MINECRAFT: Clownfish - New Neebsylvania 11

Hey there Neebsylvania fans! If you're like me, you've been eagerly awaiting the latest episode of Neebs vision, and let me tell you, episod...
MINECRAFT: Clownfish - New Neebsylvania 11
MINECRAFT: Clownfish - New Neebsylvania 11

MINECRAFT: Clownfish - New Neebsylvania 11

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that latest Minecraft video we did on clownfish? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that one was a blast! I mean, who knew clownfish could be so entertaining in Minecraft?

neebs: I know right! And that part where we tried to eat them but it didn't provide any sustenance, classic Neebsylvania humor!

simon: Definitely, it's moments like those that make me love being a part of this crazy Minecraft world with you guys.

Hey there Neebsylvania fans! If you're like me, you've been eagerly awaiting the latest episode of Neebs vision, and let me tell you, episode 11 does not disappoint. In this video, we get to see the gang take on mobs, share their future dreams, start rivers, and even eat clownfish (although I'm not quite sure why they did that, but hey, it's all in good fun).

As always, the guys at Neebsylvania bring their trademark humor and camaraderie to the game, making it an absolute blast to watch. And let's not forget about the amazing soundtrack that accompanies the video, courtesy of Kevin MacLeod and The Jingle Punks.

If you're a Minecraft fan like me, you'll love seeing the gang explore and conquer new challenges in this episode. And if you're not familiar with Minecraft, this video is a great introduction to the game and the hilarious antics of the Neebsylvania crew.

So grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready to laugh and be entertained by the latest adventures in Neebsylvania. And don't forget to check out their website and social media channels to stay up to date on all things Neebsylvania. Trust me, you won't want to miss a single episode!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Neebs Gaming has once again outdone themselves with their latest cinematic journey in Minecraft. Their new series "Clownfish - New Neebsylvania" captures the spirit of adventure, humor, and camaraderie that makes their content so enjoyable.

In the first episode, we're introduced to the vast new world of Neebsylvania, filled with vibrant biomes, mysterious ruins, and untamed wilderness. As always, the banter between the crew had me laughing out loud as they embarked on grand expeditions, battled ferocious mobs, and uncovered hidden secrets. The cinematography is top-notch, with epic panning shots and carefully staged action sequences that make you feel like you're right there with them.

Over the course of the series, the incredible base-building and large-scale projects they undertake transform the landscape. From industrial mines to underwater biodomes, each new construction raises the stakes and expands the scope of their blocky domain. It's seriously impressive how they're able to realize such ambitious visions in Minecraft.

While the gameplay itself is entertaining, it's the personalities of Neebs, Thick44, Appsro and the gang that really shine through. Their infectious enthusiasm and camaraderie is what makes their videos so fun to watch. You genuinely feel like you're hanging out with a bunch of hilarious friends, sharing in the trials and triumphs of their virtual adventures.

For any Minecraft fan, Neebs Gaming's cinematic series is the ultimate way to experience the magic of the game without actually playing it yourself. Their masterful storytelling and filmmaking draws you into the world, while their hilarious commentary and teamwork provides endless entertainment. I can't wait to see where their epic journeys take them next!

