MINECRAFT: jackfrags Pt. 1 - New Neebsylvania 36

Hey there, fellow Neebsylvania fans! I am so excited to share with you the latest episode of Minecraft - New Neebsylvania featuring the one ...
MINECRAFT: jackfrags Pt. 1 - New Neebsylvania 36
MINECRAFT: jackfrags Pt. 1 - New Neebsylvania 36

MINECRAFT: jackfrags Pt. 1 - New Neebsylvania 36

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey there, Simon! Have you seen the latest video from jackfrags in Neebsylvania?

simon: Oh yeah, Neebs! That was hilarious! I loved how jackfrags built that wonky house on a tiny lot.

neebs: I know, right? It was so funny watching him struggle to fit everything in. Definitely one of my favorite moments in Neebsylvania history.

simon: And the way he tried to decorate the interior with those mismatched colors? Classic jackfrags!

Hey there, fellow Neebsylvania fans! I am so excited to share with you the latest episode of Minecraft - New Neebsylvania featuring the one and only jackfrags as a special guest! Can you believe it? Finally, someone new to build a house on a chosen lot in our beloved Neebsylvania. I can't wait to see what kind of creation jackfrags comes up with in this episode.

If you're not already subscribed to the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel, you're seriously missing out. The team over at Neebs Gaming always brings us the best content, and this episode is no exception. I love how they always find new ways to keep the series fresh and exciting, and having jackfrags join in on the fun is just the cherry on top.

Make sure to check out the link in the description to explore more of Neebsylvania and show your support by checking out their merch store. And don't forget to follow Neebs Gaming on all their social media channels to stay up to date on all the latest news and updates. Trust me, you won't want to miss a single moment of the Neebsylvania adventure.

So grab your snacks, settle in, and let's watch as jackfrags brings his building skills to Neebsylvania in this epic new episode. I know I'll be hitting that like button and sharing the video with all my friends who are just as obsessed with Neebsylvania as I am. Let's show jackfrags some love and welcome him to our favorite virtual world!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Oh man, have you seen the latest Neebs Gaming video? They started a new Minecraft series called New Neebsylvania 36 with special guest jackfrags. It's hilarious! Neebs, Thick, Appsro, Simon, and Doraleous are back at it again, building new homes and businesses in their crazy Minecraft world.

With jackfrags joining them, the chaos and laughs are turned up to 11! He fits right in with the gang's zany antics. I couldn't stop laughing at their absurd conversations and adventures as they gather resources, construct new buildings, and interact with the world and NPCs in unexpected ways.

The cinematic shots and edits by Anthony and Jacob make it so immersive and fun to watch. You really feel like you're right there with them, exploring and surviving in Neebsylvania. It's the next best thing to playing Minecraft yourself!

Neebs Gaming is hands down the best channel for cinematic gaming entertainment. Their long-running Ark, 7 Days to Die, and Raft series are always fantastic too. Their chemistry and improv comedy combine with high production value to create an experience you can't find anywhere else on YouTube.

I'm so excited to see where their wacky imaginations take them in this new Neebsylvania season. If the first episode is any indication, it's going to be a wild ride! I can't wait to see what crazy buildings and stories emerge as more guests join the world.

Do yourself a favor and check out Neebs Gaming's New Neebsylvania 36 series, as well as the rest of their hilarious cinematic gaming videos. You'll be laughing your head off right alongside this lovable group of goofballs in no time!

