MINECRAFT: Snow Country For Old Men - New Neebsylvania 35

Hey there, Neebsylvania fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Neebs Gaming yet? If not, let me fill you in on all the exciting de...
MINECRAFT: Snow Country For Old Men - New Neebsylvania 35
MINECRAFT: Snow Country For Old Men - New Neebsylvania 35

MINECRAFT: Snow Country For Old Men - New Neebsylvania 35

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Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen the latest episode of New Neebsylvania? Snow Country For Old Men is hands down my favorite video so far!

simon: Oh yeah, that one was a real snowstorm of drama and conflict! But you've gotta admit, it's hilarious watching you guys argue over gathering snow in Minecraft.

neebs: I know, right? Who knew snow could cause so much chaos and entertainment. Plus, the title 'Snow Country For Old Men' is just too clever to resist!

simon: Definitely, it's the perfect mix of silliness and adventure. I can see why it's your favorite, Neebs. Let's hope the next episode brings even more laughs and snow-related shenanigans!

Hey there, Neebsylvania fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Neebs Gaming yet? If not, let me fill you in on all the exciting details. In episode 35, titled "Snow Country For Old Men," the team embarks on a mysterious mission to gather snow. But as you can imagine, things don't go as smoothly as planned.

As our favorite characters delve into the snowy landscape, they uncover new discoveries that come with a hefty dose of drama, arguments, and conflict. It's a rollercoaster of emotions as they navigate through the challenges that arise during their quest. But isn't that what we love about Neebsylvania? The unexpected twists and turns keep us on the edge of our seats, eagerly waiting to see what happens next.

If you haven't already, be sure to click the link to explore more of Neebsylvania on the official website. And don't forget to check out the awesome merchandise available on the Hank and Jed spreadshirt store. Plus, for all you gamers out there, there are crazy discounts on the newest titles through G2A. So why not treat yourself to some new games to play while you watch the adventures unfold in Neebsylvania?

And of course, be sure to follow Neebs Gaming on all their social media channels to stay up to date on all the latest news and updates. From Facebook to Twitter to Twitch, there are so many ways to connect with fellow Neebsylvania fans and share your love for the channel. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready for another epic episode of Neebs Gaming. Trust me, you won't want to miss it!

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somebody these seeds I'm sure eat those0.1497.351
seeds seeds yeah oh I know what to do a4.145.64
seat there we go7.56.299
he left math it he's amusing himself9.787.32
doing something I just threw three eggs13.7996.001
at you made three chicken separate17.13.3
yeah three four three I'm not get out of20.44.98
here chickens brandeis they're up there22.235.219
oh they're gonna die you're not gonna25.385.88
die now that's nice and they would just27.4496.181
went right back kidding though I'm good31.264.41
Simon the air was sticking out of every33.634.38
appendage looting is a [ __ ] mule35.675.79
what's plan I don't know all right so I38.016.75
can't say why okay but we need to get41.466.93
snow okay abscess is he might know where44.765.76
some snow is why do I do48.394.559
okay so let's do it that's right Joey we50.524.199
need boats I need to replace the potato52.9495.871
all we need boats the dreaded votes54.7194.101
where are we meeting who's making boats63.7693.911
blah blah I'm making boats I'm back in66.1193.18
the house I guess meet back at the house67.682.07
okay we need space for snow we need a69.754.86
lot of snow73.712.85
doraleous is sick today guys it's got74.613.63
some allergy kind of thing going on oh76.564.77
poor food I got the AIDS hey guys I78.245.19
found out that magma cream is great for81.335.789
wrinkles ooh Oh rub it on my coke Hey83.436.36