Neebs Gaming
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I need to build a house somewhere making0.083.48
me do all this damn work I want a house1.923.08
but you're just so [ __ ] good at it3.563.0
it's your fault you'll get your house5.03.84
you can build your you get like a castle6.564.24
that's what I'm on doing this Frontier8.844.48
up here Castle untapped I can't wait to10.84.24
build over there neebs you just can't13.324.399
wait to build15.042.679
there you jump around on this thing man22.4395.041
I love this horse get off my horse find25.1194.92
your own horse pame it actually this is27.484.36
my horse your horse is running around30.0393.04
somewhere I already tamed this one31.843.2
myself did not they did all the work and33.0793.761
it happens to have diamond armor on it35.044.039
yeah I found diamond armor you did not I36.843.879
fished it right out of the pond his39.0794.201
horse has Diamond bees that was funny it40.7193.921
okay uh we also have storage down here44.644.48
guys Sun's going down guys pretty quick47.443.08
I didn't see this yet I thought this was49.122.8
going to fish tank you just abandoned50.523.28
that idea I thought it'd be too much too51.924.36
much of uh work I don't think we do it53.84.8
here when we build the castle then56.284.2
that's where we do the uh what you got58.64.56
going on here the whoa whoa tree House's60.484.6
up with the ladder in the tree maybe I63.163.999
might's treeh house sounds like a great65.084.32
place to get molested by a pedophile I67.1593.921
can't [ __ ] do this wood or just a69.43.92
Joe yeah normal Joe's molest too it's73.325.64
night time guys are we going to bed I'm76.924.839
coming back down you can is it bedtime78.964.4
it's bedtime81.7595.481
Grandma it's go to bed bed down Papa all83.365.36
right good night87.244.96
Papa good good night Papa help me Papa88.725.2
oh God that's so creepy when he's touch92.23.879
me papa how does he make it so much more93.924.92
creepy make me feel like a man Papa96.0794.241
because of who it is I mean where'd you98.843.88
get boots Simon I put them on just now100.324.32
fish for them did you catch them yeah I102.724.359
caught them I catch every [ __ ] those104.643.759
boots all right Simon I'm going to try107.0795.241
this clown fish thing do it so I'm one108.3996.481
food bar down let's see what happens112.325.64
okay I'll watch114.885.879
you nothing what are you talking about117.966.64
oh [ __ ] not one where you I had one120.7596.04
turkey leg missing on my food bar ate a124.65.079
clown fish no change nothing I got I had126.7995.481
a change we just recorded it no change129.6795.28
do you think I'm lying do you think I'm132.286.319
a liar you just proved it no no didn't134.9595.241
prove that I was a liar proved that138.5993.081
there was a difference I think you are a140.24.0
liar yes I do difference I have no idea141.684.16
but I'm not a liar I have no incentive144.25.8
to lie yes you are a liar yes you are145.846.28
press everybody yeah that's what that's150.04.72
me I think you believe you're telling152.123.32
truth but you're not somebody get me yes155.445.719
I am yes I am get me a la somebody get158.724.64
me somebody get me a clown fish right161.1594.561
now I'm trying to [ __ ] sleep isn't it163.364.28
night time oh yeah that's the mission165.724.08
now I'm getting a [ __ ] clown fish we167.644.64
did it slept in didn't we little bit man169.83.64
there's a lot of burning zombies out172.283.4
there watch out for creepers Simon what173.444.64
meet me at the food drop I don't even175.685.32
know where that is how the here how at178.084.64
this point do you not the giant erection181.03.2
out of the mountain I'm going to throw182.723.519
down a clownish so we can debunk this184.24.759
okay here it186.2392.72
comes still don't see the giant penis189.9594.961
all right Simon what is your food bar192.566.599
say right now says 1 2 3 4 five six you194.926.679
have six yes I have six what are you199.1594.521
throwing down thick give you this clown201.5993.481
fish okay sometimes you can make203.684.44
chickens now eat that clown fish okay F205.086.68
egging you guys208.123.64
chickens yeah just got one food bars212.044.919
food bars it's the chicken leg right or214.5194.44
the turkey leg Yeah one more it just216.9593.121
went up give me another one and I'll218.9592.961
have somebody watch me do it more one of220.084.0
us is confused I I'm pretty sure I221.924.08
didn't get any okay guess what we're224.083.359
going to do it one more time get me the226.03.0
clown fish we don't have any more clown227.4392.8
fish okay well then I'll catch one229.02.76
