MINECRAFT: Murder in the Mines - New Neebsylvania 15

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Minecraft - New Neebsylvania 15? If not, you're in for a trea...
MINECRAFT: Murder in the Mines - New Neebsylvania 15
MINECRAFT: Murder in the Mines - New Neebsylvania 15

MINECRAFT: Murder in the Mines - New Neebsylvania 15

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Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen the latest episode of New Neebsylvania? Murder in the Mines, baby!

appsro: Oh yeah, that one's a classic! I love how we actually do some mining for once, until all hell breaks loose.

neebs: I know, right? It's like, 'hey let's do some productive mining' and then BAM! Murder in the Mines!

appsro: It's the perfect blend of chaos and comedy. Definitely one of my favorites for sure.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Minecraft - New Neebsylvania 15? If not, you're in for a treat! In this episode, the guys are doing some good old fashioned mining in the world of Minecraft, just like the good old days. But of course, things take a turn for the unexpected when something mysterious happens that casts a shadow over their mining adventures. Intrigued yet?

If you're a die-hard fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you know that every episode is packed with action, humor, and unexpected twists. And this episode is no exception! The guys always manage to keep us on the edge of our seats with their crazy antics and hilarious banter. I can't get enough of their dynamic and the way they work together to overcome any challenge that comes their way.

And let's not forget about the awesome music that accompanies their adventures! From the Neebs Gaming Intro to the catchy tunes by Kevin MacLeod, the soundtrack of this episode is sure to get stuck in your head. Plus, the link to explore Neebsylvania and all the other cool stuff they have going on is just a click away. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on any of it.

So, grab your snacks, get comfy, and get ready to dive into another epic episode of Neebs Gaming. Whether you're a longtime fan or just discovering their channel, this episode is guaranteed to keep you entertained from start to finish. And who knows, maybe you'll even pick up a few mining tips along the way. Happy gaming, everyone!

