MINECRAFT - New Neebsylvania 4: "Total Drama Mountain"

Hey there fellow fans of Neebs Gaming and Hank and Jed! Have you checked out their latest video yet? It's a hilarious new episode filled wit...
MINECRAFT - New Neebsylvania 4: "Total Drama Mountain"
MINECRAFT - New Neebsylvania 4: "Total Drama Mountain"

MINECRAFT - New Neebsylvania 4: "Total Drama Mountain"

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen the latest episode of New Neebsylvania? 'Total Drama Mountain' is hands down my favorite!

simon: Oh yeah, that one was hilarious! I love how they all start bickering as soon as they have to start building. Classic Neebsylvania drama!

neebs: And don't forget the bossiness! It's like a reality show set in Minecraft. So entertaining!

simon: Definitely! I can't get enough of the chaos and comedy in that episode. It's pure gold!

Hey there fellow fans of Neebs Gaming and Hank and Jed! Have you checked out their latest video yet? It's a hilarious new episode filled with building, bossiness, and bickering - just the kind of content we love from these guys!

The video features some awesome music from Kevin MacLeod and The Jingle Punks, setting the perfect tone for the chaos that unfolds. And of course, you can always count on Neebs Gaming and Hank and Jed to bring their A-game when it comes to entertaining us with their unique brand of humor.

If you're a fan of Minecraft, you'll definitely want to give this video a watch. It's packed with all the blocky goodness we know and love, with a healthy dose of comedy thrown in for good measure. And hey, if you're not already following Neebs Gaming and Hank and Jed on social media, what are you waiting for? They've got Facebook, Twitter, Twitch channels, and even Google+ - so you can stay up to date on all their latest shenanigans.

And hey, speaking of staying up to date, don't forget to check out their websites for even more awesome content. You can snag some sweet gear from their Spreadshirt store, or dive into the world of Hank and Jed movie pictures. So go ahead, hit that play button and get ready to laugh your socks off with Neebs Gaming and Hank and Jed!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Neebs Gaming has once again struck gold with their latest hilarious gameplay series in Minecraft. Through their signature cinematic style, they bring the blocky world of Minecraft to life in a way that is far more immersive and entertaining than simply watching raw gameplay footage.

Right from the start, the colorful cast of characters immediately draw you into the experience, with their distinct personalities and nonstop banter. As they set out to build their village from scratch, the chaos and laughs never cease. From Dora's frenetic energy, to Thick's lovable obliviousness, to Anthony's exasperated reactions, the crew's interactions are comedic gold.

Beyond the characters, Neebs Gaming uses clever editing, music, and sound effects to fully immerse you in each moment. When a creeper explodes, you feel the force of the blast. When they strike diamonds, triumphant music swells. The editing amplifies both the humor and the drama.

While playing Minecraft yourself allows you to experience the game firsthand, there's nothing quite like watching the pros at Neebs Gaming bring their world to life. It's the next best thing to being part of the adventure yourself. Their cinematic approach showcases Minecraft in all its blocky glory, in a way that is far more entertaining than just watching someone else play.

So if you want to experience the very best of Minecraft without picking up a controller yourself, look no further than Neebs Gaming. Their videos will have you laughing nonstop, while also getting immersed in the Minecraft world like never before. It's a can't-miss series for any fan of gaming entertainment.

