MINECRAFT: The Spider Castle 2 - New Neebsylvania 14

Hey there, fellow Neebsylvania fans! Have you checked out the latest episode where the guys embark on a quest to find a lost horse, face off...
MINECRAFT: The Spider Castle 2 - New Neebsylvania 14
MINECRAFT: The Spider Castle 2 - New Neebsylvania 14

MINECRAFT: The Spider Castle 2 - New Neebsylvania 14

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen 'MINECRAFT: The Spider Castle 2 - New Neebsylvania 14'? It's like a rollercoaster of emotions and suspense!

simon: Oh yeah, that one is hilarious! Especially when Thick tries to infiltrate the spider castle, classic Thick move.

appsro: I love how they all work together to find the lost horse and start a farm. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

neebs: Definitely! And let's not forget the creeper tactics, they had me on the edge of my seat. Such a thrilling episode!

Hey there, fellow Neebsylvania fans! Have you checked out the latest episode where the guys embark on a quest to find a lost horse, face off against a creeper, and even start a farm together? It’s all in Minecraft - New Neebsylvania 14: "The Spider Castle 2". And let me tell you, the camaraderie between the guys is at an all-time high in this one.

One of the highlights of the episode is when Thick is challenged to navigate his way into the mysterious spider castle. I won’t spoil it for you, but let’s just say it makes for some intense and hilarious moments. Will he succeed in his mission? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

And don’t forget to click the link to explore more of the Neebsylvania world. The adventures never stop in this crazy Minecraft universe created by the talented folks at Neebs Gaming. Plus, if you want to rock some awesome Neebs Gaming gear, head over to their Spreadshirt store to grab some cool merch.

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The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Wow, I am loving watching the Neebs Gaming crew play Minecraft! Their cinematic approach makes it feel like you're right there with the guys, living the Minecraft life.

In their latest series "Neebsylvania," we really get immersed in the world they are building together. It's fun watching their personalities shine as they banter and work together to survive. Thick's daring quest to infiltrate the mysterious spider castle had me on the edge of my seat! Meanwhile, the farm and garden Dora and Appsro are developing adds a wholesome element.

Through all their hilarious misadventures, you get a feel for the creativity and discovery that makes Minecraft so engrossing. The Neebs crew finds ways to keep it exciting, whether they're battling creepers, exploring ravines, or just goofing around. Their chemistry and storytelling draw you into the world.

Overall, Neebs Gaming's Minecraft series is a blast to watch. Their cinematic style enhances the gameplay, making it the next best thing to playing yourself. It's the perfect way to live out the Minecraft adventure without having to do all the grinding yourself. If you haven't checked out their Minecraft content, I highly recommend it for funny, immersive entertainment!