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are you guys uh close by yeah we're0.1494.231
heading down right I was heading down2.6393.001
yeah yeah we could wait till the morning4.383.6
for uh yeah yeah let's start the fresh5.644.41
day with some mining when you're mining7.983.48
it doesn't matter what time of day it is10.053.12
no it sure doesn't I suppose you're11.462.37
glad you were a good sport about that13.839.41
thing yeah no worries that was fun15.2410.41
what did you have I think you had a23.245.949
sword yep yeah I got your diamonds you25.654.56
go you work for him29.1893.271
I got your clownfish did you have bows I30.214.2
got you oven I had a couple couple32.463.54
cooked pork chops I see there you go34.413.51
thick I mean those are definitely my36.03.66
subtle hours but these are not my pork37.923.72
chops this year's zombie flesh no I39.663.419
don't want it I think that's it that I41.643.54
have from you get me ten zombie flesh43.0794.351
there's no way I got that's very nice45.1812.21
yeah selfless of you so kind who's47.4313.23
excited to mine well uh you make another57.394.2
diamond pickaxe60.662.91
doraleous just intercepted the diamond61.593.87
pickaxe I give to you there you go oh63.572.76
yeah that's a that's a hell of a gift66.334.23
yes thank you freakin diamond made that68.1595.101
yeah thanks guys I'm in best simonin70.564.349
absent on the way we were working on the73.263.359
Ripper yeah man I'm not you're doing74.9093.57
stuff we think of that garden can you76.6193.39
believe it it's pretty sweet78.4793.541
you believe that garden capable I mean I80.0094.591
can't believe it ready we're going to82.022.97
the mines84.62.519
now how do you make bread though oh yeah84.994.47
hold on hold on you've got that meat to87.1194.5
eat how how are we looking on food my89.464.019
belly is full right now but I am91.6193.661
officially out of food I have a lot of93.4793.78
food than I could share would be nice if95.284.17
you did yeah give us unto us our daily97.2594.201
bread mm-hmm and forgive us for99.453.9
trespassing on your lawn and forgive us101.464.199
hmm for having forgive me for making you103.355.64
fall down a hole that's human right now105.6595.371
what we're going mining right now it's108.993.36
been tapped down there we're gonna have111.032.909
to find new mines112.355.129
no but just the ways to go you'll see113.9395.04
might want to grab this camera right117.4794.53
here where's the mines down this ladder118.9796.92
lead the way buddy all right here we go122.0093.89
how do you do the latter again oh boy126.364.84
walking run into it and then just yeah128.6495.221
this doubt down man put your crosshair131.23.869
where you want to go just let gravity133.872.79
take a look I'm looking up chinners135.0693.511
dress oh yeah136.664.29
this is the way I was working up show138.586.81
funkier yeah as of late yeah you don't140.955.91
know your way around here I started145.392.76
working this way well it's pretty much146.863.27
the way I was working was just straight148.155.07
down and then doing that suppose things150.135.34
Aggies the little zigzags yeah so I need153.223.72
to be taught something that you've done155.472.19
yes I'm an see see what I what you do is157.664.32
like you just pick a spot uh-huh gig159.734.229
down and then you go over two blocks and161.983.509
then you start diggin back this way so163.9593.181
since there's so many of us let's just165.4894.86
go through like that like a plough torch167.145.819
it up let's us dig I hear zombies laces170.3494.411
up oh hey I should get on that side of a172.9594.291
film we're just gonna run into uh yeah174.764.02
be care like that the biggest danger177.253.239
down here would be a lava bed mine work178.783.209
can be dangerous it can be180.4894.351
where's Simon and brass I know I'm going181.9894.801
down where I wow I'm letting you guys I184.843.119
don't I don't think we should have five186.793.24
people on top of each other so this is187.9593.81
pretty damn effective range I'm sure190.037.41
what level are we at 15 for me 15 yeah I191.7698.611
need to build [ __ ] is it there's a197.444.71
crafting table back at the entry you can200.383.21
have the pickaxe that they just gave me202.154.41
okay yeah hook me up it's done with203.594.619
diamond yeah knows anything some of you206.563.72
I needed some torches down here if you208.2093.271
wouldn't mind sir all right you210.282.7
shouldn't have invited me down here211.484.5
while I'm making a mess I don't know212.984.89
what the hell I'm doing mine we're gonna215.983.9
lose some yes I'm gonna get lost we217.875.369
finally got some iron like we've gone a219.883.9
long time223.2392.551
and have done anything well we found223.784.109
coal iron redstone redstone yeah but225.793.569
that just doesn't seem that impressive227.8893.061
me watch I'll do a couple steps down229.3594.71
well no wait no don't no straight ahead230.955.399
