The SafeBase Horde Night - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 12

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you definitely don't want to miss out on their latest video where the crew takes on the...
The SafeBase Horde Night - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 12
The SafeBase Horde Night - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 12

The SafeBase Horde Night - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 12

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another epic episode of 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls! Today's video is all about facing the horde night, and let me tell you, it was intense!

simon: Oh man, I remember that night like it was yesterday. The zombies just kept coming and coming, but we held our ground like true warriors.

appsro: Yeah, and let's not forget the amazing music that accompanied our battle. 'To Weather A Storm' and 'Expeditionary' really set the mood for some zombie-slaying action!

neebs: Absolutely, and who could forget 'Gimme Back My Ya Ya' playing in the background as we fought off wave after wave of undead? It was like our own personal soundtrack of destruction!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you definitely don't want to miss out on their latest video where the crew takes on the horde in Darkness Falls. I mean, who doesn't love watching these guys tackle challenges and have a blast while doing it?

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so this is it huh oh unfortunately yeah10.485.44
oh boy and simon's not here which is13.923.68
typical yeah it's like yeah i'm gonna be15.923.439
in charge of the horde base yeah and did17.64.24
not be here on horde night yeah yeah19.3594.641
we're screwed i wish we had ammo for21.845.12
these uh turrets that i stole but we we24.04.8
don't are these turrets even powered do26.963.44
they have to be yeah turrets have always28.83.12
had to be powered with a generator every30.43.36
single one as far as i know yeah all31.923.28
right we're going to try this real quick33.762.959
you can't even shoot from in here i35.23.28
thought he said you could in here yeah36.7193.68
can you see me outside oh wait right38.483.04
there sure40.3994.0
shoot him out okay okay so yes you can41.524.8
shoot from inside if a zombie's right44.3995.201
there don't be anything oh crap46.325.2
oh my gosh was that the took him down49.64.24
pretty good no that wasn't the turret51.524.24
i'm down to 19. when you deserve it53.843.359
you're shopping with a damn area could55.762.88
have killed me what are you at are you a57.1994.0
19 no i'm not a damn 19. was that a58.645.44
bullet maybe i'm at 50 and i'm bleeding61.1995.441
huh we're all gonna die yep64.084.719
all right let's try to try to fortify66.643.28
the top of this thing because we got68.7993.841
screwed by vultures last time and spikes69.925.12
we're gonna need a lot of spikes yeah72.644.32
hey i'm gonna i'm gonna nerd pull on the75.043.2
top of this building over here and see76.963.71
if i can get some ammo or something okay78.245.559
anything up here hey guys84.246.72
good morning87.846.639
yeah i know i know it doesn't feel oh it90.965.839
was all right [ __ ] you let's just go94.4794.081
ahead and see you all96.7992.881
[ __ ]99.682.64
all right100.7993.441
find you102.323.839
aha you didn't ever see a jumper like104.244.96
this did you ha i can get anywhere like106.1596.681
spiderman is there anything up109.27.199
here yeah come on be the112.845.879
the stuff we whoa but it's down there116.3994.641
okay well118.7194.321
and not what i wanted but you know it's121.044.719
probably inside not far away we'll see123.044.399
i'm gonna get something you got a zombie125.7594.72
behind you i sure do had a vulture oh127.4396.401
god you [ __ ] oh oh okay that was just130.4795.441
you know the vulture thing133.844.479
yep you're good yeah135.923.44
you know138.3193.681
just living oh you got two zombies now139.365.519
okay thank you oh wow yeah yeah they all142.05.44
came to party144.8794.561
oh and oh147.444.079
you get good stuff i'm just fighting the152.84.64
zombies remember that part okay yeah155.23.92
yeah but then it's gonna be all good157.443.76
stuff all right i'm getting good stuff159.124.16
right now check this out nitrate nitrate161.24.72
powder coal getting some lead oh heck163.285.09
yeah yeah yeah165.924.48
hold up did that just grow i think that171.5996.481
just grow grew grow grood hold on174.085.36
is that a full178.082.72
wait these are179.442.799
these are growing they weren't growing180.82.48
that's a whole yep that's a whole potato183.283.28
and that looks like a can i just pick it186.563.759
do i need a hoe hold on188.483.52
