Neebs Day Off - GTA 5 Cinematic series (GTA 5 Gameplay)

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, in this latest video, Neebs decided to take a break and let the boys have some fun without him. But...
Neebs Day Off - GTA 5 Cinematic series (GTA 5 Gameplay)
Neebs Day Off - GTA 5 Cinematic series (GTA 5 Gameplay)

Neebs Day Off - GTA 5 Cinematic series (GTA 5 Gameplay)

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen our latest Neebs Day Off video in GTA 5? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that's definitely one of my favorites! I mean, who doesn't love watching Neebs goof off in the game?

appsro: I know, right? It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion, but in a good way. Neebs always brings the chaos!

neebs: Hey, I heard that! But you can't deny that my epic fails make for some great entertainment, right?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, in this latest video, Neebs decided to take a break and let the boys have some fun without him. But don't worry, he does make a sneaky appearance at the end that you won't want to miss!

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If you're a die-hard Neebs Gaming fan like me, you definitely don't want to miss this video. Trust me, it's a wild ride from start to finish, with plenty of laughs along the way. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the latest antics of the Neebs Gaming crew - you won't be disappointed!

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how was your latte it was good it was9.244.26
overpriced everything in this city is11.912.28
well everything at a coffee shops14.193.0
overpriced five thousand dollars for a15.453.48
latte that doesn't make much sense17.193.87
no [ __ ] have you seen t-shirt prices18.933.96
yeah yeah yeah crazy21.065.55
I own two I think and I'm in debt there22.894.8
you should be mm-hmm26.613.99
we're all in debt all right get the hell27.694.14
out of here what do you guys want to do30.64.59
today Oh back over people yeah watch out31.834.049
yeah all right do we have to pick up35.8796.841
neebs no doesn't he doesn't around today39.874.619
you said he was hanging out hanging out42.723.69
in his house for a little bit really44.4896.331
yeah so so no no need so look I can do46.416.36
that and there's no bitching I'm not50.822.64
gonna say anything52.772.58
hey well I say we can do whatever we53.464.59
want yeah yeah you hear the sound of no55.358.67
bitching yeah yeah no bitching so the58.0510.02
air is like just more free yep well what64.025.72
do we do to take full advantage of this68.074.95
and ever the [ __ ] we want you guys want69.744.75
to see if we can get into a five-star73.024.14
cop chase oh yeah - let's do it74.495.96
baby we got three stars86.3812.36
Wow this is insane104.6193.64
like even the cops are having a good107.05.28
time or this car in front of us pick the108.25924.301
one time to drive down this road man two112.2822.76
but no bitching another chopper got a136.1421.51
roadblock so four stars go four stars144.6417.64
come on man we gotta up our game we need157.6514.8
to kill more innocent people all right162.2812.63
I'm on it be able to sleep tonight now172.455.06
you cap174.912.6
go to this little country town you can182.295.699
stand the roads185.362.629
oh this choppers going down yeah it's192.418.55
about you going you and i'ma get it come198.415.43
on hit seven I'm gonna shine do it200.967.22
work on it boys get that pilot the pilot203.844.34
yeah then we gonna see if we can get out212.488.349
of this alive oh yeah oh boy all the215.1297.351
time alright220.8294.921
oh [ __ ] dick got killed222.485.399
alright he deserved it I don't know the225.754.079
rallies mister down holy to him it's227.8793.69
just us buddy it's dust all right tell229.8292.13
you what231.5693.03
see these hills yeah if we go to the top231.9594.2
of these hills I bet the cops like the234.5993.42
Carl's will lose us or I take out those236.1594.53
choppers okay so oh god what are you I238.0193.211
don't know240.6895.041
seriously Rock dammit yeah go for the241.237.349
chopper come on this thing was not made245.734.74
for climbing hills he's not made for248.5793.33
climbing he'll know it's not a good250.472.37
vehicle for it251.9093.0
thank you I'll have a shot because of252.843.75
where I'm at I don't have a shot hold on254.9094.26
I'm him near Traveler choppers right256.596.56
beside and I'ma [ __ ] I'm on them259.1693.981
all right hold on here I'm gonna stop at270.6893.401
the top of this hill I got a homing272.9493.331
launcher got one up here we go here we274.092.849
go here we go276.284.5
doing oh crap you know what's on [ __ ] me276.9396.091
covered Simon oh yeah280.789.75
and really yeah there's one yeah I get283.038.19
this other one290.534.59
come on come on yeah that's - that's291.225.19
right okay295.123.48
Oh got some coming in oh you got another296.415.94
chopper these days down come on I gotta298.66.9