yeah I'm making steps leaves listen to234.0693.691
me the reason I dug down to this level236.3492.97
is if because if you dig down any more237.763.66
levels uh like lava beds where they239.3194.111
spawn yeah they won't go lower than this241.424.02
yeah where we're at right here I'm right243.433.54
above them so the danger was going any245.443.629
lower is that you bust open one of these246.974.169
and lava just pour just your dad granted249.0694.95
a lot it la vez slow apps right yeah251.1395.011
come on live dangerously and you'll die254.0194.201
live dangerously my friend dangerously256.153.119
go for stupidly258.222.939
let's do it like an idiot is this thing259.2693.541
got stuff that is the bottom of261.1595.551
Minecraft don't go too far down well I262.816.27
was saying like go down to 11 we were at266.716.98
11 right here it says 10 5:30 for 10269.087.05
negative 180 okay so we were at 10 I273.694.659
thought you said 15 he was guessing276.134.65
I thought you said 15 how many is a good278.3494.201
redstone deposit there's no less280.783.24
I thought we're Idol eggs I realize it282.553.0
was a 10 I feel like there's no lack of284.024.05
bread if all right let's go back up fill285.553.39
it in noobs288.073.719
can you move to your right please are288.945.34
you trying to fill that in I am nope a291.7894.981
little bit coal right there underneath294.284.98
you this is gonna be the most boring296.775.399
footage we have yeah right yeah but it299.264.56
had to happen more slowly need to learn302.1694.081
how to mine show me Cole I want somebody303.823.93
to show me what it looks like look at my306.254.349
screen well I've got a UH it looks like307.755.64
grace dome has little black checkers in310.5995.07
it yeah it was like dots and Oh see you313.395.7
love the ceilings exactly I see that let315.6696.87
me get some here oh oh yeah Oh319.096.42
what yeah ran into a lava bed whoa watch322.5395.461
it I almost hit you dude yeah I'm not325.514.409
trying I'm not trying don't hit me I'm328.03.87
new there's a hole you made a hole okay329.9193.361
thick and what do you think I'm gonna do331.874.02
it's like a magnet to you yeah no [ __ ] I333.284.139
can't even get out now funny I'll deal335.893.48
huh what are y'all on Simon337.4193.631
why y'all doing this did you were you339.373.75
mining something there yeah he was in341.055.609
there and I was admiring the coal cuz I343.125.19
still have not mined any and I can't get346.6595.271
out how do I get out348.316.09
just help me stop looking at me yo baby351.934.27
pickaxe that's that time could I use354.44.739
your taking footage use your pickaxe356.26.209
Oh hold it down yeah I know that's what359.1395.221
again I found some of that useless blue362.4094.38
stone oh yeah what's to know that is364.365.13
useless in it yeah hey let's put this366.7894.141
thing down here we're in the bottom of369.493.75
the map but no one ever uses ever only370.934.07
thing you can use it is to like dye wool373.245.85
do you find some good stuff me not375.05.8
really no not really379.094.469
yeah there's some iron right here380.86.539
oh yeah [ __ ] deposit383.5599.36
yep oh boy ooh ooh da lolly what's what387.3398.85
is diorite huh the diorite stone oh392.9195.87
that's enough that's that's fairly new396.1895.1
from what I understand you can make like398.7894.81
I think it might be some sort of marble401.2895.1
yes um okay so hold onto diorite and403.5994.71
hold onto granite yeah you can uh you406.3894.02
can put those in the smelter and make408.3093.36
like really nice floors410.4093.69
mmm marble is nice that's a better step411.6694.92
bags shovel on this [ __ ] those dirty414.0994.5
filthy Italians like the marble the416.5894.11
people do that hands of the marble that418.5994.26
an Italian thing it is love marble they420.6996.21
love marble who's wops spoke like yeah422.8596.03
you know WAP stands for does anyone know426.9094.23
what WAP stands more Bingley it's white428.8896.09
Anglo dope when they came over wo p yes431.1397.95
p wo p with our papers exactly without434.9796.57
papers they came over they came over on439.0894.83
you know an Ellis Island and they would441.5493.87
have a little paper on him and it set443.9193.18
out without papers what why they didn't445.4193.48
have papers into him because they were447.0993.42
sneaky they were sneaking over here448.8993.93
those dirty filthy Italians stupid watch450.5193.36
I'm kidding I'm Italian so I can say453.8794.68
that [ __ ] this has been a really456.6994.5
unfruitful mine and I know I think I458.5594.68
found more stuff not by myself I don't I461.1993.9
don't like this mine this is sucking for463.2393.96
me once more it's more iron over here465.0993.69
gonna find the death of you we go ahead467.1993.84
we can get oh [ __ ] but I'm I'm in the468.7894.74
main hall I found some diamond Oh471.0395.88
finally for Christmas let's some are you473.5295.4
a good lawyer I'm on the other side of476.9196.15
