MINECRAFT: Pumpkin Party - New Neebsylvania 10

Hey there fellow Neebsylvania fans! Have you seen the latest episode, Pumpkin Party, from our favorite YouTube channel? The gang is at it ag...
MINECRAFT: Pumpkin Party - New Neebsylvania 10
MINECRAFT: Pumpkin Party - New Neebsylvania 10

MINECRAFT: Pumpkin Party - New Neebsylvania 10

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of New Neebsylvania! Today we have a special guest, the Enderman, joining us for a pumpkin party!

simon: Oh man, I love a good pumpkin party! And who can resist some creeper tactics and childhood insect memories all in one video?

appsro: I gotta say, this video has it all - ancient ruins, lovely pumpkin parties, and of course, the Enderman making a guest appearance. It's like a party in Minecraft heaven!

neebs: Absolutely! And let's not forget the amazing soundtrack featuring 'Rollin at 5' and 'Cataclysmic Molten Core'. It just adds to the overall epicness of this video.

Hey there fellow Neebsylvania fans! Have you seen the latest episode, Pumpkin Party, from our favorite YouTube channel? The gang is at it again, working on their creeper tactics, exploring ancient ruins, and reminiscing about childhood insect memories. And to top it all off, they throw a fabulous pumpkin party with a special guest appearance by the Enderman!

I don't know about you, but I love watching the Neebsylvania crew go on their adventures in Minecraft. It's always so entertaining to see how they handle different challenges and interact with each other. Plus, the addition of special guests like the Enderman adds a fun twist to the gameplay.

And let's not forget about the awesome music featured in the episode. From Kevin MacLeod to The Jingle Punks, the soundtrack really sets the mood and enhances the overall viewing experience. It's little details like these that make the Neebsylvania videos so enjoyable to watch.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the latest episode on their YouTube channel and don't forget to show your support by visiting their website and social media pages. Let's continue to support our favorite gaming channel and look forward to more exciting adventures in Neebsylvania!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, I just can't get enough of Neebs Gaming's Minecraft series! Their latest episode, Pumpkin Party, is an absolute delight. The way they immerse you in their Minecraft world of New Neebsylvania is unparalleled.

You can tell right away from their intro that you're in for a cinematic treat - the production quality is through the roof. And their characters like Thick44, Appsro, and Simon are so funny and entertaining. As soon as they start bickering about building tactics, I'm already laughing out loud.

What I love is that they don't just focus on the technical Minecraft stuff. They use the game as a storytelling device, like when they explore the ancient ruin and talk about their childhood bug memories. It makes it so much more engaging and enjoyable than your average Minecraft let's play.

And you can't beat the immersion they create. With the creepy Enderman guest appearance and their hilarious pumpkin party, it really feels like you're right there celebrating with them in New Neebsylvania. I got so sucked into their world that the 20-minute runtime flew by!

Honestly, watching Neebs Gaming play Minecraft is better than playing the game yourself. You get all the enjoyment and excitement without having to grind and build everything yourself. Their cinematic approach makes Minecraft come alive in a way you just can't replicate on your own.

So if you're looking for entertaining, well-produced, and highly immersive Minecraft content, you can't go wrong with Neebs Gaming. Their videos are a masterclass in using Minecraft as a storytelling canvas. I really can't recommend their work highly enough!