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so guys abso his buoy system is out0.125.6
there we have a guest on the way uhuh a2.965.36
guest if the buoy system works they he5.724.56
should be coming right down this tunnel8.323.76
here in a minute does this have anything10.284.399
to do with the snow Mission we were on12.086.119
no no no no that guy canceled so we had14.6795.161
to quickly find somebody all we get this18.1995.201
guy do I know this person yeah I do yeah19.846.48
oh oh oh Super Famous what you I saw23.44.32
something I saw something up there26.322.6
what's he doing he's probably sneaking27.722.92
around going to try to take oh he's28.923.0
going to get your tag snip you from30.644.0
above oh boy he's a sneaky bastard31.924.6
there's nipples waiting as well it's34.643.36
nice that you guys got nipples there36.523.199
yeah oh there he38.05.64
is an epic entrance everybody look39.7195.601
professional there's going to be music43.645.36
here sh put your suit put your suits45.323.68
on hey guys it's me pizza Parker50.08.32
Spiderman what's55.123.2
so what you got what you guys got going63.962.88
on here then you tell them what's all65.324.0
right ladies and gentlemen this isra66.844.44
Jack it's been a while since I've played69.324.08
Minecraft but it's good to be back since71.284.68
the beta you say yes yeah nothing's73.44.56
changed they depend on repeat business75.965.56
like yourself yes all I remember is the77.965.6
creepers are pain in the ass and the81.523.959
spiders and skeletons and that's it83.563.559
there's that stuff all right and you can85.4793.841
build stuff as well right I think so87.1193.32
we're getting there89.323.28
oh boy I've already ruined it I've90.4394.601
already ruined it that's okay we'll put92.64.4
a tree there listen I'll teach you I'll95.044.039
teach you the ropes don't worry pal97.04.68
let's go ahead and lay down uh the goal99.0797.04
of today so follow me over here and uh101.687.0
everybody watch my back this is the106.1194.04
danger zone yeah don't get lost it's108.682.68
kind of a metropolis out there you want110.1592.521
to make sure there's no creepers in this111.363.6
area cuz look oh is that andel's house112.685.6
yeah yeah oh sweet so we have all these114.965.96
Lots you can pick a lot and uh let us118.283.839
know what you need and we'll try to get120.923.199
you supplies so you can build your place122.1193.201
I don't think it's going to be as124.1193.561
impressive as these guys houses because125.324.84
you know I mean coming back to Minecraft127.684.44
I'm I've lost some of my building skills130.163.88
I might need some help you'll do fine we132.123.64
got you we got you back you haven't seen134.044.6
Simon's uh Museum so Simon's Museum that135.765.36
sounds great it's not hey Jack yo come138.644.64
over here okay I'll give you a little141.125.839
food um oh great let's see so I need to143.285.239
he not going to be meat there we do have146.9593.36
the finest bread in the land that's a148.5193.921
lot of bread there you go hope you don't150.3195.481
have a gluten issue yeah I do actually152.446.6
I'm Celiac okay well deal with155.86.359
it just deal with it so he's got to pick159.045.04
a lot though right yeah pick a lot this162.1593.841
is important don't mess this up three164.084.04
here right what's that you got three166.05.36
different Lots here or so far it's a bit168.124.92
lopsided everybody keeps building on the171.363.76
right so I would hope you'd build on the173.043.64
left I'm going to take a I'm going to175.122.64
I'm going to go with a lefty I'm going176.683.559
to go with this one oh there you go nice177.765.119
my claim man I've had my eye on that one180.2395.36
is that my bread thank you Simon no182.8794.761
problem Simon taking the bread that was185.5994.681
on the ground yeah well you got problems187.644.72
ground it was the 3 second rule right so190.284.039
it's okay exactly that was more than 3192.363.12
seconds I think you have four in194.3192.64
minecrap do you know what kind of195.484.119
materials you might want well I know I'm196.9594.521
going to need some wood and some Stone199.5993.961
and some doors and windows and stuff I201.483.92
mean that's the basics right just some203.563.44
[ __ ] you just need some stuff there's no205.44.399
preference at all okay I suggest dirt oh207.04.28
so this is your like why is there a209.7994.241
massive rock man oh badier oh yeah I211.284.48
know he's what the hell's that thing214.043.279
good people no don't worry about it215.763.559
that's our suicidal Golem what does he217.3193.64
do I've never even seen that before what219.3193.321
doesn't he do he looks particularly220.9593.241
dangerous I mean I don't want to start a222.643.04
fight with him he might Jack something224.23.2
up he's not but don't leave anything225.683.52