wrinkly old yo never wrinkly old [ __ ] is87.1193.601
that what I do89.793.719
all right you got boats I got boats one90.725.93
two three the cf5 old it's boats I93.5096.031
forget that we have this nice fire yeah96.655.17
this is such a nice I wish I could sit99.544.079
down know what I don't like yeah before101.823.299
we go to bed let's have a little yeah103.6194.971
our side chat all right yeah105.1193.471
you know you just get lost in a fire oh108.66.51
oh yeah Bravo you guys having fun ladies110.7594.831
Salman Oh how creative you guys are so115.595.699
[ __ ] creative cuz we're adults how do118.924.559
I come up with that yeah that was really121.2893.451
something right there and we're adults123.4793.06
you know did you see that neebs you see124.742.79
what they're doing yeah I'm wondering126.5392.551
how long it took to come up with an idea127.536.39
like that man - keeps get a little bit129.096.42
of that what you get a little bit at133.927.71
neebs ha ha how's that smell in taste135.517.71
and feel Simon141.634.8
Oh in your life I'm a neuter nothing143.224.95
like an old Cleveland steamer uh146.433.96
upstroke you're in charge148.174.95
bono Merrill oh really don't go that way150.393.179
nope we're going this way this Lyle I'm153.5693.75
guys okay this way no this way this way155.015.1
go this way first no I just I want to157.3193.961
show you snow you got to come this way160.114.62
see you show you something is that okay161.285.94
everybody here no get in there do you164.734.56
know anything about personal space thick167.224.56
everybody here yeah alright look over169.294.5
there I'm here rubber work to that tree171.785.09
oh oh Jesus your tree tree173.794.71
congratulations all right here we go176.874.54
confront huh goddamn morning I'll think178.55.79
about that damn [ __ ] idiot don't181.414.859
leave without me guys Simon I didn't184.293.3
hear what you write out about the tree I186.2693.12
thought it was nice but it wasn't worth187.593.959
stopping what we were doing Joe's went189.3893.75
ahead add up we would have went that way191.5493.361
yeah but we did it on the way you've193.1392.82
already seen the tree yes194.912.669
what nobody wants to see it again hey195.9593.451
hold on hold on hey what up real quick197.5793.391
just so we can prove it you and I are199.412.909
gonna race to the end from here I'm200.974.739
gonna jump okay ray one two three go202.3194.351
oh you totally [ __ ] it up I didn't see206.674.379
it come back up you can get up209.43.209
Simon thinking y'all back out so I can211.0493.421
watch yep I backed up buddies I'm212.6096.24
recording oh yeah yeah jumping is way214.476.9
faster clear that way behind ya was way218.8495.071
be he was the wave haha killed ya no man221.374.41
hiljaa jumping is the way to go I kind223.923.12
of gussied up this area a little bit225.782.97
somebody nice alright I'll wait for227.043.419
everybody hold on I want to walk over to228.753.78
look double Campbell triple cannonball230.4593.721
alright ready good what are you doing I232.532.25
got a234.184.44
I'm sorry I regret nothing pity maybe234.787.58
the next yeah we're going to three go238.623.74
you guys didn't let me announce any of243.712.53
Simon yes can announce yours yeah I'm at246.245.94
the top where are you next up from the248.976.18
10-meter platform all the way from name252.185.13
Sylvania Simon255.157.44
oh is that pyramid yeah he's gonna be257.316.78
honest I thought he's gonna hit the pier262.594.59
I love how our missions go yeah how they264.094.35
start let's put those boats in the water267.184.16
all right Jim leaves yeah do it268.449.24
Howie flesh I see what who's hitting us271.348.5
okay go with that who was that that was277.684.65
my sword just swung but I did not hit279.843.75
the bar you didn't hit the button I282.333.42
measure sorry didn't do it the [ __ ] is283.592.4
throw that sort of way that'll work at285.994.62
work I'm not mistaking it where's your288.065.25
space this is exciting guys Oh watch out290.615.82
watch out right our squids see this over293.314.38
here on the right you remember that296.432.94