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guys I have a question yeah where's my0.125.759
horse I don't know I killed that son of2.8795.04
a [ __ ] you did not kill it but imagine5.8793.8
the day imagine the day when we find him7.9194.121
again yeah he's going to be so happy to9.6794.561
see me yeah right he's out there12.044.239
somewhere I don't like that he's out14.245.76
there somewhere in the nether running16.2793.721
free if I see him I'll let you know all25.0395.56
right hi bunny you should be happy that27.6794.841
he's out running free maybe he met a30.5994.12
lady horse that's possible too what32.524.24
keeps this water from oh there it goes34.7194.321
did you just do that yep water physics36.763.959
are really weird yeah no they're they're39.042.999
a little strange in this game hey buddy40.7192.561
how you doing I'm trying to be42.0392.761
constructive I was going to go mining43.285.24
today but but eh no I'm going to still44.87.239
I'm going to do it I was on a lost horse48.524.96
search but I'm going to end that right52.0393.801
now yeah I was looking for the horse too53.483.239
you're going to55.844.12
connect this River to the lake right y56.7195.121
yep dick why are you over there what's59.963.399
the level I was looking for the horse61.842.84
did you not hear me say that the horse63.3592.8
is free don't worry about it it may be64.683.28
mul wow it takes forever to hit this66.1594.041
kill the stone here huh you got a shovel67.963.28
you need to use a pickaxe are you70.24.12
killing Stone thick you keep it up buddy71.245.6
you keep it up thick did he just shoot74.325.799
you yeah you can't prove that no I know76.845.08
I know you did it you know look at that80.1193.36
right in the belly81.924.4
button H I'm just messing with you dude83.4794.161
he's just messing so were you going to86.323.32
give me that pickaxe yep you're ready87.644.68
yep I had a question for abs Stone it's89.644.6
not that great oh end you definitely92.323.68
want to take it out of flat part okay94.242.879
I'm not going to look at him I'm looking96.03.439
down at the water I'm just oh thank you97.1194.081
saying get your get your pumpkin on is99.4393.841
that yours right there mine's not in my101.23.4
uh inventory I don't know whose that is103.282.64
but we just picked one up so yeah I'll104.63.72
take it does anyone have a bucket I do105.923.839
not have ack I have two extra ones up in108.323.119
my spider you don't hear that every day109.7594.68
do you no you don't just thinking that111.4395.481
what a Simon come here come look at this114.4394.521
come stand beside me all right bedtime116.924.44
look at the sunset ni perfect place to118.964.32
watch it oh121.366.959
wow look how pretty that is I'm in bed I123.287.84
too am in bed D what are you doing he's128.3194.681
not in bed let's focus on one goal this131.123.8
morning guys well I need to get iron133.04.68
right nope nope oh God nope what nope134.925.72
what no iron no we don't need iron no137.686.12
iron today [ __ ] the tools let's have140.647.679
Simon fish and the rest of us143.87.159
make a farm148.3196.081
what okay make it a farm let make a farm150.9594.92
salimon you go fish I'll build the154.43.16
slaughter house would you like to make155.8794.321
it out of wood or157.565.56
stone what are you talking about the the160.26.679
barn dirt a farm F not Barn oh so Barnes163.126.72
don't go on farms Creeper Creeper I166.8794.401
guess you're right let's do the drill do169.843.16
the drill guys here I'll let him chase171.283.12
me oh wait a second then I get to kill173.03.12
him yeah this'll be the first time hold174.43.72
on it's not going to oh [ __ ] Simon run176.124.479
run okay hold on get your sword hold on178.123.64
I'm going to get him watch this it's180.5993.401
locked on to Tony so do it Simon I'm181.763.64
doing it wa no draw him away from the184.03.04
house thick why are you going towards185.44.88
the house he's R going to catch me all187.044.919
right okay it's locked on Simon stuck in190.282.8
water Simon you got the spider right on193.084.96
you yeah I know and I'm killing it yeah195.766.16
and I just got some Str run run run stop198.047.16
it what is wrong with you I did run I201.925.879
ran a little late oh s thank goodness205.25.16
you weren't by the houses well okay you207.7994.761
