MINECRAFT - New Neebsylvania 3: "The Promised Land"

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Let me tell you about the latest video where Neebs and the gang are on a mission to find some sheep in M...
MINECRAFT - New Neebsylvania 3: "The Promised Land"
MINECRAFT - New Neebsylvania 3: "The Promised Land"

MINECRAFT - New Neebsylvania 3: "The Promised Land"

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that latest Minecraft video we did? 'The Promised Land' is my new favorite, it's got everything!

simon: Oh yeah, Neebs, that one was a blast! I mean, who knew sheep hunting could lead us to such a magical place?

neebs: I know, right? And that texture pack we used really made the whole adventure pop. Plus, the intro music was so catchy!

simon: Definitely, I was humming 'Pisco Sour' for days after that. And let's not forget about the banter between us, it was top-notch comedy!

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Let me tell you about the latest video where Neebs and the gang are on a mission to find some sheep in Minecraft. As they journey through the pixelated world, they stumble upon what can only be described as the promised land. You'll have to watch the video to find out what they discover!

And can we talk about the texture pack they're using in this video? It's the Ovos Rustic resource pack, and let me tell you, it really adds a whole new level of detail to the game. The visuals are just stunning, and it makes the gameplay even more immersive.

As always, the intro/outro music sets the perfect tone for the video. "Pisco Sour" by Gunnar Olsen just fits so well with the epic adventures that Neebs and his friends go on. It's the little details like this that really make their videos stand out.

If you're a die-hard fan like me, you'll definitely want to check out all the social media links they have listed. From Facebook to Twitter to Twitch, you can stay up to date on all things Neebs Gaming and even get a behind-the-scenes look at their live streams. And don't forget to snag some sweet gear from their online store - I've got my eye on a Neebs Gaming t-shirt!

So, grab your pickaxe and get ready for an epic Minecraft adventure with Neebs and the crew. Trust me, you won't want to miss this one!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Here is a multi-paragraph endorsement of Neebs Gaming's Minecraft gameplay video in a conversational tone:.

Man, I gotta say, watching the latest Minecraft video from Neebs Gaming was an absolute delight! As soon as I saw they were playing Minecraft, I just knew I was in for a good time. The way they approached the game with their trademark humor and camaraderie was fantastic.

In the video, the crew spawn into a beautiful, lush world and set out on a grand adventure to find some sheep. You can really feel the chemistry between the guys as they banter and goof around while exploring the landscape. Their sense of wonder and excitement is infectious! The world they generated is stunning too - the texture pack they use makes everything pop.

As they journey across mountains and forests, the laughs never stop coming. Thick's derpy antics, Appsro's exasperated reactions, Simon's manic energy...it all combines into comedic gold! And when they finally stumble upon the "promised land" of sheep at the end, it's a glorious payoff.

Overall, watching Neebs and the gang play Minecraft is the next best thing to playing it yourself. Their cinematic style and narrative approach to the gameplay makes it like you're right there with them, going on an epic virtual adventure. It's just so much more engaging and entertaining than simply watching someone silently play.

With their signature blend of humor, camaraderie and creativity, Neebs Gaming delivers an unforgettable Minecraft experience. Their videos are the absolute best way to enjoy Minecraft without actually loading up the game yourself. I couldn't recommend their content more if you're looking for great gameplay with nonstop laughs!

