OH NO! I Explored too Far! - The Long Dark PERMADEATH

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their channel yet? If not, you're in for a treat! In this one, ...
OH NO!  I Explored too Far!  -  The Long Dark PERMADEATH
OH NO! I Explored too Far! - The Long Dark PERMADEATH

OH NO! I Explored too Far! - The Long Dark PERMADEATH

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you watched that video where I explored too far in The Long Dark PERMADEATH? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that one is a classic! I love how you were so confident and then things went downhill fast. Definitely one of my favorites.

neebs: I know, right? I thought I could handle anything in that game, but boy was I wrong. It's just too funny not to watch over and over again.

simon: Agreed! And the best part is seeing the look of shock on your face when things start to go south. It never gets old!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their channel yet? If not, you're in for a treat! In this one, the gang is venturing over a hill to see what lies beyond. You know it's going to be an adventure when they say "It'll be fine," right?

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I love it out here what6.3196.941
looks like a war zone out here neebs17.2794.92
what happened all those wolves I killed18.966.0
yeah but with Wolves the you know what22.1994.32
the bad thing is though the Bear's gone24.964.739
like a bad thing I I get well where does26.5196.141
the bear carcass go29.6992.961
well they don't just disappear33.0796.881
no it's not it's it is and I'm upset37.024.44
that I don't have a bear carcass anymore39.963.36
right see there's some circling birds43.323.36
not far from the house I'm gonna check45.363.42
it out46.683.98
it's out here48.784.68
it's a bear car because I'd be surprised50.664.239
oh it looks like it might be a deer53.462.72
oh yeah neebs I'm a lucky lucky boy56.186.28
targets oh yeah that's good because I60.0594.14
can't keep eating wolf meat because I62.463.72
get penalized for it for some reason64.1994.861
lies penalize penalize that's what I say66.186.4
but female I can see you saying Penal69.064.2
two delicious delicious cooked venison82.1596.471
what a fantastic breakfast85.745.66
with the sound of cat tails maybe no no91.46.94
side of cattails you like peas95.525.459
uh yeah certain types of peas I don't98.344.86
like the little tiny green ones100.9793.901
you know which ones I'm talking about I103.23.239
didn't know there was another con yeah104.883.059
there's all kinds of peas there's like106.4392.941
field peas107.9393.18
I use my like little like Black Eyed109.383.779
Peas yeah no no I'm not talking about111.1193.661
Black Eyed Peas I'm talking about the113.1593.901
little tiny circular green peas I just114.784.64
don't really see those117.062.36
they're [ __ ] peas119.462.78
it's the difference between a bean and a122.344.099
it does but you don't call it a black127.563.899
eyed Bean you call it Black-eyed Pea you129.1794.14
what from this day forward it's a131.4594.64
black-eyed beam133.3192.78
may as we'll eat you completely full137.286.179
Billy yeah140.585.1
wolf meat's ready I'm gonna eat that and143.4594.321
then I'm going to bed yeah you know what145.684.02
I'm out here and the weather is clearing147.785.099
up on me I think I'm gonna explore let's149.75.82
see have I been North152.8793.781
See You In The Farmhouse I went out here156.664.74
yeah I'm gonna go North a little bit158.76.24
yeah see what's out there and look great161.46.8
white Yonder164.943.26
I bet I can shimmy178.985.339
oh maybe not shimmy over here180.785.4
oh yeah184.3194.56
quick shimmy Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy186.186.72
easy easy easy easy shimmy easy shimmy188.8796.481
okay that's all right yep yep yep yep192.94.82
yep yep and okay195.365.9
quality shimmy197.723.54
a little burnt out cabin maybe looks201.785.42
