Our Stronghold is MISSING! - Minecraft

Minecraft - The boys find a crater where the Stronghold should be! Meanwhile, Dora is back and all alone. The new resourcepack we're using: https://...
Our Stronghold is MISSING! - Minecraft
Our Stronghold is MISSING! - Minecraft

Our Stronghold is MISSING! - Minecraft

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you're a fan of Minecraft, you're in for a treat with the latest video from the gang. In this episode, the boys stumble upon a crater where the Stronghold should be, adding an element of mystery and adventure to their gameplay. And guess what? Dora makes a return, but this time she's all alone, facing new challenges and obstacles in the world of Minecraft.

But that's not all - the crew is using a new resource pack that adds a fresh and exciting look to their Minecraft world. Plus, if you want to get your hands on some cool merch, they've got a Super Simon Defense Squadron shirt available for purchase. And don't forget to check out the map they're using in this video - the link is provided for you to download and enjoy the same gaming experience.

If you're curious about their mod setup or want to join their Folding@Home team, all the information you need is in the video description. And if you're a coffee lover, they even have their own Neebs Gaming Coffee available for purchase. How cool is that? Plus, if you want to stay connected with the Neebs Gaming community, you can join their Discord server and interact with other fans.

As the video progresses, you'll see the boys embarking on a new adventure, encountering various challenges and enemies along the way. From pillagers to a Tower and even a musical number from Dora, there's never a dull moment with Neebs Gaming. And with a playlist of awesome Minecraft music to accompany their journey, you'll be fully immersed in the world they've created.

So, grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready to join the gang on their epic Minecraft quest. With twists and turns, laughs and surprises, this video is sure to entertain and keep you hooked until the very end. Thank you for watching Minecraft with Neebs Gaming - let the adventure begin! 🚀

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bed is down11.443.68
respawn set set respawn what am i trying12.325.2
to say15.124.159
is probably what you're trying to say a17.523.599
set point match19.2795.201
15 okay is that tennis yes21.1195.841
i love tennis okay this is going to24.484.559
drive me crazy so26.963.36
i was about to say do we want to fill29.0393.36
that in with anything yeah i don't wanna30.323.44
yeah i like this soul sound i'm gonna32.3993.281
keep it yeah it's pretty neat okay33.764.0
we can run faster on that it's true all35.683.6
right i'm gonna toss one of these eyes37.763.28
of uh dragons39.285.279
yeah do it oh41.046.72
oh right here that's not very far got it44.5594.801
oh there you go simon how many do you47.762.08
i have two now we're not doing that49.843.6
again we're not no stop it51.923.119
for all of you all right so you watch53.443.36
this this is going to come in to help us55.0392.081
lit torch come on thank you i made the57.124.8
water that was a really good jump deeb60.0794.16
thanks good dive ten out of four awesome61.923.519
i'm gonna win a medal64.2393.281
yep i'm oh i made some torches just to65.4393.761
uh you know mark our path because uh67.523.76
yeah i lost my map a while back69.25.12
oh in lava probably and probably lava71.285.04
yes yeah most things go to lava74.325.119
all right not pointing pig let's see76.325.119
i don't know how far this thing is but i79.4393.68
guess we're just going to keep on going81.4394.72
until we get to the nature of adventure83.1194.801
well how like a good adventure yeah it's86.1593.761
nice how often do you uh87.923.28
throw those things because the one that89.923.12
you just threw it went like barely91.24.48
anywhere so okay well i'll throw another93.043.119
are y'all catching these you're supposed96.1593.92
to catch them yeah simon caught the left97.65.12
i got it i'm going long i got it boom100.0793.201