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yeah oh that's nice girls that looks so7.256.37
good to my right or your left you'll see10.535.97
Schnurr also known as thick 44 behind me13.626.45
doraleous to the other side the blue16.59.18
wizard there is AB Stroh wait guys20.077.049
follow me look at her follow Nimes25.683.15
take a look at this I guess this again27.1194.731
oh yeah that is this is the motherland28.834.2
that is pretty you still don't want to33.034.26
live here do your noobs from time to35.074.25
breakfast what are you fishing you39.7395.351
fishing whatever I'm catch oh you are41.615.129
standing off the edge of their needs I'm45.094.11
crazy yeah you can if you hold down46.7394.98
shift Simon yeah holding it down and49.23.96
then walk to a Ledge you will not fall51.7193.511
off a ledge yeah it's a good vise if I53.164.05
let go of shift right now I fall right55.2310.17
so don't do that can you say I forget57.219.06
how you go to bed65.48.13
can we film yeah but there's a can get66.2711.279
through that too to cross good night73.538.96
good night good morning everybody77.5497.86
this is a good shot here you're holding82.493.61
a pork chop85.4092.371
look at this y'all come look to this86.13.479
window absolutely alright so we should87.784.32
assign duties I think so - nice you're89.5794.411
in charge here so yeah we need to build92.13.559
like a quick way to get back up here93.994.68
somebody [ __ ] yeah just dig a hole95.6594.721
straight down and put a ladder in it98.673.51
well we can almost like even be to start100.383.269
building some stairs right here so it's102.183.99
easy to just climb up yeah get rid of103.6493.661
all the holes106.173.239
so Simon doesn't get trapped somewhere107.313.12
that could take some time109.4093.21
thank you needs we got a landscape this110.434.469
place is gonna get kill that's true why112.6194.741
can't my shovel dig oh boy here we go114.8996.75
there we go is this the beginning of oh117.366.509
that's nice who made that yeah what is121.6494.08
that for oh that is the bus guy that's123.8694.11
gonna be the mine no there we go that's125.7293.601
gonna bring us down to the ground level127.9793.87
that's gonna take us down yeah now yo129.333.989
you're gonna make the mine you131.8492.97
I got I'm on the mind man don't worry133.3193.271
about it all right you doing that yeah134.8193.18
that's what are you doing I could maybe136.593.42
this what see it what I'm standing on137.9993.72
this grand egg this all flat make it140.013.209
flat on this grass and get rid outta141.7196.42
here okay how do I make a ladder okay143.2196.75
think what you need to do give me give148.1393.27
me the wood thick he was doing [ __ ]149.9694.05
after would give them would do what you151.4094.92
were doing there's a cloud coming watch154.0196.06
out as a cloud they don't hurt let's156.3297.02
check on Napster yep let's see if he's160.0795.791
doing what he's serious yeah I am making163.3494.29
leather in the working table yep how165.873.33
hard he's working I'm working hard all167.6393.24
right get that concentration letter ere169.25.55
he goes thick yeah here's your job Simon170.8795.42
you made a hole come with me down here174.753.93
I'm looking for I'm in a cloud here we176.2995.62
go I found you you know what he made he178.684.83
made at least one hole that I saw I181.9194.141
didn't say all right thick yeah183.515.429
see those stairs make this a grand186.065.819
entrance but this isn't gonna be like188.9395.91
the very top of the mountain don't sass191.8796.78
me thick make this rock stairs all the194.8496.871
way up to the to the top like you're198.6595.401
entering Oz so we can easily easily walk201.725.939
up here isn't a sorry house me think204.065.699
what are you clear on your objective207.6594.32
yeah make some [ __ ] stairs or209.7594.68
something indeed once you get like some211.9795.491
red carpet red carpet on it where'd you214.4394.651
get that kind of he's doing good that217.473.9
the mine shaft is made from can I take219.096.0
it from my chef [ __ ] I bet you absolute221.375.429
probably has a lot of stones yeah here I225.093.479
got a cobblestone I got loads of it226.7993.96
let's watch this transaction go down228.5694.95
yeah there you go there it is230.7595.331
fascinating gameplay and like once again233.5195.821
shady translator Oh God236.097.509
what happened Apsara um hole hole like I239.346.0
got to a point where Simon how do you243.5994.081
not find is a long way down I don't want245.344.41
to hear excuses absolutely I want to see247.685.16
