Neebs Battlefield 4 Godmode Resupply Montage

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you're in for a treat with their latest video! They've put together the most epic Battl...
Neebs Battlefield 4 Godmode Resupply Montage
Neebs Battlefield 4 Godmode Resupply Montage

Neebs Battlefield 4 Godmode Resupply Montage

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen our latest masterpiece, the Neebs Battlefield 4 Godmode Resupply Montage? It's like nothing you've ever seen before!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is pure gold! I mean, who knew you could use an ammo crate in Battlefield 4 like that? It's genius!

appsro: Absolutely, that montage is next level MLG gameplay. I can't get enough of watching those sweet resupply moments!

neebs: And don't forget to get your sweet gear from Neebs Gaming and Hank and Jed! We've got all the merch you need to show off your Neebs pride.

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you're in for a treat with their latest video! They've put together the most epic Battlefield 4 resupply montage that you've probably ever seen. I mean, who knew an Ammo Crate could be used in such creative and hilarious ways in the game? It's pure genius!

Not only is the gameplay in this montage top-notch, but the editing and music choices really take it to the next level. You'll be on the edge of your seat watching Neebs and the gang pull off some MLG-level moves in Battlefield 4. It's definitely a must-watch for any gaming enthusiast out there.

And hey, if you want to show your support for Neebs Gaming and Hank and Jed, you can grab some sweet gear from their online store. I've already got my eye on a few items that I can't wait to rock while gaming. Plus, make sure to follow them on all their social media channels to stay up-to-date on all their latest videos and projects.

Overall, this Battlefield 4 resupply montage is just another example of why I love Neebs Gaming so much. Their creativity, humor, and passion for gaming really shine through in everything they do. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the ride with Neebs and the crew. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, have you seen the latest Battlefield 4 video from Neebs Gaming? It's an epic montage of them just going to town with ammo crates. I don't think I've ever seen so many ammo crates deployed so strategically in a single Battlefield match.

The video opens up with the squad spawned into a hot zone. Bullets are flying everywhere. Right away, Thick44 starts chucking ammo crates left and right to keep the squad supplied. His timing on the ammo crate throws is impeccable - he knows exactly when his teammates are running low and need a re-up.

About halfway through, the squad gets pinned down in a structure. Enemies are swarming their position. Just when you think they're done for, Neebs himself starts spamming ammo crates all over the place. Now the squad is fully loaded and lays down a storm of lead to fight their way out.

Near the end, there's an epic sequence where the whole squad clusters together behind a barricade and creates an impenetrable wall of ammo crates. It looks like a Tetris lineup of ammo boxes stacked in front of them. The enemy doesn't stand a chance against their unlimited ammo.

Overall, it's just amazing to see how creative Neebs Gaming gets with using the ammo crate mechanic. This is Battlefield 4 strategy I've never seen before. It makes you realize the full potential of the ammo crate when used to its maximum capability.

Watching the Neebs crew in action through their immersive cinematics really makes you feel like part of the squad. It's the next best thing to actually playing Battlefield yourself. Their commentary and teamwork provide some top-notch entertainment. Neebs Gaming is easily my favorite way to experience Battlefield 4 without having to boot up the game myself.

Neebs Gaming
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Hey Thick! Yeah. I also made a montage video7.773.079
Oh OK, well what you got? And I got a back up singer to help me out with it.10.8493.301
What's going on Thick? - Doraleous?14.154.18
It's going to be EPIC! Oh it's going to be epic. Ready? OK. Cue Beats!18.334.03
Believe it or not. I have an ammo box.22.364.74
I kid you not. Ammo box.27.13.14
What do you mean ammo box?30.241.96
I have lotses of ammo boxes.32.23.2
Wait a minute is this a re-supply montage? Yes it is THICK!35.43.6
Why would you make that?39.02.22
Because it's the greatest montage of all time!!!41.223.34
And whey are you apart of this? I don't even what to say why. Sorry44.563.62
You need some. You need some and you need some48.182.44
you need some and you need some50.621.62
you need some and you52.242.0
Are you serious? Oh yeah he's dead serious.54.242.36
A re-supply montage? I'm afraid so. That's ridiculous. 56.62.78
It's amazing!59.381.28
Probably the most amazing thing that's ever happened60.663.1
TO MONTAGES!!!63.881.7
Never. Nope.65.581.24
What's this?66.821.22
Is there a battle going on?68.042.0
Soldiers in need of hope.70.322.86
Well I have news for you soldiers.73.182.36
I brought a whole box of hope! For You!75.744.26
Look inside!80.01.78
You know what you will find?81.782.6
Your Wildest Dreams!84.381.92
Re-supplying the world and your wildest dreams86.32.64
one ammo at a time.88.943.56
You can try to empty your gun!92.53.08
Buy you can not empty your gun!95.583.74
THIS - IS - THE99.320.82
GREA - TEST - RE - SU - PLY100.141.38
MON - TAGE - OF - ALL - TIME101.521.64
T I M E103.820.5
T I M E104.321.08
You gotta105.40.39
You thought I stopped105.792.02
But I still have an ammo box107.812.6
I kid you not110.411.44
Ammo box111.852.0
I have lotses of Ammo Boxes115.52.94
A normal average mortal man118.442.72
could never re-supply like Neebs121.163.26
And you would never guess by the size of this box124.483.02
That I have unlimited RPGs127.53.94
You need some. You need some131.441.3
And you need some132.741.02
You need some and you need some133.761.26
You need some and There you go!135.021.68
Is this still going? Yeah.138.281.94
Why is this still going? No one's gonna wanna watch this140.222.06
Because all epic things are long Thick!142.282.6
What's this? This is an icicle kill!144.883.02
With Ammo On Top!147.92.2
Nice and random. You just gave ammo to a dead guy.150.12.54
That's right. But also live guys!152.642.4
OK I guess?155.041.78
Ammo for everybody Thick.157.041.78
Just don't question anything Neebs does.158.822.2
No I shouldn't anymore.161.032.34
Welcome a lot.163.521.62
Neebs just gave you and ammo box165.142.68
Mention it not167.8291.34
I ran out of time169.1691.671
from all the re-supplying170.8491.571
to write another verse to sing172.4293.231
So Scabba da boo dat deet dat do to tha175.783.44
THIS - IS - THE182.420.92
GREA - TEST - RE - SU183.341.2
PLY - MON - TAGE - OF - ALL184.541.44
T I M E186.520.54
T I M E187.060.5
T I M E187.561.3
Give it a like190.71.94
Maybe even share the video twice192.642.2
That would be nice194.842.0
Give it a like196.841.22
You already said that198.061.72
Give it a like. Give it a like.199.782.64

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