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oh I did not take enough food with7.4394.961
me I've got extra I got a little extra9.5994.801
so yeah we should be okay keep walking12.48.44
thick I manross the river excuse me Mr14.46.44
Cow sugar21.3594.401
cane wait you can make paper with23.644.68
sugarcane is that correct correct to25.764.72
make books28.324.6
to make books to roll joints when I say30.485.04
to make books I don't know I went I went32.925.6
up with my voice like make books I I I35.525.12
heard the question in it oh guys38.524.12
actually you can trade paper to the uh40.644.239
villagers that you find guys I don't42.644.079
know if your screen's loading in yet but44.8793.84
everybody's in for a nice surprise oh46.7194.721
man oh boy that's that's the uh promised48.7195.121
land and there's water close by and sand51.444.84
this might be it I see a diamond tree53.844.48
what do you mean by it oh man God when I56.284.48
say it I mean the58.324.52
we live in the spot no we don't live in60.763.759
the spot we don't we don't it was a62.843.84
temporary spot well y'all can live here64.5193.441
if you want to I'm living back over66.684.96
there with this yeah hey yeah who's with67.966.519
me for a castle up there oh man put a71.645.68
castle up there we got lava right up top74.4794.761
we got to climb to the top of this thing77.323.88
this let's get let's get wool let's look79.244.239
around the perimeter for wool yeah I81.24.32
don't see sheep let's look for sheep83.4794.241
guys so that's thick mountain by the way85.524.959
thick mountain is so it is a tiny p guys87.724.48
I feel like we should move holy moly90.4793.92
look at this place wow this is gorgeous92.23.68
am I the only one94.3994.881
lagging crap so maybe fine maybe someone95.886.08
else should host from now on you see the99.284.68
Sheep up here y'all who's got the shears101.964.4
I got the shears we did103.965.04
it oh there's another sheepy down here106.364.16
we need them all oh that's a duck I'm109.03.92
sorry so five times we need 15 wo yeah110.524.48
we need 15 pieces of wool this place is112.924.36
beautiful it's it's you see the sand you115.04.36
see the water we could fish it rain117.284.04
every now lava to make us look a little119.363.96
bit badass you know nobody cut down121.324.28
these sunflowers okay oh no no these123.324.079
sunflowers look great so what don't you125.64.639
like about this place nees live here127.3994.801
I'll live across the river at the desert130.2394.801
this is Valhalla this is yeah I mean we132.24.6
can start in the desert and then end up135.043.24
over here y'all can live on top of that136.82.68
mountain and you can look over there and138.282.84
go hey nebes and I'll have the light139.483.479
Beacon I'll I'm kind of I'm kind of141.123.72
liking that idea follow me let's go this142.9594.0
way and see if we find more sheep okay144.845.92
cuz we only have three wool really yes146.9595.801
this is the perfect place to frolic look150.763.8
at this this is where one would Frolic152.764.04
this is one likes that this is a good154.564.399
frolicking area isn't it okay watch out156.83.64
Simon there's a bunch of holes coming up158.9593.92
so just be weary now this place is [ __ ]160.444.159
guys let's let's go let's go make our162.8793.481
castle in the middle of a [ __ ] sand164.5993.041
oh you know what sucks about it reminds166.364.0
me of yan National Park what a piece of167.645.519
[ __ ] I see a sheep sheep on top of the170.364.12
hill over here you see which way I'm at173.1592.08
yep get him asro get him can you imagine175.2395.401
what we could build around on this place178.924.48
God it's h yeah this place is pretty180.644.599
amazing it hurts so when do we go back183.43.399
home I'm going to tell my grandkid about185.2393.28
this place that's how awesome it is me186.7993.52
too and I wasn't going to tell them [ __ ]188.5193.681
animals are happy as [ __ ] here cuz I'm190.3193.321
not killing them how much wool do we192.23.72
have so far hold on I'm almost I'm about193.643.92
to get another little bunch here why195.922.92
didn't you go to the top I was going to197.562.8
try to get a good view of you shearing198.842.8
those sheep on top of that mountain you200.363.0
never showed up the gray one there's two201.642.879
up there yeah I'm right here are you203.362.4
there there you are oh and then the204.5192.681
white one down a little further oh yeah205.762.88
oh there was another white one there207.23.44
yeah oh my God guys guys the view from208.644.239
up here oh I could only imagine going up210.643.92
