MINECRAFT: AnderZEL - New Neebsylvania 12

Hey there Neebsylvania fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel yet? The gang has a special guest, An...
MINECRAFT: AnderZEL - New Neebsylvania 12
MINECRAFT: AnderZEL - New Neebsylvania 12

MINECRAFT: AnderZEL - New Neebsylvania 12

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey AnderZEL, have you seen the latest episode of New Neebsylvania? It's a real banger!

appsro: Oh yeah, that's my favorite video! I mean, who doesn't love watching you struggle to build something in Minecraft?

neebs: Hey, it's all part of the fun! And let's not forget the epic soundtrack that accompanies our building adventures.

appsro: Yeah, those tunes really set the mood. It's like we're in our own little Minecraft music video.

Hey there Neebsylvania fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel yet? The gang has a special guest, AnderZEL, who is the first of many to join in on the fun as they build something epic along their Minecraft parade of homes. It's always exciting to see new faces and collaborations on the channel, and this one definitely does not disappoint!

As the gang gets creative and works together to bring their vision to life in the game, you can't help but get caught up in the excitement and energy of the episode. The chemistry between the Neebsylvania crew and AnderZEL is palpable, making for a hilarious and entertaining viewing experience. Plus, the music choices in the video, like "Jaw Harp You Can Dance To" by Doug Maxwell and "Rollin at 5" by Kevin MacLeod, really set the tone and add to the overall vibe of the build.

If you're a die-hard Neebsylvania fan like me, you'll definitely appreciate all the little details and references sprinkled throughout the video. From the in-game creations to the banter between the players, every moment is packed with humor and creativity. And let's not forget about the shoutouts to other content creators and the links to resources like the official Minecraft website and the Neebs Gaming merchandise store. It's clear that the team is dedicated to providing a top-notch viewing experience for their fans.

So, if you haven't already, be sure to hit that subscribe button and follow Neebs Gaming on all their social media channels to stay up-to-date on all the latest Neebsylvania adventures. Whether you're a seasoned veteran of the channel or a newcomer just discovering the magic of Neebsylvania, there's something for everyone to enjoy in each and every video. Let's show our support for this amazing team and keep the Neebsylvania spirit alive!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, have you been watching Neebs Gaming's Minecraft series? It's honestly one of the best Minecraft series I've ever seen. The way they transformed that vanilla world into an incredible place called New Neebsylvania is just amazing.

I love how each episode feels like another chapter in an epic saga, as we follow the core crew of Neebs, Thick, Appsro, Simon, Doraleous and Anthony on their adventures. One week they're building a kickass castle, the next they're creating games and attractions for the citizens of their world. It really feels like you're part of their story.

And the cinematics are just top-notch. The way they blend gameplay footage with custom storylines and voice acting makes it like you're watching a big budget animated film at times. I mean, remember that episode where they built that huge minecart rollercoaster? The way they shot that in cinematic style made me feel like I was actually riding the coaster with them!

Having guest YouTubers like AnderZEL come join their world also adds such a cool dynamic. It's genius how they incorporate other personalities into their narratives. And of course all the jokes and antics of the Neebs crew make every episode hilarious.

Overall, in my opinion there's no better way to experience Minecraft than by watching Neebs Gaming's series. Unless you want to join their server and play alongside them, the cinematic videos are the next best thing. Their creativity and filmmaking talent really makes their Minecraft world come alive. I could go on all day about it! Definitely check out their New Neebsylvania series if you haven't already - you won't regret it.

