Miracle Mission - GTA 5 Online Cinematic Series

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest episode of GTA 5 Online from Neebs Gaming? It's seriously amazing, as usual, but this time there a...
Miracle Mission - GTA 5 Online Cinematic Series
Miracle Mission - GTA 5 Online Cinematic Series

Miracle Mission - GTA 5 Online Cinematic Series

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of our GTA 5 Online Cinematic Series! Today, we have a special treat for you - the Miracle Mission!

simon: Oh man, I still can't believe what went down in that mission! It was like something out of a movie!

appsro: I know, right? That mission was pure chaos and insanity, but somehow we managed to pull it off!

neebs: And that's why this is my favorite YouTube video! It's got everything - action, drama, and a touch of miracle!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest episode of GTA 5 Online from Neebs Gaming? It's seriously amazing, as usual, but this time there are two missions and the second one is an absolute Miracle Mission. Trust me, you won't believe your eyes when you see it!

If you're a huge fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you know that they always bring the laughs and epic gameplay in every video. And this one is no exception. The team is on fire in this episode, and the action is non-stop. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!

And can we talk about that outro music? It's so catchy, I find myself humming it for hours after watching the video. Plus, their social media game is on point. Make sure you follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all the latest Neebs Gaming news and announcements.

If you haven't already, be sure to subscribe to their channel and help them reach their goal of 1,000,000,000 subscribers. Let's show them some love for the incredible content they put out week after week. Trust me, you won't regret it!

