Deep Rock Galactic: It's About Time!!!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me and you've been eagerly waiting for a new video from the Neebs crew, then you're in l...
Deep Rock Galactic: It's About Time!!!
Deep Rock Galactic: It's About Time!!!

Deep Rock Galactic: It's About Time!!!

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today, we're talking about why Deep Rock Galactic is our favorite video. And let me tell you, it's about time!!!

simon: Oh yeah, Deep Rock Galactic really delivered exactly what we wanted, huh? I mean, who wouldn't want to dig deep into some alien caves with your buddies?

appsro: Absolutely! It's all about that teamwork and exploring new horizons. Plus, the soundtrack is on point with Electro Fight and Heroes Theme blasting in the background!

neebs: Oh, and let's not forget about that Devious Little Smile we get when we find some precious minerals. It's like Christmas morning every time we play!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me and you've been eagerly waiting for a new video from the Neebs crew, then you're in luck because Deep Rock Galactic has finally arrived and it's everything we could have hoped for. Seriously, this video is pure gold.

From the hilarious banter between the Neebs crew to the epic gameplay of Deep Rock Galactic, this video has it all. If you haven't already hit that subscribe button, I highly recommend you do so because you won't want to miss out on any future content from these guys. And if you want to show your support, consider becoming a Patreon member - every little bit helps to keep the Neebs Gaming channel going strong.

And let's not forget the awesome music in this video. The soundtrack is on point, with tracks like Electro Fight, Heroes Theme, and Raging Streets setting the perfect tone for the action-packed gameplay. Plus, the Neebs crew always knows how to pick the best tunes to accompany their adventures.

If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, then you know that their content is always top-notch. Whether they're playing 7 Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, Minecraft, GTA V, or Subnautica, you can always count on the Neebs crew to deliver entertaining and engaging videos. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the latest Deep Rock Galactic video - you won't be disappointed. And don't forget to check out their other playlists for even more gaming goodness.

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Deep Rock Galactic is an absolute blast of a co-op FPS that Neebs Gaming brings to life in their signature cinematic style. As a team of badass space dwarves, you drill, explore, and battle through intricately designed cave systems fighting off giant alien spiders and other hazards. The procedurally generated levels mean no two missions are ever the same.

Neebs Gaming's edited videos are the perfect way to experience Deep Rock Galactic even if you don't own the game yourself. Their skits and jokes layered over the gameplay footage add a whole new dimension of entertainment. You really get immersed in the adventures of the dwarves as if you're watching a sci-fi sitcom. The editing is top-notch, with dramatic zooms, sound effects, and music that ramp up the intensity during battles with enormous beasties.

Deep Rock Galactic is at its best when played co-operatively with friends, and Neebs Gaming's crew have fantastic chemistry. Their banter is hilarious as they work together to complete objectives while constantly screwing each other over for laughs. You get invested in the distinct personalities of each dwarf. It's clear they're having a blast with the game, and that joy is contagious.

For a unique take on this stellar co-op shooter, Neebs Gaming's Deep Rock Galactic series is a must-watch. It's like playing through the game yourself with a crew of fun-loving friends along for the ride. Their cinematic approach makes the game even more entertaining and accessible for viewers. I couldn't recommend it more!

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all right guys welcome to deep rock0.3992.8
thank you thank you very much i'm3.1992.961
excited to play this game with you guys4.722.8
thick you've played this a little bit6.163.92
right slightly a long time ago yes dora7.525.039
you've never played this i have not and10.084.559
it's not you've never played this either12.5594.8
no not aside from the tutorial okay and14.6394.48
i'm a driller i already have a question17.3594.161
am i also going to have a gun19.1194.08
oh yeah yeah yeah i got a gun all right21.522.96
just want to make sure i'm not [ __ ]23.1993.441
drilling all over the place no shoot24.483.76
all right so down here is where you26.642.799
start the mission so we're gonna go28.242.64
ahead we're gonna do a mission let me uh29.4393.601
let me fire it up we're gonna go30.884.56
let's see what's a good one which one33.045.28
who has the beard i guess that's me that35.445.2
you are one handsome son of a [ __ ] yeah38.324.64
he looked like he playing zz top yeah40.644.16
you know it was a minute burma's42.964.8
spreading around in that texas town all44.84.64
right here's a mission all we got to do47.763.52
is go down to the planet and collect uh49.446.16
225 more kite only 225 nice that's a51.287.119
stone because i've done some action yeah55.64.56
that's some pick accent so all right58.3994.0
everybody get down to the drop ship60.164.24
and yep62.3993.731
come on get up here we got 10 seconds64.45.36
to sit down69.763.92
oh you just stand we're good here we go71.363.6
i like it and neebs is here and he's not74.964.88
playing it's four players so i'm gonna77.364.16
watch you guys yeah he's just hanging79.843.84
out he's just hanging out judge neebs is81.523.44
here yeah83.685.2
plaintiff witness to the stand i judge84.965.199
this game88.884.0
all right so we're here we really need94.725.28
to stick together i'm the scout96.243.76
all right and we only have what four107.044.48
they give to us yep yep and i i actually109.044.32
have i think i have like a super glow111.523.76
stick hold on let me see113.363.84
oh yeah there we go see115.284.159
i really like the place though i like it117.23.919
all right that's what you do super glow119.4392.72
what's simon do he's a driller yeah122.1593.92
simon's the drill guy all right so is124.0793.761
this the stuff where we're drilling this126.0793.841
red [ __ ] uh no but we'll need this127.843.6
wretched if we need to call in weapons129.923.679
and supplies yeah we should get this131.444.4
okay so how do we know what we're mining133.5994.241
or what we're going to be mining uh it's135.843.92
more k we got to find it it's blue137.844.56
market up in the top right uh top right139.764.559
it says extract more kite yep okay and142.44.4
there's a picture of it blue perfect144.3194.0
okay simon this is where your drill146.84.48
comes in handy okay we need you148.3194.961
to drill a hole drill a hole through151.284.239
this dirt okay gotta go left a little153.283.679
bit because i'm looking at the map if155.5192.72
you hold them you can kind of see the156.9594.0
map i'm looking at the map and i can see158.2395.041
uh yeah kind of a another tunnel to our160.9594.0
left okay163.283.52
how do i get the drill because i just164.9594.801
see this fire thing maybe maybe one two166.85.04
three or four you have four different uh169.763.52
oh do i171.842.88
oh there you go it looks like a drill174.724.159
yeah hold on this is a drill hey yeah176.2395.681
those are memphis reel mittens wow oh178.8795.681
yeah yeah oh yeah oh yeah go aim down a181.924.08
little bit baby184.564.08
okay uh aiming or oh yeah no you we got186.04.319
through we got through we shoot a flare188.644.16
in there so we can see boom we're in oh190.3196.601
got some [ __ ] all bugs192.84.12
now is there a friendly fire like could200.644.239
i hurt you guys by accident202.3195.121
another one um i don't know put down a204.8793.761
negative doesn't seem to be208.647.04
oh this is a horrible place for a turret212.06.0
yeah why do you put a turret there i was215.684.479
just learning it really oh actually it218.03.44
might come in handy220.1593.36
go back guys let's use my turret all221.444.0
right use your turret and then i want to223.5193.28
burn things225.444.32
that's a good idea can you pick it up226.7994.881
yeah i got it229.763.759
all right let's push forward up more231.685.6