Neebs Gaming
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oh look Mini Guy0.127.44
mini little [ __ ] oh yeah creeper baby2.827.26
killer creeper over here I'll help you7.564.499
where is he I've got one on my in myself10.083.78
I'm yeah I'm looking at the Wonder Alex12.0593.901
is looking at they don't don't do it13.863.6
that way I got it we have a technique15.963.239
now I did the jump attack yeah that's17.464.28
not the technique19.1992.541
do you want to go to the place I do26.34.719
let's go I want to go everybody stop28.684.379
listen to me nope listen to Listen to31.0193.56
thick no33.0593.961
that's a terrible idea let's pretend34.5795.441
Simon's a creeper it's a good drill you37.025.219
want to be a part of this yeah where yet40.026.62
because this is the this is42.2394.401
God how many people are looking this is47.845.52
not a drill we yelled at you50.3995.701
well we just we just saw it I don't even53.364.9
don't but to be fair to realize this is56.14.38
how you acted Simon pretend you're a58.264.08
creeper sneaking up behind me okay ready60.484.259
yeah hold on hold on this is me creeping62.344.02
up behind you you gotta be behind me to64.7394.2
do that I know okay and doralis is like66.365.0
oh is that huh is that how much time I71.6594.96
had yeah had that much time yeah it was74.1595.361
creeper creeper boom it's like four days76.6195.461
all right if you could please be the79.524.599
creeper again me this is the drill okay82.084.74
all right guys watch ready he's a84.1196.32
creeper yep he sees me86.823.619
oh wait are we going on a man oh yeah so102.866.34
I know where to go now I built a106.6194.86
structure that should be a beacon for us109.24.44
okay then why'd you do the huge big111.4795.521
circle to the left last time look what113.646.42
like Columbus did not know exactly going117.05.52
back he was going but he's the Wright120.064.26
brothers in a horrible example once and122.523.54
now we have to learn we have enough food124.323.479
for this trip leave these real heroes126.065.039
out of it yeah Columbus was like I think127.7998.821
India is to the West let me go south oh131.0997.381
Simon's at least with me hey I'm with136.623.839
you because he doesn't know anything get138.483.6
your ass over here all right can we140.4593.301
please have a meeting first all right142.083.239
let's do attendance just I don't do143.762.66
that's right I'm on the way I was146.424.42
getting some food he might make it in148.564.5
time for attendance go ahead I am here150.845.479
let's do this abstract yeah153.066.539
Simon here thick yep all right lead the156.3194.961
way thick159.5994.981
the way that I find it161.285.7
first I find the pumpkins so if anybody164.584.799
sees pumpkins oh God are you serious166.984.619
yeah do you remember how you got back it169.3795.341
just happened yeah all right he's fine171.5994.801
though it's tame I feel like we're174.723.239
separated I'm with the rally are you176.43.72
just going up there to look he is this177.9593.841
place is real I want180.123.54
you are181.84.56
we're going to Narnia183.665.28
did you lose it I kind of did I think I186.364.739
did this sucks what's wrong with you is188.944.86
it in the desert near the desert it was191.0994.92
on the it was on the uh Fringe of the193.84.74
desert sick I'm not mad that you get196.0194.44
lost I'm mad that you won't accept that198.543.839
you have a problem and that he brings us200.4593.601
all into this [ __ ] when you said let's202.3793.481
go was everybody with you before you204.063.0
said let's go205.863.18
I don't know or did you yeah no one207.063.0
listen there's your problem all right209.042.52
where's your beacon210.064.14
I said okay I found pumpkins oh where211.564.259
this way214.24.08
it'd be uh cool if they made like this215.8194.14
big flag that the lead person could hold218.283.56
that's like 10 feet in the air219.9594.521
that would that'd be cool yeah221.845.619
so I'm not crazy the other way of the224.485.74
pharaoh's Den that's cool that is that's227.4594.741
cool now you got to be careful with230.223.299
these places because they have pressure232.23.179
plates that can actually uh they do233.5194.561
there's yeah no Simon stay back that's235.3795.821
pretty cool okay how do you know where238.084.98
the pressure plates are I see one right241.23.959
now invisible here come here everybody243.063.899
gather around this hole the purple thing245.1593.36
I think it's a movie I think it's a246.9592.581
purple thing inside248.5192.58
well then they do stick out it's not249.543.419
like you're teaching us some magic here251.0994.021