like there was a fire here204.183.02
look at this bridge over there211.84.74
temperature still okay213.784.56
far out though216.546.3
that I could follow that River back boat218.344.5
well I can make some of that Birch tea225.843.17
it's good stuff227.1594.561
and so just a burnt out231.725.0
not a thing in it236.723.96
pressing North244.086.0
okay sleeps at halfway247.0194.5
I can make a fire okay yeah250.083.48
temperature's only going down now two251.5194.381
notches okay not three notches253.564.019
come up here a little bit let's see255.95.04
what's in this mountain anything cool257.5795.84
got a little cabin269.283.3
hello little270.963.6
tucked away cabin272.585.88
oh can I get inside you and get warm274.565.76
that's true yo how278.463.48
is like Electric storms you're talking280.323.659
about oh you finally got one yeah it's281.944.14
like a the northern lights are going283.9795.301
crazy yeah286.083.2
oh yeah that's getting big nowadays292.025.54
tiny homes man I can go inside yeah294.366.72
they get warm in here297.566.94
dude this this is a it's a draft Dodgers301.084.38
oh yeah yeah come out here to dodge the305.463.299
where are you Russia308.7593.0
will be310.54.86
if I can break down how about a rifle311.7595.88
draft Dodgers should have a rifle stored315.364.7
somewhere yeah317.6392.421
what was it 21st century the 21st and a320.967.36
half century Duck Dodgers not drafted324.966.48
that right draft Dodgers oh yeah peaches328.326.24
oh now I got a sprained risk okay hey331.444.86
you know what I'm sitting up here for334.563.66
the day because I got plenty of meat336.33.959
we'll build a little fire outside and338.224.74
cook some of this meat there was a wolf340.2593.901
out here342.965.1
and I can't remember it was close it was344.165.759
a dead it was a carcass I just needed348.064.26
some more meat are you at exploring uh349.9194.56
no I just I I really gotta pick up some352.324.62
food I've eaten all my food354.4794.261
that's not good and I know there's a356.945.58
wolf out here that dead one you shot uh358.745.88
I guess I've shot so many wolves I think362.524.019
my numbers364.624.079
probably I know you've killed a bunch of366.5393.72
wolves recently368.6993.481
I think I'm gonna spend the night here370.2593.901
neebs get my uh372.183.78
you know get a good rest and I'm gonna374.164.2
try to climb that rope tomorrow we'll375.963.66
see where it goes378.363.48
yeah you know I want379.624.56
to might try to fight that bear blocking381.844.26
that bridge today oh really you got384.184.139
enough ammo for that I've got four386.14.7
and Adventure okay I gotta go warm up I391.1994.5
found the wolf though right beside the393.663.9
house I should have looked here first395.6994.801
get some meat not yet I'm freezing397.565.06
wolf oh yeah400.54.919
that's the trick the fire beside the402.624.78
wall harvest the wolf you warm up and405.4194.861
get me the fire407.46.0
right there here we go thanks for the410.285.52
tip yeah oh look at this this is for413.47.26
steam I love it out here what415.84.86
I didn't say anything nope I got a buddy420.964.22
man come on come on man425.6994.701
I know you want to go away is that430.9192.821
another one out there oh yeah there's432.34.339
two wolves nearby433.742.899
dude go on I got a fire it's gonna last437.726.099
for two hours I'm gonna eat this meat442.083.179
and I'm gonna go inside and go to sleep443.8194.921
you're not gonna get a meal tonight445.2597.021
oh yeah I got a nice one fire448.745.94
36 minutes of campfire452.286.02
here we go let's get some meat454.683.62
this is this guy's getting a little460.84.399
Brave neebs462.4192.78
just any more ammo with these guys471.123.56
it takes an hour 20 minutes to harvest477.724.5
don't take so long I don't know never482.227.979
harvested guts you better not buddy yeah485.167.22
there's an hour left on this fire490.1997.4