bugs light the place up a little bit233.5193.761
uh appsro237.924.239
yo what's up all right i wanna hold let239.683.919
me move forward can i take the lead for242.1592.401
a second243.5992.401
yeah what's up yeah take the lead baby244.564.399
take the lead oh i i just wanna fire i246.05.439
wanna see how good this thing works on248.9595.84
threats come on threats251.4395.76
get that nitra that red stuff there254.7993.921
get it257.1993.121
look as soon as i'm looking for258.723.44
something they got nothing260.323.439
yeah well let's keep going deeper we're262.163.84
looking for more kite all right oh i see263.7595.201
something blue over here is this no266.04.72
more kite sounds like it'd be like an268.964.56
amish name maybe oh yeah i got baddies270.725.44
oh yeah that's a big boy oh yeah273.524.959
okay light them up savage i was trying276.164.319
to and then somebody else was shooting278.4794.881
there we go [ __ ] roll shoot him get280.4794.881
him am i always late with this283.364.24
there we go all right we see any more290.724.8
kite it's a blue crystal see some more292.6395.12
nitrate hold on a second while we while295.524.48
we wait for door let's wait for dora i'm297.7594.481
here i'm here i want dora to lay down300.03.6
that thing maybe you can go ahead and302.242.959
see if that that's more kite right oh303.64.0
yeah this is it it's more kite look at305.1994.321
that okay you're good should i drill it307.63.36
or no i guess you guys are good with the309.523.28
pickaxe oh we got it yeah we can run310.962.799
this stuff312.84.0
more okay now dora yeah let's let do i313.7594.88
want us i want to see this turret in316.83.76
action oh we will that the time will318.6393.601
come the time will go oh is this more320.564.16
back here well i'm i'm demanding the322.244.48
time it might not sometimes the time324.723.039
doesn't come326.723.12
yeah sometimes it won't come how do we327.7594.961
uh oh wait wait look i can maybe do this329.844.24
looks like there might be a path over332.724.8
here that's not poisonous334.085.28
oh dora those are sweet i think uh don't337.523.2
you have the zipline dora you're the339.363.04
zipline guy because so you can lay those340.722.479
and then use a zipline to get up there343.1993.84
i'm the only one with a zipline344.964.079
do we need to go over there is that what347.0394.0
you're saying349.0393.361
yeah we need to how do you clear this352.42.96
stuff out i've never it's been a while353.9192.961
since i've played this355.364.24
well well don't burn maybe maybe it's356.884.8
just oh you so you are confirming we359.64.48
need to go this way uh yeah according to361.684.4
the map it looks like they're well yeah364.083.44
there's a ton of straight ahead coming366.082.64
up behind us367.523.28
doraleous make little uh mushroom368.723.599
patties on the side of the wall oh watch370.84.48
out behind you behind oh boy oh oh372.3194.72
there's something crazy back there too375.284.16
yep yep yep oh boy oh boy i'm in a bad377.0394.641
spot i'm in a bad spot oh god oh god oh379.444.56
god i'm in a bad spot help381.684.239
come on take it make it make it make it384.04.56
make it make it make it oh boy oh boy385.9193.761
got one388.565.44
there we go i can't believe i'm not dead389.684.32
okay how is everybody everybody doing399.9193.84
good i'm great lightened up right doing401.525.04
super great well i'm surprised i'm not403.7594.641
dead i'm surprised we can't you simon406.563.759
you can't burn this stuff maybe408.43.76
no it won't burn i've been trying to410.3194.801
burn it see damn i don't know how we get412.165.52
rid of it can i drill through it415.124.16
well it's you know what now i'm walking417.683.68
through it it's not hurting me yeah try419.283.6
to drill through with simon can you hit421.363.6
it i was just drilling right here you422.883.92
guys want to come over here it's safe424.963.28
good job doraleous yeah thank you428.244.48
it doesn't hurt you but yeah simon get431.122.88
over here and drill through this uh432.722.879
drill through this bit drill through434.02.639
what here435.5992.081
okay there's stuff down below but okay437.683.76
oh yeah oh oh oh441.524.88
i know uh i'm getting hurt but i'm still443.524.32
go okay446.43.359
there i made it safer447.844.479
yeah except for you so oh no this is bad449.7594.401
down here guys it's just more and more452.3193.28
of the green454.163.28
uh listen i think you know we can walk455.5993.841
through it okay457.444.4
all right so how about this i'll let you459.444.64
go and walk down there and then you tell461.844.0
me whether or not i should walk down464.083.76
there i think yeah absolutely walk down465.846.079
here okay light it up a little bit okay467.844.079
okay oh god all right now it's time for472.244.079
the turrets we got it coming we got it474.244.239
uh oh i don't have my other turret476.3194.241
[ __ ] see the time came and it didn't478.4794.641
come i got rocket launchers though480.566.079
here we go i am doing [ __ ] over here rub483.127.88
button oh boy he's gone486.6394.361
oh my god all right i'm gonna light this504.4794.801
up down here let's keep moving oh boy506.6394.721
left side left to the left of you come509.284.16
on [ __ ] simon there you go there you511.363.679
oh yeah look at you simon515.0393.44
i like fire520.1594.401
yeah you do522.3993.601
that's a bunch of524.563.04
bunch of [ __ ]526.03.279
well not really they're coming at us527.64.16
quite confidently all right hey we got529.2794.24
some more kite here we got the more kite531.763.12
here on the left oh god clear these533.5193.521
little boys out clearing big guy at the534.884.48
all right toss it a slow grenade that'll540.164.08
slow down a little bit541.924.4
all right i'm down to a little qq how do544.245.92
i refill my freaking fire gun oh yeah546.325.6
i'm out of ammo too we gotta let's see550.163.04
how much nitrate551.923.599
nitra have we collected i okay553.24.079
[ __ ] i can call it a supply drop but it555.5194.241
cost 80 nitro we only have 10. oh wow557.2794.641
hey look around for more red stuff all559.764.48
right let's get this more kite561.924.88
i'm clearing out all the all the baddies564.245.44
oh yeah what is that baddie that little566.85.76
let me uh let it up in here a little bit569.685.52
i like how they they burst easily that572.564.56
makes me happy oh all right we're full575.24.0
on more kite i'm calling in the mule577.124.08
all right579.24.0
put it up its butt all right up mule's581.25.52
here yep putting it in the mule's butt583.27.68
he follows us oh he follows deposit586.726.799
yeah if you hold e it's not noise that's590.884.079
me probably dumping a bunch of stuff in593.5192.32
sounds like a monster it's a monster595.8393.841
that's positive598.323.84
oh god that is a monster holy crap tell599.685.36
me i wish i had a bigger gun i got him i602.164.96
got him i got him605.044.4
all right we really got to find some610.482.32
more knight what's hitting me all right611.683.2
but we've extracted what something's612.83.12
hitting me614.883.04
oh yeah no this uh this thing probably615.924.0
when it i think when it died it let out617.923.76
a little gas a little little plume of619.923.52
gas all right621.684.24
oh it looks like a big he has a big cave623.444.56
system up here oh i do see some nitro625.924.0
perfect perfect perfect perfect all628.03.6
right i'm telling the mule to come over629.922.8
ready putting down a turret just in case632.723.92
there it is636.83.52
that'll do it huh that ought to do it638.564.16
come on get that put that in the middle640.324.959
come on baby come on mule all right come642.724.239
on mew where's the mute over here it's645.2793.441
right here here's the mute all right646.9594.32
come on come on come on come on648.725.359
stop stop moving stop what are you doing651.2794.321
all right jesus decided to be up here654.0792.801
all right655.64.56
77 we got 77 nitro we need eight what's656.884.88
three more three more come on put it in660.162.88
there put it in it661.763.12
all right cool we got a resupply all663.043.68
right i'm calling it in664.883.92
everyone stand back stand back stand666.724.72
back standing back this is why are we668.84.08
gonna get hurt671.442.8
yeah if it lands on top of your head it672.882.72
probably won't feel good674.242.4
come on resupply oh yeah get it turret676.646.4
you get it turret oh god679.363.68
all right683.122.719
oh boy684.3993.601
damn they are all over the place all685.8393.041