want me to fill it in yeah but I want210.363.76
but more than that I want you to learn212.563.039
how to run from a creeper well do you214.123.839
realize that you before you learn to run215.5994.36
you need to learn to walk you weren't217.9596.241
even walking I was technically219.9594.241
walking that's that's you got to learn225.46.36
this stuff man I am you [ __ ] the whole228.845.239
nebs Sania could depend on it some what231.764.96
if what hey what if that creeper would234.0794.88
have been standing by andel's house what236.724.359
if Simon I would not have been there I238.9594.081
would not even be anywhere near a house241.0794.321
if the creeper was there so thank you243.044.72
for for for even noticing that I was245.46.16
away from the houses on purpose247.763.8
okay girls I found a donkey you did not252.04.28
there's not donkey there's donkeys in254.9593.201
here yeah there's not donkeys where are256.284.76
you I'm over by Lake Wataga you guys see258.165.599
me I want to see this donkey I see you I261.043.92
have not seen a Don oh he's doing his263.7592.88
thing he's making the noises donkey264.963.92
things the heha yeah and then there's266.6393.681
another one268.884.879
up on this hill cannot Mount this thing270.326.92
can you feed it a wheat he likes it he273.7595.121
likes the wheat did he eat it it looked277.244.36
like he smiled he is smiling that's a278.885.44
happy ass donkey where are you is no281.64.8
longer happy wh over by where the r284.325.24
can't put a saddle on it oh what you're286.45.68
on it I FedEd all the [ __ ] wheat my289.564.84
gosh look get on it I I I right clicked292.085.0
on it after I fed it all the wheat but294.44.76
you need to in order to to ride it hey297.083.839
Simon I'm sorry I didn't mean that God299.163.68
what you doing you've got a freaking300.9194.361
lure in it that was a mistake you're a302.843.799
mistake right305.284.72
click oh man I'm sorry donkey I have no306.6394.721
control over this donkey because it310.03.32
doesn't have a saddle I've got a saddle311.364.36
now let me try to put a saddle on it get313.324.319
away Simon oh you got on it that that315.724.28
makes sense an ass on an ass is awesome317.6394.201
oh look you know what you son of a [ __ ]320.05.919
oh wait I'm On One donkey321.846.56
party am off of it did he kick me off no325.9194.0
now you're on him again all right come328.44.88
on guys all right let's good stuff Have329.9195.961
Fun Simon let's make the the farm Simon333.284.919
the garden how do I get off this thing335.884.2
all right let's just make a straight338.1993.641
track of water340.085.0
uh-huh this then we'll get a hoe and341.846.639
we'll ho both sides of this we need345.085.44
seeds does anyone have seeds uh let me348.4793.601
check I get some does anyone have a350.523.56
bucket I also have a bucket I have a352.083.839
bucket yes you got the hoe thing going354.083.04
there yeah do you want me to hoe right355.9194.481
next to this or yeah ho right next water357.125.04
I've already planted some of my seeds we360.43.48
should really head back soon planted362.163.759
your seeds be in some trouble here all363.883.439
right let's go to sleep we should have365.9193.84
some sort of a barn as well for the uh367.3194.681
for the farm just a little like Shack or369.7594.0
something to supplies372.05.16
in classic red and white barn yeah why373.7595.481
not get some red now it's a good now377.164.319
it's a great idea huh no one ever said379.243.519
it was a bad381.4795.521
idea absor sleepwalking it's creepy oh382.7597.801
boy see look at abs sleep walking mhm387.05.84
someone needs to go to his computer and390.564.479
put him in the bed392.845.0
yeah all right back to the395.0395.641
Garden mhm are these donkeys going to397.844.759
eat all of our400.685.28
crops maybe can I could really uh use402.5996.16
some food where you at oh405.966.079
and D you need a hoe uh do you want a408.7595.201
hoe and I'll follow you with seeds uh412.0394.641
yeah I can do that we should make like a413.965.919
like a 20 acre crop and then neebs416.685.16
gaming is no more because we're building419.8795.04
making 20 acres of farm we could get all421.845.079
the people that watch us on YouTube to424.9194.96
harvest on Spare Time [ __ ] put them426.9195.881
to work yeah why not cuz they don't want429.8794.561
