Poltergeists and pigs...- RANCH SIM

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? Appsro is up to his usual shenanigans,...
Poltergeists and pigs...- RANCH SIM
Poltergeists and pigs...- RANCH SIM

Poltergeists and pigs...- RANCH SIM

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neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen that new video 'Poltergeists and pigs...- RANCH SIM'? It's my favorite!

appsro: Oh yeah, that one is hilarious! I mean, who wouldn't want a haunted ranch with pigs running around?

neebs: Exactly! It's like a horror movie mixed with a farm simulator. What more could you ask for?

appsro: I know, right? It's like the perfect blend of spooky and silly. Plus, I can't resist those adorable pigs!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? Appsro is up to his usual shenanigans, this time with a twist of the supernatural as a haunting may be afoot. But let's be real, nothing is more haunting than Appsro's insatiable desire for pigs, am I right?

In this episode of Ranch Sim, the Neebs crew dives into a world of poltergeists and pigs, bringing their signature humor and gameplay to the mix. If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button to stay up to date with all the Neebs Gaming content. And if you want to show some extra love and support, consider becoming a Patreon member to help fuel the crazy adventures further.

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Plus, let's not forget about the awesome music featured in the video, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the experience. From E's Jammy Jams to Zachariah Hickman, there's a diverse range of tunes that set the perfect mood for Appsro's ghostly pig adventures. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the ride with Neebs Gaming. It's always a wild and entertaining journey with these guys!