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all right what's the deal I got a8.484.119
mission from a buddy he wants some guy10.653.6
assassinated who is it12.5993.51
what's he done he's going to testify14.253.84
against my buddy your buddy a criminal16.1093.631
probably probably18.093.81
I mean it's not Santos most everybody is19.743.84
a criminal here I mean we're criminals21.94.08
too yeah we do steal a lot of men we're23.584.529
not criminally are criminals we're kind25.984.74
of like red and black lists or criminals28.1094.591
like we do we do good things that the30.723.81
good guys can't do so I'll tell you what32.74.199
we got to break into a mansion uh we34.533.959
want to play this quiet or what are we36.8995.16
doing is our economy you appellee we're38.4895.031
going slow42.0596.57
well I'm dumb driving on the sidewalk43.528.109
drop it on sidewalk I got this and my48.6295.401
mom get in now you're just doing it to51.6294.041
piss me off54.033.81
all right we're close55.675.619
Oh like it's jump out close yeah the one57.845.43
right in front of us Hey think we can do61.2895.37
this with a hammer what it was a hammer63.277.2
a hammer yeah hello myth just steam out66.6596.271
[ __ ] turn away man let go already70.475.34
hello dear oh she's recording us I only72.934.14
have a hammer I'm looking I'm a75.813.21
carpenter oh yeah good luck with your77.074.08
video ma'am hi should we jump to temp of79.025.4
the fifth here yeah hold on let me81.154.77
double check I don't see anybody yeah84.425.01
clear clear oh just open it that helps85.925.82
oh wait you know what I think I think89.434.079
mansion we're supposed to break into is91.743.809
across the street yeah when the Rose93.5094.141
will arrive and here everybody over here95.5496.091
over here he'll be us right oh well just97.655.759
a place yes the place don't let me101.643.98
alarms going on103.4094.821
sneak a longest walk dude that the105.624.62
driveways over this way all right let's108.235.76
go over this way go over this way come110.245.82
back after oh this is neat moving into a113.993.63
higher position over okay well let me116.062.88
know when you're in position we'll move117.623.72
up sir alex is already moving up I'll118.944.38
move up with the rally I'd rather say121.343.36
what you say on this side I'll make a123.324.53
move to the other guy up I see a person124.79.59
on the other side of a SUV of sort it up127.858.88
yep got their kitchen needs come back134.296.24
yes sir you see anybody136.733.8
- all right what a good job I'll travel140.87.41
feel like I should do something well143.855.74
don't say it in the middle to [ __ ]148.213.87
the Broadway Simon sorry oh here comes149.595.88
more guys hey down baby leaves how you152.086.36
lookin up there buddy no visual sir so155.474.02
yes it looks like you got a good158.443.21
technical position there oh god we got159.493.75
cops on it guys we got to move in and do161.654.77
this come on we got police coming in163.246.84
let's go out there's a man on that pile166.425.73
on exams there we go good job good job170.083.81
moving forward all right172.154.59
oh [ __ ] get shot where I don't know in173.893.48
the back176.742.4
aggghhhhh I'm going on yeah we got177.374.17
police in got police on it oh God179.144.02
names house that house that type of181.547.83
cover coming here's the guy Oh take a183.166.96
picture of his body189.372.82
oh yeah we'll kill it's not dead oh oh190.123.09
yeah he's dead now192.193.15
all right that picture but to take a193.213.66
photo of his body there we need to get195.342.76
out of your needs why don't you get in196.873.57
the escape vehicle then watch my back198.14.83
I'm getting shelter oh Jesus watch my200.442.73
I see it over to Arlene all right I got203.174.05
the photo let's get the [ __ ] out of here205.753.09
all right come on we got to go out the207.222.67
same way we came in208.843.53
I'm circling you guys come on I got a209.894.76
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] please do you214.656.55
pick me up out front219.9097.351
Mira beep oh [ __ ] I've been right sorry221.210.61
fellas God willing227.2616.41
okay we're gonna pray baby we get our231.8114.05
asses kicked a little bit yeah yeah no243.674.02
[ __ ] yeah let me tell you I wants to245.864.469
take it out like 20 cops I think I took247.694.68
out five I might be exaggerating a250.3292.52
little bit252.374.679
but oh crap sorry guys what the one-way252.8496.45
street it's a one-way street yeah uh257.0494.231
yeah he was coming in the back so you259.2994.261
think of no one who cares it back up261.284.259
yeah you can't just back okay see the263.563.6
van facing the wrong way they're gonna265.5393.241
know aren't they they're gonna do arrest267.164.379
us I don't know but listen good luck out268.783.84
of my van okay271.5393.66
Oh easy good good job thieves and yeah272.624.74
I'll say good job you silent way to go275.1993.931
knees I'm glad you won the mission for277.363.45
us Simon thanks for taking the door off279.134.2
appreciate that I didn't take your door280.814.38
all that doraleous I get confused you're283.333.42
both wearing white no it showed up285.194.71
without a door it yes like you yank my286.754.59
door off you look really guilty right289.92.28
now hop on in291.343.389
are you driving yeah you're gonna drive292.184.739
