Getting Started in Enshrouded

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready to watch 4 idiots attempt to beat back the shroud in Enshrouded? Well, let's be real - they proba...
Getting Started in Enshrouded
Getting Started in Enshrouded

Getting Started in Enshrouded

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today we're diving into Enshrouded with our usual crew of idiots.

simon: And by idiots, he means charming and lovable content creators who are definitely not going to beat the shroud in this game.

neebs: That's right, Simon. But hey, we're having fun and that's all that matters. Plus, this video is my favorite because it really captures our essence as a group of clueless gamers.

appsro: I have to agree with Neebs on this one. Enshrouded may be kicking our butts, but at least we're doing it with style and humor. Definitely a video worth watching over and over again.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready to watch 4 idiots attempt to beat back the shroud in Enshrouded? Well, let's be real - they probably won't succeed, but it's going to be a blast watching them try!

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long ago a wonderer brought an2.07.32
enthralling gift to the people of Ember4.966.12
Veil The9.327.879
Elixir it was a cure a blessing a11.089.72
weapon once concealed by the17.1997.4
Ancients its might had been set20.88.92
free with it came power mistrust and en24.5998.28
love longing for29.727.2
more Humanity dug The Elixir Wells32.8797.481
ripping apart the land and each other to36.926.28
quench their40.362.84
thirst Elixir and43.2398.041
blood a drop for a46.2395.041
drop but from the depths of the wells an51.689.48
unforeseen curse crept into Ember Veil56.1998.401
the Shroud a ruinous fog which sought61.166.76
only to spread and64.67.839
devour facing their downfall ancients67.9210.0
and humans United to forge The Flame72.4399.401
born now your time has77.926.92
awake ah whoa hey what we been doing84.888.239
sleeping in here in a oven my babies89.1196.201
yeah are you my you are you really Our93.1193.601
Father yep I'm your daddy I'm your95.323.119
wizard daddy I've been cooking you boys96.724.439
for years wizard Daddy huh yep I'm your98.4395.36
wizard daddy welcome to the world of101.1597.0
enshrouded why did you make me so old103.7994.36
daddy all right first thing we got to do115.284.08
is kind of get down to that field you117.684.6
can kind of see see a red glowy bit down119.365.16
there yeah I certainly do we got we got122.284.32
to get down there okay is there anything124.524.68
to get up here I think there's a note I126.64.96
think I can make this jump do it nebes129.24.52
you want to try to make the jump yeah go131.563.48
it chapter one baby neebs leaves the135.047.68
nest I'm just going to scale here close139.3196.321
and get142.726.519
oh almost had it you didn't did he not145.645.319
almost have it no yeah he was nowhere149.2392.841
near you want to try to make the jump150.9593.681
Simon yeah no no no it's not going to152.084.38
work that's straight suicide154.646.56
yeah oh hey look over here yes this161.26.119
seems like it' be a secret door yes my165.3196.761
babies Oh yes boo boos man it's really167.3197.441
creepy when you close your172.086.36
babies yeah we should probably stop that174.765.64
no no I I made you get guys you guys are178.443.36
My Little Egg180.44.32
Babies okay what are you doing I'm181.84.439
punching things when I mean to grab184.726.0
things I found explosives oh yeah may as186.2396.36
well loot around down here use a190.723.72
terraforming tool explosive to forge a192.5994.041
path through the rubble you got it here194.446.519
we go and throw oh yep bees where'd you196.649.0
go I'm upstairs throwing bombs200.9594.681
daddy oh stop it I found a secret room207.2394.521
goodness what I got a bunch of sharp216.646.36
stuff daddy sweet oh my God please stop218.926.599
nebes I'm the favorite yeah I'm the223.04.879
favorite now something so creepy all225.5196.401
right I I I'll clear the wave for227.8794.041