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diamond hey i thought we were grinding0.644.159
come here come here okay other things to2.564.88
look at piglets and such yeah4.7994.641
little piglets piglets i've been7.445.09
sleeping with them9.4417.919
is the are you dead is this one dead oh27.3594.16
yeah that one's dead oh my goodness well29.4393.28
let's see31.5192.801
holy oh32.7193.601
my god that's a lot of meat yep well34.324.079
here let's put some food in here36.323.12
water's good here check the chickies39.446.959
oh yeah i got some eggs to sell too oh43.045.359
yeah where's the food for the chickies46.3993.121
oh we're gonna have to buy some more48.3993.121
food probably i mean doesn't it usually49.524.08
look like a mound do you not see these51.524.08
feeders back here now well i do see the53.65.279
feeders but you can feed them55.64.639
the one on the right's full is that58.8793.601
water and food yes all right well you60.2394.081
need more food the one on the left empty62.482.88
for sure64.323.36
yes you guys are very observant you know65.363.119
what the [ __ ] you gonna do you're gonna68.4793.281
like say like basically hey what don't69.843.84
you not notice and then give me [ __ ] for71.763.12
it all right simon i got something73.682.88
that'll shut you up come here yeah i74.882.96
doubt it76.563.599
wait where'd it go77.844.88
oh you put it up already great surprise80.1595.121
open your own surprise82.724.56
who put what up maybe i did i don't know85.284.72
yeah maybe you did that's the advanced87.285.199
one well that's great when you get this90.04.64
that costs a lot of money i hunted all92.4794.721
night and got bit by wolves but it just94.645.04
makes it faster simon okay well i'm glad97.24.0
but again don't give me [ __ ] for putting99.682.719
down something i'll give you [ __ ] for101.22.64
what i want to give you [ __ ] for how102.3993.201
about this i'll give you [ __ ] right now103.844.16
okay here's squirtle i named all the105.64.479
little ones after pokemon this one's108.03.759
this one's pikachu111.7593.761
hey squirtle stop it leave the leave113.684.32
them boys alone come here come here oh115.524.16
[ __ ] come over here hang out with your118.03.759
brother charmander you're gonna remember119.684.16
this well it is hard to tell which one's121.7593.841
which right you know but they all feel123.845.68
the same oh god let's not be uh [ __ ]125.66.24
the livestock that's a rule yeah that is129.523.84
a rule131.843.36
that's going to fetch a fine price133.364.16
i'd like to propose something what's137.524.56
that keeping things civil139.526.0
ammo oh i'm a big fan of civility dora142.085.519
you got my word i do have a question145.524.16
though could i hire you boys to kill my147.5993.201
i'm not gonna have any part of that150.84.48
hey steve hey shade how much we get for153.124.96
all that meat the pork oh my god what155.285.599
700 and some dollars158.085.439
maybe that just paid for the table saw160.8794.961
oh we're gonna kill pikachu soon all163.5195.041
right i'm gonna buy another uh gas thing165.844.8
so we can run both of those suckers some168.563.2
more feed we're going to need it for170.643.679
little fatties for the chickens too171.764.58
what's going on out there174.3194.961
make a hole sir make a hole i will i'm179.284.64
just enjoying your uh haunted cart was181.684.72
it being weird for you oh yeah ho ho ho183.924.56
ho quite186.44.88
my god i just saw what he sees it's like188.485.039
in the building like i'm the one really191.284.64
yeah oh no i love this193.5195.121
christmas something special195.924.319
i kind of missed one because last week198.643.599
for me it was crazy too i kind of missed200.2394.401
it hop on in boys all right i don't202.2396.881
think i can until things get situated204.644.48
no not yet oh it leaves tie tracks so211.5995.601
that's like graffiti214.565.92
y'all gonna have to clean that up217.23.28
this vehicle is something special it's221.043.68
got some issues and we could use another222.7994.08
one hey we might be getting to that soon224.723.599
you know maybe you're looking at like226.8793.761
the upside down like in stranger things228.3195.041
maybe so oh no i got to play music so230.644.56
vector doesn't get me233.363.439
all right we got to buy another gas tank235.22.95
right quick236.7994.42
all right i think that's it all right242.06.4
hop on in now yep i'm kind of in oh245.284.879
there i go yeah248.45.6
i like your tokyo drift250.1595.521
tell you what i would hear some oh look254.03.28
at that wolf that [ __ ] was255.685.44
biting me last night can't we shoot him257.283.84
way to go hey261.1993.28
all right be true262.883.68
god you suck yep why don't i have to264.4794.72
reload every time because it's a gun and266.565.04
it's empty well good job master huntsman269.1994.401
let's go271.64.24
all right let's get some gas fuel up273.63.599
god i love this country277.1995.361
i like your floating trick there we go279.845.28
oh yeah282.562.56
now is it that you're falling out of285.9194.241
love with your wife oh no no she has a287.9194.321
life insurance policy on it oh dear i'll290.164.24
make a [ __ ] ton of money if she dies you292.244.08
shouldn't be so open about this yeah i294.44.88
don't see the big damn deal296.325.439
all right simon what go ahead and get to299.284.0
