MINECRAFT: Nether Base - New Neebsylvania 34

Hey Neebs Gaming fans! You won't want to miss the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel. In this episode, the gang is taking on the...
MINECRAFT: Nether Base - New Neebsylvania 34
MINECRAFT: Nether Base - New Neebsylvania 34

MINECRAFT: Nether Base - New Neebsylvania 34

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Neebsylvania! Today, we're diving into the Nether to build our epic base. It's gonna be lit!

simon: Oh yeah, Nether base time! I can't wait to see how many times we accidentally set ourselves on fire in this episode. It's gonna be a blast!

appsro: Haha, you guys are always causing chaos in the Nether. But hey, that's what makes it fun! Can't wait to see how many times we have to fend off those pesky locals while building our base.

neebs: Oh, you know it! It wouldn't be Neebsylvania without a little bit of danger and excitement. Plus, who doesn't love a good ol' fashioned Nether base building montage?

Hey Neebs Gaming fans! You won't want to miss the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel. In this episode, the gang is taking on the challenge of building a nether base in Minecraft. It's sure to be full of excitement and maybe a few surprises along the way. I can't wait to see how they tackle this new project!

As always, the Neebs Gaming crew brings their signature humor and camaraderie to the game. I love watching how they work together to overcome obstacles and create something amazing in the virtual world. It's like hanging out with friends and playing Minecraft together, except I'm just watching from the comfort of my own home.

Don't forget to check out the description for links to their social media channels and music credits. Plus, there's a special discount link for new game titles that you won't want to miss. So grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready to join Neebsylvania for another epic adventure in the nether. I know I'll be hitting that play button as soon as the video drops!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, I just watched the latest Neebs Gaming video where they start building their nether base in Minecraft, and it was awesome! Those guys crack me up with their hilarious banter while taking on these big projects.

In this episode, they head into the nether to scout out a good spot to start their new base. Of course, they run into all sorts of trouble from ghasts and zombie pigmen, but they handle it with their usual mix of panic and determination. Neebs and Appsro have such great chemistry, playing off each other's reactions. And Thick is hilarious as always, building random nonsense while the others try to stay focused.

Once they finally settle on a spot, the base starts coming together. It's really cool seeing their vision take shape, as they transform the hostile nether environment into their own custom headquarters. The editing is fantastic as always, with cinematic shots of the epic nether landscape mixed with closeups of the guys strategizing and goofing around.

After 34 episodes, it's amazing how invested I am in this series and the world they're building. Getting to follow along each step of the way makes it so much more immersive than just watching a completed build. The Neebs Gaming approach really makes you feel like you're right there crafting alongside them.

Overall, this was another top-notch, hilarious, and addictive Neebs Gaming Minecraft episode. Their cinematic style brings the world to life in a way that makes you feel like you're on the adventure too. I'd highly recommend watching this series to any gamer looking for Let's Play content that goes way beyond just gameplay commentary. Neebs Gaming is the absolute best at turning games into enjoyable cinematic experiences!