us all right Simon Yep this is what's232.0794.8
known as the Shroud we can only survive234.924.2
for a small period of time in this [ __ ]236.8794.601
I'm fighting stuff guys oh well good239.123.8
glad you're ahead of us well I me just241.482.52
you know clearing the way thanks for242.923.599
waiting for the team hey if you dilly d244.06.2
you dilly d I'm I'm taking this246.5193.681
seriously oh damn oh yep yep oh boy oh250.46.04
wow Simon you're my favorite now you254.44.119
came in and stole that kill yep I'm256.443.72
going to258.5197.561
revive him here you go a come on buddy I260.168.64
got you there you passed the test Simon266.085.16
yes thank you you got to be you got to268.86.239
be careful my child I get some candy bab271.245.6
yeah where you at I jumped off something275.0395.16
it was too tall again I'll be right276.848.76
there chapter 2 Daddy and the flame280.1995.401
alter all right so these These are great287.65.68
if we die we can respawn right here okay290.0395.241
all right so what do we do we uh just293.284.0
just the fact that we were here it295.283.68
recognizes it yeah all you got to do is297.283.4
look at it okay that's it I don't have298.963.799
to hit a button cuz doesn't look like it300.683.88
you see Simon we have flame in our302.7594.201
hearts because I made you in my my you304.565.32
guys are my little flame babies oh we're306.966.2
flamers yeah we are total flamers okay309.885.039
and anytime we get near stuff like this313.164.0
the our flame transfers to that oh314.9195.321
that's cute is that why my butthole is317.165.879
especially sweaty right now yes nees320.245.32
yeah what taking so long come on taking323.0395.0
that long it's my first day to be alive325.565.199
so there he is here we go all right do I328.0394.961
need to touch this or something just get330.7594.72
near it already lit it up all right333.04.199
let's uh let's get out to the field335.4794.681
let's try to build a flame337.1992.961
alter all right let's see you need to343.163.44
make Daddy proud do you have enough345.1994.361
stone I have picked up zero Stone all346.64.92
right well let's Scurry around this349.563.8
place and scavenge it should be plenty351.525.04
of stone laying about if I ever refer to353.366.36
you as a father figure I think Papa is356.566.479
maybe the the least creepy it's not it359.724.919
would do you think it's more creepy I'll363.0394.921
do Papa I think it's equally creepy364.6395.521
equally creepy I'll do Papa wizard367.965.28
appsro Daddy just seems super creepy370.164.759
yeah man I've known grown men to use373.244.12
Daddy and it's weird like my daddy told374.9194.481
me B da D growing up like man stop377.364.399
saying [ __ ] daddy that's pretty and379.43.72
you know what there are people who also381.7594.801
say like poop and you go like or duty383.126.56
duty that's duty is a very childish word386.565.039
wrong with you how would Stern says duty389.683.799
all the time depends on how you say391.5994.361
Daddy hey Daddy O what's swinging baby393.4793.601
well that's different that's very395.963.28
different very playful how's that alter397.085.92
coming D so good oh oh wow build it399.246.799
right on top of ne's head I wanted403.06.0
to there it is I'm going to commune with406.0395.761
it always kissing up man all right so409.04.16
when you commune with it what what did411.83.28
it say says you're not alone there are413.164.599
other survivors uh drowsing in nearby415.084.76
ancient vaults find them so they may Aid417.7594.241
you in your journey go gently one beckon419.844.479
nearby just outside of the shroud's422.04.4
grasp all right yeah there's more egg424.3195.081
babies out there and we have to find426.48.97
them let's see neebs you start chopping435.724.599
trees start adding floors start doing438.123.28
everything you can we're going to need440.3194.16
some good space okay I guess uh Simon441.45.56
you and me and Dora will go explore it444.4794.321
yeah and Hey listen so is this thing446.963.639
going to be like in the center of the on448.83.519
the inside of our home and this is kind450.5994.0