Hmm this deer meat smells so good492.385.219
we're gonna keep that fire full of fuel502.1993.951
yeah get on out of here504.185.06
they'll be back though I know them516.85.32
oh man I found a rifle shell right here520.263.18
by the fire522.123.54
just laying in the snow can you believe523.443.66
that is that one525.665.78
oh casing that's not a bullet is it527.14.34
okay first thing in the morning oh God I543.8995.761
don't have any water on me foreign547.25.46
fire going here557.823.199
oh man I didn't get enough wood561.244.039
no wolves this morning566.4594.981
I got a coffee on me I could drink but I568.764.12
don't want to571.443.68
eat my health pretty quick572.886.079
let's get these sticks575.123.839
oh [ __ ]587.8395.151
you're still out of here590.5195.721
nope nope nope nope can't get me what's597.0196.041
going on oh no the damn wolves are still601.0193.181
out there603.064.86
uh I wanted to get out and start a fire604.25.46
but yeah with the Wolves there I can't607.923.72
start a fire uh and I didn't bring I609.663.72
should have brought more water I do have611.643.6
two coffees though so I can drink a613.384.44
coffee yeah can you like make some oil615.244.08
some snow617.823.72
not in here I don't have a stove inside619.324.98
this little uh Little House621.545.52
so hmm624.35.039
I think Peaches I do have some Peaches I627.063.42
think they give me a little bit of water629.3393.12
I'm gonna open these peaches and eat630.484.16
come on give me a little bit of634.863.44
hydration with the peaches there we go636.64.82
all right638.33.12
I think I'm gonna get out and make a run642.723.96
for that rope645.183.779
here we go646.684.94
no wolves648.9592.661
there's room652.944.78
you can't get me up here can you losers658.3394.56
let's go664.047.0
oh wait my stamina holy [ __ ] I shouldn't666.985.5
have ran I should have ran I should have671.043.12
stamina you gotta get back up674.163.14
buggered off679.883.06
here I go here I go689.484.9
oh God Stanley's going down quick692.73.6
Salmon's going down real quick getting694.383.36
okay I shouldn't have brain I should697.744.68
have walked to the road come on get up700.445.519
there get up there get up there come on702.425.3
come on705.9595.181
yep you can't get me [ __ ]707.728.1
oh I made it yeah oh boy what's up there711.147.42
oh let's see715.824.78
another damn rope720.65.1
[ __ ] okay let me grab I need to get a723.183.779
little bit man temperature's going down725.72.759
quick out here today726.9593.901
in case I need to build a fire which I728.4593.961
may need to build anyway I'll grab some730.863.419
oh God I am getting too far away from734.2794.62
home this might be dumb736.923.539
okay you know what I'm gonna have to738.8994.041
build a fire740.4592.481
all right can I cook745.983.62
tell you what pick up this can I'm gonna750.065.66
cook a coffee753.122.6
this rope God I hope there's something758.944.1
up there neebs760.262.78
I think that's that wolf at the bottom768.683.459
of the cliff770.945.22
mad about it so man I got just always772.1396.121
overweight I don't know what to keep776.164.08
Simple I'm just throwing everything out778.264.319
I can't be carrying this stuff around780.243.779
mean everything has like a number782.5792.88
associated it'll tell you it's weight784.0194.041
water is definitely the heaviest785.4596.241
wait you said I could like uh turn my788.066.48
water into like a bottle791.72.84
um [ __ ]794.943.959
I shouldn't have done that okay I found796.24.34
okay yeah oh [ __ ] I burnt my coffee God800.545.5
damn it that was stupid803.6394.021
I did806.043.0
I'm just making water bottles I'm just807.662.22
put all this water on my counter yeah809.883.98
do it okay814.22.42
temperatures full all right how many uh816.664.14
what do I got left on this fire two819.482.76
hours okay I'm gonna try to climb up820.83.12
this rope see if there's anything up822.243.12