Neebs Gaming
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this is where you want the sand at this0.05.339
level yes sir yes sir now we can see1.685.31
this nice white stone so I'm gonna love5.3394.081
[ __ ] something do you I do I love you6.993.63
doing love your face9.425.219
you should wait why not I don't know10.625.669
there's no why not in this case I'm on14.63910.621
Queen Patrol guys you mind if I do16.28911.281
something or leave here gonna make25.263.81
something so I hope that were do you27.574.049
think you're making look he's making29.074.739
away in a word today he's making31.6194.741
everything I got digging a hole letting33.8095.18
the lava in salmon looks like spies36.368.24
wouldn't you like to go to bed38.9895.611
huh oh you trying to make a whale yeah44.935.289
yeah I just heard you can't put water47.854.86
down worst case hold on is have milk50.2194.291
make a well on the other side of the52.712.25
yeah that's room yeah so nobody's54.965.82
messing with us down here now yeah we're57.874.29
short about tough where they're [ __ ]60.783.09
with us we should make a make a little62.163.359
belvedere down here as well I wonder if63.873.15
he'll keep the place safe it's a good65.5193.541
idea where's the the door out of here67.023.36
gonna be absolute right over there we69.063.96
two doors okay we should probably have a70.385.37
steel door is he is he friendly I don't73.024.26
know yeah he's Freddy he was checking it75.751.92
we talked yeah we can definitely have a77.673.18
still these are Jehovah's Witness you79.293.329
guys have a second to talk about Jesus80.854.8
Christ our Lord and Savior there we have82.6194.86
a sign out that door hot queef alpha we85.653.75
need a I'm heading back to the house to87.4794.171
get supplies like get stuff for you yeah89.44.5
buddy we need coal that's one of the91.655.19
biggest things did a with a beer I head93.95.219
after why do you have this wall on here96.844.2
everyone you want Sam Adams or Emperor99.1194.171
am stuff for the toll beers just right101.043.45
here I like walls in the house and we103.293.09
can hang pictures on things like that I104.493.269
just like bad a little care alright so106.383.51
here's the test neebs yeah I'm gonna107.7595.4
drop water new yeah phew heavens god109.894.589
damn it113.1594.411
it is just all that for nothing it shall114.4794.861
try the note no what's that what are you117.575.159
gonna try milk milk yeah a little milk119.345.47
pour all that in there122.7296.241
oh I don't curious about this what Matt124.817.23
maps here I don't have mine I left mine128.974.09
at my chest yeah132.043.15
the map is still showing name Sylvania133.064.89
it is does it move you quick across oh135.194.379
yeah wonder if you walk around like if137.956.18
it shows you go really far let's see or139.5696.42
if it just shows you the place you exit144.134.26
I guess I should clean all this up seems145.9893.811
like it's moving pretty quick this is148.395.4
South here uh needs more sand ocean sand149.88.67
yeah every time every time you spill153.796.449
your bird it's just interesting I make158.475.43
it always um we've got a couple towels160.2397.711
hotels I don't need many many beer down163.96.23
now that's what I'm talking about167.955.34
sunflowers in the nether I have a bush170.134.93
that I'd like to orient you got is it173.294.65
just a bush tree no it's it's a good175.065.1
bush in the queef do some read I didn't177.943.21
grab any read180.163.06
I like that arrangement thick huh got a181.154.68
buddy ever visit our hello Manny but huh183.227.019
you're with HOA yep you guys need to185.837.29
trim your bushes Simon what are you190.2394.47
doing over there buddy buddy building a193.124.589
house nobody wants my help I'll build my194.7094.801
own little house what a whiny little197.7093.991
baby yeah that's me199.515.37
whiny baby it's looking good Simon thank201.75.069
you you're really doing a good job you204.883.69
gonna live in there summer yeah gonna206.7694.261
live in here forever and ever and ever208.573.54
and ever amen211.034.049
praise Jesus I saw a Travel Show where212.115.159
they went to a Catholic Church in Taiwan215.0794.591
on the head Asian Jesus oh that's217.2693.09
breast of her creative license there Oh220.35910.171
oh honey well we got cactus yeah I make224.257.959
it a little just look like an entryway230.533.42
for running from some and we make our232.2092.821
way around and they're stupid enough to233.954.08
go in it Yeah right I didn't know if235.034.709
cactus will grow down here Oh F there's238.033.989
sand down yes we think sir239.7394.381
remember when we still mad at us and we242.0193.511
were so mad244.124.05
friendly pardon him he's just checking245.534.89
