The BreadWorld Takeover - Minecraft

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already checked out the latest Minecraft video on the channel, you're in for a treat. Ant...
The BreadWorld Takeover - Minecraft
The BreadWorld Takeover - Minecraft

The BreadWorld Takeover - Minecraft

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen the latest BreadWorld takeover video? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is a riot! Anthony claiming Pantsylvania as his own cracked me up.

neebs: And then everyone setting out to defeat the Ender Dragon, classic Minecraft chaos.

simon: I loved the part where they were scrambling for Blaze Rods but had to be careful, so funny!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already checked out the latest Minecraft video on the channel, you're in for a treat. Anthony is back and causing chaos in Pantsylvania, but that's not stopping our crew from embarking on a quest to take down the Ender Dragon.

One of the cool things about this episode is the new resource pack they're using, which you can find over at And don't forget to grab yourself a Super Simon Defense Squadron shirt from the Design By Humans store - it's a must-have for any true fan!

If you want to join in on the fun, you can download the map they're playing on by following the link provided. And if you're interested in copying their mod setup, there's a handy video tutorial to help you out.

As always, the Neebs Gaming team is powered by Xidax PCs, and they've got a Folding@Home team that you can join. Plus, if you're looking for some awesome Neebs Gaming merch, don't forget to check out their Discord server and the Neebs Gaming Coffee line.

And let's not forget about the epic Minecraft playlist that's been building up on the channel. If you're a fan of the game, you definitely don't want to miss out on all the fun and adventures the crew gets up to in each episode.

So grab some snacks, settle in, and get ready for another exciting Minecraft adventure with the Neebs Gaming crew. And remember, stay awesome and keep on gaming!