i'm lighting it up688.882.639
get away from me693.682.719
i think so yeah697.043.6
everybody take a resupply you come up698.9593.521
here you hold e you'll resupply your700.645.439
inventory all right resupply hey uh dora702.484.479
all right you have uh that platform you706.9593.761
see that nitro and gold up there go get709.22.639
that nitro710.723.359
uh spider's coming in oh yeah yeah711.8394.881
there's a way714.0792.641
is my zip line like a motorized one727.684.56
yes you can be you can put your zip line730.483.599
we can get anywhere so yeah door can put732.243.839
platforms you can use your zip line it's734.0793.841
all about the team work baby if you want736.0793.44
to mark where you want me to put a737.924.719
platform go ahead and hold down what see739.5194.88
oh yeah that's right forgot about that742.6393.681
ow should not have jumped from that far744.3993.44
all right let's push forward a little747.8393.521
bit i'm gonna light it up749.23.759
oh yeah look at all that nitro right up751.362.56
see that yeah oh hold on let me try this753.923.76
let me try this uh756.0793.921
you got a platform let's see757.684.719
yeah put a platform up there dora gonna760.03.519
look at me762.3993.201
look at me763.5195.361
i'm free as a bird765.67.039
where do you want a platform put market768.883.759
oh yeah i did773.043.44
oh man they're coming out774.484.4
oh boy yep all right here they come776.484.32
oh oh god got to reload i've got to778.884.0
reload come on build it build it build780.84.039
it build it782.883.6
all right get to that uh get that nitro786.484.479
thick all right i'm going does anybody788.244.64
see any more kite790.9593.601
oh yeah i do i do right up here792.883.199
absolutely i'm gonna i'm gonna shoot a794.562.399
oh yeah hold on i can use my grapple796.9596.801
yeah baby getting that more kite do i801.124.08
have a grapple803.764.319
no you do not you have a drill okay we805.25.68
are ground people we're grounding808.0794.721
all right um810.883.44
pushing forward a little bit oh we got a812.83.039
big guy814.323.6
oops i shot a platform at it815.8393.761
that'll learn him817.923.279
all right his butt uh that's what we819.63.44
want to shoot he's got a big green butt821.1993.601
shoot at his butt just threw a grenade823.043.84
at him nice824.84.24
i just slowed him down832.163.679
uh what is that what did i just laid833.923.68
down that's a c4 charge did you throw835.8394.24
that down simon yeah i did837.64.799
so yeah do you have like uh840.0794.961
oh got a swarm coming got a swarm coming842.3994.401
oh we have a swarm coming all right set845.044.0
up set up turrets set up turrets i did i846.83.76
got lights camera here they come nick850.564.24
you might wanna come back over here i853.2792.321
don't know where they're coming i don't854.82.719
know if they're going to come from home855.64.16
oh boy by putting down the other turret857.5194.32
this oh oh oh god they're coming from859.764.24
above us holy [ __ ] come on you little861.8393.041
[ __ ]864.02.32
hey don't we have shields doesn't864.884.92
someone have a shield866.323.48
it it didn't work870.0794.32
there you go871.922.479
you're let's hit it with the platform uh874.885.36
where oh yeah877.123.12
how we doing how we doing i think we did880.722.32
there we go got the big boy big boy883.044.64
where no i said i got the big boy oh885.444.079
there's another big boy there it is and887.685.279
some sort of a dragon creature889.5193.44
so you only get one grenade894.9593.201
uh nope897.123.04
okay well then i'm obviously doing898.163.52
something wrong900.163.119
oh we got a yeah there's a bunch of them901.683.76
there oh god there's a punch-out best903.2794.481
there are oh905.445.28
oh i'm glad i haven't been using my fire907.765.84
bird [ __ ] there you go910.724.799
all right let's get some high ground913.63.76
oh we got another uh these guys coming917.363.12
oh watch your back watch your back920.485.52
grenade on him got him there we go there923.1994.721
you go oh he got one right behind you926.05.199
thick right behind you got him927.923.279
oh my god i'm sorry931.444.639
are you so hurt933.1992.88
watch out fire oh boy936.485.359
there we go939.122.719
nick's got the spot up there yeah he942.0795.041
does yeah944.0793.041
all right let's push uh947.2795.12
let's push forward949.2793.12
do we have to953.443.199
no we don't have what do you think of956.6393.44
this game simon i think it's fun i mean957.8393.201
you know what960.0793.921
i'm not dead so that says something961.045.799
oh can i hold on to this and get it nope964.05.44
nope okay all right that's how you test966.8393.961
oh there's some uh there's some of that969.443.199
red stuff in front of us get it guys i'm970.83.68
good on healthy let's get this nitro i'm972.6393.44
gonna call over the mule we can deposit974.482.719
what we got976.0794.241
we got 76 out of 225 nitra so are not977.1996.08
nitro more kite so we need more more kai980.324.24
oh this is a big system hold on i'm983.2792.721
going to light this up984.563.68
oh found some found some more kite986.05.12
oh i see it yep right over there get it988.244.56
okay do you need it oh yeah we don't991.123.12
need it oh992.85.599
yes yes i'll watch behind us i got ten994.245.839
we need way more nitra because yeah998.3993.601
we're gonna need another supply drop hey1000.0795.041
dora yep put a platform right here copy1002.04.079
copy roger ding dong thank you1006.0795.361
now neebs are you thinking that maybe1008.884.0
you're happy that you're not playing1011.444.639
this no i'd be happy playing or watching1012.884.72
yeah it looks like i like games that are1016.0794.0
teamwork based yeah oh this this game is1017.63.679
all about it1020.0792.481
all right did you get all that more kite1021.2793.601
thick yeah i'm depositing1022.563.68
all right everybody deposit what they1024.882.64
got because man we could really use1026.242.959
another supply drop if anybody has any1027.524.159
nitro more kite anything i got to put it1029.1994.24
in there just a little bit1031.6793.041
more nitro would be really good i'm1033.4393.921
going to check over here1034.724.959
see if there's anything up top all right1037.364.959
i don't see anything let's push forward1039.6795.36
to the east1042.3192.72
doing pretty good though1045.364.319
we're all still alive that's uh that's1047.364.64
something oh okay well that's good this1049.6795.681
looks like a dead end oh should i drill1052.04.88
maybe this looks like it might be a dead1055.362.64
end let's see1056.883.039
that seems like it's dirt1058.03.52
it is this is a dead end i don't see1059.9193.76
anything right here okay you tell me1061.523.84
what to do boss i do it i mean you can1063.6793.12
drill through it sometimes you get1065.363.52
through to another cavern sometimes all1066.7993.521
right yeah you know what yeah start1068.882.96
drilling let's see where we end up i'm1070.323.52
drilling through1071.844.4
come on baby1073.843.76
and oh1076.243.04
am i already1077.64.4
hmm oh is your is your drill dead1079.285.36
but it appears my drill is dead1082.06.16
oh no that's not good at all1084.645.919
oh we got baddies coming in1088.166.879
enemies yep from the north oh1090.5594.48
oh god it comes from above this sucks1101.124.24
you know what stay if you're in here we1103.363.6
could just shoot him good we got that1105.364.4
come on come and get us you [ __ ]1106.965.599
i think we're good1109.762.799
so yeah hey guys follow me i think i1112.724.0
might have figured this out all right so1114.883.52
yeah thick get a zip line we need a zip1116.724.12
line right up there1118.46.399
okay too steep it says i'm trying to1120.845.8
can i do it on the ledge1124.7993.441
or no get back a little bit if you need1126.643.039
to but yeah we just we need to get up1128.243.679
oh yeah ready1132.42.72
there you go all right and then yeah1133.64.959
everybody ride the zipline1135.126.96
yeah yeah baby all right um oh boy can1138.5594.561
oh yeah all right got up here hey some1143.124.48
nitro [ __ ] yeah1145.285.04
yeah we need we need supplies bad yeah1147.64.72
we do1150.324.479
uh oh i dropped two how'd you get off of1152.323.359
climbed it um yeah i just hit spacebar1156.884.159
and hit spacebar again immediately1159.124.0
climbed right up all right let's see if1161.0395.361
you do it here i can uh oh god oh man1163.125.2
i'm gonna [ __ ] die now because of1166.42.88