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all right nebes what the hell's going on0.1992.361
yeah why we why are we waiting what are1.4392.48
we waiting for we're waiting on a2.564.68
special guest okay oh really what it's a3.9197.361
big day guys oh there he is7.244.04
what hello guys hey what's up dude how16.0396.48
you guys doing good man hey it's hell19.46.959
the [ __ ] are you doing here h22.5193.84
under oh don't get too close27.645.88
he's a celebrity I just got tested we're31.0394.281
fine this a fine world you have here33.524.08
boys hey fine thank you thank you are35.324.28
you impressed with what we've built or37.64.56
what we haven't built yes very impressed39.65.0
because this this is something I've42.164.559
never seen before yeah so so wait a44.64.36
second so so he's the surprise and46.7195.32
derelle is the surprise yeah okay so so48.965.32
that's it surprise over we're going to52.0394.84
put him to work oh oh really wait I'm54.284.599
here to work I thought I was an honored56.8794.16
guest I watched you on YouTube and you58.8796.36
have skills okay all right see this road61.0395.721
yes that's the that's going to be the65.2394.361
Walk of Fame and I I would like you to66.765.52
be the first guest to build something on69.65.72
the Walk of Fame oh so a little bit of a72.285.519
house like a Parade of Homes huh yeah so75.324.72
if you walk down here see we have four77.7994.561
Lots right now that you can choose from80.044.2
M so you can you can choose any one of82.364.799
these Lots make it yours and you can84.245.96
build within that area let's see South87.1596.92
is this way so I guess uh I guess I take90.26.08
this one that one looks good all right94.0794.521
yeah now can he he can go as high as he96.284.72
wants high as low whatever just try to98.64.4
stay within the bushes there I have a101.04.56
question what Simon how much rent are we103.04.88
going to charge andelle nothing yeah we105.564.04
we invite him to charge him you idiot107.883.239
well why not well I don't know I just109.63.64
thought we were trying to make some cash111.1194.081
it's all about making cash what so we're113.243.479
not okay so you're getting a deal first115.24.48
month free first month free you know116.7195.161
what a bad deal when when I don't use119.684.439
the house you can rent it out to people121.885.279
okay ooh time share yeah ah time share124.1195.0
that's yeah that's you see so win-win I127.1593.921
don't have to pay you and you still get129.1193.801
money but we can collect all the time131.083.28
share money I feel like we just got132.923.24
Bamboozled it's a134.364.879
scheme I do feel a little Bamboozled136.167.719
here Andel come follow me yes I'm coming139.2396.841
all right is it andelle or Andel what do143.8795.521
you prefer Anders Anders so's already146.085.68
messed up well I was saying what was149.44.96
saying resarch saying it wrong so but we151.766.32
say but we're doing Anders Anders Anders154.365.72
there you go yes I knew that cuz I'm158.084.12
important I didn't why isn't he the boss160.083.799
why isn't he showing me around why is162.23.44
nebs doing it he can't even say my name163.8794.0
right that's true disrespectful I'm an165.644.48
idiot yeah can he please get to work are167.8794.161
y'all going to gab all day okay okay170.124.039
okay right we got tools and stuff here172.043.76
so if there's anything that's here that174.1593.0
that's missing let us know we'll go get175.85.719
it for you I I would need about 150 more177.1597.761
gold blocks Gold Blocks on it Simon BR181.5196.241
yeah 150 Gold Blocks Simon good miny I'm184.925.28
on it yep yeah can I catch that with a187.764.8
fishing pole all right andelle I I mean190.24.64
it's been like 15 minutes not one thing192.563.959
has been put not even the ground hadn't194.844.319
even broken yet don't worry don't worry196.5194.481
don't worry he's baking stuff man he's199.1593.401
in here's working I'm making some tools201.03.92
here I I can't be ask to work with202.565.48
subpar tools man it was just all Stone204.924.959
oh yeah we had some [ __ ] tools hey208.043.32
speaking of that let us know whatever209.8793.241
you need like like neeb said and we will211.365.079
be your servants excellent excellent I I213.127.0
would like some uh pork chops yeah the P216.4395.641
the pork chop things we got there's a220.124.6
weird rule in This Server yeah neebs is222.084.6
kind of a he's kind of against the224.725.04
killing of anything but fish well they226.686.759
look at you they look so sad yeah the Cs229.766.0
do look sad but but I've noticed if if233.4395.08
you think about them as food like the235.766.0
finished piece of food it's much easier238.5196.481
see we have a guest and use AAR sword241.765.08