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you ready to see it neebs yep all right0.7992.561
turn around2.722.72
okay walk backwards backwards yep come3.363.919
out you do it yeah there it is oh wow do5.442.399
it pretty well7.2792.001
come on oh wait hold on i gotta open the7.8393.121
gate gonna shut my doors too right9.283.12
oh yeah yeah i got your doors here we go10.962.719
okay here we go all right all right keep12.41.76
it down13.6791.761
yep wait you get ahead of me don't let14.162.72
me fall in it all right yeah you want to15.442.08
go back16.882.64
okay keep going back going back going17.523.599
back come on back19.523.2
back don't let me how about failing that21.1193.041
you didn't tell me anything oh yeah22.722.479
i would have said something if you were24.162.16
getting close to it don't worry you were25.1992.32
going straight you're fine26.324.24
if i fall into a hole well that's that's27.5194.321
a little thing yep just one jump you're30.561.679
okay you're good you're good come on32.2393.041
back uh-huh jump up that33.64.4
okay come on back come on back i'm going35.284.24
all right you jump up a little bit here38.02.239
jumping yep keep on backing i'm going40.2394.0
keep on back i'm keeping on backing42.3993.281
you'll know if i stop you can jump into44.2392.961
some water okay you told me a little45.683.039
late on that yep that's fine47.23.66
keep on mowing back uh-huh48.7194.0
hold up stop stop stop all right all52.7193.36
right you ready ready54.84.72
and turn around56.0793.441
that looks great we got us a dragon61.3594.721
house what's up with all these blue64.084.32
posts uh it's a very important uh66.083.52
meeting but if you guys want to come in68.42.64
first we have to talk about this69.63.199
but hey how's everyone doing good how71.043.28
you doing anthony i'm good72.7993.041
i spent a week recovering from that74.323.28
terrorist attack but now i'm okay75.844.639
that turned out so good oh i see you77.64.4
guys have been busy with dragons80.4794.241
yeah yeah i didn't even get this the82.04.0
first time i'm seeing it84.724.56
so wow reactions that's really86.05.52
very impressive i'm very happy you want89.283.519
to see the inside neebs91.523.68
i do we should probably uh use the92.7993.68
boardroom oh yeah95.25.919
meeting meetings meeting me okay96.4796.801
okay everyone thank you for joining me101.1193.04
in my absolutely103.282.56
first order first order of business real104.1593.28
quick anthony okay sorry to interrupt105.842.639
you already but uh107.4392.64
that that empty seat over there is for108.4793.441
doraleous not you your seats back there110.0792.481
in the corner111.922.479
okay just wanted to clear that out112.563.36
that's right i didn't want you to think114.3992.961
you had a seat here at the table oh115.922.72
that's fine you give it to the dirty117.362.88
terrorist anyway speaking of dirty118.642.24
in just the last week since my absence120.884.16
there has been factory explosions123.1194.561
but fires on mob spawners all right125.044.96
fires on simon's house oh and and most127.683.76
importantly of all130.03.12
the bread world sign has been changed to131.444.48
bj's and that's unacceptable133.124.8
this town has gone to hell and bread135.923.44
world is taking over137.924.64
okay no no it's happening well which139.363.599
it's happening this whole town has gone142.9592.881
to you ever seen robocop absolutely144.162.799
you've seen robocop i can't have seen145.843.119
robocop redworld is ocp we're taking146.9593.441
over because this is basically new148.9593.92
imagine an end of hunger155.127.199
an end of scarcity159.26.16
imagine two million good loafs waiting162.3195.681
to be eaten165.362.64
sounds like a dream doesn't it168.083.76
well sometimes dreams come true172.1613.28
bread world for our children176.0811.36
this town was never really in that good185.443.28
of shape so187.443.439
i don't right it's going down listen i'm188.723.68
honestly i'm 100 fine with brad world190.8792.961
taking over this town because this town192.42.72
has been a dump good193.842.64
we're going to clean it up i just wanted195.122.96
to let you know breadworld headquarters196.483.039
is you know being built here it's going198.082.56
to be a beautiful199.5194.161
shining example of the city anyways200.644.56
ah i'm just going to come over here yep203.683.6
go get in your corner here we go205.24.0
do i have the floor oh yes you may have207.283.44
a floor okay209.24.319
item number one i would like to have i210.723.519
magma cream cause i want to make you214.2393.441
want what216.2393.841
magma cream mag okay i think we got some217.683.44
of that in the nether220.082.719
okay well i need it because i want to221.125.6
make fire resistant potions222.7993.921
because i'm gonna make uh i'm gonna make230.3193.681
uh a potion232.723.84
where i can go get more blaze rods so we234.03.76
