into these shipwrecks985.7593.52
and then we'll head back home shipwrecks987.683.76
and go shipwrecks and go all right you989.2794.0
want to take one i'll take another yep991.443.36
anything else you want to do here uh993.2794.961
yeah we're gonna kill that shark994.86.0
you're doing that one i'm doing this one998.243.76
what else are you referring to as a1000.82.479
shipwreck it looks like there's some1002.02.959
[ __ ] over there to the left right that1003.2793.12
little tony you give me a little tiny1004.9592.88
one it might be bigger once you get1006.3993.041
under okay1007.8395.041
all right we're gonna do it but1009.443.44
you get to yours yet1013.042.88
i'm getting there1014.564.639
still kind of dark oh there we go1015.925.359
sun just came up yeah i know but under1019.1993.521
oh god what the [ __ ] oh god name shirt1032.5596.64
hey bit me hammerhead1036.03.199
oh god there you are1049.843.28
to the right of the ship we were looking1053.23.2
at right at the ship1054.5595.841
yeah okay come on come on [ __ ]1056.46.48
see me no i'm coming1060.43.84
i'm trying to jump1062.883.6
i just oh no1064.243.679
oh no1066.483.36
where did you die from the water to the1067.9193.76
right of the ship to the right of the1069.844.16
that's the hammerhead get him hold on i1074.243.92
gotta find where you are1076.324.0
i mean i'm looking at you i remember i1078.163.519
didn't want you oh there you are okay1080.324.0
yeah there i am i got to make a a1081.6793.681
how do you float i don't know how do you1085.364.24
[ __ ] i got big tents1087.364.319
uh i got big old tits1089.63.24
what's happening1091.6793.12
with is that you1092.844.12
it's you yeah can you can you drag me1094.7994.321
out of here can i no i think i gotta1096.964.8
make a bandage hold on what do i need to1099.125.84
do a bandage can you quit vaping1101.765.12
okay consumable that's a consumable1104.964.079
right yeah hurry up these tits aren't1106.883.76
going to float forever okay i need a1109.0392.721
and a cloth where'd you put the cloth oh1111.763.6
god it's in my in1114.03.039
it might be in a container if not it's1115.364.4
in my inventory it's in me yep got it oh1117.0395.201
god we gotta waste our cloth yeah damn1119.764.88
it okay bandage this is why i said i1122.244.559
didn't want to kill the shark man can1124.644.159
you not just take the blame for one1126.7992.88
no this was your stupid idea now we're1129.6795.201
wasting our cloth okay first you've got1131.66.48
meg killed now the here we go all right1134.886.08
you got me okay boom whoa1138.086.0
whoa okay here we go all right uh no1140.965.44
help it's all the way damn down man i1144.083.839
feel like a hero and i feel like it's1146.43.2
not appreciated1147.9193.76
that's my rock1149.63.36
no i took it1151.6792.801
all right we're going back home right1152.963.52
after you say thank you hey yeah thanks1154.484.8
for wasting our [ __ ] claw1156.486.12
you're welcome1159.283.32
oh god1165.0393.361
babes yep this raft's getting a little1166.882.799
hard to steer1168.44.639
just steer it i'm i'm trying oh boy1169.6796.0
it we are drifting hard come on come on1173.0395.52
come on go that way go that way1175.6793.921
[ __ ] we're still good1179.63.84
yeah just make sure1181.63.76
no we're drifting i can't i'm just1183.444.64
trying to turn as it won't come on come1185.364.319
on ref turn1188.083.12
oh god no1189.6794.081
no no1191.24.32
i feel like we're getting closer right1193.762.96
we're getting closer1195.523.279
yeah but it's not turning1196.723.36
all right1198.7992.801
come on turn1200.084.88
turn you feel like the wind's got us1201.66.319
[ __ ] come on turn it won't turn man1204.964.4
we're definitely getting closer i mean1207.9193.201
we're getting closer but yeah damn i1209.363.439
can't turn this thing yeah but if we get1211.127.039
closer that's good you know i do oh boy1212.7995.36
okay now we're not getting closer i know1218.484.0
i know because i can't turn the damn1220.643.2
i can see our house i can see it1223.845.68
come on come on just turn yes just do me1226.325.599
a favor and turn oh god we can just wait1229.523.68
it out you know1231.9193.281
maybe we don't seem to be flipping oh1233.24.32
god my health is really low and oh1235.23.839
no status effects1237.523.68
oh god damn it what what what if our1239.0394.321
chest just fell off1241.23.92