my van yeah294.7295.341
don't like it he needs yeah I'm296.9196.93
definitely a criminal now why I shot300.075.909
cops sign doesn't pay you know that303.8494.681
did you steal a cop car um yeah but I305.9794.531
returned it I doubt that are we going308.535.639
yeah let's go get out of here I'd you310.514.17
know what314.1693.661
yeah back out of here come on man that's314.684.53
right that's right317.836.98
really yeah you're the luminol319.215.6
all right325.475.05
you wanna clean them yeah now the328.183.45
casinos closed330.523.99
what casinos are never closed well this331.635.819
casino is always closed now they closed334.515.79
because of legal reasons they turn the337.4496.511
lights off put some energy I think we340.35.49
got a guy driving who's trying to bring343.963.239
in some places who doesn't have much345.793.54
knowledge about the area meaning about347.1993.391
his area I know349.335.369
oh hello beautiful Memphis thank you I350.596.78
didn't want you to drive my bad the354.6995.491
quick to the shortcut are we going to do357.374.32
with all the extra time we have in the360.193.63
shortcut what are we going to do it's361.697.8
now x5 I spy with my little eye someone363.828.099
who's this dick hold on I'll wait down369.496.72
to nail it me sir hello can I borrow371.9196.72
your car for a moment yeah that happens376.219.12
crank [ __ ] kid no kick it Hey I just378.6398.041
I didn't want him to get up and get all385.334.58
mad he let us use it for Thank You pal386.687.43
okay everybody stand back389.914.2
kind of did it there we go397.8496.211
all right there we are there we are400.7296.671
rallies can I Drive no please always404.065.859
good Tom neat save the day doraleous407.44.169
Simon one of you guys just to change409.9193.78
change outfits because the same color411.5693.901
thing fits me off let's get the [ __ ] out413.6993.451
of the seat well if you get in the car415.473.659
I'm trying to that door Alex and Simon417.155.91
takes [ __ ] Simon - hey he's wearing a419.1297.32
damn hood whoa whoa oh jeez I ain't good423.066.12
this guy just that person right there426.4494.981
picking out let's go get it get him429.184.829
right now hop in the car head in water431.435.01
get in [ __ ] are get in the car434.0093.601
[ __ ] car436.444.05
I'm not a bad guy oh my god it's like437.615.52
bad guys I would give this total [ __ ]440.494.2
there you go where'd you go yet see I443.133.629
don't know I don't even know it was an444.694.74
SUV that's a Hummer I think oh let me446.7594.741
Liam said SUV right there449.433.9
back at the wall yeah not a bad tree oh451.59.199
yeah I'm up there aliens right453.3317.429
[ __ ] yeah okay we've got a we're460.69911.97
a lot of cops on it470.7593.81
now we're not bad guys what472.6694.481
no I'm pretty sure misunderstood you477.155.87
McCain yeah I think so it looked like an480.279.69
SUV and you know the woman still get out483.029.82
and snip reversing come on489.964.98
all right guys we're still on us we have492.844.44
to do this quick all right come on come494.947.08
on Blakeley will ring that way oh and a497.285.55
cop by the plane502.023.42
oh [ __ ] Oh helicopter which one which502.835.58
one let's let's do helicopter honking505.444.949
all right take out these cops around the508.413.99
first I don't know five rotors step510.3893.33
first otherwise they're going to shoot512.46.72
us as we try to get in oh [ __ ] I'm in513.7198.0
the chopper519.122.599
what landing Wow well done591.045.469
now shoot drive yeah now shoot your ally594.474.109
from the face well the little move the596.5093.51
beaming thing better the bear but598.5793.591
doesn't that happen for her600.0195.971
ah we kid I kind of want to shoot him602.175.68
though now don't shoot him now I don't605.993.089
want to start that and we're just going607.854.38
to shoot each other a Liam come on man609.0795.19
whoa he did it first I know he did it612.233.529
first there you go614.2695.25
he's at it first Domon sorry alright615.7595.14
that's fine with the fleet obey619.5192.88
hospitals right up there we can you pick620.8993.711
him up622.3992.211
let us kill each other no wires obvious625.337.53
I've made a mistake in my last way we're628.9635.85
gonna Scout it huh yeah you guys want to662.833.63
jump off their things now I want to walk664.813.63
down oh go ahead Walker666.464.41
Derek or promote job of it all right I'm668.445.46
first hold on how do I equip it once you670.875.04
start falling a magical parachute will673.93.15
appear on your back and then you will675.913.33
pull the chute that's what I just asked677.054.29
if you have to pull it679.244.74
oh I know where we landing let's all try681.344.23
to land somewhere yeah where are we683.983.24
landing we're the good spot back on the685.573.66
beach leaves is your sister still down687.224.44
there parked on the beach thing is still689.234.35
there maybe we can just aim for that691.663.6
yeah go for it693.586.11
all right where's the Cessna oh there go695.264.43
go go go go all right all right700.269.51
oh boy we talked about it they very715.621.9
straightforward okay I don't it if I731.69910.181
play now there think of the helicopter737.513.949
by the emergency face Thomas around so741.8811.97
don't get hurt at 10 a.m. on Saturday751.4496.931
right right oh come on753.857.679
listen life's too short it is alright758.384.5