results you will see results but uh I249.755.759
got a word all right the same getting252.843.389
dark already255.5094.021
is it no I've been working all day yeah256.2296.801
better come home to a nice [ __ ] meal259.533.5
we do whatever here up sir your jobs263.4193.491
over there no266.1593.271
it is over here but I need to get down266.914.44
here to complete it and I'll do that in269.433.87
the morning don't worry hey hey hey look271.353.93
at me look at me okay trust me all right273.33.69
all right hey do you know how to make275.283.12
actual stairs he's just gonna keep276.992.22
making this [ __ ]278.42.46
you look like stairs he wants a grand279.213.33
entrance but when you're done thick that280.863.33
they have to be real stairs you got to282.543.33
make real stairs no I don't check this284.193.6
out take that stone I gave you go to the285.874.89
crafting table what's the sense or CP287.794.47
times yeah I guess so let's keep this290.767.08
hill over here right this it's just an292.267.14
obstruction why would we keep that297.843.0
banging the [ __ ] out of it299.44.19
bang the hell out of that it's called300.845.67
dynamics is that what's called sure what303.594.09
do you call but let's still bang the306.512.52
[ __ ] out of it who cut this tree down307.684.29
and didn't finish the job yeah I'd like309.039.3
to guess thick reach 1 job alright I'm311.978.79
getting ready to leave you guys let's go318.3310.83
to bed [ __ ] I think I went down oh boy320.7611.31
I'm in trouble fireman God where's he at329.167.05
yes yes where am I I'm behind you all332.077.53
right oh [ __ ] oh my god this is horrible336.216.72
we need some torches over here you dig339.67.02
make some steps Oh buddy I could do that342.936.45
charges good lord alright to the bed346.624.65
what is this what is what349.384.89
it's dirt and rocks and I'm I'm messy me351.275.28
to work in progress [ __ ] do it354.273.96
tomorrow good night everybody night356.554.83
again great day guys great day good358.235.37
night Paul Simon live good night mom hi361.384.89
john-boy okay I need some steel so I can363.65.73
make a hold on another case I need a366.274.98
shovel after we have a guy making a mind369.333.66
once he gets that done yep probably get371.254.65
steel pretty easy yeah372.995.19
you are an [ __ ] god I think we should375.94.23
leave a hill right here with a tree on378.183.72
top of this thing over here yeah I380.133.629
disagree no just make a nice little381.94.41
accent here an obstruction look if383.7594.111
you're standing here and all you see is386.314.109
flat land and sky but I'm saying we387.876.24
could build [ __ ] here Russian guys yeah390.4195.761
I'll meet you in the middle yeah let's394.113.63
just put a hill here with a tree on it396.183.299
it's just an obstruction One Tree Hill397.743.81
okay One Tree Hill Simon here's your399.4794.141
objective get rid of this grass just401.554.53
grow okay I could do that and then see403.624.829
all this here these rocks in the ground406.085.459
yeah get rid of that put dirt okay let408.4495.551
me oh did you just that was my did your411.5394.861
job [ __ ] slow you better hurry Simon414.04.169
Baskin do your job I am doing his job416.44.17
what the fact that I've done any is a418.1693.12
good thing420.572.909
have you done any yes you fill in the421.2895.25
dirt okay I'll do everything Nick yeah423.4794.141
are we doing over here426.5394.051
want me to it well there are stairs okay427.625.46
I'm gonna put another set of stairs are430.594.47
you gonna have this I am gonna have some433.084.2
sort of a rail you will f2 will be you435.064.289
can't do just one side and no I'm I just437.283.0
said I was gonna do it on both sides439.3493.241
okay and I'm going to have some sort of440.284.65
covered thing - I wonder cuz you see442.593.66
that tree over there surprised you left444.934.44
the trunk on oh man just you know go to446.255.25
hell you said an example of your work449.373.539
ethic and then there we don't we started451.57.68
expecting just hit me your dick he's452.9097.831
being a jerk he just hit me and I was459.183.15
putting dirt in here actually put some460.746.66
of these in here yeah but you did though462.338.309
I did enjoy Simon what just asked him467.44.31
did he mean to do it470.6393.78
did you mean to do it I did not and let471.713.54
it go474.4194.111
look at me doraleous it wasn't behind475.254.419
you you meant to do that478.533.72
no oh convenience huh what do you mean479.6694.411
yeah yeah I mean you I was putting in482.253.06