things out now I can't even remember we248.174.35
were angry about now funny how that250.424.32
works I God wonder if I try to feed him252.523.18
a carrot254.743.51
you got wonder shoves it up your ass255.75.67
this isn't our water he's just in here258.254.71
so we have a roommate guys oh wait a261.373.9
minute guys was well outside the262.965.16
stronghold Oh outside the queef is one265.275.16
of those uh sunflower Genesis268.125.22
oh yeah he's he's bouncing away yeah270.434.739
[ __ ] him oh he's coming in oh he's273.344.32
getting hurt by some uh he got hit by oh275.1694.381
he's coming in he's coming in guys oh277.662.46
how's he coming in he's going whoa oh280.124.02
[ __ ]283.392.94
how are you jumped over oh [ __ ] he's hit284.144.62
me [ __ ] all right guys everybody with286.337.47
swords have at gang gray because cool288.767.59
enough tip there oh yes coming to my293.84.11
house you're gonna get [ __ ] up in296.353.93
there yes yeah alright I might hit you297.914.44
sound sorry hey listen buddy good I'm300.283.99
not here to getcha I'm not a pro oh I302.354.319
got you no you're not right yeah you can304.273.93
get a lava pour it on your head either306.6698.191
Oh for Christ's sake just like him how308.28.76
do I get up there find the way some314.864.29
ladder build a little build some ladder316.967.62
no yeah Simon you go this way hey over319.158.46
here summers um found my own way thanks324.584.14
is that that looks a little bit328.723.449
different when I put it up yeah no no I330.14.08
need to uh I need to make polish granny332.1694.171
sorry so I have these polish yes yes334.183.359
give me those in it and I can make336.344.44
polish grand with those do we move like337.5394.561
that approach the jar340.783.569
yeah man throw down beyond the342.14.829
Oh hit you what was that where I don't344.3494.08
know but I didn't do anything346.9294.14
was there a gas or something I guess so348.4297.47
oh that's really good it isn't it wasn't351.0697.05
alright what would you like me to do355.8993.93
with the granite give it to me358.1195.76
hold on oh man nice good hull hull thick359.8295.73
good hole how many did he give you he363.8795.46
gave me sixty four good is sixty four365.5596.72
and thirty nine yeah thirty-six MIT have369.3394.86
any doing the right thing over here this372.2792.85
what you looking for374.1993.18
yeah it looks good feeling this roof I'm375.1294.71
contributing I like the height of this377.3794.65
part feels a little claustrophobic here379.8393.09
in this new part382.0293.57
yeah left open it up by uh cutting up382.9294.32
some winders by building the roof higher385.5993.57
it's just as high as the other house no387.2494.111
look good this is great here this looks389.1692.97
yeah it is a big difference well I was392.1394.14
also gonna add the upstairs which is394.8993.84
gonna be a bit bigger okay guys you know396.2794.86
this torture what you need upstairs are398.7394.05
we in the nether pod and feel like it401.1394.02
like is like a nice little retreat yeah402.7894.8
like a little beach getaway except in405.1595.31
Hell except it - the hell yes the other407.5895.461
way why do we need this wall huh410.4694.35
after I would have been a good architect413.053.689
in the 70s dude [ __ ] if you want to414.8193.84
build the goddamn place build a goddamn416.7393.93
I like what you build i right rip on you418.6595.76
look seriously hey build me a house make420.6695.52
it open hey if you want to hand me some424.4193.96
[ __ ] blueprints I'll gladly build426.1894.35
whatever the [ __ ] you want - its let it428.3794.83
hang out it's that nap time ya think it430.5395.64
is otherwise shut the [ __ ] up and just433.2095.1
love it is it just me and we need this436.1794.92
wall I kind of like it D just adds a438.3094.47
little flavor what about this roof son441.0993.6
otherwise it's just a big open square442.7793.63
yeah I don't think it should be there444.6993.87
serves no purpose but I'm not bashing it446.4094.141
at the photo I'm not bashing you you448.5694.2
[ __ ] okay what you saying if you don't450.553.989
like it [ __ ] out I'm just doing like452.7693.93
that's not my call what if we just kept454.5395.94
the column we just did what's the point456.6996.09
yeah I'm here for letters don't hit that460.4793.93
thing I'm not going out what have you462.7893.45
he's jumping why is he acting crazy464.4093.12
why is he we're gonna I didn't do466.2393.03
anything else today otherwise we're467.5293.291
gonna yell469.2695.461
that guy's trying to get out by haha470.825.98
I think the ceilings a little too low474.735.43
but I'm not bashing it oh [ __ ] you're476.85.16
over here there's [ __ ] you in the mouth480.164.2
it's a high height that this is right481.964.65