all right i'm going up here1169.283.36
that's the cool thing about this game1171.443.28
all this uh all the land can be uh1172.643.919
manipulated so that ought to help you1174.724.72
simon there you go yeah1176.5596.24
teamwork baby teamwork come on think1179.445.84
you got that it's like easy peasy1182.7996.24
yeah okay so if i was looking at my map1185.287.2
all right simon drill time drill time1189.0394.961
oh wait hold on let me see if we have1192.483.84
enough nitro to order a thing oh wait my1194.03.679
drill doesn't work i don't think1196.323.04
remember that's right [ __ ] we really1197.6794.081
could use this nitro right up here1199.364.72
dora yep i got you1201.764.799
it says zero percent1204.085.12
on my right drill1206.5594.961
so i'm assuming that's the battery1209.23.839
yep that's the battery all right let's1211.523.92
uh everyone deposit like a drill though1213.0394.801
everyone deposit what you have into do i1215.445.52
not have anything oh i got some more1217.844.959
well you just got some i just watched oh1220.963.68
you know what it all went to my health1222.7994.0
cause my health was low1224.643.44
all right we're gonna have to drill this1226.7992.801
manually then1228.083.36
well no look at this hold on all right1229.63.28
dora come in come in here and set up1231.442.88
turrets we can all sit up in this cave1232.883.039
yeah yeah yeah guys we have a lot of1234.323.68
aliens heading towards us i know yeah1235.9194.0
set of turrets right here all right we1238.03.28
got them we got a nice funnel they have1239.9192.64
to come into1241.284.8
oh boy i am low on ammo this sucks1242.5596.321
it's a big one team oh there's a shield1246.084.4
who put that shield there was that you1248.882.64
i put that up yeah1251.523.2
i think everyone can would see you can1253.123.52
put up your own little personal1254.725.52
seat calls in the uh oh god1256.643.6
[ __ ]1260.884.159
oh my god we are screwed1262.485.199
no we're not we can do this1265.0396.321
oh god i have like eight bullets left1267.6794.721
[ __ ]1271.362.799
we got two bullets left1272.43.36
i don't even know how to tell how many1274.1593.201
bullets i have left1275.764.32
i'm tossing a grenade1277.365.36
that's a biggie oh god what the [ __ ] was1280.084.64
that oh god they're falling falling from1282.723.439
the dead oh they're coming from the damn1284.723.04
ceiling all right1286.1592.681
come on1287.765.12
[ __ ] come on [ __ ]1288.846.36
i'm out of ammo i'm completely out of1292.885.279
ammo okay so my1295.24.959
melee yep hit him hit him with your1298.1595.0
hey my drill works again oh god i'm down1307.9194.801
oh no1311.443.76
hold on after1312.724.24
guys if you could if you could fight him1315.23.599
off you can uh you can revive me i'm1316.963.599
reviving amster1318.7993.921
cover me oh i'm down1320.5594.401
hold right click simon if you hold right1322.723.36
click you can hit him in the head with1324.963.92
your pick that's what i'm trying to do1326.086.599
do it rallies is down1328.883.799
no but it's working again see i think it1342.45.44
needs to get charged up yeah1345.286.84
oh simon revived around1347.844.28
well we were sent to the infirmary1360.7993.041
because mission failed you guys want to1362.43.04
try another one yeah1363.843.6
yeah yeah yeah do it let's do it let's1365.443.68
do it we're not going to give up we're1367.442.8
dwarves all right you know what let's1369.122.08
let's take a little break though1370.242.4
everybody follow me everybody follow me1371.23.76
over here we're going to the bar oh yeah1372.644.32
there we go1374.963.44
hey hey1376.964.0
play a little music1378.44.759
i don't know if we deserve1380.966.199
this party1383.1594.0
all right mission two we're gonna do1393.6792.24
this one we're a little bit more1394.962.24
prepared we know what we're doing hit1395.9193.841
the little guys with your pickaxes okay1397.24.88
let's go get that more cut boys all1399.763.039
i like it don't waste ammo conserve ammo1402.7995.201
collect red stuff all the other stuff1405.524.32
here we go here we go here we go red1408.03.679
stuff we got red stuff oh look there's1409.843.36
red stuff right out of the gate oh look1411.6793.601
at this it's perfect oh yeah get that1413.23.44
nitro baby1415.284.0
purple stuff too what's this1416.644.399
purple stuff i don't know1419.283.2
we don't need it but gather it you can1421.0392.961
probably use it to buy supplies down in1422.482.96
the shop1424.04.0
these guys1425.442.56
what is that i don't know but i got it1428.44.96
you do got it1431.25.04
okay we have options on directions to go1433.364.559
hold on let's uh let's check this camera1436.244.08
i'm going to light it up a little more1437.9194.321
anybody see anything good1440.323.12
not yet1443.443.359
i see some gold1444.964.16
yeah grab the gold and then yeah simon1446.7993.521
drill buddy1449.122.88
right over here i'm gonna mark it for1450.324.16
you start drilling right there boy i1452.04.159
like it1454.484.88
yeah there we go there we go there we go1456.1595.201
let me take a look at the map1459.363.6
uh oh actually yeah turn left a little1461.363.6
bit turn left turn left a little bit1462.962.959
yeah that way go that way1465.9195.681
oh purple stuff a whole bunch more1468.1596.081
get that perp get the perp1471.64.0
hold on let me take a look at where1474.242.799
we're at1475.63.36
oh god oh god oh my god where did you1477.0395.681
come from where did he come i don't know1478.967.28
oh watch out guys watch out1482.723.52
sorry is that c4 holy crap what the hell1487.0395.76
does it have oh no i forgot i could hurt1490.46.0
you i oh i hurt myself too got him yeah1492.7994.961
not good1496.44.08
christ i got blown up sorry okay1497.765.36
simon i'm looking at the map let me uh1500.484.799
can you drill down a little bit like1503.124.559
over yeah like over here oh wait yeah1505.2793.76
this point oh never mind there's a path1507.6792.721
there's a path we got a pad all right1509.0393.281
good very nice see that bomb was good1510.44.159
i'm glad i did it all right this purple1512.323.28
stuff doesn't give us anything don't1514.5593.12
waste your time all right1515.64.24
hey what's this ball do1517.6793.6
there was this sack hanging from the1519.843.6
ceiling i blew it open and the ball came1521.2792.961
ceiling sack cave testicles well nitrous1524.244.799
full i'm gonna call in i'm gonna call in1527.363.08
the mule1529.0393.681 is available1530.443.64
hold on guys enemy right there see him1534.086.24
oh yeah big one oh yeah1536.43.92
these are the bullets i use about1540.485.36
bullets on your baby get it baby1542.725.52
i'll light him up1545.843.839
oh god1548.243.36
he dropped some gold head out man he had1549.6793.761
like gold man he had a bunch of stuff on1551.64.0
man he had goodies got all that red too1553.444.239
right oh yeah get that uh get that nitro1555.64.24
right there hold on yeah bring the mule1557.6793.281
i'm gonna bring the mule right out here1559.843.76
in the middle yeah1560.963.92
come on mule1563.63.12
deebs you awful quiet oh well i'm1564.884.24
watching okay oh guys we got more kite1566.725.52
right there and right there1569.125.36
yeah i'm putting down the turret just1572.244.48
yeah put me a platform like right there1574.483.04
i'm swears there we go1577.525.12
you got a rolly polly yeah you gotta you1580.723.76
guys got a roly-poly kind of thing just1582.643.279
uh careful1584.484.24
okay all right1585.9192.801
all right i'm getting the more k1589.123.84
all right i'm getting gold1591.123.679
see that cave testicle up there you guys1592.963.44
see that right up there yeah i do see a1594.7993.521
little cave vault and i also see dora1596.44.32
give me an enemy like right how was that1598.323.52
yeah yeah yeah1600.722.72
yeah come and come in how was that i1601.843.199
don't know what it was i don't know oh1603.443.359
you it was you1605.0395.801
oh watch out oh god jesus1606.7995.681
holy crap that hurt me1614.04.24
did you guys see that big roly-poly is1616.323.12
that what you were talking about earlier1618.243.439
oh yeah that hurt me a lot oh wow yeah1619.445.119
i'm i'm very hurt myself um how do i1621.6794.961
make it so that i'm not hurt cause i is1624.5594.161
isn't that red stone does that help me1626.644.88
the red stuff yeah yeah no not the nitra1628.724.079
it's a different type of red stuff1631.522.639
that's a different it's like it's like a1632.7993.76
health red stuff uh oh speaking of1634.1594.161