oh [ __ ] Are You Gonna Get Us killed I'm252.9594.141
going down the steps we just broke it oh255.124.019
well the pressure plates down here take257.13.72
a look oh don't don't jump down with259.1393.261
that where260.824.379
yeah but down there yeah don't fall262.45.92
Simon back up I see it please please265.1994.921
back up I'm so concerned there's four268.323.18
chests down there270.123.6
so we need to dig down pressure plates271.53.78
in the middle where'd you do oh he's273.722.94
already down there yep so what's in275.282.46
there do you have enough room in your276.664.44
your inventory three Diamonds oh man oh277.747.019
[ __ ] some bones got two gold go right281.16.78
over that hole it's like oh my God I'm284.7594.861
holding down the shift remember when you287.883.539
hold down shift and go to an edge yes I289.624.74
would yeah be very careful dude I am uh291.4196.241
trigger's gonna love this carrots nope294.366.0
apples diamond armor Diamond horse armor297.666.08
oh doralis look straight up300.363.38
yeah no Thick's got it you have your315.083.46
sword out Simon317.223.12
all right I don't have a sword do you318.543.78
have any weapon what are you doing I320.344.199
have a shovel here take this all right322.325.219
I'm back record that there you go I324.5395.281
might I got my house over here see I was327.5394.201
thinking the same thing yeah okay well329.823.48
hey hey we got to start heading back331.743.6
Sun's going down guys now now let's go333.34.679
let's go let's go let's go we found some335.344.639
treasure guys yeah337.9795.66
found it if it works339.9793.66
now my technical advisor advised me that349.6995.44
if you're wearing a pumpkin on your head353.463.12
like I'm doing355.1395.101
that if an Enderman looks at you356.585.76
um you're safe oh cool spider to the360.243.239
I wonder if these sunflowers are363.4794.56
shifting to this oh boy look at this365.345.419
zombie party in front of us368.0395.521
okay we got a bunch of us are we370.7595.5
avoiding or fighting373.565.46
big hole guys big hole yeah this way376.2594.741
guys oh creeper379.024.38
use your tactics use your training guys381.05.34
use your training Simon hide all right383.43.96
all right go ahead and keep careful386.342.46
buddy where are you don't go too far387.362.64
ahead because you're going into uh388.83.239
skeleton land I stopped we're staying390.03.9
guys this way I'm jumping I'm jumping392.0393.72
yeah we're going home no I'm not I'm393.94.28
looking at it395.7592.421
yeah so am I I'm looking at the actual400.6994.12
the glowing lights of our village oh403.1993.361
okay how nice it looks from here it404.8193.901
looks super nice observation decks a bit406.564.139
much but yeah I don't I disagree I think408.723.539
that's pretty cool everybody get back410.6994.28
back to the hut412.2592.72
don't stay on the bushes please you got415.55.9
a zombie talking to the horse417.4793.921
I have a feeling someone's gonna let421.683.18
somebody bleed in through that like a423.124.079
boss dude like that totally did you just424.864.44
hit me yeah okay well that was a427.1993.961
successful day is everybody in neebs429.33.66
where you at there you are everybody431.163.84
tell thick how good he did good job fish432.964.14
oh thick you did great it was it was435.04.08
okay I thought it was awesome yeah we437.14.14
found pretty cool you did good buddy439.083.6
you're not good concerned about your441.243.179
your directions but Simon you're not442.683.78
sleeping with your clownfish today no444.4194.34
tonight I ate my clownfish by the way446.464.98
raw and it gave me nutrition448.7594.121
really yeah451.443.9
so hey I taught you something I'll give452.883.98
him something455.344.44
get out of here get out of here get him456.866.3
out sir get him Excuse excuse459.786.319
I heard an Enderman466.0993.6
way to go you selfish [ __ ] he's behind477.625.62
the house he's behind the house oh he's481.443.92
on the other side of the house483.244.799
oh he saw me485.365.86
Simon bro Simon get off my horse where488.0394.5
are you gonna get the horse killed where491.223.599
the hell is everyone going just sit492.5394.081
tight after is going to get a pumpkin494.8194.94
mask so we can try it out496.623.139
that thing just scared the [ __ ] out of504.1393.641
me thick are you sucking up all the506.223.84
masks check your inventory507.785.16
there go is he not paying you any510.065.399
attention it's it's just like Cameron in512.944.26
Mob Squad look right now I don't think515.4593.121
he cares hanging around his best friend517.24.079
he doesn't look like uh it really is are518.584.079