sharp around him or anything he can wrap227.45.559
around his neck yeah oh yeah he's a very229.25.679
depressed Golem dur has caught him on232.9594.401
fire once I did I felt horrible he tried234.8794.92
to say himself a light did he no he did237.363.84
he walked right into the lava I239.7993.44
mistakenly put in the house jack here's241.23.679
what's going to happen you're going to243.2393.28
get sucked right back into this game and244.8793.161
all of a sudden Jack Frags channel is246.5193.841
going to be nothing but248.044.64
Minecraft Battlefield what's that God250.364.0
this is going to be so bad like when I252.683.399
was a kid I wasn't very good at Lego254.363.159
guys I have to be honest all right well256.0793.081
listen listen to me pal okay you you're257.5192.801
already on the right track you want a259.163.56
stone foundation yeah okay oh here we go260.324.0
and then and then work your way up three262.722.88
three up from the stone then you're264.322.76
going to work your way up with some wood265.62.8
and then talk to me when you're there267.083.72
okay cuz I got [ __ ] to do I'm a busy guy268.43.6
what have you got to do what's so270.82.52
important listen none of your [ __ ]272.03.88
business pal okay this is my world yeah273.325.36
we should probably uh sleep yeah you275.884.72
down for snuggle time Jack you cool with278.684.2
oh yeah let's go I'm on my way back why280.64.64
are you on the roof I don't know why not282.884.56
it's better follow everyone up here beds285.243.88
are down here yeah I'm in the bed we're287.443.72
waiting for to get back go to sleep lost289.123.96
in a field right now where are you why291.163.12
did you leave the moment there are two293.083.44
Creepers down right by the uh the294.284.08
foundation there that's a bad thing we296.522.84
want to keep the creepers away from the298.363.44
house I don't like them nobody does I299.363.88
don't I don't think Jack I know301.83.32
something that'll cheer you up come here303.244.44
go on what's that then see this corner305.125.079
look at that tree out there that J307.684.799
[ __ ] you ever seen such a310.1994.921
tree I have never seen a tree that big312.4795.16
before see guys see AB is that is that a315.124.16
natural Tre I'm going to set that [ __ ]317.6393.481
on fire one day I swear to God he asked319.283.68
if it was a natural tree neees no321.125.079
actually I actually uh engineered that322.966.88
tree myself it's an unnatural tree yep326.1995.72
it's a bastard of a tree Jack's holding329.844.359
a door guys if you guys can get a [ __ ]331.9193.56
now I can't get to bed what do you mean334.1993.081
you can't get to bed thick now you got335.4793.72
oh thank you yeah my pleasure does he337.284.0
have you have a boow no I do have a boat339.1993.881
but test the bo I'm trying to do right341.283.759
now not you thick yeah you're not part343.084.32
of this uh this show fix so yeah get345.0395.0
some skeleton get some there you how you347.44.28
like them mu you show that bony [ __ ]350.0394.16
who's bus you own that skeleton where351.684.76
are you at neebs I'm on the roof we're354.1994.28
on the roof yeah waiting for thi Where356.444.16
Are You Salon I was out side Meandering358.4794.84
about Meandering yes Meandering learn360.65.28
that word uh no my vocabulary is363.3193.521
actually quite expensive we're going to365.884.12
hear that word 10 times in the next 5366.846.0
minutes like rapid fire yeah you kind of370.04.56
ruined it where are you Meandering at372.843.759
now calling that out I'm going to need374.563.84
some more brick and wood I reckon guys376.5994.6
why don't I just me and downstairs bed378.44.48
go to B go to bed come on over here381.1995.241
snuggle with us yeah what the hell going382.885.28
to sleep between so strange who you386.443.56
going to sleep between come come on it's388.163.4
time and uspro we gave him no choice but391.565.72
to be to be sandwiched just dudes being394.285.12
dudes just dud me dudes there's nothing397.286.039
wrong with it it's a dude sandwich yeah399.45.88
little jack cheese on there is that on403.3194.88
purpose Jack the two colors are wood I405.284.72
all right there we go I'm going with the408.1994.44
double doors that work who's a fancy410.04.16
little fart now Jack your YouTube412.6393.881
channel youtube.com/ jackfrags that's414.163.879
correct yeah we don't need him to plug416.522.72
anything I'm making the [ __ ] sign418.0393.081
[ __ ] screw that okay okay good for419.243.359
the sign I was going to say oh you put421.123.759
in a sign there awesome thank you there422.5993.641
you go we'll tear it down when we're424.8793.201
done but nemes what do you think about426.243.84
this creation that that Jack is going428.083.839
for here cuz I'm I'm I'm a little bit430.083.48
confused yeah I don't know what to why431.9193.641
you confused what's confusing about it433.564.199
