Our neighbor might be a psychopath...- RANCH SIM

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? It's all about making some progress on the ran...
Our neighbor might be a psychopath...- RANCH SIM
Our neighbor might be a psychopath...- RANCH SIM

Our neighbor might be a psychopath...- RANCH SIM

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Neebs Gaming! Today, we're playing Ranch Sim and dealing with our psycho neighbor.

simon: Oh man, that neighbor just won't quit, will he? I swear, he's always lurking around causing trouble.

neebs: I know, right? But hey, at least we're making progress on the ranch. And don't forget to check out our new shirt in the link below!

simon: Yeah, that shirt is awesome. I'm definitely grabbing one. But seriously, that neighbor needs to find a new hobby or something.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? It's all about making some progress on the ranch, but there's a twist - our neighbor just won't leave! Can you believe it? It's like a sitcom unfolding right before our eyes.

In this latest Ranch Sim episode, things take a hilarious turn when our neighbor starts acting a bit strange. Is he a psychopath? You'll have to watch the video to find out! The Neebs crew always knows how to keep us entertained with their antics and unpredictable scenarios.

Don't forget to grab the latest Neebs Gaming shirt from their Spreadshop - it's a must-have for any true fan. And if you want to show your support for the channel, consider becoming a Patreon member. Every little bit helps keep the Neebs crew going strong and creating more awesome content for us to enjoy.

I always love checking out the Neebs Gaming playlists for more hilarious content. From cartoons to survival games like 7 Days to Die and Subnautica, there's never a dull moment on this channel. And the music in their videos always sets the perfect mood for each adventure. It's like the cherry on top of an already entertaining cake!