where'd it go102.722.32
i got it a job assignment did you did103.284.32
you yeah i did i got three oh boy105.044.719
what did you see that jump i did no it107.63.28
was amazing jump109.7592.961
oh okay well i'm proud of you buddy110.883.44
what's a sports ball guy that can jump112.722.32
really far114.322.079
my brain goes to michael jordan because115.042.8
that's the only one i remember from the116.3991.921
that's that's babe ruth yeah babe ruth118.324.32
and michael jordan they were cousins you120.883.279
could jump like nobody jim122.643.439
jimmy thompson yeah jimmy was really124.1594.08
good at jumping in in middle school126.0794.561
um jimmy okay what are you talking about128.2394.561
ooh pretty flowers130.644.4
these are pretty flowy it's so pretty i132.83.76
saw a big bouncing uh135.044.72
springy thing probably yep oh god yeah136.563.679
over there139.762.64
our servers have whacked out right isn't140.2393.36
that supposed to be142.44.559
hey it's snowing snow it's snowing and143.5993.841
we got146.9592.321
lava creatures bouncing around what is147.443.84
happening here i like it okay149.286.48
i like our game is breaking at the seams151.285.92
anyone else hearing like radiation155.763.6
noises hot tourist destinations yeah157.23.679
that's like a radioactive zone159.3612.48
what is this160.87910.961
simon you'll see a magic trick yeah oh182.2393.841
anything you don't watch it too185.043.199
much magic i like magic yeah turn your186.084.48
heads off okay hold on already off188.2394.241
there you go okay what's your favorite190.563.679
color uh my favorite color192.484.96
blue i was gonna say red red and blue194.2396.881
okay hold that color in your mind okay197.447.2
okay okay wow what a great trick201.126.72
wow look he's red he and blue he's204.644.159
wearing blue207.843.84
yep and inside his heart is red blood208.7993.201
a genius where'd he go212.05.92
where'd he go neebs why don't we just215.843.679
seal the hole and move on217.924.08
he went there simon oh my god219.5193.681
anthony look behind you223.23.039
and i'm back too names i didn't expect228.483.28
i know look behind you yeah231.764.24
wow wow really all right you missed it236.44.72
absolutely that's great bugs bunny did239.5193.601
that in the 40s good job guys no241.125.119
problems coming back243.123.119
hey guys255.682.559
huh well here i am262.326.4
in minecraft i265.67.039
appear to be all alone268.723.919
looks like my friends have left me272.87.36
without having tossed me a bone277.046.159
of what to do but280.167.28
i'll be fine i'll have some fun283.1997.521
they will be back soon287.443.28
underbred world management291.449.0
oh hey enderman don't look at him don't310.723.759
look at me oh god he's312.564.56
he's oh no he's all right he's cool314.4793.121
we're good317.122.799
we're good what a hole man whoa what a317.63.68
hole oh319.9194.72
holy crap whoa hole wow is this another321.284.32
the world's broken324.6392.321
there's an enderman down there hold on325.62.879
there's a what is it there's a sign over326.961.84
wow oh yeah did you see that328.85.52
son oh who pissed it off what did332.03.36
someone make him mad334.322.24
i don't know i'm looking down i'm335.362.399
looking down i'm not looking at it336.561.84
there's two of them337.7592.0
killed by these things too many times338.42.639
what's this what's this say there's a339.7593.041
sign yeah what does it read it so341.0393.761
remember how we used to have a mod for342.83.6
yes oh i know what this346.47.04
is this is the stronghold what it's the350.085.76
you just kept taking it out by the end356.883.759
yeah i watched it happen359.0395.121
too that was fun wait this360.6396.0
this is a stronghold hold on if i if i364.163.44
oh oh look they're going in the middle367.64.64
is this where it was leading us370.563.68
to a hole does that mean there's nothing372.244.0
down there or there's something374.243.28
it doesn't look like there's anything376.243.04
down there other than anthony377.524.32
stuff i don't even know what a379.284.8
stronghold is i think of a stronghold is381.844.0