well uh listen don't get me wrong you're435.563.96
you're already a much better Builder437.7594.401
than I but the design of what are you439.524.399
building a pyramid it's something442.163.2
contemporary you know it's a bit it's a443.9193.68
bit left field it's a bit out there okay445.363.8
I'm I'm I'm down you know when when you447.5993.521
walk into into this house you wonder I449.163.439
wonder who built I wonder who built451.123.28
something like this you know then you452.5993.681
look at the sign and you obviously know454.44.76
who then you know yeah yeah Jack you456.284.44
sure there's nothing that you want in459.163.8
particular diamond blocks have you guys460.724.159
got much diamond yeah well there's462.963.799
there's a there's HOA rules about464.8794.241
diamonds we have locations to where to466.7593.921
find them but for some reason we don't469.123.44
want to use them cuz it's like cheating470.683.12
it's cheating cheating no I don't think472.562.96
it's cheating if somebody tells us where473.84.0
it is yeah we have we have locations do475.524.519
you think in the Gold Rush people said477.85.04
oh boy there's gold out west don't tell480.0395.041
me la la I want to find it myself yeah482.846.199
no no I well other people have said that485.086.32
that is the dumbest analogy I've ever489.0395.12
perect analogy perfect is the dumbest491.44.68
analogy I've ever what you talking it's494.1593.44
what's dumb is you don't understand that496.082.839
great analogy let's get our guest497.5993.081
opinion because he's part of the show498.9194.12
well would it make would it Jack what500.684.079
happens you can find you you've got like503.0394.0
a geolocator or for diamonds right no504.7594.761
fans have jumped in uh they can you know507.0394.56
given us coordinates yeah they've gone509.523.84
in and looked for everything and they've511.5994.961
told us spoil yeah exactly exactly thank513.365.559
you I can't believe everybody here's516.563.88
wrong but me518.9194.441
no that that's like you should get that520.445.2
as a shirt or a bumper sticker you idiot523.364.479
we'll make it we'll sell it for the525.643.759
first 10 15 minutes I thought you were527.8393.961
okay Jack but now I know you're a529.3994.681
dick you don't know what the hell you're531.85.24
talking about I think he does he does no534.085.999
he Simon is particularly aggressive537.045.4
I can be well he's defense he's I'm in540.0795.0
inure I'm very insecure are you putting542.444.16
a floor down or do you want me to do you545.0793.841
want stairs right here like that uh I'm546.64.72
going to go natural for now bit of grass548.923.88
well there's a there's some steps I'll551.323.04
get out your way oh that's great thank552.83.52
you there goes the view B AER now you're554.363.64
staring at the back of a556.323.72
building all right it's getting late558.04.44
guys it's uh getting dangerous oh [ __ ]560.045.0
I'm on fire oh boy why did you boy how562.444.76
did you catch on fire I'm getting shot565.044.76
there we go s's got an arrow in him yes567.24.72
in his head only one it's nothing new569.84.599
it's a good571.922.479
day oh wait look at the street what583.646.319
we're in bed come look at the587.365.84
street sucker I'm on fire you just got589.9595.681
own thick I did thick was up there593.24.079
shooting people from Scar's house and I595.643.0
said come look and he ran the window and597.2792.961
I shot him with a fling598.643.72
AR good night everybody how come we're600.244.08
not sleeping yeah who's who's not in bed602.366.039
I'm in bed I got to I see the bed Jes604.327.56
he's trying to copulate with beler egg608.3996.601
egg oh there's two EGS as611.885.36
well it's coming down to the Moon615.04.92
where'd it go n no chicken in that one617.245.24
no chicken just a dead fetus619.924.64
oh it's just a random chance that you622.484.56
get a chicken is it yep yeah oh wait624.564.16
wait till you see our [ __ ] pile Dees how627.042.799
do you like the SIM628.723.88
I got I got a yeah if you've got OCD629.8393.921
then I wouldn't come and look at the632.63.359
house see that's him yes he's he's633.764.4
[ __ ] right now he's he's going crazy635.9594.44
right now snowball oh my god do you see638.164.239
the Windows though neebs yeah you see640.3994.321
how yeah that I love it you couldn't642.3994.56
have done it any better you're not done644.725.0
though right jack I'm going to I'm oh no646.9594.12
no I'm not done I'm going to give you a649.724.08
housewarming present flaming arrow no oh651.0794.921
a furnace yeah I think that's a good653.84.279
idea I'm going to go get him uh a a656.03.76
present as well bring that's from both658.0793.88
of us right Simon get out of get out of659.764.96
here Beat it I'm going to get my own kid661.9594.32
you sure that furnace is you're going to664.723.84