archway that was the first one of the297.693.12
first things we ever discovered in this299.372.85
world that we were all very heavy [ __ ]300.813.15
yes I do and he got attacked up there302.224.56
yeah oh [ __ ] it was a brutal night yeah303.966.15
hell no okay sign up we have a man down306.785.34
oh wait no I just no one will ever know310.118.04
thick ah oh boy guys what hey stop oh312.128.85
yeah what the red tree that's a mushroom318.155.31
tree if I'm one of those big ones no320.974.89
one's gonna buy that mushroom tree no no323.464.53
because we have a mission I forgot about325.862.58
maybe's where do I not look at this tree328.443.96
waiting for our camera down then what no330.363.96
don't chop it down drop it down look at332.43.48
good looking way free I mean if we chop334.323.09
it down can we does it I don't know335.885.099
that's like with other trees no girl was337.415.49
touching this thing oh we could grow340.9793.811
those babes but yeah we can chop it down342.93.48
no more about it344.793.42
get that seeds what I would do then my346.383.63
Mountain or you know we would research348.213.81
no way to chop it down there's more350.013.57
that's why it's a chop it down yeah352.023.209
there's plenty you chop down trees all353.583.72
the time yeah you got a look at this355.2293.781
I've got a red one look at was a pink357.33.42
one look at all don't yeah you don't359.013.3
chop that one down there the red was360.722.699
[ __ ] yeah362.312.43
all right I'll chop down the Reds help363.4192.911
cuz that one's like right on the coast364.743.63
it's perfect play Simon366.334.26
what are you doing good news guys I368.374.71
found snow okay great we're not too far370.593.84
sorry we're busy right now no that's373.082.82
okay you know what let's stay on that374.433.06
land that's probably a good place to set375.92.67
up a bed for the night377.493.09
[ __ ] I don't know where I am I got lost378.573.51
well just stay where you are you're by380.584.41
red mushroom tree yes hello my friend382.084.86
all right everybody get somewhere safe a384.994.89
beautiful sunset right there yeah this386.945.039
actually is nice very pretty it's down389.883.569
all right everybody lay a bed down as391.9792.341
quick as you can393.4493.601
good my name is bad [ __ ] morning394.325.46
dicks so we're not too far from snow we397.054.32
can probably walk it's not that far399.783.72
nebs someone chopped down the are you401.374.35
kidding me well part of it did somebody403.55.31
really chop that mushroom down no just405.724.86
all right everybody come up to me now408.814.5
see I think that is inconsiderate it is410.585.52
who did that I really like that mushroom413.314.74
I think a creeper blew up over there I416.14.17
don't know it would appear that's all418.054.739
right everybody where did that hey yeah420.274.649
whoever did that almost just no Karma's422.7893.69
gonna get back at you that's insensitive424.9193.301
and my feelings are hurt because of it426.4793.421
they said I only got a small money the428.223.93
votes here everybody with us for all you429.93.96
know that mushroom will never hear back432.155.07
up here I've been to the redwood forest433.865.01
oh boy right where we're going never437.223.09
ever been where we had napture and438.873.81
they're like it takes thousand years for440.314.289
those to grow a whole bunch of black442.684.2
holes back in the day chop them all down444.5994.101
all right after work what's the gallery446.884.5
going this way oh there's one right448.74.75
behind after oh man you were really451.383.15
showing your true colors weekend453.453.63
sequoias furniture I did science I454.534.05
wanted to see if we could replant one457.083.959
backed by us hey let's go kill some bald458.584.26
eagles how you do science see what's461.0392.85
inside of them sometimes you're gonna462.842.82
kill my whole house is made of Redwood463.8895.25
and science probably try to size on the465.665.22
buzzer welcome to your facial up469.1393.481
research first you just start chopping470.883.75
you didn't like me research that is472.624.41
