MINECRAFT: The Spider Castle 1 - New Neebsylvania 13

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest episode of Neebsylvania on the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel? In episode 13, titled "The Spider Cas...
MINECRAFT: The Spider Castle 1 - New Neebsylvania 13
MINECRAFT: The Spider Castle 1 - New Neebsylvania 13

MINECRAFT: The Spider Castle 1 - New Neebsylvania 13

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen that latest Minecraft video we did? The Spider Castle was epic!

appsro: Oh yeah, that was a blast! I couldn't stop laughing at Thick trying to make his way down from the mountain. Classic Thick move.

neebs: And don't forget about the music, those tunes really set the mood for the whole adventure.

appsro: Definitely! I think I need to make 'Rollin at 5' my new ringtone. It's just too catchy.

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest episode of Neebsylvania on the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel? In episode 13, titled "The Spider Castle 1", the gang discovers a new structure in their world and waits for Thick to make his way down from the mountain where his house is located in Minecraft. It's always hilarious to see what kind of shenanigans the guys get into in each episode.

As always, the music in the background sets the tone perfectly for the gameplay. From the intense "Cataclysmic Molten Core" by The Jingle Punks to the more laid-back "Dreamy Flashback" by Kevin MacLeod, the soundtrack really adds to the overall experience of watching the Neebsylvania series.

And don't forget to check out the links to their merchandise and social media channels in the video description. You can support the channel by purchasing some cool Neebs Gaming gear or by following them on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and Google+. The guys are always interacting with fans and sharing behind-the-scenes content, so it's a great way to stay connected with your favorite YouTubers.

If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you won't want to miss out on this latest episode of Neebsylvania. Grab some snacks, get comfortable, and get ready to laugh along with the gang as they explore the mysterious Spider Castle in their Minecraft world. Trust me, it's worth the watch!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Neebs Gaming has done it again with their latest Minecraft series New Neebsylvania 13! This episodic journey chronicles the hilarious antics of the Neebs gang as they explore a mysterious new spider castle discovered in the world they have built.

The first episode grabs you right away as the crew waits anxiously for Thick to make his way down the mountain to join them. You can't help but laugh as they poke fun at Thick's turtle-like pace. But that's part of the magic - these guys have such a great camaraderie that you feel like you're hanging out with a group of old friends.

Once assembled, they venture forth into the depths of the ominous spider castle. The cinematic shots as they enter the castle ramp up the tension and drama. You get totally sucked into the adventure right along with them. Every twist and turn is filled with their signature blend of humor and screams as they encounter new dangers.

While the castle itself is an amazing build, what really makes this series shine is the interplay between the characters. Simon's panicking, Neebs' frustration with Thick's slowness, Appsro's quips - their distinct personalities bounce off each other perfectly. You never know what hilarious situation they'll find themselves in next.

For me, Neebs Gaming is the ultimate way to experience Minecraft gameplay and storytelling. Their cinematic editing and narrative commentary bring out the very best in the game. It feels like you're playing it yourself while also watching the most entertaining let's play series out there.

New Neebsylvania 13 has all the ingredients that makes Neebs Gaming a force to be reckoned with - camaraderie, creativity, comedy and chaos. I can't wait to follow them on whatever adventures lie ahead in this spider castle and beyond. Their videos are always the highlight of my day!