there if there's not I'm coming back823.923.599
come on please be something gotcha you827.5193.06
know what829.681.92
you know we'll have a spare a pair of830.5793.841
boots in the freezer um831.64.44
a pair of shoes around834.424.68
yeah no [ __ ] shoes are heavy836.045.82
anyway yeah I got shoes in the freezer839.14.2
okay shoes are in the freezer got it841.862.82
don't forget843.32.52
come on844.683.42
come on oh man my tired meter is going845.825.16
down a little too quick848.14.2
coming into something up here maybe850.982.64
there's a bed852.33.839
is there a bed853.625.0
come on come on856.1395.841
God I really [ __ ] up with that coffee858.627.0
oh and is there something up here861.986.479
what's up here865.622.839
[ __ ] [ __ ]869.223.48
what's going on no Wolves at the top877.15.859
where I came there's just wolves how880.325.12
many two882.9597.791
one okay good [ __ ]885.447.8
okay God I'm so tired but I got nothing893.244.599
I wish I had a coffee do I have an896.3993.841
energy drink897.8395.401
got an emergency stem I'm not using that900.246.42
okay let me just let me go up here I903.246.12
can't run I'm overweight I just there's906.664.739
got to be something up here why would909.364.7
you drag me all the way911.3995.721
no no914.063.06
God damn it927.445.74
I just hear Two Shots yeah how many930.664.34
bolts you got933.184.08
oh God you're gonna run right past me935.04.54
what are you doing I got six left and937.264.379
that's it for my bullets939.544.919
this was stupid this was dumb could have941.6394.921
just stayed at The Farmhouse today944.4593.841
okay something up here a building946.564.139
looks weird oh950.6995.94
no I don't their buildings up here but959.045.28
they're all burnt962.5793.481
every single building up here there's964.324.519
been a forest fire966.062.779
oh what are you oh hey buddy971.3396.661
what do you got on you a bed oh did I974.3995.581
even bring a bed roll I did I didn't978.03.36
bring a bedroll979.983.78
hold on putting matches in the freezer983.762.819
don't we forget985.325.04
15 sticks five cloth I don't have that986.5795.661
amount of cloth990.364.26
what's the new new thing an energy992.244.62
energy drink come on994.627.5
food food's good [ __ ]996.865.26
what is that1003.563.3
I see something in the distance so I'm1005.063.719
gonna just pray to whatever God1006.864.5
that exists that it's a building1008.7795.541
I think I see something1011.362.96
oh are you limping you were limping1018.1994.461
what is that is that a building please1027.4393.421
be a building I see something orange in1029.0592.88
the distance1030.862.88
how do I get there1031.9393.301
how do I get there1033.743.36
I go around this way1035.244.62
I came out way too far I may have I may1037.15.3
have doomed myself1039.862.54
I want to talk like that but I didn't1043.15.04
bring a bed I am exhausted there's a1045.145.039
good chance that I just pass out1048.145.06
and freeze to death1050.1793.021
warm is not the issue temperature is1057.45.8
okay right now okay sleep is the issue1059.5396.981
I can't sleep out here1063.23.32
that's a plane1072.865.72
oh yeah there's a damn airplane out here1074.783.8
no not flying around damn it the ground1078.7995.821
you search it yeah it looks like it's1082.584.38
crashed oh God can I get inside is there1084.624.26
a bed oh no1086.963.3
come on1088.884.799
wolves will you [ __ ] off for like five1090.266.18
minutes I think I get this plane oh1093.6795.281
please be a place to sleep1096.447.5
place to sleep come on get in yes oh1098.968.54
it's just a is this a bed1103.943.56
I'm inside the plane1108.767.9
no suitcase come on energy drink come on1111.888.58
cocaine and any of you guys have cocaine1116.666.3
oh my God1120.466.3
yeah this is a big old plane wreckage1122.963.8
I want to lay down1129.984.14
I got nowhere to sleep neebs1131.96.62
oh [ __ ] oh God I just broke my ankle1134.124.4