ripping man we got a bunch of stuff to301.7593.601
like put wood in oh by the way upstream303.284.72
yeah i finished your bed oh thank you305.364.08
you're welcome i'm gonna go rip some308.03.36
wood i'm going to bring this saw to the309.443.44
woods i want to see this new one in311.364.559
action me too it's faster all right you312.885.039
go i give you some light315.9193.84
thank you317.9194.321
come on come on319.7594.641
all right let's see how much faster this322.243.84
[ __ ]326.085.76
wrong button yeah all right328.083.76
yep that is marginally faster isn't it i333.444.64
like marginally yes it is i'm happy335.524.959
though this is good if you guys see it338.083.92
oh there's the chicken now we had a340.4792.471
chicken get away342.07.93
how was your sleep in the new place363.9194.321
that's pretty good damn rain all the365.685.76
time though all the time368.245.12
it's a big old storm this morning any371.443.599
hogs dead373.364.08
charmander yeah this pig seems to be375.0394.401
like full health we're to need another377.443.68
one for it to mate with379.443.28
do we know if there's a male or female381.123.519
uh i don't know i just assumed mama was382.723.44
the one that died that's a female384.6393.68
because look at those those teeth386.163.92
well you can grab another male i guess388.3193.201
and when it dies look how much money we390.083.2
get yeah that's a good investment 300391.524.0
bucks that turns into about 700 yeah no393.284.479
that sounds fantastic so i'm having an395.524.0
issue over here what's that this is like397.7594.801
a garage idea right yeah park the cars399.524.64
whatever and and if you come in you've402.564.16
got a little hangout up top there yeah404.165.2
but um it's not taking any of the wood406.723.68
maybe the foundation first that is so410.45.199
smart i forgot there was a foundation413.123.519
i'm gonna try to build a wall without a416.6393.601
damn foundation yeah pretty dumb that's418.3195.521
what it was dumb420.243.6
i like to do a test and see how much428.964.48
faster one saw is than the other yeah430.883.52
ready yep three two434.44.72
one hit it log race log race log race436.45.359
long race come on baby oh439.124.479
boom that one's done twice as fast443.5995.361
easily twice more than twice as fast446.165.039
potentially yeah can you sell the old448.964.959
one probably451.1992.72
oh yeah454.082.559
hey john amanda who's my little boo-boo462.884.48
who's my little boo-boo with a cute pink465.444.159
are you hungry470.083.6
trough right over there what's up mama471.524.48
bulbasaur i named the mama bulbasaur473.684.56
because of these big bulby tips i love476.05.24
laura yeah501.1994.321
we're being stalked don't take that all502.724.0
did you get them yep good job one shot506.726.72
charlie a little dough and its mouth is510.086.24
like really weirdly opening and closing513.443.7
it says516.322.399
shut the [ __ ] up whoa518.7193.44
out of gas dora527.8392.411
it's nice in here533.2793.761
we got a little what a little deck out537.043.76
here hey put some rail in there maybe a538.724.96
chair good job good work good day yeah540.84.64
and what's with the well i mean it's543.683.68
gonna be a well but what do we need545.444.399
concrete okay yeah concrete hey you let547.364.8
the piggy oh there's a p oh oh no i got549.8394.081
him what you doing oh i know what he's552.163.679
doing come here553.925.12
i see you boys in the morning555.8397.261
jesus who's my little jiggly pup559.049.17
hello good morning hey573.045.04
oh hey i'm sure i uh hey hey i'm out575.2794.721
early where's is the pig in here yeah578.083.28
jigglypuff yeah you want to bring it580.02.959
back to the no i'll just keep them here581.363.44
we can't eat here that's what i was582.9593.601
thinking go to the general store today584.83.12
buy a little food586.564.16
here you go buddy this is not a a house587.925.68
pet and it is not your pet you know how590.725.92
they say pokemon i choose you i feel593.65.44
like he chose me596.644.48
tell you what we can go do a job for my599.043.28
wife today601.122.64
hey hey hey602.323.04
listen he just he just took the pick603.763.759
again i'm keeping jiggly look we go by605.363.599
the way we're gonna die for the food607.5193.361
leave it here until we have the food no608.9593.44
i can get the food he's full he got a610.883.04
full belly we just need to get a little612.3993.281
food today i can put it in here he'll be613.923.2
fine but all right already got him a615.683.36
water bucket if we're doing a job for617.124.399
your wife that money is is for the job619.044.16
it's not for paying for the pig it'll621.5194.081
help pay for the pig no it'll won't623.23.68
actually because it's completely625.63.12
separate don't worry jigglypuff will be626.886.84
fine won't you my little googly poof628.725.0
remember when you used to sit in the634.484.24
front seat sam yeah i do and now i'm in636.0794.401
the back and i actually like this638.724.16
because i like not having our friend640.484.87
behind me okay642.886.099
good morning dude good morning shadeed652.324.56
how's that vegetable sandwich or655.24.639
whatever the [ __ ] you ate656.885.12
a little bit little food a bag of feed659.8394.24
feed bag so i can feed my fat little662.04.959
fatty jigglypuff um should we go ahead664.0795.2
and grab a male pig yeah why not how666.9597.681