you guys all safe can I have one of521.2793.661
those he's not attacking he goes Rally's522.6594.021
ready bro can I have one for you I can't524.942.82
recognize you because you have pumpkin526.682.76
on your head oh there he is yeah I'm527.764.759
looking right at him yeah529.443.079
that's so much fun I figured out how to532.83.9
do that on my own hey buddy hey man hey534.486.56
pal we're just one of you guys536.74.34
[ __ ] everybody get together541.2797.24
all right get behind you ah this is fun545.35.82
there we go548.5194.921
I slide over a little bit which way yeah551.124.68
to your right can you see me okay neebs553.445.519
there we go Simon you're kind of right I555.84.78
mean you kind of [ __ ] up there buddy558.9593.241
what do you want me to do just stay560.583.18
where you were when he was cool with it562.23.72
say go to the right well you were in a563.763.9
good spot talking to him I didn't know565.922.76
you were talking to him move to your567.664.82
left Simon you know what lose your tude568.683.8
look at us yeah look at us though I574.766.0
can't see us look at us577.383.38
go [ __ ] yourself Enderman these are good582.683.94
to keep in your uh keep in your585.183.659
inventory right there sure yeah keep one586.626.0
of these handy yeah in case well people588.8395.041
that probably a lot of people knew592.624.62
nobody knew but us that's true yo take593.885.579
this and make it like see how the597.245.219
outside of it is uh-huh maybe just make599.4594.981
it a big Square so there's more room in602.4593.901
there I really miss our old place though604.444.26
I miss upstairs and we had work to do606.364.38
this you know I know I'm just saying I608.74.98
miss it you go up there okay dude God is610.744.74
it going to be dark again soon [ __ ] yeah613.683.779
it's gonna be dark we spent our day615.483.72
dealing with Enderman huh617.4593.121
it's fun though isn't it it was a good619.23.42
day holy crap what happened to the place620.584.62
I'm working on it good for you you wanna622.624.26
you can have Windows right so you can625.23.3
look out and see what's going on you can626.883.72
put glass panes you wanted to yeah glass628.53.66
panes would be nice I don't have any630.63.179
glass panes they're on the top side you632.162.94
want me to throw some down over the uh633.7794.081
the penis it's getting dark man Tony635.14.26
knows where some sand is if you give637.862.94
them a couple hours oh you know it was639.364.32
really cool I saw a picture of sand640.85.4
under a microscope yeah have you guys643.685.04
ever seen that maybe no it's pretty646.24.379
freaking amazing it just looks like all648.724.799
different colored broken pieces of shell650.5795.94
are you serious yeah uh similar but not653.5195.101
really I taught my girls uh656.5194.56
five-year-old how to burn stuff with a658.624.74
magnifying lens last weekend yeah for661.0794.681
you that's cool I feel good about it you663.364.32
should oh yeah every every kid needs to665.763.48
learn that I agree and I didn't bring667.683.54
the ants into the equation but uh that's669.244.2
a god-awful smell but just a leaf you671.223.359
know what I used to do when I was a kid673.443.839
is I would uh burn ants no I would674.5795.281
actually freeze those big we have big677.2795.341
black carpenter ants yeah and I'd freeze679.864.8
them and then I'd let the Ice Cube thaw682.623.36
out and then they would come back to684.663.179
life yeah they're amazing like that yep685.983.84
ants in general of course but I wonder687.8393.541
how long they can go689.823.84
uh Frozen yeah that would be a good test691.384.139
can they go a thousand years I don't693.663.96
know all I ever did was like an hour you695.5193.601
never tried a thousand years you'd think697.623.0
one right not yet enough to prove it699.122.82
guys we should probably get to bed what700.622.82
would be the difference between one year701.943.18
and 100 years what are those what are703.442.82
those creatures that are really tiny705.123.42
that can seemingly survive everywhere oh706.263.9
the the little bears or something708.542.58
they're called yeah they caught all710.163.84
water bears um but the the real name is711.125.219
um never heard of that oh dude if you714.04.26
read anything about them what the hell716.3394.5
do they look like no they're crazy like718.264.38
under a microscope but they survive in720.8394.5
space the vacuum of space they survive722.645.28
in fire they survive in freezing725.3395.401
conditions they are incredible wow never727.924.38
even heard of them wait do those [ __ ]730.744.26
evolve enough oh dude yeah they deserve732.34.979