Neebs Gaming
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you want to see what we built up top0.163.559
yeah all right follow me this house2.03.48
looks good from down here look at that3.7193.321
actually looks really good the water5.483.8
gave it a nice touch all right I got to7.044.16
we got to have that River go somewhere9.283.8
see that see that Lake way over there11.23.04
I'm going to get that I'm going to get13.082.759
that River going to that Lake and see14.243.44
that little lip it should come from that15.8394.52
Lake to that lip little waterfall down17.685.88
to the river and then go on around what20.3594.881
the [ __ ] is this over here this other23.563.52
body of water did somebody build a giant25.243.92
spider on top of one of these Cliffs27.084.999
what's that oh oh dude that's awesome29.165.48
that is a spider oh that might be my32.0797.441
castle that's great that's that's like34.648.079
what this was actually good I am39.525.96
surprised I when I was mining for stuff42.7195.041
to have it ready for you um I got a45.484.559
little out of hand I had a vision cuz as47.764.08
you see up there thick started making50.0394.0
his little domain oh God you too and I51.844.399
was like [ __ ] that I'm going to make a54.0394.32
spider in attack mode looking down upon56.2395.681
his piece of [ __ ] place58.3593.561
all right I'm going to get this guy you72.965.76
get that guy look at this look guys75.1596.081
what look at Andre zelle's house out78.725.399
there yeah oh I I got to come see it81.244.4
yeah you weren't here was here you wer84.1192.96
here for that debacle uh but more85.643.479
importantly check out check out Simon's87.0795.281
house what [ __ ] Simon's is that a spider89.1194.881
what the f is is there a spider around92.362.88
there spiders all over the board dude94.03.2
that's looking right at my place yeah95.243.159
good it's going to pounce down and97.24.68
attack your ass no that's for being a a98.3995.161
no I just wanted to get like my own101.883.16
place I mean there's nothing wrong with103.562.72
that me too there's nothing wrong with105.043.16
this big spider either I don't want a106.285.159
big tarantula I would he's friendly I'm108.25.12
going to build my house in the shape of111.4394.0
shoe as soon as I figure out how to get115.4394.801
down I can't remember how get to your118.03.479
house I'm going to die up here you know121.4794.801
I challenge you thick to find your way123.885.84
into my Abode yeah that is my challenge126.285.16
to you and there is a legit way you129.724.64
can't use sand to go up and chop away in131.445.24
Simon look at me where are you I'm easy134.365.4
to spot where are you you don't see me136.685.4
seriously no I'm looking up are you up139.765.559
above or are you down low AB Do You See142.086.28
Me Maybe This is a big world here oh145.3194.761
wait a second are you at it's a very top148.364.36
of that thing oh oh that yeah I see you150.084.28
now huh152.724.64
yeah where you at he's in a he's on a154.366.12
big tall P of dirt that he just made157.364.92
yeah that's great I I got up here to try160.483.64
to see your your Castle thing ABS what162.284.0
do I do for real you jump and then put164.124.68
another block down see the Jump part was166.286.48
is key yeah there you go yeah there you168.87.519
go look at him nees I see him gentlemen172.765.92
who anyone down by the down uh the176.3194.28
downstairs home178.683.12
uh yeah we're all down here how many180.5992.481
beds are in181.85.6
there oh look at you you little183.084.32
stinker it's ridiculous you like the187.566.56
spider it's not just the spider it's the191.564.84
fact that I can't get away from194.125.08
it how high you going to get Simon I196.45.96
don't know I don't get too high wait I199.25.52
could jump onto the platform I think no202.364.28
you can't jump anywhere if you jump from204.723.32
there you're going to die did you guys206.642.64
remember the question I had a little bit208.043.68
ago what question was it yeah exactly209.284.879
there's five okay great wow Simon look211.727.079
at you all Gro up that's me oh boy I'm214.1596.16
getting nervous up here I don't think I218.7993.44
would jump there's no way you're surving220.3192.84
I don't think you're going to survive222.2393.041
that yeah you just get your shovel and223.1594.241
start heading down can I can I I want to225.284.92
build a bridge in front of me what oh227.44.679
you'd have to You' have to hold big230.24.239
tacky mess here man oh [ __ ] oh God I'm232.0795.36
going to fall use shift you have to just234.4394.64
grab your shovel and dig straight down237.4394.281
oh what shift yeah thick you're not even239.0794.961
in the show why are you here I am in the241.726.079
show you're not oh oh man there you I244.045.96
feel like somebody like please don't247.7994.401
talk cuz we're doing a show and you're250.03.92
in your own world no I'm trying to get252.23.239
out of this world he's trying to come253.923.279
down to us there you go I might be a255.4393.52