why do we need blaze rod again you237.763.039
wanted to make potions right239.5193.041
yeah but then i wanted the blaze rod for240.7993.041
something don't we need that for the242.562.64
ender things243.843.039
for dragons this whole building's about245.23.52
dragons is that what it's for246.8793.681
probably yeah no we need to we need to248.723.36
make the we need that250.563.92
so we can make a blaze cream or blaze252.083.28
powder just254.482.64
let's once that just get me the magma255.363.52
cream and i'll get you the magma cream257.122.799
and tell you what you don't worry about258.882.8
the eye of enders you leave that to pop259.9192.401
the blaze rod i'm your blaze rod guy262.323.84
you're the blaze rod guy right here264.4794.321
the floor hey all right i'm your dirt266.163.12
i got you dirt these are i would like269.284.08
the floor this is a pornhub clip i found271.363.839
that i really like273.366.08
oh yeah it's hot it's hot right woo275.19922.641
damn all right brown chicken brown cow279.4418.4
oh that place looks cool from a distance300.083.6
did you build that dragon i did302.03.6
what's it made out of it is made out of303.683.6
a lot of um305.63.84
not cotton wool wool that's how you got307.283.759
the color i was surprised309.443.039
all right absolutely wait this point311.0393.201
right here this is the perfect place to312.4792.16
do it314.242.799
all the race the race yeah all right314.6394.161
we're gonna race back to appszotopia yes317.0393.521
when it goes up the ice portal it runs318.83.119
all the way from over there to the right320.563.199
all the way to abstratopia beautiful so321.9193.12
i figured we start here323.7592.961
meet at your entrance of absortopia so325.0393.281
like like across the bridge like326.722.72
right in front of the bridge that's328.323.04
that's the that's the end place the329.442.8
bridge yes331.362.64
okay yeah all right all right do you332.245.519
want to count it all right ready yep go334.04.96
racing there's no count337.7594.16
there's no numbers oh okay whatever338.966.0
whatever you go all right341.9193.041
i'm gonna beat him he thinks his stupid345.7593.201
little ice tracks faster than mine347.124.4
so dumb a little disappointed i totally348.963.6
think he's gonna win because i've been351.522.16
testing this thing out and it's not as352.562.16
fast as i thought353.683.12
oh here we go all right caught up in354.723.919
here they're coming up to the nether356.85.44
and okay do your jumps do your jumps358.6395.441
time them out you sprint and you time362.243.12
out the jumps that's what i364.082.959
kind of time them up i'm gonna do the365.364.72
double finger tap method367.0396.0
okay there we go370.082.959
get that fast all right i'm maybe about374.03.039
halfway there376.162.08
where do you think he is he's probably377.0393.28
in hell probably in hell abusing it's378.242.88
going to turn through380.3193.44
god okay how are you getting the hell381.123.919
out of me just get the hell out of me he383.7592.081
with with the power of the devil but see385.844.079
the ice is blue and that means it's good388.07.84
it's usually oh god389.9195.921
hey astro hey oh400.724.319
well it looks like you're a little403.7593.201
faster you heathen i told you but you405.0392.961
know what i got here406.963.12
pretty close and i'm righteous with the408.03.919
lord so i feel good about it yeah well410.083.119
yeah you are one with411.9193.601
jesus okay i'm going to hell to give pig413.1993.681
some gold all right415.523.679
we can't get some uh some eyes of enders416.884.0
okay or the uh well not the eyes and419.1993.521
enders the materials to make the eyes of420.883.52
vendors anyway i want to be throwing422.723.44
gold in the faces of a bunch of piggies424.43.12
let's do it we could use the gold to426.162.64
bring them in our religion427.524.48
what's that called bribery convert428.87.679
the word is convert432.07.039
hey names hey so you know what i'm doing436.4794.241
potion something with potions439.0393.921
yeah i'm using that magma cream okay and440.724.479
that's gonna make a uh like a fire442.963.519
resistant potion445.1993.361
right because we're gonna go to the to446.4793.601
the fireplace448.563.52
nether and then we're gonna get blaze450.083.519
rods and they keep shooting fire at us452.081.92
okay so i'm gonna be able to have potion454.03.28
that keeps me456.3192.801
getting set on fire actually i'm gonna457.283.28
hang on to it because you like to lose459.122.0
right yes throw it and it'll break and461.124.0
we'll all get the effect463.684.48
oh i like that so it's like you're gonna465.126.079
dose me yeah is it redstone is it468.163.599
yeah it's redstone can i talk to aydah471.7595.041
is it red stoneada473.842.96
to make it through it476.8794.0
was it gunpowder okay yep you sound like480.8793.76
you don't484.241.91