the world Oh guys is that pickaxe come478.9297.17
here look where I don't have a pickaxe483.0695.13
but I got one I'm going kind of find you486.0994.71
wait I hear a spider do you know where I488.1995.46
Oh hoo-hoo you found a dungeon up there490.8095.13
diamonds this isn't it I can't see493.6594.2
anything [ __ ] oh yeah looks at495.9394.08
look Simon look see that blue that497.8593.09
little dinner500.0193.301
are they not with you Oh500.9494.981
Wow that is diamond are you guys with503.324.14
doraleous no I thought your ass is here505.932.88
by the ladder yeah I think I know where507.462.61
doraleous is nice down here by the508.813.479
entrance name okay so someone was here510.074.23
they went just past they walked right512.2893.661
over diamond that's the weird part514.33.03
you know oh you know what I think when I515.953.029
was first down in the mine I didn't have517.333.899
because you have to have an iron yes518.9794.381
yeah should get it and I think I only521.2294.801
was still working with a stone pickaxe523.364.83
right by some iron - so this is great oh526.033.69
I see you guys coming yeah yeah I'll528.192.85
meet you back there yeah you go yeah529.723.27
when you go into a mine dress do you not531.043.93
have any kind of exit strategy yeah I532.993.99
would make my way back where from whence534.973.54
I came but when I asked you where you536.983.54
were you you I don't remember how I got538.513.93
here I just know how to go back did you540.525.49
get did you guys go up um there's no542.446.21
listen listen - listen how I'm gonna546.014.14
explain - so things got I mean okay548.652.97
we're when you come down the ladder550.153.87
uh-huh there's like some toolboxes yeah551.624.29
on top of them and there's a little rap554.025.09
this is how easy that was to explain hmm555.915.58
now this is where you can easily get559.115.02
lost and killed it was anything like561.496.06
this Simon I can't see [ __ ] where are564.135.97
you I don't know where are you I'm bored567.553.53
come follow me570.13.81
this is boring follow me son it's571.085.05
alright a [ __ ] I'm not a [ __ ] I573.913.72
believe me I came into this with very576.133.3
little violence577.634.89
now don't walk over the edge look how579.433.99
we've done that way don't walk over the583.425.73
edge I'm baiting me wait doesn't have a586.696.12
bow and arrow to get well justice oh no589.157.02
oh haha hey guys you know what we should592.815.25
do what from this point cuz this isn't596.173.87
this is a really cool area correct I598.063.87
mean yeah I like these should we dig600.044.8
sort of straight up and get back to the601.934.8
surface and then that scum it's an604.843.48
entrance to a mineshaft I see a bunch of606.734.62
gold yeah we can oh [ __ ] I don't know608.325.79
what hit me right after Ellis was shot611.355.07
dude I have diamond and every I'm sorry614.115.37
what the [ __ ] aiming at you like I was616.425.37
kidding and then I hit it I hit the619.484.74
thing are you kidding I get you stuff to621.793.99
rally well I'll get are you gonna get624.223.83
after I'm a half of it went into lava no625.783.54
I got your what an [ __ ] I'd have one629.325.4
diamond no I had about six I got one631.244.77
well there's some stuff here so I only634.722.46
have one diamond I should have a636.012.58
shit-ton board a lot of your stuff is637.182.66
still right here638.595.76
we'll get him I'm sorry Alice didn't639.8410.39
mean to was it was it worth the joke I644.358.07
was trying to put the arrow away I650.234.26
realize oh crap I'm aiming an arrow at652.423.78
rallies bunch of doesn't know how to put654.494.07
it away and I thought only if I hit e656.25.25
it'll go away but no that fires up658.565.8
mm-hmm mm-hmm661.455.22
rallies I don't see no di'monds man no664.364.71
they I heard him sizzling the flame666.674.08
there's some stuff right over here where669.073.96
he was standing you don't see it there's670.753.84
some stuff across them yeah I see it but673.036.09
I don't see diamond tell you what I'm674.597.95
gonna start digging up I'll be up679.125.22
where's this go I should have listened I682.543.57
should have went worked on my water I684.343.69
don't know we're gonna do it back up686.114.11
yeah but I don't know how to I'm gonna688.033.99
finish your water thing that's what I690.223.66
mother right now we're done yeah I'm692.024.95
gonna go finish it now no wait how do I693.886.6
go do I just can I kill myself oh this696.975.07
is gonna be fun this is looking better700.482.01
salmon stop it I see what you I see702.493.42
where you're at I can look704.743.15
I see what you're doing salmon what705.913.72
follow me thank you707.894.8
yeah this way man you guys really did a709.634.61
number when you design these tunnels712.694.29
what do you mean like you can design714.244.42
something so it's easy to navigate or716.984.17
you can just blindly build tunnels718.664.47
everywhere well you can't figure it out721.154.14