Narnia now you're coming down Shimon257.1994.28
there he goes oh thank God this is258.9595.401
nerve-wracking I'm never doing it again261.4795.521
this is really scary some scary stuff264.366.839
huh it is no matter where I dig down267.08.12
it's just a a drop I'll be back neees271.1996.761
huh I'm coming back I'm oh are you yeah275.123.84
all right we're watching we're making277.963.239
sure Simon makes it all the way to the278.965.36
bottom it's com it's it's amazing281.1995.321
footage I'm sure it284.324.319
is I don't know whates what are you286.523.32
doing I'm coming down to say hi to you288.6394.481
I'm watching Simon dig down too oh a289.845.76
thank goodness well holy [ __ ] what are293.124.48
you making here where have you been it295.63.24
was supposed to be a Simon hole it297.64.319
didn't work out I was up uh in my little298.845.32
um My Little bachelor301.9194.321
pad your snatchler pad do you have304.164.64
arrows in your oh there was a skeleton306.244.679
at the base of the ladder from the308.84.679
upstairs Place mhm should I take down my310.9195.081
house I'm way ahead of you oh you doing313.4795.28
it okay oh you removing Simon's house316.05.919
yeah what you that's a house you said318.7595.401
yeah it's an art it's art is but this321.9194.56
isn't a Art Walk of Fame is that a house324.163.599
is that what you call that boy you're326.4793.44
going have to rebuild that Simon don't327.7593.641
worry as soon as he's done I'm back on329.9192.681
it see you're a good Builder I don't331.42.639
know why you'd make such a piece of [ __ ]332.64.039
cuz I know how to build in real life you334.0395.521
could be fine not Minecraft life no real336.6394.68
life you'd be fine here I don't give a339.563.479
[ __ ] to to build in here well then don't341.3194.88
build here well I do artwork in here oh343.0396.28
it's well go make a museum okay enough346.1995.84
said the Simon Museum make it a museum349.3195.281
Sim Museum Simon's Museum of uh clown352.0395.0
fish and over here is a clown fish if354.63.76
you come around this corner there's a357.0395.201
clown fish and when look at that my God358.366.0
a clown fish what's that dick what are362.244.16
you doing thck is having his own364.364.32
adventure in a bad place should we go to366.44.72
thick uh well it's about bedtime it's368.685.84
about bedtime uh the sun's it's always371.125.6
about bedtime in m true it's true I'm374.524.799
not a big fan of this bridge guys I know376.724.12
someone built it I don't mean that to be379.3192.961
ugly I think there's a little fine you380.842.479
don't like it you don't like it tear it382.283.28
down build your own damn it oh boy oh383.3194.121
here we go it might be a little too385.563.44
Woody on the bottom on each side here's387.443.28
what I don't like like I I think you389.03.44
should be able to stand here and look390.724.64
down the Walk of Fame okay so take it392.445.599
down and it obstructs it so it should395.363.959
just be like a straight across a398.0393.201
straight Bridge with rails so you don't399.3194.561
fall let me rephrase that I like it but401.244.6
it doesn't fit with doesn't fit the403.885.56
motif yeah um are we all going to bed I405.845.479
suppose we need to I feel like the409.444.44
archway into the into this place needs411.3196.201
to be more grandiose yep I agree Grand413.885.8
no grandio like glass and lava kind of417.524.0
grandiose that kind of grandos I don't419.683.28
know about glass and lava I like glass421.524.2
and lava are you in bed I'm I'm trying422.963.44
H I'm in all right all right here we go426.45.639
usually I'm the late one to bed staying430.1994.361
up all night right building a spiders432.0395.521
building spiders watching porn it's kind434.565.319
of a Porn Palace up there it is little437.565.359
zombie little zombie watch out where439.8795.6
behind you D [ __ ] than don't hurt the442.9194.921
pig oh the pig got him oh what was he445.4794.4
doing look like he kissed the pig447.845.4
well the pig protected me that pig is my449.8794.841
hey who Simon what are you doing I'm453.244.399
getting some ham no what Simon I will I454.725.64
will Simon just life for D I've already457.6395.24
killed a pig just because just because460.365.04
to watch him die so tough to watch him462.8796.481
die oh sorry oh jeez y hope you learned465.46.079
your lesson Simon that's what happens469.364.6
when you kill pigs around here wow what471.4795.0
happened he hit you yo he killed me oh473.964.959
Simon was slain by by you know the rules476.4795.241
Simon oh [ __ ] okay I learned my lesson478.9195.84
Papa got oh no look what you look what481.725.96
you made him do [ __ ] don't touch my [ __ ]484.7594.4
I need to pick up my three bows that487.683.16
I'll never do a [ __ ] thing with so489.1593.841
nees do you want the the road just490.844.96
extended to go across the river yeah why493.04.56
don't we just put yeah we just take this495.84.76
road and just go straight oh guys yeah497.565.639
see over there by the cave what skeleton500.566.24