just get off the damn motor and grab the1243.364.16
chest okay oh [ __ ]1245.124.4
[ __ ] off the motor picking up the chest1247.524.24
i got the one chest yeah hold on to that1249.523.84
chest damn it where's the other one what1251.763.68
are you gonna go swimming for it no1253.362.96
oh god man my water is bad wait that's1256.324.4
home right there that's home right there1258.964.8
let's probably keep trying to steer turn1260.726.079
oh this is bad this is bad neebs1263.765.6
we're in a shitty spot it's not too bad1266.7994.481
though right uh well according to my1269.364.72
health yes it's bad let me see if i can1271.285.2
get out and swim this over there uh no1274.084.959
you're gonna get my damn shark or i1276.485.84
might not or you are you absolutely will1279.0394.801
you still you never listen to me in this1282.323.04
[ __ ] game we always end up in shitty1283.843.36
situations because of you like my health1285.363.52
right now wouldn't be this bad if you1287.23.12
didn't want to go kill a [ __ ] shark1288.884.32
you would be dead if it weren't for me1290.325.28
remember yeah i remember let's go kill a1293.24.24
shark we're drifting towards this island1295.62.8
over here1297.442.719
nope we're going that way i would love1298.43.92
to go that way but i can't i'm grabbing1300.1593.921
the rudder and i'm trying to tell it hey1302.323.92
turn and it will not you want me to try1304.084.56
if you want to go for it bubba all right1306.244.64
here we go if i lower the sail and learn1308.643.76
it again who knows how do you steer1310.883.679
again you know what hold on now try to1312.44.08
turn is it with the keys or the with the1314.5594.161
keys yeah you just hold a or d and it1316.483.92
kind of points in a direction yeah i1318.723.199
think we need to be moving a little bit1320.44.08
okay start moving1321.9194.401
hold me right there1324.483.679
my water1326.323.599
you know what all right worst case1328.1593.281
scenario we got to go to this island1329.9192.481
get a coconut i can drink some water1332.43.92
should be able to just open my mouth and1334.7992.88
drink this water that's coming down on1336.323.28
top of my face right now i'm with you on1337.6794.081
that one i mean water's water we didn't1339.64.959
have any coconuts or anything1341.765.44
i don't think so [ __ ] come on at least1344.5596.0
get to this island can you turn us1347.23.359
just does it it doesn't do1351.0393.921
come on1354.02.96
come on just tripped us there all right1354.963.36
we might be drifting close enough to get1356.963.599
off come on come on just get there just1358.324.479
get there yeah we got this one okay just1360.5593.441
get there so i can get out and i can1362.7992.801
find a coconut i just want to find a1364.03.12
coconut that's all i want all i want in1365.63.52
life and earlier this day you're like i1367.124.32
don't like coconuts hey i'll take1369.124.4
anything right now1371.444.719
okay okay better than nothing what do i1373.524.48
see all right we got a crab on the beach1376.1593.681
can you fight the crab because i my1378.04.4
health is not yet do it all right fight1379.845.12
crap okay get off the rudder where's my1382.43.68
here we go saving you again feel that1386.085.839
crap come on gotcha gotcha come on get1388.086.56
away i got a very fragile woman with me1391.9195.12
i got me a little bit okay come on kill1394.645.12
it kill it i'm trying lady there you go1397.0393.921
jesus okay1399.764.24
all right coconut coconut coconut1400.964.0
there's a couple right here you can1404.02.799
reach without even climbing sweet sweet1404.964.24
sweet there you go1406.7993.36
that one1409.22.959
drop it down i'll open it for you1410.1592.961
there you go1412.1592.961
bam that one's ready to drink1413.123.52
yeah got it1415.122.559
thank you mmm god thank you wait okay i1417.6795.521
made you drink1421.363.36
two of them1423.24.719
my health is still bad okay but my food1424.724.079
okay now okay we're in a shitty1428.7993.921
situation home is right over there1430.5594.0
though we drifted onto another island1432.723.839
we'll call this don't want to be here1434.5594.72
island perfect1436.5594.881
we're in a pickle we're in a pickle1439.2794.161
we're in a pickle but we're committed to1441.445.2
this pickle i just saved1443.443.2
you'll do1461.443.16

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