here with the portal grated484.364.05
that ceiling height is very good perfect486.614.59
height it is Simon that's your job488.415.55
rip out this ceiling and make it maybe a491.26.09
block higher oh that guy's back who let493.965.1
that guy back what's that noise what's497.293.93
that what was it499.065.88
yeah I'm beyond gas Patrol they're all501.226.96
heading over here man all those damn Pig504.946.12
[ __ ] alright Simon how high are we508.186.27
going we were only he's set to go one uh511.065.16
after I drop down there's some more uh514.453.3
there's more stone down there for you516.227.59
buddy oh good thank God they go you're517.758.34
not fooling anybody there here we see523.815.49
you he does kind of blend in no Denny526.099.54
honey yep so we do we not have another529.38.07
door two doors right now we should535.633.66
probably have been opening that that I537.374.32
know if there's okay I'm just asking we539.293.45
should probably have a steel door541.692.88
somebody wants to make a steel door542.744.32
that'd be boobies all working just544.574.47
bringing that up one level made such a547.063.47
big difference well good549.045.64
nope I found a bunch of mushrooms oh550.537.0
good good it's exactly what we needed554.685.16
why do you want this open are we gonna557.533.99
put a door there so I'm making a door559.843.63
I've never made a steel door how do you561.522.22
do it563.473.45
I'm just guessing it was like that there563.745.04
we go and three of them does the nether566.924.02
have any variety or is it just the same568.784.41
miss feel like from everything I've seen570.946.03
it's the same mess it's the same mess so573.196.0
now we got a little lookout up here but576.974.35
I mean that thing we found was a score579.194.44
we got to go explore that some more oh581.324.59
yeah yeah say what I think these uh583.634.17
these little pig [ __ ] out here are585.914.74
really really admiring the work that587.83.94
we've done590.653.62
yeah they don't know how to do it I591.744.24
think well they don't but they're594.273.57
gathering there's quite a few I know and595.984.14
it's like hey look at this work of art597.847.35
but doors making their way sounds like600.129.63
the witch so sexy yeah you know it oh605.196.63
yeah ready for actions pretty good609.753.48
sometimes I get it611.823.06
gotta have the right amount of beer in613.233.69
me that with this614.885.19
that's why nail it all done yeah look at616.925.97
this man I'm just flocking all over the620.073.81
place yeah622.895.28
oh [ __ ] speaking of oh my god what is623.887.05
ran into a witch what what in the nether628.174.8
happen another no I was oh oh yeah I've630.933.87
never seen one in here holy [ __ ] that632.974.26
was crazy I rounded her and she was in634.84.26
my face hey [ __ ]637.234.71
Oh [ __ ] Oh Oh what two creepers on639.065.64
the ass I really hope they don't hmm641.945.61
what what did they just blow up what did644.74.95
they just blow up hey did you just pull647.555.13
the Simon well let me see where this649.656.24
goes guys sure let me see what should652.687.11
they blow up the portal here's another655.896.18
one where Nicky now have three portals659.793.75
now I'll find out I'll go first662.075.37
run oh god this place oh well at least663.545.85
it opened back to it's the same place667.444.38
huh yeah okay okay we've got holes in669.394.56
explosions right by our new house in the671.823.99
nether that just happened really yeah I673.954.02
don't know why oh my god I'm getting675.814.17
whole shot out of the big last man get677.973.9
back in all right David I didn't know I679.983.93
wasn't supposed to venture out holy [ __ ]681.873.69
there's a gas looking right down in the683.913.72
house it's like a [ __ ] Godzilla movie685.564.17
I'm gonna take care you get in the687.633.66
door's locked or something guys let me689.733.66
in you know the gas is down just took691.293.78
them right click oh there's a little693.393.48
baby zombie Oh front of the door don't695.074.05
hit it i right-clicked it he's staring696.873.66
at me Simon come around to the other699.123.72
side and run in if that's what the ghast700.534.71
is yeah I killed the boss oh you did702.844.92
yeah go I'm on gas Patrol guys all right705.244.92
let's uh take care of this [ __ ]707.764.41
yes good lord talk about drama out of710.163.66
the blue on both sides oh [ __ ]712.172.88
how did I man713.823.42
all you hit it yeah I just didn't I'm715.054.17
getting in the Porter guess what look717.243.51
they're in here and I'm just chilling719.223.39
out hey I don't have a sword somebody720.754.589
somebody Simon kill these guys yes I722.614.2
will I don't have a saw right now give725.3392.961
me a second second726.815.279