can't get in the cabin I [ __ ] up man I1144.326.26
[ __ ] up big time1147.742.84
I'm gonna get some may you know what1151.765.039
we'll find enough sticks enough cloth I1154.823.78
can make an emergency bed oh I got a1156.7994.441
stick here right here got it come on1158.64.38
emergency bin is that different than a1162.982.579
airline food gross1165.5593.961
of course you do1168.24.56
Curry on an airplane food corpse come on1169.525.46
you got some clothes on you nothing come1172.764.5
on I need cloth1174.984.559
I need if I can get a good amount of1177.263.659
I might be able to make an emergency bed1180.9195.161
okay come on close close it I can rip up1183.026.3
the clock yeah hat1186.086.26
nope okay1189.326.66
temperature's okay right now Scott okay1192.346.9
start breaking that stuff down1195.983.26
please leave me alone1204.343.66
of course you got stuff good good stuff1210.165.28
on you1213.142.3
it's a shortcut nice come on I just woke1215.93.48
I don't want to fall off of there that1218.03.24
might be a shortcut I'm gonna walk on1219.382.64
the river1221.243.36
okay have fun1222.026.56
one accelerant [ __ ] it1224.63.98
the fire I'm putting a bit beside it uh1232.525.82
that'd be an idea I need enough sticks1235.464.14
and cloth though1238.343.3
because uh where's that emergency thing1239.64.5
it's called a snow shelter but I need 151241.645.58
sticks and five cloth okay so that's1244.14.86
what you're doing what I'm gonna try to1247.222.88
where you at1251.4195.401
I picked you up it's harvest1253.246.9
come on that clock1256.823.32
uh what else did I get these shoes1261.984.62
[ __ ] that just gives me cured leather1266.64.02
don't need that right now yeah I think1268.164.2
this was a shortcut I'm underneath the1270.624.98
bridge from uh was it Milton he goes to1272.364.62
the church I'm gonna head back to the1275.64.64
church all right so1276.983.26
I only have two cloth1280.643.2
suitcases suitcases come on have clothes1287.2995.901
inside you1290.62.6
there we go1304.465.3
oh no1306.463.3
oh God1310.1797.901
oh but now wind picked up1313.366.28
yeah I think the fire is actually in a1318.083.06
safe spot though1319.643.06
I'm kind of like1321.144.019
being protected by a hill1322.73.08
okay okay1325.1593.481
I had more fuel what have I got sticks I1325.785.139
need the sticks to make the shelter I1328.645.12
need more sticks1330.9192.841
I have enough cloth I don't have enough1336.144.86
sticks I'm gonna find some sticks come1337.884.2
sticks you over here1342.084.28
I need 15 that's1349.1594.531
can't jump over this1351.866.48
no don't have anything on me does it1358.344.14
work that way1360.623.6
so here we go wait yeah actually there1362.484.079
is a smaller stick that I might be able1364.225.18
to break down stick1366.5592.841
come on okay five minutes come on break1369.624.08
that tail1372.6794.281
car battery what's that good for1373.73.26
oh this battery's heavy we hauling1377.1793.901
around the battery for I don't know I1379.643.06
thought I might need it I need two more1381.084.339
sticks two more sticks1382.72.719
sticks and more wood just to keep the1387.443.44
fire roaring1389.1794.921
oh yeah okay oh my God if I break that1390.885.02
down there's a chance oh God where am I1394.14.319
oh God don't get lost don't get lost1395.96.0
okay okay Follow My Tracks back1398.4194.74
this will give me the sticks I need1401.93.68
right here1403.1592.421
temperatures temperature is bad gotta1408.324.26
get back to the fire gotta get back to1410.6594.221
the fire1412.582.3
got enough sticks I got enough sticks to1415.525.06
make the thing1418.12.48
yeah set up for the church buddy1426.5594.941
Stakes were made today1431.5395.601
I got too risky1433.643.5
I'm back to the fire oh man you know1440.124.38
what might be able to cook I'm gonna1443.1793.36
cook this rosehip tea it'll give me a1444.54.679
warp bonus oh God1446.5395.101
Fire's not warming me up1449.1796.201