that's what I was trying to do where's230.2393.961
our horse oh look at look that horse is231.765.039
crazy man did you see what this horse is234.25.0
doing I did not are you happy here he236.7994.201
seems so let us know if you weren't239.23.52
right I mean he's had a lot of chances241.04.48
to escape yep D what are you working on242.725.32
nothing are you upstairs245.486.52
no maybe where are you nowhere where you248.047.039
at nothing thck where are you I am252.07.04
Gathering materials where uh up where255.0795.16
there are259.044.8
materials huh where you I'm are you260.2396.52
upstairs upstairs where top of the263.844.16
mountain what do you mean I'm on top of266.7593.201
the mountain quit with your cryptic268.03.72
places we hang out downstairs and269.963.88
upstairs man no one limits me to just271.724.919
two places but I am close by closer than273.844.24
you think you know how to get lost276.6393.361
anywhere Sun's going down I'm not going278.084.32
to bed until I get a clown fish what280.05.84
have you'all been working on what's282.43.44
that what you'all been doing I'm I'm286.7594.401
gathering supplies to improve NE289.563.24
Sylvania that's I'm doing I'm doing291.164.759
things where are you which one did you292.85.44
go off to your place your little magic295.9193.84
place no no that's not my magic place298.245.44
not you D oh yeah he did I may have been299.7596.72
drawn to that vicinity I see you made a303.684.32
little Bridge with the lights is that306.4794.56
what you're working on I don't not308.07.6
sure uh-huh what I get busted I feel311.0396.72
like I got busted I figured you were no315.64.12
I'm not you've been talking about this317.7593.641
place all day how much you want to go319.723.44
over there I just wanted to like get321.44.079
like to open up to like look at this man323.163.64
how awesome it's going to be how many325.4794.041
look up here look at like up there up326.84.72
that that way that is just great there's329.523.519
stuff that's going to good things are331.523.0
going to happen here yeah did we figure333.0393.321
out the clown fish thing I don't know no334.523.399
cuz I couldn't catch one I caught 18336.365.2
other fish I'm in bed all right good for337.9196.201
you it's raining again guys I love it341.564.0
man what's better than sleeping in the344.122.88
rain tell what's better can I take a345.564.919
poll first sure sleep rain no rain I'm347.06.08
for rain in real life while while you're350.4793.72
sleeping in real353.084.2
life no rainy days when you're sleeping354.1996.161
yeah I no rain no rain so one to one357.285.359
rain two to one I love sleeping in the r360.365.32
rain 3 to one am I sleeping outside or362.6396.521
inside well inside inside I like I like365.685.44
rain sometimes I don't want to every day369.164.28
I wake up I wake up and I hear it and I371.125.68
go oh [ __ ] what's that rain373.443.36
winds what's going on with you guys377.445.08
there's I'm in bed skeleton I can't get380.283.84
to bed it won't allow me I'm fighting382.523.16
off the monster so we can go to sleep384.122.24
right creeper follow me oh boy guys you386.368.48
need help out there jeez it sounds391.06.24
it somebody had said boy we should go to394.845.479
bed well 5 minutes ago I tried to the397.244.959
monsters would oh now it's Monster Land400.3193.72
out there trying guys do I need to get402.1993.72
out there and help you oh boy I thought404.0393.401
you were going to go help them there we405.9194.0
go all right I'll come and help you s407.444.84
stand Bud Sim Simon I'll help you409.9193.801
someone needs to keep those beds warm412.282.4
I'm going to I'm going to light this413.723.56
place up a little414.682.6
bit [ __ ]418.1993.321
spawning oh you blown up some of our422.44.12
real estate don't worry about it it's425.0393.201
okay we'll fix it Simon what are you426.524.64
doing yeah there's there's a creeper428.245.959
coming okay jeez I can't too many431.165.759
monsters nearby I can't either all right434.1995.56
what happened when I was gone well one436.9195.201
creeper blew up in the front yard oh boy439.7593.681
the the battle going can't go to sleep443.444.92
yeah we're down we did survive and the446.723.24
damage is minable you guys had a good448.364.08
night huh well now I can sleep you can449.965.0
sleep now I'm sleeping go to sleep I'm452.444.24
asleep I'm asleep why would you go to454.963.639
the sun's go to sleep sun's coming up456.683.6
maybe but just do it sleep maybe it'll458.5993.961
reset everything May reset the rain in460.283.319
the monsters will go away in the rain462.562.199
I'm in bed think I'm going to pay you463.5993.6