of our floor okay part of our floor it452.3194.041
could be I think you should do that454.5993.961
neebs I think that's a good idea free456.365.0
light house or wood458.565.0
house how461.365.6
about maybe uh Stone floors wood Uh Wood463.565.68
Walls what do you guys think yep I think466.964.16
that's good and trust me we're going to469.243.399
be living other places too right the471.123.24
other homes oh yeah this is just home472.6393.56
number one exactly so yeah we're going474.363.44
to have lots of places to live here476.1994.201
salmon Andes you should consider healing477.85.32
healing yes I I didn't know I was480.46.239
hurt oh never mind oh you just healed me483.125.44
thank you yeah I'm a healing Wizard and486.6393.761
a Build Wizard I can do those things I'm488.563.88
not really good at fighting490.44.919
okay can I chop these rocks with this492.445.159
Hatchet oh I think think I just saw a495.3195.6
rock fly off of it yeah cuz I don't have497.5994.481
pickaxe oh is it going yep little rocks502.086.72
can I oh yeah all right let's see um504.847.92
loot loot want a rock floor gotta get508.89.479
rock there we go all right go make some512.7610.48
floors scared me sheep scared me518.2794.961
sheep o there's the ruins of a town up526.485.24
here up a here up529.364.52
ahead Oh531.724.679
Daddy Daddy's mind's been destroyed by533.885.76
alcohol he's a silly guy Okay so we536.3995.601
going to loot the town and fight we539.643.879
should explore it we should uh see if it542.05.72
has any loot ooh archery range ooh543.5196.041
nothing that I can grab there I'm a547.724.119
level up splitting up yeah no we should549.564.92
try to stick together okay I'm getting551.8394.401
arrows so yeah tell you what dora you554.483.16
take the lead Simon you and I will556.243.599
follow Dora all right oh I love it557.644.84
instincts for me put me right into that559.8393.841
well I mean there's looting to happen562.484.96
everywhere really all right I mean oh563.685.36
listen and if somebody sees berries567.444.12
please Point them out yeah berries are569.044.359
good yeah all that wood all that Wood's571.563.24
good now I think with your axes like573.3993.961
these uh see those barrels yeah try to574.85.44
destroy those barrels all right oh yeah577.364.32
yeah so that gives us wood I think580.242.68
sometimes they'll even drop metal stuff581.683.599
there was a chest yeah I got it what was582.925.0
in the chest uh some arrows and a red585.2795.761
potion Dam so yeah you going to make a587.925.159
bow there door eventually you know it591.043.64
you know it's coming593.0795.121
ooh I'mma to read this oh read it what's594.685.2
it say finally a break from tedious work598.23.16
my bones are sore but a warmth of fire a599.883.24
little shelter some sleep blah601.364.56
blah make her nice meal cooked over fire603.124.12
hey yeah let you know what let me teach605.924.12
you guys something okay so if you sit by607.245.96
a fire you'll get like a buff you'll get610.045.12
rested look at the top top left of your613.24.56
screen if you sit by a fire okay I don't615.164.96
even know how to sit is617.766.079
sitting H sitting I hit down on the620.128.2
d-pad Oh I like that s oh yeah that's623.83910.361
great chapter three baby Simon learns to628.329.36
sit Simon it's got to be a Sit button634.26.24
I'm sure there is yeah oh hold on does637.687.0
it say uh alt640.449.68
no maybe Z maybe everything oh y that644.688.64
was it yeah what was it X all right you650.125.04
remember that place food in your action653.324.519
bar selected I'm grabbing this meat all655.164.57
Club bow torch construction Hammer there662.327.8
we go that's what I need okay now let's666.447.639
equip that oh there it is okay and670.125.719
Bo there it is all right675.8399.481
left in building mode okay what is that679.688.08
floors oh select the shape you want to685.325.72
build uh-huh select the material oh wow687.765.12
that's pretty fancy open the submenu to691.044.08
select from different shape categories692.884.959
got it all right is695.126.24