there's more nitro right there hold on1636.5593.041
where's that where's the mule let me1638.324.079
deposit what nitra i got1639.64.24
all right how are we looking all right1642.3993.52
sweet we already have enough to call in1643.844.64
uh supply when we need it okay1645.9196.0
and we have 37 more more kite out of 2001648.485.6
looking good baby1651.9193.681
oh boy this guy1654.083.28
who's he think he is1655.66.319
uh a quaternary shellback wow1657.367.36
oh god what the hell was that simon oh1661.9195.12
yeah that's a good idea watch out i'm1664.725.28
gonna do it well i got it1667.0394.64
wow look at this thing under it looks1674.325.28
like a vagina with teeth yes now is that1676.645.519
healing red stuff or nitrate no that's a1679.64.64
nitro we still need that i don't see any1682.1593.921
healing red stuff okay that thing1684.244.0
disappeared man there's a ton of gold1686.083.839
down here yeah we don't need the gold1688.243.36
we're looking for more kite i know but1689.9193.601
the gold we get we can buy stuff with it1691.63.84
later that's true that's true that's1693.523.68
true you want that nature though right1695.443.68
no we need to grab that nitro for sure1697.24.0
oh we got baddies coming in watch out1699.123.84
watch out1701.22.88
oh boy1702.962.48
i didn't mean to blow it up this is bad1704.082.88
news for me bad news all right i'm1705.445.2
coming up to you guys i got the nitro1706.965.52
all right that was a lot better than i1710.643.279
thought it was1712.484.48
hell yeah we got more kite over here too1713.9194.721
oh man we're looking good this is this1716.963.36
game's being nice to us1718.643.759
like that other one we're gonna succeed1720.324.88
this is the succeeding cave1722.3994.4
hey how are you1725.23.359
doing good simon this might be some1726.7994.0
health stuff right here1728.5594.24
no wait oh never mind that was nitra all1730.7993.921
right yeah let's move on1732.7992.88
all right1734.722.4
oh did you already get some more of that1737.123.919
more kite and just not put it in the bot1739.0392.961
yeah i haven't put it in the butt yet1742.02.48
i'll do that i actually i'm going to1743.2793.52
call the bot over here simon we need to1744.484.16
drill baby all right drill and that's1746.7993.76
what i do i'm the drilling man give me a1748.643.919
spot to drill1750.5594.801
uh right there there we go straight like1752.5594.801
boom boom push up1755.363.919
all right yeah hold on let me look at1757.363.919
the map yeah go straight through all1759.2793.28
right i'm gonna put some of my [ __ ] in1761.2793.12
the mule and i'll catch up i dropped1762.5594.72
down so i guess i'm through let me hit1764.3994.561
do one of those glow sticks so i could1767.2793.201
see where i'm at1768.963.92
there you go hello hello1770.484.48
oh man look at more nitra man you know1772.883.6
what let's call it a supply drop i'm1774.963.439
gonna do that yeah let's do it do it all1776.483.84
right don't stand right there get this1778.3993.841
get this nitra1780.323.359
i'm gonna build it1782.243.12
all right come on supply drop come on1783.6794.321
supply drop1785.362.64
and where is it at1789.723.559
supply drop1793.2795.28
yeah here we go thank you home base1794.645.36
doesn't kill you too1798.5594.561
yeah it does yeah yeah1800.05.76
like that1803.124.64
came with some band-aids oh man look at1805.764.639
that we're over 25 percent of the way1807.764.48
there with the more kite1810.3994.16
oh yeah but oh look at this1812.243.52
that's a lot oh god here they come hey1815.765.279
move kick oh [ __ ]1818.5595.84
jesus christ watch out you blew me up1821.0396.161
i didn't i did i did1824.3995.441
i had just healed up guys come on you1827.25.199
got to call it out people that's my1829.845.199
fault i apologize teamwork teamwork make1832.3995.441
that dream work i see bugs and i freak1835.0394.721
out all right well you are the gunner1837.844.0
yeah it's part of your character1839.762.88
up swarm coming in swarm coming in set1842.644.159
up a defensive perimeter go go go go go1844.5593.12
go go go go go go right here get right1846.7992.24
here this is a good spot right where i'm1847.6793.921
at everybody get right here okay1849.0394.64
i have a lot of fire there you go1851.64.48
turrets all right you got a lot of fire1853.6794.161
nobody throw bombs1856.083.76
nobody throw bombs we're well equipped1857.843.36
lighten it up here they come here they1859.842.079
they'll probably be coming from up there1861.9194.24
and to the left there's two entries1863.844.16
should i put a shield down1866.1593.76
how do you how do you do that uh can't1868.04.159
hurt left side left side got something1869.9194.64
coming there we go1872.1593.36
puddle them in1875.5195.921
there you go thick eat them alive baby1878.1595.36
wow and the throw bomb1881.444.0
all right whoa1883.5194.16
i'm tossing it okay yeah they're coming1885.443.76
from behind1887.6794.641
oh they're coming the other way yeah1889.25.04
who just threw something at me1892.324.32
that was me but it's it won't hurt you1894.244.24
it slows bugs down1896.645.6
oh god that's that's a big guy1898.484.799
try to hit his butt try to hit his butt1903.2795.52
big spot on his butt oh boy1906.3994.0
spot on his butt i'm firing his ass up1910.3994.4
right now baby there you go firing his1912.644.48
ass up1914.7994.24
more coming in more coming in1917.125.84
okay [ __ ] i am not okay1919.0396.081
toss it a slow grenade yeah i'm out of1922.964.48
okay let's get let's get these guys we1928.04.48
can call it another resupply1929.844.64
call it another resupply is good that1932.485.52
that would be a good good idea1934.483.52
okay [ __ ]1938.724.64
all right get away from his corpse oh1941.364.24
good everybody okay1947.0393.441
barely all right let's see do we have1948.964.0
enough for a resupply please god we1950.484.64
don't we need 80. hold on1952.963.76
all right let's get the mule over here1955.123.36
we'll deposit what we have in the mule1956.723.36
no hopefully we can find some more1958.484.24
nitrate soup1960.084.479
i call it let's call a mule1962.724.0
okay you scared me i thought you were1964.5593.281
no all right we have 76 nitro we just1967.843.28
need a little bit more nitro we can call1969.843.52
it a resupply let's push forward oh we1971.125.36
got 138 more kite there's still plenty1973.364.559
of more kite over here that we can we1976.483.36
need a lot of more cuts oh yeah then get1977.9194.48
yeah get that more kite1979.844.24
oh hey i got more nitro oh that's1982.3993.841
actually really good oh wow what's down1984.084.319
here i'm scouting ahead all right we got1986.244.799
a ton of more kites uh ahead a ton of1988.3994.961
more kite all right i'm i'm calling the1991.0393.841
mule over here1993.363.199
everybody put your more kite and nitro1994.883.2
in i got a little bit more nature but i1996.5592.801
don't know i don't know if it'll get us1998.084.64
to where we need i bet you we got enough1999.364.88
about to find out come on you will drop2002.723.76
baby drop baby come on let me oh yeah we2004.244.88
got 81 i am calling it a resupply2006.483.6
all right resupply i'll do it right out2010.084.64
here in the middle2012.1592.561
everybody keep it covered keep me2015.22.479
covered keep me covered i'm dropping2016.3992.081
bam we'll resupply right here wait what2018.484.72
what's this that oh god i probably2020.645.68
picked this hit my face getting attacked2023.25.599
oh there's like oh [ __ ] there's plants2026.323.44
oh my trap spitters um come down i guess2029.765.36
yep yep yep i gotta go let me get2033.63.919
resupply or what uh let's take out these2035.123.679
plants first2037.5193.04
ow [ __ ]2038.7996.161
it's moving it's gonna blow there he2040.5594.401
oh goes thing's going down baby2045.64.239
kill it2048.1593.601
this is like a boss battle here look at2049.8394.641
look at his health bar up top it is2051.764.639
oh yeah boy2054.484.0
oh god i'm gonna die i'm gonna die come2056.3994.48
on open back up open back up2058.485.28
going in the action oh my god come on2060.8795.681
you little [ __ ]2063.762.8
come on holy [ __ ]2066.8793.681
where's the resupply because i jumped2068.722.8
guys we got to focus on this green thing2071.524.0
this green thing right here2073.284.48
oh they keep growing back god yeah and2075.525.2
he's his health keeps regenerating2077.764.72
guys fall back fall back grab your2080.724.399
resupply and fall back fall back to me2082.485.04