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damn it yo yo we should build a house i1.364.16
know what do you think i'm ripping this4.03.12
wood for5.524.4
so take a look at what our options are i7.126.32
really like the simple retro9.924.719
and i13.444.0
also like the farmhouse is that a ghost14.6393.921
what is that that's the ghost of your17.443.44
grandpappy yeah there's no it's kidding18.566.2
it's me oh god20.883.88
y'all building the house huh attempting38.5593.52
to yeah we're gonna at least get it40.3993.281
started uh the bigger the better in my42.0794.0
opinion we know that we can at least get43.684.719
the farmhouse ph too that could be like46.0793.521
i like it i don't want to sleep in the48.3992.881
same room as you though all right so49.63.2
we'll do the one with the least right51.283.04
now because this will be the first half52.82.96
you're right yeah you need at least two54.323.2
bedrooms maybe a guest room for your55.764.319
buddy here no listen you barely are57.524.48
welcome on the property i mean just for60.0794.48
a little bit um where's the about like62.06.159
right just for a little bit oh64.5594.401
like the position of this and wait so i68.963.68
can walk in and see the floor plan you70.963.36
can kind of see the skeleton so what is72.643.68
there two bedrooms upstairs or is it one74.324.159
down one up i think it's just one up but76.323.76
you know what hey stay right here i'll78.4792.96
be right back we'll at least put the80.083.44
wood that we got in there yes81.4393.921
so listen you said you're married right83.524.48
oh yeah now is there a good chance that85.364.32
your wife is maybe dead and buried in88.03.52
your face no no she lives up on the hill89.683.28
matter of fact if you boys need money we91.523.36
can go see her really oh yeah she's92.963.36
always got jobs wanting to do around the94.883.68
oh there we go99.62.559
hold on let me it's inserted yay look at104.885.199
this it's amazing how far one plank will107.7594.961
go these days it really is110.0797.08
this is this is this is good times112.724.439
oh boom you got the frame already all133.044.24
right it's great so metal and concrete134.8794.161
well we're not there yet but this is137.283.2
inspiring well if you need a little bit139.043.279
of extra scratch to buy concrete let's140.483.839
go yeah that's it simon i was also142.3194.0
thinking um if it is like a one bedroom144.3193.361
we'll just make two of these it's our146.3196.241
world man that's true maybe three nope147.684.88
take a right at the road153.125.839
and take a look156.3195.121
hang on158.9593.681
doing great162.641.92
take it right164.562.399
and take a break168.03.92
hang on170.482.88
doing great171.923.2
right at the top of the hill this is173.364.4
lovely this is a nice gravel path oh i175.124.96
know i built this path myself [ __ ] i177.763.68
don't believe that180.083.28
is this your home yeah this is my house181.443.36
mary jo183.364.72
hey baby hello oh there she is hey mary184.84.079
enjoying your day ma'am all right mary188.8793.521
you better be nice to these people well190.8793.121
of course she said hi you better be192.43.36
[ __ ] nice you better be [ __ ] nice194.03.599
to these people mary jo listen blink195.764.08
twice if you're in trouble see so she197.5994.321
brings up breakfast cleaning and199.844.8
annoying foxes oh yeah the foxes the201.924.959
foxes are always causing us trouble204.644.319
around here and she said those damn206.8794.0
foxes killed all my chickens i'm sure208.9593.84
they're still around somewhere could you210.8796.08
deal with them yes absolutely212.7994.16
oh i see a fox oh [ __ ] you do219.5994.481
two [ __ ] that's damn oh yeah222.1593.841
[ __ ] all right i have an eye on224.083.28
one all right so which one take the one226.02.48
on the left i'll take the one on the227.362.48
right okay i'm taking the one on the228.483.28
left hold on oh it's already running229.844.0
okay hold on that was foolish of me too231.764.479
so let's crouch is there a crouch yep233.844.08
where's the [ __ ] crouch236.2394.72
uh see almost every game nope control is237.924.48
most of the time240.9594.0
[ __ ] he's a good second option to try242.44.479
all right ball oh then fox has done244.9594.881
running them here i know it [ __ ]246.8795.041
[ __ ] i hate that i wasn't crouching249.844.319
first nope it's okay we got this this is251.924.4
more fun this way this is exciting for254.1594.32
me god where the hell is he oh jesus256.323.919
he's right behind us of course he's258.4793.841
always right behind me no i've been260.2394.561
hating these foxes for years now why is262.324.0
it that you didn't try to shoot them264.83.92
yourself i did i'm a bad aim i'm an266.324.56
alcoholic my hand shake268.724.8
i got you270.882.64
i'll be back at the house now you think274.244.959
i don't know276.6392.56
i got a line two of them right over here284.084.399
crouch crouch you're not crouching see285.9194.72
damn it i'm telling myself that all288.4794.0
right right where i'm facing there's two290.6393.921
of them all right they're like golden oh292.4793.921
yeah that's it so there's two of them296.43.519
right there so you got one298.084.08
to the right one to the left yep yep yep299.9194.401
i can go for the one on the left we302.163.84
should be shooting at the same time i304.324.24
agreed gun's gonna spook them agreed you306.05.12