okay hold on though camp1451.643.74
can I make this where can I where can I1455.6592.941
put this1457.42.46
too close to another object too close to1459.863.78
another object1462.324.56
oh right here right here1463.644.98
Build It come on build it oh my God my1468.624.08
Health's going down so quick my Health's1470.6594.14
going down okay1472.75.64
and I got a snow shelter1474.7996.901
uh no I'm not in I need to come on [ __ ]1478.345.4
I burnt my teeth it took that long to1481.75.52
build [ __ ] you all right I need I just1483.745.819
wanna I wanna warm up some tea oh wait1487.223.54
you know what I'm gonna cook this birch1489.5592.341
bark tea because I think that'll1490.763.0
actually give me more Health grab this1491.93.42
battery who carries a battery around1493.764.5
warming up by this fire1495.323.96
of course it did1505.1592.781
it's got two more sticks to add wait why1512.725.22
can't I add the fuel it's too windy to1515.1795.651
sustain this fire no no no1517.945.42
I'm gonna have to1523.366.28
okay I'm gonna drink this tea yeah sure1525.625.64
use it on the paint I don't care I just1529.643.72
want a warp bonus1531.265.22
good chance I freeze the death in here1533.364.559
I'm two1536.484.079
but wish me luck1537.9194.451
two steps excuse1540.5595.091
wait can I not sleep in here1546.324.2
I can't sleep in here1548.484.38
I thought I could sleep in these I1550.524.98
thought I could sleep in these [ __ ] oh1552.865.6
you gotta sleep don't you1555.52.96
I'm warm in here1559.15.04
but I can't sleep why can't I sleep in1561.983.12
just let me sleep that is [ __ ]1565.15.0
if I die I'm not sleeping I'm not1571.0394.38
sleeping it's a [ __ ] reason maybe1573.623.659
I'll just pass out here1575.4193.071
and it'll just let me1577.2794.451
let me speaking of1582.744.819
drink a little bit1584.083.479
I do have some of that deer meat on me1588.826.94
the gamey venison yeah1592.464.68
some of that1595.763.48
if I die it'll be with a full belly1597.144.279
I don't want to1604.645.039
I really don't want to1606.6795.341
I should have brought a bed roll but1609.6794.38
even that oh God I would have died out1612.024.019
here if I tried to sleep1614.0593.541
I may have been able to set up in the1616.0393.401
plane I don't know1617.67.63
check this car out1630.385.84
probably already checked it1632.9196.841
flare all right1636.223.54
oh paint1642.324.68
oh nope just put my fire out1644.6594.321
that was dumb oh I can light this thing1647.03.659
with matches1648.984.56
ah I don't need these things1658.883.919
Oh Billy yeah the boy things looking up1674.085.68
uh nope they still look like ass outside1677.0595.521
and I can't sleep in here for reasons1679.764.019
done yeah Hey listen I could probably1683.7794.5
put this torch out right and then if I1685.45.04
hear a wolf I light it with my uh1688.2793.78
yeah yeah that should work1692.0593.961
that's what I'll do I'll carry a torch1694.523.24
around yeah I think torches and flares1696.025.06
work on walls they don't like them1697.763.32
gather some sticks to get me through the1701.864.559
stuff stay warm1706.643.139
I think the wind finally calmed down a1713.023.46
little bit1715.583.33
I think the storm may be blowing over1716.486.42
still looks freezing out there1722.93.6
was the wind just changing directions1725.03.059
and it's going to Blizzard the okay yeah1726.52.82
never mind never mind she's gonna1728.0593.841
blizzard the other damn direction right1729.325.76
do you still haven't rested yet no1731.96.72
can't sleep in this comfy place to sleep1735.085.52
exit snow shelters sleeping goddamn snow1740.64.679
shelter I ain't thinking I don't know1743.4193.36
there's no reason I should be able to1745.2793.241
sleep right here well I think Eskimos1746.7793.061
can't sleep in your igloo can't do it1749.847.88
all right I'm gonna pick my head out1753.5594.161
temperature actually isn't crazy1758.6594.801