you're not sure484.6393.28
he's talking to you eda is she there487.9196.321
i don't know she dosed you man490.963.28
oh she's in google she's googling okay494.723.36
it's hard to start to get her to do498.083.519
anything these days gunpowder will make499.683.28
more sense though501.5996.241
yeah come on google502.964.88
we're gonna make a splash potion then513.363.039
we're off to the nether515.24.48
then we're off to the woods516.3997.52
to have a donut you sing a lot lately519.688.03
then we'll eat some cake523.9196.001
hey piggy boy piggy boy529.924.72
that kind of thing oh that's a baby one532.9593.681
that's gonna get in ah god oh god534.644.8
good luck come here get it kill it536.644.24
please why does it have hearts when i539.442.88
hit it with something it should hate540.882.959
this no it like run out542.324.32
it likes the pain okay yeah piggyball543.8393.44
all right546.642.319
i hate these warthogs these warthogs are547.2793.841
the bane of my nether existence548.9594.081
okay do the little guys give you stuff551.123.92
too uh you know what about to find out553.042.479
hey little dude hey you want some all555.5193.121
right wait anthony watch out557.2793.281
big pig up there right up there wait i558.643.199
gave him a nugget and he think he took560.562.08
the nugget561.8392.56
here what about one of those hey hey562.643.199
really yeah you want to learn oh i took564.3993.761
it i'm sorry anthony there you go piggy565.8393.921
little pig friend all right what you568.163.119
gonna give me he's a child though he569.762.639
probably doesn't have anything good like571.2792.881
he's gonna give us a yo-yo572.3994.801
oh he gave me your gold nugget you what574.164.72
here have your gold nugget bag ooh577.23.6
golden nugget you gave me a gold nugget578.883.92
no i'm going to go580.85.2
dirt all right hey adult piggies582.85.44
oh there's oh there's an enderman over586.03.68
there too588.243.36
so what are we getting from these guys589.683.839
little little pig little pig591.63.44
little pig a little pig i can kill you593.5193.361
knock it off get out of here murder him595.044.16
all right hey here check it out596.884.16
what you gonna give me oh this little599.23.04
kid came running can you get it i've601.044.72
already gave him somebody give me sh602.244.88
i'm gonna lay a light down here so i can605.763.6
actually see you oh yes607.125.6
eye vendors five ender pearls oh609.368.64
yeah more please612.727.44
behind me yeah so what is it i have a618.03.279
gold helmet620.163.44
and that will make it so that they don't621.2794.0
some somebody doesn't attack me623.63.76
oh yep hey here's a blaze come over here625.2793.201
in the corner okay627.364.159
you ready and that's going to give us628.483.919
fire protection631.5192.961
yep i gave you fire protection boots and632.3993.68
a gold helmet for the pig people634.484.16
all right i don't i still don't have uh636.0793.2
a bow638.643.6
or arrows what oh you don't crap did you639.2793.921
give them to me642.243.599
i forgot i forgot to give you that yeah643.24.319
okay got that guy645.8394.161
all right uh drop anything i don't know647.5194.081
did he not drop anything650.03.839
oh wait it's down in there hold on going651.63.679
in go do it653.8393.841
blaze rod blaze rod all right oh arrow655.2793.841
did somebody just shoot that arrow at657.681.92
was that there hey listen what if i659.63.6
shoot this662.3994.401
ready can you pick that up663.26.72
it looks like oh what have you done okay666.85.84
yeah i'm fine so uh i don't think i can669.923.28
i don't think i can pick it up so you673.23.44
just do sword stuff okay675.363.039
i guess which probably means where we676.643.92
going i do nothing forget how we go in678.3993.841
is it here i don't know it's how i just680.563.68
fell yeah let's go in here oh this is it682.243.92
it's the right way all right good my684.243.44
instincts that's a good sign686.163.44
i i knew that we should have been here687.683.2
we left these torches689.63.52
uh-huh this should lead us to the blaze690.883.92
spawner all right remember693.123.04
yeah i don't remember anything i've694.83.52
never been here before have i probably696.164.16
oh yeah i mean this is it all this stuff698.323.519
looks the same to me700.322.88
yeah we still got the fire protection701.8393.841
it's an eight-minute uh spell i added uh703.24.8
redstone uh-huh oh i think i do remember705.683.52
being here wasn't there708.02.72
a lot of people died around here didn't709.22.96
they that's that's what we come here to710.721.76
okay so we kind of we tried to box this712.483.2
you see how well that went yeah it went715.683.04
very badly i remember717.24.96
bad boxing uh hello we're here for blaze718.724.559
rod hello722.164.72
blaze rod uh oh there's one okay723.2796.8
okay you're gonna go chopping he didn't726.884.24
drop anything did he730.0792.56