something that's strong that's holding384.082.48
all right i'm gonna go investigate neebs386.563.44
i'm going down yep i'll wait here for388.082.239
oh careful what are you doing390.3196.641
getting down dig down dig no there's no394.163.599
fun in that396.964.239
okay oh god that was really really397.7594.641
um i don't see anything down here you402.44.72
want to see a trick405.445.599
no okay407.123.919
so yeah that that looks cool that's some413.284.319
good work right there416.245.2
but what i didn't notice previously was417.5993.841
what in the crunchy queefs is this421.5996.801
what is that wow that's crazy425.1994.641
i have a good guess as to what it is428.43.199
because there's all this crap everywhere429.842.96
around here431.5994.961
which is crazy what is going even nape's432.84.64
nabe's place no i better not no no no437.448.08
no no no no no no no no no no441.527.119
no no no okay good445.524.959
all right they didn't touch my place you448.6393.041
know it doesn't matter it doesn't look450.4791.761
so bad451.683.68
i don't really care cool cool all right452.244.799
good day happy day those guys will be455.362.24
well everything's gone every last thing460.6393.601
sorry it's fine it's fine now it's cool464.243.6
here i i picked up466.42.88
these uh chain mill leggings i think467.843.44
were yours oh yeah you said those look469.283.759
good on me got these extra boots471.284.639
thank you if anyone has anything to473.0393.361
oh there's a pickaxe oh thank you zombie476.43.359
flesh here479.0393.28
i got some apples i got some carrots i479.7594.641
got some apples gold boots482.3195.201
and uh i got a wheat seed484.46.079
there's some fish sweet fish this seems487.524.64
like something jewish people do490.4793.761
yeah what throw fish on the ground huh492.163.439
throw fish on the ground i give the494.243.28
young the youngin some stuff495.5994.641
no no they give up being an adult there497.523.44
it feels good500.962.72
this is504.3192.801
it's your bar mitzvah yeah i'm a man now507.7594.481
well well well what have we520.3997.761
here doesn't this look familiar hmm524.08.16
crazy crazy okay i'll bite528.168.16
i will bite claw two532.168.88
grata knit two536.324.72
actually there's no way in hell i'm541.922.08
going to read that but they think i'm542.82.4
stupid no no544.02.959
maybe if it's on audiobook someday i'll545.25.04
read it but no not now546.9593.281
nope i'm good550.3993.44
there's a lot of pillagers down there i557.23.199
know i'm excited559.044.4
one two three four five yes yes we can560.3994.161
why are we excited seven one today we564.564.399
what we're luck names okay i don't want568.9593.761
to fight these guys i have a pickaxe570.884.24
why would i fight them yeah yes bad guys572.723.2
why just cause they're575.123.279
looking at us okay shoot at us hey don't575.924.4
even struggle with me578.3995.601
juiced over me come on johnny kill him580.326.56
kill him i get i killed him you're good584.03.839
there's more586.884.48
oh i'm flanking them587.8393.521
oh yes i can feel your bloodlust growing596.244.64
with every kill599.443.28
just getting started moving in did600.884.079
anthony say he's bloodlust602.724.48
yes simon your bloodlust is growing with604.9593.041
every murder607.23.199
armor's on yeah it's go time yep you608.03.6
guys are looking good610.3993.201
you should it sounds better when you say611.65.239
like lust for blood but blood lust613.66.239
yes heard blood last seven no yeah616.8396.201
you're bloodlust oh sounds sexy619.8396.481
it is i lust for your blood here we go623.047.799
watch out ready we got him626.327.519
i'll take his sword i'll bring up his640.03.279
sword and fight641.8394.401
for his bloodlust shall be fulfilled yes643.2794.161
surrounded anthony646.244.96
fine keep moving here keep moving oh you647.445.519
got three more moving in on you651.24.56
okay there's the one with the flag652.9594.0
murder him655.764.72
don't when you murder him something656.9593.521
have i killed them all yet no we still675.2793.68
got two of them on you one's going after676.882.72