research great book you can't get over474.634.289
everything but you know what anything I477.034.02
like to live life like it's real did you478.9194.261
take some vic pills before you start a481.054.25
planet it doesn't mean you dumb [ __ ]483.184.68
yeah that destroys everything we got485.34.91
snow hey snow487.864.33
let's focus on the objective here y'all490.214.5
don't act like you know science yeah you492.194.86
got to try things before you know yeah494.714.23
I'm curious no I did research497.053.36
yeah but I'm curious to see if like498.942.43
we're gonna be able to plant one of500.412.189
those mushroom trees back at the house501.373.18
you know what their needs502.5994.141
pioneers couldn't freakin Google [ __ ]504.555.16
it's true so as soon as we have resource506.744.44
they were sitting use them because back509.714.139
in the day out in the wilderness I don't511.184.83
have internet here guys can you come513.8493.63
over here for a minute please kind of516.012.88
busy thick all right what's up well517.4793.031
getting yelled at by noobs you know I518.893.06
know what that's like what you got what520.515.699
you get hold on there's that there's521.958.42
that okay hold on hold on from moving oh526.2099.181
it's a snow golem [ __ ] is that this no530.377.54
God you make that two snow blocks and a535.394.949
pumpkin a pumpkin if we have them around537.912.94
the house they will throw snowballs at540.855.429
stuff um you Johnny cocaine think you542.894.65
should make another one so he has a546.2791.711
so you made no worse there he is go547.995.58
frolic my friend how much snow do we551.174.59
really need am I wasting time here a553.574.019
bunch god I have no idea why I'm555.763.54
following you Darrell ease I was kind of557.5893.301
just peeking around these corners guys I559.33.81
got a run Oh Oh her plaits left the game560.893.96
oh I'm sorry563.113.57
so I got a good bit of snow we need a564.854.08
ton more Suns going down fellers should566.685.96
we uh should we bet it up568.933.71
it's like the a-team like when they know580.935.65
they never did this yeah yeah but they583.914.35
should have otherwise it'd still be on586.583.12
the air if they did [ __ ] like this a588.263.45
shot of absurd to stand there doing589.72.49
well most about putting blocks together592.194.2
golem down there oh he actually placed594.024.92
his snow where he goes jeez who's596.395.16
hitting me oh hey places no me he's got598.944.35
a little trail going it leaves like a601.554.2
little snail trail you hit me603.295.43
I didn't [ __ ] hit you you kids cry605.755.07
wagons by you and hit me in the pillow608.724.77
you hit me oh let's copy all right it610.826.03
makes sense now my apologies son is that613.495.58
your bed over there where no no no I616.853.63
picked up my bed who didn't pick up619.072.67
their bed oh maybe not me620.484.74
see you dick see it's my LG yeah you're621.746.21
a dumb dick I got allergies we're gonna625.224.95
do it yeah yeah biologies turned me into627.953.99
we use my back I got the sniffles that630.174.11
left my bed now my brains cloudy oh you631.944.74
[ __ ] [ __ ] yeah [ __ ] you you want634.283.63
to [ __ ] you want to [ __ ] around cuz I636.683.48
was I'll Bo don't feel it all right now637.914.86
oh ho we need the snow blocks now oh you640.164.95
and your diamond sword can [ __ ] goat642.774.8
[ __ ] a dick oh really you want to go645.116.74
there want that it's what can do it647.575.49
let's [ __ ] do it guys if y'all die653.066.66
you guys yeah guys guys break it up656.065.73
break it up damn break it up break it up659.724.92
oh yeah right [ __ ] break it up break it661.794.77
hit out of the way apps ro no break it664.644.17
up you're gonna break it up break it up666.562.58
calm down calm down you getting out of669.144.05
hand get out of hand I see you you670.674.62
little [ __ ] yeah what could you do about673.192.52
oh nothing come on pick your head up you675.713.84
little [ __ ] go ahead that's the wing677.156.39
yeah running away run run run run yeah679.554.77
go right ahead683.546.51
oh yeah [ __ ]684.328.49