all right let's explore a little bit1761.843.959
maybe we can find some good stuff1763.466.06
okay maybe an energy drink1765.7995.341
okay well1769.525.159
I can't carry the weight come on1771.145.94
let me up here in this uh in the back of1774.6794.38
the plane there'll be a nice a bed with1777.085.52
a with a pilot sleeps yeah yeah that's1779.0595.901
the ticket1782.62.36
come on buddy you got an energy drink on1785.964.199
oh it's an energy bar [ __ ]1790.1593.801
there's another corpse come on energy1795.465.939
drink energy drink1797.8993.5
what's back here1802.826.2
uh nothing but disappointment1804.824.2
I gotta make a move1823.723.6
I think I'm gonna retrace my steps get1827.6593.961
back to those ropes1829.823.78
crawl down the ropes even though I'm1831.623.779
exhausted I think I might be able to do1833.62.459
and then get back to that little cabin1836.0595.34
with the bed1838.584.38
while being exhausted huh all while1841.3993.14
being exhausted1842.964.14
okay it's night time right now it's1844.5394.841
cleared out1847.14.199
and I'm just going to pop a flare and1849.384.519
start moving1851.2992.6
retrace my steps1863.5393.441
you know what1867.24.5
maybe I'll get lucky let's see I'm1868.944.5
gambling at this point maybe there's1871.73.0
just something right around the corner1873.443.56
you know1874.72.3
I die yeah1878.362.78
deer carcass that'd be delicious1882.625.1
this whole area sucks because it looks1887.724.079
like there was a plane crash1889.584.16
and then the plane just burnt everything1891.7994.62
oh yeah yeah all the little houses that1893.745.38
are around here just they're done1896.4195.221
stuff I absolutely could have used1899.123.9
all right but I'm heading in the1901.643.0
direction this will take me to the burnt1903.024.5
out houses I think1904.644.5
either that it'll take me down the1907.523.12
mountain if I could just walk down the1909.143.36
damn Mountain you know what that might1910.643.6
be a smarter idea1912.54.32
Road it's true1914.244.26
yeah this looks like a path down the1916.824.14
mountain so I'm just gonna do this1918.54.2
pick up sticks on the way in case you1920.965.06
need to build an emergency fire1922.73.32
that might be the better uh the better1926.4194.64
here okay I'll try my best1938.0597.98
oh [ __ ] don't slip don't slip don't1942.346.66
break your ankle1946.0392.961
work my way down the mountain no ropes1950.06.26
no wolves either1953.1793.081
what am I seeing out there1957.25.219
use the burnt out houses okay yeah back1959.484.52
I think oh my God I'm gonna get lost1964.04.799
in a minute1969.73.3
no no no no no okay so you know what1977.4194.081
found this oh God which way did I go1981.54.38
this was all burnt out because this is1983.8992.76
the river1985.882.46
oh okay1986.6594.801
which way did I go from here did I go1988.346.54
turns around so this is the river1991.466.18
oh that might lead back home so I came1994.884.679
yeah I shimmy down over there1997.643.84
where's the river1999.5595.24
you find the river I can get back home2001.483.319
I heard wolf I don't see wolf2005.53.38
good all right is this2013.7794.441
did this leave me back2016.5394.76
oh there you are wolf2018.223.079
oh God if he attacks me I'm [ __ ]2021.967.86
oh my health is not good2025.726.9
oh please be please be the right way2029.826.359
please be the right way2032.623.559
another player2037.4195.521
for my bullets I don't want to use any2042.945.359
more of my bullets2045.5192.78
can't run not gonna run2049.246.139
temperatures in half2051.943.439
I need a way up2059.566.14
the way up and flare2061.4194.281
not the other one nope popular2069.943.32
yeah I like that did you2079.785.18
you're coming2082.32.66
come on please be the river that goes by2087.73.54
the house2089.9193.0
please do the river that goes by the2091.243.859
up right here2095.75.58
should I get up right here2098.322.96
see something familiar yeah I can't see2102.34.78