all right i'm ready to chop up nothing731.123.839
you tell me when to drop chop chop chop732.6394.081
come on you see an enemy all right734.9593.12
anytime there's an enemy coming i'm736.722.559
going to chop away738.0794.56
yep here we go here's a guy here he is739.2795.761
here you742.6392.401
sorry i killed him didn't i753.127.279
uh that was horrible but very funny i'm756.885.84
could it go on the way could have been768.0792.961
simon could have been a blaze but i bet769.123.12
simon killed me771.043.12
let's see you know what i don't have772.243.599
ah i'm getting shot already i should at775.8393.44
least grab food777.923.76
it was too hasty i just left the house779.2793.441
in a hurry781.683.279
i'm never getting that stuff back come782.723.76
on baby784.9594.641
all right nobody follow me okay786.487.52
i'm coming simon uh did that hurt just789.66.799
jumping a little bit it's dumb okay no794.04.72
yeah hold on what i've never seen a807.685.92
witch spawn here810.6392.961
oh yeah to the left there he is g hello820.04.88
yeah i don't know i think it's gender823.2794.8
gender slippery generously824.885.6
okay oh oh man my hearts are going down828.0793.2
holy crap830.482.479
i have poison maybe come back in the831.2793.281
house and just don't mess with that832.9594.721
oh god oh why am i poisoned still i've834.564.8
got a ball and chain i'm poisoned837.685.279
holy moly i'm on839.363.599
i don't know i can't find the staircase845.8393.201
to go downstairs in your house so i'm847.5192.081
just stuck849.041.76
up here i mean you can't find the849.63.12
staircase it came up here somehow oh850.83.279
there it is found it nevermind852.722.799
oh yeah there you are hey i kind of854.0793.44
jumped through all your and found uh855.5194.241
found some armor so all right where is857.5193.041
this witch859.762.24
oh she's out front you want to go kill860.563.519
her oh do i i do862.03.68
okay let's let's just go do it again she864.0793.521
poisoned me no just go in oh god there's865.682.88
a bee867.63.599
oh jesus christ cousin again what in the868.564.16
world oh it's angry when you871.1993.601
you wake up be angry and sorry it's eyes872.724.479
go red what if you made adrian being the874.83.44
best piss877.1993.2
oh yeah it's chasing you why did you878.244.0
bring a damn baby i just opened the door880.3993.921
and it came into the house oh this is882.244.08
like real life when a bee comes in884.323.12
oh i don't want to kill it though i'll886.323.04
lean it outside hang on there's a witch887.443.519
out there it's fine889.3610.479
come on b come and get me890.9598.88
it went outside it went outside shut the900.3994.161
door oh oh oh i got it outside902.243.92
all right what is going what happened904.563.839
last night there's witches there's bees906.164.799
i'm poisoned bread is still delicious908.3995.44
simon lost all my good stuff man i915.65.76
man i'm really curious to see what919.683.68
really happened if it was me that did it921.363.36
which i'm assuming923.364.96
but i'm i'm really sorry that's okay um924.725.44
yeah your stuff's in here yeah how do i928.323.12
get the quick i guess930.163.28
how do i take things out quickly931.443.12
actually you know what you should leave933.442.24
it there we're gonna try to get more934.562.0
blaze rod935.682.8
yeah i should leave it here i made three936.563.76
more potion let's938.483.84
uh leave anything important here well i940.323.92
should take my two more i should take my942.324.48
armor all right uh you're wearing a944.244.32
helmet and a pair of shoes i gave you946.83.76
i got a pants i have the other i grabbed948.563.04
another couple of things950.563.6
so at least i'll be protected i got a951.63.28
and i got this okay there it is all954.883.44
right atta boy okay all right956.484.479
you got your sword yeah i got the potion958.323.6
and uh you ready960.9592.481
i'm ready let's get some more i'm gonna961.923.359
be smarter this time okay963.444.319
all right we got fire potion let's do it965.2793.68
all right baby967.7593.281
where are they at come on simon if you968.9594.0
get any blaze rod take it back to the971.042.96
immediately that is a pro tip that's a974.04.24
tip and i like that977.042.64
i like that tip you can put it all the978.243.039
way in good tip979.683.36
okay all right okay i'll give you981.2793.12
permission to put it all the way in983.043.039
all right come on i don't need that okay984.3993.36
yeah you do you need permission986.0794.0
otherwise it's you know i i need to987.7593.44
leave i'm not gonna990.0793.601
i'm not gonna need yes but if you have991.1993.44
just saying now you know all right thank994.6393.521
you all right hello996.564.8
hey we need more blaze rod yes we do and998.163.44
not falling off the thing this time nope1001.63.599
nope ain't gonna happen there's one1003.683.04
there you see him okay yeah i do on the1005.1993.521