take guy guy out come on302.355.85
all right Simon yeah okay stay low man305.54.46
stay low stay low308.23.93
all right we got to get away I gotta get309.964.05
away how many stars do we have right now312.135.13
five pipes chip all right dude I need to314.015.68
get in the vehicle it means to drive317.265.989
away can you would expand on ground319.694.969
crazy yeah we're standing our ground323.2493.45
we're going out like heroes oh [ __ ] was324.6593.75
that coming on the man okay I'm taking326.6994.7
this guy out come on328.4092.99
that was good times watch is crazy yeah346.283.1
damn it's a cop car yeah no they were349.384.92
after him hey that was a good time352.322.43
though right354.33.66
great no bitching no regrets354.754.8
yeah everybody had a good time not a lot357.963.959
of bitching going on no I will say guys359.555.1
though uh sad things happened what my361.9194.711
Moonbeam got impounded because we all364.653.87
died they took my [ __ ] car how much366.634.05
does it cost to get it out it costs like368.524.56
250 bucks or we could go steal it back370.686.959
yeah we're gonna still let [ __ ]373.0810.44
move be bought a car yeah let's all hop377.6397.59
into a sheriff's car got to go back to383.522.91
the city are you it's gonna be easy385.2295.761
right it should be can we just take a386.436.6
moment to recognize this beautiful sons390.994.769
it is really gorgeous a very smut the393.036.09
[ __ ] about there let's see we are just395.7595.551
going to the Waypoint but not the right399.124.229
place yeah it's up here Oh God and401.314.139
they're surrounded by cops there's the403.3495.25
movie I see it yep that's it do a circle405.4494.53
around the block on the block drop me408.5991.56
Tyler now hop in the Moonbeam you guys410.1594.421
stay in the cop car412.057.36
do that Oh God the shooting at us all414.586.57
right so are you feel safe419.418.79
what are we doing sure come on Circle421.1512.68
Circle Circle [ __ ] run over these people428.25.63
really wish me down434.915.26
still no bitching all right so doraleous436.785.22
you come up here yeah you take a right440.174.56
and then there's an alleyway yeah take442.03.69
that alleyway right there see that444.733.72
alleyway yeah all right Simon ready yeah445.694.47
hop out hop out son all right I'm out448.452.22
all right450.161.68
it's rallies Khan you got to slow down450.672.91
damn it [ __ ] you didn't tell me to do451.843.75
that you got good yeah we're good we're453.584.47
good we're stealing the Moonbeam come on455.596.99
you try it all right pump in Simon all458.057.59
right I'm in Simon all right dude there462.584.53
we go right there house you gonna watch465.647.83
it why won't this door open open you son467.117.559
of a [ __ ]473.473.36
all right we got the Moonbeam boys come474.6693.081
you're Alex where do you Matt come on477.755.46
you just follow me we're gonna go to the479.285.01
highway we're gonna hide out in the483.211.59
this works every time don't see [ __ ]484.86.18
like that it works every time say it's488.194.94
so itchy490.984.95
all right near Alex you owe me copper493.134.15
right here just gonna shoot I'll shoot495.933.93
the cop I follow me doraleous we gotta497.283.5
cross the road here499.865.75
watch out traffic watch it [ __ ] [ __ ] you500.784.83
damn it you idiots hey Simon yeah I know541.2711.56
today is like a non [ __ ] day right but549.984.77
you're the one who killed me I know I552.834.17
did and you know what I got confused554.754.98
and I was shooting everyone that was a557.05.7
cop and I'm not a cop but I know but you559.735.19
were in a cup car wait but we knew that562.75.36
right but I forgot it that's the issue564.925.52
okay I'm not gonna [ __ ] about it I know568.065.08
like I'm not gonna that King no no no570.444.08
don't do that I'm not gonna give you a573.144.41
punch I got on him for all I was showing574.526.36
him money my new piece yeah he killed me577.555.61
Diddy yeah it was an accident Simon come580.883.75
on I know we could have pulled that off583.163.36
with some [ __ ] no no we're a bitchin584.633.72
there was some actually Joan on no586.522.88
bitching all right588.353.21
so all right we gotta go get thick he's589.44.74
somewhere he's somewhere yeah let me591.568.93
call him you make it out of the tunnels594.146.35
hey thick can you hear me601.05.49
I'm sorry that I died but Simon shot me604.095.22
but it's up but it's all good yeah but606.494.29
you keep on bringing it up don't you I609.313.03
just want everyone to know I'm not610.782.94
bitching yeah of course you're not612.343.24
sometimes there's a helicopter on top of613.723.66
the hospital buildings oh yeah I know615.583.6
yeah let's let's steal a helicopter and617.384.34
go pick up Nick619.182.54
so who died for the parachutes that was681.626.58
no warning he was checking our cat-like684.727.02
reflexes right so uh yeah we got to go688.26.12
out to a old trailer park and still some691.744.29
cocaine from a bunch of hippies that694.324.56