fine fine i'm eating a fish i just have679.65.04
to retreat682.0792.561
i'm strategically retreating to the rear684.88.159
yeah get that rear baby oh come on baby688.04.959
wow i think it's the last one anthony693.367.36
yeah you guys did it gotta feel good697.044.88
what's that thing in the top right700.722.16
uh-oh you're hexed you're on your own702.884.16
pal come on let's go that's true all705.122.159
see you guys i'm just gonna all right we707.2793.36
need to head back the way we came good709.124.0
thing i put up those towers710.6394.401
right behind you well we need to find a713.123.04
spot to sleep for the night715.043.28
because it's getting dark how far away716.164.479
does the hex need to be to not spread718.323.759
you have to go in the wilderness and die720.6393.76
somewhere away from us like a cat722.0796.641
or under a couch like a cat okay724.39919.841
we're to miss you maintenance i728.7218.559
just spelled one more time i ran out of744.243.92
signs but747.2793.921
this should whoops sure is that right748.165.359
that'll show them that'll show them what754.0795.121
would this even be used for757.64.799
seriously pretty neat but what a waste759.23.92
of time762.3993.921
what a waste of time really great763.125.12
like to see you get by that like i just766.324.16
you will all pay but you won't770.86.0
because you're a much larger entity and774.323.92
yeah it's a losing battle for me it's776.82.88
pretty sad778.244.24
i best go to bed lest i die from779.684.399
something very dumb782.485.359
like i usually do784.0794.971
my balls787.8393.841
oh hey simon oh hey hey hey hey i791.685.76
had to go off and die in the woods sad795.23.199
oh well good797.444.0
i just uh i just died because i just798.3993.521
i did not manage my health properly what801.924.64
now that's usually what happens805.043.359
yeah yeah your health decreases enough806.563.839
you perish that's what happens808.3994.481
right what uh it's beautiful night out810.3994.0
yeah the sun's going down ooh you can812.882.639
start to see the stars814.3993.68
yeah it's pretty look at them tick one815.5193.361
yeah do you know818.0792.721
what three you can see the little ticks818.883.92
of the stars oh okay820.83.839
tick tick what's up ticket nothing i822.82.96
just didn't know what we were supposed824.6392.161
to be doing now825.763.439
i don't know you have any goals or826.83.279
well i would like to get my stuff back830.0793.601
but it's not gonna happen because i832.163.6
don't even know where the hell i was833.684.0
well it's been a while i it probably835.763.36
isn't there anymore i mean my stuff went837.682.32
away pretty quick839.123.279
okay well then good i'm i'm glad that840.04.32
we're here just talking to each other842.3993.68
yeah i had a sword and a chest so if844.322.8
anything comes i'll846.0792.961
do my best to save you okay maybe we847.123.12
should just wait for the others to come849.042.0
back and then we'll go850.242.719
yeah i'm just gonna hide inside of here851.043.52
yeah i'm gonna hide inside of you let's852.9592.0
okay just make sure you wear wear some854.9595.281
nice job neebs he was getting me there861.123.36
for a minute hey you might863.362.64
do you want to build yourself up kind of864.483.52
like i am just get up high866.04.399
oh we can just sit here all night well868.03.68
it's up to you do you want to try to870.3992.8
travel i mean i see uh871.683.44
you know i see the way home i mean we873.1993.361
could uh travel or875.125.44
mine i don't want to just sit876.566.24
what if we go underground and we mind in880.563.519
the direction of hold882.83.44
okay yeah okay all right i'm coming down884.0794.88
okay and then i'm going even further886.243.2
you just want to dig straight down ah889.443.68
for just a little bit you know not a lot891.043.76
that's actually a bad idea in this game893.124.079
okay well i don't have a shovel so yeah894.83.2
we'll get right897.1993.841
maybe yeah maybe right here so home898.04.0
would be901.043.76
this away okay so it's just gonna be a902.04.24
long night of money do you enough stuff904.83.2