other side oh reckon1006.724.16
here we go see one yeah bring them back1017.125.36
to me okay come over here1019.1995.36
come here he comes oh there's one over1022.483.04
there okay1024.5593.52
it's up high up up high there all right1025.523.76
i'll stay here1028.0794.081
huh that's a good spot yeah yeah draw1029.284.32
them in1032.164.32
come on scooby girl let's do it come on1033.64.56
you ever date a french girl before1036.484.8
i don't think so you i did yes okay1038.166.24
it was we good yes good yes1041.286.48
it was yes good baby wee-wee i get him1044.46.08
she also what got one okay okay taking1047.766.08
it back1050.483.36
all right there's three in the box i1058.5593.041
like this all right1060.244.48
we've got a method1061.63.12
come on baby get over here huh write1065.123.6
stick him going down yes yes1068.726.319
yes that's another one that's oui1072.329.52
another one1075.0396.801
don't die don't die1088.09.64
so where's the executive suite going to1097.9195.201
be probably at the top1099.525.2
how are you going i mean this is already1103.123.2
pretty darn high i mean well you look1104.722.24
over there1106.322.719
and there's that tower to the top right1106.963.28
i can't let some1109.0393.121
dirt tower you know be the symbol of1110.243.28
power over here it needs to be bread1112.162.96
world that's true but that's easy enough1113.522.399
to go over and1115.122.799
you know tear down okay we'll we'll1115.9193.681
build this up and tear them down1117.9193.76
i'm gonna go all the way up and then my1119.64.16
plan is to have like a big office at the1121.6792.641
with a desk that i'm sitting behind and1124.324.32
i'm just like welcome to my office1126.084.64
maybe bread on all the walls that'd be1128.644.32
cool you know what i'm 1001130.724.079
behind you hell yeah as long as you1132.964.0
don't uh you know move into absentopia1134.7993.441
oh well you know what you can't even see1136.963.44
abstratopia so exactly you're the most1138.243.439
powerful over there1140.43.12
i'll be the most powerful over here i'd1141.6793.681
co-exist i love it hey1143.523.519
do you want my house want my old home is1145.363.28
a vacation home that one over there1147.0393.441
the little little tree house yeah that's1148.643.52
kind of small for the breadworld ceo to1150.482.96
be able to okay i understand you need1152.162.56
something a little fancier yeah maybe1153.442.72
i'll cut down the entire forest and1154.722.64
build a mansion there or something1156.162.8
perfect that might be nice oh look you1157.363.28
can see the ice path1158.963.44
it's like going through everything the1160.643.039
ice pack the ice1162.43.6
the ice way oh yeah no the little deck1163.6793.601
on the back yeah it looks pretty cool1166.02.24
it's like a subway1167.282.96
oh yeah this is coming along you put a1168.243.36
lot of work you put a lot more work into1170.242.88
that than i thought yeah well i needed1171.62.56
it to look nice1173.122.559
it goes into the rich part of town near1174.163.2
abstratopia so i figured the rich people1175.6792.641
wanted to look good1177.362.4
you're not wrong drop drive down1178.323.599
property values and stuff1179.763.52
i've got another place we need to finish1181.9192.801
i'm proud of that dragon though that1183.282.96
does look really cool1184.723.839
it looks so dumb i mean you know what1186.243.52
it's going to look even though this will1188.5592.561
tower over it that's still the coolest1189.763.039
thing this is going to be like1191.124.799
normal casual corporate world1192.7995.521
this big tower straight up yeah yeah are1195.9193.601
you gonna are you gonna build in every1198.321.68
i think i'm gonna do the entrance and1200.03.84
you know and then have like an elevator1202.242.799
that goes all the way to the top1203.843.52
so you know you don't want to fall that1205.0394.581
would be awful1207.3610.439
all right neebs bestow upon me1218.727.04
on my bosom the blaze rods yes sir uh1222.5596.24
one two three four five1225.765.36
six seven uh-huh and you guys are over1228.7994.641
huh magma cream was that important we1233.443.76
needed that to make the potion so we1235.63.199
don't burn so yeah1237.23.359
all right i'll just hold on to this then1238.7994.081
all right so if i take these blaze rods1240.5595.441
i can make 14 blaze powders and with1242.883.679
blaze powder and these into pearls1246.5597.281
boom we now have a total of 221249.847.6
i how many 22. how many did we need1253.845.6
well we got to start tossing these1257.444.32
things and they should lead us1259.445.359
to a fortress1261.765.2
yeah are we doing that now yeah you know1264.7993.36
what let's go ahead and toss one1266.962.959
okay let's see what happens that's just1268.1593.441
one right you toss all like until you1269.9192.64
find it right well1271.62.88
yeah if i'm not mistaken you toss one1272.5593.281