all right hey hey where are you i'm to2085.1194.881
you i'm right here where's the resupply2087.523.839
it may have disappeared or gotten2090.02.56
mother [ __ ]2092.563.68
oh they're healing pots you got to2094.83.52
destroy the healing pods2096.243.599
okay fall back dick we don't know what2098.322.96
we're doing so yeah we're just falling2099.8393.361
back falling back2101.283.68
because yeah that thing keeps uh here we2103.23.44
got more kite2104.963.76
let's stay focused on the mission2106.644.8
all right i fell back we need to put the2108.726.24
more kite in the mule i bet you we have2111.445.04
enough yeah hold on all right i'm2114.964.0
calling the mule over call them you2116.483.68
dora you might want to fall back over2118.962.879
here with us yeah that's probably a good2120.162.8
i should grab my turret though2122.963.84
if we have enough more kite don't we2125.043.68
leave and go back i need my turret oh2126.83.76
god above it simon2128.725.6
what oh god what the [ __ ] is that2130.565.92
oh boy watch out watch out watch out2134.323.84
there's all coming right here i need my2136.485.04
turret [ __ ] i'm out of fire of course2138.165.439
[ __ ]2141.524.0
bless all right put the more cut in come2143.5993.281
on come on come on2145.523.44
we got 184 out of 200 everybody put your2146.884.64
more kite in put your boar kite in i2148.964.72
just said is this it2151.524.0
16 nitro god we don't have enough we2153.683.36
need to push forward see if we can find2155.523.36
more nitrogen more kite2157.043.84
oh man we are all hurt i guess i don't2158.885.36
have any where is this i'm getting nitra2160.884.959
get nitro2164.243.359
oh [ __ ]2165.8394.801
oh god thick is down thick is down take2167.5995.041
the zip line2170.643.76
uh no hold on i can get him i can get2172.643.199
him i can grapple up there stay where2174.43.84
you're at oh yep yep that was done with2175.8394.081
me come on come on thick why would you2178.242.96
do this why would you do this to me why2179.923.199
would you put me in this situation come2181.23.12
on come on come hold up all right run2183.1194.681
run all right2184.323.48
i have no ammo yeah get off okay thank2188.325.519
you all right let's keep pushing forward2191.523.68
simon you can't hurt them with your2193.8393.361
drill if you need to all right plus i2195.24.24
actually do have some c4 so i'm going to2197.24.48
try to do that and when and not hurt2199.443.28
all right hopefully we can get enough2202.723.52
nitra and uh more kite we can get the2203.924.72
hell out of here that'd be great man i2206.244.4
want to kill that thing though oh i want2208.644.16
to kill it too but well we our strategy2210.645.92
was flawed oh i just got a yeast cone2212.86.24
oh god there's another one all right hey2216.565.36
can i try oh boy just got hit by a2219.044.16
yep geez there's another one of these2223.24.48
things is it the same one it might be2224.885.12
wow i just got bloody2227.684.399
can you go around it2230.04.4
i'd like to throw can simon drill a2232.0794.641
tunnel underneath it oh2234.43.84
that would waste all of his drill power2236.723.92
but yeah it's possible uh well hold on2238.245.04
oh wait yeah you know what it looks like2240.644.88
[ __ ] this guy's gonna kill me i'm gonna2243.283.36
don't die simon i'm gonna die [ __ ] wait2246.644.08
you know what we gotta kill this thing2249.3592.72
he's he's guarding a lot of money i can2250.723.2
take i can take care of him okay oh it's2252.0794.081
the same one all right focus on it focus2253.924.88
on it okay hold on got it the healing2256.164.959
pots where's the healing pots they're2258.85.2
purple you gotta put simon c4 on the2261.1194.0
oh god i have no ammo left all right2265.1193.841
we're fighting this the oh god he's2267.682.72
right here2268.963.2
um there is a resupply you don't see2270.44.32
that resupply thing it's right there it2272.164.24
didn't let me go to it all right there's2274.723.119
but there's one on this side it's right2276.43.439
there i'm looking at it it's a resupply2277.8393.921
pod oh i see i see2279.8395.201
oh cover me all right get this sprout2281.766.24
got it get now2285.044.799
oh god2288.04.96
for the healing pod2289.8394.801
healing pod is about to open it's right2292.965.92
there shoot it simon why did you die2294.645.84
oh god oh god yeah right in the middle2298.882.8
of it right the middle up right in the2300.483.359
sprinkle some salmon juice on him oh i'm2306.643.92
down damn it2308.84.0
what the hell why didn't he give me my2310.567.44
resupply uh i'm going in yeah2312.85.2
we were doing so good2319.5994.161
get them thick thick it's all on you2323.764.64
damn it2326.324.26
back to the infirmary2328.45.67
all right2336.322.32
different kind of mission this one we2337.283.12
just got to collect four eggs that's it2338.643.439
let's go get four eggs four eggs and2340.44.24
listen four eggs i i like four eggs2342.0795.121
because if the four eggs doesn't happen2344.644.64
then we end with a fail2347.23.919
now we're gonna get these eggs up2349.284.24
oh i have a feel we are gonna get them i2351.1194.321
believe we will get ready to rock all2353.523.599
right oh god2355.444.72
oh right in there jellyfish yep is that2357.1194.881
a is it cool i don't think that's a yeah2360.164.4
that's not a baddie oh god2362.04.079
that's a baddie2364.564.88
i see one baddie straight ahead oh yeah2366.0794.641
there's a bun oh man there's a bunch of2369.444.639
them over there you see him here2370.723.359
what the hell jesus2377.8394.641
oh god what the hell2380.165.679
oh and i fell in a hole go figure that's2382.487.04
the welcome party if i've ever seen one2385.8395.28
how we doing how we doing simon where2389.523.2
are you at baby2391.1193.601
i got the big guy2392.724.48
he's got he's down okay good i get out2394.724.8
of the way simon where all right there2397.25.04
you are there you are there you are2399.524.559
hey welcome to this place2402.244.079
yeah i don't like it here all we got to2404.0795.681
do is eggs huh find eggs yeah oh wow2406.3196.401
look how deep this is hey2409.764.88
oh wait2412.724.0
they're still coming up the wall guys i2414.644.32
know they're insane all right we gotta2416.724.399
get down there somehow we're gonna need2418.965.44
a zipline thick yep coming2421.1195.361
they call them they don't but now they2424.42.88
all right let me let me light it up a2427.283.6
little bit2428.723.44
you ready2430.884.56
yeah i'm ready do it2432.163.28
thank you i'll get you guys ah that2435.523.599
would have been cool yeah it would have2438.0792.641
been cool i messed it up2439.1193.281
been really neat here we go what the2440.723.92
hell it's getting worse2442.43.6
put another platform to the right of it2444.643.52
thank you2448.163.84
come on2450.0794.081
got some nitro here too2454.163.36
get it2456.03.92
is nitro the red stuff i forget2457.524.0
it is yeah it's the red stuff we need to2459.923.52
call in resupplies2461.524.16
super super valuable that is that stuff2463.444.159
there nitra2465.684.08
it's like the pizza pie of deep rock2467.5994.961
pizza pie oh hey come on we gotta got a2469.765.359
good thing hey what are you doing2472.564.559
uh you know what instead of going that2475.1193.841
yeah here they come here they come2478.964.879
all right guys fall back to me fall back2482.0793.361
to this position2483.8393.841
all right this position everybody sees2485.442.879
oh [ __ ] shot a zip line instead2489.526.24
oh big boy big boy big boy2493.044.72
i'm gonna get behind him yep get on his2495.764.0
ass oh that's that hurts that hurts that2497.764.64
hurts that hurts2499.762.64
there he goes he's down2502.724.48
up on that zip line no here we go2504.565.279
we need to go simon we need your drill2507.24.0
okay hold on2509.8393.601
oh wait i can see the eggs2511.23.68
all four2513.443.52
or at least a couple yeah there's one2514.884.479
there's actually one up here we need to2516.964.399
get up there2519.3593.841
yeah get us a get us a zip line up there2521.3595.601
would you all right one second2523.23.76
too steep what did i just do oh look at2527.284.48
that oh now i fell in a goddamn hole2529.525.36
what is that i just i i threw a hologram2531.765.839
oh is that like a decoy maybe i didn't2534.884.719
mean to probably a decoy next time2537.5993.76
there's an attack you throw that down2539.5993.121
yeah i don't even know what a button i2541.3592.881