it's a great if you hit them many times245.03.519
they you'll scream it's better if you246.844.72
use a a diamond sword or something248.5195.121
that's true and if you're really lazy251.563.64
and you don't want to cook them you can253.642.8
set them on255.23.68
fire oh if you set them on fire they256.444.359
they go ahead and cook that's258.884.16
human I don't know how you would sleep260.7994.801
at night even if zombies weren't around263.044.52
easy just right I sleep with a belly265.65.319
full of food on a bed made of sheep I267.564.88
really want to go set a cow on fire270.9193.12
right now with a tummy full of steak272.443.24
never seen that it works on pigs too274.0393.481
manad oh my God okay Sun's going down we275.683.48
should probably all lay down go sleepies277.523.56
Anders can you cook the puffer fish I279.164.16
think you can only use in Po in like281.085.36
potions actually to to like dive longer283.325.12
we don't even know how to make potions286.444.52
no we don't know [ __ ] all right all288.444.12
right does anybody have another fishing290.963.32
pole I can at least help some I see I292.563.52
see why I'm here I I definitely see why294.283.479
I'm here it's not just free labor it's296.084.04
it's labor that knows what he's doing297.7593.921
yeah exactly so far I'm starting to300.123.72
think you being here is a301.685.359
mistake no you can't say that he might303.846.04
leave oh that oh our gu I have to be307.0396.801
very very helpful okay very helpful I309.886.48
I'm not totally here to to like make fun313.844.919
of you guys and your your lack of skills316.363.76
or anything like that in Minecraft318.7595.16
absolutely not okay good you bu that so320.124.919
you're going to build that house then323.9192.241
we're going to take credit for it and325.0392.841
change the sign and326.164.24
everything make that sign house neeb can327.885.56
I set this pig on fire no set set the330.45.4
chicken on fire d man I will the shicken333.443.599
to go335.84.959
run it's not safe here337.0396.6
anymore go andrelle if I gave you a340.7595.401
flint can you make me flint and steel uh343.6394.68
he's busy yes yes I actually have the346.164.879
iron oh there's the pig hey what are you348.3194.44
no is protecting the pig oh he's biting352.7593.841
lip get away abro is not the this pig is356.66.96
under my protection no that pig is that361.166.12
pig is toast oh there he goes363.566.68
no now now you can put the pig on toast367.284.12
how do I put it370.244.56
out stop dropping roll buddy H H him oh371.46.88
good there you go stop dropping oh no374.86.0
I'm on fireo oh jeez you're on fire go378.283.479
jump in380.84.519
water oh there we goes wrong with you381.7596.521
people let's share so yeah hey uh Andre385.3194.841
how did you get started just playing388.283.6
games and uploading to YouTube what what390.163.439
gave you the uh what gave you the idea391.883.879
to just start doing that for fun uh it393.5994.16
was actually after I saw videos on395.7594.081
YouTube of people playing Minecraft I397.7594.641
thought like this this game looks fun so399.844.6
I I actually started playing it and when402.43.76
they started with404.445.12
multiplayer I got onto a a British406.165.68
server with with British people and a409.564.759
few Danish and Swedish people and the411.844.4
multiplayer back then in Minecraft414.3194.32
wasn't at all the same as single player416.243.84
so you couldn't show show them things418.6393.441
like rail cart setups you had in your420.083.92
single player world on multiplayer422.083.679
because it simply just didn't work424.03.72
because it was kind of different build425.7594.521
so to say so the First videos I made was427.725.0
actually for those online friends so430.283.84
they would be able to see what I was432.723.56
talking about because back then my my434.125.639
English was was very436.288.12
bad a lot a lot say worse439.7599.041
than oh wait wait who built these plots444.45.56
what happened448.84.16
it it's off center man what is it it's449.967.239
not Center I I thought oh my God deal452.965.0
it you picked it see this is what the457.965.28
Indians did when we gave them land they461.3195.88
they as bro man you to me man that's too463.245.88
soon Salon467.1994.081
sorry it is off center actually yeah469.123.6
this one is off center I need to we need471.283.479
to move this entire thing over one Abo's472.723.96
on it he's done more in 15 minutes than474.7594.801
we've done in months this is true it476.684.519
took us two months to build this house479.565.039
over here out of dirt and glass 15481.1996.56
episodes 15 episodes It's all about484.5994.681
quantity there's still a [ __ ] zombie487.7592.88