to like create a crafting table906.244.159
uh who knows well that's a simple908.03.6
question you should be able to look in910.3992.24
your inventory and go911.62.64
yeah i got wood or i got a crafting912.6392.411
nope no wood all right so we're gonna916.483.2
wait dark oak planks918.3993.281
okay perfect okay that's good so yeah we919.683.2
might need to make a crafting table so921.683.2
we can make more pickaxes because922.883.44
if we do this all night it's gonna be a924.883.28
long night are you gonna dig diagonally926.323.04
like this the whole time that's the way928.162.479
we gotta go929.364.719
okay so yes this is the yeah absolutely930.63911.2
digging diagonally934.0797.76
anthony yes why are you uh why are you970.566.88
taking this particular stone um974.165.52
i don't know it's just the closest stone977.444.079
okay i mean it looks nice it looks like979.682.48
yeah i figured we're stuck here i think982.163.44
it's just the texture pack984.242.959
um because even this is like that doe985.63.679
right stuff that these look like cookies987.1992.56
and cream989.2792.8
we got we got water oh yeah hey boys hey989.7593.921
wow surprise993.684.159
his assistant not your assistant999.63.52
absolutely you should learn magic1001.683.92
why is this wow well now here i'm gonna1003.124.24
let the people that know magic do magic1005.63.28
i have zero interest in learning1007.363.839
you are a wizard okay that was a pretty1008.883.759
trick because i didn't even see anything1011.1991.841
he dug up oh oh simon you went too far i1013.043.039
know i did1015.362.64
i know i did just let the water go who1016.0793.44
cares anyways we've been waiting for you1018.02.72
guys where are we going we're going home1019.5191.841
yes we are going home oh boy what's down1021.364.0
there is that where we go1024.642.96
i think it's yep yep this way boys all1025.363.199
right let's just go home1027.63.28
all right i got an idea so we obviously1028.5593.28
need to go1030.883.84
clear across the map somewhere else so1031.8394.561
why don't we take these eyes of ender1034.723.28
go out to the desert where i think1036.43.439
skeleton spawner is yeah man but it's1038.02.64
pretty far away1039.8392.641
then we toss the eye vendor and see if1040.643.76
there's a strong hold out that way1042.485.12
pretty far right in my mind1044.49.44
you guys need to spend some time apart1047.66.24
home sweet home yeah ho sweet home1055.0394.241
there's bread world1058.04.559
or bj's who did the bj who did that1059.287.68
oh uh that'd be dora1062.5594.401
now i'm in this window1074.323.04
what are you doing it's crazy it's wacky1077.9195.281
yeah uh let's have a quick meeting huh1081.23.68
yeah it sounds good places1083.24.8
okay all right roll call good boy simon1084.885.919
yes here doraleous i'm right here yes1088.03.28
thank you1090.7994.641
apstro bless you anthony1091.287.68
anthony anthony in the corner1095.445.52
yeah here what are we doing you're here1098.963.44
wrong call yeah here1100.964.8
just say yes just say yes anthony1102.46.639
it doesn't get old i could be closer1105.766.48
okay so today um we have discussed1109.0396.801
going out to our desert spawner base1112.246.319
sure sure sure we can we can load up on1115.843.199
gold armor with magic after when i do1119.0394.0
magic now doraleous1122.02.559
oh that's pretty cool yeah that's great1123.0394.561
magic pretty amazing magic he does magic1124.5595.36
please stop assistant please stop you1127.63.92
should wear a dress wear a dress you1129.9192.721
pretty little girl1131.524.08
okay so if everybody's on board gather1132.643.36
all the1135.61.92
food and equipment you need we're1136.03.039
heading out to desert1137.523.84
in 30 minutes all the food and equipment1139.0393.52
i need is in a hole1141.363.679
yeah okay i don't really have anything1142.5593.041
so i'm gonna go there with like a wood1145.64.56
pickaxe and some dirt1148.483.28
don't don't worry man we'll get you some1150.163.44
stuff that's okay it's okay1151.764.88
meeting adjourned break break break no1153.64.48
we all go at the same place1156.643.039