i don't know how it works in this190.3194.0
do i need a hoe where's my hoe192.06.4
mmm where am i at there she is194.3197.681
time to get to work ho here we go198.45.44
i don't smack it do i202.04.56
do i just i just hit e right203.844.0
nah how do i pick this207.845.039
nope not falling for that trick210.564.16
potato e212.8792.961
nope can i pick these how does farming215.844.8
i'm in the kitchen bottom floor all229.764.479
right i'm making my way down231.366.159
oh you a crawly [ __ ]234.2393.28
come on you got you a crawly bear237.925.2
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah come on240.45.039
man every door in this [ __ ] place is243.123.839
locked yeah245.4393.601
ow oh [ __ ]246.9595.721
son of a [ __ ]249.043.64
[ __ ]254.42.399
you're making a lot of noise up there i255.4394.561
know way too much noise256.7993.201
oh god i found a uh i found an elevator260.0795.521
hmm go to the kitchen there's an263.7595.121
elevator yeah and uh ooh medical265.65.52
supplies in here268.883.84
[ __ ] okay hey who's a quiet quiet johnny273.526.64
oh hey279.042.879
oh things have oh you had to shut that280.163.36
shotgun he [ __ ] me i'm sorry about281.9193.121
i [ __ ] me too285.044.32
oh shoot where are you at uh in trouble286.564.16
are you at the first floor yet yeah i289.363.52
think i am but [ __ ] take care of the290.724.479
wall opposite of me oh god hey do you292.884.48
have a grenade in your pocket nope damn295.1994.161
it i'm just happy to see you297.363.76
i came back down the elevator all the299.363.839
zombies are gone yeah i took care of301.123.919
maybe a couple oh wait303.1993.761
are you in the bottom floor i think so305.0393.841
oh how'd you get down here then by going306.963.12
down whoo308.882.879
there's a bunch of ammo over here310.083.119
you found the good stuff uh yeah okay313.1993.041
come on you316.242.959
[ __ ]317.44.359
come on come on come on319.1993.641
no oh no322.843.799
you still down here um yeah are you down326.965.28
here yet yeah i think so okay you in the329.66.319
washroom uh yup looks like oh my332.247.6
goodness yeah you guys are really335.9195.12
hey buddy341.0392.241
what you doing342.082.399
stick that343.282.4
and that344.4793.601
and that345.682.4
come at me huh348.322.879
and one more hit351.444.4
stay down353.282.56
army munition box356.885.599
i do declare oh hey hey what's up buddy358.885.68
is this what i no no no there's one more362.4794.081
thing in here oh that's uh that's good364.563.84
stuff do you find good stuff i got a366.563.68
little bit of ammo out of the toilets368.43.44
okay yeah there's one more box in here370.242.959
that needs picking okay perfect i'll371.842.799
pick the [ __ ] out of it come on come on373.1994.241
come on come on baby oh yeah374.6394.321
make this whole trip worth it yeah377.443.199
exactly let's get the [ __ ] out of here378.964.0
how many lock picks you got uh oh my god380.6394.241
at least have one more please it's so382.964.48
oh god yes tons of ammo and all that389.284.96
[ __ ] well not tons but stuff all right391.284.96
hey we're gonna need it yeah we are394.244.72
gonna really need it okay that should do396.245.14
it oh hello ma'am398.969.029
names what's up buddy no just the409.683.519
lightning started and i know that that411.523.119
sun's starting to get a little low in413.1992.481
the sky414.6392.481
yeah i was just looking for a place to415.682.959
dig my grave417.122.799
well you might want to dig it over there418.6393.521
near our horde base okay because i i419.9193.921
think we can at least put up a fight i422.164.56
just made i got 144 spikes423.844.4
so that's a good wrap around in spikes426.722.64
our biggest thing is going to be the428.242.799
buzzards i'm thinking if we could wrap429.364.16
the bottom in enough spikes that might431.0394.081
save us but we just have to be vigilant433.525.119
about buzzards okay so if if like if i'm435.125.28
on like buzzard duty did anyone438.6393.68
reinforce the bottom of the base because440.43.519
it was just wood sitting on you know442.3194.16
holding up metal safe i don't think so443.9194.081
all right i'm gonna do that because you446.4793.28
know it should at least be cobblestone448.03.199
right yeah that'd be great yeah we could449.7594.081
do that okay okay i guess uh i'm gonna451.1993.761
go ahead and head over there and start453.844.799
wrapping the thing in spikes yep454.965.92
i'll meet you there yep meet you there458.6394.321
this is going to be a bad night i can462.964.48
tell my vehicle sputters and dies under464.965.12
the demonic moonlight what i can't use467.446.319
this deer in day 14. oh470.088.28
darkness falls you [ __ ]473.7594.601
uh sun's getting real low guys i know483.9194.96
here abso yeah take this okay is that486.6396.481