what the hell these guys are going to be761.5292.49
on an hour they're not going to see us762.883.54
under this now but they could pull up764.0193.51
they know we're here766.423.8
that's not them on the John Deere is it767.52910.381
no oh damn I'm looking good man where770.2211.919
did you get that really so you're a777.9111.029
criminal yeah you know you won't782.1396.8
how do you play I spy with my little eye799.886.22
how do I play it yeah are my eyes802.984.8
something but it has to be something806.14.2
that stays in the vision well we're in a807.784.35
car right so it happened be some in the810.33.99
car okay unless it's like the sky you812.134.02
know something you can see okay were you814.293.42
doing all right816.156.3
I spy with my little eye something red817.7110.23
and red yeah that monkey yep done the822.457.62
fellas like needs is jacking in that827.944.59
monkey I know this alien is black and830.074.98
blue yeah why a black bloom is why I spy832.535.94
with my little eye something big and835.057.38
white and circular even the moon yep838.476.57
that's right there yeah a meeting yeah842.434.98
let's not play this game I spy with my845.045.04
little eye something847.415.55
oh hey wait home how about is anybody850.085.58
tracking this [ __ ] tanker no track852.965.31
the [ __ ] tankers oh [ __ ] I know it's855.664.44
worth of track of tanker portal drug858.273.3
somebody's gonna try to turn with the860.16.72
taker oh hey guys what look right in861.577.35
front of us I spy with my little eye a866.824.2
tanker truck when ya hit contain it I868.923.15
didn't made it all the way to the power871.022.19
plant we were supposed to hijack it872.072.94
before it got here alright so now what873.213.78
happened it they were probably okay not875.012.76
playing games876.993.69
um let's scope this out yeah you want to877.774.86
scope it out we see it let's go in there880.683.63
guns blazing still to take a truck oh882.634.32
yes remember our first mission put that884.313.12
no I'm using my scope and there's a guy887.434.77
right by the driver door yeah I'm taking890.194.2
out that guy by the driver door I see892.24.17
you guys I'm taking up the front yard I894.395.42
got him I got him896.373.44
come on okay all right906.971.64
come in a throw we are stuck instead of1066.0612.1
mountain here we go hey fellas what do1072.168.13
we do now well we got to get we got to1078.164.44
get this tanker to the depot1080.293.72
can we get this off this mountain oh1082.63.33
thank god well we've got vehicles to1084.015.75
push it the I'm gonna start back it up1085.937.41
yeah Mon yeah Mon okay I'll get this1089.765.46
detail sir1093.344.17
there go how's that help there you go I1095.225.41
tell but somebody push me Human1097.518.24
Centipede hold on oh yeah yeah1100.637.64
ah there's some teamwork happening1105.754.89
careful not before I know I know1108.273.96
remember we just died okay that's1110.643.45
probably gonna die probably make my turn1112.235.46
now ha ha ha all right here we go here1114.097.35
we go yeah that's how you do [ __ ] guys1117.695.97
live let's get this done1121.444.05
I'm on your buck in case you need a but1123.665.25
push alright boys we got a convoy yeah1125.498.67
we got a convoy yeah being a line to be1128.917.53
a convoy yeah I can move up we were in1134.164.65
our line you did you give me a push give1136.444.35
me a push okay with my convoy ahead1138.814.65
you're gonna give us oh man it started1140.794.2
to rain the damn peppers gonna get1143.465.06
slippery and money alright come on oh1144.994.74
[ __ ]1148.524.96
oh no the engines on fire oh my god bail1149.736.21
out bail out [ __ ] are you telling me if1153.483.57
we can't use this thing1155.943.27
yeah the engines on fire we but I blew1157.054.14
it up why would just happen there Raylan1159.214.86
oh hey what about a cargobob maybe what1161.194.86
about a cargo not a cargo Bob and1164.073.99
deliver this thing by helicopter it's1166.054.32
the tanker yeah what are the odds of1168.064.47
that had to drive it down a mountain we1170.373.84
were in fleet obey earlier I saw1172.535.67
cargobob you take this car to paleto Bay1174.217.14
grab a cargo Bob come pick up this truck1178.25.04
and then we deliver it you want to pick1181.353.93
up a tanker with a cargo Bob do you have1183.242.91
a better idea1185.283.09
I don't all right everybody hopping this1186.154.23
ride well one less you stay down and1188.374.44
stay with the tanker okay here I'll stay1190.387.17
here okay Simon ride with a rod we know1192.816.45
I don't have to say to us you knew1197.555.37
exactly your [ __ ] mess why where did1199.266.99
you see a cargo believe paleto Bay or1202.926.44
great the airport require the cocktail1206.255.4
on our car is the fishing company under1211.658.07
Alice you're in a different place than1216.335.0
we are1219.7213.02
what color is it rock I don't see a car1221.3313.93
go Bob no no cargo Bob where can we find1232.745.01
a cargo Bob goodness I don't know1235.267.59
stupid yeah absurd a doraleous just blow1237.756.87
up the dam tanker but what if we had a1242.853.66
tow truck just love the damn tanker1244.624.68
doraleous don't you want to get a tow1246.514.11
truck you want to go over and search all1249.32.85
over the goddamn city for a tow truck1250.623.69
love the damn tanker well that work1252.154.08