much cash do we have now um 558 at cart669.2796.24
all right674.643.439
i think i see the little piggy uh675.5194.241
yep hey you want to678.0794.88
walk that all the way home simon679.763.199
so dumb683.923.2
weren't you you were able to pick them687.124.0
up i know you could put them in but okay689.123.52
so here it is right just got to bring691.124.24
them right by it692.642.72
get uh do the front yeah695.444.32
yeah yeah do the back of that one doing698.03.519
the vehicle699.764.079
has that708.326.639
oh yes there you go and then boom711.445.44
yeah all right all right we still going714.9595.041
to see bobby joe yep716.884.56
what are we going to name this pig i720.03.2
don't i'm not even going to name him i'm721.444.639
thinking mewtwo okay like a big723.24.24
big kitty cat726.0793.861
i like me too727.443.839
okay hello731.2792.8
bobby joe734.0794.161
how you doing736.164.16
[ __ ] seriously bobby joe how are you738.244.159
doing i'm worried about you we're both740.325.36
worried about you um breakfast cleaning742.3995.521
annoying foxes don't you say your gut uh745.683.599
we've done the foxes747.922.64
how about749.2793.761
cleaning goddamn cleaning oh little750.564.399
cleaning yeah yeah we gotta do a little753.044.479
cleaning she said dude my age i can't754.9594.88
take her my ranches before could you757.5194.801
clean up the garage of my territory oh759.8395.361
yes and could you also demolish old meal762.325.84
too please yeah uh be cool if your765.25.28
husband did that huh yeah seems like a768.165.679
honeydew thing770.483.359
wow yeah this is nice i've been back774.323.519
here all right776.6395.2
so demolishy time yeah oh man i used to777.8396.481
hang back here all the time the [ __ ] is781.8395.841
this stuff all right so this is so we784.324.48
got to pick up the trash before we787.683.04
demolish i'm demolishing all the trash788.84.159
there's my little trash heaps sometimes790.724.08
you know i go on a tear i leave a lot of792.9593.68
trash around wait so we're not794.83.52
demolishing this barn we're just796.6394.0
cleaning up around here i guess798.323.759
make sure it's all clean around there800.6392.721
she just wanted you to get rid of some802.0793.041
of my trash but you do need to take this803.364.08
damn windmill down go for it she's been805.125.2
asking me to do that [ __ ] for five years807.444.959
now you need to get rid of that old810.324.8
windmill shut the [ __ ] up i know i need812.3995.281
to get rid of it you damn old [ __ ] okay815.124.0
calm down sir817.683.519
seriously i remember it being much more819.124.64
satisfying when i hit them before you821.1994.401
know when we did demolishing before i'm823.763.6
not doing it for you no it's just825.64.239
disappearing with a click yeah it's just827.364.8
how good you are that's it clean it up829.8394.56
yeah nice841.124.719
fantastic okay that was it for that uh842.64.76
let's look into this breakfast thing i845.8393.521
guess she wants breakfast i guess she847.364.719
wants breakfast breakfast yeah god just849.365.279
don't dash it you dumb [ __ ]852.0793.921
you guys got door dash out of here oh854.6393.361
yeah we got gold ash out here our856.04.48
cleaning is complete and we got 300858.04.639
bucks for that very nice boom that goes860.483.919
towards jigglypuff862.6393.921
could you bring me some eggs and pork864.3994.0
for my breakfast866.564.16
eggs and what pork868.3993.841
we got the pork you just killed the870.723.359
[ __ ] pig at the bar872.244.64
mother [ __ ] she wanted bacon874.0796.081
that was not your pig to kill wow hey876.886.24
what what what exactly is it huh we880.165.119
needed the pog we got look here how much883.124.159
pork she want i'd like to propose885.2794.081
something what's that keeping things887.2795.201
civil using ammo let's get in that hog889.364.479
all you had to do was get the hog894.724.799
yeah that was frustrating wasn't it897.2795.36
you had to skin the hog899.5193.12
that tickles good god yeah910.7212.959

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Wow, I just watched the latest Neebs Gaming video where they play Ranch Simulator and it was hilarious! Those guys crack me up. Appsro going on and on about getting more pigs was too funny. He's obsessed!

The cinematic style of their videos makes it really entertaining to watch them experience the game. The editing is top-notch and their commentary is so natural and unscripted. It really feels like you're hanging out with a group of hilarious friends, just goofing around in a game world.

Neebs Gaming is brilliant at finding unexpected humor and fun in the games they play. Even something as mundane as ranch work and raising pigs becomes an endless source of laughs thanks to their improv skills. They take things in such unexpected and absurd directions!

I'm consistently impressed by the high quality production value of Neebs videos. The visuals are crystal clear and their audio sounds professionally mixed. You can tell they take pride in making sure their viewers have the best experience possible.

Watching Neebs Gaming play Ranch Simulator really makes me want to try the game myself too. But their videos are honestly just as entertaining, if not more so, than actually playing the game. Their personalities and commentary add so much.

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