hit be honest but that's that's pretty2542.723.359
great it's working on me it's got me2544.243.599
distracted look at that how's that2546.0795.441
zipline coming this says too steep guys2547.8395.441
well can you get us over there2551.524.88
ah damn it no too steep too steep uh2553.284.64
hold on hold tight hold up let me see if2556.42.959
i can light it up a little bit for you2557.923.919
see if that helps thank you2559.3595.201
what the hell oh he may be gonna try to2561.8396.321
get over there oh to stay god damn it2564.565.44
now this [ __ ] hole2568.164.0
somebody filled the platform2570.03.76
someone just follow yeah2572.163.6
build a platform where2573.763.359
mark where you want me to actually2575.762.96
actually wait a minute wait wait wait2577.1192.48
i'm going up here wait here here here i2579.5993.441
got it hold on2581.444.639
all right i'm digging into this uh guck2583.045.92
i think there's an egg in here2586.0794.641
i might be able to get it uh yeah you2588.963.119
know what i could probably get it guys2590.723.2
just just hang back yep i found it oh2592.0794.081
great got an egg yeah oh2593.924.24
oh oh something's mad2596.164.24
something is mad okay yep let's let's go2598.164.159
back down to where we were set up oh2600.42.88
yeah yeah2602.3193.76
they're flying make the flight in you're2603.284.799
just gonna throw the egg in the hole2606.0794.961
yeah for now ow oh i think they're upset2608.0794.801
because you grabbed the egg2611.043.68
probably that makes sense doesn't it yep2612.884.56
it does like my baby2614.726.0
come hang by my turrets y'all2617.445.12
okay cool all right2620.723.84
i got the egg here i'm gonna put the egg2622.564.88
in the mule come on baby come on baby2624.566.08
come on mew come on mew hold this egg we2627.444.8
also need to get2630.644.8
12 gunk seeds no we don't have to that's2632.245.839
uh that's that's an option oh that's a2635.444.399
bonus yeah we just need the eggs all2638.0793.76
right good which let's see according to2639.8393.361
the map2641.8393.201
i think is there one right behind me2643.23.2
what is that2645.043.92
i'm looking at oh is this a gunk seed2646.45.28
what is this why have i got this2648.966.159
whoa whoa raining2651.683.439
how is it raining in here i don't know2656.964.48
but i just blew something up that was2659.444.639
missing some sort of gas2661.444.56
might be creature semen2664.0793.841
all right let me take a peek around2666.03.76
there i think there's an egg down this2667.924.24
way was there2669.764.319
hold on let me peek let me peek let me2672.165.4
peek let me peek2674.0793.481
no but i do see there were some in front2677.8395.52
you know what maybe we should go this2682.242.4
way anyway it looks like it loops around2683.3592.96
simon come over here to me i'm right2684.643.52
here hold on2686.3194.081
i need your drill power baby2688.164.64
i got a good nickname for simon now2690.45.439
it's drill daddy oh drill daddy over2692.84.88
here drill daddy real daddy come on2695.8394.561
drill daddy drill daddy drill2697.683.52
all right just drill straight down yeah2701.22.879
not straight down but kind of at an2702.884.479
angle like that like right there2704.0796.561
oh yeah okay we're through2707.3595.521
all right nitra2714.44.48
anything let's hope yeah if we take2717.1193.281
these caves maybe we can find i need2718.883.6
yeah go get that oh yeah i'm good on2722.484.32
health right now so whoever needs help2724.44.0
uh get all that2726.84.08
i'm good too i'm just i am not there you2728.44.959
go oh there we go2730.884.08
now i'm feeling better all right i heard2733.3594.401
a growl all right nitra get that nitra2734.964.399
that's more health isn't it2737.762.72
uh yeah there is a little bit more2739.3593.281
health right there you ain't full yet oh2740.483.68
yeah you're right i might as well grab2742.644.52
there we go now pull2748.3194.081
to get that nitra get all the nitro now2750.484.48
there's still some up there trying to2752.45.6
trying to jump yeah yeah bam2754.964.639
all right let's push forward all righty2758.02.4
you guys down that hole2760.44.08
yeah let me take a peek at the map we're2762.166.88
pushing forward i was covering your bums2764.486.72
uh all right that's a guy that's a guy2769.043.68
who's got grenade who's got explosives2771.23.52
anybody i'm slowing it down yep yep yep2772.724.639
once i get there2774.722.639
yes simon yeah baby nice back back back2779.526.559
another coming2784.724.76
hang out stinky2786.0793.401
i got a shield for a software vibe girl2802.643.92
oh there we go there we go i got you i2804.44.4
got you dora2806.563.44
all right let's push forward can you2808.82.799
walk into this without okay don't go2810.03.359
through that no it's fine2811.5994.081
that was me sorry dora2813.3593.921
but you didn't back up2815.683.84
i was putting down the turret i i didn't2817.284.4
know but they said back up back up back2819.524.88
up and then it blew and then then you2821.684.88
saw me and shutting down yeah2824.43.84
all right let me look at the map where's2826.563.2
our next day all right we're with this2828.244.0
there's one egg all right that's an egg2829.764.72
no uh oh okay you see this little kind2832.243.92
of a bramble right here there's an egg2834.483.52
inside of this [ __ ] oh well i'm gonna2836.163.679
put down stuff i was about to say put2838.04.48
down turrets maybe one right here2839.8395.921
maybe one right here uh-huh uh-huh i bet2842.484.32
you didn't think you're gonna be using2845.762.559
the word bramble when you got up this2846.83.68
morning no i didn't2848.3193.601
yeah scramble huh2851.925.04
never heard of that bramble2854.244.16
remember that song2856.963.52
it's time the time is now to sing my2858.43.84
song all right we're gonna i'm going for2860.485.359
this one first on my way2862.245.04
turns down2865.8394.681
all right got the egg oh boy two eggs2867.286.16
baby yep you a brambling man that's a2870.525.4
pretty looking egg it's really good2873.444.56
all right but here they come get ready2875.923.36
i'm putting the egg in the mule before2878.04.24
they get here come on sit down sit down2879.284.559
with all them eggs2882.245.16
all right two eggs2883.8393.561
where where2888.0793.921
swarm i repeat swarm2889.685.28
yep oh yeah here they come i'm lighting2892.04.559
it up so we can see oh they're coming2894.966.81
for me huh oh boy yep yep yep yep2896.55910.291
oh he's doing great thanks2912.643.36
come on you little [ __ ]2916.5595.28
to your right2919.924.24
thank you2921.8393.361
all right get better at this all right2925.24.879
damn it2927.682.399
now the turk2931.764.559
reloading roll how how are we everyone2933.764.48
deposit whatever night you that nitrate2936.3193.52
you have over here in the up2938.243.119
in the mule all right2939.8393.201
we have enough to call2941.3593.041
yeah you know what we got enough to call2943.043.36
a supply drop i'm calling it right now2944.43.6
everybody don't get near that2946.43.6
do it2948.06.0
or i might as well use a lot of my fire2950.06.0
simon standing right on top of the damn2954.04.16
thing i didn't see it2956.04.24
taped first that's not on top of it is2958.164.56
it here we go all right everybody get a2960.245.28
resupply resupply2962.725.359
everything did right yep2965.524.88
okay there is one more egg here in this2968.0795.601
bramble i believe i love it bramble oh2970.45.04
actually the no there is not all right2973.684.08
the next one is ahead all right let's2975.443.76
push forward all right hold on i need to2977.763.599
re-uh redo my thing yeah resupply2979.23.44
everybody get to resupply i'm gonna2981.3593.441
scout ahead a little bit i left that2982.643.919
place in brambles2984.83.12
oh boy2986.5593.52
how how long you been waiting on that2987.924.639
i just just came with it i'm sure2990.0796.081
seemed like i planned it years ago2992.5593.601
oh wait there was an egg behind us now i2996.243.52
see it it was weird i didn't see it2998.5593.601
before all right sorry [ __ ] we gotta we2999.764.799
got another egg uh we got another attack3002.164.959
then every exit attack yeah we got two3004.5594.56
right here actually all right there's3007.1194.161
gonna be an egg in this [ __ ] so let's3009.1193.841
set up a defensive perimeter somewhere3011.285.36
over here uh you guys see me yes uh3012.966.72
actually i see you thick oh boy coming3016.644.88
back down right there and that floating3019.683.2