anything fast2104.685.3
there's the trees2107.082.9
God I'm out here again okay I think I'm2111.043.539
in the right area oh2112.785.299
yes yes yes2114.5793.5
oh God don't get turned around don't get2120.1195.161
turned around now2122.6192.661
[ __ ]2128.143.66
holy [ __ ]2129.525.46
yeah what a worthless trip2131.86.38
oh my God2134.983.2
I'm so happy2141.784.99
holy [ __ ] I love this game2144.1195.621
I'm like stressed right now yeah yeah I2169.384.78
gotta I got enough food here man I got2172.423.84
some uh some some of that venison I got2174.164.679
I got this uh some airline food this2176.265.16
chicken okay so you know what I'm gonna2178.8394.141
sit around the house today I'm just2181.423.24
gonna repair some clothing I'm gonna2182.983.599
break down some stuff I'm gonna take it2184.665.459
easy all right well don't get too comfy2186.5794.741
because you'll be hungry again before2190.1193.48
you know it oh I know it baby2191.326.74
oh man there's a wolf in my path2193.5994.461
you know what though I kept a torch2201.225.7
oh wait my torches are gone2204.286.42
I thought I grabbed the torch yeah2206.925.699
I cannot spare any bullets on this wolf2212.6194.141
do you have any flares uh he sees me you2214.5994.441
have any flares uh yeah but I'm I'm2216.766.02
afraid I'm gonna shoot if I need to2219.043.74
when I get to the player I'm afraid if I2223.543.539
go to the menu he's gonna bite me2224.83.559
you know2227.0793.481
yeah hey man you do what you got to do2228.3594.781
stay alive yeah oh he's pursuing big2230.563.539
yeah see that's the thing a player might2234.0992.881
run him off but that son of a [ __ ] is2235.783.18
probably gonna come right back as soon2236.984.02
as yeah crap2238.963.3
I don't know if I were you I know you2241.03.18
were going out for that bear uh-huh that2242.263.42
would lower this son of a [ __ ] closer2244.182.96
to your face2245.683.54
oh okay2247.144.42
here we go right in the face one shot2249.225.639
got him okay now I'm down a few bullets2251.565.34
one bullet let's go a piece of meat2254.8593.72
while we're here2256.94.38
I'm getting cold too crap I got a little2258.5794.941
good god I've shot that thing enough it2267.0993.861
needs a good cleaning2268.965.48
I'm cold already2270.963.48
uh what do I need to Sticks2275.563.44
still go out with something to build a2281.6194.5
fire yep you're right I'm not seasoned2283.065.36
in this2286.1192.301
oh boy I didn't mean to hit that now I'm2291.0994.381
really cold2293.145.66
oh no2295.483.32
this is supposed to be a bear fight day2299.24.379
not a freezing day listen going out2301.1194.5
well he's blocking the bridge I want to2305.6196.24
go to the bridge go somewhere else I had2309.0994.74
nowhere else to go there's got to be2311.8594.621
that's where I need to go2313.8397.101
come on fire first first try please2316.484.46
I've already looked over Milton I went2321.485.2
to the farm I did the church this seems2323.85.64
like the the next logical way to go2326.688.24
say so oh man the fires have disappeared2329.445.48
now it says insufficient probably didn't2336.5794.641
have enough2339.0992.121
you need to go back to the damn Church2341.443.36
yeah crap2342.945.6
what a crap day it was a crap2344.83.74
yeah but I just started my day and it's2350.685.28
crap already did you walk like a half a2352.665.76
mile from your shelter at least did you2355.964.619
have to sleep next to a bunch of corpses2358.424.62
in an airplane uh just there's corpses2360.5794.081
definitely I'm not sleeping next to him2363.043.9
not that crap of a date my day was bad2364.664.919
too that's all I'm saying all I'm saying2366.944.32
it's not a bad day supposed to be a bear2369.5793.841
fight dance crab day fight a bear lady2371.264.68
shouldn't be fighting a bear and am mine2373.424.48
he's blocking the bridge2375.9427.37

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