ammo yeah okay this is not mill488.8794.241
i love you norah493.522.48
thank you thank you thank you thank you494.962.88
i'm going up oh my gosh496.04.479
all right oh god i don't have much all497.844.96
right i'm uh is everybody in nope is it500.4794.16
time to get in god yes neebs don't don't502.84.32
do this again i'm not i just wanted to504.6394.0
have a place to run to in case i fell507.123.44
out i'm gonna put my dick puncher at the508.6394.32
door uh okay yeah let me uh spike us in510.564.08
first hold on i gotta throw a few lights512.9594.241
down oh god neebs that sun getting real514.644.48
low sorry all right we don't know what517.24.399
time it is okay this is how you died all519.124.32
right that's just there that's good i521.5994.161
guess it'll have to do523.445.14
all right locking us in525.766.079
oh here we go they coming leaves do you531.8393.761
have enough to fortify all the way in533.8392.801
i gotta build more honey oh god here536.643.199
they come southeast southeast y'all537.924.64
fight i'll keep building okay oh boy539.8394.401
that's that's a bunch of them and they542.563.52
are chewing through spikes they're super544.245.599
chewy oh my god yeah546.083.759
it's gonna be a bad night i'm gonna get551.123.839
inside it's gonna get real bad at night552.644.639
shoot through the safes do it do it dick554.9593.841
army guy straight through thank you for557.2793.361
your service oh boy558.83.599
oh no560.643.28
wow they're driving a lot of bags so562.3994.481
much baggage all the bags oh god this is563.924.32
just started and they've already chewed566.883.76
through the spikes yep oh no uh should568.244.08
we destroy this ladder heard thick i570.644.199
guess you'll let us know holy572.325.04
balls spike for574.8394.12
hey they're doing some damage yeah oh578.9594.641
they're third front door bird yep oh581.445.12
hold them up oh god583.65.76
okay got him all right sweet jesus586.564.399
kind of help though yeah all right yeah589.363.28
it's better nothing did you upgrade590.9592.641
these at all592.642.16
they're gonna come through that front593.63.04
door focus fire on the front door focus594.83.76
fire on the front door yep does anybody596.644.48
have any grenades oh my god598.563.36
think of it look bad climb up here and601.924.08
destroy the ladder yeah all right yep603.8393.761
that's what's gonna happen right now the606.04.48
safe house we'll build a safe house607.64.479
this is the most unsafe i've ever felt610.484.08
in this game612.0792.481
oh my god614.884.639
get out of there oh you hit me thick all616.724.72
right we gotta destroy this ladder just619.5193.681
somebody destroy this ladder yeah i'll621.444.16
keep him up dora destroy that ladder all623.23.84
right ladder's down they can't get up625.62.72
all right we're this is this is our627.043.12
death trap the safe house i'm gonna just628.323.6
keep shooting down here with my shoddy630.164.0
okay where's the front door631.923.28
uh they're still coming from the634.163.2
southeast they love doors i'll tell you635.25.44
that they're all crowded over that one637.363.28
these turrets are working well dora644.563.279
i thought i would scare them just a650.02.24
right oh look at these652.245.2
man let's turn around let's go home654.644.16
like world war z they're climbing each657.442.959
other [ __ ] all right you need help over658.83.279
here door how are we doing i mean i'm660.3993.841
just shouting them so yeah they all seem662.0793.601
to be coming from the southeast right664.243.92
now yep i'm looking at them i haven't665.684.88
heard any mines go off no they've uh668.163.84
they're pretty good at avoiding those670.563.12
they'll probably go off when it's day672.04.0
time and we walk over one you're right673.683.92
all right we got kind of a cage going676.04.32
here um oh vulture bolt your knees let's677.65.28
stay inside the cage680.324.4
yep oh boy come on682.883.6
i can take care of it okay oh now you684.723.6
left here he comes got him all right all686.483.28
right rock and roll688.323.84
check this out what you running here689.764.96
uh you hit the man bam in case they692.164.72
flood us okay i like it hey neebs uh694.723.359
those blocks right below you do you have696.882.56
enough wood to repair them there's two698.0793.281
blocks right below you yep there you go699.444.16
yeah keep those repaired there we go got701.364.64
it got it703.62.4
this is a fight hey could someone repair706.485.44
this piece of right here yeah yep there709.365.039
you go good job names good job oh god711.923.919
not coming from any other direction714.3993.361
except for that huh buzzard got the715.8394.0
buzzard whoo i'm a crack damn shot i'll717.763.68
try to make some cobblestone one second719.8392.961