behind Simon everybody oh [ __ ] really I503.1997.041
got you I got you use your506.85.239
training got him510.245.039
surrounded I got him he's down okay512.0396.68
Simon I'm three food food bar short do515.2795.68
you have 50 clown fish I can have so I518.7194.481
can fill up on food I don't have any520.9594.961
food I just picked up my fishing rod I523.25.56
have a sword bothered me hello hey hello525.924.8
oh howy how are you hey how you doing528.764.24
sir is your bathroom by chance running530.725.4
through running oh we'll check it out533.05.48
like leaking yeah the commode would be536.124.08
leaking uh oh I don't know I haven't538.483.12
heard it we haven't heard it filling up540.23.68
at all no nothing to go you guys541.64.4
puncture something ien but water bill543.884.48
doubled last month yeah it's not coming546.03.68
from here I I know exactly what you're548.363.08
talking about and I would have heard it549.684.92
okay yeah thanks all551.443.16
you he it's been leaking like crazy why555.444.8
don't you tell him thanks [ __ ] him yeah557.924.64
right yeah [ __ ] him land landlords and560.246.48
such stupid bastard wow wow wowow wow562.566.959
wow wow wow wow wow huh huh I lost all566.725.239
my food how come I can't sink why won't569.5194.841
I sink right now I'm I'm walking on571.9595.56
water shallow water on one block it's574.364.919
one block same reason you wouldn't sink577.5194.161
in a three foot deep what's weird is579.2793.56
you're looking down at what you're581.682.52
standing on and you still don't know why582.8392.641
you're not sinking you know what you584.23.24
know what I [ __ ] hate you D look585.484.599
Simon look ready stay587.446.56
there ready see if I were to dig that oh590.0796.281
sorry oh boy see now you're sinking are594.05.36
you happy now jump get up get out out of596.365.24
there get up Sim jump and move forward599.366.0
hold space hold it down him forward look601.66.72
at the water you looking at it I'm605.365.52
looking at it you see how watch this I608.324.16
I'll do an example see look he's walking610.883.0
there's blocks under him I do do you612.483.32
realize that when when I was in the613.884.24
water I'm dring that's deeper I'm615.84.2
drowning when I was in the water it felt618.124.44
like I was walking on top of the water620.04.88
GL GL if you're in the shallow end you622.564.2
can still walk cuz your legs touch the624.883.92
ground but to me it doesn't I can't see626.763.96
my legs do you realize that when I look628.83.8
straight down my legs are not in the630.724.119
water Papa I don't have any legs so632.64.76
that's why Papa where's my legs Daddy634.8394.401
Papa teach me teach me how to how to637.364.96
swim papa no legs I don't like when a639.244.8
river just stops somewhere so I made it642.325.36
run off into like seemingly somewhere644.046.44
yeah go for it Dr I think what follow me647.684.48
if I'm cooking in the furnace can I walk650.483.919
away from it yeah no you have to tend to652.164.32
it so the house doesn't burn down wait654.3993.56
up fellas you're leaving you're leaving656.483.64
all ABS roll behind657.9593.801
fellas are you guys going somewhere let660.123.8
me wait for me no you have to stay by661.763.4
the furnace is this where the river663.923.12
comes to well what I didn't realize is665.164.799
this this river is lower than this so667.044.919
that would make sense so yeah it can669.9593.961
still flow this way yeah oh yeah it's a671.9593.44
big flow looks good good from here673.922.52
doesn't is that something you want me to675.3993.88
work on make that River go that way yeah676.444.8
all right I'll work on beautifying this679.2794.0
whole area and connecting the rivers681.244.24
this is our fun vacation area is this683.2794.521
the fun vacation area yep like mandatory685.485.2
fun mandatory fun area all right we687.85.08
could call this Lake Wataga you shut690.684.12
your ass and come over here and have fun692.883.32
you're going to have [ __ ] fun you are694.83.64
going to have fun do we have any uh696.24.48
silver I've got some silver silver I698.443.88
need I need uh I need silver I need some700.683.92
shovels I will yeah it's it's about702.323.959
mining time I'll go down in mine this704.63.96
time who needs a shovel I need enough706.2794.441
silver to make a good couple of shovels708.563.399
cuz I'm going to be doing a lot of710.724.08
digging I have um I have what you need711.9594.44
buddy you guys remember that 80s movie714.83.56
nothing but shovel nothing but shovel716.3994.761
yeah big shovel in Little China that one718.364.919
was my favorite that was a good one too721.164.479
who's making all that rock what what723.2794.521
about that uh old video game shovel725.6396.161
Dragon oh yeah yeah what about ET shovel727.86.719
does that one work shut the [ __ ]731.86.44
up man I just cannot get full today all734.5196.161
right yeah you had some clown fish you'd738.244.12
be fulling a heartbeat somebody need to740.685.0
get food that quickly yeah yeah it'll F742.366.2