ready yep one how about three two one308.566.24
shoot okay go you do it three two one311.124.56
oh wait i gotta reload hold on me too315.684.239
thank god317.844.639
y'all's the worst damn hunters out there319.9195.041
drunk ass322.4792.481
yeah two one shoot325.445.759
oh no i think he i think i got mine i328.4794.801
think i i pulled the trigger too hard oh331.1994.321
[ __ ] i didn't get mine you did no he's333.284.72
running one's running up into the hills335.524.239
running i see it too but338.03.52
he's coming back339.7594.16
what are the odds of this [ __ ]341.524.08
did you get yours no he's right up in343.9195.12
the hills i see oh there he goes yeah345.66.0
all right skin yours simon skin it okay349.0395.121
skin mine man i've been hating these351.64.24
damn fox bastards354.163.92
oh [ __ ] what are you doing355.844.079
are you stopping hey358.084.0
he's shooting the freaking dead fox stop359.9193.521
good job boys let's go tell the misses363.445.52
about our accomplishments365.526.64
thank you 200 bucks368.963.2
damn [ __ ] oh i love you372.45.16
all right here's the general store put384.83.839
all the meat in that little shopping387.123.199
cart and then go in there and use the388.6394.481
vending machine next to miss390.3193.521
to your393.122.0
well you know what i'm going to sell393.844.16
these eggs first there you go395.124.88
all right stick all that meat on that398.04.319
plate we do things weird in this town400.04.72
you sure do you do no wonder you're the402.3195.201
mayor you that vending machine yep three404.723.68
six bucks uh 18 total yeah wild meat408.46.16
times four 60 18412.244.48
yeah nice 60414.564.079
we got a good chunk of money simon yeah416.723.43
we do418.6394.681
simon yeah bubba our chickens are dead433.526.32
what yeah oh you got dead chickens yeah435.9195.84
how did blackie want i'm guessing they439.844.079
still feed down here i feel like every441.7593.84
new rancher learns this lesson you have443.9193.201
to feed the animals445.5993.04
yeah well at least we got some chicken447.123.84
can we sell the chickens look at that448.6394.641
that is nice oh that's a handsome bird450.964.0
rest in peace453.285.199
rest in 20 piece less than 20.454.966.48
peace peace like chicken nugget hey to458.4795.041
the hardware store yeah remember this461.446.319
simon k okay 15 metal 80 concrete 1580463.527.2
baby teenage concrete467.7595.201
stupid song470.724.8
okay there's the hardware store yes oh501.7594.641
sir there it is with two deer just504.3193.521
hanging out running right in front of us506.43.6
hit no deer i will not we tried that507.843.359
all right here we go it's a lot of money511.1993.76
i know we just got 200 for killing two513.0394.161
fox yeah we just have to get more [ __ ]514.9594.401
all right so take out that517.24.8
take the chicken out yeah oh yeah maybe519.364.08
these can stack you're gonna leave the522.03.519
chickens here oh hold on no i'm just523.444.079
talking about stacks oh it does stack525.5193.841
all right so then we can get see i could527.5193.76
put chicken on top of the concrete oh529.363.039
hell yeah531.2793.68
yes it is i mean you guys should at some534.9595.681
point just looking to buy on a trailer536.9593.681
be careful no541.443.28
savage yes sir these chickens can wait a546.164.4
little bit because this is even more548.564.56
exciting yes it is are you gonna do it i550.564.399
hope that's okay do it all right ready553.124.159
what done y'all did that fairly quickly559.8396.56
give me the tour okay hey check out our563.125.68
new home oh566.3994.721
i love that568.84.4
couch listen to your favorite radio show571.123.839
in there it's my favorite floor573.25.04
herringbone there's a cow on the oh i574.9594.481
love it578.242.88
there are some lights for you closet579.443.6
this is closet that's easily a bedroom581.123.2
for me i could sleep in there583.042.96
comfortably simon we're not sleeping in584.322.959
a tent tonight i'll tell you that much586.02.56
no we're not587.2792.721
we're snugging together is what we're588.564.48
doing yeah oh yes and look nothing's590.04.8
better than like the skull of a dead593.043.76
animal in your room it really brings it594.84.0
all together doesn't it yeah tonight596.84.88
simon we should watch some television598.84.24
space man601.683.2
we here at neebs gaming don't conform to603.043.84
fancy fans like timeliness and relevance604.883.28
which is why we present to you the606.884.16
official space mammoth t-shirt608.164.72
get you a space mammoth t-shirt right611.043.2
now space man the t-shirts are actually612.882.399
available at the link in the description614.242.0
below this is not just a gag for the615.2792.321
video get yours while supplies last616.242.33
you're doing great632.882.639
no boy636.03.44
i thought i could sneak on through that637.2793.601
yep i'm thinking maybe you could have639.444.32
just picked up chickens yeah but why640.885.28
why i don't know efficiency you're gonna643.766.0
tell me about efficiency yeah baby646.164.88
they they you don't have to close the649.762.72
door they'll go in and out on their own651.043.28
okay well do we want them to go in and652.483.359
out of the room yeah they can yeah i'll654.324.639
put some feed up on here bam nice655.8394.801
feeding the corner maybe they won't die658.9593.44
a slow painful death like the first two660.644.08
they're not gonna die simon yeah i'm662.3994.56