stuff there that's where the egg is i3021.522.559
think so3022.882.8
yep right in the middle of that floating3024.0793.28
[ __ ] i see it3025.682.56
hold on3027.3592.48
all right let me know when you got your3028.243.119
turret set up and i'll drill through to3029.8393.441
get the egg there we go putting up3031.3593.281
number two and you might as well go3033.282.16
all right here we go in here somewhere3035.445.04
looking for eggs there it is already got3038.0795.441
it uh oh it's mad3040.486.0
yep oh yeah oh yeah very mad3043.524.319
all right pop that3046.482.879
puppy in there stop that [ __ ] where you3047.8394.641
need to do it yes that [ __ ] [ __ ]3049.3594.24
all right i'm to light it up a little3052.483.28
bit why don't you call our bot friend3053.5994.321
over now camille deal3055.763.76
because y'all get the attack3057.922.88
i mean the mule's not going to do [ __ ]3059.523.36
but we can't what about that uh anyone3060.84.16
have a decoy where's that at there's a3062.885.479
decoy down3064.963.399
nice good job3075.8393.681
let's see if the bugs go for it yeah i'm3077.24.48
gonna slow this guy down there you go3079.524.799
they probably like riverdance oh oh god3081.685.76
oh my god i'm firing him in the hole3084.3195.121
[ __ ]3087.444.399
that's a rock monster3089.443.6
almost dead3091.8393.681
he's got a weak yeah there you go nice3093.044.88
right baby3095.524.96
oh watch the gas what's the gas nitra3097.924.159
let's get this nitro right here oh yeah3100.483.359
here's gassy gas is going to hurt you3102.0792.881
all right you're getting up there thick3104.963.76
yeah all right yeah you got a little uh3106.3194.721
overview of us all right i'm gonna light3108.725.44
us up one more time so we can see3111.046.799
and i'm going for the egg here we go3114.164.8
i'm gonna throw out another of these3118.963.119
suckers because why wouldn't i if you3120.42.48
hit g see if you can throw out a g3122.884.56
it's a grenade for some of them oh i see3125.24.159
yeah never mind you don't have a grenade3127.444.56
release no i guess that is my grenade is3129.3595.601
is the decoy yeah all right sit down i3132.04.64
don't hate it3134.964.879
you do the long straw3136.643.199
all right let's let's kill these guys3142.0793.04
then we call the escape pod actually we3143.682.8
can do that right now3145.1194.0
hold on oh boy oops i can call for it3146.484.24
ready for me to call for it yeah yeah3149.1193.121
let's call for the escape pod let's do3150.723.44
it call for it drop pods on the way we3152.243.68
got to get back to the drop pod yeah we3154.163.84
do the mule will out we'll automatically3155.924.0
go back to the drop pod all we got to do3158.03.839
is follow the mule3159.923.52
follow the mule3161.8393.0
drop has3163.442.639
arrived has been called back all right3164.8393.321
here he goes here he goes all right well3166.0793.28
the mule we're going to need some zip3168.162.32
okay or just yeah follow the mule maybe3170.483.359
oh boy3172.723.2
well if the mule could climb places baby3173.8394.0
we can't climb3175.924.96
oh boy hold3177.8393.041
no he's not let's go let's go3192.483.359
oh [ __ ] watch out3196.724.16
oh jeez that's a big one that's a big3199.1193.2
one [ __ ]3200.882.88
oh my god3202.3193.201
nick we really need a zip line like up3203.762.64
i'm shooting his ass down here come on3206.43.52
you [ __ ]3208.642.88
yeah the mule's dock we got to get back3209.924.0
to it now i take out this big thing3211.525.44
first almost done i am as well yeah if3213.924.56
we can either that will run that's the3216.964.24
thing i think [ __ ]3218.482.72
[ __ ] [ __ ] watch out dora oh god damn it3224.86.559
i'm [ __ ] [ __ ] screwing the pooch3229.3593.76
dick we got to get up there3233.1194.48
hold on there's a lot of [ __ ] on my3236.164.32
screen and now i'm it's [ __ ] dark3237.5995.681
all right i'm gonna light it up3240.483.839
thank you3243.283.36
all right where are you guys i am3244.3194.24
fighting for my life all right let's get3246.643.76
together go i'm looking for you hold up3248.5593.361
hold up hold up3250.43.52
three of us are together3251.923.439
all right yeah i'm over here thick i3253.922.399
think you're gonna have to come over3255.3592.48
here and try to get us a zip line up3256.3193.601
there where there's already a zip line3257.8395.041
take this can you step oh god oh it's3259.925.28
right above us oh [ __ ]3262.883.679
thick can you get a zipline here where3265.23.76
i'm standing or you're standing that's3266.5593.601
just gonna take you to the middle are3268.962.639
you gonna all right you're gonna set one3270.163.12
up in the middle is that your plan3271.5992.561
all right get it set up and i'll believe3274.164.8
you come on [ __ ] [ __ ] all right we3275.8394.401
gotta get to the drop pod in three3278.963.52
minutes come on stick3280.244.72
you can't do it the angle is too stupid3282.484.96
give me this too steep [ __ ]3284.965.119
god damn it no fight oh if i go3287.444.0
come on fig3290.0792.641
here we go3291.443.119
okay all right everyone up the zip line3292.723.28
up this first zip line all right all3294.5593.04
right okay okay okay3296.04.319
all right going up3297.5996.24
oh oh my god i'm gonna fall3300.3193.52
jesus jesus this is the worst spot for a3304.5593.76
zipline pick oh my god why would you do3306.3193.04
this to me3308.3192.321
that's the only place i can put a3309.3593.601
[ __ ] zip line3310.644.24
why would i do that to you it's like my3312.963.359
second time playing this [ __ ] game3314.883.199
with zip lines3316.3194.161
oh yeah i'm gonna kill you [ __ ]3318.0794.161
i'm gonna kill you3320.483.68
all right i got up i got up come on come3322.245.359
on yeah oh yeah come on all right3324.166.399
come outside absolutely3327.5995.681
how high am i going jesus the zipline is3330.5595.201
right beside you simon oh god i went up3333.284.88
i'm dead [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] you're being3335.764.799
yeah oh god door right behind you behind3341.683.76
you behind you yeah yeah we're good we3343.3594.641
got the turrets we're good oh my god so3345.444.08
do you go back for simon or do you leave3348.02.96
him no3349.524.72
you do not go back for me3350.965.119
all right okay i've made it to the drop3354.244.0
pod come on come on3356.0793.361
are you leaving him are you going back3358.243.52
to get him after him uh we got a minute3359.444.96
forget it can you thick are you up here3361.764.48
i'm right no i'm not3364.43.679
go for simon dick i'm i'm gonna try to3366.243.68
hold these guys off thor where are you3368.0793.681
baby i'm shooting i'm shooting bugs with3369.922.639
i got simon oh god they are all over the3372.5594.321
drop pod they are all over the drop pod3375.24.32
oh god oh god i'm done guys i i don't3376.884.88
know why you're trying to save me3379.524.559
dude just do your thing3381.764.24
oh yeah i'm about to die all right i'm3384.0793.76
getting into the drop pod3386.03.52
going up going up going up3389.523.52
one minute you got one minute guys thick3394.245.76
simon come on baby yeah i i i don't see3396.645.199
where i'm supposed to go3400.03.599
i'm marking it i'm marking it right here3401.8393.52
yeah but i don't know where the mark is3403.5994.081
showing on anything on the map it's3405.3594.321
above you it's above you3407.684.24
are you still a thick i don't know nope3409.685.119
sorry about me isn't doing it3411.925.12
oh my god i think try to help saving us3414.7995.76
what you can you guys have 30 seconds3417.043.519
hold on3420.724.72
departing in 30 seconds i might be able3422.724.96
to make it3425.443.919
all right that's fine we abandoned simon3427.684.0
thicke oh boy i got how much ammo you3429.3594.48
got left dora none3431.683.919
thick you better hurry up baby come in3433.8393.441
where's it at it's over here it's over3435.5995.441
here you see the ramp yeah oh [ __ ]3437.283.76
oh my god oh my god3441.1196.48
oh my god all right okay we're in sorry3443.926.879
savage you hit the button thank god3447.5995.52
all right3450.7992.32
extraction commencing good work three3455.685.28
out of four right yeah three out3457.683.28
oh my god i [ __ ] love this game yeah3462.724.56
i i'm liking it a lot better than the3465.5994.321
last time i played it so yeah3467.284.16
it's it's wonderful with a group of3469.924.159
people oh3471.442.639
and that's all that really matters3476.2417.939

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