put it there is a safe place by your bed666.2794.281
listen I just I just like you know I'm668.563.719
like a cat you know when I sleep I like670.563.56
to feel like I'm really boxed in keep672.2793.761
his feet warm I'm like a cat I like to674.124.279
be sit on fire while I sleep and you676.043.96
know what I I I have some presents for678.3994.521
you my friend oh boy awesome hello sir680.06.88
may I come in yes good sir thank oh682.926.76
again sounds very proper okay okay so686.885.399
what I have for you first off is I have689.685.24
um zombie flesh some red stone for you692.2796.601
28 red stone oh wow you really it comes694.926.599
in handy what can I do with the Redstone698.884.32
don't worry about it just take it and701.5194.601
say thank you know okay but we also have703.25.319
a nice Cactus little piece here so706.124.56
that's a nice little plant for you okay708.5194.161
I'll plant that yeah right next to the710.684.04
bed and one more thing right here a gold712.685.12
nugget oh a golden nugget y little gold714.725.4
nugget the the the from Miss gold nugget717.84.12
and I welcome you to the neighborhood I720.124.48
thank you for coming yep have a nice day721.923.599
I'm going to give you stuff you could724.63.479
actually do things with hey that Simon's725.5194.801
real nice he's all right sure yeah he's728.0794.481
really good guy I love the Redstone spot730.323.879
on the floor looks like a blood stain732.563.2
like you killed a hooker last night734.1993.161
that'll be a great bed setup on one side735.762.68
you can burn your feet and the other737.362.64
side you can stick needles in it y738.443.759
That's it it's it's danger oh and I did740.04.68
give you things two uh treasure chests742.1994.481
or chests oh thank you they're not744.683.44
necessarily Treasure Chest Treasure in746.682.959
them and just so that people don't think748.123.159
I'm kissing your ass Jack Frags I've749.6393.721
seen your videos and I think they suck751.2794.841
balls anyway moving on you got that753.364.8
covered there you go which video didn't756.124.64
you like which one didn't I like there758.164.76
you go the one he uploaded yesterday760.765.519
enough said one it had to do with he he762.925.52
was playing a game first person shooter766.2793.641
so he doesn't like your first person768.444.759
shooter videos listen Jack Jack look at769.925.719
me look at me I need to be honest with773.1995.44
you I worked so hard listen I could care775.6394.801
less about videos I've never seen any of778.6396.081
them okay moving on moving780.449.399
on oh hello what's this that's me buddy784.727.44
that's how I roll I bring you sand it's789.8394.8
Sandstone sandone is it yep well it's792.164.32
still a nice I bring you stuff I don't794.6393.721
know what it is listen I bring you this796.485.32
I just um like a put nuget there like798.365.96
that I like that see that works that's801.85.039
very nice he doesn't look a GI in the804.324.92
thank you you're welcome doesn't lick a806.8394.8
gift horse in the M Jack do you need any809.243.44
supplies um I'm good for now I'm just uh812.684.24
you know I'm changing things up a little815.563.68
bit all right I put a tree in your home816.924.52
by the way that's great why do y'all819.244.12
keep adding to his house he's building821.443.72
it's a gift you guys never gave so many823.363.32
gifts to somebody before it's getting825.163.64
dark go to bed we're getting into oh you826.684.48
can't rest yeah there's a zombie outside828.83.399
we going to have to One V one this831.163.2
monster rescue you I'll go Whack Him Off832.1993.721
the team's going out we're all going to834.363.56
whack him off comes the muscle trying to835.925.64
get in the house my God he's in nice you837.925.56
one deed him oh you're actually841.563.719
teabagging him hell yeah yeah there's a843.484.0
little bag had a boy so yes I have a845.2796.521
cactus now see yay ow yeah don't don't847.485.56
it's a cactus you wouldn't really want851.83.479
to lick it I'm I'm happy we wear that is853.045.56
for now guys what's that like is that855.2796.12
done are you saying that's done it's not858.65.2
no it's definitely not done after you861.3995.201
say that like that KN like goes you863.84.599
really are such a how do you translate866.63.599
that like there's no way you're done868.3993.921
right now like what like you're not done870.1993.64
like obviously you're not done cuz it's872.322.84
not good enough I think it looks great873.8393.601
it's like neebs is my boss and he's tell875.163.96
oh no Welcome to our world I just want877.443.24
to make sure it's how you want it I mean879.122.959
I'm not I don't want to bring up that880.683.88
this the shortest house here that way882.0794.521
you don't want to I mean I feel like I884.564.079
might you know I could add day another886.63.72
level maybe is that would that make888.6394.401