starting to be a big fan of the matching664.724.72
houses idea666.9594.481
what do you think i like it it's kind of669.443.839
dope yeah and you want to do the same671.443.73
house yeah yeah why not673.27910.481
all right yeah that's a good start on683.764.96
that it is simon yeah how would you like685.685.04
to make some more money oh yeah i know i688.724.16
know of a very good hunter hot dick rick690.724.08
up in the mountains hot dick rick what692.883.92
would we do with hot dick rick well he694.83.76
might ask you to go out and kill696.84.719
something oh i want to meet him698.565.36
are you already drunk today yep okay701.5194.081
does he literally have a hot deck yeah703.923.359
why do you why is his name that i don't705.64.64
know did you name him that nope okay mom707.2794.831
did take it right710.244.08
oh is this his place okay this is hot714.324.72
nick rick's cabin now this is a hunting716.724.72
lodge if i ever saw one yes it is719.045.12
what's up hdr that's been a long time721.445.92
hunt nimble rabbits shooting predators i724.164.799
guess let's start with the top one we727.363.76
just need eight wild meat simon ate wild728.9593.12
keep your eyes open732.0795.121
nope apps are up so stop i'm just734.725.6
testing my aim remember drunk737.25.759
guys peeled boys all my eyes are so740.324.959
peeled i doubt that you couldn't peel my742.9594.401
eyes any more than they are745.2794.401
they are so peeled so you said we need747.363.76
three eight749.683.36
deer up in the woods to the left oh753.044.479
what's the left i jumped out okay he's754.885.92
up on that hill shoot it757.5194.481
keep your eyes peeled so i can uh oh my763.23.84
eyes are so peeled i i know don't peel765.2793.281
them anymore i shouldn't have said that767.045.479
again they are so peeled768.563.959
holy [ __ ] where are we going776.6394.721
hell yeah oh i'd like to come out here781.365.12
on occasion and do what see it i got you783.365.599
drink sure beat your wife786.485.84
not here all right do that indoors788.9596.081
go we got this hang on boys i'm hanging792.326.8
oh boy yeah yep okay okay795.046.32
oh we lost one come on i'm old for the799.125.12
most part that was a success i saw a fox801.364.88
in the road hold on stop to the right oh804.243.839
yeah you see oh yeah806.243.92
no but you do808.0793.361
hold on810.162.679
whoa come on what are you811.443.28
doing you dropped me812.8393.961
what i didn't shoot no i didn't shoot814.725.28
him oh there's a deer816.85.599
got the damn deer oh there's a fox right820.04.399
behind it too you see it dora822.3994.481
i see him i'm gonna shoot him from here824.3993.281
bam missed829.123.76
yeah you got him um hey could you revive832.885.84
hold on839.5193.601
hold on there we go there we go now i841.2794.56
got a good shot at you843.124.88
yeah here we go oh god that freaking845.8393.981
hurt man848.06.529
all right one more piece of meat just855.684.64
this one one two three four six seven857.684.719
yeah huh all right so i'm gonna put this860.323.12
back in the truck862.3992.961
you can sell that talk to rick i'm gonna863.444.24
talk to him i got this hey rick i865.365.039
brought the meat867.682.719
wow that was a lot of work for 200 it871.65.039
really was hot dick i hope we uh873.5195.041
see each other soon oh we'll come back876.6394.88
oh yeah i know they come back878.565.12
all right guys let's keep let's go home881.5193.841
yeah yeah it's dog let's go see if the883.683.519
chickens are dead would you like me to885.364.08
drop you off at your home no i'll spend887.1993.921
that with y'all but would you like me to889.443.36
drop you off at no no i'll just crash891.123.839
with you boys tonight tell you what892.84.24
drop you off at your place yeah yeah but894.9593.68
i don't mind staying all right we'll897.045.56
we'll drop you off yeah898.6393.961

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Dude, have you seen Neebs Gaming's latest Ranch Simulator video? It's hilarious! They are really bringing their A-game with this series. The neighbor they have is absolutely insane. He just shows up uninvited and starts messing with their farm equipment. Classic Neebs humor!

I love how they roleplay different personalities for their characters. Appsro is the grumpy old man, Thick is the lovable oaf, and Simon is the sophisticated city slicker. When they all get together on the ranch hijinks ensue! The way they play off each other's improv never gets old.

The cinematics are fantastic as always. You really feel immersed in the world they create. The camera shots make you feel like part of the action. Like when Appsro is yelling at Thick for breaking the tractor, the camera zooms in on his angry wrinkled face. You can't help but laugh!

Neebs Gaming is brilliant because they take games that could be boring to watch like farming simulators and make them engaging and downright funny. Their editing and writing transform the gameplay into an enjoyable video. It's the next best thing to playing it yourself!

I could go on and on about how much I love their content. But you really should just go watch the Ranch Simulator playlist for yourself. It showcases perfectly why Neebs Gaming is the best gaming channel on YouTube. I hope they continue the series because I can't get enough of the zany farm life adventures!

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