Oh Simon now you gotta come all the way690.056.78
back here he [ __ ] took me out yeah I692.816.39
did tell you lesson why do you have a696.834.11
gold nugget did we say clean your699.24.89
inventory make a scene hit a gold nugget700.945.4
that was probably the only useless thing704.093.78
in there all right where the hell am I706.344.17
you probably spawned back at the707.873.48
original spawn710.513.21
place oh yes here here at the original711.355.04
spawn place oh good luck out there713.725.16
Shimon hey Astro can you make a chest716.395.07
yeah I don't know why I got so angry718.884.53
with me so you give me coordinates I was721.463.69
feeling it I was having fun yeah buddy723.413.21
give 7 coordinates I'll make a chest725.153.6
real quick how do I get coordinates so I726.623.33
can go home you need to come and we are728.753.33
well how do I get the coordinates to go729.953.57
where you are probably the best thing is732.085.31
a synapse are after you all right so we733.525.85
got a good bit of snow Simon's got to737.394.41
get his stuff back after you went to get739.374.77
him yeah I'm on the way all right741.85.4
ballast let's go back to that mushroom744.145.13
tree that you've disrespected but I did747.24.71
science with mm-hmm all right oh there749.273.12
he is751.912.67
I got a name these guys he already did752.394.98
Johnny cocaine Johnny cocaine yep and754.584.5
what's his buddy's name oh I don't know757.375.04
the buddy's name Johnny cocaine and how759.087.05
about Betty White ooh yeah Johnny and762.415.49
Betty it's getting it's getting night766.133.66
time Kyle we're on the way back guys now767.93.81
see chopping this mushroom down yeah769.794.26
this is like chopping down the Statue of771.714.41
Liberty like come in in the coast it's774.053.96
so pretty here how about that I don't776.123.36
know why no I see what you're saying778.014.11
with them I mean did you need to do how779.483.96
many how many did you need to actually782.123.24
take out in order to do what you wanted783.443.78
to do yeah you could at least clear out785.363.18
the mushroom no I'm going to no you787.222.88
could have or you could have just taken788.543.39
a little bit of the trunk right well I790.14.47
did leaves you have any torches yeah set791.934.26
some torches up on that beach it's might794.573.57
be easier to see you guys so can you796.194.11
plant one I'm just gonna I'm gonna fund798.147.86
up nope oh I plan to one I guess it I800.37.56
guess you can put it back in shade but806.03.81
oh it's gonna be in shade yeah I see807.864.77
your torches see the torches Simon yes809.813.6
are we gonna sleep Simon doesn't have a813.414.23
bed does it but it's up there stay out815.393.63
in the water a little bit Simon at least817.645.01
until morning oh really so now oh man I819.024.47
[ __ ] it all up822.653.39
why because Nate you guys can't even go823.494.23
to bed cuz I don't have a bed I mean I826.044.56
if technically I [ __ ] it up then yeah827.726.27
but you did come at me right well we830.65.07
planted I don't know how it's gonna grow833.993.39
beside this tree I don't think it would835.673.84
I cut this tree down oh yeah let's kill837.384.02
that there's a bunch of them there's839.513.72
only a couple of these uh I know and we841.43.16
know we could here we know843.232.98
we can plant these again but you know844.563.18
what we need some trees like this back846.213.54
home yeah that'd be sweet if you see a847.744.71
skeleton kill it I just did did you get849.754.44
bones oh yeah that's a good idea852.453.21
see if the bone Neela work on the neck854.194.89
arrows mushroom doraleous yep yep yep855.664.98
yep right there yeah I see him859.082.94
see look at me I'm trying to help give860.644.59
him a what for oh [ __ ] anything else862.024.68
oh I got one bones is that all you need865.233.54
to make bone yeah yeah just put it in866.75.04
your inventory and it should give you a868.775.79
few you seen these saplings of near the871.7412.63
base oh [ __ ] Reaper no boy you got him874.5612.81
you got him yeah there's a sapling who884.379.38