to work they just want to take going432.84.44
down guys I wonder if I can commission434.445.56
uh any of the nee's gaming uh followers437.246.16
to build me a giant Hydra440.06.28
house look at abso dumbass just hanging443.45.0
out an idiot are you guys back at the446.284.0
house oh448.43.799
let me put these last seeds down dark450.283.599
enough what do you think one more day on452.1993.801
the garden then do some mining can we uh453.8795.361
break up break it up by um seeing if456.05.08
thick can find his way into my place459.245.079
yeah when is abro getting back in 15461.086.76
Tris yeah are you locking down there464.3195.72
yeah did you grab the seeds yeah man467.843.88
asro is going to flip out when he sees470.0392.521
garden probably not no he's not going to472.564.44
flip up no I think he's going to say oh475.084.079
wow that spider wasn't doing [ __ ] to you477.04.44
NE I know World Peace [ __ ] killed it479.1593.841
for you dry so now you're afraid of them481.444.52
no I I live in one I'm working on483.04.84
something guys what you doing look at485.963.56
that oh you just you son of a [ __ ]487.843.56
what' I do you just did what I wanted to489.525.76
do so I helped you no but it's like it's491.45.32
you know like when you finish something495.282.599
you're like oh I'm right there and you496.722.919
go oh yeah let me just get that that was497.8794.88
like the that was ex yeah exactly like499.6395.481
that building a dirt Hut over here that502.7594.681
was that was my505.124.72
museum that's my museum starting your507.445.2
clown so Grand yeah I started it and I'm509.844.24
going to go back to it soon thank you512.643.399
for closing that back up again this514.084.519
needs to be a nice Cascade into the to516.0394.521
the lake yes you're absolutely think518.5993.521
about how the water's going to fall can520.564.44
this be my project yeah thank you all522.125.24
right everybody follow dalas did525.03.48
everybody hear that feel like we should527.364.039
have a fresh day for it yeah I I'm with528.485.64
pushing it on a on a little journey all531.3993.961
skeleton behind you thick I'm going to535.364.28
get him with a bow and arrow want to see538.044.28
my Marksmanship see it let's see539.647.0
it oh you hit him yeah I did oh he's542.326.28
down you did546.644.52
it oh man look there's a skeleton in548.66.4
there D and I use a crafting table to551.166.28
make stuff right yep I'll show you come555.03.88
here are you in the house I'm in the557.443.56
house buddy all right I'm coming Simon558.883.88
made his first pickaxe ladies and561.04.2
gentlemen what I missed guys uh nothing562.765.8
oh tons tons you would not believe what565.24.92
we just buil568.563.48
okay you'll believe it oh no I'll570.123.36
believe it I'm sure I'll believe it572.043.12
nothing did not believe about it don't573.484.64
want to write HED anybody about we set a575.167.32
goal and we did it didn't we as a team M578.126.04
kind of yeah I don't know about that582.482.919
yeah we did I'll believe that when I see584.163.919
it all right so do you want to go look585.3995.601
at your thing D yep oh I got to see this588.0794.401
you ready to follow me yeah all right591.03.04
follow me all right what did you guys592.484.359
build while I was gone oh you you'll see594.044.359
you'll see it up here it'll be a fun596.8393.761
reveal to see it from here but oh yeah598.3993.761
should we look at the observation tower600.63.44
and look down see if we can see it see602.163.799
if I can see it sure wait don't look604.045.0
don't look close your eyes abro Okay um605.9596.961
oh yeah I can see it uh options how do I609.045.68
turn clouds off oh I think I kind of see612.924.52
it I told you to close your eyes they614.724.96
were closed see Simon working down there617.444.48
diligently all right you turn your619.685.08
clouds off where you at I'm going up to621.925.52
the observation deck with Mr D so the624.764.36
river goes down there yeah I see the627.444.24
Farm the river yeah little farm or a629.124.839
garden that's River abso yeah he said631.684.0
Farm didn't he sure but more importantly633.9594.241
look right at that giant spider looking635.686.44
down on thicks place about to attack638.26.28
it that is a that's the reveal this is642.123.8
the best spot to see it from like right644.484.84
here yeah that's nice God I'm not proud645.927.32