there but wouldn't you rather see flat212.8793.761
sand and [ __ ] I already said you guys214.563.56
can live here I'm going to live over in216.644.239
the desert guys yeah nees is going to be218.124.52
so jealous of our Castle once we build220.8793.72
it oh my God yes he is you're going to222.642.92
be jealous of my castle it's going to be224.5992.401
dark pretty soon we're all going to die225.563.92
impossible I have 10227.07.2
wool actually 12 because I have the uh229.486.679
we're three shy of beds oh I see sheep234.23.759
back where thick ran away the first time236.1593.121
oh yeah yeah Hill okay good good good237.9592.92
good good good good good there we go oh239.282.84
yeah there we are are we going to make240.8793.0
it yeah if not we can dig out of place242.123.8
for the night and make beds I love this243.8793.521
place oh my God I didn't see that245.923.92
[ __ ] Arc over there I know huh yeah247.44.72
that's an ark neebs your Arc was like249.844.959
Ark junor I say we just dig out a place252.124.16
dig out a hole in this mountain and254.7993.28
we'll just crash in there for the night256.283.32
what do you think nebs uh they out a258.0792.961
place by the water we could fish oh yeah259.63.56
yeah yeah where'd you go uh toward the261.045.0
ark but down um oh down okay all right263.165.44
NE this could eventually be our266.044.28
I don't know if you can fish in this270.322.879
little thing do whatever you want here271.443.08
you fish in it you know what maybe if273.1994.521
you put zombie flesh in the water it'll274.525.64
attract more fish kind of like some Chum277.724.039
kind of chum it up real good all right280.164.56
so let's make this uh Mob proof right281.7595.521
the area yep everybody good on food you284.724.44
good on uh I have some food and I'm287.284.0
eating yes I'm good on food Simon you're289.163.84
not in the safe area oh boy Simon come291.284.52
over here buddy not not and none of us293.04.08
surprised oh chickens are just falling297.086.44
little flappy CH top oh me Flappy CH all299.9196.201
right oh looks like I got a sheep hooked303.524.679
do you see that I see it I don't think306.123.68
you can catch it though I well I didn't308.1994.121
try to hook them that's better isn't it309.83.88
you making it deeper so there's more312.323.48
fish yeah oh jeez I hooked the chicken313.684.959
now yeah I'm not trying to hook these315.85.72
chickens just trying to fish reel it in318.6395.801
oh you did just did I really like it321.525.6
here y'all it speaks to me mean I think324.444.8
it's beautiful place is awesome I'm I'm327.123.639
just upset I know we can live here329.242.84
without neees but I want to live with330.7594.361
you neees I'll visit I'll come visit I332.084.399
know but you know it's not the same it's335.123.56
a pain in the butt we can make a train336.4794.401
that goes from my house to yours now338.683.72
that's that's true too we can have a340.883.96
train but uh I think people are going to342.44.919
want to see like our place over that344.844.88
place yeah I don't think so all right347.3195.16
good news guys we got five beds did you349.724.4
make them you put them around on top of352.4793.56
each other didn't you yeah oh we're one354.124.24
big happy family see come on let's go to356.0394.561
sleep I need to be oh oh358.365.72
lookie good job nebs you saved us all360.66.08
look at you guys look good hey hey tell364.084.239
us tell us a story nebes all right366.683.959
bedtime story all right did y'all hear368.3195.241
the one we're awake good morning guys370.6395.241
hey good morning make some coffee [ __ ]373.564.32
wow oh man look at this we got chickens375.885.24
sheep dude this come on everybody take a377.885.159
bed everybody take a bed how do you take381.123.88
a bed by hitting it I think I took two383.0393.321
are we really heading back to shitville385.02.639
let's stay here you got to start386.362.88
building your house that's not going to387.6393.201
be fun if you're not going to be with us389.242.92
oh it'll be fine see I think every time390.843.72
we move to a new place I just lock up392.164.599
what do you mean oh [ __ ] I just lag out394.563.68
I can't move cuz it's got the well it's396.7593.961
loading in the chunks that's someone398.244.399
else should Host this this is amazing400.724.16
what you eating there abro we got a poke402.6396.321
chop oh poke chop this way guys which404.885.28
this is the beach Wait what are we going408.963.16
what are we uh looking for right now410.164.2
well there's a there's a lava cave over412.124.24
here oh I did I didn't oh get out of my414.364.559