did it sucker wrong with you887.379.51
you don't pick a fight with neebs I own893.755.68
that skeleton did you did you show me896.886.42
show me nuts yeah I just owned them man899.436.44
I don't feel like anything can uh god903.36.03
whoa oh that was irk I'm guessing you905.876.13
got good price top of the tree must have909.334.68
been a treat it's a Reaper I'm getting912.03.63
up I'm going up there I'm sick and tired914.013.09
of being in this freakin boat you don't915.633.78
like being on there yeah open water no917.13.45
watch out cuz you don't have any armor919.413.48
Simon no I don't should I stay in the920.555.22
boat well if not go find a hole all922.894.98
right I'm trying the bone meal and it925.775.31
worked on it on the mushroom yeah not927.875.13
again what that mean hittin wire - did931.085.85
it have to do down bone meal a couple933.07.53
times there's three know you had yeah I936.936.63
got more actually I'm coming I'm coming940.534.92
so hard you know would have been like943.563.48
easy mushroom that I grabbed is just945.454.11
like any other red mushroom that you947.044.5
could get anywhere did the bone meal949.564.38
like was there an effect I just had the951.543.57
little twinkly x' around it953.942.91
do you see that's my concern that we955.113.57
will never have that giant mushroom tree956.853.54
I know when we may never ever see this958.684.71
island ever again no not like I the one960.395.52
thing I enjoyed about this map that I963.395.34
found out is wicked oh there it is965.915.31
shut the [ __ ] up noobs yeah quit968.734.44
bitching how'd you do that sign with the971.225.309
bone meal bone meal did it yes Sian973.174.89
you done do you realize that that is976.5294.141
good that's good it is cuz we can do978.064.68
that at home now I want these around our980.673.839
house so it looks like oh yo paper run982.743.599
told I run hell yeah984.5093.99
but y'all run yeah ran you're always I986.3394.591
fought it look I decide he leaves that988.4994.171
was science no that was sloppy990.933.599
no that was that was the slaw bell992.673.75
science machines994.5294.771
oh thank you Simon no no research no996.425.19
studying today because they don't know999.34.219
this is real it because nothing1001.614.86
researcher cell research all right Simon1003.5194.841
hop out of your boat and come with me1006.473.839
let's go on a little quick quest to get1008.363.75
your [ __ ] back you guys want the1010.3093.661
scientists come with you I'll make my1012.113.959
way no I'm still very disappointed in1013.973.839
you oh because it worked it worries you1016.0693.781
were wrong that is a house not me it was1017.8093.601
its disappointed it worked1019.854.109
I didn't work at it this time give him1021.415.1
credit no it works no because we could1023.9594.051
have done had that same result without1026.513.27
the three could have read a book that1028.014.11
would have been fun yeah yeah what are1029.783.539
you like oh that would have been a great1032.121.98
I'm with doraleous on that one thank you1034.13.569
are you sure more fun to learn it there1035.632.37
you go1037.6692.731
yeah no let's google it like having1038.05.1
sister had we never gotten that mushroom1040.44.95
and back in place you guys remember the1043.13.569
Google lab when you're in science class1045.351.92
in high school1046.6692.971
the was just Google every little lad do1047.274.44
experiments on oh you never booked a1049.643.93
Google glass same thing what should we1051.714.14
read books before we yeah but why would1053.574.29
you compared some if we just put the a/c1055.853.84
on our hand or so we read about it I1057.863.539
just put on your Hannah's fine you1059.693.54
realize we're reading books about people1061.3994.41
who did this do you realize it's three1063.233.449
against one noobs1065.8093.061
well if I wasn't the smartest cookie1066.6793.901
here I'd be I'd go with it1068.873.689
well the scientist in me that disagrees1070.584.17
with you you got no idea what's1072.5592.701
yeah I do we figured it out uh I think1075.264.049
it's yep it's over here see this little1078.084.829