yeah to like take over everything we735.04.079
should probably like this water what if737.2794.8
there was a river right out front here739.0795.581
like this and then there was a bridge742.0796.541
tardigrades sorry tardigrades for anyone744.666.299
who's uh watching this uh what if there748.624.5
was a river tartar grids and then you750.9594.261
had to cross the bridge and then go in753.123.36
there they should have a party every755.223.059
year called Target for the beginning of756.483.919
yo would you like to meet me at the um762.925.74
the food drop766.863.96
Etc okay I'm gonna throw down some glass768.664.2
to you oh wait my inventory is full hold770.823.959
on let me eject some [ __ ] all right I'm772.863.659
gonna ejaculate this glass from this774.7793.421
penis out of the mountain yes oh776.5193.841
Enderman don't look at him put your hats778.24.16
on put my hat on780.365.58
where'd he go you ready it never kept me782.365.5
now yep Ready here's the glass coming785.944.92
bam it might be an inventory Hat's on787.865.88
did you get it uh I did careful for that790.864.74
inner man he's being all nosy and [ __ ]793.743.839
yeah I got it hey inner man they are795.63.9
kind of nosy oh where'd he go tell you797.5794.2
what it feels good to be back up here oh799.54.56
yeah I like it I kind of yeah I kind of801.7794.261
want to get back up there as well why804.063.54
don't we why don't we oh there's no okay806.044.56
why don't we go back to you know kind of807.64.859
just go back all right well here's what810.63.2
needs to happen in this house actually812.4593.18
what's that813.83.58
um are you gonna make it more Square815.6393.481
than that if you guys could see what I817.383.12
see I mean if we're just using it for a819.123.24
storage Hut can you take a look at my820.53.54
screen real quick just so you see what's822.363.0
look at that824.044.14
huh let me go upstairs that's what I'm825.365.039
saying I'm super curious right now about828.184.86
what thick what are you doing what I'm830.3994.861
just asking oh no I was uh cooking some833.044.68
fish hey doralius hey where you at right835.264.259
here here come up here but837.723.84
um just so you can see I know neebs is839.5193.301
making his way so yeah I'm gonna go841.564.44
upstairs just make some signs and make842.827.38
building materials and chest tools food846.05.94
anything you can think of that we might850.25.4
hold down shift hold down shift and walk851.945.88
to the edge on the glass you're kidding855.63.739
me hold down shift857.824.199
like where I'm at oh boy but make sure859.3394.18
you hold down shift with your pinky all862.0192.94
right and walk walk through the edge of863.5193.241
the glass and look down at what what uh864.9594.341
what they did866.762.54
looks very nice872.5794.081
will be let down it is not that874.5794.361
impressive not that good no but it looks876.664.2
nice I think it looks nicer from down878.942.88
and that's what I mean but in the end881.824.56
this is going to be a great perspective884.124.659
yeah it is it's going to be very nice886.384.74
in the end it doesn't even matter888.7795.161
a good call by the way 15 by 15 good891.125.279
call yeah that seems about right now yep893.944.86
it does but my concern well neebs I896.3993.661
don't know how far you're away898.84.68
pretty close whoa this is crazy but900.066.12
shift it up toward the end903.485.039
if I like am I am I over the edge or it906.184.38
looks like to me908.5193.781
can you look at me directly yeah you're910.563.719
you're on the you're still on glass okay912.33.539
so this but if as long as you have shift914.2793.901
down you can hold forward as much as you915.8394.5
want and you're not gonna fall hey guys918.183.659
what's up920.3393.421
hello where are you921.8394.261
oh look at you through the oh turn923.766.9
around hey buddy how are you good I'm926.16.359
jumping on the edge of Life over here930.664.08
he's been nuts what do you think that932.4593.541
looks pretty good doesn't it it's kind934.743.86
of neat it's it's obviously um936.05.279
symmetrical uh-huh that's a good thing938.64.299
down to the pumpkin that's looking all941.2793.42
right my one concern and it's not even942.8993.841
concerned that can't be remedied is look944.6995.161
at all that free space in front and946.744.68
that's fine what about it oh over here949.863.839
let's embrace it that's like a park yeah951.424.32
that's the entrance oh yeah that's where953.6993.601
the that's where the crowds gather955.745.06
around to come see this Wonder957.33.5

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