underneath it489.283.919
somewhere yeah so yeah I made I made490.6394.28
some videos for for those guys to watch493.1994.481
so so just like 5 10 people and and also494.9194.24
because I wanted to learn how to make497.683.68
videos and record because I I never had499.1593.801
a clue how people made those YouTube501.363.08
videos that I watched for a couple of502.966.079
years already so I I got fraps uh and uh504.446.12
it was one of those test versions you509.0393.641
can only record like Max 10 minutes and510.563.919
then it cut out so all the videos were512.683.279
were really short in the beginning of514.4793.841
course and I had no clue how to edit or515.9594.0
anything like that so the files were518.324.56
humongously big and took like days to519.9595.601
upload even just like 3 minutes so the522.884.72
the First videos were were very short525.564.32
and and very like direct to the point527.65.0
and one of those videos were how to how529.885.6
to find the diamonds in Minecraft and uh532.66.64
that just blew up on YouTube got tons of535.487.039
views on it and maybe half a year later539.246.96
it had almost almost uh half a million542.5196.961
views on it and then the channel had546.25.36
like 5,000 subscribers or something like549.485.08
that it was just nuts and after that I I551.565.44
just kept on doing uh tutorials and554.565.2
stuff and uh sooner or later people557.04.68
wanted Let's Plays and I did that as559.765.24
well and then yeah it's the rest is kind561.686.04
of on YouTube so to say well how how of565.05.959
videos how long ago was that uh that567.724.96
first one that you said blew up I mean570.9596.041
how many years ago was that ooh 5 years572.687.64
November the 16th you're veteran it's577.04.56
been a while you've been doing this for580.324.36
a long time oh yeah a very long time I581.566.16
mean like professionally for not so long584.685.76
like actually doing as as as like a job587.725.239
so to say it's more like a good hobby590.444.56
but you guys know what I mean like592.9593.521
really putting the hours in and like595.03.6
like quitting your dead dead day job to596.483.68
do it and like kind of stuff that598.63.6
happened like maybe 2 years ago we need600.164.799
to go to bed neoh I I got a question if602.24.72
that's okay go to bed go to bed I'm604.9593.681
going to bed can I ask him a question606.924.599
yeah of course in bed uh since you've608.644.72
been doing this professionally has it611.5194.241
been getting you laate at613.366.919
all no never no615.766.759
never see cuz that's what I want to try620.2794.0
to do I want to break break off from622.5193.241
these guys and I want to get a channel624.2793.361
so I can get laid Simon your bobber's625.764.0
sticking out oh is it627.644.96
Su night everybody nighty night good629.766.199
morning fellas good morning Mr632.66.52
Andel morning that first video or those635.9594.641
first videos you were oh there's639.123.08
creepers creep oh hold on I get him I640.63.239
get him I get him that very first video642.24.759
though I had saved so I have643.8396.481
that you have it but it's not online no646.9594.88
it is actually online it's very like650.323.519
cringe wordy watching because the the651.8395.881
English is just oh God it's bad it is it653.8397.401
is bad sh too what's it called I think657.725.52
the title is like my very first video661.243.599
how to find diamonds or something like663.243.32
that man I got to I got to make some664.8394.8
more glass you guys did lazy666.565.92
preparations glass people glass glass669.6393.961
we're on it we're on it we're on it672.483.56
where's andreil is he is he in a union673.63.56
why a't he676.043.56
working he I'm working I'm getting my677.165.08
own wood here man you you guys you guys679.64.64
are not men enough to get me the the682.245.92
logs and what I need so I got my own I'm684.246.2
making freaking glass from scratch688.165.44
andelle for you it's not easy a it isn't690.445.44
easy buddy it's not easy I'm blowing it693.63.64
too he's got a lot of sand in his695.882.88
yep here's some glass for you oh the698.765.84
great R gives me glass here's a little701.884.759
secret little704.64.64
special Mountain Shops where did you get706.6394.961
that what's that how do I give fish you709.246.64
go to your you I know highlighted yeah711.66.96
this reminds me when my dad calls an715.885.399
Eder I need help to fix the email yeah718.564.399
Anders if you were here you'd get a721.2794.161
smack in the722.9595.361
mouth I like to see you try buddy oh725.444.92
yeah am I am am I going to have to go728.325.04
after Anders in here and attack him just730.365.96
Simon stand near a hole Anders come at733.365.479
me bro come at me yeah Anders when your736.324.68