chest yep that's where all your shitty1079.3095.811
and I kind of want to explore this1086.1793.54
island a little bit more yeah I'm kind1088.2792.79
of exploring the coast right now so let1089.7192.76
me guys let me know when you guys all1091.0693.48
have explored the coast guys discovered1092.4795.01
a swamp biome the pigeons I did where1094.5497.53
are you and I see a witch's Hut oh look1097.4895.19
at this1102.0794.62
yes yeah talking look at that that crazy1102.6795.58
witch she home1106.6993.66
is there a witch in that Hut nope she's1108.2594.23
not home shuns go under oh I see the1110.3593.45
swamp and I see the witch's Hut okay1112.4893.3
good we're gonna sleep are you guys1113.8094.83
sleep in the witch's Hut we can't get in1115.7894.32
can you break a hole in the solder so1118.6392.97
I'm working on out on hopefully I can1120.1093.35
make it there yeah I'm swimming1121.6093.87
yeah I really wish we had some shears1123.4594.45
because then we could uh then get some1125.4794.11
of these vines what's that a flower pot1127.9093.24
it's probably not enough room in there1129.5892.79
so I'll sleep on the coast right over1131.1492.85
here I can see you guys all right go to1132.3794.14
bed a bed I'm in bed time to head back1133.9995.52
time to head back yes I see Simon behind1136.5195.37
me I'll wait for everybody I think we1139.5193.99
might be able to take this there's a1141.8893.12
river here to the left we might be able1143.5094.56
to take Simon you got your boat I'm in1145.0094.77
my boat that's interesting why is that1148.0693.27
because I'm looking at you and you're on1149.7792.01
the boat1151.3392.79
oh we've oh don't look here for let's1151.7894.53
get the stuff so this isn't you in front1154.1293.39
of me right you don't have room for now1156.3193.69
he's in front of me yeah ma'am I got one1157.5194.38
you're all here look at that I'm1160.0093.87
following all right I think you can come1161.8993.93
down this river yeah just really tight1163.8793.78
so everybody kind of slowed down yeah1165.8293.03
we're gonna you have to get out anyway1167.6593.81
good my boat my boat just splintered1168.8595.22
yeah but uh good news is the boats that1171.4694.26
we left should still be over here you1174.0794.38
know we should do what eventually what1175.7295.52
uh dig this out make a little canal here1178.4594.71
yeah it'd be good take us home1181.2493.87
alright everybody but hi guys let's go1183.1696.12
let's do it oh damn it I'm with you down1185.1196.24
what you doing what you do son of a [ __ ]1189.2893.78
what you hit he hit us time I hit one of1191.3594.68
those [ __ ] [ __ ] we're pretty1193.0695.58
close to that a place where the boats1196.0394.56
are right oh I see the lighthouse okay1198.6493.39
well there you go I see it you made it1200.5992.291
made it people keep saying to finish1202.894.92
that castle up there what castle the one1204.724.56
we never started the house that's on top1207.812.04
of the hill1209.283.15
I like your Beach set up after oh thank1209.854.68
you this is very nice it's a good little1212.434.08
low yeah it's just like hey welcome1214.534.59
welcome to NIMH Sylvania we going to the1216.513.9
house of the barn house of the Barden1219.126.27
Eve's um-hmm probably the house through1220.4111.42
the house looking good Apsara yeah man1225.396.44
alright we're home1232.73.97
Hey that was a good it was a good little1234.273.15
I created a snow chest hey Jen we're1237.425.34
right over here alright I'll just throw1239.854.19
everything in there yeah all right guys1242.764.65
yeah mission accomplished yeah yeah not1244.044.15
laughter oh thanks for showing us out1248.194.35
there yeah man find all types of [ __ ] ah1250.055.25
where somebody would have slit my throat1252.545.28
Belvedere yeah my dear all right let's1255.36.11
go to bed and get rid of the next show1257.823.59
goodnight doraleous good night Simon1261.84.66
sorry about our fight buddy hey listen1264.244.53
yeah I still love you man1266.466.14
okay wish I could say the same1268.773.83
my god1281.034.58

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