that that looks really small doesn't697.8396.56
it right bumper for more shapes there we701.366.32
go oh there we go that's what I want and704.3996.921
build oh yeah God I'm going to have a707.685.92
whole house done before they get711.324.44
back all right I don't really like this713.65.76
hill okay we go this oh I'm out of stuff715.767.199
all right more rock oh nope H719.366.279
place oh okay I wasn't out of722.9596.521
stuff now I'm out of stuff got you okay725.6397.32
nope I just mve what am I doing what am729.485.919
I doing all right let's calm down and732.9595.641
just go get some more trees and735.3993.201
rocks oh what over here Simon you still739.687.399
got a torch uh no no it burnt out a long744.1994.561
time ago well hey you guys are going to747.0794.12
love this stay right here let's see this748.764.6
is where my Wizardry comes in oh do you751.1994.76
have a wisp that's a wisp I'll be the753.367.599
light I'll be the the uh755.9598.12
BL I'll stay close to you stepfather760.9594.761
Blue Jay's no longer Dr up through the764.0792.921
air something's765.723.76
changing uh supply lines cut off by767.05.639
soldiers something oh man so yeah this769.485.08
used to be a town yeah this whole area772.6393.32
didn't have the Shroud then people774.563.959
started drinking Elixir they got greedy775.9595.041
they dug up Elixir out of the ground H778.5195.081
interesting and uh now the whole area is781.05.32
covered in Shroud oh I got a lockpick oh783.65.919
wait yeah I think I can used786.325.04
open use it do you have a lockpick I had791.365.719
one oh I think it broke does it work794.64.52
like seven days with this I don't think797.0793.56
so as long as you got one it should open799.123.279
it I know I had one maybe I put it into800.6392.841
[ __ ] ooh Simon sometimes there's secret803.485.52
passages hidden behind bookshelves oh806.2795.641
well well then I'm going to see if I can809.05.519
dismantle every one of these and maybe811.925.0
if I can't that means that something's814.5194.361
up with one of the books and it's a816.923.599
trigger no yeah I think you just destroy818.884.72
the book Shield oh that's it okay well820.5195.041
oh dismantle still still more of that823.63.359
you're just de dismantling the damn825.563.68
books destroy the bookshelf well why not826.9594.081
hit the bookshelf why not do the books829.244.44
there you go a there was nothing okay831.044.76
cuz you get the books too okay oh even833.683.399
when you do that you don't waste the835.84.399
book okay good thank you837.0795.481
stepdad who I don't like you're not my840.1995.2
real dad yes I am no you're not come842.565.16
here son no you're not come here son845.3995.36
it's kissy time no kissy time kissy time847.725.039
you're just a weird creep that wants me850.7594.801
to call you Daddy I'm your wizard Daddy852.7595.2
yeah you freaking855.566.3
Wackadoo chapter 4 home sweet857.9595.281
prison and then one here one over here I863.246.599
don't maybe this is big enough for first867.7593.241
house he's every going to have houses869.8394.36
everywhere so I want871.06.279
windows and then let's rotate you know874.1994.921
what I'm just going to switch to mouse877.2794.601
and keyboard hey how's this going I879.124.56
think you don't need to ask cuz look how881.883.92
great it is we almost have a wall that's883.685.04
amazing what I just do looks like you885.86.88
undid your previous action ah man okay888.727.4
um I like your foundation build door do892.684.519
you think you have enough stuff to build896.123.36
a bow uh I'm going to check I want to897.1994.08
build one more storage real quick first899.484.32
and then I'll be on that gotta all right901.2796.321
so I see I see uh nebs has opted for all903.86.36
Stone yeah I thought we did say wooden907.64.799
walls I mean I thought we were giving me910.164.239
some creative Liberty a little bit okay912.3994.24
listen if you got a you got a vision if914.3995.321
you do as long as it get it gets done916.6395.88
sure home sweet prison yeah we're the919.726.2
iron bars nebs yeah working on it Simon922.5195.721