hey you know what we're actually doing721.443.28
better than the first night this is true722.84.24
well i've only got six health so i got724.725.32
what is that what the [ __ ] is that what733.444.0
what what not seeing this guy a night735.64.239
stalker oh that's that's oh there's a737.447.88
bunch of them they're coming in oh [ __ ]739.8395.481
all right more cobblestone ah man i'm752.84.08
making cobblestone right what's going on755.23.36
here cobblestone hell look at these756.883.36
night stalkers you see these guys names758.563.6
um no where they're kind of invisible760.245.039
yeah invisible oh god oh yeah nice ship762.164.96
very nice very nice yeah are our765.2793.761
buildings smoking from the inside uh767.123.76
that might just be the radioactive guys769.044.239
beneath this uh names yeah this bottom770.885.519
stuff needs to be married again773.2793.12
all right i'm keeping an eye out for777.62.239
yeah i think they're all below us right779.8394.0
now yeah but they're uh781.364.0
there's a night stalker get out of here783.8393.281
oh my god those guys are tough holy [ __ ]787.124.959
those guys are tough789.2792.8
i just put so much ammo in that guy and792.83.92
he's still he's still alive down there794.6394.161
wait see the guy you're talking about796.724.88
yep there he is i'm watching underneath798.85.839
oh yeah he's talking he's our killing801.64.72
buzzer at the gate what's it at the top804.6393.121
right above your knees806.324.319
yep see him he down nice807.766.4
okay another budget coming in810.6393.521
oh god836.3994.0
here it comes oh [ __ ] man837.765.199
no i shot840.3992.56
oh oh god where can i hide wait the854.8396.521
farmhouse i hid in here once do it baby857.65.599
oh what's going on861.364.0
this bird just knocked me in the sky863.1995.64
oh boy i'm turning865.365.2
okay broken868.8393.861
they'll never find me in here870.565.36
hope the other guys are all right875.925.039
crap the birds back878.6394.0
getting spit on880.9594.401
all right bird me and you882.6394.721
me and you885.363.76
where are you come here887.364.08
come on889.122.32
freaking this what is this what is this891.763.199
asset on my bike893.362.96
what is happening894.9593.281
i don't know what's happening all right896.323.44
go go go901.763.12
am i dead i think i'm dead906.324.72
am i not dead did i not die908.564.639
what happened just glitched out or911.044.0
something okay913.1993.681
yeah 25 health915.042.96
where am i916.882.079
dora yeah is that you yeah okay i saw921.125.04
your i saw your flashlight the [ __ ] are924.3994.401
you i'm to your uh southeast i'm in the926.165.359
farmhouse in the attic cowering like a928.85.12
[ __ ] i'm grabbing all this this [ __ ]931.5194.081
and then i'm gonna get up high933.922.719
yeah that sounds like a plan don't come937.444.0
near anywhere near me though okay i'm on939.683.68
my way [ __ ]941.445.28
oh i see my bag yeah yep it's been safe943.365.279
here i've been looting up and stuff okay946.723.679
i figured that much are all the zombies948.6393.361
dead well i don't think they're dead i950.3993.12
think they're dispersed952.03.839
parkour skills again yep so good adam956.566.0
that was [ __ ] oh there's doraleous960.324.24
hey they were invisible the spikes were962.564.88
invisible the spikes were invisible964.564.719
i'm not sure what happened to me what do967.443.92
you mean i think i i fell off the bike969.2794.0
and i thought i was dead and then you971.364.719
know i was still here and i wasn't dead973.2795.281
uh-huh okay it's a great story hello976.0795.12
yeah hello hey so you guys are okay wait978.565.12
wait oh my god nice what happened to you981.1994.961
i i died but then i wasn't dead i cannot983.684.0
you're you're on a bike story gets986.163.919
better every year you're just a bike now987.685.76
you've become a bike good morning990.0794.641
good morning993.443.6
get back on you what you don't see me i994.726.239
see you no yeah i can see997.045.28
neebs is1000.9594.081
talking bike yeah you got dogs coming in1002.324.079
i thought they were coming in where the1005.043.76
[ __ ] are they going oh heads up they're1006.3994.56
i threw i forgot how to throw the uh1013.045.2
you know grenade yup gotta figure out1015.64.56
what's going on with knees shoot him1018.243.519
shoot him1020.164.599
yeah i'm fine thanks so wait neebs is1034.04.72
your soul a bike now uh listen i don't1036.164.56
think that counts as a death oh yep all1038.723.839
right let's see the bike going this is1040.723.599
the work of the devil successful horror1042.5594.321
night neebs live1044.3195.201
oh wait i just shot your body1046.883.96
i did it i'm a1049.525.1
hero demon1050.846.87

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