cook probably smells like truly and that696.034.89
is a dessert thing smell yeah I'm not a698.882.55
what do we do to take advantage of not701.434.5
being with Yves now anyone know a good703.566.87
road song like Co CAI and E cocaine okay705.938.85
COC AIT okay now you need a smoke but a710.437.41
sniff we gotta make it up as we go714.786.3
around and Jim Jim Jim it's not very717.845.58
family-friendly no yeah you can't break721.083.63
that one out at night you know a kid's723.425.13
party put you up on this hill thick with724.715.73
your sniper rifle I would love that728.554.26
pretty good with a sniper rifle - oh730.444.92
look at that oh it could I'll just get732.813.69
out and pepper them with our sniper735.362.11
rifles if you go736.52.32
I mean they're right there I see a bunch737.472.61
of the idiots see a problem with that738.823.42
let's see all right tell you what if you740.083.84
guys start distracting them with the742.243.24
sniper rifles keep me covered I can run743.923.45
in there with the bellicose yes hi oh745.484.11
[ __ ] stop shootin damn it you've been747.374.11
distracted I don't even have the right749.594.56
rifle there's a guy here to the left751.484.32
all right I'm going to serve on the754.154.05
perimeter make sure I get them all oh we755.84.86
got one on our bike yeah that's right758.24.74
[ __ ] oh no there's a guy with a coke760.664.52
he's trying to run I'm gonna get him762.945.22
over on you damn hippie hey you guys see765.1811.02
me up here yeah all right keep me768.1610.26
covered and stealing the cocaine I've776.23.54
got some tree in my way778.424.79
let's see cocaine cocaine where is it779.746.81
around here oh there you are I got the783.217.51
cocaine I'm coming we got company behind786.558.04
us whoa who's that dammit there's790.725.31
rallies oh just shooting at you794.593.06
yeah I don't you to me again you're796.035.97
filming today hop in hop in come on guys797.6510.44
doraleous hop in buddy come on I'm in802.013.38
come on dumbass hippies they were so big808.0910.26
they were I don't know what happened815.385.31
all right we got to get this cocaine to818.353.42
Gerald's apartment820.692.16
you think the hippies are going to821.773.63
follow us there probably let's see I822.856.14
need to get back on the highway though825.43.59
quick you'ii do it on the highway835.414.89
all right oh man they're gonna be846.6494.941
chasing us all the way to the apartment848.5196.24
oh alright I got cocky I got that's863.693.65
okay he's still alive not anymore867.345.83
alright you're gonna do some shoot a man870.826.9
named Dan a mass shooting cocaine873.177.41
alright boys I got an idea let's say we877.724.48
get wanted and then try to lose the cops880.584.38
on foot okay882.24.08
I feel like I'm really good at that884.963.66
first we got to deliver the coke all886.283.45
right yeah that's easier no one wants to888.622.49
see that [ __ ] let's just get to the fun889.733.41
alright let's see what's on the old899.386.1
telly no he's probably okay and are kept901.377.05
up I saw that one seven days that's a905.484.02
good one908.423.9
scrap come on guys you got about Nia's909.57.53
move on little subnautica Mike what's912.3210.58
this on that looks like917.035.87
oh hey Dave yeah what's up baby you're926.5518.39
on TV yeah Carly says we're on TV what931.514.94
are you doing I don't know if that's the944.943.51
image we're going for I was hoping to946.443.99
turn on the news and seat needs game in948.454.02
save sloths in South America or950.436.08
something having fun today952.474.04
all right follow me okay stranger exits957.54.18
try to hop on the train to get away Oh960.332.49
that'd be awesome961.682.64
all right States stay here stay here962.823.66
it's like a Western oh okay oh we're964.323.96
going over why not okay966.484.26
come on hop across the way damn it now968.284.47
what the hell you just fell off the970.744.5
fence in front of a whole one Santos972.757.05
Here Come Tammy watch out oh god you975.245.94
guys get back here follow me get back979.83.54
into these houses we're exposed here981.188.91
okay what about the Train idea yeah the983.348.22
Train that I'm trying to get us to the990.092.58
train but I'm trying to get us there991.562.46
without all those cops around all right992.675.03
that's the goal Oh God oh boy 15 no 17994.027.11
containing her 15 okay guys there's the997.78.08
Train Oh Kevin I think we missed it we1001.136.19
missed it No1005.784.749
no we missed the Train all right guys1007.3215.87
follow me this way rally's is down train1010.52914.101
train all right we got to get on the1023.194.889
train no gonna come soon dick follow me1024.6317.01
oh did we lose a pro is just you thick1028.07918.181
you can't fit through there chubby not1041.646.27
too late to save those slobs in South1046.266.75
America oh I'll see you at the hospital1047.918.48
yeah good TV1053.013.38

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