door are you ready for a quest yes well925.924.359
can I potentially find nice928.244.44
clothes potentially all right that's930.2794.961
what I'm looking932.682.56
for oh we got a wolf we got a wolf on us938.1996.44
oh boy time to use the bow oh okay so I941.1996.721
should kill it ooh nice944.6393.281
door yeah suck it got an extra one for947.9596.841
Good Luck get that wolf that's uh yeah951.7594.481
these they have good meat get those954.84.8
bones I got I got bones bones and meat956.246.0
meaty bones all right so we are on a959.64.32
quest now we're going to try to find a962.244.24
blacksmith who left a there's a goat out963.924.88
here I know I just picked up some random966.485.359
meat on the ground really yeah did you968.84.839
did you did you kill this goat I didn't971.8395.0
kill that goat um I at one point I might973.6395.0
have killed a goat but I feel like that976.8393.92
was for no I got stuff out of them loot978.6394.32
the goat I did it says loot it I'm980.7594.361
looting it now I didn't do this SL let's982.9596.401
not assume that's a good boy985.124.24
all right so yeah looks like we're going989.483.88
to have to go into the Shroud door lead990.9595.8
the way leading with the993.363.399
bow oh oh a club samon would you like a999.2796.8
club uh yes I would thank grab the club1003.5194.32
I'll read the note wonderful we are1006.0793.32
hungry we had to destroy the bridge and1007.8393.281
with it our connection to supplies but1009.3993.041
it worked we haven't seen any more1011.124.279
scavengers the C as if you were Divo as1012.446.24
we and that wasn't a club okay I don't1015.3995.841
know was a torch fair enough look like a1018.684.079
club Clubby1021.246.559
torch and in here more arrows1022.7595.04
perfect chapter five into the Shroud1028.0397.46
oo going1039.526.24
in take a breath1041.4394.321
are we going to loot we looting1049.9195.321
here why not oh yep you got an enemy T1051.844.839
Test this Arrow1055.244.88
out oh yeah that's doing some serious1056.6796.641
damage and can you retrieve them all I1060.124.559
know nice very nice I always shot that1064.6795.561
one extra for ooh so if you can get them1068.164.399
all back that's wonderful got a ring in1070.246.0
there of some sort a ring a ring put1072.5596.401
that on I think I might alamon these are1076.245.2
good what okay so uh see these little1078.963.719
things every now and then you'll run1081.443.08
across them they will extend your time1082.6794.201
in the Shroud oh all right you don't1084.523.68
want to use them you know when you're at1086.883.48
like 4 minutes but when you get down to1088.24.52
a minute this you you suck on this thing1090.364.319
okay so it stays here we don't put it in1092.723.68
our inventory no yeah it's just1094.6793.201
something you you just suck on every now1096.43.32
and then all right that's fine I'll suck1097.883.96
it okay now we're out of the Shroud yeah1103.724.36
we made it uh we're on the other side of1106.6794.161
the bridge too cool perfect hold here1108.084.0
for a second let me check the map1110.844.36
there's a tent right here a tent yep oh1112.088.16
good oh are there any beds uh IR yes1115.28.12
looks like one really yep I'm okay so1120.244.6
this is really silly but as long as one1123.324.64
of us sleeps we can pass time I love it1124.844.48
all right that's fine uh do you want to1127.963.88
read that yep to1129.326.08
yourself signed Cade Hawthorne that's1131.845.079
the way to do it let's get right to the1135.45.32
end right who wants to lay down I1136.9193.801
well okay night went by pretty quick1154.1596.561
let's see so you know what maybe I'll go1157.525.0
should I go two stories how about I do1160.725.28
two stories overachiever huh see boom1162.526.24
and then bang bang bang bang and then1166.03.72
yep okay so I want to go oh I can pick1169.727.079
wood over there by hitting1173.645.08
nope oh Control Plus that oh there we so1178.727.36
that's wood all right and then we'll1182.5597.12
we'll go number two there like a rock1186.084.44
bottom wood1190.525.6