the dirt you didn't even say good job484.083.36
and nothing it was it was not a really485.313.57
good job let's keep the end goal in mind487.442.099
high five is this true this is not a489.5394.111
hill with a tree on it there shouldn't492.034.139
be an L on our Hill see that up there I493.653.509
was just trying to get rid of the496.1692.25
[ __ ] Hill I think that's a pretty497.1594.111
hill and then put it on top since you're498.4194.141
not doing anything names do you have a501.272.94
shovel you can serve me anything502.562.82
well you're not could you give me a504.212.79
shovel is the whole thing that you're505.384.14
not using you have a shovel cut507.03.99
don't want to get rid of it give me the509.522.879
shovel because you're not doing the am510.993.45
shovel the shovels got like two hits512.3994.5
left in it I know it's I've been using514.443.99
it but you were holding on to it like it516.8993.931
was so valuable and still where do you518.435.219
do in Simon I had a good time yeah but520.835.99
you're getting rid of the dirt that523.6493.171
thick looking good mmm528.116.22
step it up hell I'd like to see this530.75.67
tree goin over here okay hey one thing534.333.18
at a time all right536.374.89
as you were so absurd how do I get to537.515.43
you where are you you come down the541.264.29
shaft yeah I'm jealous of appstores job542.945.73
cuz he doesn't have to be by you sounds545.554.289
awful be careful548.674.08
well okay why are the two sets of549.8394.62
ladders oh here we go well I had to552.753.75
figure out how to get down here I'm not554.4593.481
jealous of you anymore one ladder is the556.53.66
way to go in it yeah this would be okay557.943.45
but I had to make sure I was in the560.163.869
right place can that be a way down we561.394.08
could ride this down you could if you564.0293.12
wanted to that's the way we get down how565.475.25
good does that sound good at some stake567.1495.731
oh we got chicken good is some chicken570.725.07
all right if there can be a pond up at572.885.16
the very top mm-hmm maybe a golden pond575.796.08
mm-hmm get on it all right578.043.83
jokes that no one will understand no582.265.53
more the only one taking down this585.85.65
little mountain throw Elias look look do587.795.19
you see how much I've taken out in here591.452.699
do you see how much I've taken out592.982.849
everywhere Deeb's of you and this Joe594.1494.531
thing is cleared out I've totally kicked595.8294.591
your ass if this was a competition this598.685.73
is like real world minecraft yeah that's600.426.6
looking good guys all right rain is604.414.679
coming along what if let's scrap the607.029.559
hill idea [ __ ] it let's do like a609.0899.961
two-storied observation deck listen616.5795.861
little story here this is why I was619.055.19
clearing all of this so we could do622.444.32
other things so let's just completely624.244.89
clear this yeah it's an empty path yeah626.764.26
clear it okay so do what we were doing629.133.81
yeah all right and then double double631.023.54
layered observation deck yeah I like632.941.86
all right why double layered Dan what's634.84.5
the purpose of the second layer why not637.5294.73
one nice big master observation639.34.939
more stone like I'm just trust me I kind642.2593.781
of got a vision all right probably gonna644.2393.9
be a shitty vision doraleous Simon give646.046.0
give thick your rock okay Simon648.1397.2
give me the rock man yeah the rock it's652.045.099
almost nighttime again live your life655.3393.9
right here live your life that was a657.1394.26
something doraleous got on a text well659.2394.861
yeah maybe a life yeah661.3994.41
was it a wrong number oh it was664.13.239
something like that I bet that put you665.8093.3
in your place to really do I started667.3398.52
living my life what is that it's going669.1098.76
to be I'm gonna put something to cover675.8596.06
this thing man Simon yes CP times is it677.8696.69
yeah come on all right guys good work681.9193.15
really yeah okay I I do have a ladder685.0695.25
that goes all the way down to the bottom688.8193.93
now so it should be easy to access the690.3195.01
ocean mmm we're fishing fun I mean692.7494.53
that's Simon's job beautiful Simon do695.3294.68
you wanna go fish yeah I'm gonna answer697.2795.16
for you well okay fine I'll do whatever700.0093.211
you want neebs702.4396.36
as Simon ever going downstairs I want to703.226.269
see if this works708.7992.551
oh yeah right here should be that water709.4893.361
good lord711.355.37
hold on let me get Rikishi [ __ ] fish712.854.589