another compliment yeah what's up your464.7596.44
back door deck out the up top house yeah467.1996.12
what a great place to be for the sunrise471.1994.0
right oh creeper creeper behind you473.3194.081
Simon run run towards me run towards me475.1993.801
nees you too run towards me run towards477.44.4
me run I'm just running for no Reas my479.04.639
back okay we got circle around use your481.84.16
training use your training he fell in483.6394.12
water oh boy there's another creeper487.7594.0
right there all right get it use your490.3193.32
training people oh man you want me to491.7594.041
get him get him to follow you okay I'm493.6393.56
going to do that back away from him look495.84.2
at me oh follow me come and follow me497.1994.361
he's following me guys come on just keep500.03.28
backing away I am it that's what I'm501.564.639
doing back up that's what I'm doing keep503.284.879
keep them going no run506.1994.921
run keep him following you use your508.1596.841
training I used TR run away511.126.159
smon keep running don't get yourself in515.03.719
a corner so517.2794.841
long that was close you're welcome you518.7195.0
got backed into a corner Simon that's522.123.159
what you got to look out for I know523.7193.881
that's my problem but I helped did you525.2795.361
you did it worked I did I was going to527.65.28
say good job [ __ ] no you weren't you530.644.72
were good job [ __ ] it's not normal for532.884.32
you to help so good job hey this might535.364.24
be a good thing let's make that River537.23.56
right yeah we're going to need a lot of539.62.84
water I mean you understand that we have540.763.16
to go get water in buckets and then542.443.519
bring it oh no that's not going to work543.923.76
look I I I love building meaningless545.9593.281
[ __ ] for you but I might have to stop547.683.56
you at River all right well I'm building549.243.48
it I think for once I'm going to run off551.242.839
and build something don't tell me there552.723.0
can't be a river what are you going to554.0793.521
run off and build I don't know I don't555.722.92
know what I'm going do it's kind of like557.63.16
a that that free-for-all point isn't it558.645.4
yeah I'm building my own little Abode560.765.44
mod place thing is none of that564.044.28
surprised as any of us no it's not like566.25.0
I haven't made crafted tools for people568.324.68
in the beginning we have footage of that571.23.319
never hear the end of that will we573.05.04
remember that time I made you a a574.5196.801
tool above and beyond thick so I'll dig578.044.799
it and you fill it with water how about581.324.639
that ABS hm I'll dig it and you fill it582.8394.961
with water no no no no I want I want no585.9593.681
part of your uh587.84.2
River Simon will help though I put my589.643.759
foot down on that right after I get this592.03.36
clown fish oh you're on the clown fish593.3994.841
Mission I am I've caught 39 fish not one595.364.96
clown fish holy [ __ ] [ __ ] I wish there598.244.36
was a way you could send fish upward you600.324.4
come down and get it I don't want to I602.63.76
don't like it down there anymore you604.724.84
don't not as much as I like it up here I606.365.039
like views you're going to become a609.563.719
Hermit you're going to go over there to611.3993.201
your spot you're going to build a little613.2793.281
Hut a Hut it's going to be a massive614.63.76
castle that everyone can see from Miles616.563.519
okay it'll be like what's his name from618.366.0
that movie Dracula Red Bud what red bud620.0797.681
you mean Rose Bud Citizen Cane yeah oh624.365.96
Red Rum NOP627.765.44
wrong movie yeah Red Room same thing630.325.44
live in a big empty Hotel a bunch of633.25.24
creepy twins it is very much what no635.765.079
that's that's The Shining no but we were638.445.28
talking about Citizen Kane Red Bud Red640.8395.961
Bud Red Bud red643.726.239
bud I have a bowl look at this this is646.84.96
going to be easy talking about red bud649.9594.601
and Bowl sound like right does sound651.765.56
like me you want to step outside homie I654.565.04
need a bucket guys not a bowl what's the657.325.04
bowl for is it for food you put659.66.479
mushrooms in it make mushro soup that's662.365.52
no oh look like that V oh make a little667.884.959
V there you go so I'm ready for you671.3993.961
appsro to come fill in this uh thing672.8394.041
nope in the mines what do you want me to675.363.24
do where you at Simon I'm right behind676.884.399
you bucko let's see bucket I'm going to678.64.799
give you this bucket bucko look at what681.2795.481
I do you scoop and you come over here683.3994.56
drop right687.9594.12