top there we go add some1192.726.4
textures yeah like that okay let me1196.125.48
rotate this one1199.124.679
and boom okay yeah and then we'll do1203.7996.36
like a thatch roof oh yeah that's going1206.9196.76
to look real good I think1210.1595.441
okay oh1213.6795.161
yeah she's looking1215.66.68
beautiful chapter six baby Simon eats1218.845.839
meat Simon you just ate raw meat did I1226.07.679
eat it yeah I just wanted to get up1229.1597.201
[ __ ] I didn't know all right so I got to1233.6796.321
do that and I want to cook actual meat1236.367.36
so I got to hit that nope you just a raw1240.05.28
meat again and you threw up on the1243.723.72
ground yep that's what I did so I me1245.283.6
you're going to want to cook that meat I1247.443.8
know I was trying to cook it I'm going1248.883.32
drink how's that what' you drink oh1252.25.12
water oh water's good for you it1255.6794.0
increases your stamina yeah yeah so I F1257.324.52
I do have water so does this ring I put1259.6793.921
on I have better stamina because of it1261.843.56
oh nice a't that nice I can't drink1263.63.559
anymore it's not allowing me to now I1265.43.08
can only drink one at a time if you look1267.1592.801
at the top left you'll have it's kind of1268.483.799
like valheim rules right I still don't1269.964.12
have it down and I don't even know what1272.2794.481
I did wrong so one day happen again one1274.085.719
day one day shall We There is a building1276.765.24
to our West let's start making our way1279.7994.441
direction uh oh that looks like the1287.364.28
place in this place we should be able to1289.6794.961
find a blacksmith okay all right so find1291.646.84
a blacksmith to take him hostage yes to1294.645.32
make we'll bring him back to our base1298.483.4
you and how does that happen again we1299.963.719
got to go in there he'll be in he'll be1301.884.0
another egg baby kind of like you guys1303.6795.48
were okay all right I don't um you said1305.885.84
it but what did we look like um you eggs1309.1593.88
we're looking for little remember what1311.722.88
we popped out of oh there's a couple off1313.0393.321
to the right there looked like the okay1314.63.079
so we're not looking for a person we're1316.363.52
looking for an egg bues can now hey yeah1317.6795.36
these things you can hide in these oh we1319.884.76
can oh there's a Badd right in front of1323.0396.361
us oh God bees in here or can I just1324.646.8
kill this guy right here uh yeah he's1329.43.92
coming for you Simon Simon you should1331.447.599
have probably hit oh boy run run woohoo1333.327.32
that was a big hurt where where's1339.0394.041
where's my daddy I I'm right with you1340.644.639
right with you here heal me1343.085.0
up all right I'm going to mess him up1345.2795.081
I'm going to mess him up let's get him1348.083.24
right go oh that's going to hurt that's1351.329.92
Hur did good did I kill him NOP not okay1355.69.319
oh no all right oh wow and I'm already1361.247.16
halfway down one hit for you one hit for1364.9196.961
you oh he's almost oh my babies I don't1368.45.279
think I can get back to you all right1371.883.84
Retreat one1375.725.79
dad abandoned us1378.6796.291

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In the first episode, we're introduced to the shadowy Shroud that stalks the woods as well as the four hapless survivors controlled by Neebs, Thick, Appsro, and Simon. Their chemistry is immediately apparent as they bumble through the dark woods looking for supplies while cracking jokes and screaming at every sound. The cinematic camera work captures both the creepy atmosphere and their priceless reactions.

Over the next few episodes, we watch relationships form between the survivors as they scramble to gather resources and avoid the clutches of the Shroud. There are already hints of romance and betrayal! Meanwhile, the jokes and screams never stop coming as the Neebs crew encounter jump scares and terrifying monsters. Their commentary and reactions make the horror not just scary but downright hilarious.

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