way I was taking this piece out Simon416.364.279
what the [ __ ] is wrong with you I don't418.9193.84
know oh Creeper Creeper Creeper [ __ ]420.6396.12
[ __ ] [ __ ] oh boy oh boy oh no I died so422.7596.081
did I idiot wonder where you're going to426.7595.44
spawn now oh no oh crap I'd like to see428.845.4
this what I'd like to see them actually432.1995.041
find us Simon where'd you go I fell in a434.247.639
hole oh God it's all falling apart guys437.246.44
now they're they're going to be so far441.8794.201
fromb is going to start to lag [ __ ] oh443.683.799
[ __ ] there's yeah I'm already lagging I446.082.799
can't do anything let's head back let's447.4793.0
head back toward W the original house448.8793.801
okay all right so we lost two of our450.4794.28
members yeah yep the great creeper452.684.84
incident of 201 it's getting it's454.7594.481
getting dark pretty soon here you can do457.523.72
it guys come back and meet us yeah this459.243.519
is going to be the danger that we have461.243.6
the whole time we go really far away one462.7593.601
person dies and they got to go all the464.843.359
way back well yeah I mean usually you'll466.363.72
spawn back where your bed is oh yeah we468.1993.761
had our beds you guys had your beds with470.085.559
you that's see I'm I'm a Noob got dark471.966.199
yeah it's it's officially dark we should475.6395.68
probably avoid the land478.1593.16
see if you can go fishing exactly knew482.0395.041
fishing while he's going that's what I485.8793.72
was talking487.082.519
about I'm going to flank him I'm back in491.1594.44
the water flanks oh did he get you that493.523.639
it's not working I'm flanking it is495.5994.56
working is it oh yeah I got his ass he's497.1595.32
dead sucker watch out creeper heading500.1594.561
toward you oh boy we're running you guys502.4794.44
running oh504.725.319
God where's neebs I I know where I'm at506.9196.6
just go home okay hey nebs hey ton hey510.0395.68
what's up hey hey just start start513.5194.121
throwing my stuff I need my sword my515.7195.161
pick my axe you have my axe hold on calm517.645.12
down you calm down thick I do not have520.883.92
an axe it there's one in your hand I522.763.72
would like a sword if you picked up my524.84.599
sword and a fishing pole please what the526.484.68
f oh zombie why is there a zombie in529.3993.281
[ __ ] another where how'd they get in how532.684.44
what oh there's a hole in the damn roof535.2796.841
here [ __ ] where oh [ __ ] well that we we537.127.24
can't get away from this place can542.125.2
we drag you back in trying to leave the544.364.599
hood you know okay so what's the plan547.324.0
when the sun comes up we all head back548.9594.761
to that location and put beds down we'll551.324.199
go we'll start a place and then when553.723.679
y'all are up on your feet I'm going to555.5193.841
leave the nest does everyone have a bed557.3994.0
interesting stuff I do so I can take559.366.12
this one yes did y'all wash it Simon did561.3997.88
you sheets are washed no I have one bed565.485.32
your inventory I know I see well there569.2792.961
would be a two next to my bed wouldn't570.82.599
there well I just broke it and it572.242.76
disappeared well guess what are you573.3993.641
saying I'm lying to you you can't stack575.03.959
cuz I'm not lying to you go to your577.044.76
inventory it's saying I have one bed and578.9595.361
then it's saying two sep beds yeah that581.85.24
means you have two beds I know thr out584.325.28
you were so you acted like did know so587.044.12
how do I give you that one come over589.62.56
here and look at591.163.679
me what an [ __ ] you know what screw592.164.6
you I'm starting to get my bad mood594.8394.601
starting to come back there you go596.765.0
you're welcome all right now I go in my599.446.76
inventory and drag down a bed wasn't my601.764.44
fault lead the way yeah this way to608.5196.481
Freedom okay this is fun right guys this612.5194.76
is good times I just wish we were on the615.04.519
same page on on where we want to live I617.2794.081
propose we gather all the resources and619.5194.32
elements from where we want to live621.365.08
which seems just abundant in things623.8394.881
abundant and we build a little bit there626.445.16
and then at the right time we make a628.724.64
little nice desert home for neebs this631.63.4
is like one of the situations where you633.364.719
need like a cadence song to keep so you635.05.04
keep marching you know or a638.0794.44
him do you know any yeah I do well you640.044.84
got to do the um you got to like follow642.5195.281
me up no no you shut up I'm doing it644.884.44