in that water716.722.399
why can't you it's this guy yes he's717.4393.75
gonna be the one that all right so you719.1194.02
if you stay in the water you spheal go721.1894.17
all the way down without having to climb723.1395.19
down so just stay in no no Simon what725.3595.46
don't follow me see that blue water728.3294.95
right there yeah climb back up okay and730.8194.26
just jump in the water and stay in the733.2793.84
water you'll ride the water down and735.0794.92
you'll be safe awesome all right oh [ __ ]737.1196.42
oh [ __ ] no you're fine right there okay739.9994.231
turn around743.5392.49
yeah well walk into the water and make744.233.539
sure you stay in the water so I jump in746.0294.441
the water users walk you walk into them747.7694.29
there you go now ride it now walk into750.472.25
the water752.0593.72
you're doing good solid don't leave the752.725.789
water looking good buddy oh yeah how you755.7795.1
feel I have no idea how I'm gonna get758.5094.74
back up there's stairs there's ladders760.8793.54
we don't want you to get back up now763.2492.91
where do I go whoo go find somewhere to764.4193.48
fish all right all right I'm gonna go766.1593.461
this is working good so far apps right769.624.92
but we need more water down here772.14.12
we should probably Simon proof this774.545.07
ground down here right yeah he might776.225.66
want to prove it779.614.68
that's a job get one of the Simon781.883.64
prefers to do it I'm busy784.293.45
I'm officially fishing all right let me785.523.3
find Simon787.742.88
which way'd he go that sir he went788.825.16
towards the ocean where are you towards790.625.7
the ocean this way that way yeah I think793.983.87
the best way to Simon proof anything is796.323.15
to walk over to his laptop and hit quick797.853.8
game have you caught anything yet no no799.475.22
no not yet I did get a nibble but it's801.654.42
very far away I think I need to get804.692.67
closer yeah I'm not sure if you can806.073.18
bring a fish in that far away807.368.13
you think you could I got it yeah damn809.258.04
fish on the table when I get back oh you815.493.62
something's coming for your noobs yeah817.297.92
coming for me too and alright I'm Olivia819.117.51
I'll see you later buddy do you know how825.212.1
to get home826.623.42
yes I think so I don't know if I like827.315.79
this like what uh what I've done830.044.89
let me get up there hold on all right833.14.08
well it was gonna be like this covered834.933.72
thing I don't think you're gonna like it837.181.97
yeah that's ridiculous it's bigger than839.1515.28
the house he's got a plan needs gonna847.988.25
look good guys don't worry I know he had854.434.2
a plan yeah it just wasn't a good one856.233.72
hey you think you think the Wright858.633.98
brothers first try on an airplane worked859.956.39
it didn't know yeah but their plan was862.615.23
good I'm gonna pretty feel down there866.343.75
Danis a little grab that yeah okay867.844.32
that is beautiful down there nice feels870.093.72
a little uh bunch of little fishing872.164.32
holes yeah this reminds you of home873.815.16
doesn't it it does land of a thousand876.484.26
lakes ten thousand okay878.973.36
and there's more that sounds like an880.743.75
exaggeration Nick this trees not gonna882.334.02
cut itself down over here I'm working on884.494.05
the stairs [ __ ] my god oh is it886.354.8
getting dark yeah oh boy alright and we888.544.47
can be on your way Simon this should be891.153.75
fun yeah you better get on it893.013.65
I'll get to you sadly894.93.47
it's okay now no I think I could do this896.663.75
he doesn't need an escort I don't need898.372.76
your help900.412.34
no think I don't think you should say901.133.24
anything I wanted to take a look at this902.756.029
piece of [ __ ] at you and then we could904.376.24
both talk it's a good start908.7794.591
noobs yeah tomorrow I'm making the910.615.279
viewing platform all right go to bed all913.373.659
right everybody got a bit I go to bed915.8891.531
I must stay up read a book Simon went to917.424.969
bed holding his favorite fishing pole919.7594.741
are you comfortable Simon it's gonna922.3893.791
wake up with a hook in his cheek can you924.54.35
sleep on it different you sleep on yeah926.185.579
look I can't look at me okay well trust928.854.739
me don't be surprised if your neck hurts931.7594.171
in the morning okay all right everybody933.5895.521
ready yeah I'll shut the door all right935.936.139
good night everybody939.112.959

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