dad says that does he say it in English738.8394.841
uh say what when he asked you for help741.04.639
with the email does he say it in English743.683.76
oh God no he says it's in Swedish let's745.6393.0
he what's that sound like yeah give it747.441.959
to us748.6393.041
like nice that's a ridiculous sounding753.924.88
language so that's so that's Simon in757.04.12
Swedish so I like the way that language758.84.52
sounds I think it sounds good but it761.124.48
seems inefficient to me a lot of763.324.079
syllables you spoke for two minutes just765.63.12
to say767.3994.081
that we we like we like speaking you768.725.4
know it's some a strong side and he just771.484.359
hello neebs I like it when you insult775.8394.281
him and his native language I wasn't I778.323.68
was helping him oh well I'm just saying780.125.279
I he's on my [ __ ] list right now Anders782.07.199
so this place kind of looks like a [ __ ]785.3996.44
hole shut up man do do you like this789.1995.521
place for you yeah really I like it I791.8395.041
could do better you can't do [ __ ] just794.724.16
saying why don't you go build something796.885.28
in the corner at I'm on my way That's a798.885.319
classic trick of how to keep children802.164.28
quiet won't you go Draw Something in the804.1995.721
corner I will I'll bet you can't clean806.446.399
your room I bet I can it is getting809.924.84
close to bedtime Simon are you building812.8393.961
a house do you bet your ass I am oh man814.763.639
this is awesome oh are you seriously816.83.88
building that lot you bet your ass I am818.3994.68
I'm going to be and neighbor yeah Simon820.683.8
you could you could build your place on823.0792.921
the other side of the mountain oh jeez824.482.84
watch out for the creeper Simon I'm826.02.88
running away from it right now run827.323.199
towards me run towards me keep running828.883.56
remember the tactics yeah tactic all830.5194.081
right keep use your training keep832.443.88
running keep running draw away drw away834.63.76
keep running keep running that is not836.324.16
your train was I the one that K I did838.365.599
not cause that to happen prent it840.485.64
listen we still have a few things to843.9593.521
learn about this game we know most846.123.0
everything but I can definitely see that847.485.279
I mean look at this impressive dirt Hut849.126.079
mixed in with some some grass we got852.7595.2
here popping up next to my fine house oh855.1996.481
yeah keep on talking you filthy857.9593.721
swed zombie in the house oh [ __ ] I'm in862.5195.281
bed everybody go to bed of course you865.2796.961
get him oh no connection lost what good867.87.36
we reconnect I am back to title screen872.246.12
just get back in here we all in there we875.167.16
go sleepy times go sleepy oh waa look878.368.44
what look what what look at what what am882.327.04
I there's two Simons there's two886.85.56
Simons yeah there's two Simons I889.365.88
see how'd that happen there's a sleeping892.365.839
Simon oh this creepy walking around895.247.56
Simon you have a doger I898.1994.601
and thin line pal Simon do you are you905.7597.481
in bed no I'm right here do you see910.325.319
yourself in bed I do hell I see myself913.245.279
in bed wow this is Twilight Zone [ __ ]915.6395.0
get in the bed beside you let's see what918.5193.801
happens okay we can do weird stuff to920.6393.601
this on can you get in that other bed922.323.28
I'm trying to do you remember what924.243.839
button to push yes it's that one nope925.64.64
it's this one one no it's not letting me928.0794.401
go to bed so no all right we'll click I930.243.719
now I wonder if I can go to bed it's932.483.039
right click you may not rest right now933.9593.161
there are monsters nearby was it not935.5193.641
letting you go to bed I'm in bed now oh937.124.68
look I'm in bed that's so creepy where939.165.76
am I going to sleep uh oh there we go941.84.76
clone Simon's gone944.924.32
now full that was way too much idiot946.564.36
that's a shame know what I mean easy949.245.88
durus way too much stupid around us950.929.279
easy I'm in bed I'm in bed I'm in bed955.126.6
all right put put your bed back where960.1995.08
you y had it wait a second is that whoa961.725.799
Simon Simon what where are you it looks965.2795.761
like Simon hung himself I'm outside is967.5195.081
he's still there the doppelganger is971.043.359
still here he hung972.64.919
himself oh God creepy as974.3996.081
[ __ ] I I guess my insults got to him977.5195.8
your head's built into the wall you must980.487.0
all go away boogy boogy boo all run for983.3195.88
your life987.483.44
boogy boogy989.1994.721
boo is that Hur don't hit me is it990.924.279
hurting you no it's not doing anything993.925.159