yeah break doesn't work here break1158.083.04
anyway i don't know if you know what1159.6792.24
break means1161.123.76
go you go you break apart no it just1161.9194.081
means it's the end1164.883.2
i believe those fools don't pay1166.04.559
attention they'll never know1168.0810.67
closer every day1170.55911.341
simon no i thought that come back are1226.963.76
you still in the nether summit1229.364.559
back time hello um i don't know where i1230.724.56
in the world or in the nether is1235.284.16
everything red1237.766.08
i'm dead i guess he was in the nether1239.447.44
okay i think yeah well one of us should1243.844.8
go back and get him yeah1246.885.44
oh not it i'll do it yeah you do it okay1248.646.48
see y'all in a bit okay good luck neebs1252.323.839
thanks i'm gonna need it1255.122.48
dorellis have you ever been out here to1256.1593.441
ride the train no1257.64.319
no don't ride the train don't do not get1259.63.439
on the train why1261.9193.041
train sucks no it has boosters now it1263.0393.041
goes super fast1264.963.12
does it yeah what that was one time when1266.083.68
we were building it you can't build1268.083.52
a railway at the same speed the train1269.763.039
will travel okay1271.62.88
that's crazy well listen we're on a1272.7993.601
mission i got this eye under let's focus1274.483.52
yeah i'm good i'm good i don't need a1276.44.08
train here we go had a long day1278.05.36
uh oh that's taking us somewhere1280.483.76
and boom oh okay we're going this way1284.243.76
do we wait for neebs probably1288.05.36
i'll wait right here until i can't see1291.6793.041
you and i'll tell you to stop no1293.362.72
here's here's what we do we just leave a1294.723.28
trail let's do it torches yeah we just1296.082.64
leave a trail1298.03.919
okay all right let's see make sure we're1298.724.72
going the right way and boop i'm going1301.9192.481
to toss another1303.444.4
that's pretty soon i mean okay boop1304.46.48
okay boop good good booping forgot how1307.845.28
how far those things go it didn't uh1310.884.64
did you did you forget about torch duty1315.63.36
oh yeah i didn't forget about torch dude1317.522.399
he'll never find us1318.964.079
hang on i'll go back that guy it's going1319.9193.76
what where where where where where oh oh1323.6794.0
whoa what thing1326.44.24
no they disappear so what happened we1327.6793.921
might be here1330.644.0
still torches is this yeah is it a thing1331.64.0
yes we need to start digging down right1335.63.04
here okay1337.62.559
uh yeah it seems you haven't been1338.644.0
watching what are these even1340.1594.481
what are what's even what's a stronghold1342.643.919
it's like an underground fortress1344.645.519
okay so we just oh find it oh what1346.5598.561
i don't know i was just it was dramatic1350.1594.961
all right simon we're gonna this will be1355.24.32
easy this time okay well we'll see1356.7995.041
so the problem was you didn't have gold1359.523.279
on i think1361.843.28
so here's some gold clothes there's some1362.7994.161
pants oh some bread i also didn't hear1365.123.84
it didn't know where i was1366.965.12
and that's not good either i'll stay1368.964.0
right behind you1372.083.44
or up right beside you you ready nope1372.963.28
not ready1375.522.08
all right yeah put that on put that1376.243.6
stuff on yep there's a sword behind you1377.65.12
all right sword behind me i'm ready to1379.843.44
go all right1382.722.4
all right all right what happened here1383.283.84
hop it in here yep don't take your eyes1385.122.559
off me1387.123.6
i dirty i already did took my eyes off1387.6793.521
eyes are up here already now they're on1391.23.76
you you see me i do1392.964.56
okay this way yep i'm gonna run1394.963.839
backwards so i don't1397.523.279
lose you that's perfect i'm glad we're1398.7993.201
making this a whole thing1400.7993.841
okay this is good right now you're going1402.04.24
backwards i could see your face wait a1404.642.72
second wait a second1406.244.24
i can't see you where'd you go nope okay1407.364.48
i know you're joking there you are in1410.482.48
the future there you are1411.843.76