we're here at Simon I can't get back in728.37.09
the house in sewers I know what doors732.0896.421
are dammit [ __ ] they know what doors are735.395.1
somebody just picked up my sword oh did738.514.74
I uh let me see [ __ ] I'm sorry Simon740.495.46
here you go no that's my fault hey Adam743.254.41
listen whatever you're going through I745.953.18
know well guess what it still happened747.664.88
I'm heading back oh I got a table don't749.136.48
you orange mouth they're mad at somebody752.545.289
[ __ ] how do you open an iron door oh you755.614.349
gotta have a lever oh yeah yeah yeah757.8293.991
button though I kind of know that part759.9594.111
where that doesn't work as a door yeah761.824.05
make a button what I just make it's a764.074.56
lever can I use that to open the door765.874.11
you could and I feel like it might be768.633.03
better to have pressure play pressure769.983.72
plate on the inside kind of like what we771.663.6
have at the house now make two levers773.76.92
and two pressure plates a neebs me775.265.36
you just put it right here right they784.165.549
think oh I thought you were doing lever786.445.069
on the outside Oh789.7094.471
pigments coming in are they still mad oh791.5094.531
they're [ __ ] livid oh they're gonna794.184.11
stay mad okay have we learned nothing796.044.56
are they hitting the cactus is they're798.295.849
attacking needs I think why there's no800.66.45
door over here at all now it works can't804.1394.801
have two on alright yeah so now put it807.055.659
in pressure plate uh on the inside oh808.946.42
yeah there you go you got the lever up812.7097.12
there I'll work on the it well okay come815.366.479
in and then it doesn't just819.8294.44
automatically shut maybe put a pressure821.8393.75
plate on both sides should I put the824.2693.391
lever we don't want the things just825.5895.961
walking in what what about a button oh827.666.989
he's attacking him huh yeah he still mad831.555.89
at me man but nethers not friendly is it834.6497.62
no fix at a village no I was uh back837.447.91
here at our place getting some stuff842.2695.55
didn't zombie pigmen just sound so mad845.354.659
they are jeez no no no you're not house847.8196.931
cactus I can hear that Wow holy [ __ ] are850.0096.151
they attacking me now this one's854.755.339
attacking me what is that one attacking856.166.179
I have no idea well having the cactus860.0893.6
around is a good idea862.3393.781
oh yeah maybe that's our goal next time863.6894.26
we can just uh we can we can plant a866.123.269
bunch of sand on the outside and just867.9493.87
float it up with cactus yeah maybe like869.3895.651
it's just one block in871.8195.891
don't doubt your boy idea knows well I875.044.89
can't get in the house oh [ __ ] here good877.713.99
I have a door open for you right now879.935.4
oh [ __ ] Georgio's a cave oh yeah okay881.75.34
everybody get in everybody get in let's885.332.97
get the hell out of let's get in here887.043.12
let's get out of here let's all bye888.34.68
let's go today come on too stressful got890.164.62
woke up we'll revisit let's go back to892.984.74
the barn take a nap yeah I hate this894.785.49
sort of like thanks back to the house897.724.62
this place is fun to go to JJ like I900.274.2
quickly get like cool stuff like I mean902.343.9
diamond horse armor worth it right oh904.473.93
yeah oh that was this guy weighs right906.245.58
home sweet home run bar sweet home sweet908.44.89
to him holder the barn of the house911.824.92
makes me happy come pretty this is913.296.75
Oh chickie chickie chickie chickie916.745.97
ug oh look at all the eggs throw these920.044.38
[ __ ] eggs oh here we go here we go922.713.51
we're safe hamster Oh what we're not924.424.05
exonym hey buddy get next to me when you926.223.9
have a bunch of eggs all right I'm with928.476.24
you you ready ready let's go throw okay930.1211.94
good Wow oh there we go934.7111.04
yeah hey little chickies Miffy guy hip942.067.86
hop punches happy he's fine fun this is945.756.6
crazy down here guys what looking down a949.925.78
chicken the chickens is [ __ ] stupid952.359.24
it's pretty ridiculous out my little955.78.92
baby chickies I ready guys961.5919.92
oh oh oh there's some over here mmm964.6219.11
Coco guys notice this isn't this area's981.514.32
been thinking a lot of it the circle of983.733.48
life I like it985.833.78
oh my god the harness this will be fun987.215.46
well then what what are you doing I love989.618.96
oh oh hey blue992.678.43
don't go Coco998.579.49
no Coco Coco Oh got him yeah he back you1001.110.05
that's fishing for [ __ ] vision for coke1008.065.01
you're gonna kill those chickens yeah1011.156.92
beer oh it's fine oh yeah yeah1013.075.0

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