might works though all right I'm out you1254.313.48
guys go get a tow truck have a good time1256.233.99
calling in with Cessna call it a cargo1257.794.53
Bob I don't have a [ __ ] car bomb I1260.224.11
could buy it maybe I could buy a car go1262.322.82
Bob let me look1264.334.17
Oh buy a car go above yeah we talked1265.148.46
that's it yeah 1.7 million dollars how1268.58.25
much money you got go for million over1273.66.57
your money bag you made me blow 1.71276.755.13
million dollars on a car go Bobby don't1280.174.08
you want one all right they put the1281.884.11
cargo Bob back at the sandy shores1284.254.23
Airport we got to go okay got a cargo1285.997.77
Bob delivered yeah you know what's fun1288.486.9
is this probably isn't gonna work and1293.765.67
you wasted all that money is Arya's Park1295.385.97
hey at the end of the day I have a car1299.437.65
go Bob no I don't [ __ ] whoa dad he's1301.358.4
gotta learn how to jump out of cars at1307.085.13
all the time all rights go see if we can1309.753.41
get that taker1312.216.379
come on we need this dresser yeah it1447.997.419
struck you son of a [ __ ] hey want to do1451.8095.0
it I'm going to do it1455.4093.961
no my mechanical get it I'm not worried1456.8098.681
man all right try to back it in smooth1459.378.61
therefore break I guess I'm going to get1465.493.929
in the van behind it so you don't push1467.984.079
it too far okay all right bring it in1469.4195.88
nice and smooth all right we got the1472.0597.771
tanker hey hey all right so now escort1475.2997.021
assess depot and I turn or where you1479.834.05
came from can you get back up there do1482.323.81
you think otherwise consider straight1483.884.23
behind us yeah you know what here watch1486.133.48
out to rally it's a stack up get some1488.114.38
speed all right I'm in kind of a flat1489.614.699
area that's pretty that's pretty good1492.494.26
speed all right two rallies behind me I1494.3095.911
am now all right got it1496.756.32
good F throw will speed ahead dirt1500.225.37
hunting it I'm already losing speed I'm1503.074.28
on your butt wander alley on your butt1505.596.71
I'm on your bud give me some speed speed1507.358.11
turn into it a little bit ah oh you got1512.35.2
it you got it come on you got it we got1515.463.39
here we go here we go here we go okay1517.55.1
you go do your babies I'll get on your1518.855.4
butt again yeah give them a buck get1522.62.97
about the rally when I'm good I'm good1524.257.41
like what oh come on no come on Emmett1525.577.83
is that the only hill we have to get1531.663.78
over yeah we can get to the top of this1533.43.9
thing we should get it back this is1535.442.61
I'm going to grab another vehicle1538.053.63
alright ready for take two boys yes sir1539.076.66
come on come on man what's that oh I'm1541.686.66
going at full speed as I can come on get1545.733.39
over the hill1548.343.09
get over this barrel is that little bin1549.125.85
on the foot over the hill yeah here's1551.434.71
the other hill where you were facing1554.974.62
before I came back right you're going to1556.146.2
get stuck and here we go1559.596.89
we go come on doraleous we're good1562.348.529
it was real good we're so close closer1566.487.319
we've ever been oh I know I know I know1570.8697.41
well we got this all ponding all [ __ ]1573.79917.921
day all right careful all right load up1578.27915.87
load up load up we have the landing I'll1591.725.01
look at the road right down here go all1594.1495.1
right guys easy my lunch man all right1596.735.759
take it easy Jesus perfect man which1599.2494.56
done with your two senior1602.4893.81
yeah oh yeah doraleous I was jumped out1603.8094.021
of the car killed himself why would he1606.2993.51
do that I've no idea but I can't believe1607.833.659
we actually pulled that [ __ ] oh okay1609.8093.75
you want to blow it out can't blame you1611.4895.19
I did can you get the truck right1613.5598.45
through here oh yeah yeah ah here1616.67911.81
boom boom baby yeah1622.0096.48
I spy with my little eye something we1631.8594.471
just passed all right 16 grand that was1633.6595.321
worth the 1.7 million1636.335.9
the best opportunities every day we're1642.238.34
happy fight is dining Lou1646.926.84

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In this latest episode, they had not one but two incredible missions. That second mission though - the Miracle Mission - was unbelievable! I don't want to give away any spoilers but let's just say it involves a blimp, a car chase, and the biggest explosion I've ever seen in GTA Online. My jaw was on the floor the whole time.

The Neebs crew has such great chemistry too. Their hilarious commentary and reactions make every crazy moment even more entertaining. And the top-notch cinematic camera work pulls you right into the action. At times I forgot I was even watching a video game.

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So if you're looking for an insanely fun and over-the-top gaming channel that feels more like a TV show than just a let's play, you have to check out Neebs Gaming. Their GTA Online series is an absolute must-watch. It'll have you laughing one minute and picking your jaw up off the floor the next. I seriously can't wait to see what crazy shenanigans they get up to next!

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