i wouldn't be so sure i know i know but1412.963.199
you never know with me watch your back1416.1593.121
see we got gold on we're fine oh isn't1419.283.44
that nice1421.364.24
yep they're ignoring you perfect now we1422.723.92
should come up to a1425.63.199
turn here in a second all right i lost1426.643.44
you again1428.7993.601
yeah what happened hilarious yeah what1430.083.199
okay oh there you are yeah you did that1433.2793.681
one a minute ago remember1435.843.36
i know man you're the king of doing1436.964.079
jokes like a thousand times i'm1439.24.32
surprised you picked up on1441.0393.601
thing i did it's the first time you've1443.523.2
ever seen something i know right1444.645.2
seriously you are a genius1446.725.6
okay yeah okay let's worry there for a1449.843.52
second okay1452.323.04
excuse us now through here is this where1453.363.04
it was before1455.362.799
yep stare at me you're not staring at me1456.44.48
nope no i wasn't now you disappeared1458.1597.041
okay now step out step out stepping out1460.884.32
okay don't panic i'm right here okay i'm1465.363.52
right here don't panic wait1467.6793.441
where are you someone don't panic where1468.884.08
are you are you in there1471.124.08
no what happened no hello i'm going1472.965.28
there hey oh god1475.23.04
i promised him he'd be fine okay1479.446.96
ah crap i swear he's just1483.126.08
he's got skills that no one else has i1486.44.72
didn't think it was possible1489.24.88
all right i got his stuff we'll come1491.126.24
back tomorrow when it's daylight1494.083.28
oh hey anthony hey dora hey yeah i got1498.44.399
something down here1501.524.08
oh no go down hold down watch your step1502.7993.521
watch your step1505.62.559
you watch your stuff dangerous i always1506.323.359
wanted to understand why would i watch1508.1592.88
that watch muscular step two i don't1509.6792.88
know worry about your people ever fall1511.0392.161
then ever1512.5592.24
i'm just saying like oh you're gonna1513.22.959
step to what's up what's up over here1514.7992.401
over here look1516.1593.921
see this this uh you're back yeah i see1517.23.44
your backpack1520.082.0
you don't you don't see that wall mm-hmm1520.643.44
oh i see like a four-leaf clover yep1522.084.64
oh wood wood underground wood1524.084.079
underground wood all right1526.723.439
through whoa whoa i know we're near the1528.1593.12
stronghold but1530.1593.361
okay yeah that's a thing that's a thing1531.2793.041
this doesn't just happen this is it yep1534.324.08
this is gotta be it boys1536.484.24
do we go in here no we don't go in here1538.44.32
we wait for names to wait for simon when1540.723.6
we do this tomorrow1542.723.199
all right let's come on out afterwards1544.323.28
no idea what's in here yeah back1545.9195.281
up back back hey guys what when you back1547.64.88
up watch your step1551.22.88
watch yourself why are we watching1552.483.12
ourselves when we back up ask you don't1554.082.479
watch your step1555.62.8
oh sorry no that's a it's just a safety1556.5593.441
protocol watch your step what you said1558.43.12
well i mean it's just blocks just blocks1560.02.88
you jump up and you go back it's like1561.522.72
the biggest step i've ever seen in my1562.881.76
in real life you have to jump upstairs i1564.643.44
don't think so no this isn't real life1566.242.72
this is minecraft1568.082.24
pretty sure that joke would have ended1568.963.44
there here okay well1570.323.839
maybe we'll drag it out i don't know no1572.42.639
we're not going to drag it out we're1574.1591.361
going to cut1575.0392.24
credits check out these credits credits1575.523.12
look at those credits1577.2792.561
all these fine people support us on1578.642.72
patreon thanks for supporting us on1579.844.0
pictures yeah1581.362.48
i'll fix it i'll plug it guys thank you1587.23.44
for supporting on patreon1588.7993.921
be sure to subscribe oh all that good1590.643.12
stuff that comes with the youtube1592.722.48
channel take that out anthony will you1593.763.08
fill the whole1595.29.12
idiot see you everybody watch your step1596.847.48

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