man doing all that work and still get723.134.17
[ __ ] for it here it is oh yeah725.295.78
oh boy I'm going up okay727.36.33
I'm gonna build a mine one day and show731.074.39
you how to build a mine you don't get733.634.56
lost in I'd love to see it it's not that735.465.04
I probably put up signs yeah I put up738.194.41
signs I say that's like a waste this way740.54.05
to the haciendo yeah no you have way to742.63.33
the phone we'll get lost if you're not744.553.21
careful yeah I know exactly what I'm745.932.73
doing what I'm buying747.762.76
you realize other people are using this748.663.9
mine don't use that mine where I broke750.523.75
off I knew what I was doing752.564.77
tell you what bass yeah put a sign on754.275.7
your part of the mine it says doraleous757.334.689
is confusing is759.974.779
get lost mind so don't go don't go in762.0193.961
here but you don't have to follow me to764.7493.421
kill me well you know cuz I don't about765.984.5
that although a little bit fun about768.174.74
that a bunch of stuff all right well770.484.049
look I got five Domon you can have I772.913.479
found those two chests oh my diamonds a774.5294.29
lot of blood diamond I love this tension776.3894.531
do you thrive on wine egative energy778.8193.031
don't you I do780.923.269
nice Buster's to think I may be lost781.855.459
possibly no kidding maybe you want your784.1895.64
alice is a confusing ass mine nah but787.3094.111
here noobs will find you'll kill you and789.8292.94
you'll be out of your misery yeah I791.422.819
think if you're really lost now I'm792.7693.75
gonna dig straight up you're working794.2393.931
you're welcome believe that you were a796.5195.25
witch found a witch down there yes which798.177.169
way is it me ups which way ahaha oh I801.7696.36
killed that [ __ ] unintel be over oh let805.3394.71
me eat this clownfish that gave me808.1295.4
nutrition how much why would why would810.0495.671
neebs 'la I would pop out lie to me how813.5294.5
much nutrition did you get I got about a815.726.0
third not when we made that video I ate818.0296.3
it and I expected to see the food bar go821.725.099
up like at least one or two found my way824.3294.5
back and it looks so little that I826.8193.45
couldn't even tell that it moved but I828.8293.48
told you I explained to you that it only830.2694.021
went up a little bit it and think that832.3094.47
you would expect I didn't think it would834.295.909
register that like a third of a yeah bar836.7796.331
would count yeah oh okay yeah well it840.1994.35
went up a little like some kind of linen843.113.839
later to to register it it gives you844.5496.0
nutrition or what count oh do come do846.9495.94
count Simon did you did you release the850.5495.73
water I did I did I would shouldn't you852.8895.851
have let me come watch it it should have856.2794.321
been like a big thing I thought it was858.743.99
gonna be a reveal like look at what he860.64.109
did I should have done that what the862.734.079
hell was I hey listen show us around864.7096.06
ready well you know what I'm I'm just866.8096.81
trying to I was dude I was trying to870.7694.8
spread the water do you have a bucket I873.6194.56
have a bucket and it looks like it's875.5693.901
flowing pretty good I mean what do you878.1793.06
think yeah I mean there needs to be more879.474.709
water yes I'm gonna be doing that this881.2395.31
is a good fishing Lake guys all the one884.1794.83
over here yeah it's nice and you get886.5494.02
some good fish in there the best you889.0093.24
caught a fish yet I just like sit in890.5693.62
front of it now you get the best strange892.2493.721
you heard him don't make me repeat my895.975.4
[ __ ] self because he will I will hold898.375.01
on Oh getting a hang of that bucket901.373.33
Simon I think I am903.383.96
oh boy might drown though it happens to904.73.33
the best of us907.343.42
not easily sometimes he gets shot in the908.033.21
pretty sure it was in the face breath911.245.76
that was crazy what mr. World Peace over912.955.85
there murdering our friend or ally oh917.04.38
yeah it was an accident that is two918.84.32
murders in this play play time though921.385.55
you murdered assignment Cameron pigs923.1210.32
Simon started it again still oh boy what926.939.33
an [ __ ] oh yeah this is this is good933.445.16
we're going to get some bone meal936.264.38
oh wait a lot of this stuff is growing938.64.47
guys we need to go back to the house go940.643.33
back to the hizzy943.072.58
I want meat you get a little Arby's yeah943.974.95
I'm out I'm out good luck leaves an out945.653.69
I want to try to make bread before we I949.344.32
made some good a bit it's really really951.114.44
some in there I had to take some cuz I953.663.9
ran out of everything today gotcha it955.553.96
all fell in the lava due to do today957.565.07
what happened sir iced tea hi yeah I got959.515.64
shot by my mate I'll buy tea me yeah962.634.08
that's ridiculous965.153.27
Oh Simon we got a lot get a little966.713.18