to me it's hurting this one of us oh God995.1996.961
look at that it's like a piñata I have999.0795.801
still have all my stuff all the stuff it1002.165.239
was a Simon pinata it's free stuff1004.884.48
glitch how to make money in Minecraft1007.3994.56
there you go I think you lost connection1009.363.68
while you were going to sleep or1011.9592.32
something we did that's pretty damn1013.043.56
funny that was it huh I've never seen1014.2793.721
anything like that before that's awesome1016.63.479
and you've played this a couple times1018.04.319
yeah a couple of times just a couple of1020.0794.96
thousand hours no [ __ ] I've seen double1022.3194.561
Gaggers before but not that you could1025.0393.52
kill and get the stuff off it was a1026.884.159
freaking pinata man all those little1028.5594.36
treats inside we're going to get a1031.0394.561
million views on this1032.9195.241
guys I like your mud hut Simon are you1035.66.079
done Simon I'm done you say I you're1038.165.6
done yeah done you're done what else do1041.6794.28
you need who's hitting me it was a1043.763.799
skeleton you have arrows all over1045.9593.401
yourself did you not realize you were1047.5595.201
getting hit nope wow Simon yes what the1049.365.6
[ __ ] is this place what do you mean it's1052.763.6
just a bunch of dirt and you're you're1054.963.8
used to do carpentry well I do real1056.364.52
carpentry and this is what this was what1058.764.76
you your vision are you really done1060.884.64
Simon yeah I'm done something tells me1063.524.56
andelle couldn't install a you know oh1065.524.56
Jesus Christ my phone thanks for the1068.084.0
silence I turned it off yeah you did1070.085.2
apparently sounds sounds off this is1072.085.68
it's fine work there andelle maybe you1075.283.8
started to turn turn it off just like1077.762.72
you started to build something here I1079.082.479
don't even think he started to build1080.482.92
something looks like he took a [ __ ] it's1081.5593.201
like that art style what's what's the1083.44.88
word for it it's um [ __ ] yeah yeah1084.767.0
exactly it's actually called modern1088.286.96
yeah [ __ ] modern [ __ ] modern [ __ ] yeah1091.766.399
it's not even Modern Art I could totally1095.245.36
pass for Modern Art weird people out1098.1595.4
there exactly first smart thing you said1100.66.319
all day Anders I'm very clever you know1103.5595.721
I'm I'm very clever the the only thing1106.9194.561
that exceeds my cleverness is my my1109.285.16
beautifulness yeah he is a sexy manx1111.484.079
that I will give1114.443.479
you you are handsome you're using your1115.5594.561
sword on the dirt you've got a shovel1117.9195.841
no I tell I like the sword1120.127.96
better yes I am you sons of1123.764.32
[ __ ] it's so nice of you guys to let1129.25.12
the mentally handicapped kid play with1131.885.72
you his parents going to be so happy or1134.325.479
so nice letting him join1137.65.319
in it's like he won he got to make a1139.7996.721
wish yeah exactly this is great I'm1142.9195.921
liking it here I feel at home it's a1146.523.92
good place yeah you're not wel nice to1148.843.76
be surrounded by people are equally1150.443.239
insane oh spiders I'll take care of them1153.6794.801
guys go get man go get them they might1157.1593.64
be friendlies don't you worry they look1158.483.52
like they're friendlies I'm going to1160.7993.12
save the day they're not attacking1162.04.919
Simon's just showing off right now I got1163.9195.281
mad skills bro1166.9194.481
oh you know what Anders I went to uh we1169.24.719
have a bar here called Katie's Grill and1171.44.279
uh I went there one night and there was1173.9194.24
a guy that was a big twitch fan and I1175.6794.0
could he never heard of nee's game I1178.1594.601
couldn't believe it what yeah there's1179.6795.24
people out there that hav't heard of1182.765.44
this guy yeah what oh my God has has he1184.9196.361
been sleeping in a dirt Hut under a ro1188.25.88
he said yeah in s Rock very1191.286.04
clever so anyway I told him you know we1194.085.28
do Battlefield and some other stuff and1197.324.839
he's like oh well I I play uh Counter1199.365.48
Strike I'm like oh we we had a guy that1202.1594.481
plays Counter Strike on our Minecraft1204.845.68
show his name was uh andrelle and this1206.647.32
kid started flipping1210.523.44
out he couldn't believe it and he had1214.284.279
this girl with him and and she said to1216.5595.0
him she said you are geeking out right1218.5596.681
now and he was I like the sound of that1221.5596.081
though is that nice sound of that see1225.244.84
some great T that guy mhm see I know1227.643.96
that story is [ __ ] because you said1230.083.599
he was with a1231.65.28
girl was just about to say the same you1233.6795.041