click right click that's all there is to689.9593.761
it we got to fill this full of water all692.0794.44
right give it to me you ready all right693.725.64
Simon you might be employee of the week696.5195.841
ooh Some try out let's see how it goes699.365.159
hold on scoop702.366.599
it and dump it scoop and dump scoop and704.5198.921
dump okay don't fall in the hole s it's708.9596.88
a hole how's that going how could I tell713.444.24
did I dump it it gets here go come back715.8394.401
over okay did I dump right click to dump717.684.159
you just like you place that's what I720.243.719
did okay your bucket should be empty now721.8394.281
it has blue in it right now it has blue723.9594.041
now right click I am right clicking726.124.2
nothing did it dump no it still full of728.04.32
water there it is I got to go a little730.323.879
closer there you go that's the deal now732.322.8
you're getting it I think it just734.1993.08
depends on what you aim at no I'm aiming735.124.24
exactly where I would drop a block and737.2794.401
it's making me know we kind of know739.364.12
Simon all right shut741.684.36
up but we know I should be sealing I743.484.479
should be SE okay that good Simon you746.044.039
got it now thank you let me just watch747.9594.12
you for a minute make750.0795.44
sure I got it I could tell okay but I752.0794.841
saw you dump there I didn't see any755.5194.281
changing water okay that time I did that756.925.719
looked good there that was a good one759.85.2
now I see looking good Simon I'll come762.6395.361
back check on you son of a [ __ ] okay765.06.16
buddy it ain't doing it nebs it's doing768.07.839
it you calm down Simon it or you s I771.168.28
wish I could show you but I can't oh no775.8395.761
I also got nutrition from a clownish but779.443.88
nobody seems to [ __ ] believe that781.64.08
either CU I'm the liar of the group783.326.759
going be hard to a liar I wish you'd785.687.76
stop nothing I'm not doing this anymore790.0796.32
I'm done it it with cuz when you when793.446.04
you dump 10 buckets of water and you796.3995.921
don't see anything to show for it it's799.485.0
not fun I bet that wouldn't be fun802.323.72
probably cuz you're not doing it right I804.483.76
am get your ass over here so you can806.044.2
look at me and you can see where the808.244.44
little Crosshair is and then you can see810.244.399
where I'm pointing and then the water812.683.8
goes away hold on just keep doing it let814.6393.721
me come over there here I'm actually816.483.12
going to look at your computer yeah look818.362.68
at my computer right yeah go ahead and819.63.64
look is it is it getting night time [ __ ]821.044.68
always if I'm pointing at this you can't823.244.76
do that see why can't I do that that's825.724.08
water I'm saying aim right here at the828.03.72
edge of the dir I only I can only do the829.84.279
edge of the dirt yep that's it right831.723.88
there yeah but why we should probably834.0792.56
head to835.64.96
bed I hate this need just to leave836.6397.041
himself out in the open yeah as it's p840.565.32
time yeah as it's getting843.685.2
dark going to take a pedal all right I I845.884.6
just I'm dropping torches around here848.884.399
just to light up the850.482.799
area Simon see starting to come together856.325.879
man so bed yeah we go to bed all right859.1996.281
bed I'm in bed you may not rest now862.1995.281
there are monsters nearby that's old865.484.52
right that's old what did you achieve867.485.039
there hot topics did you get a pair of870.04.92
hot pants I did tube top I don't know872.5194.041
what that means Hot Topic Tu topics is874.923.599
that it something like that yeah I got876.564.519
to get to work on well I mean if thick878.5193.88
leaves it's not going to be in different881.0793.161
we keep going you have another bucket no882.3993.56
I have to make one I don't have any884.243.44
material to make a bucket there's metal885.9594.761
in the uh metals and no there was not887.684.56
there there wasn't any silver there890.723.799
should be was there yeah how you think I892.245.399
made that one um with the last of it894.5195.44
that you didn't replace yeah metals and897.6394.88
stuff oh wait you know what yeah see899.9594.481
there's stuff in there oh you just put902.5193.88
it in there well maybe should I make a904.443.0
okay yes would that look good if I had a909.564.279
helmet okay I don't know how it would913.8393.841
bad C helmet all yep that looks pretty917.689.56
good mhm mhm yep I like that uhhuh he's920.8810.64
just talking uh-huh uhuh M927.244.78
yeah I941.5195.28

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