of it at all why don't we uh thick go649.326.36
ahead and see if you can find the way up653.244.039
and it is off of this level it's not655.683.36
like you have to go down or something657.2794.201
neebs is taking taking up rear yeah659.044.239
neebs let's661.484.08
stay let's stay663.2794.881
here stay here665.566.839
yeah um thicks off to find the way668.166.72
up and672.3995.041
uh uh got plenty of674.884.36
oh Dick's climbing the spider Castle679.244.279
he's climbing spider Castle I have a682.123.2
feeling there's it's not683.5194.56
a it's not a climb it's not a direct685.326.0
climb up if I duras he's he's been688.0794.721
crafty it's a691.326.4
maze he's been crafty and let's see did692.86.64
you put all these flowers out here I did697.724.16
do you like them yeah this is nice you699.444.12
were super close you were very hot thick701.882.8
I don't think it's in the river the703.563.839
other way back over there we're super704.684.279
hot are you going to do the hot and cold707.3993.281
thing the whole time going to make it708.9593.44
real easy it's straight ahead to the710.683.44
left there like you're looking at it712.3995.961
right now is no back look to the left714.126.04
look to the left there is he doing this718.363.44
or you doing it BR there you go it's720.162.88
kind of like hidden it's like an optical721.83.36
illusion take a left look left there you723.045.64
go oh all right now let's let's watch725.166.119
him make his way up here you got your728.685.8
name right my faceis it's fun times get731.2795.961
to try out the TNT I made yeah blow that734.485.719
[ __ ] up hop up here yeah it's kind of737.244.8
hidden if you're not looking at it yeah740.1993.521
you don't want thick to know where it is742.044.159
no but and then don't tell thick about743.725.2
this next part up here okay when you get746.1995.401
to the top don't go up that ladder that748.925.56
you see that that'll lead you to a hole751.65.88
that'll drop you and kill754.483.0
you okay here we go758.325.519
whoa oh761.2796.281
man oh that's terrible did you set a763.8396.56
booby trap I'll grab your stuff oh good767.565.36
oh he's got look at he got diamonds770.3995.601
tough he's got loot his [ __ ] he's got so772.925.44
much [ __ ] I am very impressed I mean776.04.12
it's not every day trust me when I say778.363.56
this you see something original in780.123.68
Minecraft that's awesome so enjoy enjoy781.924.919
the house my um my bedroom's up here783.85.44
that is that is some cool stuff and then786.8393.921
yeah there's789.243.92
my that's the pool oh you even have a790.766.4
jutu too yeah yours is bigger than mine793.165.84
good Lord what the [ __ ] we're in the797.165.039
spider butt right now yeah spider butt799.06.24
Yak evil802.1993.041
castle I had fun I got carried away I807.366.08
like that happens in Minecraft it does I811.245.039
think I spent your bed up here 6,000813.445.6
hours in Minecraft almost the last five816.2796.401
years yeah to me to me this game is uh819.045.88
it's easily the best bang for my buck822.686.12
I've ever spent I bought for absolutely824.925.279
okay so that's thick piece of [ __ ] over828.83.839
there thick little dump over830.1997.56
there sorry thi I had to do it832.6396.64
sorry we got your stuff there you just839.2794.0
declared war you sp where'd you840.9595.12
spawn no that was that was fun I can I843.2794.321
can appreciate yeah I'll show you that846.0794.041
I'll show you the real way perfect man847.64.239
it's a lot of work it was a lot of work850.123.279
and this and this whole thing is on851.8393.881
Survival yeah I didn't do any God mode853.3995.481
to make this oh my God which uh I fell a855.724.039
times a couple lives were lost couple859.7595.08
lives were lost oh man get get lost862.1993.481
getting down this864.8392.44
thing yeah you don't want to get into867.2793.92
that hole that killed you that that's869.364.44
not the no I can't wait till someone871.1994.44
does that though but that's a good873.83.479
little trap isn't it that got it that is875.6394.241
a very good trap if anybody can find it877.2794.841
is that what you want to show us dris uh879.885.12
him falling to his death yes okay good882.126.42
show sir good show thank885.04.05
you L of food I give897.684.76

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