pushed it too far you did you you1236.883.08
already had us you didn't need to add1238.722.76
the girl into it I know it sounds1239.963.959
farfetched but it was it happened um I'm1241.484.24
in bed is everybody else coming to bed1243.9193.64
Andale is still working oh okay it's1245.723.079
night time we got to go to bed I'm1247.5593.041
coming I'm coming I hate to break up the1248.7993.88
party but I'm going to have to go a got1250.65.439
to go Simon I do I got to go curfew but1252.6795.841
this was F now I need a new nemesis what1256.0393.88
the heck I know everyone's going to be1258.523.24
so nice I'll be your Nemesis you piece1259.9194.201
of [ __ ] see you Simon goodbye Simon1261.764.799
goodbye Simon bye bye guys have a great1264.124.919
Anders you prick see you buddy I'm just1266.5594.48
joking I love you man thanks again thank1269.0394.961
you very much love you ass kissing [ __ ]1271.0394.921
oh finally I [ __ ] hate that dude1274.04.84
godam no he sucks he sucks at life1275.964.719
there's a witch out here where just1278.843.0
leave her alone she'll be all right1280.6792.161
right yeah I'm not going to touch her1281.842.48
I'm going to go sheer the Sheep you want1282.844.36
to leave me alone you leave me alone1284.325.56
[ __ ] yall up bring your ass over here oh1287.25.52
God that Witch is so nasty she's pretty1289.884.399
she's pretty sexy she my favorite1292.723.439
character in that show yeah it's1294.2793.28
actually one of my favorite characters1296.1594.241
too she is just so [ __ ] nasty it's1297.5595.681
awesome she's a horny ass witch she just1300.44.639
hit me with a potion oh that looks1303.244.36
pretty okay see that is a sharp looking1305.0394.961
house there and nice did you know you1307.64.679
have a creeper in your basement what boy1310.05.559
oh my God he's enjoying my Jacuzzi1312.2795.88
Jacuzzi how you going to handle this oh1315.5595.161
[ __ ] how did he handle it he's coming1318.1595.561
upstairs I smoked him did you kill it1320.726.72
yeah he did son he did I ran say jacuzzi1323.727.88
again that is a nice Yaki Yaki Yaki I1327.447.52
like that shut up stop sure jacuzzi is1331.65.16
not an American word so I would trust1334.965.319
how he says it that's like the Japanese1336.768.24
like gang oh yeah oh Yakuza yeah Yakuza1340.2798.28
the yakis the yakut the yakis1345.05.88
Dam they just relax but they're so evil1348.5595.12
they're very cute oh look what look1350.884.279
Anders look at1353.6795.24
what oh god what happened oh waa you got1355.1596.481
an end your house got guests are you1358.9194.0
having an open house today we didn't1361.644.68
know about I I guess so now what is1362.9197.441
going on here I think he likes it he1366.327.92
does like it he does like it oh oh is he1370.367.08
mad uh-oh oh he's gone oh he's out back1374.246.12
now he's he's gone out he's outside that1377.444.76
all man that's creepy as [ __ ] that is1380.365.6
weird you walk into your house D oh [ __ ]1382.25.92
this is my place guys I like it lot this1385.964.92
is nice like it aot lot she made it in1388.125.28
like a little just like an hour pretty1390.885.96
much yeah oh here we go ladies like like1393.46.12
yeah yeah here1396.844.959
Cannonball what are those bubbles coming1399.525.08
from your corner neebs oh was that was1401.7995.601
that me are you farting in my cutsie man1404.65.6
no it was in my shorts andelle you need1407.45.24
to put a sign up cuz out front we're1410.23.839
going to have a sign that says andelle1412.643.159
on your YouTube address but you need to1414.0394.401
have a sign in the house that's like a1415.7995.76
message to anybody that uh comes to your1418.446.56
house to see it oh okay eventually this1421.5596.401
is going to be a road of uh just you1425.05.84
know YouTubers and if they go oh this is1427.965.56
andel's house they could come in and go1430.844.92
oh he left me a message all right so is1433.525.08
that right yeah yeah yeah there you go1435.764.6
beautiful looks good once we make it1438.63.72
available yeah they can download the map1440.364.08
and explore oh people like that stuff1442.324.08
that's that's a clever clever plan1444.444.239
there'll be a 100 collabs down this road1446.43.92
at some point and you'll be the first1448.6795.201
one man I feel honored good this place1450.325.0
is going to be fun once it's uh it will1453.884.039
be the tking dirt house now we're going1455.323.8
to we're going to tear this dirt Shack1457.9192.88
down this is a piece of [ __ ] look at1459.124.039
this this is just it's the first thing1460.7994.441
anyone sees this insults me I'm insulted1463.1594.361
by this mhm full on full on insulted1465.244.559
I'm taking it down [ __ ]1470.642.04

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