ready what the [ __ ] yeah we ready we're647.83.839
ready go teach us yeah here we go you649.325.84
just got to repeat what I do who wo wo651.63912.161
wo wo wo wo y yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah655.1611.64
hey used to drive a Cadillac used to670.167.2
drive a Cadillac now I'm humping with my674.046.239
pack now I'm humping with my pack used677.366.159
to drive a Cadillac used to drive a680.2796.56
Cadillac now I'm humping with my pack683.5197.44
now I'm humping with my pack686.8394.12
watch out692.82.2
for all right we made it good job why700.9593.56
are you way over there D I don't know I703.02.88
was I got carried away I like I was704.5192.641
leading the way cuz usually the one705.883.759
that's mind where you at oh I see how I707.164.28
see you guys how' you get way over there709.6396.561
I don't know because he used to drive a711.444.76
Cadillac now we don't know how to get716.485.08
back oh [ __ ] you you enjoyed it I did it718.685.32
was wonderful climb this mountain uh go721.564.64
the top to the top guys to the top to724.04.279
the Top O look at that it's like it's726.24.639
like that Hill's taking a leak728.2794.92
whoa that looks great this place is [ __ ]730.8393.921
careful meow yeah this place does suck733.1994.401
ass here we go what's up here we go I'm734.764.04
getting us up737.63.76
there whoa careful when you jump out738.84.8
here yep yeah yeah there there are some741.365.32
places so yeah there are places hey nees743.64.679
how you doing good oh we're heading up746.684.48
this way all right don't fall we're up748.2796.881
yeah he oh look at that good God look at751.165.799
that oh this place sucks should we make755.164.84
a little uh little little side cave um756.9594.721
we can make a structure here this is the760.03.639
beginning that's a beautiful sunset761.683.44
isn't that nice and then look to the763.6393.0
other side look what's look what's765.124.079
peeking over at the other side the766.6395.241
peekaboos look at that I'm laying blocks769.1995.32
guys you doing it hey there you go Simon771.884.84
I'm doing stop it Simon774.5194.161
no I was chopping grass and you ran776.723.28
right in front of me I'm putting up778.682.88
torches I'm trying to save us how come I780.03.04
can't look up what the hell happened781.563.079
you're in a783.044.239
hole you're in a hole Simon I couldn't784.6395.041
tell I'm so proud of myself building no787.2794.601
we all are are proud of you you should789.684.159
be did I just give somebody some wood791.884.319
super really proud Simon you can't put793.8395.281
that block there where look it's wood796.1994.2
Wood what have you done Simon look at800.3995.481
that wood Rock and then you put Rock803.2794.24
here there was wood going well then I805.884.519
take it back okay all right watch807.5196.041
this yeah I'm going to watch this okay810.3995.68
sorry you got to have a pick hey but813.564.2
guess what I recognized that and I816.0793.88
didn't do it for three minutes all right817.764.079
look at that did you build that D Alice819.9594.081
I did made that door you like that you821.8394.44
got one on both sides do it's like a824.044.28
little prison door I know pretty weird826.2794.161
what the hell so we we've made it to the828.323.879
top of the mountain we've built a830.445.6
structure mhm next we plan out the832.1997.161
castle Yeah we take a good look and see836.045.44
where the best yeah I like that it'll be839.364.96
neeb survey team Simon your841.485.599
assignment um until we play again is to844.325.079
learn this game better yeah I've been847.0794.68
I've been you accept you accept it did849.3994.201
you see me build get defensive don't get851.7593.041
yeah don't get defensive you see me853.63.08
building you've learned a few skills but854.83.839
why can't you just play a little bit856.684.159
between now and next time need go to bed858.6394.32
I know how to access things right now860.8395.041
more than I ever did I know how to to to862.9594.68
travel and to walk sometimes it's hard865.884.28
to jump from block to block when you're867.6394.0
going up a mountain you guys have run870.163.84
across these problems too no not really871.6394.88
great conversation good good night y'all874.04.079
good night good night we got wait for876.5193.0
the next time we're going to make some878.0792.641
[ __ ] oh yeah it's going to be so much879.5193.44
fun next time going to be good go to bed880.724.32
right bed all right good night everybody882.9592.701
good night885.0411.099

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