zombie on you I know it's why I'm968.423.78
running on Simon run back this way he's969.893.57
gonna run it right he'll don't run him972.26.3
into the house I'm out of here973.467.97
yeah see you next week I was doable crap978.56.06
I'm gonna lie any second because I'm981.434.63
ready I wrapped around run towards me984.563.69
I'm and run to me run towards us we'll986.065.04
help alright get past us help me help me988.254.77
I'm working I'm working on it I'm gonna991.13.0
shut this door off993.022.82
alright yeah get inside shut the door994.13.51
he's dead more zombies leaves what's995.843.84
behind you up and skeletons alright get997.613.78
inside everybody get my [ __ ] house999.683.87
get in the [ __ ] house go go go oh1001.394.56
[ __ ] you guys yeah I hate everyone this1003.554.29
is the Karma needs brought upon you all1005.956.36
ah man you can't bring karma all up on1007.846.93
someone else well this bad idea1012.314.17
you brought it no karma effects one1014.773.69
person if something bad happens to me1016.483.69
that makes sense hey just let me hear1018.463.81
you they have matter you know Simon was1020.173.45
nowhere near me yeah karma doesn't1022.273.09
doesn't affect other shut up you don't1023.623.81
know we got a creeper outside so be1025.363.959
careful I don't make bread crafting1027.433.95
Abell crafting table three wheat across1029.3196.96
everyone knows that here we go people1031.387.149
know my ash money was semi-successful1036.2794.351
yeah I was grading to make a [ __ ]1038.5294.23
great time yeah now speaking of1040.633.779
doraleous and thick where are you both1042.7594.861
I'm in my spider place I feel safe here1044.4096.211
everybody come to the food chest nope1047.625.639
look in the food chest Simon you got six1050.624.529
cook salmon and you have three cooked1053.2595.701
fish zealot now lay your bread1055.1497.41
I made that look chu yeah when I eat it1058.965.969
yeah go for it thick where are you at I1062.5596.72
hate to say this but maybe I may be lost1064.9298.011
well would you know why I want to say I1069.2795.701
told you so I like it when you're lost1072.944.439
who does yeah it's like me falling into1074.986.0
holes I see the spider toe so you found1077.3796.241
the spider at all I mean yeah you can1080.984.5
see the spider from space does diamonds1083.625.299
go in the metals and weapons container1085.485.819
you would think because it's used for1088.9194.571
weapons and ask you anything snarky to1091.2995.281
add on which part with all with the1093.495.46
diamonds or diamonds or anything uh1096.584.679
give it time it'll come are you going to1098.955.219
better I don't want to know fixing the1101.2595.16
now I'm here no where are you here I'm1104.1692.671
watch that they are creepers outside so1106.843.959
that's I think we got to deal with first1109.1493.03
thing in the mornings creepers I'm in1110.7993.301
the bed alright I'm in bed Simon do it1112.1793.36
I'm in a bed1114.12.97
it says der Alice has just earned the1115.5393.211
achievement diamonds doraleous was shot1117.074.069
by noobs1118.752.389
you're gonna see it was an accident when1121.6494.0
you watch the footage oh yeah we got1124.125.039
creepers out here oh boy oh boy oh god1125.6496.091
there's noobs karma come upon you all it1129.1594.89
was known again that was absurd why does1131.744.409
no one give him [ __ ] for for blowing1134.0493.931
stuff up I want me to kill this creeper1136.1494.081
he's chasing after us right we got him1137.983.809
here I got it what don't get so close1140.232.909
Simon yeah1141.7893.031
why can't I kill them why won't you let1143.1397.17
me please what the [ __ ] man oh oh okay1144.827.92
that was Karma and Simon you have are1150.3094.71
you ed Simon has the right to yell at me1152.743.96
for what just happened did you just what1155.0193.091
happened look where this thing blew up1156.73.719
oh I should have the right to Ellie on1158.113.689
this one damn it1160.4192.641
oh boy1161.7993.811
this happened look at this cluster of1163.064.71
[ __ ] over here and I had nothing to do1165.612.85
with it yeah1167.772.37
don't worry I'll patch it [ __ ] you1168.464.17
burying me son of a [ __ ] you said it1170.145.31
before he's burying me I was it was1172.634.71
funny what I was doing it to him but he1175.454.86
hi yeah I gotta [ __ ] kill you apps1177.346.0
for a lie because don't bury me no I1180.315.31
didn't [ __ ] bury you did look you1183.344.86
were over me no I was looking something1185.623.72
one murderer here guys1188.23.24
truth it's done it there's been two and1189.344.35
two murders it was Neves in the1191.445.55
laboratory with the dirt dirt block the1193.696.6
dirt block exactly minecraft clue exact1196.995.76
why he's in stone Simon because I'm I'm1200.294.71
mad at Jackie mad at you can't use that1202.756.29
it's tacky get away from me1205.04.04
you tiny to live1218.583.62

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