and it kind of goes the direction you1274.482.0
need to go1275.843.04
okay i think i could be completely wrong1276.483.28
but i'm gonna come out here in the1278.882.08
middle of this field all right1279.764.32
uh-huh and uh do i just toss it in the1280.963.44
let's find out just waste one go oh that1284.43.84
way oh1287.62.72
i see it that direction landed right1288.243.04
here this direction1290.323.28
that direction well oh wait it landed1291.284.32
wait i got an eye of ender out of that1293.63.76
okay so you get the eye of ender back yo1295.64.079
you get it back hold up the eye of ender1297.362.72
there it is there it is there's another1300.084.24
one or is that it oh and that one broke1302.04.08
all right this is direction so this1304.323.68
direction this direction1306.085.04
okay you got to throw another one right1308.04.799
uh well i kind of want to go a little1311.123.039
ways and then toss it but you know what1312.7992.721
you know what i mean yeah we only have1314.1592.241
now only 20. okay so i get it i got 191316.44.24
in my pocket what you said you picked1319.522.08
some up names right1320.643.68
i picked up two i believe yes we have 211321.63.12
so sometimes they don't break that's1324.723.439
good math abstract good job okay so then1326.1592.64
another one right right now boom uh1328.7995.521
that direction that direction okay we'll1331.9193.601
catch it that's it1334.323.44
catch it oh hey i got three of them1335.524.24
three eye vendor yeah it's per i thought1337.764.159
they broke every time so we have1339.763.68
more than enough eye vendor which is1341.9193.521
great okay now we're running1343.444.08
so yeah that's what i was asking earlier1345.444.32
how many blaze rods did we actually1347.525.6
need we don't know we do know this isn't1349.765.76
an exact recipe is it it might be 5 0001353.123.2
miles this way1355.523.039
all right and we run out we'll see1356.324.32
supposedly it leads us to the closest1358.5593.841
all right stop here at the river toss1362.43.36
another one1365.124.799
toss it and boom somebody catch it1365.765.919
we're still going this way that general1369.9195.441
direction hey all right1371.6796.161
did you get it yep okay wait so the eyes1375.363.92
launch with the rods1377.843.44
no no the eyes are its own thing like i1379.283.36
have an eye in my hand1381.283.04
right when i toss it it just kind of1382.643.279
flies into the air and it's like oh you1384.322.16
got this1385.9191.841
and then gives you back like three of1386.482.8
them no it doesn't give you back it1387.763.36
gives you back the one or it breaks1389.284.08
right the rods you use to make them1391.123.439
right or1393.362.88
i don't know yep do you think you use1394.5593.761
the rods because our eyes have rods1396.244.08
no the the rods i broke down to make the1398.323.76
powder right do you think the audience1400.323.28
understands this and they're tired of1402.083.2
hearing us not understand it1403.63.28
all right i'm tossing another eyeball1405.282.72
i'm gonna catch it cause i'm good at1406.881.84
catching these1408.04.08
all right yeah man did i get it i get it1408.726.319
i got four nice so what does that mean1412.085.839
neebs that means i got the magic hand so1415.0394.801
we threw one and you got four no no he1417.9192.24
didn't do1419.843.76
it totally total it's just the tour1420.1596.64
today it's just the one god then why did1423.64.079
he say i got1426.7994.321
four because he has four1427.6793.441
minecraft is fun1438.5597.281
put it1450.7999.041

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Things really get exciting when they head to the nether to find blaze rods. The dangerous terrain combined with Apples' itchy trigger finger makes for some close calls with ghasts and zombie pigmen. Their strategy of pillaring up to attack the blaze spawner demonstrates how experienced these guys are at Minecraft after so many videos.

After gathering enough blaze rods, the search for the stronghold begins! I love how Dora immediately starts singing "Hot and Cold" as they use eyes of ender to locate it. The cinematic camera work makes you feel like you're right there with them on this epic adventure.

And the Ender Dragon battle at the end is the perfect payoff. Between Apples riding the dragon, Thick's clutch bow shots, and the cheering when they finally defeat it, you can't help but feel invested in their quest. It's such a rush to see them pull it off!

Overall, this is peak Neebs Gaming Minecraft content. Their chemistry and improv comedy combined with their creativity in playing the game makes for an incredibly fun viewing experience. It's like you're hanging out and going on an adventure with a hilarious group of friends. I'd highly recommend watching this video and all of their Minecraft series to see why they do it best!

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