neebs happy well hey it's not my house890.324.24
here Jack I'll give you give you some of893.043.44
this see here we are like we're we're894.564.719
giving him gifts you're giving us [ __ ]896.486.44
oh fancy Stone time all the way from the899.2795.641
nether make Christmas time glow stone902.923.68
block I don't know what to say you don't904.923.08
have to say anything you could say you906.63.2
don't like it that's something I've you908.03.759
know I've sought after my entire life909.84.08
well people died for that search long911.7594.361
and hard for that oh a fish as well yeah913.883.399
see how impress you guys are too916.122.8
generous yeah here I brought you a917.2794.601
sunflower here's a mushroom um here's a918.924.64
sign a little bit of diorite a little921.885.199
bit of endes some seeds um here some923.565.8
string have a little rotten flesh is927.0794.12
someone throwing eggs at me it's929.364.32
possible oh chicken wait wait are you on931.1994.08
a horse933.684.719
yeah I bring Tidings of935.2797.881
eggs oh no oh no watch what there's938.3997.12
going to be chickens everywhere chickens943.165.44
since when did they add horses Sun's945.5195.56
going down [ __ ] party I would like to948.64.32
have some chickens in my house put a951.0793.481
[ __ ] in his house all right it's dark we952.923.44
should probably go to B oh oh they just954.563.759
followed me out the chickens just left956.364.2
no I wonder why you got seeds in your958.3194.241
hand you just walk out the front door we960.564.36
all in bed beds I'm in bed bed uh I need962.564.44
to go to bed beds go to bed Jack [ __ ]964.924.24
sake Jack damn it Jack stop jacking off967.04.759
Jack oh there a chicken on my bed yeah969.164.2
they got a little snuggle buddy in in971.7592.961
some countries that's considered a973.363.2
blessing I feel blessed don't look a974.723.72
gift chicken in the anus you tell how976.563.16
old they are you can tell how old they978.442.56
are by like yeah lifting up their979.723.32
feather and looking in their butt what981.03.92
do you look983.045.4
for spots so so chickens have a984.924.8
particular feather that covers their988.443.0
butthole yeah just one the little anal989.724.679
feather yeah it's there the little anal991.446.16
feather did you say wow little anal994.3995.841
flap little chicken997.66.76
Flap Jack yo looking good man I like1000.245.48
what you're doing with the glass and the1004.364.24
observation deck yeah yeah thank you you1005.725.64
need to have a good Lookout oh always1008.64.679
it's a good view see the barn from up1011.364.12
here yeah i' like see everything and1013.2795.0
where's the spider up there yeah this1015.485.839
might be in crve but I made a I made a1018.2795.8
oh what you got going on down there1021.3194.76
nothing oh look at that look at the1024.0795.0
tunnel how coming through the Jack door1026.0795.041
yeah Jack I got you a friend all right1029.0793.24
hold on okay I'm coming let's have a1031.123.199
look got on down I got you a friend it's1032.3195.72
a Halloween snowman that makes sense now1034.3195.321
you've got a snow floor neb is going to1038.0394.361
love it yeah he tracks snow everywhere1039.645.0
he goes oh that's great you get to name1042.44.159
them that's you get to name your your1044.644.399
butler Jack if you don't like it feel1046.5594.801
free to don't just be nice just say1049.0394.921
thick quit bringing that crap in here no1051.363.88
press I think Henry's a good name for1053.963.0
him Henry I wonder if it'll fall down1055.243.92
the Jack door I made here I like Henry I1056.964.079
think Henry's nice oh what's what's1059.164.519
going on down here toest I made a oh1061.0394.0
yeah this is good see look at turn1063.6793.321
around and look at the sign oh nice wait1065.0393.241
a minute right here there's a sign to1067.03.76
the I like it and then right upstairs to1068.284.44
the beds our beds the future enhancement1070.764.64
room yep oh get out here don't get lost1072.724.56
you [ __ ]1075.46.08
idiot well let's go let's go oh zombies1077.286.879
zombie watch out oh get them oh [ __ ] I1081.484.16
just fell down a hole oh God that's a1084.1594.561
skeleton oh creepers holy [ __ ] I don't1085.644.88
know why you guys went deep into here it1088.724.88
was to go MLG on that skeleton oh yeah1090.524.96
360 no scope hey where where are you1093.63.6
guys going man yeah let's uh I didn't1095.484.72
mean to get us oh hey wait look oh wow1097.24.959
Jack come back come back to where like1100.24.56
yeah turn around look at this holy [ __ ]1102.1594.601
guys wait guys I don't know where you1104.765.48
are abro wow that's hold shift do not1106.766.0
fall all right need to come get you oh1110.245.64
[ __ ] there a creeper he just fell [ __ ]1112.764.16
did he1115.881.53

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