you right up good I'm in bed all right745.685.32
all right I'm in bed shut the door nebs748.564.079
I'm in bed thick what's your ETA on751.04.199
going to bed uh give me about a minute752.6394.88
and a half oh man that's a long time755.1994.161
where the hell are you I'm climbing up a757.5194.361
ladder so does raw salmon give you more759.364.159
energy or cooked salmon cook salmon761.883.44
cooked Salmon's always better it's763.5193.56
always better to cook just ask me if you765.323.199
have any questions I'm not sure if I767.0792.641
agree with that in real life though in768.5192.76
real life I don't think I would either769.724.04
you cook you cook things and it loses771.2795.12
nutrients are are you in bed I'm trying773.764.439
to find the place man I'm where are you776.3993.201
he's lost778.1995.041
I'm here hey look at who's here going to779.65.919
bed just in I haven't seen you in ages783.244.959
oh [ __ ] you gained weight neebs well785.5195.241
been fat been eating cooked salmon not788.1994.88
fish hey guys hey let's come on what793.126.159
come outside let's do something no we're797.442.839
I was going to799.2793.841
mine or or let's let's group let's let's800.2794.12
have a meeting okay we should have a803.122.92
meeting we've all been doing our own804.3994.8
thing meeting all right hey is it okay806.044.32
something didn't realize everybody was809.1993.2
born in a barn raised in a barn I810.363.12
figured more people were coming it's812.3992.641
rude to shut a door on someone's face813.482.719
all right where we meeting you know who815.044.44
was born in a barn who's that816.1995.721
Jesus wait where's yeah I'm coming where819.483.76
where are you guys at over here in the821.923.719
town sick oh my goodness man I had to823.243.92
get some food I'm going to die if I825.6393.921
don't eat okay yeah you did work hard827.164.44
did you see andel's house no yeah that829.563.76
pie that piece of [ __ ] right there look831.63.679
at it that's spectacular I like that a833.324.959
lot isn't it great it's just tasteful835.2794.841
Simon had a I don't even want to talk838.2794.0
about it I had something nice piece of840.124.04
dog [ __ ] as far as I'm concern Simon had842.2794.041
the atrocity should I not go in you can844.163.84
go check it out but just yeah you can846.323.759
check it out see I went in while he was848.04.68
building it and I saw the was it Yaki he850.0794.601
got a Yaki down there there's a Yaki in852.683.079
there little854.683.599
upstairs Y how much do you think a place855.7594.841
like this would go in in in Minecraft858.2793.841
what do you think how much we charge for860.64.72
a tour yakusi that's probably a $30,000862.126.92
house there at least at least yeah 150865.326.079
160 clownfish something like that yeah869.044.359
oh we got to change this what's this say871.3994.24
this sign still says Simon's ghetto ass873.3993.921
dirt Shack I can't wait to see who's875.6393.241
going to live here next prime real877.323.04
estate well good deal this is one of878.883.24
those moments where if you build it880.363.76
they'll come right no we'd have to882.123.639
invite them yeah yeah we have to inv884.122.76
they're not going to know we're building885.7592.721
it and they come well we have to invite886.883.68
them permission to keep building this888.485.039
River yes all right I'm off yes build890.565.719
that River nebs EPO it's what you were893.5194.961
born to do it was you know what's funny896.2796.721
to what like three episodes ago yeah I898.486.4
asked abro if he build this River and903.03.92
he's like screw you NES that work on904.883.68
that damn River I remember no it was906.923.2
last remember that oh I remember saying908.563.279
that oh no it wasn't last yeah it was910.123.639
like 11 yeah and then you convinced me911.8394.0
to do it and then I went down and looked913.7595.041
at it was just a disaster yep okay yeah915.8395.56
that's funny so I got my way yeah he918.84.399
hears you mission accomplished you're921.3993.36
right here you're in the room with me923.1995.161
nebs yeah I think it'd be fun to um to924.7595.64
see if thick can find the way into my928.364.159
place here let me give you a quick tour930.3994.481
oh man yeah that's just [ __ ] great932.5193.921
man I've never seen anything like that934.883.36
that's why I'm so surprised yeah I'm I'm936.443.48
actually I'm impressed D thank you very938.244.44
much it was not easy and it did not go939.925.68
quick I I I I'm pretty damn sure that942.684.599
was difficult to do man wait who built945.63.159
all these trees and I did I made a947.2793.92
little Park to get on the way why would948.7594.56
you build a spider you hate spiders I951.1994.681
think CU I'm fascinated by them um and953.3194.44
it just I just saw it in my head when I955.883.24
was looking at that cliff here I'll show957.7593.0
you my little secret entrance follow me959.123.6
this must have taken you weeks to make960.7593.441
it took me last962.721.97

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